Demon Bear: Decaying Orbit

November 09, 2017:

The Demon Bear and Moonstar have been circling one another for ages. Now the time has come for the two to meet.


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Fade In…

It's been two days since Danielle Moonstar found the man named Robert Berresford; Ripclaw.

Ghost Warrior even.

Found mauled by the bear that wants her.

The Bear has attacked too many and it's enough that action must now be taken.

Before the Bear kills outright.

To SHIELD time off is taken.

For her family at the Mansion notes are written - those envelopes sit on her desk lined up.

Illyana, Rachel, Nate, and the list goes on.

The white envelopes are stacked up neatly and Dani touches them briefly. A final farewell.

Then her attention shifts to her room. Bow is taken, as is a quiver full of arrows.

A large sheathed hunting knife is likewise put upon her bed. Lastly, she pulls forth a costume she has yet to wear.

The cloth dark like the night sky and woven with such materials to provide some protection against attacks.

Perhaps it'll be enough. Probably it won't.

Finally, a headdress of feathers is retrieved. She touches the stylized golden thunderbird upon the front.

Then her expression turns grim.

Once dressed, Dani turns to look at herself in the mirror that stands in the corner of her room.

"Time to meet your maker." Comes her soft words, then with purpose the Cheyenne turns and walks away - a small to go bag grabbed before she leaves.

Her reflection likewise moves and above her form hangs a hazy vision.

An omen of things to come.

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