November on the Breakstone

November 08, 2017:

Lorna has questions for Scott in regards to Genosha and the Gala's attack. Timing is unfortunately off and things remain unanswered.


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Breakstone Lake :

This large freshwater lake spans a wide distance, normally its a great place to swim, fish and coast around in smaller boats but right now its beginning to frost over. A thin layer of translucent ice covering the surface, nearer the shores its actually frozen down several feet. Not exactly safe enough yet to go ice fishing that will not hit for perhaps another month but there is good fish under there.

Cyclops is wearing a heavy camouflage jacket with a grey under sweater, hood on both drawn up. Fingerless gloves of black and sports pants accompanied with tennis shoes. He is warm enough. Mutants are a notch more hardy than their human base-species after all. His breath pushes out past the comfortable red glasses he wears, a beanie atop his head. The misty coil amusing him a moment before he is looking up and down the length of the shoreline, he swears he saw someone out here but maybe he is just mistaken.
It's a nice place to get away and just breath a little.

Lorna had come out to find Scott, she'd seen the news about the Charity Ball and was intent on finding her maybe possibly siblings. While she didn't particularly want to get the X-men involved, she wanted to know more than what was published in the newspaper. Which meant asking Scott what he knew.. and trying to avoid spilling all the beans about how she wanted to find said maybe siblings.

Her life was complicated sometimes.

But she wore a hoodie, with a leather jacket over it. Thick gloves, and a purple hat that snuggly covered her ears. Not that she really needed to worry about the cold, not while she was dating Marcos.. but still. Better to be able to walk around without needing one's boyfriend to warm up frozen skin.

"Scott?" She called as she approached.

Marcos was just enjoying the day, and had actually decided to come on down to the lake just to see it really. He wasn't searching for Lorna, just came down really just for the sights. His life was more simple than most…which really just amounted to 'survive' if one was being basic.

He wore a black hooded coat with a blue flannel longsleeve shirt underneath, black jeans and tenneshoes. He also wore black fingerless gloves. Was he cold? Eh, kind of. He didn't want to waste power heating himself constantly, so he just went with it.

Though upon hearing a familiar voice, Marcos turns his head to find Lorna, offering a small smile as he starts to approach…but given her words, he wondered if it was intended to be private.

The outdoors of the Mansion grounds are often home to the wanderings of Cloud, and cold weather does not seem to be enough to prevent her meanderings. She has not gotten herself wet, however. Right now the clouded leopard is stalking around the shore of the lake, nose down, snuffling along, tasting the scents of the animals that have come to this water source recently.

"Lorna." Scott recognizes the green haired mutants voice before even noticing her, hes got sharp ears and has this blind warrior monk thing going on from time to time. It's a neat little side quirk hes developed to adapt to just what it is he does.
"I was just out walking and enjoying the weather.' Enjoy the cold. Who does that. Oddly enough this very location makes him feel awful mortal, like he could just shatter to pieces out here and be okay with it. It's serene. "What brings… ah." A light smile appears as he spies Marcos just a ways off. It's not easy to go unnoticed out here when too close to the lake. A lot of the shrubbery is down with the cold, not so much foliage covering the landscape.

Cloud is not noticed, shes the opposite direction. Much quieter and blends well in this chilly frosted time of the year.

Marcos would come up over the hill, seeing Lorna and Scott "Hey you two." he walks over to Lorna first, a kiss to the cheek to greet her, then a hand extended for Scott. "Scott, good to see you again." a big smile then. Though he doesnt notice Cloud whatsoever.

Lorna walked lightly over the frosted landscape, her powers lifting her an inch or two over the frozen ground with each step until it was more an effortless glide than walking. Though she maintained her step regardless. It was just easier than outright flying and it kept the chill from the ground from creeping into her boots. Steel toed shoes were not good for keeping one's feet warm.

Even if they provided another means of attack for the magnokinetic.

"I wanted to have a chat with you if you've got a moment. I mean, I meant to snag you earlier to ask about what happened in that had Rogue so on edge, but then that whole other world stuff.. and yeah.." She grimaced, referring to the events in Genosha. She hadn't had a chance to ask him what had happened in detail and no one else had been willing to tell her.

"But that can wait. I really came because of the Charity Ball. If you might be able to tell me more than what the papers had." She glanced up as Marcos came over and she grinned at him.


Cloud continues stalking along the shore of the lake, sniffing and snuffling about as she does so. She catches sight of Scott talking to the green-haired woman and pauses, watching and sniffing but not drawing any closer, not wanting to intrude. She's polite like that.

"You too, man." Scott says with a smile from inside the hooded jacket and sweater. "Brisk walk is good for a clear mind. Always loved this time of year up here."

"That conversation can wait, sure, the Charity Ball?" Fingers flex together and rub, a slow turn has him seeing the leopard, such a thing usually inspires alarm but recognition is there and Scott uptilts his chin in a hello to the woman, the small motion being used as if he is in the middle of considering his words or what to say or just exactly what Lorna is asking, "What exactly do you want to know? The papers covered quite a bit of it. It was… gruesome. A horrible act and something I'll be approaching in the war room as soon as everyone is gathered." War Room. A first of this Marcos might have heard. Marcos as far as he is aware may not even know they're X-Men.
An intake of Scott's lips against his teeth and he looks over at Marcos, "Ah… "

Lorna glanced toward Marcos briefly and then back to Scott. Her lips pursed together briefly and she folded her arms over her middle. "Did the attackers say anything about why or what they wanted? Maybe to try to figure out what they might hit next and get eyes on the ground? Since they got away, I doubt that the ball is the last time we'll see or hear from them, right?" She tilted her head to the side, and slowly exhaled a breath, a puff of air clouding in front of her.

She wasn't saying everything, that much was obvious. "The papers didn't say anything beyond a powered struggle as far as that goes." The mention of the War Room had her shifting to shove her hands into her pockets. She had to move and move faster than the X-men could assemble if she wanted to get a word in with her maybe possible siblings.

"Marcos knows enough about me and who I was here before, we've dated for over a year now. He's trust worthy, obviously. He's safe to talk in front of, if you're worried."
Marcos smiles faintly to Lorna when she looks at him, though when Scott says something about a war room, it makes Marcos give him a 'beg pardon, War what now?' kind of look. Thheeeen he remembers oh yeah, X-Men.

He does smile warmly to Lorna when she speaks up for him, his hand holding hers now. "Your confidence in me is appreciated." a warm smile then, before he looks to Scott. Though he does turn his head to see Cloud creeping apart all animal style. "Um…should I be concerned about that…" he says maybe only a tad nervously.

"Good. It's hard to tell anymore and certain thiings around here have gone unchecked, I assumed with Marcos and never really approached it." Scott pauses, "Assumed with you, sorry, you're standing /right/ there." A smile is offered with the apology.

"They were making a show for mutantkind. Brotherhood propaganda at work. It's been quiet on that front so this… the timing is sadly almost expected. We never seem to be able to take down their leadership and now Magneto is making a show again." Scott studies Lorna, trying to figure out her curiosity in this but puts it off that she may just be invested, she is one of them after all. Concern maybe? "We'll see them again. Garauntee it. We never stamp them out and these ones mean business they're also very powerful. I'm not eager for it."

The leopard pads quietly around the corner and lopes over in easy, lazy strides towards the bipeds, watching Scott for signs that he would prefer her not to approach; he knows she is more than she appears, after all, and has seen her. And she's all about the respect for others.

Scott lifts a hand at the leopard and motions her over politely, "Don't be alarmed if you haven't met her." He says quietly to the other two.

Lorna gave Marcos' hand a squeeze, the colorful lights that normally appeared when they touched gone with the intervention of gloves around their hands. She exhaled a breath, glancing back to Scott. "Marcos has always done right by me and by other mutants. He's got a pretty solid head on his shoulders. And I know if I hadn't dragged him down to Mutant Town with me to play detective he'd be right up here with everyone else." She smiled thinly and gave Scott a nod at the information.

The leopard though? She'd met her before and Lorna smiled a bit warmer, with a faint wave of her free hand. "Hey." She glanced back toward Scott, as if having become distracted from her thoughts.

"Met her before, Marcos hasn't. Uhm.." She trailed off, and exhaled another cloudy breath. "I'm getting rather cold, so I'm gonna head back inside for some hot chocolate with some Irish Cream. I can leave out enough for extras if anyone else wants some." She offered, side stepping the rest of the news. Magneto was active again. Her siblings sounded like they were in fact part of the Brotherhood. Yippee.

Marcos seems to look at both Scott and Lorna….this Brotherhood business didn't make him feel secure at all. He had watched old videos and the like about the brotherhood, X-Men too, but if the Brotherhood was rising again, this could only spell out trouble.

He does offer a warm smile to Scott though, shaking his head lightly at his apologetic tone. "No worries friend." a kindness then. "Well…if you need help, I'll lend a hand." he smiles then. "Besides, I don't like bullies." he shrugs then.

Marcos does look to Lorna now. "Alright, I'll see you soon." a cheek kiss later and she's off!

"Later Lorna, we'll talk another time. I know you have some questions I am not being outright with and I'll do my best to answer them." Scott only smiles as she trails off, "We can always use help. How much do you know exactly?" A serious tone to that. He is not being mean about it though, just curious. Security protocols at the school are never easy to follow. The dynamic was never set up for covert ops ironclad-like and the larger they expanded, the more time has went on it has become near impossible to remain obscure. Plus several of their names are tied to the 'mysterious' X-Team.
Scott is included in that number. Tongue in cheek.
"No one likes a bully. This is Cloud. She is a friend."

Cloud slinks over and strops against Scott, making her presence known and thanking him for his sentiment. No one likes a bully. The leopard watches Lorna depart, and eyes the Marcos, snuffling curiously, taking in all that her senses can tell her.

Marcos smiles to Scott then, though he does look to Cloud the leopard, when Scott admits that she is a friend, he seems to visibly relax. "Ah…that's far more comforting." he smiles then "Eh…hi." a little wave to the predatory cat. Though his attention is stolen by Scott at his question. "Well…Lorna told me all about the X-Men and all that noise. She had good stories too. I know about Magneto, but I dunno the people who attacked the Charity. Lorna showed me the video. Guessing they're new…." he sighs then. "I suppose I know enough?"

"I see." Scott murmurs, "Then she definitely trusts you and it is your right as a mutant and family to know who and what we are. I assume she also told you what we stand for?" The tall brunette's hands rise up, rubbing together before he blows in to them. Darker it gets colder it does as well, "They're new. They were bold… there was a lot of amazing people there and they showed no fear, that says they believe in their cause and they're confidence. That comes with a plan or backing. Unless they're idiots but that didn't strike me to be the case."
A look past those lenses at Cloud, he smiles a little, hes looking at but through her, "You know plenty and will know more. I'll show you around one of these nights."

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