Opal City Tidal Terror (pt.1)

November 09, 2017:

Opal City is threatened by terrorists. The Suicide Squad is activated to deal with the threat. (emits by Taskmaster)


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Opal City last night a tidal wave crashed in to the port, several piers collapsed and ships had been capsized the damage spread well beyond there. The news is calling it a fluke accident and being jumped on as something to do with Global Warming and tide shifts. Despite efforts this has inspired fear that Atlantis may be once again attacking the United States. The National Guard reinforcements have been called in for clean up and security.
The DEO and Task Force X know otherwise.

International Waters under the cover of darkness a lone helicopter screams across the Atlantic towards an oil rig. The expected black ops protocol keeping them radio silence, unmarked and entirely disposable. Expendable.

Onboard the Sheba the Suicide Squad get the incoming visuals of a rig, typical full functioning drill site. What one expects to see. Operational as the rig core is pumping oil, tanks filling. There is supposedly a device onboard that needs disabled and the crew manning the rig is to be neutralized entirely, further investigation and pursuit as to why and who is to follow by other teams. This is a time sensitive mission and they need professionals who can go in to something without any intel, they need the Suicide Squad.

Taskmaster is onboard the Sheba with the rest, a collapsable shield, skull mask on and one booted foot nervously tapping. Stealth is their best bet as such the man has no firearms on him. At least none that anyone can see. His gear normally bright colors is darker blues and grays, a small oxygen tank attached underneath the 'teeth' of his skull. The mercenary is actually amazingly quite compared to his usual. Not a single chirp.
They were informed this is an amphibious mission.
Conscripted in to this mission for their own Get out of Jail free pass has been Doctor Pamela Isley and Owen Mercer, respectively the Gotham villainess Poison Ivy and the Rogue Captain Boomerang.

"I'll get you all in close enough to drop near those boots and shacks they have set up. It looks like something out of Madripoor over here. Boat city, man." Brisoe, the Burt Reynolds looking pilot shouts through the headset, their comms picking it up.
"Twenty seconds and counting… nineteen… eighteen… " He'll proceed to countdown until they're swinging by with a ripple of waves, the shake of some of those boats but otherwise, its a low and silent hover. The man is a damn good pilot and the Sheba over the years has only improved.

The call up is abrupt as usual, no warning, just coordinates for the meet and Owen is off and running to 'save the world' or more likely protect some assets of someone in a powerful position. He doesn't dwell on the particulars, and he kind of likes to try and believe in the lies about doing the right thing every now and then.

On the Sheba, he has his usual go outfit minus the shin pads and plus some additional breathing apparatus. He notices the tapping of Taskmasters foot and thinks about taunting him for it, but then realizes he's been shaking his hands out and cracking his knuckles, so he thinks better of it.

Once the countdown starts he breathes out forcefully and mutters to himself "Let's do it..let's do it…" a few times.

Poison Ivy is looking less then pleased to be pulled away from that intersting book and project she was working on. As such the green woman has her legs and arms crossed as she rides the helicopter and scowls out the window. Being out at the ocean is no problem, there's plenty of aquatic plants to use if need be, can you say algie? Too late. "I wasn't listening as well as I should to that fat meatsack Waller. DO we have to leave the crew alive or just need to be quiet?" The countdown starts and she'll stand, red hair caught in the wind spreading her scent and tussling it all about. She's wearing simple slippers and a green one piece swimsuit cut just incase she does get wet. Leaves are not practical for heli rides and water insertions.

"Neutralized tends to mean kill everything in my books." Taskmaster says after a moment of steeling himself, his voice a croak that the electronic distortion and oxygen tank make sound even more inhuman. He has an issue with water. A big one and hes trying to hide it. None of them are mindreaders fortunately. "Ladies first?" He offers the other two and waves a glove out the hatch.

They have their one window and the helicopter is starting to sweep out. Away from position and further from the boats and lower access portions of the rig.

"Screw it. Just screw it. I'll go." A lunge and Taskmaster dives out disappearing in to the water with a splash, at least he tucked feet in and tried for silent. The rig's pumping of unrefined oil through it's system is very loud. All hours and hides many sounds shy of explosions and gunshots.

Taskmaster disappears under the Atlantic's dark waves.

"Fine by me." Owen doesn't care for trying to complicate these missions. If they say neutralize, that's good enough for him. He isn't far behind Taskmaster, with a less than eloquent jump into the water. He can swim.. but it's not very pretty.

He's not waiting for anyone, he's moving ahead trying to get to their objective. That's the way these things usually work, everyone on the team kind of just does their own thing and occasionally it works out, at least as far as Owen has seen thus far.

Poison Ivy is already reaching out with her powers. And finds what she needs a kelp forest isn't far. Kelp which is naturally among the fastest growing plants before Ivy's power touches it. Sure she could jump in like the boys but then her hair will be wet and she'd rather only do that for effect. A raft of kelp rapidly grows and waves itself to make a small platform for her to hop down to and land on. Smiling at the guys in the water, "Need a lift?" Offering a hand toward them even as the plants starts to grow to encircle both.

Taskmaster likely needed a lift his thrashing under the waves brief as he is assisted up and out, settling on to the wave rocked platform of wood extended out between two boats. There is guards walking along the rig, below, these boats appear to be empty or full of slumbering men and women, they lie next to guns and weaponry of all kind.

No thansk given, not even sure if he can talk yet Taskmaster starts to creep up off towards the rig. He isn't the leader, they really don't have one and he isn't about to give orders. They just have a job to complete.

Their destination? Likely inside the rig. They have very little info to go off of.

As of yet they remain undetected.

"AAAGH!" It's not a very manly scream, if such a thing exists. But when the plant tentacles start to wrap around Owen well, he just.. was surprised, that's all. He recovers with a clearing of his throat and a "Yea.. sure. Whatever .. " looking her over, he obviously recognizes her but still doesn't know what to address her on and lands on "..lady."

Getting his bearings on the plant raft and making his way up onto rig, Owen tries to figure out what the guards are doing if they missed their landing. One making a sweep in their direction gets a boomerang aimed at their head, just a normal ol' boomerang hoping to knock him out. He's not sure where he's headed but he'd prefer to have fewer people shooting at him while he finds out.

Poison Ivy will use her little plant nest to help lift her up to the boat's side and just step on deck. Her soft souled slippers helping her stay quiet, plus it isn't like she's weighed down with lots of gear. "Ivy," she offers to Owen for a thing to call her. She's still using her powers to make a 'net' on the corner of the rig so if they have to run and leave fast they can jump for it. Hips sway as she starts to walk toward a door, going around a way that her teammates have not. She seems to have not a care in the world, just softly making her way. Anyone that is unconscious already that she passes are blown a kiss to ensure they won't be waking up. Tapping her ear, "So.. want me to deal with the meat sacks and exit plan? You two handle the 'goal' of this silly game?"

The man towards the southeastern side of the rig had just turned when a boomerang clapped up against the back of his head and neck, not even a sound escapes him as the starburst inside his eyelids is experienced followed with darkness. He falls over the rail and lands on the stairwell below. Lucky them no one seen it. That leaves another two guards to the west and one around below, on the decks.

"I got that one." Taskmaster indicates the man on patrol, solo. "Nice throw. Boomerangs though, huh?" Maybe should read the dossier on some of his teammates sometime. He used to. Somewhere in there got bored of it or they just keep cycling. A bow is lifted up, air plucked and the man he called dibs on goes down, clutching at the shaft protruding from his chest cavity. Two down. Two more on this side of the rig.

So far they're free of any notice despite Ivy's stride past and almost casual walk up the rig. The door she is going for is up the steps past Owen's downed guard and in plain sight of the two at the corner of the rig balcony.

"Shut it Skeletor, like a crossbow's much better?" Owen's heard it, plenty. No one can resist bashing on the boomerangs, or the moniker. It's not that he's sensitive.. fine, he is, but just a little bit.

He follows after Taskmaster but uses the comm back to Ivy "Meat bags? Wait are you like a reverse vegan or something? Plants are murder… so total carnivore?" He doesn't wait as he's not really asking, more thinking out loud. He's getting more comfortable now that the mission is underway so his mouth starts running. "I'd kinda be inta that.." No one cares, but he is likewise immune to their indifference.

Spying the two up on the balcony Ivy gets a not nice smile on her full lips. "I'll take care of those two. Just leave them to me." This is why she's been growing all that kelp under them. She never breaks stride, dropping an arm to her side and curling her hand into a claw motion. Lifting it up she thrusts the arm toward the two remaining guards. Whips of Kelp lash up and grab at the men, pulling them over and into Ivy's 'net' of plants. Their guns falling to their shocked hands.

"Hello boys," she purrs at them. Walking toward the first, "Give us a kiss." Leaning in to plant one on his lips. The man struggles a bit and then goes limp, eyes sliding closed as his skin rapidly discolors and veins seem to darken. Empty eyes with a green coloration open. "Now your turn," as she moves to give the second man the same treatment. They're not dead per sae, but they are her's now. "Something like that," she tells Owen.
When the kelp lets the men go to land behind Ivy they get to their feet and start to walk obediently behind Ivy. Following their mistress and ready to play bullet shield to protect Ivy. Because now she is their world.

"Wanna get technical about it, noobie? Yeah. I can give you a list on the reasons why later." Taskmaster replies to Boomerang, the banter that quick in one and out the other. He's used to guys like Owen, because, well, thats also the sort of guy he is. They're the same circle types. Many would just call them scum.

The shambling pheremone overdozed and influenced 'zombies' are now clambering after the Squad, it's like a scene out of Fear of the Walking Dead. Oceans and brainfried corpses. Though, they all still very much live.

The men above are handled easily by Ivy. The doors thrown open as well to reveal the inside of the oil rig, its what can be expected. A rig full of people in hardhats, moving from one side of the structure to the other, manning pumps, wheels, inspecting gauges, cleaning excess, except… they're all armed with submachine guns, shotguns and pistols. Many of them turn to stare when doors open up.

"All right… wrong door?" Taskmaster says to his two companions. Weapons have swung to aim at the Suicide Squad.
Taskmaster's shield springs to life to cover his torso before hes running in for cover.

Seven men. Armed men in a possible highly explosive structure.

"Got yer list right here.." Owen's smart ass reply is accompanied by the obligatory crotch grab. Yes it's crass, but sadly this is what meaningful conversation looks like most of the time for him.

Watching the zombification of the men, he shudders and comments "That's super gross. .." thinking about it for a second "But still super hot. Dammit." He shouldn't find that attractive, and yet?

As the door opens Owen doesn't hesitate, instead he speeds up and speed bursts through the door, flinging electrical boomerangs at super human speed. Any bullets are dodged until he can get behind some cover inside the room, a blur too fast for most too track or realize is a person.

Taskmaster is opposite of Owen, a sword in hand one man's insides spill across the floor as he twirls behind-around him to another defender proceeds grip ahold of a limb between shield and shoulder, then shoves the captive Rigger's shot off wide. In an arc over Owen's head, steering the individual, "My bad." The sneer behind the skeleton mask isn't visible. The accident pelting the wall with a hail of bullets about a foot or two above Boomerang's head.

The speed is noted, this means Mercer is a metahuman. Like Task and Ivy. The humans in here firing at them? Just that. Plant-Walkers stride in, arms up and they begin to rush former comrades, the shouts and cries in what might be Quaraci are drowned in muffles. They are by far outclassed by the Suicide Squad. This is almost too easy for them but they're still only in the outer reaches of the rig. The weapon of mass destruction lies deeper in.

(Continued in Part 2)

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