Helping Mother Earth

November 11, 2017:

Terra answers the call when a huge Earthquake affects a city in South America, where she meets J'onn who also came to lend his aid. Together they manage to save people and calm the shaking ground.

Bogota, Colombia


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The city is Bogota, Colombia. It is the middle of the day during a busy time of shopping because of a very important World Cup Football (Soccer to the North Americans) Qualifier. While the game has yet to be played, there are many tourists from out of town, and the city is unusually busy.

So, of course, this is the time that disaster would strike. The tremors can be felt throughout the city. Initially people miss it unless they are in the taller buildings of the city. However, quickly it becomes obvious that this is not a small affair, and the people in the streets can hear the cries from the people attempting to escape the shaking buildings.

For J'onn, he was notified via the Overwatch System on the Watchtower that an unusually strong seismic event was occurring in Colombia, and he decided to fly to do what he could to help. The people of South America are familiar with the Martian, and his heroics for their various countries. Today, though, he finds turmoil on an immense scale as the city is rocked with probably one of it's most terrifying earthquakes in history. He realizes this is an issue he cannot solve alone…


Terra doesn't need to be notified, she feels it, the pain guiding her to the point where the Earth is ailing. She appears on the horizon in the form os a petite woman surfing atop a flying rock, to each their own, but her arrival does seem to have an immediate affect as she spreads her arms wide. Her violet eyes appear to glow bright as she calls out, "fear not sweet Mother, I am here to alleviate your pains and suffering…cool down and be at peace." Her response is almost religious in nature, but she sounds serious, and more strangely, the quakes seem to gradually subside.


Just as J'onn begins to reach his telekinetic powers out to stabilize the Earth around the City, he feels the presence of another, and her affect on the Earth around them. J'onn reaches out telepathically to her, a gentle brush against Terra's mind to let her know someone is attempting to make a connection, but he also calls out in a deep and booming voice "Thank you for your assistance!"

Now he turns towards the buildings that are in danger of falling to the Earth. Bogota is no stranger to earthquakes, however one of this magnitude has never been seen, and he reaches out towards two buildings in particular that are about to fall over. His telekinetic powers hold the structure in place, as he flies to multiple emergency exits to allow the people trapped within to escape unharmed.

He calls out to the helpful stranger, "I will protect those that I can from the falling debris. If you can keep the City from developing any sinkholes we may be able to get through this natural disaster with minimal casualties." His figure blurs as he moves through the city, almost appearing to teleport as he moves so fast, and continues to provide support to the various damaged buildings.


Terra is new to telepathic powers, but not to the idea of telepathy, though she's familiar with it via technology. So she knows to simply think back at J'onn, «you're welcome! I am here to assist the Earth and its people.» Which is exactly what she proceeds to do, lucky for her, J'onn is handling the collapsing building, allowing her to bring the earthquake itself to a gradual end. Whatever the source, it does seem to take all of Terra's attention, as she brings down her rock to a landing, and moves to lay down, face down against the ground as she continues to channel her power, "quiet now…you can rest, sweet mother."


Once Terra has made the connection, J'onn establishes a link with her that makes the ability to speak effortless, «As am I. Please call me J'onn. Your actions are critical, I can already feel the buildings responding to the control of the tremors…» As he flies through the city he can feel the terror and fear of a large number of people. Not far from where Terra is at J'onn will find an already collapsed building where a number of people are stuck in the underground levels of the facility.

«I have found people that are trapped below the ground. I believe I can stabliize the rubble, but I fear if I pull it away that some of the foundational structures will collapse…» His mind is already reaching out to soothe the individuals, as his telekinesis holds the rubble in place, «Are you capable of reaching them from underneath? Perhaps a tunnel that allows them to escape?» Terra can feel J'onn's concern for the people trapped, «I have the rubble secure.»


«Once I have calmed the Mother down, then I can aid in rebuilding the collapsed structures,» the young heroine offers, before adding as an afterthought «I am Terra. A moment,» and before long, the quaking stops, and with the Earth once again quiet, Terra takes a deep breath, and suddenly the ground opens beneath her as she begins to tunnel her way to the trapped people, «I will make a path for them, worry not!»


J'onn will send Terra a sense of gratitude through their connection, «It is a pleasure to meet you, Terra. You have saved many lives today.» As J'onn continues to hold the structure his mind searches out any similar pockets of fear or confusion, but finds only the standard Human emotion when dealing with an event outside of their control.

As Terra tunnels, though, J'onn will visually see from the Electromagnetic Spectrum a very strange pulse outside of the City. Terra will feel that J'onn is a bit confused about something just as he asks «Do you feel the potential for any more tremors north of the City? I am seeing some strange activity in the Earth's magnetic field, and it is something I have never encountered before..»


«It is not of the Earth, that much I can tell,» Terra agrees with J'onn's foreboding sense of what is happening, but her immediate attention is to help rescue all the trapped people, only then does she join him on the hunt for the source «we need to put a stop to this, right?»


«Yes, the trapped people are our first concern.» J'onn agrees emphatically, his deep voice the same mentally as when he called out to her vocally. Once Terra has freed the people, two small children will run up to her and give her hug. They praise her in Portuguese, tears of joy and relief on their face, and their parents take them off someplace safer. However, she will see the same look of gratitude in their faces, and they are off.

J'onn will meet with Terra as the parents are taking the kids away from the collapsed building, a small smile on his alien features, "They know a heroine when they see one…" His eyes travel North, and nods in agreement with her previous assessment, "..yes, we must determine if this was caused by something other than natural means."

He floats into the sky so that he can see the anomaly better, «I will follow from the sky if you can follow it via the Earth. Then we can see if we meet at the same destination.» He glances back down to Terra to see if she can still feel the same odd feeling as before.


Terra is quite giddy to receive hugs, and she does pause in the middle of the saving effort to embrace the kids in return, giving them thumbs up because she honestly doesn't understand their language.

When J'onn comes to meet, she offers him a thumbs up as well, "good job, Hero!" She nods at his suggestion, and dives into the ground head first, as it parts for her and closes behind her. Through tunneling, she follows the ill sensation.


J'onn offers a small smile, then a thumbs up, return to Terra before she disappears under the Earth. J'onn flies along the path that leads him to the very stange electromagnetic pulses. As he arrives there he can see that they do emanate from the ground, and so he slowly floats towards the spot he can see.

For Terra, she will feel pulses in the ground that are actually targeting specific types of rock, most notable volcanic rock, and these pulses are causing these rocks to crack and expand. If placed in the right areas, this could easily start a chain reaction that would turn into a legitimate seismic event.

J'onn will reach out to Terra via the telepahtic link, «I believe I am direction above the anomaly, and I think it also puts us in line. This is definitely a localized event, but I cannot find the source above ground.»


When Terra gets to the source of the problem, she exclaims telepathically at J'onn «oh no! Someone has been really really bad! They want to destroy this city!» Terra starts with first aid, strengthening the rocks, but she tries to note the direction the pulses are coming from, and eventually starts tunneling in that direction. She can't stay here and heal forever, after all, «follow my signal…we'll see what is causing this!»


J'onn mentally sends a bit of confusion and distress at the fact this is definitely not a natural occurrence. «I will follow you, Terra.» and the Martian phases through the top layers of the ground until he meets up with Terra's tunnel. After that he follows behind her as she moves in the direction of the strange pulses.

Continuing to use the telepathy for communication, J'onn asks «Terra, are you with one of the other established groups of metahumans?» Very quickly Terra is able to close in on the source of the pulses, and what she finds is extremely unique. It appears that it is a mixture of Organic and Technological Components. It is very obviously not a naturally occurring device, but there are components that she can easily feel as still Organic in nature.

«by the gods…» The Martian exclaims as he sees this strange contraption, «I have not seen this kind of device on Earth before.» Worry leaks through their mental connection, «I may be able to deal with the manufactured components, but I am not sure what the organic components are doing.»


«Groups? I don't know what you're talking about, I'm a Champion of Good though!» Terra slows down when she closes in on the actual device, and stares, «it's a technology…but also organic…I'm not sure if I should smash it or not, do you want a path down here?» If he does, Terra will proceed to do just that, create a tunnel for J'onn to join her. «Yeah, I'm in the same problem…what to do? For the sake of many, curshing it seems right, but it feels wrong!»


«Teams, or organizations of heroes and heroines that work together in order to protect the area they live in or near.» J'onn explains to Terra, «There are usually a grouping of metahumans that work together to solve problems like we have today.» He goes on further as his phased form moves next to Terra, «No, I am fine. I am capable of following along next to you without disturbing the Earth.»

As he finishes examing the device, J'onn asks «Are you capable of breaking down the organic components? I can deal with the electronic portions, as well as surround it in a field that will blow further signals, and from what I can see if we take it apart it should not cause any adverse activities.»

J'onn performs his portion as Terra does hers, and just as they finish there is a small explosion that occurs. Luckily it is contained by the Martians telekinetic bubble, and no further damage happens. «Thank you Terra. Again, I appreciate your efforts and assistance today. I would like to talk later if you have time.»

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