Friendly, Friendly (Maybe)

November 08, 2017:

Exergy has escaped Cyberdata control and manages to reach New York with the megacorp agents hot on his trail. Fortunately Cyberforce is already investigating.

New York subway station at Lexington Av.


NPCs: SHOC troopers Wolf Spider (KIA), Shadowing and Overcharge



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Fade In…

About a week ago Paul Armitage, more know as Exergy, was assigned to an acquisition squad and sent to retrieve a family of Nuhumans in Mexico. For research. Good pay, easy job.

One of the Nuhumans was no sheep, though. He was crafty, tough, he probably had some military training and powerful electrical abilities. Bad intel and the operation almost went sour. Three S.H.O.C. troops got seriously injured. Exergy himself felt his absorption powers overwhelmed and blacked out for a few seconds. It had never happened before.

The return to the Texas facility went fine except for a feeling of unease, a wrongness, but since he looked fine the medtechs sent him to sleep while they worked into saving the lives of the three injured troopers.

He didn’t sleep well. He contemplated the horror of what he had done. The terror of the kidnapped survivors. The knowledge they were going to be vivisected by Cyberdata butchers. Something that had never bothered before. Except no, it had bothered before, when he started this… when he was recruited? He was never recruited.

So what did he do? Exergy, the rational, cold-blooded sniper spent six weeks collecting evidence of Cyberdata crimes and sent it to the Justice League and SHIELD. Then set explosive charges in the SHOC HQ and blew them all to hell.

Wait no.

No, he didn’t. In part because he was terrified and unable to think straight. Onboard computer offered some diagnosis and he made some guessing. Some system inside him was broken and he was remembering things Cyberdata didn’t want him remembering. Also, in a day or two he was going to have a full checkup at the labs, and he would be ‘repaired’ for sure, so he bolted. Instead of six weeks to gather evidence and become a super-hero, he took six hours to prepare, got some weapons and some information and ran.

That was eight days ago. He used his own (fancy, expensive) car for about four hours. Then he stole a new one. And keep stealing cars every day as he drove toward New York, the last known location of Ripclaw’s gang. He sent emails, he posted in the darkweb forums, trying to draw the attention of the other escapees. If that failed, he figured, he could walk into the Triskelion or the Avenger’s Mansion and hope for the best.

He made as far as Philadelphia before they found him. How did they do it? Hell if he knows. He was ‘dark’ not letting any radio wave leave his body. But among the dozens (hundreds?) of S.H.O.C. soldiers Cyberdata probably has precognitives, telepaths, super-trackers. He knew it was just a question of time.

Still, he survived. They came expecting the cool-headed Exergy, methodical and by-the-book killer. Instead they found a pretty angry young man more than willing to burn everything in his path. They had laid down the wrong ambush. Paul. No, -Pavel- escaped. With two bullets in his left side, bleeding, no fancy energy weapons anymore, the armor cracked by armor-piercing bullets.

He got to New Jersey hiding inside a truck. Wearing a stolen coat over his armor he limped to the closest subway station and headed for Manhattan. It is two in the morning and a long week without sleep is taking his toll. Did he manage to evade all the security cameras? He is reasonable sure he did. But he is still bleeding.

First mission as a member of the hidden outlaws underneath Brooklyn's Lot 80. Or at least it can be called that. A long legged fast stride and a finger point, a claw glinting past the sleeve of a dark leather jacket, "Lucia, come with me." Then they were off. Above and through tunnels they wind way to the Cyberforce's combat wagon… a van. A large van. Not the prettiest thing either but she'll remember it from her trip here.

"We have feelers out. One of our contacts caught wind of something that might be worth checking out. I need some back up and I don't know where Velocity is right now and Ballistic has her phone off." Usual, Ballistic does what Ballistic does. She is definitely the Logan of the team. They all have one.

"I know you don't fight but I also think you underestimate yourself and I want you to see a bit of what we do. Maybe it'll gain some of your trust and… well, you been cooped up. Fresh air right?" The dark haired Native is wearing a bandana over his head, it is red with white skulls allover it. He looks rather civilian wear but then, the closest thing she'll see him to dressed for combat or in uniform is shirtless with some added warpaint beyond the markings that already exist in his flesh.

"There is something transpiring and I wonder if it is connected, Cyberdata is… undergoing a change it appears."

A sputtering start and the van grumbles to life as soon as she is in they are driving, it won't take them too long to get to Manhattan. Traffic at this hour and during this chill is lower than expected.

"It's two o'clock in the morning, Robert. Two ay-em." as if such a thing needed to be pointed out, and was potentially more important than little considerations like whether or not she might be prepared for combat. At least she dredged herself to the van without much in the way of complaint, even if once there she's half slumped against the passenger door with her eyes mostly closed wondering whether or not she might manage a few more zzz's in the process.

The nanites in her system have been busy at work, even if her hair is mostly a shock of Marla Singer short presently. Getting dressed basically consisted of throwing on a jacket and pulling on some jeans to go with the rumpled tee she rolled out of her cot in. Big and buff and dangerous looking, she's not, not by any measure. Still…

They're passing Exergy's present subway station when she goes from slumped to 'someone just stuck me with a tazer' jolt of 'awake', twisting about in the passenger seat with a frown before she announces,"We just passed one of Cyberdata's agents." because some things, even in the relative noisy hum of the city, are as blatant as a thumb between her eyes.

Lexington Av. it says. Looks like his stop. Pavel limps out of the wagon and glances around careful. Half a dozen folks at the platform, none seems armed or particularly suspicious. He allows himself to relax a second.

The lights go out. Not just the lights. Electricity is fully gone from the whole station. Primary and backup systems. The people there mutter, digging for cellphones, cursing the service.

Exergy starts running. He lets his computer to pick one of the station exits completely at random, then reads the maps quickly. The darkness is no obstacle for him. He has no weapons, but has a full charge in the batteries. Probably not enough to win a fight with a full team, maybe enough to make a mess and draw the attention of one or more of the local heroes.

Yeah, right.

The worst thing is the guys coming for him are probably as clueless as he was a week ago.

Lucia may not be the presence of intimidation but Ripclaw's red eyes, over-muscled frame and height tend to work wonders. Especially when they realize hes a vicious looking Native American with foot long blades for fingers. Yet, a noble heart. He rather stands out. Most people expect trouble when they see him until he speaks in that soft, calm and deep manner that is on the side of welcoming.

The van on the other hand, if it wasn't a clear picture yet is a beastly clunker. Rusted, worn, sputters smoke. Not great for stealth and makes them look like they're one step from living in a box. Which, the Elevator is a bit of a hobo paradise. They are no X-Men. No Avengers. No, they are the dredges.

"Heroism rests for no man woman or hour." Robert teases in a flat manner, the light smile says he is joking with her but hes actually not. The man is serious. The sudden ping of her 'techno-senses' has him stopping the autombile on Lexington Av.

"Where? Point him out." He throws the door open, "Take us to him." Or her. The power outage below makes the subway stairs black out, people begin to stumble and fall. Darkness is no obstacle for the metamorphic mutate.

"If it turns out to be some teen girl, I am going to laugh at you." Lucia is slower to get out of the van because, augh. Still. There's a gesture in the direction of the blacked out subway,"That way." like that's going to be any surprise.

She stretches her arms lazily above her head as she walks in the direction of the subway, rubbing her face vigorously as she adds,"There's… others… here… too." it's not quite so certain. The power blackout helps in its own way, less electronic signatures to try and confuse her, but well… enough chaotic movement and sources that she's less certain as to specific numbers.

It has the net result in her choosing to pick up her pace, though, for all the being unarmed and not scary-looking her first thought is Abi versus the Deadliners, and that's enough to get her butt into gear at least.

Five, there are five cyborgs down there and two are pretty close. Power lines are cut, but still plenty of electronics. Cellphones, tablets, the usual. Ripclaw rushes down while Neuromancer follows at a more leisure pace. So of course the Native American stumbles on the S.H.O.C. first.

Maybe stumble is a too strong world. The bottom of the stairs is dark and quiet, and Ripclaw can scent murder already because there is a corpse still bleeding a few feet from the ticket machine. Short, middle aged man, throat cut.

No one else is here. But the shadows are too deep, and the scents are wrong. Also, someone is coming quickly from the other side of the access gates.

The 'wrong' shadows unfold, and 8 thin, metallic legs, razor sharp, claw down from the ceiling, aiming to cut Ripclaw to ribbons. This is Wolf Spider, half a ton of spider-taur mutant. His best buddy and fellow killer Shadowing lands behind him. He is a skulker type, able to twist darkness into small dimensional pockets, and only lightly cyborged. Instead of helping against Ripclaw, hard to do in the narrow subway corridor, he is aiming twin plasma guns towards the incoming Exergy.

"Ripclaw," growls Wolf Spider. "All traitors coming together, uh? Fine. Fat reward for us!"

"Right… yeah, we really don't need any teenage girls in addition to what we do have. I fear Ballistic's influence on them anyways." Ripclaw says thoughtfully, seriously. A hand rising up to show her his palm then pushing down before he fades in to the shadows of the subway. Not shadows more the absolute darkness as there is no lights below, power outage? People whimper in corners; feral red eyes adjust to the low lighting as he starts to scan then Wolf Spider reveals himself with a barrage of stabbing thrusting legs.

No words for the SHOC-drider just a dodge to the left, a slice off of one of Ripclaw's shoulders and he is swinging his forearms and blades out, they extend further, razored out and slashing the air to slice 'n dice if possible.

Lexington Av. blackout under a subway while Lucia is being used to 'detect' a SHOC who leaked his presence here has lured them forth, Ripclaw cannot update the team but he imagines Lucia won't have an issue there. Shes become their defacto techie which means radios are her responsibility. Fighting? Well. Ripclaw has that right now.

Lucia's one non-organic eye at least means she's not entirely blind as she wades after Ripclaw,"Hey. We're at the subway at Lexington Av. SHOC's onsite. I'm pinging at least four." she at least is suddenly grateful that it's not the middle of commute or something as she hops down a few of the stairs and then skids to a halt when her technomantic sense is stronger than the low-vision gleam of her left eye. It doesn't take seeing Wolf-Spider for her to know that she'd rather not try to take it on, the flicker-flash of blades swallowing additional words with a mutter under her breath worthy of her Madripoorian roots.

That she can make out enough of Shadowing to garner that he's not facing her way, however, makes him fair game for her to try and jump. Because well, if you're going to fight… a SHOC trooper beats the hell out of a woodchipper.

In the narrow confines of the subway corridor Wolf Spider is a bit constrained, but he still has a considerable reach advantage over Ripclaw. Not to mention he can hit with 4 or 5 legs to his two claws. To make things worse, he draws to heavy revolvers for his hands. “Hah, I got you cornered,” he chirps, sounding all too happy. Metal meets metal, the razors covering the spider legs suffer the worst in the exchange, but he has legs and razors to spare, and Ripclaw has many fleshy bits within reach.

And then Lucia sneaks past him to tackle Shadowing. “Hey, wait! Kurt, your back!” Too late, Neuromancer brings the shadow-clad man down as he shoots his plasma guns, just as Exergy comes from around the corner. The plasma hits the ceiling, causing a shower of plaster and bricks, and Exergy dives to the floor, muttering some swear word that sounds Russian.

But he has seen what is going on. “What the hell… Neuromancer?”

Ripclaw has no choice but to jump and roll behind one of the foundation pillars. "Careful Neuromancer!" Careful to use just mutant/SHOC names in the outside world with scenarios like this. The multiple attacks are a hard evasion, the slashing rakes along him and hes moving to go for stealth, he can smell the damage they have done down here.

Was this a trap? Hopefully not. Lucia doesn't deserve this. Not after what she went through in Maryland.

It's all about infect them before they can work out they're in trouble, of course, knowing her luck this one is going to be as resistant as the last one, and she doesn't exactly have the weight to make keeping him down viable. So the lean woman latches her hands on her target and floods him with nanites with all kinds of adrenaline fueled anxiousness. Because plasma guns.

It doesn't exactly register at first that someone's called out her codename as a result in the battle between her techopathy and the cyborg presently flailing under her. Shadowing lacks much in the way of implants, mercifully for him, but it doesn't stop her from merrily traipsing through them and shutting them down ruthlessly.

"Two approaching rapidly, one on the ground, twenty foot ahead." is the report, for, well, all of them, brow furrowing,"Prone may not be a threat." is added after a moments consideration. She's a sitting target for Wolf spider currently, more than a little distracted by the information coming in and slow to register Ripclaw's caution.

Velocity left last night from Lot 80, some things are too much, the tension when all she wants is…

Walking into a bar, an hour ago, the red head is given wary stares, the bforced ink upon her face gathering her even more wary stares, but they look away as she slides into a stool beside Ballistic.

… Family…

"What ya drinkin' toots?" The tender assesses Carin, but when she slides a mossy-clad hip into the seat beside Ballistic. "… I never got to say thank you… and /fuck you/…."

The tender is gone, like a phantom voice that no longer has a body.

Some words pass, tenor rises, lowers…

Silences as Carin stares at Ballistic while words between them still remain unfnished, unsaid, unspoken… Because more words are ringing into Velocity's comm from Cyberforce. Whispered. "SHOC…"

A hip slides from the stool and just like the tender she is gone!, the stool spinning and teetering towards the floor!

The word is enough, maybe for Cass to follow, help them, she got a moment of pleading glance from pale green eyes before Carin left in a blur and left the door to slam WIDE! then whisper closed.

If Ballistic is behind her, that pace of golden electricity trailing behind is shorter, a clasp to wrist and the golden bracer that slowly forms into a gauntlet, adhered to her skin, her genetics.

Ballistic will likely follow given that single word, and when the drop to the substreets is taken unsuspecting are about to be pitched overhead and aside.

"Coming in on your seven!" And then… That drop of SHOC troops falling in in the shadows meet an impact…!

Tossed behind her…. "Aim high!"


"Low five…!" A passage being cleared… Clear a path people!

Left dead or alive, Vel is headed to her team… Family… Cyberforce.

Cassandra Taylor, Ballistic, didn't ask to be invaded upon at the bar. She didn't announce that she was going to one, either, but those in Cyberforce have begun to learn her habits. Where there is a bottle, there is a Ballistic; the seedier the better. It's almost as if she's wanting the inevitable proposition-turned-face smash from the traveling businessmen with tan lines from wedding bands.

"Saved by the bell." Cassandra announces when Velocity and her are called into action. She rises from the seat and throws her head back, downing the last shot of whiskey and racing away from her barstool, leaving it spinning.

"HEY, PAY YOUR TAB YOU BITC-!" The bartender yells after them.

Ballistic runs after Velocity, though isn't nearly as fast as her sister. Jumping over garbage cans and benches, she draws a hand cannon of a pistol out from under her trenchcoat.

"Ripclaw, Neuro, we're enroute!" Ballistic calls out over their line, lifting her pistol and firing at the targets Velocity 'sets' for her, having thrown them into the air.

Shadowing has few cybernetic systems, but his enhanced nervous system was put offline by the nanites and so he seems to go into an epileptic seizure. Temporarily paralyzed, he attempts escaping the only way he can, melding with the shadows of the floor.

Meanwhile Wolf Spider is sees Ripclaw stepping off his reach. He could chase, or help Shadowing. Surprisingly he chooses the second, although not without shooting a couple times in Ripclaw general direction, hoping to keep him pinned. And of course this is very bad news for Lucia, as the spider-borg moves quickly and comes with many leg-claws.

Fortunately Exergy is getting up and manages to generate a microwave burst that stalls the larger cyborg, sparks flowing over his armored chassis, burning the few flesh bits he still has visible and making him screech with pain.

Meanwhile Velocity surprises a couple armored SHOC troops racing down the stairs to join the fray, and slams them at high speed against the walls. This, of course, causes them to pinfully tumble down the stairs too, and leaves them terribly vulnerable to getting shoot by Ballistic. They don't reach the stairs bottom alive.

Ripclaw capitalizes on the struck Wolf Spider, a surge of speed and a lunge has him flashing from behind the pillar to rake low then leap high, fully intent on coming down with claws out, forward and aimed through Wolf Spider's torso.

"Hurry your asses up. Neuromancer and I may possibly be outnumbered. Check your fire though… I think we have a friendly." This may not have been a set up, not unless Exergy was being used as bait. That is a Cyberdata tactic. They're dirty and will resort to all manner of means to attain their ends.

Damned slippery shadowy /bastard/. It annoys Lucia, she doesn't question why it does, he escaped! She's still slow about jerking to her feet, though at least the darkness probably mostly conceals the cloud of pico machines that elect to reabsorb themselves into her. She looks back towards Ripclaw and Wolf Spider in dazed puzzlement when people start clattering down the stairs with Ballistic-sized holes in them. At least she's smart enough to step back out of the way, head tilting.

One… friendly? Or he has really bad aim. Lucia has to make the call and something's nagging at her as she worries at her bottom lip,"One… friendly? Armored guy, not a target." she offers to the headset before calling out more loudly,"HEY! You! Behind you!" because well, she lacks the speed or weaponry to do something about it directly.

"Can only go so fast…" Vel is in the subway with Ballistic on her "heels" that are now also clad in the gold sparking metal, a trapping that rises high over calves.

Maybe a coupe of years ago Velocity would have tried to chide her sibling for killing, she still hides it deep… Every sound of those cannons makes her recoil deeper into her cocoon… But not looking back helps as they move forward into the fray.

"But I go Slow-Momo behind me!" And even if it i dak n the subway tunnels, especially the further down they go, every tiny zig-zagging burstof speed to circle back gives sparks! of light.

"Comecomacomecome onnnnn~!" Vel calls back in a tone that can be rewound into a younger history, despite the disfigured hand clad in gold tips that chides her on and after the hyper-streak that is(was) Carin.

Cass beat her at everything, even at 'knowing better'. Some people are better off….dead…

But approaching the fray, Velocity listens to Ripclaw, listens to the coordinates from Neuro and darts her eyes back and forth at the scenario before her….

Which way?!?


Ballistic leaps onto the divider between the stairs. Landing on her hip, she slides down it, finishing off the rest of the SHOC guards on the stairs. Each squeeze of the trigger bucks the weapon in her hand, clearing the path to the bottom. It's like a slide. When she hits the bottom of the ramp, she lands in her feet at a run.

"What do you mean we have a friendly? Are we taking on MORE strays? FUCK!" Ballistic growls to herself, legs pumping as fast as they can to keep up. While she runs, she ejects the weapon's magazine and reloads another…only to crash into her sister's back and nearly tumble over the redhead.

"You STOPPED? You never stop." Ballistic steps out from behind her sister to point her weapon towards the fray. "I'm shooting at anything that doesn't yell out friendly NOW!"

Ironically Ripclaw ‘bait and trap’ suspicion is shared by the electrokinetic Overcharge, the woman leading the SHOC team. It was supposed to be a simple 5 against 1 operation and suddenly Cyberforce showed up! Now Wolf Spider and Shadowing are in a pitched fight and the pair of just recruited redshirts got slaughtered like chumps by the Taylor sisters.

Overcharge was coming behind Exergy, bringing the blackout with her. But hearing the report of Spider and Shadow systems and the redshirts’ signals flatlining, she reconsiders. Abort and retreat. Repeat: abort and retreat.

Maybe too late, as Wolf Spider has Ripclaw on top of him. Too close for his legs! The spiderborg attempts to bring his handguns up, but he is hurting already and not fast enough. The claws dig on his torso, through armor and everything, tearing circuitry and internal organs alike. Spider screams, metal legs flailing, and attempts to retreat towards the stairs to the street, unaware of the two women there.

NOT a friendly. Nope.

Meanwhile Exergy leans against the wall, looking tired and hurt. He pulls out his sunglasses, to let Lucia see his face, and the white, artificial eyes. “I am friendly, maybe,” he frowns. “Don’t you remember me?”

It's a moment of sheer abandon for Ripclaw as he lands. He'll never admit it but the idea of bloodshed really ignites him. He enjoys it when it feels justified. Right now? This does. Blinders are on when dealing with Cyberdata.

"Just stay down!" He warns but its a half assed warning he is already going for lethality. Kind of hard not to when your fingers are little less than sabres.

It takes a few arm pounding slams before Ripclaw catches himself and it registers, "FRIENDLY DAMNIT FRIENDLY!" That means do not shoot me the Taylor sisters now arrived and in the fray.

Hopefully she doesn't shoot Lucia or Exergy. Though, it appears someone else is doing that.

It takes a second or so,"HEY!" Lucia protests regarding strays, no call out regarding being friendly, apparently she figures if Ballistic's going to shoot her she's going to shoot her. There's plenty of screaming and flailing going from the one behind her who Ripclaw's going after, and well… the injured guy, Exergy.

He asks if she knows him, and she can only shake her head,"You're Cyberdata. I can tell that much, and you shot that guy instead of me, so, we're good? Why are you here, though? Why are they after you?" not that she can't take a guess, but that she's not entirely convinced it's not a trap, for all that she edges in Exergy's direction unhurriedly.

Velocity stopped, but the sparks at her feet show otherwise!

She's /ready for take off/ but is assessing the layout in the dark before her while Ballistic hits her back and aligns with her, that cybernetic arm of her sister's extending over the slender line of shoulder, using it as a levering platform while the blast by her ear is deafening, ringing….

Those who call out for "SAFE" an echo in the backdrop, but the bucking that does not move Ballistic's arm in the slightest when the trigger is pulled, sends Velocity into motion!


Ripclaw peels up from Wolf Spider, Neuro's sparks fade and flicker while the SHOC drops before her and her look to Exergy…

Who has a bullet heading for him now! Tries to state peace to them instead of the walking Ballistic Arsenal. A perfect aim, his sunglasses would have re-met his eyes by a carbine force perhaps, but a whisper rustles between Neuro and Exergy, the wall he used to brace against used as a ricochet point, chipping off concrete in a ha(e)ilstorm over the two, lights spark and on the platform where Overcharge barks orders, the bullet impales… Foundation beneath her feet, or her leg… The redirection is one that was plucked - then pitched!

A wing and a prayer

So fast it is almost unseen, but someone… somewhere… hopefuly went ass over elbows with the way that fire of bullet bent off perfected aim.

Meant to do that!

Did Ballistic just fire her gun towards Exegy's head? Did Velocity just take the bullet and sent it elsewhere instead? The barrel that exploded in the direction of the quasi-confirmed friendly sure seems to say so, only the explosive round never comes. The eye being faster than the mouth, Ballistic scowls under the assumption that she's missed, but the blur that crossed in front of the bullet hits her brain. Velocity?

"I KNOW YOU'RE A FRIENDLY, RIPCLAW!" Ballistic shakes it off and twists at the hip. The leather jacket around her shoulders stretches against her cybernetic arm and the baby-doll tee she's wearing underneath. "I know you, too, Neuro, but this guy!" Ballistic swivels the gun towards Wolf Spider, lining up the weapon on the approaching Cyberdata unit.

Ballistic's cybernetic arm isn't just an arm. It's a firing platform. The physical shock absorbers weaved through coiled bionic muscle react to the pulling of the trigger, pushing the force of the weapon back against her palm without bucking the weapon upwards in her hand. The recoil is nearly non-existent. Each shot she fires is aimed to a strategic point on Wolf Spider. The head. The eye. The neck. The other eye.

"Was. Trying to leave," replies the blond man to Lucia. "They are not accepting resignations. I… think I know you. Neuromancer. But I can't trust my memories. I came to New York for the others. Those who broke free years ago."

He flinches when the bullet ricochets inches over him, what gives? It went downstairs? He has greatly enhanced sight, but not -quite- good enough to follow a bullet.

Meanwhile, by the platform, Overcharge's left foot is hit by said bullet. Bionic feet, so she feels no plain. But she understands the warning. And understands that Wolf Spider is unlikely to return. Maybe, just maybe, Shadowing will. If he can keep the shadow pocket until Cyberforce is gone.

But Overcharge doesn't hesitate a second. She jumps to the train tracks and starts running fast. Couple seconds later Spider's head is full of holes, confirming her assessment.

A couple minutes later the lights return.

"WHEN YOURE SOBER!" Ripclaw snarl-yells back at the gun bunny, leaping off the body of Wolf Spider to land in a three point stance but he straightens up, watching as Overcharge runs away. "Let her go." He asserts, Velocity could catch her. "We need to get out of here before the police or worse arrives." DEO, Superheroes…

A flick of his hands and he starts to wipe off various types of ichor, blood, oils, whatever else.

"You, follow us." Ripclaw says to Exergy, "We have a get away vehicle waiting above." The van. Adrenaline has Ripclaw pumped up right now, his biosynth blades retracting in. "Neuromancer, one piece?"

"Yeh, I sort of noticed." Lucia waits for the echo of the gun to die down and her brain to catch up on Velocity's movement,"Your eyes are my work. At least in part." she offers for Exergy, attention flitting in Velocity's direction at least briefly,"He's the only one I can sense here now."

She doesn't confirm who the people with her are, but seems that Ripclaw's gone into den father mode and is at least going with moving on and she offers a small nod,"He's bleeding, anyways." so maybe not that much of a threat? Still,"I'm going to put my hands on you… and well, anything that's not… part of your systems, I'm going to burn out. Just to… be on the safe side, yeh?"

"Don't yell at her." velocity states when she finaly slows, a path that is like a fast-forward x3 on a VHS, the bur coming to a flickering halt, the eye lined in ink peering towards Ripclaw before she looks towards Ballistic, the waning smile there and gone in a drop of tier corners, hidden behind the lower of her head when Riclaw mentions the vehicle.

The van.

"Meet ya there." Murmured as she walks past Exergy and Neuro for the way she came.

"Well, guess what? I'm sober because you and the new kid got into shit. Hey again, Neuromancer." Ballistic quips back at Ripclaw, calling out to the new-kid at the same time. She sweeps her eyes over the scene, gauging Robert's injuries and the status of Lucia. The hand cannon lowers, and is unceremoniously jammed into the holster at the small of her back. "Don't tell her I said this, but she wanted to talk, and I don't do that on anything cheaper than Midleton. Thirty minutes later, I can't make any guarantees."

The grouchy, blonde gun-bunny turns away from the wounded to look back from whence she came. Her bionic eye flickers through vision modes, scanning over the bodies of the SHOCs in her and Velocity's wake. That's when she realizes her sister has returned and is walking away.

"God damnit." Ballistic breathes under her breath. She casts a silent look back to Robert, Exegy, and Neuromancer, giving a similar frown on similar lips to that of her sister. Now would be an excellent time to follow after her sister, to make everything right, but in watching her sister walk away, she turns and offers a hand down to Exegy and Neuromancer.

"I'm either getting better at this or worse at this." Ballistic comments aloud.

"Ripclaw," again, Exergy seems to recognize the other cyborg. But he is not sure because so many memories are so irreal. "I met you five years ago? I was just… recruited. You were in Killjoy team? Everyone feared you two," he peels himself off the wall, and puts the dark glasses back in place. "I had eyes back then." He adds, glancing at Lucia. "Now they are laser canons," mutter, unhappy mutter.

Hmm, a hand to shake? Alright. Look, he can be polite too. Introductions!

"Exergy - Paul. Maybe Pavel," it sounds quite similar. "But I had no sleep in eight days. Maybe not making sense by now. I…" another glance to Lucia, "probably have trackers, but I am blocking all the signals. I can do that while I am awake." Which is not going to be much longer! And yes, he is bleeding under his coat and his body armor. The computer is telling him with annoying precision how much blood he has lost and why it is getting pretty bad despite not needing the blood to carry oxygen. A normal human would be unconscious from blood loss already.

There's a spread of Lucia's hands, don't get her involved in family squabbles, it says,"I was sleeping, when someond decided that I needed a ride-along." someone by the name of Ripclaw, at least to judge from the look cast in his direction. She let's the more robust Ballistic offer a hand to Exergy and at least has the grace to look chargrinned at his glance.

"I'll deal with what I can, including the bleeding. Anything else is up to those guys." she explains, content to cede that decision to the people that haven't been part of that motley crew for all of about five seconds as she at least offers a shoulder to help,"Let's… ah… get out of here."

"Was I yelling?" Ripclaw blinks at Velocity, "Hey, curb it speedy. You know I only yell because I can't hear after all the gunshots." Fail excuse but Robert doesn't care for firearms and this is his little plug. "Besides, she likes it. I know she'll remember that later when shes all alone." A flash of red eyes, one that conveys something almost like a brother would via a look - SKAG - it screams it in that special bond of Cyberforce.

Absolutely the man is teasing and he would not in the least be surprised if Ballistic OR Velocity slugged him for it. They're family in his eyes though.

"Killjoy, the name we don't speak around here. We'll talk about that more later, if you don't mind before we bring you to safety we'll ask for your weapons. If we're attacked enroute you'll get them back, when we clear you as not a double-agent, you'll get them back." A look at Lucia, shes got a new job on the team. Several. So many uses for a technopathic genius.

"You're correct though, I'm Ripclaw, this is Cyberforce."

"What was it I said? Heroics don't care about the time of day or night. Duty calls." He is joking, lighter, Ripclaw finds Velocity rubs off at times and after Maryland… well… everyone knows the tale. Lighter is almost necessary.

"Come on, Exergy." Absolute refusal to use the man's real name in public. Any of their real names while in 'combat mode'.

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