Don't Die, That's an Idea

November 12, 2017:

Marcos returns home and finds Lorna packing for Genosha

Apartment in Mutant Town


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Lorna was standing in the bedroom, a bagpack on the bed as she pieced through several articles of clothing in frustration. Several of the Goodwill finds she'd purchased since moving into the apartment were scattered on the floor and on the bed. It wasn't much, she hadn't had time exactly to put much together in terms of clothes here.. but what she had was out of the dresser.

Scattered bits of metal were on the floor, scrap pieces taken from a junk yard. She had been trying.. something. Along with fabric of various hues of green, black and even purple.

Her green hair was a tossled mess, and she repeatedly dragged her fingers through her hair with a grimace.


Even as Lorna was frustratedly sorting through her clothes and backpack, Marcos was more weary than anything. Having taken up a job to help sort out a peculiar mystery involving poison use, Marcos returns back to the apartment with an easy opening of the door and setting his bag on the floor.

"I'm home!" he announces just in case anyone particularly missed Marcos, as he had been gone for a few days. "Man…that was an annoying job. Why can't I get something easy like proving someones being unfaithful to their spouse or something…" a sigh then, but he knocks on the door to their room once he hears someone rustling in there.

"Hello? anybody home?" he says with a big smile on his face. He wore a black jacket with blue jeans and a black shirt. his hair almost looking flawlessly kept as per the regular.


It was perhaps a sign of Lorna's preoccupation that she didn't hear Marcos' entrance and call from the front door. It wasn't until he entered the bedroom, calling with a smile on her face that she jumped and twisted around on her heels. Green eyes were shadowed around the edges, she hadn't been sleeping well, but then again she rarely did when he wasn't home.

Still, a look of relief flashed on her features and she made a beeline toward him, throwing her arms around him tightly. "Marcos!" She squeezed him tightly, burying her features against his shoulders as she seemed to unwind the tension in her frame.


Marcos noticed these small things in people, like if they've been tired or frustrated lately, but he was so happy to see Lorna that…well, it didn't really matter what she looked like. It was Lorna, and that was enough for him. "Hey Lorna." a big smile then as a chuckle is released.

His arms wrap around Lorna to return the affection, hugging her tightly and resting his head in the nook of her shoulder. "man I missed you. How have you been?" he asked softly, not letting her go for now.


Lorna was more than happy to simply let herself rest against the warmth of Marcos' frame. To listen to the beat of his heart, to each breath he took. It was home. He was home, and she would do anything to keep that. Slowly, she leaned back as he asked how she'd been and her lips pursed together briefly. "I listened to your advice about not staying home alone, I spent the night up at the Institute. Got roaring drunk. Painted Nate's fingernails. Made plans for war. You know, typical night." She offered lightly, she was joking, right? Maybe? Not likely..

"How was the job?"


Marcos took in the scent of her hair, even moving a hand to run through it softly. Though when she just lightly leaned away, his hands glided down her arms to hold hers, the spark of color when their skin touched shining brilliantly in beautiful display. His smile was warm and inviting as it had always been for her, and he seemed to tilt his head at her words with a soft laugh when she spoke of getting drunk and painting Nates fingernails. But then she talked about war.

"Oh it was boring as all hell bu- wait war what now?"

"…is there something I should know?…" perhaps a better question is should he have asked that…..


Lorna bit her lower lip, "Well okay, I might be jumping the gun a bit. But it's a very delicate diplomatic situation in Genosha from what I can understand and my father is there. And he's actively taking part in the reshaping of the country. And the X-men are going there. This coming weekend again, it sounds like it. And I'm going." She exhaled a breath.

"And to be fair they just had a civil war, but knowing my father and the Brotherhood it's likely going to break out into some kind of violence and it's really just an extension of the previous conflicts." She got it all out in more or less one breath, looking distressed as she said it.

"..And I found Pietro and well, he really didn't take it well that we might be related and he ran off before I could say much.. It's been a pretty shit weekend actually."


Marcos just kinda looked her in the eyes even as she spewed out her words in a fast but clearly frustrated sentence. "Oh…wow." he says after he successfully downloads that host of information he just heard. "Okay." is all he says to that, moving to his drawers as if to pack. "Well, I'm going with you. Not having you deal with that one by yourself. Plus if it's gonna be violent, I would rather go just to be sure." he always was protective, even if Lorna was more experienced with her powers than he was arguably.

"Oh? well…according to videos I've seen of the guy, he can be a bit of a di-" he pauses then. "nope. not saying that. sorry."


Lorna's somewhat calm demeanor returned as Marcos responded by firmly stating that he was coming with. Part of her wanted to keep him away, to keep him out of it. She knew what her father was capable of better than most. But she hadn't seen the man in over three years. Would he even care? Would he seek to use her against the X-men? How would he react to Marcos? Would he even care? She scratched the back of her neck as she watched him move about the room.

"Are you sure?" She whispered, leaning back against the mattress of their bed, moving aside her scattered clothes. She had been trying to make something of a new uniform.. and hadn't really gotten far.

Something told her that showing up in Genosha in a beat up leather jacket and jeans wouldn't go over so well…

"I mean.. Marcos.. they had mutants as slaves there. And the government was just toppled.. I mean, I want you there.. I'm just.." She was scared. Terrified of meeting her father again. Having Mattias at the school tell her that Magneto would kill her if she just showed up? Well, the man hadn't know her.. not at all.. but it still gave her pause.

Still the comment about Pietro had her rolling her eyes. "He's dick? You can say it. I mean, I don't know for certain he's my sibling..and even then. He slammed me against a brick wall. So it's totally merited."


Marcos was packing even when she was still talking. He did watch TV and read the news even while he was gone, so he knows what people would tell the public about that situation, but even still, when she asked her questions, he was pretty straightforward.

"Yep. I'm going with you. It's gonna be dangerous, but well….it tends to follow us both if you really think about it." he pauses though when she tells him Pietro slammed her against a wall. A deep breath. "Yep, I'm going to kill him." he says in the protective way. Though she would know that he wasn't being serious as more of 'i'm going to beat him up badly' kind of way. he wasn't as cold as he used to be in the Cartel.

He moves though to kiss Lorna on the lips, no warning or hesitation. He would pull away after a minute or two. "Lorna, I love you. we're a team right?" a grin then.


Lorna watched him with those green eyes of her's never straying far from him. Her arms crossed around her waist as she listened, focused solely on him. She exhaled a breath. The official news reports hadn't out and out stated that her father was there. Only rumors had, and she knew that it wouldn't stay that way for long. Not with her father. The man was a subtle as a nuke in downtown.

The muttered words about her possible half-sibling had her rolling her eyes. "He's super fast, you'll have to try real hard. But I would appreciate if you held off on any beatings until after I can get him to run a DNA test with me. I need to know Marcos.." She whispered, even as he came over to kiss her. Her eyes fluttered shut as she pressed both hands against his jaw, running her fingertips against the stubble there.

"Yeah, we're a team.." She whispered, letting her hands fall back to her lap.

"It's just when most girls talk about their fathers killing their boyfriends when they bring them home.. it's not an actual possibility.."


Marcos smiles to Lorna then when she agrees that they are a team, and gives her hand a squeeze as he sits right by her, an arm wrapped around her shoulders. "Heh, I wouldn't worry about him trying to kill me….wouldn't be the first time someone's tried…though he sure as hell has the best chance." he laughs then, still in good humor, even though in truth he was nervous about it…hell, any guy would."

"Yeah….I figured he was on the fast side when you showed me that video. He'll be hard to catch." he shrugs then. "But, we'll get there when we get there." he smiles to her lovingly. "How can I help with this? Like, how could I help -more-?" he asks curiously. "I just wouldn't know the feeling you know? Been on my own from the start….don't know how parents and all that work."


Lorna leaned into his arms, his support, a smile pulling at her lips. It seemed the weight of the world was lessened just by having Marcos at her side. No judgements from him on why she wanted to go to Genosha. No odd looks aimed her way or apologetic glances when people talked about a certain 'Magnetic Maniac'. There was just him and her. Together.

The lights that appeared whenever they touched continued to dance in the air above them and Lorna snuggled into the crook of Marcos' arm.

"Mmm, not sure. Don't die is a good start. Followed by maybe giving me a nice back massage? 'Cause I'm telling you, alley walls totally bruise when you're flung at them from high speeds. Also, don't sleep on the Danger Room floor. It sucks." She teased, closing her eyes as she sighed against him. Her hand seeking out his own to squeeze.

" you.." She mumbled, exhaustion pulling at her frame. She really hadn't slept well without him..

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