Making Plans

November 13, 2017:

Lorna and Marcos go to the Mansion and have a chat with Nate about preparing for Genosha. It's agreed that Marcos needs more training.


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Its that time of day in the mid afternoon, where dinner time crowds are thinning out and people trying to avoid the meal time rush can be found wandering about outside. the sound of Birds chirping began to cease for the most part, but people still yelled at each other, horns honked,New York was New York, and loud as ever. Marcos decided to pay a visit to the X-mansion and just…well, look around.

Last couple of times he saw it, strange things tended to happen. Like that one time he met a chick that was apparently a snow leopard or some such. Strange times, but seriously cool. He was wearing a black leather jacket today with a red T-shirt that had Black Sabbath on it. Rockbands. Regardless, he's just walking about the grounds, saying hi to people as he passes them, the whole nine.

Though he did wonder if he would meet any more X-men today.


Lorna walked alongside Marcos, because of course she was. There were plans to be made, details to work out. She might no longer call herself an active member of the X-men, but she still cared. Still wanted in on the mission to Genosha. She itched to go, to … well to see the man that was her father again after several years. It was like a vice in her chest, tightening with worry each time she thought about it.

That and the unfinished business in regards to her possible siblings?

It was weighing on her particularly hard. So she was back to the mansion again, hand in hand with Marcos. A hoodie of faded green under a black leather jacket, fingerless gloves and her usual steel toed boots followed. Well, that and a hat, because it was chilly outside and while Marcos was a heater, it wasn't fair to constantly ask that of him.


The cold (short of truly polar cold) does not bother Nate much. He became used to it in his childhood, growing up in a clone pod Mr. Sinister didn't want too comfortable. 'Cold is in the mind' he said to the astral projection of six year-old Nate. Jerk.

Still, Nate wears a brand new armored jacket. Over his brand new paramilitary uniform. Still the grey-black colors he wore in Genosha, but the Xs are back to his shoulders and belt. Since they are in the school grounds, he also wears openly the utility belt with the large combat knife. Maybe a bit of a startling sight when he almost runs into them, just out of the kitchen.

Of course there is a coffee mug in his hand. It is almost part of the uniform too, although Lorna probably has not been around enough to notice how much coffee he consumes. "Lorna, hello… ah, Marcos. Welcome back. How goes?"


Marcos would give Lorna's hand a small squeeze, looking around the place. "It really is beautiful out." he eventually comments, because ironically enough he enjoys the cold weather. Though when he sees Nate, he gives the fellow a little wave with his free hand, though he notices his attire.

"Been Busy?" he asks curiously, looking at the X's on Nates shoulders and on his utility belt. Everyone has a style right? He may or may not softly wonder if he could join the X-men to get a beastly costume. Regardless, he turns his attention back to Lorna, and gives her a half hug to provide body heat. Because it was in the job description of Boyfriend when they decided to date.


Lorna glanced around once at Marcos' comment and she slowly nodded, a sigh pulling at her lips. "Yeah, I guess so. When I was going to school here I never really appreciated it." A faint smile traced the corners of her lips as she looked around and back to Marcos. "It's pretty different than Mutant Town, yeah?"

Green eyes settled on Nate as he approached and she offered a wave toward the young man with a flap of her gloved hand. Gloves meant no swirly rainbows between the two lovers. But they were still sickenly cute with the way that Lorna curled up under the half hug of Marcos' arm.

"Hey Nate. Nice suit."


Nate hrms. "Oh right. Just out of the fabricator… it has more armor than the previous one. I kind of like it," a faint smile is offered, and he concentrates, forcing the uniform to switch into something more casual and without so blatant X-symbols. Now he almost looks like he is wearing cargo pants and a regular leather jacket.

"I get shot with alarming frequency," he mentions lightly. "Laura keeps telling me to stop bleeding so much. Here trying to comply."


Marcos smiles to Lorna warmly when she curls up into him, which he is more than happy to allow to share his body heat. He didn't mind being a little flirty with his girlfriend, but he does turn his head to Nate when he flat out changes clothes all cool-tech like.

"Whoa….that was awesome." he admits, before his eyes fall upon Lorna "Only a little bit." a grin there, but it's sincere, looking back to Nate when he speaks "Who's Laura? seems nice." he shrugs, he was possibly just being sarcastic.


Lorna's lips twitched, "If you wanted armor you should've talked to me. You know I'm pretty good at mixing alloys.." She offered lightly, then she paused, consider and her smile faded.

"Maybe not such a good idea actually. You should look into using a plastic based polymer.." She exhaled a breath, and shifted awkwardly on her feet.

"Considering what happened last time you went to Genosha? Yeah, armor is a good idea. And Laura is right." A glance was spared for Marcos as he mentioned Laura and she dragged her lower lip between her teeth.

"Laura uhm… takes some getting used to. I guess you could say."


"No steel," definitely. Not for Magneto. In general. "Mostly Kevlar, light ceramics that are psycho-sensitive, so I can shift them easily with the T.K." Not that any amount of armor could have protecting him from what happened in Genosha with Jean's clone. But it did protect him from sniper bullets.

"Laura has been through a lot," he mentions. "Just give her a chance. She is a good person and means well. Illy and me have been working to get her more… normal. Mostly succeeded, I think. She is speaking far more than a couple years ago."


Marcos chuckles a bit when Lorna starts to become more vocal when armor is mentioned, smiling at her a bit. "Ah, gotcha gotcha. Well, if what Nate here says is true, I think we'll get along just fine. Hopefully she doesnt rage at me." but he nods, having been through quite a bit himself. "Consider chance given." a chuckle there for a moment.

"Psycho sensitive? Nifty." he comments, pondering things but he shrugs


Lorna grimaced again as Nate talks about the Kevlar and other bits and pieces. Still, she nods and falls silent for a bit the subject of Laura came up. "She has, and she's getting better. I assume she doesn't throw knives at the other kids around here and I'm just special, right?" She arched a brow, and tilted her head at Nate. Her hand giving Marcos' arm a squeeze.

"We should ask to get you armor too." She murmured, glancing to Nate. "He wants to come with me to Genosha."


Nate eehs about Laura throwing knives. No, she doesn't do that. Probably someone mentioned they wanted to be kept on their toes and she went helpful-literal. "Maybe she just wanted to see your powers in action," he suggest. "She has never thrown a knife to me, but she has been… well, she spends a good deal of time training and learning and tends to view anything else as a waste of time. Her childhood was nasty. Worse than mine."

Yes. Worse than growing up in a scorched, war-thorn hellhole. At least Nate had good friends.

"Ah, so you are coming," the young man seizes Marcos up, quickly. "Some armor would be good. Supposedly we are in a diplomatic mission, but I expect plenty of fighting because it never fails. If you are not used to it. Well, Lorna can shield you. But you might want to go through a few intensive training sessions before we leave. Scott will have to clear you up for those. I don't have the codes."


Marcos seems to just -beam- when he hears about armor. "Whoa…whoa whoa..I get armor?!" he looks like a kid on christmas day who got -exactly- what he wanted even though he wasn't asking for it. But he does cough a bit, but when he hears Laura threw a knife at Lorna, he sighs.

"Okay…instantly on the wrong side of me, this Laura." he squeezes Lorna's shoulder then "But! I'll be optimistic." he smiles big and warm, though he does look to Nate at his words "Alright…would always be good to be more in depth with my powers than before right? training sounds nice."


Lorna nodded, "I was telling him I figure it'll go south, it's kind of what we deal with on a regular basis. And he's used to following along with me and I'm just the poster child for a troubled young girl." She glanced from Nate back to Marcos and patted his hand.

"I'll make sure there's no metal on you anywhere. If it comes to it, I can keep a barrier up if you stick near me. It won't be much use against my father's magnetic blasts, but I can at least keep you safe from most everything else." She whispered.

"And Laura saw me cooking, it's what drew her to the kitchen after all. I think the knife was because I mentioned training via dodging wrenches." She shrugged lightly and dragged a fingerless glove through her hair. "Don't hold that against her at least." She murmured toward her boyfriend.

"..Also yeah. Training sounds like a good idea. Marcos is solid on the street and in hairy situations, but he hasn't gone up against other mutants as much.."


"Sentinels are more likely problem this time," mentions Nate. Evil grin. "Supposedly we are not going to fight Mags. If it comes to that, I will handle him." He is serious this time. Magneto is a weight class into himself. Nate has gone through many battle simulations and he usually loses. But at least he feels at least he has a chance.

And he is being his usual suicidal self. The only way the X-Men defeated Magneto in the past was through teamwork. Scott will probably yell at him later for suggesting it.

Still a diplomatic-ish mission. But Nate has other things in mind.


Marcos turns his head to Lorna, leaning into her when she whispers to him so that he could hear her, whispering in return so only they could hear "Alright…I'll trust it's main composition to you." he says confident in her ability and opinion. Though she was right, he's not too experienced in fighting other mutants, just street scum and police.

Back to normal volume and out of Lorna's ear. "Alrighty, so that's what happened. Alright, consider her in initial good graces again." he hugs Lorna in that half-hug he gave her previously before turning his attention to nate.

"Oh…those giant robots? Think I saw them in the news a few years back. No bueno." he sighs a bit…well, if that didn't make him nervous….heh. great, giant robots. But he did tilt his head at Nate "In videos I've seen of you guys fighting, I'm pretty sure it took all of you to take him down. Don't go it alone even if your confident in your abilities….lord knows I've done the same and still got my ass handed to me on a few occasions. Given, situations radically different…." he sighs then. point was made!


Lorna frowned faintly, "You think they're still going to be on the island?" She arched a brow and considered. She hated Sentinels. But then, the subject shifted back to her father and despite the warmth of Marcos' arm around her shoulders she felt cold.

"Magneto causes violence where ever he goes. If it doesn't come to blows I'll be shocked." Green eyes flickered back toward Marcos and she gave his hand a squeeze. "I have a feeling that the rest of the world is going to have problems with him being active again, and you know, alive. Never mind that the Brotherhood might start picking up again." Like her siblings… but that was another family drama waiting to happen.


"The Genoshan had a factory," points out Nate. "Chances all the Sentinels have been deactivated in a month are near zero. Chances all the Magistrates and supremacist are suddenly okay with the change of government? Less than zero." He sighs, finishes his coffee and points back with his thumb. "Go find Scott, let Lorna take you to the training room later. It is a neat place." And if Lorna is smart they will also talk about ways they can take down Magneto. "I am going back to the city, I will be back late in the night. Maybe. Take care."


Marcos nods a few times to Lorna, keeping her close to him as he listens to Nate's theory of chances that the Sentinels are deactivated…but it doesnt exactly make Marcos feel any better because…well, they're still there! so he just kinda takes a breath, and when Nate takes his leave, he waves at him. "So long Nate. See you soon."

Though now talk of training actually has him a little excited. He's not an expert with his powers, but he could explore everything he could possibly do with them if he sticks with the X-Men. Besides, fighting the bad guys this time around sounds awesome.

He gives Lorna a kiss on the cheek "Don't worry, it'll be alright. If we end up fighting, well, we stick together."


Lorna nodded to Nate in regards to the Sentinels and her expression closed off briefly in thought. She waved to him as Nate departed and she glanced back up at Marocs as he spoke and pressed a kiss to her cheek. She sighed, turning to face him fully. Her hands made to entwine with his and she gave them a gentle squeeze. "If my father shows up.. I don't know how much use I'll be. My powers… they're the same. And he's so much stronger than I am. He can over power me. I'm useless against him other than being in the way." She whispered, "If he shows up, looking to attack.. I don't know .." She pursed her lips together and fought the urge to grimace again.

"Don't attack him directly. Your powers based on charged particles, his shields will block them. It'll exhaust you before you get any sort of hit on him. It's better for you to attack the surroundings—" She broke off, swallowing a hard lump in her throat that stole her breath and voice.


Marcos gives Lorna's hands a good squeeze, looking her right in the eyes as he hears her concerns and advice. He could tell she was nervous…or perhaps afraid may be the better word. They -are- probably going to end up facing off against the biggest mutant bad (Apocalypse aside) that he knows of. He chuckles to her lightly.

"Lorna…" he touches his forehead to hers to have her look at him, love in his eyes "Don't worry Lorna. Everything will be alright. We're a team you and I. We'll get through it together. I'll work on my powers and use the environment to help out. You'll be surprised of what Light can do." he smiles warmly to her, before he leans in to kiss her lips lovingly.


Lorna's hands closed and locked around his own tightly, as if afraid that he might vanish from sight. When she'd been trapped in that other world? It had been the knowledge that he was here, safe and unharmed and not in imminent danger that kept her going. Along with the hope that she might be able to get home. Now she was dragging him into a dangerous situation, far more dangerous than anything they'd faced together in the past year or so.

Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest and she returned the affection he offered wholly. At least until she broke away, green eyes flickering over him.

"You've never faced him down.. and I've never had to actually fight him. I don't know how he'll treat me.. he hadn't seen me in over three years and even then.. I don't know if he'll try to kill me for interfering or trying to go Darth Vader on me and ask me to join him." Her throat tighened up.

"…And I honestly don't what's worse Marcos, because I'm scared that the situtation there might be bad enough that I'll find myself agreeing with him.."


Marcos hums against her lips just lightly enough before they pull away, his deep brown eyes looking into her own. "Yeah…you're right. I haven't. Hell, he oculd try to kill me on sight even." he states the possibilities…but not like Lorna has to hear them. He does nod a couple of times though. "You can never know how he'll treat you. Who knows? he could end up welcoming you as family."

He was always the optimist, though he does shrug "and if he tries to convince you a ton, don't worry, I'll be there to keep you straight." he smiles to her, looking her in the eyes "Let's look after each other okay? I'll be sure you're a good distance from him at all times." he does smile though, he frowns soon after when he hears that she's afraid that she might end up agreeing with him.

"Hey…hey, even if you do, his methods arn't…they're not exactly the best. Us against the world." he smiles.


Lorna's lips twisted into another grimace, even as Marcos attempted to sooth her fears with optimism, it was hard to offer much else back. "He didn't kill me three years ago, so I guess there's that." He had said he's stayed away due to some promise he'd made her mother.. But how much can that matter to a man that has killed thousands? Never mind that she wasn't attempting to fight against him then.

She didn't even know the situation in Genosha well enough yet. Didn't know if she could find an argument to not work with him there. Where mutants had been held as slaves and tormented.. It made her stomach knot sickeningly and she had to fight the bile that rose at the back of her throat at the thought.

She focused on Marcos' words, her green eyes lifting toward him. "I don't agree with his methods, no.. but.. I don't believe exactly in the Professor's dreams anymore either." She whispered. "I left looking for answers.. and I found that I don't agree with either of them… but I'm scared that my anger will get away from me as it did in Nate's world. I was constantly on edge, Marcos. I didn't feel like myself." She gave his hands another tight squeeze. Of course, he hadn't been there to be her rock either.


Marcos looks at her as she speaks, completely and fully, before he just walks her over to a nearby bench to have her sit down. "Sit down with me Lorna." he smiels warmly to her, widening his arms for her to possibly sit in his lap or just in his embrace. "If he didn't kill you then…well, that helps. I'd be happy that he didn't." he laughs then good naturedly.

But he smiles to her with a warmth "Hey…I don't even know in full what the professors dreams are. Worse comes to worse…well, we'l make our own way if both of them isn't how we decide to roll alright?" he smiles to her warmly. "I'm sorry you know…..sorry I wasn't there. If I was…I…" he sighs a moment.


Lorna moved at his gentle urging, settling onto his lap as he offered it to her, her arms sliding around his shoulders for support as her frame curled up into his body heat all too happily. The cold was not a place, generally speaking, to work out issues that had been plaguing a person. Still, in an environment where there were telepaths and mutants with heightened senses, it was as close to privacy as they'd get.

"The Professor, and Scott and Jean by exntension believe that humans and mutants can peacefully co-exist. And that the X-men stand up for those that are too weak to protect themselves.. That people in general are good and peaceful relations can be achieved. My father.. and the Brotherhood don't think it's possible." Her lips pursed together.

"They think that if mutants are to gain rights, and safety that it has to be taken by force. That humanity will never accept us." She whispered, "Along with mutant supremacy of course. And the concept that the ends justify the means.." She leaned forward, shifting as she cupped her hands against his cheeks.

"And then there's us.. in between it all.." She whispered, pressing her forehead against his own.

"I am not sorry you weren't in that awful world. I survived. I came back. I will always come back to you. You being safe meant the world to me. To know that you were still alive and well and here? Jean had said she had hope that Scott didn't end up there.. and he did. That you were no where near the Danger Room and weren't brought over too? It gave me the strength to fight to come back. I'm not sorry that you weren't there. Even if I missed you.."


Marcos would wrap his arms around Lorna when she curls up into him and explains the main differences between the Brotehrhood and the X-Men. He looked into her eyes the whole way. "Ah….I see now….it makes sense I guess. It explains how they've both been going at it for years. Though if I had an opinion of one or the other…I'd have to go with the X-lings." he sighs a moment, though he looks at Lorna when she cups his cheeks.

"and then there's us." he presses his forehead to hers, their hair mixing together as their heads came closer.

"Maybe…but I could have helped you. Even if I was alive in that world, that would have been enough." he looks guilty that he wasn't there, even though it was far beyond his control. He looks at Lorna though when she states that he was her reason of keeping going. He fights back a tear, but he does smile warmly to her. "I love you Lorna."


Lorna sighed into his embrace, the warmth as always, so uniquely his was just as pervasive a means of calming her as wrapping a thick blanket around most people was. She brushed her thumb against his jaw line gently, her eyes half slipping shut. "I want the Professor's dream. I want it to be reality. I want our kind to have a future and to be able to live.." She murmured softly.

"I just don't see it happening in our life time. I don't think it's possible so fast. Maybe our children's children.. but even then. I think of all the groups that man has hated over the centuries, and I just keep thinking.. that was when it was differences of faith, nation, skin, gender… Not something as open as mutations." She pursed her lips together, and bit back another sigh.

"I don't approve of the Brotherhood's message, their methods.. But I do agree that we have to stand up for each other. Fight for each other. Protect each other." Her hand flattened to smooth against his cheek.

"..I know you would have done everything you could've done to help. It's what you do. Why do you think I'm not arguing for you to stay behind while I run off to certain danger?" Her lips twitched. "You go, I go. I go, you go. Package deal, right?"


Marcos would nod a few times to Lorna "I want that dream too." he rests his head with hers, listening to her words about how she feels about if the dream of Xavier is truly liable and possible. "Maybe…but even with the Brotherhoods methods, It'll likely take the same amount of time…and just because we may be superior, it doesnt make it right. White people arn't superior to black people, or vice versa. males arn't better than females, and vice versa. Why should mutants and humans be any different…" he sighs. Given, in those social battles people couldn't fly or do insane things of that ilk.

But he does smile to Lorna when she smoothes her hand against his cheek, which he leans his face into to indulge in. "We are a package deal. Where you go, I follow. Where I go, I want you with me every step of the way. I love you Lorna. I wouldn't want it any other way." he holds her close to him, his lips touching hers.


Lorna nodded, "I know. I know.. Mutants are treated like trash, or worse.. we're like the ultimate racist's fear. The boogeyman that can actually fight back. It's a small wonder that people are afraid of us. With people like my father out there.. Pietro and Wanda.. They're playing right into those fears. It's not right to perpetuate the same hatred.." Her lips twisted and pursed into a thin line of thought.

"I need to talk to my father about them.. He can't be unaware of them." She muttered, looking away. Something to talk to Magneto about that wasn't about the politics of mutant rights. Shocker there. Family and mutants. The two subjects that Lorna knew her father felt strongly about one way or another.

Then of course, Marcos continued on about them being a package deal and she smiled, warmth returning to her expression. She returned the kiss, and lingered close afterward. "C'mon, we need to find someone to unlock the Danger Room so we can start training you up some more. Since we're a package deal and all, we need to get you up to snuff for dealing with my family.." She murmured.


Marcos would smile to her warmly, listening to her as they just lay there with each other, and enjoyed the kiss…they always were there for each other. No ifs ands or buts. It wouldn't be the first time he agreed to come along with no questions asked because it was Lorna.

When the Danger room is brought up, as well as combatting her family, he nods a bit. "Alright…though I think we can rest here a little longer." he kisses her forehead then, a hand coming up to massage her scalp. "Well…I always did want to meet your father." for reasons…possibly involving a ring. Regardless!


Lorna smiled as he nodded and ran his fingers through her hair. She adored such simple touches, and leaned into it, her eyes drifting shut. "Alright, you've convinced me we can stay outside in the cold a little while longer.." She murmured, leaning into the massage. She shifted, curling up more firmly in his embrace against the cold.

Her lips twitching faintly. "..Can't say I've ever dated a man that willingly decided he wanted to meet Magneto.." She whispered softly.

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