Pretzels in the Park

November 11, 2017:

Diana and Ivy meet in Central Park to discuss a variety of things over tastey pretzel treats.

Central Park NY


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Central Park is a huge public area with lots of little areas inside of it and foot traffic. That makes it ideal for Ivy to try and set up a meet there. Especially near the W 72nd Street entrance of Strawberry fields. She doesn't want the might amazon mad at her, so this time she made an apointment of sorts. Calling up and talking to the nice receptionist she charmed before, Ivy asked to be set up for a meeting outside of the embassy at the end of the day. Ivy wants time to talk after all.
So the fair skinned redhead is there, wearing a cream top, a green jacket, and some blue jeans against the autumn chill starting to move in. She can already feel the trees going dormant for the winter and it reminds her why she dislikes winter. Hanging from her shoulder is a large leather satchal that has many things in it. Not the least of which are the books she borrowed from Diana. So standing near a pretzel cart and turning down the fourth man and second woman to hit on her, Ivy waits. Trying to be patient and good. She's normally only good at one of those.

Diana had accepted the invitation and she'd set out to meet the Doctor in the park. She was wearing a nice deep blue overcoat that went down to her mid thights and beneath that the top of a black turtleneck could be seen cinched around her slim throat, with black slacks and simple black shoes on her feet.

Diana walked through the park, her hair tied back into a thick braided ponytail and her eyes covered over with sunglasses of a modern stylish design. She moved in the directions provided to her for this meeting and she'd spotted her target near the pretzel stand. Diana was pretty easy to spot herself, being a rather tall and attractive woman in her own right, she stood out and many people would look to her… some possibly even wondering if she was who they 'thought' she was. But this was also New York, so a lot of people just didn't care at all about her.

When Diana approached Ivy, she didn't necessarily smile at her, but she did show a faint touch of one and a light nod. "Hello again." She'd say then in her thickly accented English.

At least New York is the city of models and the pretty, especially when nearer the more affluent parts of the city as they are right now. Noticing the tall woman headed her way, Ivy puts her best pleasant smile on her face. "Hello. Hopefull this meeting is more to your liking. Pretzel on me by way of apology?" Nodding to the cart. "I got my own mustard that I bet will be the best you had."

Diana would glance toward the pretzel cart after hearing the offer and she at first just shook her head. "Oh… no, no. I shouldn't." She said then but her eyes caught sight of a cinamon pretzel and then she paused and her right hand came up out of her pocket and pointed at its picture. "Unless that one is apart of this free meal deal." She said, because… Diana had a bit of a sweet tooth, it was true, she tried to hide it and deny it, but it was there and it often taunted her.

Her hand then came up and she pulled the sunglasses off of her face and showed a more friendly smile, because that was just her nature. "Thank you for the offer as well. It is very sweet."

The redhead is about to insist and see she won't need to. "Won't be good with my mustard but of course. I'll even buy you two if you like." She walks over to the man at the cart, "One salted and one cinamon sugar one please."
It only takes the vender a short while to take the money and deliver the food over. "Here you are. Please don't tell me that you're counting carbs and that's why you almost passed up on my first offer." Because does a woman like her really need to do that? "It's the least I can do after causing you some drama the last time. Also I have your books to return. I got all the information and notes I needed from them. Hope it's alright I made some copies. I assure you no damage was done."

Diana would show a light grin at the bit about the mustard. "I will try to refrain from that combination." She'd say in response before watching the other move to acquire the food. When she returned, Diana had tucked her sunglasses into the pocket on the front left of her coat and she was watching a flock of pigeons cluster around an elderly man who was feeding them from a park bench, which made her smile happily.

Diana put her eyes back onto Ivy when she returned withthe sugary treat and she'd accept it with a gracious nod and a quiet/soft. "Thank you." before listening to the comments which made her smile more strongly then. "Its… not entirely that." She said. "I jsut like to maintain a healthy lifestyle because it is a good and wise thing to do. Set an example, if you will." She'd hold the pretzel by its provided napkin and she'd let her blue eyes run over it for a moment. "It looks very delicious. I appreciate the gift, and do not worry about the books. They were brought here to help educate others, but…" She grinned a little then. "Most have little interest in real books anymore."

Ivy watches the woman with her sweat pretzel and offers, "I could get you some good cinamon sticks if you liked. That and some sugar and nutmeg to mix in cocoa is the best for cold nights." The answer is given a smile, "Well pretty sure even the ancient Greeks had bread and ate it on a regular basis. Maybe not like we do here and I won't lie… a lot of bread in stores today is." She wrinkles her nose. "Let's just say it's not so healthy." The food industry is often a target for Ivy. "The intent is good for the common item and has its uses. But true knowledge is still kept safe and behind a bit of effort to be more rewarding. Nevermind that no cellphone is going to last as long as say… the dead sea scrolls or the Rosetta Stone. Least of all in any sort of useful way." She takes a bit of her own treat then licking her lip of the salt that stuck to it briefly.

Diana would pick at her pretzel as Ivy said these things, using her left hand forefinger/thumb to tear a piece off of the treat and then sample it herself. The facial expression she had would sum up her emotional reaction to its taste within her mouth to, as one of a great deal of enjoyment. A moment later and she was smiling again at Ivy. "Cinamon is a weakness, I will admit that. Just do not tell the newspapers… or I will forever then have enemies throwing buckets of it at me believing it is how they 'take me down'." She said, joking of course… and not joking at the same time.

"I will admit that I prefer food made by my people back home, compared to food found here of the same variety. However. The sheer level of variety of food here, is not even slightly comparable. But yes, I am not a fan of what companies do with their product to make them more addictive… That much is very, displeasing."

Something Diana just said really amuses Ivy. "I think if I ever talk to the papers, they won't be asking me about a princess' favorite spice. So your secret is safe with me, and I'll send over some cinamon to your embassy. You can all me Pam if you like for short, how do you want me to address you when out here?" Ivy then presses part of what she came here, "I could always offer you a cook book and maybe even some herbs for your own cooking. I imagine you're pretty busy though, but maybe one of your sisters would like it." Yeah she's trying to butter her up a bit.

Diana would show a little faint grin then while she chewed on another little cinamon morsil of goodness whilst listening to Ivy. Once her palette was clear though she'd glance downward and shake her head just a little right to left. "Diana is all you have to refer to me as. It is the name I have lived with the majority of my life and it is all I really desire to be known." She'd glance back over to her left to Ivy then. "I believe I would be rather odd if I asked everyone to refer to me as Wonder Woman all the time, wouldn't I?" She grinned again before tilting her head and showing an expression of gratitude for the offered items. "That is so sweet, but it is not necessary. We have a world class chef at the House and he gets… edgey if any of us are in his kitchen. There was an 'incident' of one of my sisters misplacing a -spoon- and then a shouting match… it was not great." She'd smile a little then, showing it wasn't quite as bad as she'd maybe said it as.

Poison Ivy shrugs one shoulder, "Sometimes the names we get later in life are more accurate to who we truly are." Far far more people call her 'Ivy' and by that name then Pamela or Pam. "But Diana it is. But I'll still give you some of my recipes and crop. The chef can use them if he likes or not." The retelling of the tale makes her smile, "I can get fussy if someone moves my lab around as well. So I can understand a chef's ire." Tapping the bag on her hip, "I was wondering if I could ask more of your history though, Diana? Not personal, that's for you to keep and the tabloids to speculate wildly on. No I mean the country, and plants. Some of the divinity and people back there."

Diana would stand with her off to the side of the pretzel area and she'd nod toward a bench that opened up a few steps away. She'd move to seat herself at it and after turning around and lowering down onto the edge of it she'd show a faint smile to Ivy. "I like the name Pam and Pamela… which I assume Pam is short for. It has a great sound to it, strength even." She'd continue to focus her eyes on her treat as she took more little bits off of and popped them into her mouth but she would nod her head to the other part of what Ivy asked.

"You can ask me whatever you please, I will answer almost anything. I have made myself as much of an open book to this world as I could, to help… prove… that I am here for honesty, here for the truth." She'd show a light smile then toward Pam before returning to her sweet sweet treat.

Ivy walks with the taller woman and moves to sit down next to her, rather closely. She figures the closer the sit the less likely anyone will bother them. "That assumption would be correct. I wasn't always strong, and it cost me to get it. But I don't plan to let go of it ever." Ivy is making steady work of her own pretzel while they sit and eat. "Well an invitation like that begs me to ask -something- personal. But what I was leading up to, was asking for some seeds or transplants from your homeland, and maybe some more books. Scrolls more likely I assume, that even haven't been translated. Your homeland offers such a rare chance at the flora of times long lost that normally one has to go to a deep jungle or rain forest to find." A heavy sigh slips from Ivy, "and you would not believe how many of those have been…. violated." Anger and rage slipping into her voice with that last word,a note Ivy has to crush down quickly as it is echoed in the park near the women. The trees rustling and rattling their sleepy branches in responce to that emotion and memory.

Diana would slowly nod her head to the words while she got to about the half way point on that pretzel within her possession. "There are planets from the island within both the Embassy here in Manhattan within the Justice Hall in Metropolis." She'd reply then, giving a glance to her right where Pam was now seated aside her. "I can have them tended to and prepared for you if you would like to stop by in the next couple days to pick them up. It is.. and understandable wish, if it benefits your research afterall." Diana hadn't looked Ivy up yet at this point, she didn't know what that research really entailed. "And unfortunately I might actually believe it… the planet as a whole has been treated like a child's play thing for almost as long as people have walked across it. It has only gotten worse and worse the further we go ahead in our time upon it." A light exhale and she'd shake her head a little again. "I hope to inspire change in as much of thats as I can."

One by one, Ivy picks the large salt crystals off her legs where they fell. Brushing the crubs away, an exorcise Harley taught her to calm her emotions at time. Focusing on something minor for a moment. "Long as you are working to help the planet and -all- life on it, Diana. I'll call you ally and never seek to harm you or your sisters." A long slow deep breath as Ivy leans back on the bench. "The embassy I could visit. But not likely the Justice Hall, Diana, because I have a criminal record. Which is the reason I didn't just call for a normal apointment the first time. An digging into that past would flag that." A bite taken and chewed. "I should have bought us a drink to go with these." Glancing to the woman on her left, "Buy you a bottled water or we can split one if you like?"

Diana would turn a little on her seat to better be able to look back at Ivy as she leaned back on the bench beside her. She quietly listened to her admit her criminal history, but she didn't really react to it in a rude or surprised fashioned, Diana was all for criminals getting another chance at society if they earned it through the proper channels.

Diana had thoughts about her words on not harming her or her sisters so long as they remained an ally, but she didn't comment on it… she'd let that lie for now.

She'd show a faint hint of a smile then at the bottled water question. "First time we met, you admitted to using a chemical agent on my associates to get a chance to meet me. Would me accepting the offer of sharing a food source with you thusly make me naive? Or very forgiving." She let a grin grow then before popping another pretzel bit into her mouth.

Ivy turns to look at Diana and studies that woman a long moment. "It make you overly trusting, or possibly foolish." She pulls out some paper money and offers it. "Two waters and you can get yourself another treat. I won't tell." She offers, "If you take the bottle after I"m done to run DNA or anything, I wouldn't hold it against you. Probably safer if you did anyway," Ivy suddenly glancing through the park and with her powers. Is her 'handlers' watching from the sky or something right now? That horrible woman who has her finger over the 'weed killer' button.

Diana watched her produce the money and heard her words, it made her smile in a sly sort of way and she did a little dismissive headshake. "You go and get them, two waters.. and I am sugar'd out for now." It was a show of faith, if a small one, because she wanted to be in the good of people… she wanted to believe that Ivy would do as she should— and especially after using a word like 'ally' with her moments before. "And when you come back, you can tell me all about why you have a criminal record." She said this in as casual and friendly a tone as that sentence can be spoken in.

Ivy takes a moment and then stands, taking the money with her as she walks to the cart. She doesn't talk with him long as she gets the two bottle of water and then comes back. She'll offer Diana her choice of which one as she sits next to the Amazon on the bench again. "Not sure you want the whole truth on that story, Diana. But it mostly starts with falling in love with the wrong guy in college. A sadly uncomon tale to be sure." Speaking of truth makes Ivy curious as she tries to be subtle about glancing at the wrist reahing for the bottle. Does it have the bracers on it or no?

Diana didn't always wear the bracers, if the clothing she was wearing made them stand out or look inappropriate, though it was easier to get away with before she stepped into the spotlight as a major public figure. So even if she wasn't wearing them in any given moment they were usually not very far away. Right now? Her wrists were covered by the cuffs of that dark blue coat she had on, but when she accepted the bottle a glint of metal may have been seeable.

"I am willing to hear all that you are willing to share, Pamela." She told her with a soft smile while uncapping the water and lifting it up for a sip of the freshing liquid, after having used the napkin to wipe her finger's tips clean again. "And I am sorry about the young love having gone down a… less than ideal route." She'd say that last part punctuated with a slight frown offered in sympathetic comfort.

Ivy joins Diana durning that pause of a drink. Sipping her own and then holding her hand out for Diana's napkin. "I'll make sure its recycled." Not just thrown in with the trash as it shouldn't be. Crossing her right leg over her left Ivy debates on just how honest to be. "It was a lifetime ago. I was dumb, and naive. Fell for the wrong man and it cost me everything, and I mean that in a more literal sense then you may think." But it did lead to Ivy being reborn. "Men are useless and mostly just greedy pigs. Most women aren't better." Seeing as Diana's hands are clean now, Ivy reaches into the bag to pull out the books. They are wrapped safely together inside of a cloth for protection and that craddled in a large cloth bag. "Before I forget, these are yours."

Diana would hand the napkin over to Pamela then, it was rolled up like a rug, she'd then sip her water again and give the other woman good eye contact while listening to her rundown of what all transpired. She could hear the jaded and cynical tones in Ivy's voice and though she felt that they were being a bit over exaggerated, she was already seeing a woman who had been very scarred by her past.

"I believe people wholely wish to be good, the large majority of them, but that they have been tarnished by the harshness of this world's many problems." She'd say in a soft tone back to Ivy then.

When the books were offered, Diana would smile warmly and accept them onto her lap. "Thank you, I hope they were at least a little enlightening for you. I will find more, as you have asked, see what I can get the next time I am home as well." And she would, because Diana always kept her word.

Touching the top of the books, "I like the tone of the writter. Still fairly factual and not poetic, but you could tell the authors cared about her work. It was nice to hear, and to see such very meticulous accounts on such things. Must have taken an amazon some time to write with such exactness." A smile coming to Ivy's lips if just for a moment.
"I can't share your opinons, Diana. I almost wish that could. But I've seen the piles of victims in the rainforest when those with power think they can get away with it. The charred bodies, stripped skinless and unlimbed." She could mean people or trees. Possibly both. Ivy takes a quick drink of her water. "I'm sorry. It is the seasons. I always get moody when wenter comes. I don't like the chill and loss of sunlight." Glancing sidelong to Diana, "Maybe I should just try and runaway to a tropical island for the winter."

Diana would show a mostly blank/calm expression up until the part about the tropical island get away. "It can be tempting to get reprieve from the cold on such a place, I should know." She replied softly before she would glance down at the books on her lap. "And yes, the woman who wrote these is a… marvelous storyteller and a passionate person like few others." She'd grin down at the books as though she were recalling past memories. "Just do not let her corner you in a conversation, she will chat your ear off for the rest of the day if you do." Diana would glance up to Ivy still with her grin, but she'd let it fade and her blue eyes would look out to the Great Lawn beside their bench.

"Not… everyone, wishes to treat the world like that, Pamela." She'd tell her, her Greek accented voice was as soothing as she could make it. Diana would nod her head toward a family seated together in the grass. Two young boys with their parents, they were playing with remote control trucks. "There are moments, such as that, that are entirely associated solely… with peace and love at their core."

Diana would glance back to Ivy. "These are the moments we have to strive for, for everyone to have."

"She's… still alive," Ivy's interest piqued to say the least. "And I don't know, if she wanted to talk plants I bet we could talk an age away together. Peas in a pod as it were." Shame they don't have email on the island, or an easy way to send mail. Then again Ivy herself is pretty 'off the grid' more times then not.
Ivy's green eyes go out to the family Diana indicates. She watches them play and reminds herself to not just think of the toxic battery in the toy truck, or how it'll likely be dumped in the trash and wasted. "I don't remember my childhood to be honest. You far better then most should know not all of us get to have those Diana. After all 'Greek Trajedy' is kind of a thing the story tellers of your past came up with. Not all get peace or fair treatment." She nods to the family, "I do have a soft spot for children. But don't tell anyone. Ruin my image. They are innocent. Echoing what their parents teach, and so many fail in that important job." She glances to Diana, "I've been known to take in a stray or two." Or twenty if you are young enough and know where to go in Robinson Park.

Diana didn't fully grasp the scope and depth at which Ivy's jaded psyche went, that much was certainly true, but even if she did she probably would still point to such things as a family together in a park.

"We have to fight for those moments." She replied. "Even if they are not so easily achieved for everyone, we have to fight to make them as plentiful as possible. Only if we step up and do something to achieve them, will we stand a chance at having them." Diana would pause then to sip her water.

"And yes, parents often struggle because they themslves were not taught as well as they should have been. This is why the majority of my charity work is geared toward schools, to help… however I can… to improve these kinds of things." She'd show a small smile to Pam then. "And not all stories from my culture's past end in tragedy. Mostly just the popular ones… alas. That is something I likely can do very little about." She'd let her smile grow a bit stronger then before releasing a light exhale and placing her eyes across the park goers strolling the paths together.

Ivy turns from the family and looks at the tree. The older oaks and maples that reach for the light that they can get before the sun is hidden behind skyscrapers. "You fight for them, and I'll fight for my family. But I'm sure if you support them, it's good work Diana. Next time I rop an armored car I'll make sure to send some of the money to your charity," Grinning over at Diana to make it seem like a joke. Only Ivy does mean it. She'll make a donate, or better yet, drain one of Waller's slush funds and give it to Diana's charity. That would be perfect. "If she's interested in a visit, your frind the writer." Nodding to the books before continuing. "Tempt her to visit America, and let me know? I'd love to borrow her for a day, take her to my garden and show her what I got. Maybe you too if that interest you. That's an invitation to Diana, the woman of Themyscria and not to Wonder Woman. Just to be clear."

Diana would consider these words and she'd tilt her head in thought. "I can… ask her, when I go to see about additional books she might have." She'd put her eyes back onto Pamela then. "Parthenope, is her name, in charge of the Great Library within Themyscira City. She is a wise woman, a loyalist to my mother as strong as one can be… Soooo… it might be a little difficult of a sell, but I will do my very gest." She'd show a grin then.

"Should she accept it and come, she might be wholely overwhelmed by the outside world as she has yet to ever leave the Island, but… a garden would likely be a nice place for her to visit to find her peace and center, so I would thank you for that invitation. We shall see." And another sip of her water was taken then and there.

Ivy carefully cleans her hands after finishing the bottle of water. Tucking the napkin and bottle both into her bag. "I can take yours too, unless you wanna recycle it on your own." Not wanting to be pushy on a little thing. "She sounds like an interesting woman, Parthenope. If you and she be more comfortable I could always try to meet somewhere less urban." Ivy moves to stand up and rubst her arms some. "Damnable winter. I'm gonna hibernate at this rate," commenting on the cold as the day is drawing on. "Thank you for meeting me Diana and trusting me to do it alone. I appreciated the books, and welcome reading more or getting seeds or cilppings from something of home. Also as promised, I'll send over some cinnamon as well."

Diana would rise up from the bench and she'd smile to the other as she rubbed at her arms from the cold. "My first exposure to the world was a large city as well, it was… an interesting experience." She settled on that 'as kind as possible' phrasing for the benefit of the moment.

The princess would lift her half-empty bottle up and she'd smile past it. "It will be recycled as soon as I get back to the Embassy." Diana was an advocate for recycling as well, though whether or not it was quite as extreme as Ivy was likely up for some debate.

With the books held in her arms against her stomach then, Diana would again nod softly. "I will have the plants ready for you when we meet again, I will contact you soon." Diana would then watch Ivy for a lingering second.

"Keep smiling, Pamela." She'd say then. "It always helps." She'd say before turning to make to leave.

Ivy's lips spread, but the smile is rueful. "Flowers, children, and a silly blonde are about the only things that make me smile these days." She looks at the park, eyes following one of the last leaves that breaks free and blows on the wind. "Besides, I never did like American holidays much." Pumpkins for Halloween and tress for Christmas. And those are just the beginning. "But I did like this. This… pretending to be normal. Having a pretzel and a talk. Thanks, Diana." Ivy reaches into her bag and hands over a jar of yelloow past with flecks of brown. "Offer that to the chef, see what he thinks. Tell him to use it sparingly, it's strong. But I think they'll like it. Have a good night Diana," and for a change. Ivy means it.

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