A Better Grading System

November 11, 2017:

It starts with Lorna suggesting a brand-new grading system for Rogue's students and goes on with Nate and Lorna deciding they need to get drunk to cope with the latest chaotic events in their lives. Some angst and some amusement follow.

Teachers Lounge, Xavier's Mansion


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Jean Grey, Magneto, Eclipse, Rose Wilson


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Lorna, in her usual wisdom, and depressively dark, moods—had come over to get stupid drunk with Rogue. The woman was always a good drinking party. So Lorna held a bottle of bourbon in one hand. In the other? She'd taken Rogue's stack of papers that needed to be graded. As the green haired mutant stood at the top of the stairs going down she nodded her head that way.

"So you take 'em and throw 'em like this." Lorna chucked the essays down the steps. "And the ones at the top get A's and the ones at the bottom get F's."

Rogue stood at the top of the steps near to Lorna, leaning against the bannister at the right side of the staircase. She's grinning at the green haired woman while demonstrates her grading methods… Rogue would slowly nod her head. "Ah see." She replied, taking a moment to push the sleeves of her dark green baggy sweater up to her elbows, exposing the long black gloves that are covering her forearms and hands.

"But wouldn't it make sense for the ones closest t'your feet to get F's cause they failed t'go very far… while the ones down at the bottom'a the stairs, get A's for goin' the furthest?" She asked then with a sly grin.

One shoe then another stop at the bottom of the stairs. Looking down through a world of red Scott Summers kneels to pick up the top most essay, thumbing through it. "Morning?" He offers curiously. One dark arch of a brow rising over the rim of a shade.

"I see we are taking our jobs very seriously around here."

"I really doubt ink on these weighs enough to determine a difference from A to F."

Morning? Is morning already?

Nate just got out of the X-Bunker, hair is wet from the showers but he has not bothered with shaving in the past few days, so he looks a bit scruffier than usual. He is also wearing jeans and a pullover since his uniform-armor went missing when he was captured by Ms. Sinister agents. Just when he had replaced it after having it blown to atoms in Genosha. For fucks shake.

Those things are difficult to replace.

"Hey folks," he glances at Rogue, Lorna, Scott. Back to Lorna, her bleak mood tingling his empathic senses, nicely mirroring his own. Halloween parties made no one particularly happy, it seems. "What papers are those?" He asks without much interest.

The green haired mutant held out the bottle of booze toward Rogue and she shook her head. "No, no. See those ones are the lightest ones. It means they didn't write shit. The heavier ones have more writing. So therefore. They get a better grade." She glanced toward Scott as the man appeared and she arched a green eyebrow upwards.

"It's determined by the amount of paper. Less about the ink." She leaned a hip against the bannister, green eyes flickering over Scott in a rather sullen fashion. "See? There are reasons why I refused to get a job as a teacher here." She drawled, her focus returning to Rogue as she took another swig of the bourbon.

"Being a detective in Mutant Town is much better suited toward my inability to stand people." Her gaze swung toward Nate and she offered a smirk.

"Hey. Wanna drink?" She held out the bottle toward him.

Rogue's eyes went up to Scott and she gave him a soft smile. "Heya, Miste'ah." She'd say at him softly before looking back down to see Nate's arrival also. "Lorna here is teachin' me how t'teach. I think she's had a bit more bourbon than any one single Lorna should have though." She'd grin at her Metalic Attracting friend.

"What about the ones that got staples in them? Do you cheat'n use your power t'give them a little extra boost?" She asked with a big grin while her arms were folded together across her stomach, rumpling the fabric of her baggy sweater.

Scott's mood is rarely something he wears openly, a stoic demeanor carries with him rather constantly in and out of costume. The smile that breaks the surface might come to a surprise though.

"We when first started the whole teaching thing we employed different methods. Less messy ones. I would suggest not letting any of the students that have been left behind see this."

Scott knows they are joking around. He isn't about to chide or get serious, not with the way the world is coming down on mutants right now after Genosha and the Charity Gala, it's dark days ahead for the X-Men and their kind. Eye of the storm one could say, things are quiet and hes been doing his research, prepping calculations.

"Seriously a drink? I… I suppose it is past noon. I am good though, no thank you.

Nate gets a lift of Scott's chin in acknowledgment, "Apparently not super important ones."

Wanna drink? Oh hell.

"Sure I do," and this time he might not stop before getting seriously drunk for the first time in years. To the hell with runaway telepathy. "You two seem to have started without me already," he points out, climbing up two stairs a time and grabbing the offered bottle. "Honestly, are even grades super-important anymore? You have seen where the world is going, didn't you? We put down Genosha. But that was a tiny island. What will we do if Russia follows the same path. Or the US of A. You can ask Rachel what happens then."

If Lorna has relinquished the bottle, he takes a loooong swig.

Lorna stuck her hand out, green eyes narrowing to a squint as she drunkenly plucked the stapled bits of paper into the air. The papers twirled around and floated back up the stairs in a halting patter—and the chandlier above rocked a bit. Something that would assuredly not have happened if Lorna wasn't into her cups. But that was all that happened.

"I would never give the kids that aren't assholes an A over the ones that are. Pfft. Never." She would. Plus chuck wrenches at them. Her mind toyed with the pleasant thought of teaching a combat class centered around launching various tools at the children.

"Also, also, Scott. It is after 5 some where in the world. And really, that's all that matters. Yeah?" She nudged Rogue with her elbow. "And I have a fast met-metabolism. I'm have not had 'too much'." She made her fingers form air quotes around the words as she spoke. Course then Nate was climbing the stair and she passed the bottle off to him readily enough. His words though? Oh those had a morose, dark look crossing her features in rapid fire.

Her lips parted, and she thought better of it. Scott wouldn't approve of what came to mind in response to Nate's comments. Instead she shrugged. "We teach them how to dodge a wrench?" She offered instead.

Rogue grinned at Scott while he turned down Lorna's booze and she watched Nate as he accepted it. Her forearms uncrossed and her gloved hands went up palms-out. "I ain't even had a drink… when I drink, I generally don't do it here in the main foye'a the school. I like t'find quiet places t'crawl into. Like that mysterious hidden office that the students swear is in this school, but ain't nove'a them been able t'find it yet… I found it, and it is the best drinkin' spot in the whole place."

Rogue watched the chandelier wobble and the stapled papers flying about and her hands went down to the front of her thighs. "I very much don't neve'ah wanna get on your badside, Lorna-loo." She'd idly comment.

"No that is not all that matters, what matters is you're here, this is school grounds and we do have to set an example to the children." Scott rubs the back of his neck, "The teacher wing, lounge or outside is fine. Lets try not to make this a habit." His smile has only lightened up a little, "I looked the other way on Halloween. I probably can't make a habit of doing so again, so, please, lets move it to another location. The boathouse is always good too. Especially right now."

A chuckle, "None of us want to be on her bad side I imagine." Scott's eyes flash behind the lenses and he gives each of them a studying look. "Or below. We can set up the Danger Room if you're all intending to be rowdy." Clearly the X-Leader is trying his best to find a middle ground without sounding like he has a stick wedged up his backside. People need the ability to cut loose. These people most of all.

Nate gives the bottle back and listens to Scott suggestions. In his opinion the school shelters the kids too much in some regards. But at least the combat training is pretty good. Still, is there anything to learn at seeing three adults getting drunk out of sheer desperation at how their lives are going?

"Fine. If the Danger Room is free, we can go there drink and break stuff. Otherwise the lounge," glance to Scott, "with less breaking, I suppose. Do we have enough booze?"

Lorna shot Scott a look, and grumbled under her breath. "I wasn't just sitting here gettin' drunk. Geeze." She growled, "I only came out here to show Rogue how to properly grade papers without spending hours of her life wasted when the kids are just gonna throw it out anyways." She muttered and huffed, holding her hand out for the bottle that Nate had as he passed it back to her, she took another swig.

"I'll go back to the adult's rooms to get black out drunk." She glanced back toward Nate as he suggested the Danger Room. "No. Nope. Nope. No heavy use of my powers while shit faced. Bad stuff happens." She had learned that lesson before. And then she promptly starte to head toward the lounge.

"I brought a few extra bottles." She called toward Nate. The comments about her bad side were pointedly ignored. She didn't particularly want to think about how bad her bad side got.

"Lorna found me sittin' at my desk sortin' through the assignments I'd handed out last week. Its essays about their favorite childhood memories, written entirely in French." Rogue would say then to all gathered. "She just wanted t'show me her new way of an alternate grading scale." This made her grin a little.

"Ah got -no- interest in goin' back inta the Danger Room any time soon, not after what happened last time. Three weeks in Crazyville was all the reason I need t'stay the hell outta that place."

Rogue would lower down then to a seated position on the second to last step on the mid-level ladning of the main staircase. She raised her elbows up and placed them gently on her covered knees, then placed her chin inbetween the palms of her hands, cupping her own face on both sides. It was Saturday, it should be drinking-fun-times, but she was ain a morose-mood and mostly wanted to just go back to bed.

"The idea is honestly structure. Normalcy in times of chaos and change. Small things begin the day and form a sort of familiarity, even something as menial and unimportant as grading papers." Scott doesn't go in to that instead he opens the staff wing door, leading to the lounge area for the faculty. A simple room, nice wood tables, chairs, a sofa, a flatscreen in the corner, two video game consoles, coffee machine and a locked cabinet.

"Make yourselves comfortable." A key produced that cabinet is opened up to reveal several bottles of light to dark liqours.

A curious and studying look given to Rogue. Scott will actually put a hand on her clothed shoulder, "If you need to talk, we can. Just find me later, yeah?"

Nate smirks at Scott. Normalcy, right. Them?

"Come on, my fellow skunk-haired mutie," he says, pulling Rogue back to his feet. "We will get drunk, we will talk, we will vent and maybe tomorrow we will have forgotten all the embarrassing things we are going to say. But it will be fun, shorta." He follows Scott, hopefully with Rogue in tow. "And I think Jean is the licensed psychotherapist? Not that I have ever really had counseling sessions with her. Something or another emergency keeps popping up."

Lorna plopped down on the floor, putting her back to the sofa and tilting her head back. "Yeah, and Rogue needs to come sit next to me so we can bitch and commsierate and yeah. Whatever. I dunno, maybe next time we get sucked into an alternative world, we can land in a land of like donuts. And coffee. And I dunno. I could be a Princess of Pasteries." She grinned, folding her legs as she patted the floor beside her.

"Also I brought nail polish." She shifted, got up and went for the backpack she'd brought before. A zipper popped open and she pulled out a bag of various nail paints and another bottle. She had brought her own booze. It was polite at least.

"Also, I call bullshit on normalcy. They're mutants. They'll never have 'normal' by any stretch of the imagination."

Rogue would stand when the others offered words of encouragement and she'd offer a smile to Scott and a little nod before she'd do the same to the others and move toward this Teacher Lounge was, she'd generally avoided that room her entire time as a faculty member here. It was a nice room, she just… was usually too busy to ever really 'lounge' and if she had the time, she prefered to go find a place outside.

Rogue walked in though and would join Lorna where she would seat herself. She'd put her back to the wall too. "Nah. I'm good. Just, jumbled up inside. Lotsa… voices'n such, the past few months have really stuck a stick inta the bee hive that is my mind, and shook it all up." She'd show a weak smile then.

"It'll be all fine'n dandy, eventually."

Rogue gets a light smile and a nod, "I am always here for my team, for family." He expresses before pouring himself a harmless alcohol free gingerall. The cabinet left to the three wanting to unwind.

"Lorna, Nate being mutant doesn't mean they cannot have a normal life." Scott insists, "Many of our students are living a normal life away. One of our purposes is to help people achieve that. There is even awareness in the works with the National Metahuman Research Foundation that has made monumental steps for us, for mutants who want this 'normalcy' you guys want to scoff at. It is one of the things we stand for as… well, X-Men." Scott exhales as fingertip rises up under his glasses to push them up his nose a little.

"Cards, dice?" An old deck produced and a box of cards. "Even got Cards Against Humanity in here somewhere." He says with an ironic quirk of his lips.

"Fuck, no," Nate goes straight for the drinks cabinet, looking for tequila. Or vodka, but American vodka is so flavorless. Uh, bourbon too. Fine. "I can't have a normal life. You saw my world. I can't allow that to happen here. I was created to be a weapon and grew up as a warrior. Fighting is all I am good for and I am going back to Genosha as soon as things get settled here a little more. I am going to keep an eye in that jackass… sorry, Lorna. The Magnetic Maniac. And I am going to find what all those American supremacists were doing and where did they go. And…" he shuts up. He is going to look for Rose, of course.

Lorna rolled her eyes at Scott. "Yeah, tell that to the pro-human lobbists that are getting pissy again about mutants existing." Her lips twisted as she plopped back down to the floor beside Rogue, bottle in hand as well as her bag of nail paint.

"They'll always have to face that, the discrimination, the fear, the hatred. It's not gonna change in their life times." She muttered, her jaw squaring as she took another sip of her drink. A glance spared for Rogue. "I tried to live a normal life, tried to go to college beyond these walls. And it went sour. Real bad. Why do you think I came back here after three years?" She muttered, and glanced toward Nate.

"No. It's cool. Actually. I want to know more about Genosha. I want in."

Rogue would lift her knees up and fold her forearms over them, her legs pulled up close to her body as she just sat there and listened to the others talk. She didn't really have a lot to say or a lot to add to their words, so ehs jue looked from to the other. When Lorna returned she smiled at her softly before looking back to Scott. "That Human Card game is disgustin'. Shouldn't have it around, I mean this room is the room the kids wanna break inta most, they'll go straight for things like that card game." She'd say that with a soft voice, not really wanting to make a huge deal of it, she'd just played the game before about a year ago, while totally drunk.

Scott's hip pushes against the counter top to support him as one foot relaxes overtop the other. Reclined standing with his drink in hand, lightly swirling it around as if that will take the sour taste out of his mouth, he is used to this sort of reaction, this attitude. It's what ever mutant even himself has been conditioned to feel, believe and experienced.

"I have. I will continue to do so. The X-Men are here to remind them they're not alone, ever." If anyone was a staunch supporter of Xavier's vision it is Scott.

"If this kids get in here and find that game in a locked cabinet, well, at least thats the worst of our worries and good on them for being kids experiencing some life." Not that discipline actions won't take place.

"You guys are some very depressing drunks." He teases, a look given to Nate about his world and his angers, "Everything will be alright. The fight is always going to be there well beyond us but we can't give in to despair. Have some hope and optimism, all of you. Even a little can help." It isn't exactly as though Scott is a shining beacon of happiness himself, more often than not (especially in uniform) he is quite grimm but this is what he does.

The dice and cards are put back away.

Oh no, bring the cards. Nate does pick them leaving them at hand. Once they are drunk enough they will find them funny, for sure. Then he places the bottles within reach of the women. “How many X-Men or students have gone back to a normal life?” He asks Scott. “Madrox does not count, he cheats by being everywhere, which is not normal anyway.”

He takes another swig, passing the bottle to the mutant at his left. “Anyway, Genosha. I got killed there, y’know? Because they had… hmm, I think she was a clone. Of Jean. And the Phoenix fried me to ash. Then I was burning for days in the Astral Plane and I am not sure how many memories I have lost, of my travels… my world.”

To Rogue. “Your turn.”

They are drinking. The door to the hall is open. Most students are not around right now for preparation of the holidays and school downtime, so being a wandering bored type is AOK."

Lorna shot Scott a dry look over the top of her bottle. "Yeah well, I'm depressing sober too. My hopes are a little smaller than world peace. I hope to not end up broke at the end of the week. I hope to be able to buy pizza every now and then. I hope that my hair isn't fried because I tried to use a blow dryer. Anything beyond that is useless. Because if I hope, then I'll start getting angry. And trust me, my anger issues are better left self medicated with booze." She held up the bottle and glanced over at the deck that Nate broke out.

She scooted closer to Rogue and casually bumped the other woman with a smile. Even if it was strained as Nate spoke about what happened in Genosha. Rogue had told her people had died. She just had no idea it had been Nate. She frowned faintly, her lips twisting. "That sucks. I'm sorry.." There was that want, the desire to ask for more… but she held back.

They are all gathered in the teacher's lounge, the doors are still open to the room though.

Rogue and Lorna are seated on the floor beneath a window against the wall, Scott is leaning against a counter and Nate is passing around booze.

Rogue accepted a bottle, but she just set it down on the ground between her feet.

She smirked at Scott. "I was a fun drunk on halloween." She said with a little smile. "That maze thing was a lotta fun."

She'd look to Nate then and show him a faint frown. "I'm glad ya made it back t'us, Miste'ah. I can't imagine how awful all'a that musta been." But she'd shake her head at the drinking turn. "I start drinkin' now and its just gonna go until like one in the mornin'. Bad idea."

Rogue looked to Lorna then and grinned at her lightly. "Where's that boyfriend'a yours anyway? He was cute. Seemed nice too."

"Nate, your knowledge of this school and its successes and failures is the extent of what, maybe two years here? We have hundreds of students cycling through here, year after year, many of them out there living /normal/ lives and trying to carry on. The X-Men as individuals are an all together different story, as X-Men we are expected to get a taste of the violence, to become the vanguard, to suffer where the rest are not SO they do NOT HAVE to." Scott's temper rises just enough he stifles himself with another drink.

"Lorna, the same goes for you in what I said to Rogue, if you need someone to talk to. We're always here. You're one of us in my eyes."

"You were. It was a great night." Scott manages a small smile, "Weird one but… a great one."

"Nate, we're all sorry for what happened to you on Genosha, I have my own demons to deal with in regards to the entire mission but that was not Jean. Not at all. She would never… "

"Stop avoiding the issue, Roguie," points out Nate, offering the young woman a pained smile. Then to Scott, he nods. Three years now, but who is counting? His memories got shot in Genosha. And they were already somewhat unstable due to his dimensional travelling. He remembers smaller schools, larger schools. Schools with many more buildings than the mansion. Did they exist in this reality before the Omega Shift.

The only response is another swig to the bottle. Open the next one.

"I know she wasn't Jean," he grunts. "I know also that OTHER will bring more woe. Wait and see. My dreams are still nightmares."

Lorna arched a brow as she glanced back toward Scott, her hand remaining curled around the neck of the bottle. "Yeah, and I hate to say it Scott, but I can't ever be part of the X-men again. I can't and I hate it." Her lips twisted into a grimace and she took another swig from the bottle.

"I don't fit. I will never fit. I can't." She broke off, and scowled, taking another long swig and hating herself all the more for it. She set the bottle aside and reached for the bag of nail paint. Her hands trembled faintly, even as she pulled the zipper back and dug out a bottle of dark green nail paint.

Her gaze swung back toward Nate and his words, her brows furrowing in question. She didn't understand what he meant, what was going on, and she wasn't sober enough to puzzle through all of the bits and pieces.

A smile was offered toward Rogue, shaky as it was, in regards to her boyfriend. "He took a job. Contrary to popular belief, we're not attached at the hip. I mean, well there is hip contact.. but uhh.. not… erm.. Not going there nope." She wrinkled her nose.

"You fit as much as you allow yourself to. Just know the offer is there and I didn't mean an X-Men, I meant /us/, here. Around you. We're more than the team. We support eachother as much as the students here. Do I have to sound sappy again and say, family? I am going to start losing some street cred here." A grin appears, Scott's setting his now empty cup aside to fold arms over his chest, "Lets not get too carried away there, Nate, drunk is one thing, shitfaced is another." He issues a slight concerned warning to the alternate-reality-clone. Not intending to sound bossy or parental, it's default.

"I rather like Marcos. Seems like a good guy." A low chuckle at the mention of hips, "TMI?" Jokingly.

"Oh and Nate, document any nightmares you're having if they're relevant or you feel they are. If they're a case of premonition… well, better safe than sorry." Never underestimate a telepath.

"You did good in my world, Lorna," adds Nate. "Except for that helmet you were wearing, which eh… just no," he was drugged stupid when they rescue him, and still remembers Lorna with Magneto's helmet. He almost kicked her.

Scott's request about documenting his nightmares gets an extremely frowning glare. "Yes, sometimes. And hell, no. I am not going to change what I do because of what I dream. If I do I will never do anything useful. You needed me in Genosha. If I had stayed here Laura, Dani, Darce and Matt could have died instead of me. And I got better anyway."

The sound of heavy footfalls against the expensive flooring of the X-mansion sounds. A casual stroll speed, the weighted boots grow louder until Mattias Larsson leans his head into the door to the lounge and peeks within. His blonde hair hangs against the awkward angle of his head, swaying back into place as he commits to enter the room, invited or not. The old, leather jacket cracks with that near-perfect leather scent, strapped above a black tee shirt for the heavy metal band 'DARK FUNERAL'. The lettering on the shirt is almost illegible, because METAL…uses jagged letters.

"Wrong." Mattias calls out as he enters, slapping a hand down onto the table next to Nate Grey. "I would not have died. I'm not a mortal to begin with." Mattias announces proudly, then turns to look for a seat.

"What was exploding like, anyway? I've been meaning to ask."

Lorna snorted lightly as she looked back at Scott, finally opening up the nail polish bottle and swiping it over her nails. It was kinda smoothly done for how much she had drunk. "You don't have street cred Scott. And I totally plan to be shitfaced at the end of the night, so nope. Not listening there. If we're family, then I get to get black out drunk if I'm staying in approved drunk spaces."

Her gaze swung back to Nate's mention about the helmet and her features darkened. "I wasn't dealing with an evil telepath playing around in my head. There was too much at stake." She grumbled, her gaze dropping to her nails. "And in that world, that helmet meant something good. He was a hero. He defeated Apocalypse and saved people." She whispered that last part reached for the bottle again. Her gaze swung briefly up at the door as Mattias entered and her green eyes narrowed faintly, unsure of the man. She really didn't know him all that well.

At least his fashion sense mimicked most of her own. That was something. Her gaze shifted back to Scott. "Hey, no, you don't get to cry TMI. I have heard Jean on a bender and she can't stop talking about your toe nails. So no. Nope."

"Document doesn't mean act on." Scott replies flatly. The persistent contrary getting tiresome for the senior mutant. "Getting better from death is in the genes."

"Approved spaces." Scott echoes with some firm to his tone. "And as family you get to deal with the guilt tripping that accompanies it."

No reply for the street cred but… "My toe nails? What?" What about my toenails?" Random and unprepared for that one.

"Mattias, welcome to the teachers lounge, lets not make a habit of hanging out in here but please, take a seat. Join us." A foot lifts and hooks the back of one of the chairs, scraping it over. Scott is thankful for the intrusion and added distraction, "We're just /trying/ to relax and unwind." The Nordic-metalhead getting a curious once over.

Still a big no, the sour look he gives to Scott should be enough. Nate avoids sleeping because his dreams are rarely pleasant. When he crashes, he crashes hard. When he wakes up the last thing he wants to do is trying to remember details of what went through his head. But too many times he can't forget them.

"Go jump into a volcano, Matt," he replies to Mattias, giving him a drunken smirk. "Then you will know. And when you get back we can talk about immortality and resurrection. The second one right now I am not ready to talk. Yet. Not drunk enough."

"Thanks," Mattias scoops a strand of hair and tucks it behind his ear. He reaches out with the toe of his black boot to drag a chair over and, with a turn and a clatter of chain wallet, he drops himself into it. Leaning back, he props one boot onto the table after the other. "I'll get comfy while I'm allowed in here."

Mattias clears his throat and folds his muscular arms across his chest, looking from Scott to Lorna, Rogue, and Nate for a moment. Gathering them in, he lifts a hand to Lorna, the one he doesn't know so well, then flashes a grin. "Not going to jump into a volcano on purpose, but I think I am starting to understand. Sounds like it's no fun, but don't get so drunk, yah? You're a telepath. That can't go well."

Mattias smirks and looks to the bottle they're drinking out of.

"So what's the occasion other than relaxing?" Mattias asks. "Post-Halloween recovery? Black Friday prep?"

Lorna glanced up from her nail paint to wave a hand around them, care not to upset the open bottle beside her. "Hey, you said the faculty room was an acceptable place to drink. I am planning to get utterly blackout drunk. And yeah, I know you're gonna guilt me. It's like your job. Pretty sure you get paid for it. Also, your toe nails, Scott? Use a nail file the next time you clip 'em. Jean will appreciate it." She tried to hide her grin and failed. Maybe she was telling the truth, maybe she was making up stories. Still she glanced back to Nate, sliding the bottle toward him. "Hey, come 'ere and give me your hand. You're getting your nails painted."

Then she was scooting over to try to paint the drunk telepath's fingernails. She couldn't safely paint Rogue's nails without using her powers and she was too drunk for that. So Nate would be her next victim..

Rogue would rise up from her spot on the floor and she'd adjust her dark green sweater on her upper body and then walk over toward the drink area to scan what was there with her eyes. She just listened to the others talk before reaching out to pick a bottle up and read its label. A second later and she dropped it back into its spot and would turn around to sit down on the arm of a chair with her gloved hands down between her knees, palms together.

Scott's brows shift upward once again behind those red and dark glossy shades.
"She… " Speechless. It happens but kudos to Lorna. Mouth open then close moment. "If only I got paid enough." He says dryly.

Now intent on wetting his mouth with more of the ginger ale he'd set aside. Pouring another glass. "A bit of both maybe." He adds to Mattias.

There are things a man does not need to know, like what his not-father does with his toenails when in the bed with his not-mother. Fortunately Nate has plenty of alcohol around, and it is still working in getting more inside, so he might have forgotten in the morning.

See? Even having his nails painted sounds like a good idea. So he gives the hand to Lorna. The hand with the bottle. "Sure, make them green or something. S' your thing."

And to Matt. "You guys can toss me into the Danger Room for a few hours if my telepathy goes haywire. But man, I have not gotten really drunk since I was eighteen, and today I am going to break my sober-ish streak. Lorna helps, too."

Mattias observes, blue eyes dotting from point to point, even to Scott's ginger ale of all things. His tongue pokes out of his lips to scrape at his sharpest tooth. At the mention of fingernail painting, his hands conspicuously tuck into the folds of his elbows, tucking away in his crossed arms.

"I honestly would offer to drink with all of you, but it doesn't do me much." Mattias blinks. "Though I suppose I could, just so that I'm not the only one without a glass." He stands up and rounds the table, bumping his shoulder against Rogue's on his way to the liquor cabinet.

"So may I ask, is this one of those somber drinking experiences? I'm not seeing a lot of smiles on your faces, even the one I don't know." Mattias glances over his shoulder. "Mattias, by the way. They call me Siege, too. But, I'm seeing some dark clouds, here." Mat flips over a glass and dumps ice into it. "What can I do?"

Lorna shrugged, sipping at the bottle again as she knelt to take Nate's hand in her own to start painting it the green so dark it looked nearly black. The wicked grin that appeared at Scott's speechlessness broke out into a soft chuckle. She couldn't help it, getting Scott at all was always worth it in her eyes. She settled down beside Nate, not going further into the tales of Jean on a bender. It happened rarely as it was.

Nate would have very green fingernails in a fairly not smooth polish.

Green eyes flickered up toward Mattias and she tilted her head, matching green hair tumbling over her shoulder. "I'm just always a depressive hot mess of anger and bitter sarcasm when my boyfriend isn't around. You could say he's my little ball of sunshine that keeps me from seasonal depression." A small twitch of her lips followed. Given Marcos' powers, she could possibly be onto something.

Rogue looked over at Mattias when he bumped shoulders with her, she was sturdy as a slab of concrete, but she was still a soft enough object to not cause too much injury for a casual bumping. Her green eyes lifted up and looked over at him and like the mature 20-something woman that she is, she stuck her tongue out at him in a moment of playful response.

Rogue would then grin and glance down again now at her hands. "I left my phone in my room." She sighed quietly. "I hate not having it now… I neve'ah know what I'm supposed t'look at now when I don't have it. How the hell did people stand livin' without those things?" She was mostly just joking around though, trying to lighten her mood.

"You don't /have/ to drink, Mattias. If you're wanting there is soda in here." The ginger ale he offers up, "I am unlikely to linger and babysit you guys, I already feel like an old man trying to hang out in a college dorm as it is." A smile appears again on Scott's features. Which, considering his relation to Nate its not entirely inaccurate.

"Eh? Trying to drown the dark clouds," semi-explains Nate. "But it is not help if Scott and Rogue won't drink with us, and you won't get drunk," pause, "you poor bastard. But keep trying!" That one makes him smile. Usually Nate is the one that remains sober. Mostly sober.

"What can I say? It has been a bad month in a bad year. For the first time in five years I couldn't spend Halloween with my girlfriend. We had been together since we were kids. And she might be dead by now. I got killed, and boy, it was painful. I can handle getting injured but that was… worse. And mucked my memory real good too. I got Sinister and the Shadow Thief trying to mess with my mind for two weeks. Then I got to meet my real mother again, but for like two hours and… fuck. I thought they were all dead. But they are going to try to rebuild that ruin of a world Apocalypse created. What do I do? Stay here or go with them?"

Wooo. Babbling. The plastering is coming, X-peoples.

Lorna paused in painting Nate's nails at the man's words. She set it aside and then, very carefully, scooted to sit next to him and sling an arm around his shoulders. She patted his shoulder gently, giving it a squeeze. "I'm sorry Nate." She whispered, her voice catching on the words. She had had her own struggles with that world. There were reasons that she had wanted to stay there, and reasons she'd wanted to go home.

Both still weighed on her. But she didn't share them. Despite wanting to desperately. Maybe in another swig or two.

Green eyes turned up toward Scott and she frowned, judgement written in that gaze. Babysitting? How rude.

Mattias' face crinkles up to one side in a grin at the tongue pointed his way. He quiets, listening to the others, fixing his drink with a poured soda over one of the bottles. Since it can't do the work of getting him drunk, he may as well go for taste. When he turns around it's with a rum and coke in his hands.

"Sounds like we need to keep your boyfriend on speed-dial, then. Does the depression get better or worse with drink?" Mattias salutes Lorna with his drink and, with a chuckle, bumps his shoulder against Rogue's on the way back. "Scott, you're not old. It's not really babysitting, either. We like you. You're always welcome where we are, even if we're a little older." Mattias tips the glass to his lips for a sip as he sits back down. "When you think about it, I'll know you when you're old and gray. All of you. Perhaps."

The ice rattles in the glass as Mattias swallows a bit, then sets the glass down before him.

"What can I say other than you've had an unlucky year, Nate?" Mattias looks to the man, and reaches out, trying to nudge Nate's shoulder with his closed fist. "You should stay here, find a new girlfriend, and - hey - you came back from the dead. So what's left to worry about this place after all of that." Mattias smirks. "That and new romance is never boring."

Rogue accepted the first shoulder bump… she could even handle a little bit of sass afterward. But the second shoulder bump made the southern girl zero her eyes in on Matt and she reached out to shove him playfully afterward, but even still, a shove from Rogue could be like getting shoved by a van! "Best watch it, forest frollicker." She said back at him, showing a soft grin.

Scott clears his throat, maybe this is spurred on by Lorna's look or Mattia's polite yet encouraging words. "Lets try this again, I doubt I'll linger too long to babysit YOU drunks. The rest, well… " A hand drops and knuckles rap-tap across the countertop.

"I can't be up late. There is a lot of work to be done and as much as I enjoy all of you, your company and camaraderie, this is not where my night is oriented. No offense." Scott has to go sit alone in the War Room in the basement and plot. At some point, how does one tell everyone they want to go hang out in a dark room alone in the basement and brood.

The red shaded man not leaving quite yet though. He is still lingering and being social.

Nate hmphs at the nudge, "won't find a woman like Rose if I live a thousand years. But yeah… I was supposed to drink so not to mope. I'm doing this wrong." He got a squeeze from Lorna, though. Life is not so bad.

"Anyway. Hmm… looks like Lorna is coming with me to Genosha," he mentions to Mattias. "I want to keep an eye in the Magnetic Nutcase and see if I can find out what Hodge and the other American racists were doing there. Want to come?"

The green haired mutant looked more fitting at a metal concert, or a punk rock show. She wore an old band T-shirt, and a pair of distressed skinny jeans. Her boots had been set aside, as had her leather jacket. She still wore a surprisingly large amount of cheap looking jewelery around her wrists and fingers. She had a bottle of mostly consumed booze beside her, as well as scattered amount of nail polish. Nate hand part of one hand painted a deep green.

"This is not where my night is oriented. Pfft." She mocked Scott's words and rolled her eyes. "What are you gonna do? Babysit some file folders?" She arched a brow upwards.

Then her gaze swung back toward Mattias as he mentioned having Marcos on speed-dial. The question about her depression though had her features twisting. "It's the same. The only difference is that I tend to actually talk if I'm shit-faced. That or blow things up. I mean, it could go either way.." She trailed off as Nate spoke about going to Genosha and she swallowed another gulp of booze down as she reached for the bottle. "..I'm scared of seeing him again.."

"What? Forest Frollicker? Me?" Mattias shoots his brows high up and points to his chest, somewhat in disbelief. It's an entirely bullshit look he casts her way; he couldn't have forgotten Halloween by now. "I can watch myselfs, Rogue." His accent slips out thickly, finger pointed her way. "It is you who should be watching herselves." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Shaking his head, Mat's blonde hair shuffles in his sidelong look towards Cyclops. He studies the man as much as he can with those red glasses of his. "If something's up, I should be here for some time. They should be heading back to Sweden, soon," Mattias references Annika and Olivia Larsson, who have been in the guest wing for nearly a month. "You have my axe." Mattias grins and winks. Shameless.

With a slow breath inwards, Mattias looks to Nate and Lorna. Fingers drum on his forearm as he listens to them. He cocks an ear, resting his cheek against the shoulder of his jacket.

"Sounds like you two should probably swallow or bury your problems before you go looking for more ones, if you don't mind me saying this." He replies, voice low and scratchy. "Your moping, Nate, isn't going to honor your lost girlfriend. Find another and go off to Genosha with her and her boyfriend," Mattias motions to Lorna. "But go there with a clear head."

Rogue would just smirk at Matt and shake her head side to side, her white bangs waving around the sides of her face lightly. "Nobody watches herselves as much as I watch myselves." She replies to his odd logic and then just grinned lightly before sweeping her gaze over toward Nate.

"Sorry, Nateful… I ain't never going back t'that place. I am just wantin' t'focus on helpin' out around here for now and avoid long journeys t'far away shit holes as much as I can."

The commotion is something hard to miss. The front door to the X-Manse shut, sending a couple papers that had descended the hall and stairs a-flutter.

Stilletto heels *click* (Silence over the Oriental Ornate Carpeting), than *clack* as her form lowers and the fur lined leather shawl spreads about her like a regal cloak when she picks up the papers, staring at them andturning them in her hands and scowling. "Al/jee/bra… Figures.." Another. Manuscript. Another. A poem. Slowly Helen risesand is rapt in her reading as the voices that carry draw her path to the door of the Lounge.

A prop of shoulder on the door-frame, Helen is outlined by the draped cover from the chill she had come in from, stiletto boots clasped around ankles in tiny belts and bucles, tattered netting of stockings riding upward where a dress that seems more like a satin 'boyfirend' shirt-dress picks up. Buttoned and not in areas only to leave enough exposure and ample hints.

"Ja, perhaps a week, the least?" The Scandanavian accent intones into the gathering, papers tapped into perfect alignment before a flick of wrist offers them out. "Your writers need prose in their /Edda/, teach them passion."

Pale green eyes skim back and forth as she assesses this… 'situation', one. by. one.

The second eyeroll encourages an audible exhale from Scott, "Actually that is fairly accurate." He responds to Lorna, "Nate, you're making plans and inviting people to a warzone without any discussion or a sober head, as Mattias is pointing out. Magneto is not a threat to be taken lightly at all. What is going on in Genosha right now is nothing that can be approached without extreme care, the eyes of the world are on it."

Pushing away from the counter with a nudge of his foot Scott walks around the room to a curtain fixing an out of position blind, "I appreciate it Mattias. Look, if you want to go to Genosha we can make that happen, we're needed there but no one is going there to seek further conflict. We cannot give the Genoshans or Magneto that leverage. It's as ambassador's of peace."

"I can't speak for Lorna, she isn't one of the X-Men. But you, Nate. You are. So, lets approach this when we're all sober."

A look at Rogue, "Here is the idea, I'll be sending teams to Genosha on and off but they're not exactly going there for combat purposes. They'll be there to protect and encourage goodwill. "

The sudden extra voice has Scott going silent about the X-Men and Genosha, doors left open. Such a mistake. "Miss Eve."

Clear head? That makes Nate chuckle. His head was clear when he was dead, and possessing a 'borrowed' boy. Strange sensation. Now he has the mental murmurs of millions in the periphery of his perception, and that constant stream of psychic energy invigorating, electrifying, confusing and obfuscating. His head is never clear.

Glance to his hand. Weird, he has green nails. Badly painted green nails. Awesome. Maybe. Or something.

Scott comments about Genosha draw his eyes, though. Because yes, he was going there to raise hell. Picking a fight with Magneto possibly - he has been itching for years. Maybe not in front of Lorna, though. Diplomacy is not his strong point. Send Jean for that. "I think. I am too drunk to argue," but the arguing is merely postponed.

And then Helen is there, he raises a bottle to the blonde woman. Drunk offering.

Lorna huffed a breath at the rather lengthy comments, not quite a lecture, from Mattias and then from Scott. "That's what I do, I keep running from one danger to the next. Never looking back, always ahead. If I stop to think too much I get like this. Drunk and miserable. At least Marcos puts up with my morose moods." She drawled, the bottle clutched with one hand still as if it was a life line to her.

Her other arm remained slung around Nate's shoulders.

"Giving Magneto leverage… I'm surprised you haven't told me yet to stay behind because of that." Her lips twisted and she looked vaguely miserable. "Not that it would do you any good. I'd still go. Maybe you're just that smart.. hmm.." She set the booze down to rub her face with her hand and a soft, sad, sound pulled at the back of her throat. She had her own struggles for why she wanted to go to Genosha. Tied up with family drama and new maybe siblings, the Brotherhood and old abandonment issues.. it wasn't pretty.

Anything further broke off at the new voice and she frowned, her head lifting to turn green eyes upon the beautiful woman in the doorway. And just like that Lorna was trying to sit upright and at attention—drunkenly perhaps but she was trying. She didn't know Helen Eve at all. So the woman wasn't high on her trust scale. Halloween party or not.

Mattias cracks a grin and looks to Rogue. Two fingers point to his eyes, then to her, then back again. With no real reason for anyone to watch anything at all, he's not taking the watchful banter seriously. "Don't 'fok with me. Snow is coming and we'll be throwing it soon enough." Mattias cracks a laugh, then sighs down towards his drink.

While Scott speaks, the nodding coming from Mattias could only be animated. His head rises high, then falls in the overstated dip of his chin once, twice, three times. His fingernail scratches at the tabletop in silence, waiting until the leader of the X-Men has spoken. Another nod for the man. Mattias Larsson is, apparently, on-board.

"Drunk and miserable." Mattias repeats, looking up at the sound of heels approaching. "Drunk is good for making okay mistakes, but drunk and miserable just gets people killed, and if you can't borrow his powers like-" Mattias waves a hand to Rogue, then lifts his fingers in a wave hello to Helen a second before she peeks into the room. Weird. He knows when she's there. "-and if you can't come back from the dead like this guy, then don't put your boyfriend in front of Magneto either. Sounds cold, but the way fate works, miss." Mattias nods to Lorna. "You'll die. He won't. He will suffer."

On that note…

"Helen." Mattias cackles and looks her way, looking her up and down and nudges a chair out for the woman to sit upon near him. "Who have you been reading? What the 'fok is Edda?"

Rogue would look to Scott and just shake her head at what he said about Genosha. "Yeah well… I ain't goin' back there." She muttered and had nothing more to say on that before her eyes went back to Mattias and she gave him a sly little grin at the snow comment. She recalled a snowball fight earlier this year where he was on her team! Or so she remembered anyway…

When Eve appeared, Rogue'd just eyeball the woman… she remembered her from Halloween and from Harry's, but she didn't really know her either!

"Mister Scott." A flick of her gaze, one that slides dark lined eyes from him to the others, pausing on Rogue. If picked up on, the tone is almost accented, like Rocky Horror picture would have said /Great Scott/! instead.

A brow lifts, Matti is now skimmed, the look something slow, and yet a neutrality remains, even as that follows contact points towards Rogue. "You seem a woman that likes risk." Let those words linger as she directs her attention to the offered bottle from Nate and Lorna nearby. All known enough from the Maze, but -not- enough. Back to Rogue. "If ya are anything like me, you'' take the risk, the rest is just.." Beat. "The bottle."

Scott has the papers /fanned/ his way as if anything else exchanged was not the point! Take your kids' shit! I am not your pack mule!

The snudged out seat is eyed with scrutiny as she approaches enough to be in snatch-able proximity for Scott, the cloak falling from ink-laden shoulder. Lorna, though, is watched carefully as Nate's preferred bottle-lip is poked by a finely manicured nail tip and /shoved/ back his way with the /hook/ of it cusping the mouth. "Can't drink that stuff, I got my own. Mixig might be bad." *Tink-tink* tap and she claims the seat only to return a look towards Lorna, the scale of challenge between something Helen takes with a smile and a withdrawl of her own flask. 'Cheers!' in loft and a wink.

"Life is suffering, and a celebration. Right?" A shrug and she looks over Matt, Rogue (/grriiinnn/) Scott, and Nate, Lorna, though gets a curious look, Matti would know it well enough.

A tight smile is given to Lorna, Scotts own way of saying they will talk later. He has been wanting to, a one on one but he knows he can never get through to her like Jean can. Jean is busy right now though, Summers is what is around.

"You won't have to, Rogue." Scott says easily, no skip in it. The paper is accepted from Eve and put down before the skunk-haired beauty.

"I'm no Ororo but a week out. Thats the rumor and we'll have snow." Scott's subject hop fairly blatant, a tilt up of his ginger ale, "Cheers." He says also tipping it back. Now he almost wishes he had a drink.

"We're all just in here discussing the current state of world affairs, Helen and obviously the weather. When the kids are prepped and gone for Holidays you'll find not a lot goes on around here."

"Suffering and celebration," mutters Nate. Sounds about right. He sips from the bottle, thoughtful. "More celebration is needed. Here, catch," he tosses the bottle to Scott. Because with so much alcohol in his brain his mental barriers are swish cheese. He heard him.

"I think I am getting to the point you are all about to start thinking whatever I am thinking, like it or not," he warns with a happy smile. "Maybe time to get locked inside the Danger Room for a few hours."

"I'm really ready for the snow. I haven't seen it since this time, last year." Mattias blinks when he says it. Brows scrunch together in a sudden countenance of the months since he left Sweden. He looks up to Rogue (the skunk) and Scott, head tilting like a dogs. "Has it really been that long? I might have missed a few months? Gods damn." The large man rolls his eyes. "The years are getting faster already."

Mattias reaches under the mane of his hair to scratch at the back of his head. Out of the corner of his eye, he collects the approaching form of Helen, glancing from the wealth of tattoo ink to the dubious look in her eye, wagering risk. His eye narrows just a little in understanding.

"We share, right?" Mattias asks, reaching out for the flask the fellow Norse has brought with her. Suddenly this alcohol is more interesting to him. "Life is suffering to a skunk and celebration to the person who gets a hunter to make a skunk and then make a skunk hat out of it without having to ever touch the skunk." Mattias grins a rictus grin.

"I hope not, Nate." Mattias replies, glancing to Rogue (the skunk), Scott, and Lorna. "Because right now I'm thinking about this one music video I saw where Cradle of Filths," Plural? "Each had a death scene and there were naked women in the video. If that's your thought in my head." Mattias points to his skull. "Then we've been neglecting a good friendship."

Lorna's gaze narrowed at Mattias' words, green eyes focused upon the man that told her exactly how she'd end up dead.. "You don't know what my powers are.." She whispered and let the statement drop. She instead, shifted, unwinding her arm from around Nate's shoulders. Instead the green haired mutant seemed to turn her drunken focus to Scott's none too subtle change of topics.

"Marcos is my heater, and I mean it literally. The man is perfect for me, I have such poor circulation and witner sucks." She chattered on as she sipped at her booze, slower this time.

Then she squinted in Nate's direction, arching a green eyebrow. "Hmm what if we put on a movie? Would you project that into all our heads or just the dirty bits where you think an actress is hot or something?" She teased, even as she kept her upright posture. Something about Miss Helen Eve made her vaguely uncomfortable. The quiet intensity of the woman's gaze had her sitting as at attention as a drunken person could.

Rogue would look to Eve and just give her a knowing stare. "I liked risks more ten years ago then I do now." She softly replied back at the woman she considered to be more than a little strange, if also intriguing.

She'd listen to the others talk more beofre showing a faint smile to Scott, but it was Mattias that drew her attention and a healthy amount of her scornful glaring.

"Keep it up, Pewdiepie…" She warned him. "You'll wake up naked in the center'a Antarctica. Have all the snow you could ever dream'a havin'."

"I go with the Larssons'." Helen assures Scott and this current gathering of 'X'.

The bottle passing by her periphery does not take her eyes from Lorna and her 'posture', the long draw from her flask interruted by Mattias in his 'chivalrous' way of capture! Nails scrape the metallic surface as the cloak is left to drop over the chair and leave her alcohol-warmed canvas exposed. Arms fold before her, a prop on the table, inked and drawn to cup her chin, the smile canid, but jovial in her eyes' portrayal.

"We share." A low tone towards Mattias and in the narrowed gaze she looks from him to the rest. "What is 10 years ago, to now?" Rogue's statement is one taken but directed to the rest. "Work in that of the /Joo/disial (Judicial) and it does not matter." A wave of hand and the papers Scott takes and lays out are watched carefully.

"Edda is Law. Belief in Truth." A roll of shoulder in a shrug and Helen leans back, now watchng Nate and Lorna, the Hellbent. "Law is not passion, not black and white." Her own voice lowers, her eyes looking towards Rogue… A slow blink.

"Pewdie has what to do with the death of virgins?" Crinkle. "Pie?" Sooo confused.

That tossed bottle from Nate is caught and set aside, cap made sure to be securely on. He has no interest in drinking. "You're leaving with the parents or remaining with Matti here?" Scott questions looking from the half-Asgardian in question to Rogue then back to Helen, maybe its her accent or hes just distracted.

"I didn't ask earlier, where is Marcos right now, Lorna? Hes as welcome as you are to be here."

Mattias tips the flask back. The more Lorna's eyes narrow, the more his widen as he sips from the flask. When the curved bottom of the flask tips back down again and his teeth press together to swallow the fumes down, he frowns just a little. He lifts a hand, fingers flexing out; an unspoken apology of a sort to the woman he knows little of.

"Who the 'fok is this Potty-Pie anyway?" Mattias suddenly asks, looking Rogue's way. He reaches to the neckline of his shirt and stretches it a bit, exposing a large semi-circular scar that widens and thins in waves. He giggles just a little when he does it. "Rogue, I fought a giant bear naked in the cold, freezing mud. You send me to Antarctica naked and I promise you when I leave it, Midgard will have one less continent." The shirt flops back into place. "I will fokk Antarctica." He quiets, then blinks. "Up. Fokk it up. Not…you know."

Mattias quiets, eyes upon Scott. The look he casts to Helen Eve is curious to the answer of the question himself, but after a moment's consideration, he passes the flask back to her and turns his eyes to Scott with a tilt of his head.

"If she goes with them, I'll be having to leave from time to time to meet up with Helen to have business back home." The Asgard-hybrid see-saws his head a mote. "Nothing dangerous, just taking care of family matters."

"That is your noggin alone, Matti," points outs Nate in a vaguely accusatory way. "But I can share with everyone if you want. Or even if you don't. It's better than a movie. Or hush, and think quietly." He glances at Lorna. "Something like that - but it would be more likely I would… well, more like what Matti thinks. Movies don't do much for me. They are…" vague gesture, "flat… kinda." Hard to explain to a psi-blind.

Or maybe it is just him. Rachel likes movies. Nate prefers theater. Movies don't go well with his ADD-like mindset.

Like now he is more interested in Helen's explanation. The hell… the tattooed woman way of talking is always a little off. Usually interesting. Where did Mattias find her anyway?

Lorna shrugged lightly making to clean up her nail polish scattered on the floor. She was only half listening to the other conversation, having a hard time following as the booze hit her blood stream more fully and left her feeling far drunker than she wanted to be around a few people she didn't know. Still, Scott's question had her glancing up.

"Marcos is on a job. He called to tell me he wouldn't be home until tomorrow at the earliest. Told me I should be around friends rather than staying home alone." Her lips twitched faintly before the expression died at Nate's words. Then she just frowned.

"I don't wanna know what works for you Nate. I like you and all, but not that way."

Rogue would unfold her arms off of her stomach and star to walk for the doorway, she'd smirk on her way out. "Mattias, if you were actually Pewdiepie, I'd be all over you." She said as she made it past. "That guy is richer than the Professah." Another little grin and she made it for the exit.

"I gotta go pick up my student's homework and then I'm gonna go see about some stuff. Ya'll have fun boozin' it up here, like the Breakfast Club or some such."

"I go where I must." Not a direct answer to Scott, but very much a law'yer level of response that gives everything and nothing.

"Do not worry yourself, the keep is paid for us in appreciation…" The draw of the final word where she takes the flask from Matti and uses it to 'plug' when he speaks his own Edda, and then…

Cough-spew-hakkkk Fokk… whaaaat? Blink!Blink! A lifted wave of one hand with flask, while the other splays over her lips in a smear that paints lipstick almost to her cheek while whites of her eyes go pink! A dart to Lorna at her own explaination while that 'flasked' alcohol trickles between the web of her fingers.

"I just…" A clear of throat and she looks at Rogue, both pale brows taking a fuckin' hike. "Do laws… apprent/eese/, gather…" A sprinkle of fingers sheds droplets of that alcohol with a frown. (Wasted!)

"I must express caution in who or what you choose to fokk," Rogue's departure garners her a glance. pause… "Or make it worth it."

Flask lifted, Midgardian's blame booze, right?? Mattias gets a moment, one that has several seconds to pass before she is back to Nate and Lorna, slowly tipping the flask back. (Not drunk in the slightest!) But fingers fumble for her cloak, burying into the fur lined ruff and clutching it close. "If anything I 'ave learnt here is…" A glance from Lorna and Nate to Scott. "Close is your peoples, your peoples are first… Safe."

Mattias is offered a smile, a tip of flask to her pale forehead and down towards lips.

Lorna. Nate. "Family, eh?" Sip.

Doorway is target. "If the maidens' are not happy, no man is happy." A passing murmur and Helen is heading out. This time she doesn't bother retrieving papers!

How deep is deep?

Nate’s eyes follow Rogue. Through the haze of alcohol reasoning is difficult. But he wanted to talk with her about matters that are gnawing at her mind. Genosha, and the fight with Gabriel Summers in the other Earth. He failed to make her open up.

In his defense, his main goal was actually to get himself drunk stupid. Mostly accomplished. Now nothing seems too important. Surprisingly his control didn’t slip as it happened every time years ago. This is probably a good thing.

He stands up slowly, wobbling slightly. “That is fine, Lorna. If you want to watch a movie, I am going down to the bunker. You pick the movie. Laters, folks,” he manages to walk to the door without falling, but clearly he is not very stable at the moment.

The papers that were picked up earlier Scott shoves in to Rogue's arms as shes on her way out, Helen had picked some up to find her way in here like breadcrumbs and handed them off after all. Just to the wrong teacher. "Rest is still out there." He half-chides, half-teases.

"That is fine, Mattias. It expected you visit your parents and of course your… well, Miss Eve. " Who didn't really answer his question, not directly.

"I see, well, I'll have to get to know him more, rather cool guy as far as I have seen. Take any room you need, Lorna. They're all open." A grin. "If you can find your way."

Scott somewhat glad they're all clearing out picks up some of the mess, maybe they'll wind down now.

A pause, he looks at Mattias then jerks a thumb after Helen, "She said what I thought she said right?"

The flask is eye'd then, tipped, rattled for contents…


Backpedal, left on the table before Matti and the others remaining. "For… Antarctica." A flourish of hand, as if it is now set in stone for conquer, the cloak shrugged back into place…

A lower of chin as she passes Scott. "Or, Gene-osha?"

Nate's state is watched, similarly to the way he watched her, but by all means stumble right on ahead!

No heels announce her exit/entry this time.

Lorna was leaking emotions all over the place when it came to any telepathic bits that Nate might pick up. And there was a large amount of self-loathing mixed in with guilt, fear and anger all tied up with worry for Marcos in a neat little bow. She took the excuse to leave, nodding as she grabbe the rest of her bottle of booze.

"Sounds like a good plan. I am down for a random movie." She drawled, and got up to pick one. Especially as others started to clear out.

"I might pass out in the Danger Room if the movie plan works out. I'll take a few pillows down with us. We'll talk in the morning, yeah?" She arched a green eyebrow upwards as she too made to leave.

"If I were actualy Potty-Pie, I wouldn't be here with a bear scar, because I'd be dead." Mattias challenges back, wolfishly, towards Rogue's shoulders. "Whoever that man is, he's not rich enough to do such a thing." Mattias calls out through the door as she leaves.

"And please, no-" Mattias points to Lorna, then to Nate, "I agree with the green-haired woman. I don't need to know what does it for you. Not intimately. I'm sure the actual list isn't so different-" Mattias' boggles his eyes, counting the dozens of unspoken men think about between various tasks. Karate moves. Boobs. Cars. Boobs. Fighting Bears. Boobs. "-yeah, no need for telepathy for this."

Ducking the eyeball scrutiny from the telepath, Mattias returns his attention to Scott and Helen. He plants an elbow against the table and rests his head upon the knuckles, smiling slowly at the sputtering Helen, messing her makeup up from her party foul in drinking. He's never seen such a thing. So much that he looks over to Scott and winks to the man, wiggling his thumb against his skull in a thumbs-up salute.

"I'll see you in a little while, Helen Eve. Be well, wherever it is that you must go." He calls out, then slumps back into his seat, tsk'ing to the table, and to the leader of the X-Men.

"What? About if the maidens aren't happy the men aren't happy?" Mattias looks to Helen, then to the flask. He flips the top open and swirls the liquid within, thinking it over. "I hope that wasn't a hint." He salutes to the others, tilting the flask back, soon to be left alone in the lounge.

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