The Secret Origins of Space Toast

November 08, 2017:

The Green Lanterns and Starfire share some time together and catch up. They decide it's time to take the fight to the Red Lanterns. Space Toast is born.


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Fade In…

"Be worthy, strong of will and fearless." Words Hal remembers giving a young lantern not long ago, a young lantern that was sadly in the frontier regions and fell victim to the Reds. The conflict is spilling over now, past just the outer regions which can mean many things but most importantly it's reached Earth and fortunately Hal was there with Blue Marvel and Doctor Strange to repel the attack. Yet it's got his mind redoubling, playing with things…

Adrift in the vacuum of space Hal floats quietly in a green nimbus of energy towards a cluster of debris, hidden inside of it is the Interceptor. The ship anymore now that its been revealed has been acting as a sort of mobile headquarters for Jordan and Rayner.

"Honey, I'm home." He calls as the hatch reseals behind him, oxygen available he drops the protective barrier. "If you kids are fooling around again I am so calling Kori's parents." A low chuckle from the man as he walks to the ships helm and begins flicking through the diagnostics, a habit, precautionary and routine. Hal doesn't have a lot of those but this is one.

The last week and a half has been a handful for Kyle Rayner. After having his back scored with flaming napalm vomit, courtesy of Bleez, he'd been seen to yet again by his old flame and surgeon extraordinaire: Soranik Natu. Skin grafts and alien science made for newly regenerated flesh, but it's been pink, raw, sore, scratchy. Since returning from his medical leave outside of the watchful eye of the Guardians of Oa, his back has been as pink as Kilowog's, and a little…puffy.

"We're awake!" Kyle calls from one of the tiny rooms on the ship, which is barely enough for one, let alone two. A few whispers pass in the mostly closed door before Kyle exits, walking down to the bridge, barefooted and in a Chicaco Cubs jersey.

"It's been dead quiet since the last reports, Hal." The green and black suit begins to materialize around his body, covering claw-like scratches on his neck. Kyle Rayner comes to a stop in front of one of the bridge chairs, pressing his hands to the top of it. "Do you have any news? I haven't received any angry messages from the Guardians, so, for now, I think they don't know." Kyle pauses to sigh. "That won't last forever."

"It was until a couple days ago." Hal corrects, though Koriand'r and Kyle Rayner have both been in recovery since the last time Jordan had seen them, his joking put aside for now he lets the domino mask disolve away.

"How you feeling?" A beat then the skip as he carries on, "Earth got attacked by a Red and no, likely they don't have a clue. Not yet at least unless we want to say something. We should, soon, just not yet. We're already being scrutinized for enough things." Now it is we. Hal knows it's mostly his own blunders that has the Guardians in their current tiff. He honestly can't blame them.

"I'm feeling like I got Chia-Pet seeds spread all over me." Kyle replies, rounding the chair to slump into it. Gloved hands come up to scrub at his tired eyes, concealing the inward suck of air that comes with a waking yawn. "But that's not going to stop me from fighting them again. Another?" Kyle changes course quickly, looking over to Hal with a frown. "They're really paying attention to our sector more than I'm comfortable with."

Kyle frowns and finds a safe place on the console to place his boots, then reclines the co-pilot's seat backwards.

"It's still in our sector; our problem. I don't see a reason to call in reinforcements yet as we've got a whole planet full of reinforcements." Kyle decides. "First one of us calls uncle on calling reinforcements, we do it. Deal?"

"Exactly my thought. The Justice League wants to help and is ready to defend if they need to. Those of them that are space capable we can take with us when we go scouting for this nearby outpost." That looks to be Hal's plan right there and his thoughts, "You're on. It won't be me though, not now."

"Who did the spruce up job on you anyways?" A curious and prodding look from Hal, hes got a hunch just hasn't asked yet. It has not come up yet.

The consoles spark to life across the bridge, the gloom of it all being shut down for R&R mood no longer a thing as the entire vessel begins to awaken. No rumble or growl like some beast, no, the Interceptor is a sleek, future age model, quite silky sounds and warm lighting hiding a considerable amount of power and capabilities.

"Well, that's another reason why we don't want to make any calls to Appa Ali Apsa." Kyle drags his tongue over his teeth and, in a rare moment of Kyle Rayner being suspicious, which isn't his forte, he twists around to look in the direction from whence he came. Starfire's back there. Somewhere. Kyle checks to see if the way is clear, then turns back forward to the asteroid field in the view screen.

"I got a little more help from my friend in the Sinestro Corps. We've about used up our good will with Iolande." Kyle whispers, holding a finger to his lips, eyes wide with the begging of secret keeping from his sectorial bro. "Something better left off of the books, but they're at risk, too."

Kyle flattens his lips, and begins to stand.

"Hungry, Hal? I could space-cafe us some noodles?"

Starfire wasn't coming back from the way he came, she had cut over to the kitchen the interceptor hosts and made a pile of sugar and cnnamon toast as well as a few mugs of coffee.

The hall is passed down and Starfire is revealing from the space over Hal's other shoulder and opposite where Kyle had looked. One of the med workers brought the toast to her in the Watchtower, and it was a new miraculous revelation of deliciousness, so she had to share! … Though they likely have already had it. Shhhhh!

A white gysy-esque shirt hangs off her shoulders, criss cross corseted lacing up the sides held loose, the tails of laces skirting thighs, bare feet silent, and even as she hears Kyle, and is stilll mulling over Hal calling her parents about her perfectly natural antics with her courtier
Dead, like Tamaran.

Movements are eased, fluid, her mending process accelerated when the Watchtower rotated towards the sun and opened the reflections from the sun to her. But when she moves to set the tray of a leaning Tower of Pizza-Toast beside Kyle and his coffee is offered his way it is held precariously over a precipice'… Hovered, then adjusted in position to seem more… Nice. "She did great for you, I would never have seen anything look so great coming out of Tamaran Practitioners."

Hal, he can see the flash from periphery as she straightens from that bend and smooth's the Enflamed Ombre from her face. "If you can find my parents, I would be truly grateful."

Let them both chew on that as she lifts her coffee and closes her eyes to sip. But on the rim plum lips smear into a near hidden smile.

Wait and watch…
"Fair enough, no additional calls is usually my stance on that anyways. I prefer hands off management." Clearly. Hal's dark eyes narrow but there is a glint of humor in them. "Iolande, right, so uh, right."
Hal doesn't exactly hear Kori sneak up behind them, if thats what it wants to be called bare feet on a ships floor is fairly safe to assume if a person walks light they don't make much in the way of sounds. It's the smell of the food that has him turning just in time to avert eyes from Kyle's 'shh' to see the Tamarnean.
"I think she has us covered. Kori, you ever spent time in Gotham? You need to learn to walk a little heavier. Just sayin'."
A low chuckle from Lantern 2814.1 and his hand rubs the back of his neck, "Uh, sorry, it was a joke. I don't actually have a clue where to find your parents. Bad joke."

Kyle Rayner closes his eyes slowly upon the realization that Starfire has heard all of it. His cheeks lift, pinching what shows of his eyes closed, and then his face releases back to it's normal Rayner-ness. He clears his throat and reaches up for the mug off coffee with a whispered word of thanks.

"If word gets out that we've been having peaceful dealings with anyone from the Sinestro Corps, it'll be my ass. I don't think even Ganthet can save me from that." Kyle reaches out to try to rub at Kori's leg in apology, then turns for his food. "But I'm serious when I say that outside of the hospitals on Oa, I can't think of anyone else that's good enough a surgeon to try to get these rings off of people. So I'm trying to keep everything…copacetic."

Kyle dips his head, lips duck-lipping out towards the hot coffee to test the temperature.

"I made her suffer through American Ninja Four." Kyle snickers. "Ninja skills and cosmic energy are a dangerous combination."

Once her mug is set down, the smile is no longer hidden on Starfire's features, even the gleam of mischief is at the up-tilted corners of her eyes. She ooks like a cat that ate cream, although the coffee has none as one is also lifted to Hal.

"I have already accepted the fate of my people and my family." The steaming mug balanced as the rub of Kyles hand along her thigh garners a lean into the touch, a bow of contour to accept.

"I learned, though." A pause, one that is dead silent for Kori as it is obvious her brows furrow to find the phrasing fitting to this…

"Who is we?… I asked for the Yellow to help because despite what they did to my people I have seen what the child of a Sinestro can do to…" A slight tic of low-brow and Star looks to Kyle, then Hal. "Put things right for the Green." A slow sweep of gaze and she is staring more between th two of them.

"I am no Lantern, let the leetle Bloo Bossess tell me I have no right in space. I will tell them to fix my plnet and give me no reason to wander when thre is War." And -that-, is what Tamaran was about.

"No. Unlikely and you're playing it dangerous mingling. I can't be too much of a ballbuster on this front so I am not going to outright call it fraternizing, you're a big boy, I trust in your judgment. Most the time… desperate times and desperate measures." Hal shrugs it off this once. "Just be careful and don't make a habit of this. We're already getting enough flak. I said that right? I'm saying it again. I don't like little blue men breathing on my neck hair, it's creepy and they always smell like Pepto Bismol."

"You're supposed to be the example, Rayner. You're here for personal supervision, next step for me exile. I rather like Earth and the Corps. Also, if you get punished, who is going to be playing babysitter for you when you fail with me? Olapet? Ch'p? Can you imagine… "
Hal takes a piece from that tray, *CRUNCH* "This is just toast. Kinda burnt toast… "
"Bleh, so dry. Unf, god. Where is my coffee? You butter this enough?"

Mumbling around a swallow, "I didn't even know they had an American Ninja Four. How old was Dudikoff in that? No, don't tell me. I got a movie night planned now."

"Asking them for help wasn't a great idea but not much I can say there. I'm trying my best to be a team player on this number and have some faith. Don't have to explain, Kori and I am sorry about the joke about your parents, I forgot. Like, seriously just forgot."

"Okay, not we. Me." Kyle corrects himself with a grunt, burying his muzzle into the mug of coffee. He swallows, quickly. "It's not like I've been talking with asshole Yellow Lanterns like Arkillo. Sora's been one of us and there's still good in her. Maybe she'll get this out of her system and come back to the Jedi."

And there it is, folks! Kyle Rayner, Sensitivity Lantern, outlines his tiny little hopes for rehabilitation over coffee! The everyone-can-be-saved plan reflects in his eyes in the surface of his coffee as he sets it down.

"Let's just get on with pushing back these Red Lanterns and setting everything back right again. I'm not going to get caught and I'm not going to be bringing anyone down with me, but you both know as well as I do that it doesn't matter which sectors of space the Sinestro Corps takes up. It's under our watch, and, in a way, they're ours to protect, too."

Kyle reaches for his toast, averting their gaze.

"And thank you for breakfast, by the way." Kyle quiets, crunching into his meal.

Starfire is looking between them, not knowing if thry are hearing the tawny hued 'chick' that… Okay maybe she was not being clear…

Crunching into her toast her eyes crinkle at the corners in accent to Hal's words about the butter part. "Thoo mean ttthe yellow bartth(s)? Just a thh-ad…" A pinch of fingers and she is sipping the black coffee that does no good in wetting her palette, but at keast the sugar-and-spice laden over-cooked breadsweetens the black bitter brew.

Breakfast Fail.

"So my cooking needs some work.." Stated as she peels her lip from teeth due to 'dryness', a light push of hip into Kyle in reassurance as well while she lifts her gaze to Hal. "What I am saying…" A trace of tongue over upper-teeth, parting lips that are in need of aqua… Water… X'Hal..

"I am not under the scrutiny, I have no real place among you Lanters and your doctrine to war for the Space and the People." And for that moment, Star is who she was raised to be and into. "So I asked Soranik to help, not seeing color, but knowing history, because Kyle told me of his past girl… friend…" Pause. "That was miraculous in advanced medicine, so when I felt harm would come to My People," A look between them and then towards Earth."I asked for help on the accord of my People and their well being. It is what we have to do when we accept caring for those.." Enough said and Kori is pulling her coffee back up, a piece of toast hovering in other hand…

DIP! Problem SOLVED!

"You Lantern's protect all, I swore Earth as my home. Mine to protect as well. So when do we get to show them how we react to damaging that and those we care for?" Answer given. Problem solved?

The smile to them says 'You're WELCOME!' all over it, even in the emission of warmth.

A slow exhale from Hal and he lowers in to the captain's seat, swiveling left and right as if hes in debate before speaking around a crunchy bit of toast, pushing it in to his cheek first, "We. It's always we now. This is /our/ sector. Partners, you're my wingman and uh, wing… lady I suppose."
Then Hal tries to swallow, a KAFF escaping him at Kyle's remark about the Sinesro Cors being under their vigil, pounding his chest a moment he then waves that piece of half eaten toast at Kyle, "Now you are trying to kill me. I am going to completely ignore you said that for now, just this time. "
Hal talks a tough game at times like this but his compassion is fairly high up there, hes not sensitivity Lantern, not quite like Kyle but hes got a romantic notion of old school heroics and keeping everyone protected and safe. Mostly.

"Push comes to shove though and we need it, maybe we can wrangle up Soranik and some of her Yellows to arms against the Reds. Two birds with one stone."

"You're forgiven Kori, I know you just mean well and you're lucky Kyle has dibs. I've never been with a Tamaranean before." He teases them both, hes a tad envious, not because Hal WANTS to be with Kori but because oddly enough, hes always got a woman hes hitched to in some fashion, the man just doesn't like to be alone even if he is putting up with some bimbo he met in a club with a name like Bambi.

He is also fairly certain that he and Power Girl are a done thing. The level of 'cold' hes getting off of her is a barrier hes not exactly going to pit himself against, guilt perhaps. Jordan skills.

Kyle bites into the toast and…pauses. Teeth sunk into the hardened bread, he falls silent. Somewhere in his mouth, his tongue is peeling back away from the taste, hesitating. He thinks better of it and bites down the rest of the way, slowly working the bread into his mouth. With enough saliva, everything becomes palatable.

"What? No! It's alright, Kori." Kyle muffles out of the corner of his mouth, chewing. The back of his throat strains and tightens. "I mean, maybe next time-" SWALLOW. "-more butter and cook it for less, but you're on the right track." Kyle headbutts Koriand'r in the hip.

But with coffee and burnt toast, he can dunk one into the other, which is his sudden solution for the razorblade Wonderbread problem.

"I'm a very lucky man." Kyle replies with a grin, dunking his toast into his coffee. Lucky. Just not in the cooking sense. "I'm sure there's another Tamaranean out there we can find you, Hal, and when you meet her, your legendary bachelor reputation, I promise you, will be done for. Slayed."

The soggy bread digs past Kyle's teeth for an easier second bite.

"She's right, though, we're just doing the right thing and making the right calls at the right times. We're keeping people safe, alive, and we're on the right track." Rayner nods sharply. "And I think it's a good time to strike back and show them that we're not going to go down easily."

Kori is listening and watching them both, but since Gotham has been mentioned - something caused notrils to flare and in the back of her mind… Something is missing. Someone is missing. A blink of rapid butterfly-winged lashes and she looking back at them,her smile lifting only one corner of her lips as even she sets the contemplated toast down beside her mug.

Okay, coffee is not hydratingfor this level of need and even Kori can admit it, crumbs rubbed from fingers along the gauzy clad hips, her hand dashing out to take the toast from Kyle before he suffers another bite, the other doing the same for Hal. Bth pieces crumbled and tiny particles before remnants are flicked onto the tray.

"I have suffered some Flix, and know a Jet'aii when I see one, or them, even if the ninja's mouths move faste then the words…" And furrow of brow at that one. She's still trying to understand this language 'Dubbing'. HATE! Sub it… Sweet Mothe—-

" So, let's not let me kill a couple of the green 'sabers, before we even get to meet Leeloo?" Dallas Multipass.

"I say we order in…" And live happy full(ish) lives. A smile towards Kyle at the head-butt and then Hal. "She will get over it, or you will before hand and find a woman worthy of forgiving… you… A lot." the bit of laughter is seen in her eyes and the light shake of shoulders until they still.

"Yes, please. I would like to know what we are up against further. How would the Bloo Man (Group?) handle it being allowed?"

"Hey hey. I'm not saying set me up or take pity. I was just having a moment. I do well enough on my own, geezus." Hal clears his throat, pride shuffling up there. A jerk at his collar and he repositions pulling up a starmap that illuminates acrosst he air before them, "I was just saying, I never got my Kirk on with that particular alien type. Damn." A grin sidelong at Kyle as Kori tries to show off her popculture knowledge, "You two watch too much movies together."

"Red Lanterns, our next task is to find them. The JL Watchtower is going to bounce signals off the Interceptor. This is going to require some groundwork, we do this in teams, we'll keep using my sweetheart here as a mobile base and begin a gridwork out, get ears out, look for anomalies that don't match to our sector like they should, they're here. They're somewhere and we'll find them. It's game time and if you guys are going to have Soranik's people in your pocket… lets use that card wisely and play it when we really need it. Thats a whole 'nother bag of oh shit I am a little worried about. I'm going to try to coordinate with some of our League pals and pre-emptive this."

"We Golden?" Hal Jordan appears pumped. Maybe its the company. The bread piece doesn't get finished it actually ends up floating secretly out of a small ejection port behind them, it'll survive out there a very very long time probably longer than anything else that tries to munch on it.

Kyle's teeth clack shut when his toast is stolen. Right out of his mouth, no less. He shoots a disparaging look up to Starfire, then leans out past her hip to jab Hal Jordan in his arm.

"Seriously, did you hear that?" Kyle teases his commanding officer. "She said Jee'dai and is making Leeloo references. Talk all of the crap that you want about how many movies we watch, Jordan, but oh my god-" Kyle motions to Starfire, then bites down on his knuckle, hard. "Jesus. GRR."

Green light shines between them as a construct forms of a bunch of balls bouncing around in a hopper. Seven balls roll out and turn over to reveal the letters: J-A-C-K-P-O-T

"Anyway, yes, WORK." The construct recedes into Kyle's ring. He pushes his seatback to its upright position. "We're Golden. I'm eighty percent sure that if I call Soranik and tell her that we've got the Reds boxxed in that we're going to get them to come, but that might be a good time to call the greens, the Kryptonians, the Thanagarians, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Tom fricken' Brady, because he might be absolute shit as a human being, but if we need to cheat to get the job done…"

Starfire steps back, the seat behind then taken with ease, and even as she places a strp of a seat-belt over her lap she is plucking andbrushing crumbs from her attire, but the resolution in her brw shows enough…

There is no care in who or what ((level of "Bambi")) they affiliate with, there is business to attend to that will save…
… All of them.

The crux of the mater breached while legs cross and the bow upon a hip is knotted and tied in idle re-direction. "Space Jam?" The mention of Lakers' has her looking up, okay so she comandeered watching shows on her own and got stuck with WB a bit…

Onward Ho!

The Flame-bre' of hair is swept back and lofted off her neck to be wrapped around fists and twisted into a massive braided bun. "I want food that does not cut my mouth before I ask someone that plays with a swine-skin to help us against the Red."


Looking up, the jabs between the two is confusing…. "What does Hay-zues have to do with it?"

"Oh my god, she knows Space Jam." Kyle one-lines. "SEE?!?!"

"Dude, she just said 'Space Jam' and you're praising her? I don't know you right now. Matter of fact I hate both of you." Hal says while that domino mask re-appears over his eyes and the bridge of his nose, "But sure we'll call all of them if it comes to it, our planet, our solar system OUR sector isn't going to end up Red Lantern death metal gore party…but we'll swap Brady for Hardy. I figure that guy can take a punch even from a Manhunter. Shit, if we truly have to I am prepared to call Bob Saget."

The co-pilot controls spring out, lights begin to change color tone and Hal grips on to the handles of the Interceptor, a slow turn taking them free of the debris coasting them through it before stars change from spots to lines, bright streaks through dark reality around them. "To a galaxy far far away it is… "


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