A Stroll in the Park

November 13, 2017:

A gang fight has a couple Metas on one side, but neither sides have what comes to stop them!

Queensland Park - Metropolis

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his
consort Queen Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to
live like 'Kings' quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome
to newcomers to Metropolis.
This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while
in other areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these
diverse ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of
Queensland Park prove it untrue, especially after the Apokolips invasion as
most of the surviving residents sought home here and helped rebuild the part
of this island that also suffered from the blast.
Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


NPCs: Gangstas



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Fade In…

Well Misfit isn't here for fighting crime tonight. Not really. She is a bit of a bat out of water here in Metropolis. She /bounced/ here from Gotham to visit her old neighborhood and her old home. The building is still condemned, it is one of those sort of neighborhoods. Fire gutted and unlivable but not worth rebuilding yet, the slum lord more intent on selling the land and keeping the insurance than rebuilding a new apartment complex.

So that is what finds her perched in typical bat fashion on a roof top looking down sadly. Though in this case one persons Sad is another persons Hope. It presents the young woman with an excellent view of the street over yonder. From here it looks like a street gang facing off against another gang.

Missy taps her goggles on the side switching modes for a more zoomed perspective. Yeah definitely gangs. Could bust them. Assholes like that made this neighborhood crap when she was living here not so long ago.

Oh crap did that guy on one sides hands burst into electricity … oh… yup… and that guy on the over side .. his hands are definitely glowing with yellow light now. Two gangs and at least two Metahumans about to throw down in a civilian neighborhood.

J'onn has been following the trail of a series of murders in the worst parts of town. The disturbing reason that these murders has drawn the Martian's interest is because all that is being found is the heads… bodies are gone from the scene of the crime.

Here he stands, full on Martian Manhunter, in a nearby alley looking at the last crime scene. His eyes scan over the torn up dumpster, the blood marks on the walls, and the odd scratches that can be found all around. Kneeling down by a few of the scratches he frowns as they see too small for any type of weapon. About that time, however, there is the gathering crowd outside the alley he is in.

Looking out of the opening of the alley, J'onn also notices the Metahumans in the crowd, and lets out a sigh as he shakes his head. He moves away from his investigation towards the gathering crowd, his footfalls are heavy enough to draw the attention of those nearby as he closes the distance with them.

Caitlin Fairchild lived in an apartment complex not too dissimilar than this one when she lived in Gotham. The same dense tenements, old, mouldy buildings a blight fighting against the promise of the Shining City. Alleys alternatingly too small or too large, not laid out with a firm sense of direction and design.

So while some overfly major landmarks, looking for anyone who'd put a stain on the glimmering icons of architecture, Caitlin goes to where the people are. She flies over where they live and work, a streak of orange and green a few hundred feet overhead.

Hearing a confrontation down below, she slows in her flight to a hover. It's dark enough that she escapes immediate detection, but the big ginger floats downwards towards the sight of an incipient battle, eyes narrowing at the idea of hostilities in /her/ town.

Jason was just enjoying town….not.

He had also been following a series of murders, much like the Martian Manhunter. Though his methods of getting information was….more sinister. Regardless, he arrives on his motorcycle, burning through road and burnin' rubber to get to his destination, red helmet donning his face and leather jacket blowing with the wind, with easily identifiable Kevlar armor with that red bat symbol on his chest. He does here sounds of combat. "Now now…here we go." and he drifts to a stop. dismounting and moving out.

Starfire has been a 'kept' person. After the Red Lanterns made an appearance and took her to a medical bay back at JLA HQ, her recovery gave her a new outlook on protection of her Home.

The arrival to Queensland Park is something that causes her insides to twist and her mind to scramble while she looks from 'Park' to not-So'Park' just outside the borders, the blistered burn of outlines still remnant even as tenement buildings rise and intercept it all anew.

With strife comes violence, and Starfire watches as barking hail comes from guns, and the additional *Sparks* and well as *Heat*draws her attention, negating the wariness if breaking atmosphere again.

A light rap upon communication to JLA 'Actives' and she is slowly moving in position to bolt towards the fray!

"Queensland Park, stand by for rep. Coordinates sent." And down she goes, towards the fray like a falling Star.

Misfit still has her goggles zoomed in on the fighting Gang members, two metas and two sides matches with more.. standard.. weaponry. Guns. Mostly this means she hasn't noticed the other heroes circling their way into the approach. "Well screw you and screw this!"

The batgirl knockoff, though really it is a nice quirky suit, vanishes as she bounces /pinkurple/ smoke coloring her perch and a split second later she is down in the scrum, a blink and then more smoke and Misfit has her boot planted into the back of the guy with electro-fists head. "Daaark Vengeance." did she just hiss, yes she hissed even as she used her catch phrase. God help everyone.

Poison Ivy has been visiting Metro from time to time as she tries to make it harder on some to track her. Not for crime, just to do her own plant thing. Get samples. That stuff you do when a big time nature freak. This is why the woman is in just an overcoat walking along without a worry in the world, despite the bad neighborhood. After all, what is really going to threaten her here?
Of course then there's sounds she knows all too well. Weirdness and Gunfire are the sound track and motto for Gotham after all. She could just walk away, but she's curious who and what disturbed her evening walk. Especially when looking for possible crap holes to use as a bolt house. So the woman walks toward the sound, moving between two 'houses' or the skeletons there of and reaches out to the scrub and weeds around. Stupid winter has most of the plantlife already going dormant already. "Probably be capes here in eight seconds, this is dumb," chiding herself aloud.

As the JLA alert goes out, J'onn sends out a passive search for members of the League to find Caitlin and Starfire, and sends her a telepathic 'ping' «Starfire and Fairchild, it is J'onn. I am in the alleyway near the growing confrontation. Let us see if I can stop it before it starts…»

When Misfit appears to kick one of the gang members in the head, he calls out to the rest of them, "Stop!" his deep voice booming loud enough to shake windows, he pushes a sense of Calm to the two groups, "Desist any violence or I will be forced to hold you all into the authorities arrive."

J'onn immediately searches the surrounding area for any other potential combatants. «Starfire and Fairchild, make sure that no one else is about that will endanger any nearby civilians. If it comes to confrontation I will neutralize the metahumans if you can make sure the normal humans do not use any weapons.»

Red scouts out the area and sees Martian Manhunter, Starfire, and Fairchild. "Well…shit." he sighs a moment. This could be an interesting night after all. regardless, he hops right into the fray. Even when those gangsters are spraying bullets at each other like nobodies business.

Though even as Martian Manhunter attempts to keep the piece, Jason leaps in between the groups, tossing a smoke bomb down to cover his approach, or try to. Wouldn't be his first time against a Martian if they were gonna fight, but regardless, he goes for one of the gangster groups. "Excuse me, room for one more?!" he asks with a small laugh perhaps as he roundhouse kicks a gangster so hard his kids might feel it.

The telepathic message is one that strikes Star like a deeper blow than that of a Red lantern digging in…

Pause comes with furrow of brow, although brief. He s on JLA comm… He is safe, and something else.

The firefight below is herald to her wakefulness, emerald gaze sparking a flare and rhe silent nod is relayed to J'onn. "Safety of the….," Red Hood is seenblazing in with that of Misfit, dark lips drawing thin.

"… innocent…"

An electric ark is taken by Starfire, a n electric arch that is taken enough to drag her along pavement, the solar huen blasts like a pulse of Bass in repitition as she eels from the flecks of un-earthed terra.

"Masked." Star states as she rises. "Motive unknown. They need us." One blast taken and shaken, she is about to go further than skin deep.

«"J'onn! Pleeaassee…"» Star has hope in one hand for the 'cease and desist!'.

Well THIS got a lot more interesting. Ivy stays near that space between two houses as two others dive into the fray and start to mess with the gang bangers. She seems more amused then worried, and even ponders getting herself a snack by growing a tree. She's heard of the Red Hood of course, even the bouncing Bat-wannabe Jr too. Least she's heard others talk. She really should -not- get involved but it seems kinda fun. She's not had just carefree chaos in her life for a while. She looks at the holly bush near her, "Festive and useful." Stroking it as the sharp waxy green leaves grow longer and fuller, the winter bush getting a boost from Ivy and lifting up. Just then a cobra like vine lashes out on one ganger near the edge. Taking him by the legs and wraps him up to drag him yelling and squirming. She won't -kill- him. She'll just have the plant bury him up to the shoulders and leave dager like leaves all around him so if he moves he'll get all cut up. Looking down at the man Ivy smiles, "Be a dear and stop screaming. I want it to stay just us for a bit. Now which group do you belong two?" That's when the sparky guy tags Starfire and sends the alien beauty bouncing to the ground. Ivy's lips purse, this could be bad if the 'heroes' all notice her.

Well THIS got a lot more interesting. Ivy stays near that space between two houses as two others dive into the fray and start to mess with the gang bangers. She seems more amused then worried, and even ponders getting herself a snack by growing a tree. She's heard of the Red Hood of course, even the bouncing Bat-wannabe Jr too. Least she's heard others talk. She really should -not- get involved but it seems kinda fun. She's not had just carefree chaos in her life for a while. She looks at the holly bush near her, "Festive and useful." Stroking it as the sharp waxy green leaves grow longer and fuller, the winter bush getting a boost from Ivy and lifting up. Just then a cobra like vine lashes out on one ganger near the edge. Taking him by the legs and wraps him up to drag him yelling and squirming. She won't -kill- him. She'll just have the plant bury him up to the shoulders and leave dagger like leaves all around him so if he moves he'll get all cut up. Looking down at the man Ivy smiles, "Be a dear and stop screaming. I want it to stay just us for a bit. Now which group do you belong two?" That's when the sparky guy tags Starfire and sends the alien beauty bouncing to the ground.'

Misfit lands smoothly from kicking the electro-fist meta in the head. She cocks her cowled head as J'onn blasts the calm and partiallu disrupts the fight there for a minute.

Several of the bad guys lower their guns and look around confused, like should they be running. Isn't that Martian Manhunter. I mean the fight is kind of mind-kicked out of them.

Misfit protests "But… the arresting!" she flails and points at several of the bad guys.

Which is right about then Red Hood dives in smoke bombs and starts picking a fight. Then there is Ivy snagging one. Also Starfire shows up and isn't fighting but shielding errant blasts that almost hit the Red Hood.

On the bright side several on each side totally bolt for it seeing this many heroes. At least one yells "Run! Justice League!" well… they are partially right. Couple … and .. vigilante misc… still partial scores for partial right.

Misfit is still staring pleading at J'onn.

First, J'onn disappears and immediately reappears in the space between the electric attack and Starfire. The electricity striking, flaring over his form, and then dissipated into the ground, as a mental message is sent to her «Starfire, are you ok?»

Second, J'onn reaches out with his telekinesis to all the weapons, and pulls them to him with the force of a freight train. If some are attached to gang members they will either be pulled to J'onn… or perhaps their /clothing/ that is attached will be pulled to J'onn.

Third, he looks to Misfit, "Any that have attacked show a likelihood to perform violence in the future. Feel free to detain them for the authorities." The last is said loud enough that any of the gang members staying can decide to be beaten by the caped heroes, or turn and run with their comrades.

«"Perfect…"»//ly -pissed-…

Electricity rides along tawny huen skin and archs over the straps of purple armor, but the one emitting yellow energy becomes a focal point as scrap of concrete is shed from her (shoulders), descending alien pauldron with a similar shake of head that draws enflamed hair down her back and glows in effigy as she slowy rises.
A blow accepted for -both- Misfit and Hood in a lingering recognition akin to J'onn.

… even if emerald gaze dashes Ivy's direction!

A slow stride towards J'onn and Misfit, skirting between Ivy and Hood, her hand emitting a glow as heat emanates and the flame lines a path behind her while trouble disperses to J'onn's beck and call. (Mostly!)

Tip-toe'ing through the lofted weaponry, a pistol is flicked - muzzle pivoting away in its float, towards Red Hood, while glowing eyes linger on Ivy and peel away.

A finger-wiggle wave to the gangsters and smaller bolts of that glow herald the ground to ensure a retreat as pavement is kicked into shrapnel at their feet, burning holes, but another is lingered upon. The 'Scrappy' One.

"…Shall… I?" But Misfit and J'onn are hesitated for, let this story go to the authorities??

Red Hood pulled out one of his pistols, firing a few guns out of the gangsters hands…before an ungodly snap and cry of pain comes from a gangster he was presently melee-dueling. That sound would be his arm breaking. Ouch. Though after he flips that gangster onto his back, Red glances to Starfire when she approaches, looking her right in the eyes as if she just owed a favor from him.

"Thanks for the save." he says in the metallic voice his helmet causes, before he, without looking, fires and clips a gangster in the shoulder. He's not here to kill apparently. Not today.

Poison Ivy seems to have only been spied by one of the others, so far. So she steps back to the shadows, watching. Oh and the ganger she has is made quiet, the holly bush lowering to hide him and several roots wrapping over his mouth to work as a gag. "Shhh," she tells the freaking out man. She may have use for him, and certainly won't kill him with a green alien, an orange alien, and color coded Gothamites around as well. She at least isn't in costume or anything. Just a redheaded woman with fair skin in an over coat. That's all, right? Nothing to see here.

J'onn's warning and the sheer number of capes that showed up are enough to scatter the remaining mundane gang bangers that are still present and able to scatter. The Red Hood managed to make fleeing inconvenient for some that is sure.

Oh Right the one with the yellow energy fists. Iron Fist he is not. Misfit helpfully notes "Help yourself!" to Starfire with a groofy grin. Then she turns and kicks the guy with the electro-fists in the temple hard enough to knock him out and keep him down.

Yellow Fist… god that guy will need a better name but maybe prison will help with his brainstorming. Well he charges Starfire with a bellow.

As J'onn pulls the weapons… and it looks like several pair of pants, and one unfortunate pair of not-quite-tightey-whitey's… to his location, and has them all aligned on the ground in an orderly fashion. He nods his agreement with Misfit, to Starfire "All yours." perhaps there is a look of pity in his red eyes for the would be 'super criminal'… well, not likely.

J'onn then takes another mental scan of the area, first to identify who may be injured and need medical attention, but more importantly to determine if there are any other would-be criminals hiding to attempt an ambush. He does look towards Red Hook, eyebrow quirked for a moment, before adding "And thank you for your assistance…" his eyes moving to Misfit, "..and you as well." without any additional preamble, he adds "My name is J'onn."

Red Hood looks to Yellow fist or what have you before he throws a knockout gas grenade at the electro-whatever-his-stupid-name-is fist man in the hopes of knocking him out when he dive bombs towards them. "I see you made a friend." he says with every sarcastic element on the planet.

But he turns his head to Manhunter nonchalantly. "Yeah well, thanks for keeping their attention."

Ivy's reflection is glassy, reflective as one of the gangsters is silenced. A light fall of upper lids to narrow her gaze before is casts reflections to silhouettes.

J'onn and Misfit's assurance have a sudden impact lift the ground beneath the Criminal bearing 'Energy'. To her, that is all it is, if heated and Solar in draw or base. but the abrupt stop the charge has the criminal's body crumbling just between the trio, Red Hood before her and Ivy… The shift of the other red headed woman (in the alley) regarded cautiously, her victim overlooked casually, as he does not exist to her… Anymore.

A pause, the amethyst armored foot sliding back towards J'onn and the unknown masked female. "Authorities informed, pack your…" A glance to… "Tighty garments," Another step ba— "Someone make sure he's down for his Earthy bracelets." Knock him TF out!

Well they sure seem down. Maybe a whee bit of overkill. Of course the one Star hit maybe could use some extra knocking out, who knows. When Red Hood is so helpful with the knockout gas, Misfit sticks her tongue out at him. "I had iiiitt…" really mature.

She steps away though and with a bounce she vanishes with a slash of pink and purple smoke and then reappearing by J'onn glancing up at him. "Like.. duh… I know who you are. You're totes the Martian Manhunter." Missy hooks a gloved thumb at herself. "Misfit. Pleased to meetcha both." yeah both she doesn't include RH in that one. Just Starfire.

Nodding once to Red Hood, J'onn replies, "As is my job, most days, to keep them otherwise involved while others get the real work done." Is that a joke? From the Martian? Such a dry delivery it is hard to tell from him, especially with no smile on his features.

His eyes do track to the shadow that Ivy is in, but he makes no immediate comment about her whereabouts or whether he knows there is another gang member back there. Instead, he focuses his attention back to the small group that is here, "I believe at least three families have called the authorities, and two others are taking videos on their smart phones…" A quick pause, and then he adds, "…and another has called the local news. I estimate we have approximately six minutes before either the authorities or the news arrive."

Looking between Misfit and Red Hood, he adds "If neither of you wish to be here I understand." Then J'onn focuses on the weapons, and the baddies… bands of visible force glow into reality, holding them all down on the ground, "When the authorities arrival this will disappear so they can be taken into custody, and the weapons can be checked as part of other crimes."

Returning his gaze to the group, he says "We can take this to a more discrete location if you like…" Misfit's comment does bring a small smile, "…Correct, Martian Manhunter. It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Misfit."

Jason Todd just kinda gives Misfit one of -those- looks, but ya can't really tell because of that helmet. regardless he turns his head to Starfire. "Nice to meet you. Names Red Hood." he says -purely- to Starfire, though J'onn manages to get his attention.

"Seems you already got this well in damn hand." so he just crosses his arms and watches.

Misfit's 'plucky' mien to J'onn is regarded with a light perk of brow, a slow blink beneath, and a small smile.

But it all could be in tandem with j'onn's coordinates and assessment. Even if Red and Green eyes align towards the darkness where Ivy holds captive..

Nothing said just yet as this 'Red Hood' redirects her gaze in the pointed direction of his voice. For a long moment he is the sole reflection in mirrored gaze, the slow smile one that has her tilting her head back to J'onn and Misfit. "I say we go…" A flicker to Ivy and those shadows.


"Unless we must deal with the authorities?" A glance solely for J'onn, even if Starfire is slowly reforming the alignment of amethyst armor to more suiting matters. "Metal' becoming fabric in a melted formation along appendages.

"JLA," A retort to Hood, her eyes narrowing with the cross of his arms. "Stay? Or… go…?"

Misfit laughs and fingerguns at everyone "Scoot sure… I am not one to chat up the cops because.. well.." points to the flop ear on her cowl like it means something. Which is does in Gotham. She bounces vanishing in a slash of pinkurple smoke.

From on top of a building above everyone "So uh..where are we going to go retreat tooooo?" yeah it is Misfit up there calling down, who else would it be.

Definite Pluck.

"I have sent a message to the authorities via the League communications channel." J'onn replies to Starfire, his red orbs moving to regard her, "I have promised them an official written report. They are used to us needing to move on after such an encounter as long as we provide our assessment f the situation." Mostly an education moment for his fellow League member it seems.

When Misfit disappears, then her voice calls down, J'onn switches his look from Starfire to the young Bat-Fam member, "Anywhere outside of the immediate vicinity of the police investigation…" His head turning to look at a window three stories up, which a shout is then heard, and the lights go out, "…and those looking to profit from an interesting YouTube video."

J'onn slowly starts to fly up above the buildings, "There is a quiet place a few blocks from here that should not have any visitors this time of evening."

Starfire remains for a moment, a glance back towards Hood, as if she sees a Ghost in a similar departure with Ivy's lingering observance.

A deep breath in and upon exhale the chill air of this coast forms a fog before her lips.

J'onn's words garner a nod from Star even as eyes reflect the cosmos, more a question than the accusations at the fallen criminals strapped and in place while Manhunter aligns their destiny.

The drop of eyes almost misses Misfit's re-emergence, pausing there to thin her lips while fingers streak through the massive mane of hair. For several yards Starfire walks and then lifts into the sky. "I do not deal in those affairs much." A sweep to emphasize her appearance, a flick of fingers to J'onn, and then a wink towards Misfit.

"Let them have it, I know just the person to filter.." A half-cocked grin to J'onn and her hand is extended to Misfit.

As the Crow Flies? (With Aliens?) With two of the JLA?

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