The Oreo League

November 13, 2017:

Several members of the Justice League meet aboard the Watchtower during its re-opening phase and they share a moment in a Cantina aboard the station.


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The Watchtower. With the crews working overtime to get it up and running again, it is a buzz with people currently. Most of them being the security cleared normals or 'spot on the wall' metas that work for the Justice League, moving crates, rewiring stations, and all other manner of things that need doing to get the Tower up and fully functional again.

While there are many of the League that know that the Black Canary is Dinah Lance, it's the members of the jumpsuited staff that Dinah has to worry about. The problem with having a secret identity is that you have to keep it secret. So, though she knows that none of the league would give her more soft spoken identity away, the Canary is in full uniform none the less, right down to the domino mask.

Canary wonders what to do with herself, wonders if there will be some sort of assignment from Jonn. She walks the halls towards the cantina, hands in the pockets of her leather jacket. Maybe she can talk Diana into sparring with her. If Diana doesn't use her full strength, maybe Dinah can stand a chance against the Amazon.
Even as the place was pretty much fiarly normalized with the station being put back into good working order, the Man himself decides to fly up there to see how everything's going. He flies straight from the earth as Superman wears his beautifully made Kryptonian garb, with that S-shield heralding his path and his vibrant red cape flowing behind him.

Eventually, he ends up in the cantina, looking about and nodding to leaguers and workers he happens to pass by. Though when he sees Black Canary, he smiles big and wide. "Canary! Good to see you." he floats on over to her and lands next to her, giving her a nod. "How's life? It's been quite some time."

As usual, J'onn is initially found in the Central Control Hub of the Watchtower. His constant vigil of oversight on the Emergency Planetary System has become something that the various crews on the Watchtower has become very accustomed. As Dinah has come to the Watchtower, though, J'onn remembers he promised to work with her on her mental defenses, and directs any alerts or anomalies to his communicator.

Taking the elevators, as J'onn has learned his constant phasing through the walls has caused frights in the staff, and so he takes a more pedestrian path to the Cantina. As he passes by the various workers, J'onn greets them by name accompanied with a small smile on his stoic features, and a few even smile back in response.

When he enters the Cantina, J'onn is suprised to see not only Dinah but Kal as well, his footfalls light as he moves towards the two, "Greetings Canary and Superman. The Watchtower begins to feel like Home again when I see such familiar faces." J'onn is careful to protect both of his friends Identities, a problem that he does not have with his Martian form, and ads "I hope the day is going well for you both."

Diana had been on the station for the better part of the entire day. She had been there to be a presence for the activites aboard the facility, though she still felt out of place off of Earth and she'd resolved herself to always feeling that way.

Diana was treated to a little show in one of the central hub areas of the station, a technician had programmed about twenty little robots to perform a robot dance for the Amazon princess and it had been a rather impressimve display of tiny robot choreography. The little machines danced around one another, they did a light show and created pictures on the walls and floors, then finally sent up little holographic fireworks into the air that resulted in all those who were watching with Diana to all clap and cheer for the robot team.

When it all died down and dispersed though, Diana would continue her inspection tour of the Tower, she was dressed in her armor but she had a deep blue robe on overtop of it all and it kept her concealed and comfortable up here in the cold depth of Earth's orbit… she was on her way toward the Cantina, but was not yet there.

Hearing someone call out her name, Canary looks over to see the Boy Scout floating her way. It's hard not to smile when she sees him, so she doesn't try not to. "Hello there, Superman. It's good to see you too!" The softer side of her, Dinah, wants to just give the Man of Steel a big hug. When the Watchtower was decomissioned, seeing familiar faces that one had come to know of as friends was rare. But, Canarys don't hug. Or if they do, it's only archers in green, so Superman unknowingly goes without the friendly gesture.

"Life has been good. Gotham is unusually quiet these days. Which leads me to believe something big is happening. I'll have to talk to Batman and see if he knows anything that I don't." Her hands come out of her pockets now that she has something to do, someone to talk to. J'onn's arrival gets a nod of her head, both in greeting and agreement with his words. "We just need a few more old familiar faces to make this place seem just right. Like Question. We need him sitting there, telling us that gummy bears are a government plot to keep us docile."

Superman does indeed scoop up the smaller blonde in a giant hug! Hey, if Canary's dont hug, Kryptonians surely do! He does chuckle a bit though and soon puts Canary back down. "So happy to hear it Canary. It's been some time indeed. Haven't seen Batman in a while…besides, he tends to get agitated if we start showing up in Gotham. He's protective as it were." he shrugs though, though when he sees J'onn, he just -beams-.

"Martian Manhunter! Good to see you." he smiles then, bowing his head in greeting. He did hear Diana's steps, even if he couldn't see her, so he's a bit in the know, which causes him to smile just a little wider. Regardless, he looks back to Canary "Yeah…that's somethign he would do."

Having been momentarily distracted by an alert, J'onn had a far away look in his eyes as he assessed the issue, and decided to send it off to the automated system. Unfortunately that means when he comes back to focus on Dinah he had missed what she said before, "Apologies Canary, it seems there was a momentary concern of anomalous energy readings off the coast of Japan." He watches Superman gather her into a Superhug, and the smallest quirk of his lips hints at a smile. "Agreed…" J'onn says in response to Kal's assessment of Bruce, "…I am sure once all the systems are fully operational he will be here to confirm none have been modified." Paranoia, the Batman Way.

"Thank you, Superman. I have spent a great deal of time looking into the cultures of the World. I find it interesting that despite their many differences, Humanity as a whole, are always an exceptional group."

As she walked through the corridor toward where the others were located in the Cantina, Diana had a trail of tiny robot escorts following after her, apparently they'd gotten attached to the Amazon. She was speaking to some of them as well, and they were beeping back at her while she'd smile down at them pleasantly.

So when the Cantina doorway was graced with the presence of Diana Prince, it was also graced with the arrival of her robot entourage.

"I have made new friends!" Diana would announce to Dinah, Kal and Jonn. She'd grin all big and silly while the robots would start moving in circles around her armored feet and some of them started dancing again to emphasize the Amazon's declaration of their mechanical friendship!

Well, if Superman is going to be the one to initiate the hug, Canary isn't going to stop him. She hugs back, her legs lifting at the knee behind her as she squeezes with all of her might. So… for Kal? Not a lot. Back on the ground, she looks up at him, smirking and shaking her head, hands on her hips. Yup! She only hugged him because she had no choice. That's her story and she's sticking to it, even if none of the Leaguers would buy it.

As J'onn closes the distance to the costumed pair, a woman from the kitchen comes out to hand the Martian a little, brown paper bag. There is a quiet exchange before she pats his hand and heads back into the kitchen.

Talking about Batman being territorial gets Canary to arch a brow. "Well, he can try kicking me out of Gotham, but Black Canary has been fighting crime there longer then the Batman has, so I think I get a pass," she tells Kal with a wink. Sometimes it's good to be a Legacy superhero. Of course, it means there are whispers that the Canary is immortal, which makes Dinah hope no one tries to prove or disprove, but over all it's a good thing to be the second Dinah to wear the fishnets.

Diana's arrival, with her robot entourage, gets a blink of confusion and a apprehensive smile. Should she be concerned? Is this some sort of plot to undermine the League's defenses? Or is she just starting to think like Batman and Question because they aren't around to do it? "Making friends wherever you go, Wonder Woman?" the Canary asks with a twinkle in her blue eyes.

Superman chuckles a small bit at Dinah when she hugs him with all she's got, and of course, Kal doesn't feel a thing, but that's not soooo bad. He got to hug Canary, when most cases, that would've gotten him a glare. happy day! Though at her words, he laughs a bit. "Fair enough. YOu win, Black Canary." he smiles warmly then. Though he turns his head to the doorway…

…to see Diana and her worker bot army. "Diana! Good to see you." he smiles to her and beckons her over. "Want to introduce us to your new friends?" he says full of good humor and a warm smile. "It is her specialty you know." he says to Canary, inviting Diana over with a gesture of his hand.

Then J'onn gets his attention. "Humans are extravagant creatures, and those I'm presently happy to call my extended family. They can be hilarious at times."

Upon her arrival, J'onn looks over to Diana, and offers her a bow of his head in greeting "Diana, another familiar face, and with her own entourage." He glances towards the small cadre of mechanical guardians, "It is a pleasure to see you again, Diana."

As the familiar lady from the kitchen brings J'onn a brown bag, he gives a small and genuine smile as she heads back to the kitchen. He reaches in, pulls out a handful of Oreos, and offers them to the collective of heroes, "The snack of Champions." the Martian explains. He glances at Dinah, adding "I promise not to make any jokes that may cause you to inhale instead of ingest this time."

The Martian nods his head in agreement with Kal, "A very true statement, Superman. The same could be said for Kryptonians, and Amazons as well." a small smile accompanies his comment.

Diana would smile all kinds of big and silly, especially when Dinah asked that little question. "Idealy!" Was her energetic response. The Amazon would give Superman a littler grin and then curtsey in his direction causing her volumous blue robe to weave about her body a little as she made that manuever "The superest amongst us." She said to him, a silly greeting, but she was in a silly mood fueled by a positive experience throughout her day so far.

When the cookie was offered by Jonn she'd step in his direction and her left hand emerged from between the blue folds of her robe's front and she'd reached out to accept it. "Why thank you and it is a very good treat to see you, punctuated by…" She then ehdl up the oreo. "A very good treat."

As Diana would grin and place the cookie between her lips to take a little nibbling bite out of it, the Technician who'd programmed the robots appeared in the door way, he looked horrified and embarrassed. "I didn't mean for them to follow you around, ma'am!" He said to Diana. "I programmed them to entertain you, in the, in the show! But not to… follow you around the whole station!" He stammered/stuttered and his face grew even more red!

The man started to frantically adjust the settings on his tablet computers. "Come on you goofy little tin cans!"

Diana would look over at the Tech with her blue eyes and she'd reach out her right hand then to touch his elbow. "It is okay. I enjoyed it." She tried to re-assure him.

Taking one of the cookies, Canary nods to J'onn as she gives him a serious frown. Only the twinkle in her blue eyes indicates she's not at all serious. "You better not make me choke on a cookie again or I'll have to report you for attacking me to the council." She nods her head, still that serious look on her face, the corners of her eyes crinkled in mirth.

"She's so good at it, it's almost a super power. Maybe that's why they made her Ambassador?" She can't help but smile then. Diana's mood is infectious. Dinah leaves the paranoia to the experts and just amuses herself by watching the little robots dance. She upnods her chin to the tech as he comes to retrieve his little automatons. "It's the Greek god in her. She can't help but like being worshipped. Even by goofy little tin cans." The wry comment is accompanied with a wink to Diana, showing that it's all in good fun.

Superman looks to the cookies and takes one, smiling to J'onn warmly. "Thank you." he smiles then, though he looks between Dinah and J'onn when she playfully threatens him. But he does chuckle. He looks over to Diana and moves over to her. "Hey. How are you today Diana?" he asks curiously, tilting his head.

Though he does glance to the poor gentleman who walks on in to fix the machines as he apologizes extensively to Diana, chuckling only a little bit.

"You are very welcome, Diana." J'onn replies back as she munches on her cookie, and steps to the side so that she is easily moved into the small circle of friends that are chatting. He glances over to the tech, frowning a little at his obvious discomfort, and sends a pulse of calming emotions as he can understand being in the presence of these heroes can be very discomforting.

J'onn raises a hand in submission to Dinah, obvious intent on not drawing her ire, "Canary, I beg forgiveness for my earlier transgressions…" a twitch of his lips betraying some of his own humor, "…I do not think any sane person would be caught attacking your person given your propensity for immediate retribution."

To the gathered friends, he tells them all, "Again, quite welcome…" and then he flips one of the remaining Oreos in his mouth, munching happily before adding, "…and we all have our vices." He then carefully closes the small bag, and clasps his hands behind his back, and another alert goes off on his communicator. This time, however, he frowns, "Excuse me, friends. This one I think I need to check. If it is an actual emergency I will notify the League Communicators…" and this time he does phase up, and through the ceiling as he moves towards the Central Control Hub.

The technician was clearly calmed by Jonn's little expression of power and he just showed a smile at the collection of Justice League members. "Darn things are so… advanced, its just kind of a learning process, you know?" He said to them anyway. "I think I've got it sorted, again… I'm sorry, they were all supposed to stay in the Hub." He'd turn then and wave to them all before radio-operating-controlling the little robots out of the room with them all following after him.

Diana would smile at each of what the others said about her, she'd shake her head at Dinah's words. "You flatterer." She'd tell the other with a sly grin before looking to Kal and smiling at him. "I am doing quite well, thank you for asking. And how are you?" She'd ask in retort to the man in the red cape.

Her blue eyes would fall then to the slightly-nibbled oreo cookie within her hands and she'd twisted it counter clockwise until the top of the cookie came off. "The icing is the best part." Diana of Themyscira would quietly mutter before indulging in said icing. She'd then smile at the others. "I have not had one of these in decades." She'd say in her Greek accented voice.

Down on the platform, a digitized voice intones, "Incoming traveler. Recognized: Captain Marvel, B-seven-one."

A flare of blue-white light illuminates the pad, and as it fades a golden-haired woman in red, gold and blue is revealed, stepping off the platform promptly and saluting the technicians manning the transport station. "Afternoon, guys. Good to see you. How's the stellar cartography section today?" she inquires, before making her way towards the central pylon to head for the recreational zones. She's hungry, and a snack will keep her focused while she pores over recent lidar mapping charts.

Dinah knows that J'onn can feel her concern for him. Always worried for her friend and how he is coping here on the Watchtower. Theirs is a strange friendship, Dinah seeming to have taken a role of protective older sister to the martian that is almost as old as the human race is. She nods to him as he heads off. "You still owe me mental martial arts, J'onn," she tells him as he leaves.

She isn't actually a fan of Oreos, but she would never turn down something offered in friendship. She even eats it. Quickly. Efficiently. Gone. She runs her tongue over her teeth in the hopes that any of the chocolate wafer isn't stuck between them when she talks again. "The crew has really got this place up and running well. I'm sure we'll have folks moving in soon. Nothing like free room and board. Sadly, some of us have day jobs so have to go home."
Kal-El smiles to Diana as she states that she's doing pretty good today. When the question was returned, he smiles a bit "I'm doing pretty good actually. It's been quiet in Metropolis and New York. Something that makes me quite happy." a smile then. Though he looks to J'onn as he leaves "Alright. See you soon man, we'll catch up soon." he smiles warmly.

Though he looks to Carol when she arrives. "Captain Marvel. Good to see you." he nods to her with a warm smile afterwards, but! he looks back to Diana then, making small talk "Hows the Embassy been? nothing too hectic I hope?" Though he looks now to Dinah "They really have. I've been helping where I can…but they're the real heroes there."

Diana would offer a little wave of a non-cookie-holding-hand toward Jonn as he made his departure and then she'd smile at Carol when she would arrive at their location within one of the larger public Cantinas within the space station. "Captain." Diana would say to her, having some cookie crumbs on her face that were trying their darndest to hide her smile and the happy mood attached to it.

Her blue eyes would then sweep back to Dinah and she'd walk toward the woman then, nodding her head at her as she did so. "It is so wonderful to see that there are people here now… that there is life here that is not simply… us. This station has the potential to be a serious boon to science and safetey on Earth and it is something that I have wanted to share with the rest of the world, well, since its creation."

Diana would look to Kal and give him a soft and subtle smile. "Embassy is… how it is. Both engaging and sometimes tiresome. But nothing that I cannot handle, I assure you." She'd show a sly little grin then.

"And some of us can survive re-entry. Makes heading home as simple as cycling through the airlock." Carol Danvers offers, as she emerges into the recreation floor. "I admit, though, as much as I love flying, and space, I would prefer to reside dirtside. Orbital sat phone coverage is expensive." Carol salutes Clark. "Hi, Kal. You know you totally owe me for that shopping spree, right? And giving her my last name for her cover ID? Not even a text? C'mon!" That said, she smiles broadly at the sight of Diana. "Hey there, Princess. Good to see you. How's life going for the ladies on the island?"
The Black Canary nods in welcome to Captain Marvel. She doesn't know her well though, so she lets the more senior members of the team do the greetings. She looks the other woman over, having looked up her dossier, unable to stop herself from wondering how she'd fare in a sparring match with Danvers. That's Canary for you, always looking for a challenge.

Her tone of voice is firm and serious as she turns to Diana then. "I agree, this station does have potential to be incredibly helpful. But we have to remember not to abuse our position. We're not above humanity, even if we are positioned high in space." She's been listening to Green Arrow and with him not here to give the speech about hubris, she will give it for him.

Superman smiles to Diana, giving her a little wink and a nudge, before he looks to Carol when she speaks to him about taking Kara shopping and the name thing. It takes him a minute to register, but he suddenly looks shocked, putting his hands on his head. "AH! I COMPLETELY SPACED!" he groans.

"Okay, I was gonna take her then people needed help and I got distracted and…." he sighs a moment, rubbing the back of his head as it lowers. "ah….sorry about that. Thank you so much for helping her with that. I'll repay you the money, promise. I owe you one." he admits with a warm smile there.

He does look to Canary then at her words. "YOu sound like Arrow." he laughs a bit then "Not that it's a bad thing." an admittance there.

Diana would walk to one of the windows in the Cantina and look out on the curvature of Earth below. "I do not want the world to feel they are forced to 'look up' at us as though we are Gods, looking down on them. It is why I have wholely found this place to be something we should not… populate. At least not by ourselves."

She'd turn around to look at the others again. "But I think it is wise for us to push the boundries of humanity away from Earth… To the moon, to Mars, and beyond. We can better ensure the safety of the journey to the Stars if we are the ones leading the way."

Diana would then take another little bite out of the icing-less oreo she had and she'd speak softer. "Or something." She added with a little grin, a moment later and she started for the door out of the Cantina. "I am going to wander the station some more. See if I cannot find more areas upon that I have not seen before. Talk to more of the people." Which she was quite fond of, meeting new people.

Carol smiles at Kal and steps forward, offering her hand. "Honestly, I don't mind. I'm flattered you would choose to give her my family name. Just saying, a call would have been nice. And relax about paying me back. I know what you do for a living, and about how much you make. You can just take a few of my monitor duty shifts, and we'll call it even." Carol shakes her head. "Just … feels weird, greeting her for the first time, like this." Not that she brought up with Kara that she used to know her. That'd just be confusing and upsetting.

Captain Marvel gives a two-fingered salute towards Canary. "Honestly, we're up to here to serve, not to lord it over anyone. Some of the threats to the world come from outside that world. We need to see them coming, and put ourselves in a position to try to stop them, or at least slow them down. That's why we're here. And why we'll continue to be here." Carol serves, she doesn't lord things over people. That's for villains to do.

"See you later, Diana." Carol offers, waving to the Amazon. Then she looks to the others and shrugs. "I'm going to check with Stellar Cartography. One of my contacts dirtside mentioned something. I don't know if he's right, but I want to see for myself, such as it is. If there's anything, I'll let you know."
Canary slips her arms down from being crossed over her chest to on her hips, head still canted and hip still cocked. She gives Superman a wry grin and a wink. "I'll take that as a compliment. Until he's finished with what he needs to do, someone needs to keep us honest." She holds her chin high, not about to admit to the fact that she's starting to miss Oliver.
"And this is why you are the diplomat, Diana. You're right. With looks to make stations on both the moon and Mars, this is a very promising time for the human race." She pauses then and her brow furrows with deep thought. "I have to admit though… Populating Mars… J'onn is going to have opinions about that." Yep, big sister protecting him again.

"THere is a reason this station was decommisioned, Captain. The people below thought we were doing just that. We forgot ourselves. I just don't want it happening again." She upnods to Diana as she leaves and again to Carol. "Have a good day. And Diana, I would love another try at you."

Superman smiles to Diana as she appears to make her exit. "I'll see you later, Diana." a warmness therebefore he turns his attention to Carol, smiling big and wide to her. "Thank you. Really, I greatly appreciate it. I wouldn't know what to buy her either, so a womans touch is appreciated." he offers Carol a big hug in gratitude.

Regardless if she accepted it or not, he looks at Dinah and Diana. Oh…a fight between them? -that- could be interesting. "Well, I wouldn't mind watching that." he looks to Canary then solely "J'onn would I think…but he would be happy to help humanity expand across the stars I think."

Diana would turn as she walked through the doorway of the Cantina and walked backward now while passing out of the room. "I will be around for a little while longer, perhaps we can find some more time Dinah." She'd then grin to the others softly and offer a little wave of her hand before disappearing into the station's corridor again, off to find more trouble to get into during the active phase of all that was going on.

Carol shakes her head. "No, Canary. The station was decommissioned because blind, arrogant fools tried to disband the League in order to give themselves the power to take over. They failed, we won, we took them down, and we have restored ourselves and this station." The Captain shrugs. "Don't get me wrong: We absolutely need to stay aware, and do it right. But we do. We have. The League has never lost sight of our core. And I do not believe we ever will." Yet Carol, of all people, would agree that if they did, they should be taken out, one and all, as permanently as necessary.

Carol welcomes the hug from Kal, and smiles. "Well, I'm not the girliest girl. But I know how to shop, and I know how to ask for help. I snagged a saleswoman close to her age and familiar with younger styles. Kara seemed pretty thrilled about it, all, so I'm calling it a win. I had th erest of the wardrobe delivered to my condo. I'll happily fly it over, but I wasn't sure where you were going to house her. Let me know, when you know.

Captain Marvel smiles. "I enjoy the chance to spar with Diana. She's a real challenge, and a lot of fun." The Captain salutes the Amazon as she departs. "Anyway. I'll talk to you guys later. Kal, when you talk to Kara, let me know where to drop off the rest of those clothes. Seeya." And with that, Carol heads for Stellar Cartography, with a few cookies in hand. Yum!

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