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November 06, 2017:

Lucia is welcomed in to the Cyberforce hidden base.


NPCs: Doctor Corben



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That night unseen above the Elevator that looms behind Gabby's Gas n' Grub something occured that spurred Doctor Corben's aged voice to call the telephone inside of the store/gas station. It rang several times and then a hidden intercom voiced through, "Lucia? This is Doctor Corben. If you open the bathroom stall and go to the closed off shitter push flip the toilet latch up three times and join us back here." Then it clicked off.
If Lucia does indeed do as instructed that stall, the one marked off limits will peel away to reveal a hidden shaft that goes below street level and back underneath the Elevator. Where she'll pass by pipings, several security markers that remain unseen beyond a mechanical rat that looks at her with camera eyes and then, still on that trail inward she'll find herself in the network of tunnels that are just outside the central HQ for Cyberforce.

Doctor Corben in a stained labcoat inside with a NYC hat on his head, beard puffy and unkempt, a bottle of beer in one hand and Ripclaw laid out on a couch.

If Lucia doesn't take that phone call and follow those breadcrumbs, well Velocity has been sent to go get her and invite her in to the 'sacred abode' of the cyber-terrorists known as Cyberforce. There is a theme here.

Who could resist, in a world as currently confusing as Lucia's, a call from an ally. Granted, there's questions in her mind as to whether the Dr. Corben calling is the one she knows or the other one and which one is truly the imposter, but at the end of the day sitting in a deserted store is not going to get her answers, one way or another.

So follow the breadcrumbs like some kind of paranoid Alice in Wonderland she does. The red gleam of her left eye obvious as she picks her way down the tunnel and pauses to eye Dr. Corben with all the suspicion she can muster right now. At least somewhere in all that she did take the opportunity to clean up as best she can and change into something less covered in Deadliner and dirt, but there's no pretense that she's anything other than wary as hell right now.

Doctor Corben is and never has been young as far as Lucia would have known the man. A prodigy of lesser age like herself has changed but he, not so much. Old is old.

"You're looking more mature, healthy. Implants taking well to you?" He questions almost casually, like hed just seen her a month ago for a check up. He hadn't. It's been about two almost three years now since Doctor Corben as himself was in any sort of CDI facility.
"I'm glad my friends found you."
There is a pop sound of a lid coming off somewhere behind him and a cat, walking on two legs walks by. Looks up at Lucia and swats her on the ass with a paw. "Whats up babe. Names C.C. Welcome to my pad." She'll sense its a robot. Through and through.

Ripclaw on the couch props himself up on one elbow, he looks weak, tired, one could say pale but hes always pale. It's his condition. "Lucia, I guess you got a seal of approval. Long range scan?"
Corben shakes his head, "Nope. If she was bugged we woulda known and she woulda known. Thats probably why they went the methods they did to keep her confused. Lil more effort on a technopath, eh."

A freshly healed scab is on Ripclaw's shoulder from bicep on down to his ribs. For a regeneration capable mutant its odd to form wounds. "Good. Then she is one of us now as far as… being here. You can commit on your own if you want to still fight."

Velocity is within the Bunker, waiting… and when her pulse skips-a-beat (Lucia took too long), she is there and gone!

A sweep over her 'Observation Bunk' and Velocity is standing over a toilet that cycles an circles water. Lucia was swirlied and she was late, that does not happen often.

Lios twist and a strand of sparking crimson is blown from her face, flicking a strand from her face. Revealing the tattoo over an eye of Kelly Green, the inner iris swirling with the… Okay gross tepid toilet water.

Vel sighs, flicks the handle once the 'Swirly' is done and is dropped down, blurring u and behind Lucia as Corben and Ripclaw address her. C.C. passing by, given a peace sign with a smile, one that is dazzling - confusing considering…

Nevermind the Buner, it's home. And Carin is a-okay with this!

"Oh come on guys, let up on her…" But in rapid blurs she is patted down and feels the chill of speed before Vel is perched upon the back of the couch looking away as if innocent.

"What *big* beard you have.." Stated to Corben.

It's a whirlwind. There's the familiar and unfamiliar about Corben. He looks like himself! But so did the one in the lab, and there's enough tech in the bodies present alone to give her plenty of targets to try and track as she's swatted and patted down and left standing there with all kinds of confusions. The slightest shake of her head is offered, lips pursed and then parted in the vaguest disbelief before finally she points out,"You could have programmed something that my systems wouldn't have recognized as foreign." with only the faintest trace of the accusatory in it.

A hand is rubbed over the back of her head before raised as a finger,"As far as I know, we were working with the raw material less than a month ago." but, something's occurred to her, clearly, that bothers her to judge from the faint furrow of her brow,"Then, half my projects start getting handed over to other technicians. And then my access was limited, and then they decided to put a watch on me. But I've got a question for you… where did we meet?"

"Slow down, young lady." Corben says to Velocity, his tone almost pained sounding. "I'm sober enough you're grating on my nerves. Inside speeds." Like inside voices only… Velocity ranges.
"I don't have that kind of skill anymore, I mean, I could if I wanted to waste my time but my hands they just wouldn't wanna cooperate."

"The shakes?" Ripclaw teases a little sitting upright. "Lighten up on her? This us being nice. Maybe too nice… " C.C. the android-cat critter gets a shoved foot from the Native. The little furry robot scurrying off to play video games. No more talk from him.

"The raw material, the Godtech and Zadrok is allowing it or were you under Kimata's division? Maybe… " Corben doesn't mention the board or Carin's mother. He'll carry on, "They do that. Thats how it happened with me too so I went chopshopper until these yahoos brought me back in to the mess."
"When did we meet?" A look at the floor, his eyes get clouded. A murmur and he sucks on a part of his beard, "I'm old, remember… gimme a minute."

Vel slowed… To Carin speed. She is in the borrowed 'fly away' 80's pants that bear ADIDAS stripes up the sides to hang low on hios, a 'wife beater' on her torso that has seen better days, but when she was 'Lifted' once again she had nothing, but now…

A Gas n' Grub 55 oz. soda is slurpedthrough straw as she watches the exchange and the pause comes with Lucia's question. Massive cup is slowly set aside (handed to C.C. in his scooted passing), while she leans towards Lucia and tilts her head.

"I met ya during a battle against something from a Gore Flick. People died horribly." But then again Carin was not rewired, she remembers and still feels it all.

"Or do you mean…?" A draw back and her lower lip is sucked in to be chewed as she shushes, kicking off the back of the couch to slide into the seating-side. "I got no dog in this fi—- where's my dog?!"

"Ya little ninja…" whitle*click*-snap!- "C'Mere!"

There's a frown from Lucia at least at the shove for the cat-critter, hey, she likes androids,"And not what you told them. Politics. As far as I know I was reporting to you. But…" there's a small shake of her head,"He said you haven't been near the place in years." Robert, from the nod of her chin,"So something's off." there's a mildness that greets the 'maybe too nice' in her expression, one belied by the way her lips quirk. She spreads her fingers as if to prove she's really unarmed, even though Vel already checked that for sure,"Even if my diagnostics are saying everything's okay. So one way or another there's a problem."

"Low Town is where they pulled you in from isn't it? First time maybe. It's been a bit." Corben admits. "Too long for this old cog."

"And you drink too much." Ripclaw declares watching Velocity dash about in search of her dog.

"I haven't. Years is correct. It wouldnt be a BISEY you would sense that, a shapeshifter maybe or cosmetic surgery. They'd pay someone good for that… if it they don't kill him. Poor sucker." Corben takes a drink of his beer.

Ripclaw grins, "You're nervous. Everyone is at first. Just your survival instincts kicking in, I think one of the reasons Chip made the android pets and TIMMIE is to lighten the mood a bit, make people feel less threatened around us."

C.C. That two legged walking orange tabby-cat looks more stuffed animal than actual cat but he laughs, "Less threatened? I'm harmless baby. Just don't pet me the wrong way or turn off my TV." He has a Brooklyn accent. The cat fits right in. Chip was inspired by the movie TED when he programmed him a forth, fifth, sixth time… who knows. The drink handed to him by Velocity is slurped at. Yeah, complex design there.

Where one sees TED in C.C., Carin sees something akin to Puss (In Boots), gleaming eyes of preciousssesss annd all!

But while hefinishes of the Gulp of Bi, a bark resounds in the backdrop of the Bunker, making C.C. 'Puff Up'?

Een if hs claws pirce styrofoam cup and an 'Ohh // /Helllll/ /Nawwwww/ //, of GTA backdrop escapes, Carin is knelt before the shaggy mutt of a dog, peering back at them while the 'pupper-doo' is cuddled and scruffed.

"Problem?" A roll of shoulder. "Youd put him in a—"


"..wood ch—"


"…Chipper!" Cheek-puff…

Just cuddle the damn dog, Carin!

There's a slow nod of Lucia's head, and then a shake of it as she expels a breath,"Fantastic." there's a nod in the direction of the drink Velocity brought in,"Is that alcoholic? And if so, can I get one?" because after this last week she feels like she needs it. There's a grunt of acknowledgment for Corben before she turns her gaze towards Ripclaw,"Not nervous. Angry. Not naive enough to not… realize that the company wasn't as shiny as it claimed to be, but that's still worlds away from finding out that the guy you've been working with for years isn't actually… the guy." there's a gesture in Corben's direction.
"No offense to you, you're all clearly capable, and I owe you for not leaving me to the freak shows, but as he said… I'm a technomancer. If it's got circuits I can control and reprogram it.

There's a slow nod of Lucia's head, and then a shake of it as she expels a breath,"Fantastic." there's a nod in the direction of the drink Velocity brought in,"Is that alcoholic? And if so, can I get one?" because after this last week she feels like she needs it. There's a grunt of acknowledgment for Corben before she turns her gaze towards Ripclaw,"Not nervous. Angry. Not naive enough to not… realize that the company wasn't as shiny as it claimed to be, but that's still worlds away from finding out that the guy you've been working with for years isn't actually… the guy." there's a gesture in Corben's direction.
"No offense to you, you're all clearly capable, and I owe you for not leaving me to the freak shows, but as he said… I'm a technomancer. If it's got circuits I can control and reprogram it."

The animals are a thing that she doesn't even try to pretend to comprehend properly, watching them, and Carin, with a tilt of her head and absorbant curiousity,"It's what was available." not that it stops her from screwing up her face because, yeh, that was totally gross,"Their tech.." her eyes flit back to Corben finally,"is different. Sentients always fight back, that's just… logic. But it was like their tech itself was alive in its own way. Otherwise I'd have used captain codpiece on his friends."

"You'll find SHOCs newer models don't respond well to outside control." Corben says, "Ripclaw is an ARES Model, test on him and see for yourself. Those Deadliners, I recognized some of the data brought back but they're improved, more than just 'newer model' improvement, they're hosting something different. Might have something to do with your research, they say anything that strike you as odd?"

Ripclaw stands up with a wince, rubbing his shoulder again, "Everything they said was weird. They were genuine freaks, Corben. We're talking… psychotics."

C.C. is meandering off bored already, "If anyone wants me I'll be in my room jerkin' off to Koren porn! They put these chicks in baskets and spin them around, its funny as fuck."

"Get out!" Ripclaw snarls at C.C. who just flips him off.
"Ignore him. He can't… do that. Hes basically a stuffed animal with machine bits shoved in his cotton. People around here like to collect or make strays." He looks with those red eyes at the woman, "No offense."

He strides by Carin, "Where is your sister? Out practicing brooding some more or killing her remaining liver?"

"Everyone is nervous at first." Robert counters, "Now that you're here though you can move from the Gabby's to a room. If you're staying."

"Which probably means they've been planning this a while." which is a disturbing thought for Lucia at least,"They were… religious about it." she offers slowly,"The Nun that the one with the bike blew up could… project. She saod

"Alco—-" The mutt… Ninja… Is alone, a barely omitted whine…

And accompanied, once more, another styrofoam container of soda is held towards Lucia, but this one is //potent/, and Corben can smell a familiar brand to it! ((Yes, she 'lifted' something of his in passing!))

"By all means!" A shake and the floating ice cubes rattle, but she does not touch the contents.
It keeps the smile on her face to not…

A sudden snap of fingers!

Yes, Carin empathizes with gross, and she also got TUMS. The chalky bottle of tablets shaken Lucia's way after her face reforms a bit.

A glance is cast between fallen whisps of red to Ripclaw, something there and yet… not when she returns to the massive cushy, sunken (waaayyy overbroken-in)couch seat, a kiss noise evident to call 'Ninja' to her side - who happily joins.

Everything seems happy, familial, until ARES is mentioned, and there is a draw of tension for IV… seconds….

Fingers had curled into the ruff of 'Ninja', and when Ripclaw passes, for a fleeting moment a show of /fang/ occurs.

But from clutch to pet, Carin's head is tilted Corben and Lucia's way, whie eyes guard the possible fight while she strokes down raised hackles of bristled fur. "Shhhhh…"

But that gesture, that exhale is something offered as an assurance to all of them, even as eyes flash Riclaw's way when he speaks of Ballistic.

"Her liver is unimportannt. We both know that now. So let her brood and be happy the best she knows how." Demanding! … and yet… It is fitting as fingers cuffed in golden verlay of mutating armor lay a path through bedraggled fur.

Vel's head rocks back, the gaze cast towards Corben and Lucia. "cats are gross creatures when programmed," A gesture towards C.C. "Or not." Dog person? Yuuuppp.

The more Lucia speaks, though, the more Carin is paying attention. "So you think they have adapted? Overidden?" A glance of (faux paranoia) to Ripclaw. But seriousness returns… "You do know that we are one in the same, right?" The tilt of head pushes stray strands over Velocity's eyes, but they still bare something /different/, a hope.

"Which probably means they've been planning this a while." which is a disturbing thought for Lucia at least,"They were… religious about it." she offers slowly,"The Nun that the one with the bike blew up could… project. She said 'You have heard the voice of our God. You know the song.'. It was mostly stuff like that. They can tell you… they were… hard to tell where the sado-masochism ended and the religious insanity began."

No complaints from her for speed, instead she accepts the cup with a grateful, if wary, sniff at the contents,"I can feel the technology inside you. I probably helped on the design in some small way. But the one that got blown up called you a traitor to the metal. And don't get me wrong… I've got nothing against technology, parts of me are just as metal…" even if it's not immediately obvious on the surface,"but the whole idea was to help people. Not turn them into… those guys. And I'm also not enough of an asshole to try and mess with other people just for the hell of it."

"Let her brood. All she does is brood or drink or fight." Ripclaw says, "It is not good for her spirit or her stomach. One day she'll have a beer gut and she won't be so eager to play strip poker anymore." Which he loses. Every time because Ballistic is a cardshark and Velocity has some stupid level of beginners always luck.

Doctor Corben makes a thoughtful noise, "That is… not very helpful honestly. They sound like religious nuts and if theyre hearing voices it can be anything. Many who get wiped or suffer from brainboxs end up with psychosis of all kinds." A headshake from Corben, he'll take a drink as well if they're being offered up, "These ones were before your time." The cyberdoctor mentions about the design thoughts from Lucia, "Your work has been on the past few years models, many of the ones we have been dealing with. You will be great help in updating them with much of Cyberdata's newest programs if you are wishing to stay with us for a time."

"I have pressed her, Carin is pressing her. We'd like the help but we will not force her." Ripclaw asserts. "Family in this case gets to choose."

"….stop…" Carin's offered drink to Lucia is hefted from her grip, but a weight did not go with it, not when…

Ripclaw's words on her sister drag the golden claws along foam, leaving divoted cracks along the cups base as it parted from her grip and becomes someone elses.

"…please…". Vel collects faster than most, and the words in the room sudenly overwhelm her, but the tension has her clutching the mutt into her lap to coil into the fold of a lower appendage while snaps!
*Pop!* …

Velocity seems to blur in lace like a shaken rictor-scale of juxtaposition and a bottle is held to Corben. "Chase it with the Grub-Slurp." C.C. lost his soda a second ago…

Lifted in other hand while pposing is hlding it up and C.C. is likely cussing like a vulgar Toys (Rated)R' U Model of Ruxpin.

Creepy AF.

No Box here! Carin rises, Ninja falling to the floor but rebounds anough to fall at bare feet that have ringlets of golden spires around toes and up ankles hidden beneath the Sport Pants' wrinkles. Cybernetic, embedded, but jewelry-like.

"How about we let her know comfort. Pillows?? I got one, want one? I'll take C.C.'s if ya want two!"


"I am pressing for other things, not whatmysisterdoesinsparetime DAMN!" She just wants her /sister/.


But on DAMN! Vel is exiting stage …

Papers flutter to the floor behind her and Ninja looses a whine from his throat looking around confused..

Lucia's got at least half an ear for the discussion between Ripclaw and Velocity, even though it's Corben she shrugs at,"It was very much focused around metal, Cor. Traitor to the metal. Through suffering you will be elevated. It's usually the meat that fights me, but it was the metal, too, with the one that got its hooks into me. They kept calling me the Speaker. Sorry, talking with them wasn't exactly high on the priority list."
There's an acknowledging nod of her head,"If they're willing to allow me. And yes, you guys have asked, but under the circumstances… it's just… yeh. I'm not… designed for combat." that she's aware of, at least,"so not sure how much help I'd be aside from… taking a look and seeing what we can upgrade. But if another bunch like that lot comes along… do I want to be responsible for getting another bunch of people killed?"

Velocity leaves so fast her head spins, even if there's at least a vague impression of direction. A grimace from Lucia. The drink's definitely, well, yeh. Lucia's eyes go to Corben, then Ripclaw, and finally the dog,"Okay… then. So. Ah. Cyberdata bad, what's the… end goal here? Dare I ask?"

"Carin, calm your tits." Ripclaw says quietly, "Inside speed again, remember?" Half teasing and something the woman is used to. Everyone on the team adores the heart, its necessary for the rest to function. Especially arms like Ballistic and Ripclaw.

"If there is something beyond their religious nonsense it may be worth pursuing, Zadrok is a man of science so they were not his unless… no. Kimata is more likely our concern here. But you, the speaker? Speaker of Metal that makes sense and they very much wanted you." Corben rubs his brow, "That means you're to be used to translate perhaps." Corben rambles off, mumbling to himself incoherently. He needs more to drink. "We'll figure it out later. Comfort right, yeah, someone set her up with a room and warm blankets. All that crap back in the Gas 'n Grub was just inhumane, no one should ever sleep on a cot.'

"Our goal is to dismantle Cyberdata. We kill them. We save people they hurt." Ripclaw is quite blunt in his response. She after all did feed a guy in to a woodchipper. Shes got lots of potential.

"Also, fighters are not all that we need. We are outsourcing, networking, we need thinkers too and you have gifts." Velocity gets a glance as she moves around, Ripclaw grins a little as his eyes flick trying to follow her. Shes good practice for focus.

"It's so nice to be wanted." Lucia can't quite help the dry way she drawls it as she watches him move about with a small purse of her lips,"Okay then. That, I can get behind. If… no, now that they're moving into it.." oh naivety,"that kind of insanity, disposal's the best to at least prevent it from… getting worse. As to help… I hope this isn't the extent of what I have to work with. Reprogramming the existing is… well and good. It will help, sure, but it's not going to help if one of you loses an arm or something. And Cor…" he's already wandering off and muttering to himself and she can't help but press her lips together.
"That man's one of the smartest people I know. Or… was. I make no promises… but I can try at least."

The dog Ninja goes off to find it's high speed owner leaving Robert and Lucia alone to hear the clicking of a controller off in the other room, a sentient robot cat-toy that enjoys video games and lewd movies. There is worse out there.
"Helping is our key effort. We're all broken here, alone we can't do what we do but together we're fairly impressive. He is still brilliant just spends most of his days drunker than a skunk. Man has become an alcoholic." The red eyes of the mutant-metamorph study Lucia, "When we bring in a lot of the SHOCs who have been treated they're… fucked up. The control boxes, brain boxes need removed, memories fragment, many of them are lunatics. We lock them up, ease them down, work with them. You're lucky, they kept you pretty sane. Most are not so fortunate. So unity and a good rapport is necessary, everyone here serves a purpose."
"Mine may be coming clearer the more we speak."

"Den father." Lucia offers with a quirk of her lips,"Counsellor?" she elects to take a drink finally before shifting to find somewhere to sit,"It's… cognitive dissonance, I'm used to… asking him questions. And I guess that's… well, it might take getting used to." she quirks her lips with a concerned furrow of her brow,"I've been working with a lie for… who knows how long? How much else isn't true? The one's they'd see, they… said it was a defect. With the meat… not the metal. They'd be… sent off to be overhauled." even she has to wince about that a little about it all.

"With the right equipment… I can help. I can't… make things normal again. But I can at least help. Augment with nanites, if desired. Make it more difficult for them to try and jack you guys, probably. I reckon I probably owe you guys at least that."

"Liars, butcherers, degenerates, the worst and most vile people you can ever hope for are… Cyberdata. When Carin says youre like us, its no lie. We'll fill you in on more of that as we go along and get to know eachother more, all of our stories are painful, we are all without families so, this… is also as much as we are saviours and have a mission. Our support chain. So yes, I guess I am a bit of the den… father." A light smile flashes, "Glad you used that and not mother. I'd have to warn you."
"Carin is the spirit, she keeps us all young. Ballistic is our grit and our glass half empty most days, she keeps us grounded."

"Corben has a lot of equipment we have salvaged from our strikes, we're rather set up here despite the looks. Appears trash style, junky, but its not. We're pretty advanced."

"Yeh… not exactly comforting right now, you know? I mean… on the up side there's less… guilt, involved, if it's not my work that's in you guys, but still means that at least some of this crap I'm responsible for. Or… feel responible for, at least." she shakes her head again with a press of her lips,"I…" she starts and then pauses and furrows her brows. Her eyes settling on the middle distance for a long moment before she shakes her head, expelling a breath and taking another sip of the drink.
"Warn me about what, exactly? I mean… no offense, but even the meat eye's clear enough to see that you're not female. And… Carin? The zoomy one? Yeh. She seems nice. The other one I haven't spoken to much. Comparatively. Just you three and him… and the… androids, then? And I'll have to check it out… if you're willing to trust me to do so."

"Redemption is a big deal. You've worked for Cyberdata long enough in their techwings to be… considered by some a monster. This may not be comforting but the newer models, you'll recognize your art in them. It's just fact."

Ripclaw chuckles, a deep rumbling sound. "The warn you was a joke. I'm trying to lighten the atmosphere. Poorly timed I suppose."

"Carin is a sweetheart. Shes all about just making people smile… she feels deeper than any of us. You'll get to know Cassie later at some point, when she comes around. Shes a loner. Which do you want to check out? The androids or the base itself? You find a spot in here. Claim it. We live like gypsies down here, throw some blankets down, posters toss up sheets, blankets. You're all set."

"Well… y'know… I decided I'd be nice and not say something like 'you'd look cute in a dress'." Lucia offers slyly,"But if there's the expectation that we'll show up in our good clothes for family meals… I reserve the right to call you Mrs Cleaver." it's a ltitle easier than considering the first option for any length of time,"Both? Either? Are they Corben's work? Or… something else? How intelligent /are/ they? That… feline…" well, really, what needs to be said more than that?
"So you and Corben, sewer full of women. And strip-poker sessions. Should I be worried?"

"Corben doesn't notice a man from a woman anymore. His only love is booze. Man's day to day struggles are finding the toilet before he pisses on himself. Harmless. The girls, thats a joke largely. I can't play cards for shit and they know it. If I do play it ends up a sport just to mess with me." Robert says, "I'd rather not be called anything Mrs or Missus." He counters.

A look towards the other room and Ripclaw taps one claw in a click against his other one, "Those are Chip McNally's creations. Not Corbens, Chip is a mutant like us but he never went through treatment, hes a super genius. Wiz at everything. Hes trying to live a normal life right now so we are giving him his space."

"We're a family. There is nothing to be concerned about, those women, are my sisters in arms. They're lovely to look at yet I've never touched either and vice versa."
"By concern I mean your sake. We are all adults here and fun is fun."

The man quickly corrects, "Not some lecherous den of sewer perverts… " A pause and he blinks, his serious demeanor broken a moment, "Why am I explaining this one to you? You are joking around. Good." Robert affords Lucia a grin.

"I… can't say I blame him. Though y'know, it might be better for his health to try and… get him to be sober at least some of the time." is Lucia's suggestion, with the spread of her hands, only to laugh,"But a dress is fair game?" she enquires. Matters Chip she apparently elects to absorb in silence for the moment, sipping the drink Velocity handed her and trying… unsuccessfully, to keep the smirk off of her face while he digs himself a deeper hole the more he takes.

"No, I'm pretty sure we murdered the lecherous den of… well, maybe not /sewer/ perverts… but I have the feeling that those guys earlier were… yeh. Technofetishists seems like too nice a word."

"We have tried. Carin is rather good with sleight of hand to say the least." Ripclaw looks at Lucia, blinks once. "I suppose if the bet or challenge came to such a thing, why not." That grin dimming down to a lopsided smirk, "We did. Our naked poker parties are much more tasteful than the BDSM Horror Show Sado… yeah Technofetishists. Fitting. I think right now most of us are still reeling from what we had encountered in our tracking you down, that, is why we are killers. Not because we enjoy it but because some just need put down." A wave of those metallic capped hands, "You will find better showers down here at least and the girls have a stockpile of clothes former members left some behind and we end up with a lot of stolen property here. It's useful." Most things Cyberforce use is 'acquired'.

"I'll… see what I can do." Lucia opts for quietly, only to almost choke on the drink,"/Naked/ poker parties, now, is it? Maybe I should revisit that whole 'running and hiding' thing…" though there's no heat to the words,"That one. On the porch. I'm fairly certain that if my nanites hadn't disrupted him that he was going to make a Thanksgiving meal out of me. They were all just… bad. Though. I'm finding it hard to feel too… upset… about their deaths. And I feel like I ought to be… but."
She's content enough to switch topics,"Good. I could use a real shower. And something that doesn't scream 'tourist' to wear. And then… yeh. Well I suppose in the least there's time if there's not going to be some sudden 'surprise, and now we dismantle you' moment."

"Don't be." Ripclaw says flatly, "We did the world a service. Each and every one of those creatures was an abomination with no soul." A hand flexes, muscle and robotics cord out then release.
"Your nanites did well to cause them disruption. It saved lives. They were fanatical, I have fought many SHOC units and only one other reminded me of them and she is… one we do not even like to mention by name. A bitch, a sadistic bitch. We'll put it that way." Dangerous, deadly, terrifying and his former squad leader. "Stall is down the hallway, make sure to twist the lever on your way in, its old conversion. We all use it." It is a very co-ed thing in there, like a shute, each shower separated by just a built in latched to wall barrier. They're soldiers they like comfort but they live in Spartan accomodations with trappings of humanity tacked up to make them feel less… alien. Less machine or broken creature.

"Use freely. We disabled all of Chips cameras he had set up. Don't ask. He is young and… " A headshake, "As for the rest, no surprise attacks down here. We are off grid, no outbound surveillance or detection works inside the Elevator. Its weaker out at Gabby's, if the were going to find you it would have been there."

"But they had them once." Lucia points out,"They were rabid, and needed to be put down, but well, we don't know what they were like before. At least… I don't." she shrugs a little, attention flicking to his hand as it flexes and subconsciously rubbing her own absently.

"Right. Showers. Twist the lever." she tips the drink back for a big gulp, reluctant to abandon it unemptied,"Opportunistic." she offers,"The word you're lokoing for is 'opportunistic'." there's a wry sort of smile,"Off grid is good. Though the more information I have access to, the more useful I'm going to be. Theoretically my nanites would detect foreign augments, but… right now I'm not as confident in that as I usually am. And if I can't detect it… that drunk might be the only one who can."
"Horny. Opportunistic is a much more polite word though."

Ripclaw replies with a chuckle, "He is hopefully doing well, our lovable little techy nerd. Poor damaged kid." All affection in that strong voice but it bleeds off. "Boilers are huge, the twist will heat it up fast. This is old industrial built in with a lot of supertech, be amazed at what room we have to work with and if you can improve upon it, even better."
The drink he takes from her politely and moves to the long kitchen sinks setting it in. A habit.

"Off grid is how we always work. DEO wants us incarcerated, SHIELD has files on us, Cyberdata wants us dead… X-Men would not agree with how we operate and the Brotherhood are misguided, this is… what we have. Eachother off grid. Outlaws yet, romantically I like to think we are heroes. The world is not our place, we're torn between it, the future the past, flesh and metal, mutant and machine… " The man trails off, "Sorry I am keeping you from freshening up. I'll have Carin find you some clothes and leave them in the showers for you."

"Granted." Lucia agree's as she rises, shaking her head a little,"I'll talk with your tech and see what it can tell me. And I'm not saying 'hook up a line here'. I'm saying that I'm… probably, hopefully? Not on anyone's list? And I… process… information. What the doctor said isn't that wrong. If they wanted something translated from code, I could do it. You guys can keep the capes though, yeh? I'll settle for keeping you running." one hand is pressed briefly into the opposite palm before she nods,"Sure. Yeh. Thanks… shower. Twist the lever. I'll remember." there's a brief flicker of a smile before she turns to wander off.

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