Seeking a Hunch

November 07, 2017:

Lorna asks Jamie to help her find her maybe kind of sibings

Jamie/Lorna/Eclipse's Apartment


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Lorna had been more or less connected to Marcos Dias at the hip for the past week or so. Especially since he had joined her in living in her room. The two had made an attempt at being discreet, though the northern lights that appeared whenever the two had skin to skin contact.. well, lets just say it wasn't just sound that traveled.

Still, Lorna had gone about pulling her weight since she'd taken on the job, and even tried to help out in the apartment. There was an influx of cookies being baked when she had a spare moment, metal trays floating out and about with a distracted wave of her hands.

For now, she was nibbling one of said cookies, peering over an old laptop screen and reading over some newspaper articles. She would read, frown, and jot down a few notes. Then check another window that was on her screen, and seem to cross reference something on there as well.


Jamie does appreciate the help around the place of course. Especially with some cleaning, there is one thing the dupes all have in common is that they all hate to clean. Plus the cookies are nice are a real nice touch of course. Sure the presence of the other stuff happening has gotten his attention. But frankly he's not going to say anything. Especially when you consider some of the stuff his dupes have gotten up to into the past.

When he walks into the place and gets the cookies, he has to grab one. "So what'cha up to?" Besides for once not being attached to the hip of her boyfriend.


Lorna glanced up as Jamie entered the kitchen area and she clicked onto the previous news paper article—which was very clearly about the Charity Ball that had been attacked only a few days ago. She finished off the cookie she'd been nibbling on and leaned back in her chair, arms crossed as she considered what to say. Finally, she sighed and shifted to better look up at him.

"Remember how in that other reality.. Magneto wasn't a genocidal maniac and the how the X-men were led by a guy named Quicksliver? Pietro?" She arched a green eyebrow upwards, considering him.


There is a shudder from Jamie, "Yes. I was also something people seemed to fear, a lot." Yeah he still wants to ask Nate about that one sometime soon. He munches a little on the cookie some more, "What about it?" Sure it was strange to see Magneto as a hero, but there were a lot of other strange stuff in that world they visited. "Don't tell me, you found out that Quicksilver is your cousin, and Magneto is really your uncle or something." Yes that one is said with a joking tone. He polishes off the cookie and goes over to kinda peek over her shoulder.


Lorna exhaled a breath, and closed the clunky looking laptop. "I .. haven't exactly advertised this.. Mostly because it's dangerous for people to know. Both for myself and for others." She muttered, and shifted uncomfortably in her chair. It creaked and she ran her fingers over the metal studded bracelets around her wrists.

"And you're close.." A sigh was held back, barely, as green eyes flickered up to look at him. "Magneto is my father. Which.. I've known for sometime. I found out there that Pietro and his sister, Wanda.. are my siblings. And I need some help finding them here.."


There is a shrug at her first comment, "My dad was a farmer. We aren't our parents Lorna. We are the people we make ourselves to be. It would be more dangerous for people to try and do anything to you because of who your dad is." Seriously as if Jamie and other X types wouldn't help her out in a heartbeat if she needed it.

"Well then I guess we should start looking for them. Do you know where they were last? Or is that what you're tying to find?" Of course if she got any information from the other world, that may be completely different.


Lorna exhaled a breath, seeming to relax as Jamie didn't blow up or freak out over who her father was. That was a relief. Not everyone had taken the news so lightly after all. "Most governments have a Magneto protocol. I would doutlessly become part of it. And be seen as a tool to be used against him. Or a rally point for extremists— those that hate him or those that love him." She wrinkled her nose and turned back to her notes and tapped her fingernails against the table.

"I have reason to believe they attacked the Charity Ball."


Well fuck he didn't even consider that part. "Don't worry, I won't let it happen." Yeah okay that is some big tough talk, but who knows maybe he could make it happen. He does have an army at his disposal after all. "Well that isn't good. So that means people are looking for them already. Do we know who is handling the case? Local PD or someone else?" He goes and moves to sit next to her, "I have some contacts in the NYPD that I can try to get some information from."


Lorna grimaced, "I've had a few years to put together all the ways that it could go. And since my father happened to be in the news again over in Genosha.. I'm going to have to be very careful in being .. uhh showy, I guess, with my powers. Sure there are other magnokinects out there, but yeah.." She shifted in her seat, averting her eyes to some distant point.

"And since I don't want to end up locked up in some lab where people take me apart to figure out new ways to defeat him.. I'm gonna keep doin' what I'm doing. You see why I wasn't big on rejoining the X-men." She scratched the back of her neck and as he spoke about who was tracking her maybe siblings down she winced.

"I think maybe the Avengers? They attacked Captain America, and Tony Stark.. as well as Scott, and Miss Frost.. and a whole mess of others. The news hasn't exactly been clear."


"Like I said, it's not gonna happen. Anyone tries to do anything to you, they will have to get through me first." Yeah he can tell she's upset about that, and he has to protect his employee you know. "Well crap, the Avengers tracking them down wouldn't be good for us. So what do you know about them that we can use?" He sighs and stands up for a moment. He then walks over to his liquor cabinet and pours a drink, "You want one?" Yup it seems like he's going to need a drink. "The big problem is they did break the law. I'm not sure if I'm good enough of a lawyer to get them off."


Lorna shrugged, "Yeah, well get in line. Marcos gets first dibs on anyone gunning for me that I haven't already taken care of." A dry tone took hold of her voice and she raked a hand through her green hair. She watched him, and as he went to get a drink she nodded. "Yeah. I could use one."

The green eyed woman leaned back in her chair and shrugged. "I know that Pietro has super speed. That's about it. Oh and also he's a dick, if personality wise that didn't change. I have no idea if they're aware they're related to me or not. If they know who their father is.. nothing. I am going off the fact that I shared blood with them in another reality." She rolled her eyes, and shook her head.

"Something tells me that they're not going to stop with the Charity gala they attacked. And I doubt they're going to be interested in turning themselves in either. But someone has to do something, and I'm likely going to be the only one to get to them. Maybe talk them out of whatever it is they're planning next. Leave the country. I dunno. But I know I can't leave this alone."


He pours her a drink as well and returns with both of them. "Well okay so we have to try and figure out targets they would possibly attack. I can start sending out dupes to them to scout them at least. So where do we think they would go?" He pauses after that, trying to give her a time to answer, "Also running may not be the best option. It could just make things worse for them."


Lorna took up the drink and arched a green eyebrow upwards, "I dunno what they'd go for. I mean a charity gala isn't exactly what I would have pegged for them to hit. They didn't take anything. Just blew shit up. I don't get it. If they were trying to send a message? It got lost in the translation of the media." She took a swig of her drink and set it down with a click on the table.

"Mutant Town would be the easiest place for them to hide and get lost. But if Pietro can run as fast as the other one in that other world? Then they could be on the other side of the continent before we knew it. And I don't think that they're gonna want to listen about what their options are.. Jamie."

Another sigh dragged from her lips. "It's possible they might attack rather than sit down and have a 'family reunion' meeting. I doubt that they'll want to listen to me lecturing them about breaking the laws either. My hope is to either convince them to stop it. Or… if the worst case is.. making them stop."


"Yeah they could possibly be around here. But as you said they could be anywhere else. The big thing is if he was carrying your sister with him, would that limit how far he could travel?" He may be able to move super fast, but well his sister may not be able to handle going at the same speed as him. "But don't worry, I will do whatever I can to help you find them. Maybe we can try and set them on the right path." He takes a large sip from the drink after that, "But we will find them. Hopefully before they do something else crazy."


Lorna nodded, looking vaguely morose. As if her family's criminal activities were her burden alone to shoulder… and just how much it would take for her to become just another person in her family that didn't care about laws either. She pursed her lips together briefly, knocked back the rest of her drink and nodded. "It might slow him down, I dunno. The other version of him was older. And I still dunno what Wanda can do. I only knew she died in that other world." She exhaled a breath, and rose, collecting her notes.

"And thanks. I appreciate it. I didn't exactly want to make this an X-man thing. They could find them, but … I wanted the chance to talk to them more privately… less on that scale. So.. yeah. Thanks." She shifted her weight on her heels for a brief moment.

"I'm going out to pick up some more eggs. Used the last of 'em on the cookies." She drawled and made to leave.

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