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November 09, 2017:

Ripclaw drops by Strange's Sanctum to talk about a certain Demon Bear.

Dr. Strange Sanctum


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"There has been an increase of sighting of crow spirits of a 30% since July,” reads Wong. He is reading Strange’s (snail)mail, since the sorcerer receives a large number of letters from amateurish occultists asking for advice, as well as death threats from religious fundamentalists from all religions. So Wong reads the letters coming from people unknown, looking for real problems.

"What?” Strange raises his eyes from a book on Inuit legends and lore. A book written by a mundane anthropologist, but it is interesting nevertheless. There is just too little written from some very important subjects, even by mystics.

Noticing an increase of sightings on crow spirits is not something normal. Or the kind of comment an amateur occultist would feel interesting to tell the Supreme Sorcerer. And using percentages? In the name of the Ancient One, seriously? “Vakume Scratch, postmark is from Boston," adds Wong. Strange hrms, “Scratch? The Scratchs are actually Old Blood from New Salem. Interesting."

The doctor and his bodyguard/majordomo are by the living room, enjoying a rare afternoon without demon incursions or supernatural disasters to fight. So far.

Robert's bike just moments ago pulled up outside the sanctum.

The inside of it is now being intruded upon by his presence, the chalk white skin of the man a contrast to the dark leather jacket he wears. Casual clothes. Cowboy boots and jeans. Hair drawn back in to an uplifted pony tail but he looks a little more worn than usual, a stressed look around the eerie red eyes. Obvious mutations. He doesn't hide what he is it is just too much of a hassle.

"Doctor Strange?" His voice lifts, a polite bid for entry further in. Ripclaw is always a man of manners.

Wong opens the door, “Ah, you must be Mr. Bearclaw, the Ghost Warrior,” polite bow. “Please, come in, the doctor…” is just there, having followed Wong to the door, “Robert, good to see you,” Strange offers his hand. “Please, come in. I was actually considering going to find you, something happened recently. And I suspect your visit is related to this matter.”

"To some circles, yes. Hello." Robert has yet to meet Wong, instead offering the man a smile and a nod, Strange's hand is taken without a thought. That biometal grip much softer than one would expect. He isn't around to exert any sort of air or masculinity in a handshake.

"Yes, you would be correct in that. I was hoping you had felt it."

Strange nods pleasantly, “Wong, my assistant and friend,” he introduces the sorcerer. “Please, take a seat,” he offers leading the Native American to the living room, “looks like another powerful hostile creature is haunting the region. And this time it is not really an invader. It is a bear spirit, dark and powerful. Please, tell me what happened?”

"Wong, good to meet you." Ripclaw manages while drawing out a seat to lower himself in to it. Elbows immediately finding his knees. "Yes, there is a powerful evil spirit loose, a Bear. A corrupt thing and I have already been defeated by it. I was traversing the spirit realm of this cities boundaries, it came upon me while I was ensuring all was in order. I would be dead now if not for a young woman named Moonstar and her… flying horse." A limb lifts and he draws down his jacket, underneath is a tanktop yet under that skin is puckered, festered and recently healed.

"I possess a healing factor. Do you see the concerns here? It did not attack me on the physical plane. It mauled me in the beyond."

“I met the creature north of the city,” offers Strange. “Late in August. “It crossed over from the Shard Realms. We battled, and it fled from the light of Agamotto, but not without having injured me first. Despite coming from far away I suspect it is a spirit of Earth, Robert. A spirit of this very land corrupted by forces unknown.”

The now healing injuries are given a brief glance. “Yes, injures to the spirit often reflect on the physical body. I don’t think a metahuman, or mutant healing factor could help for those. In most regards, for these matters, you are as human as me.”

"You likely suspect right. Most if not all spirits that are evil or bad do so because they know no different and such concerns don't register or they have been corrupted by outside forces. It is rare that they are just created that way. Flaws in nature are nature though. One can not presume too much without more knowledge."

"Yes but this is a display of power that cannot be handled alone and should not be without care, the young woman refuses my aid but she needs it. I do not know her or her powers but… I fear she may be taking on too much. If it can do as much to you as you say and this to me. We must rally. We must talk sense in to her or at the very least aid without her consent."

Ripclaw covers up his the wound and shirt again, the smell would not be noticable to others but it makes him nauseous. Enhanced senses are not always a boon.

"I am going to seek Old aid first, I am after a weapon from the legends. If this thing cannot be tamed I believe this weapon might be able to put it down in the correct hands. I wanted your council in these things though and to make sure you were aware of this breach. It is our duty as defenders of this realm after all."

Strange did not comment about this Moonstar woman because he has never met her. But flying horses? That is a clue. Not many of those exist in Earth, he could investigate. “Can you describe the woman?” Asks Strange. “And of course, you are right. And I will help as much as I am able, although I have to admit my scrying has not been effective. But this bear monster is a soul-taker. And I expect it will grow stronger as it keeps feeding.”

"Native descent, young, attractive… " Ripclaw proceeds with as much as he can, it's vague though as he was groggy. The horse and it's coloration likewise described. The name is likewise given she offered him.
A work of one of Ripclaws hands, flexing it and he frowns, "This thing needs taken then. Worth another attempt perhaps. I am of no help in this, any essence I could provide I've exhausted and its isn't returning to me, unlikely will as long as this mad beast's claws afflict me yet."

The description of the horse does ring a bell. But noooo… a Valkyrie that looks like a Native American? Not likely! "I'll try to find her," not promises, though. This Moonstar does not ring a bell, and the Doctor believes he knows almost all supernatural characters in the New York area.

"As for the Bear," Strange sighs. "It hides in the shadows. It blends with the spirit-scape because I am pretty sure it is, or was, part of it. What weapon do you seek to help against this threat?"

"Good luck. I really don't know more than that." Ripclaw stands up and zips his jacket up further. "She didn't stick around long enough to give me much else."

The chair in front of him is shoved in, just enough its not out as far as it was while seated on.

"There are stories that hold truth, this is one of them. Long ago there were bears that roamed the land, born twisted, abominations and they needed dealt with, like giants, old gods and titans many things in the dawn of existence were just… wrong. The traditional method of many tribes was to invoke the spirit of the bear to deal with a bear, usually the white bear. That is un-necessary with me around, my aspect is the bear, the world beyond recognizes me as such. I will guide someone to the Thunder Arrow with Hare's blessings. This means though I must try to enter Giizhigong hopefully the Great Spirits are in a good mood and do not wish too much in return. Especially if I bring outsiders… if it is this woman's path to destroy the corrupt bear then this is how I think it is best we help her."

"That… Doctor Strange is my plan."

Strange nods in approval. "But first you need to heal completely from those injuries. Meditation should help. I might be able to brew a concoction to hasten the process, too." Glance to Wong, who is listening in silence. The oriental man nods.

"I think perhaps the bear is looking for someone, or something." Adds Strange. "It acts with purpose, yet not with full rationality. At least not as we understand it."

"No time to worry about healing. If shes hunting it she'll find it and we need to be ready as well. It already bested me and likely won't even realize I am alive, we should proceed quickly." Ripclaw pauses, "I appreciate your concern though."

"If it is looking for someone or something… how do we know without knowing more? Lets find /her/ see if we cannot talk sense. I will go and prepare my own plan. It requires some gathering. Good luck, Doctor Strange."

Strange stands up, frowning. "I will try to send you some help, regardless. Please, let me know if you find out more. I will do likewise. Good luck and good hunting, Ghost Warrior." He offers Robert a handshake, and then Wong leads him to the door.

Strange's handshake is returned by Robert, "You can call me, Robert. Sorcerer Supreme." He replies with a quirk of lips before withdrawing that alien-metal hand to depart quietly alongside Wong. Much to do…

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