A Green and Pleasant Land

November 07, 2017:

(Backdated to the 72 hour mission of the X-Men) The finale of 'Return to Genosha' all forces come together in the end engagement between mutant and human overlords


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Off the eastern coast of Africa, near Madagascar the island nation of Genosha.

A hotbed of political and social unrest over the past few years Genosha was once heralded as a technological and highly advanced paradise. The outside world was misinformed and as of the past several years light has been shed upon the countries more nefarious side. Every child of Genosha at the age of 13 is tested for the X-Gene and if found they are then 'Genegineered' in to a life as mutant slaves. The country has over the years also taken to expanding it's reach with economic and population swell, mutates outside of Genoshan territories have been forced in to captivity and enslaved.
The country after a failed assassination attempt on the American Professor Charles Xavier has since undergone worldwide scrutiny, the UN and many powerful nations have placed a trade embargo against Genosha and refuse to cooperate, aid or affiliate themselves. It is a time of change, forced change. There are many fingers in the 'pot' and strings being drawn behind the curtain.

Three Days ago the X-Men were deployed to a rebel occupied town known as Hopewell, from there a series of insurgent strikes began against the Genoshan leadership, the Human Council's base of operations on the landmass was obliterated destroying a partnership that ensured use of Sentinels and production of them on the African continent itself. Genosha's Secure Net was impregnated with a specially tailored virus that wiped the X-Men from all databases and brought down many linked defensive capabilities throughout the island including portions of it's protective grid (this killed scanners, SAM batteries, projected light barriers, etc).
From Carrion Cove to the Razorback Mountains Magistrate outposts have been razed to the ground by insurgents, supposedly lead by the X-Men and yesterday the G-Core Lab central was struck, two captive very powerful mutates held within were released; Erik Lensherr and Madelyne Pryor. The former preparing to do battle against Genosha where as the latter lie in a coma after apparently killing Nate Grey.

Shortly after this transpired another assault ocurred in the very center of Genosha's heart of Hammer Bay, the Citadel was struck by a massive energy beam that took down it's blackout zones and crippled many of the Genoshan's reserve forces. A suitable distraction as the White Queen was safely delivered Madame President Reneau, the real one.
A successful exchange as Meggan has replaced her in office, inspiring a coup from the top. Feeding the very nature of things by further exposing much of Genoshas secrets to it's populace bolstering the uncertainty and giving additional aid to the rebel forces and their mutant sympathizers.

The time for the X-Men to make one last assault against the Genoshans is now, what remains of the Citadel still stands and forces gather to repel the attack, the target? The Genegineer and the remnants of the Council. They have holed themself up and refuse Reneau (Meggan)'s orders of turning themselves in. It is a rainy day, a warm rainy day as the sun hides behind dark clouds and the rumble of thunder occassionally cracks through them.

Scott Summers in ragged full body suit of navy blue stands just outside of Hammer Bay behind a turned over tank and a collection of crashed vehicles, one turret faced inward on a high wall acts as a bulkwark for the assembled mutants. It looks like its time.


As seems to be the usual with such adventures, Cloud has likely been present, but has made little issue of her presence for others. After all, she is far better as a sneak, a scout, a hunter and gatherer of information and a tracker of resources than she is in an outright fight. Granted her little armored 'service vest' is better than nothing, and she does seem to heal incredibly well. But the leopard is anything but bulletproof, let alone lasers or worse. She has helped as asked. But now she is here, ready to help lead the way to their target, sniffing out the safe path, finding those they seek. Some may mistake her for merely a fancy and smart pet. But the X-Men know better. Or they had best.


Nate is not feeling himself today.

Actually Nate is -not- himself today. Besides that 'mostly dead' thing.

Thanks to Xavier and Emma Frost, his consciousness has been transferred into Emma's pilot. And they didn't ask the man for permission. Which puts Nate into a rather awkward position on several levels.

For one he is five inches shorter and fifteen years older, with short sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. And although the pilot is in reasonable good shape, he certainly feels somewhat clumsy and weak. But as compensation he is not in constant horrible pain as the psychic flames of the Astral Plane slowly consume his astral form. In fact he is unusually clear-headed and calm, since he is not dealing with the excess psionic energy his body generates constantly and the technovirus trying to eat his brain.

He has also been warned to be cautious with his powers as a human mind can't channel powerful psychic powers, so he is wondering if he is going to be of any use now. And in the future: As a ghost taking over other minds. Can he even leave Genosha? He still feels linked to the Astral conflagration.

And Nate absolutely doesn't want to put the pilot at risk. He is an innocent (relatively speaking) and what they did was highly unethical. He is still shocked it was Xavier's idea.

Still, he had to come to help. If only to do some telepathic linking and scanning.


Cyclops looks behind him at the gathered rebels and mutants, each face memorized as the fires and smoke rising behind the walls of Hammer Bay's inner city are pelted with the warm shower of rainfall. "We are scattered right now but the upperhand is ours as long as the Magistrates are reeling, you have all done well." A look is given to Jhiao and Pilot-Nate, there will be some getting used to required there, it is intended to be temporary but still bizarre. Death or the darker treks of psionic powers. Scott will not question it. He is a good soldier like that and has been following Charles Xavier's lead since he was a teenager.

"We're at the final press. Reneau's cabinet has flipped on itself and are at eachothers throats, the public sees it, the exposure of many war crimes they hid from their own people has planted the seeds of doubt. Right now is our window of opportunity. We are going to take what remains of the Citadel. Rescue any of our own inside and withdraw. From there… well, lets focus on the now."

A white haired man seated on an outcropping of rock and debris in a skin tight gray body suit, cloak over one shoulder flapping around his form straightens up to a stand, "A /rousing/ speech, Cyclops." The sarcasm evident, the man with piercing blue eyes looks at the assembly of mutants and sympathizers, a smile twists up his worn features. "You all know who I am and if you do not you will, I dare say the X-Men as idealistic as the are have done a grand job, now, it is my turn."

"We rescue you to have you go out and kill yourself or others, Magneto." Scott shouts at the man who is levitating, ascending with a ringlet of scattered metal and chunks orbiting him.

"No. You did not. Your wants and wills are your own, I am the Master of Magnetism and I will show these misguided children the error of their ways. Those of you with me, follow. Those of you who wish to run away from reality, please, remain with the X-Men."

Elsewhere, the Citadel itself inside the council chambers barricaded and in safety a fight has broken out, two senior heads began outright striking one another with fists at an argument that escalated over some of Reneau/Meggan's proposed reformation. The attack lastnight has put the entire Hammer Bay city on lockdown. The 'Blackout Zone' as its being called is a nullification zone below the upper levels of the spire itself, where mutants that can nullify other mutants powers were kept as a safety precaution and security manifestation. They were taken out. A beam of energy cut through them during a maintenance turn over and destroyed the control pods. Mutants in the city have found their powers returned, Reneau/Meggan above the range of the Blackout Zone the entire time was clear of this and able to maintain her disguise. That doesn't make her safe up here though and now she only has the one 'sympathizer' with her, the man who is fighting one of the Genegineer's advocates.
Moreau himself stands at the wrecked and open window overlooking Hammer Bay, a frown etched across his features. His graying hair and high widowspeaks etching his brow in to a frown, "This is a ridiculous mess, Madame President. You did this. Why the sudden change of heart?" He is furious but containing it. His hands clutched together behind his back, fingers wringing together.

Outside the Citadel:
Magneto is drifting beyond hearing range now, the wall that was blocking the throwing itself a hundred yards aside in all direction opening up to reveal a wall of soldiers with weapons and several mutants that are still enslaved, rock throwers, pyromancers and energy projectors they start to slam the Brotherhood's former leader with assault.

Scott looks at the rest of the X-Men around him and frowns, "For now we follow Magneto's lead. He'll clear us a way in… " There is no doubt about that. "We remain on task though. We're not here to terrorize, only get Moreau and our team out."


Meggan hates being this woman. She hates her stupid shoes, her stupid clothes, her stupid hair, and her stupid voice. But it' what they needed to put an end to so many injusticeses that existed. She sees the one sympathizer having trouble, and he's the one she's fighting for and gives her hope. "Because we lost! It's the age of information, life on TV 24 hours every day for the year. We can censore what we want, but too much attention is on us. We lost. Reform was the only way to survive. And because we were -wrong!- Unequivocally wrong." A mental thank you to Emma for the big word that Meggan herself has little idea what it means. She strides over to the man the new sympathizer is struggling with and an unmistakable rapid pop-pop-pop of sparks is heard as she presses the stunner to the man's back and leave him twitching on the ground. "Are you such petty and weak men that you can't even admit your faults or stand for what you did in the past? You all disgust me. You weak, worms crawling in the offal and refuse of greater people."


Nate studies careful Magneto as the older mutant talks, trying to remember what he did and what he has not done. His memory is frayed, missed with the pilot's own memories. He remembers a heroic Magneto, from his youth. And then the disappointment, of meeting a murdering Magneto. This is a Magneto that opposed Xavier.

"Scott… he will use this. His 'leading of the charge', won't he?" He can't stop Magneto like his. Frustrating. Yet the usual rage is not quite there. "I will mind-link us. Try not to get killed inside there," he offers.


Jean was with the rest of the X-Men, staying near to the pilot that Nate was currently inhabiting, or possessing as the case might be at the current time. Even if it was Nate, it just didn't feel right to her. She nodded reassuringly to Scott, letting him know that she was fully behind whatever plan he had in mind.

< Nate, we're going to fix this. Don't worry. > The telepathic message to Nate was filled with genuine concern, but also distraction as she tried to keep her mind focused at the task at hand.

Focusing now, she did what she could to provide telekinetic protection to the X-Men as they followed Magneto in.


Rogue was in the background of it all with her hood drawn up over her head, her beatup and worn-in leather trenchcoat frayed around the edges waving around her legs as she flew/floated about and just generally kept to the sides or the back to observe the entire team as a whole. She had nothing to say, she was ready to be told where to go and what to punch.


The Citadel.
"Our people are smart enough to stay off the networks outside of Genosha, that is why we have our grid. "Akin to the China Firewall. Genosha's own 'network barricade' was impressive until two days ago when the X-Men introduced Cypher and Shadowcat's virus in to the systems, this then introduced a whole string of hacktivists and outsiders to start corrupting and exploring Genosha's secured net. The self-proclaimed X-Nerds had done well. "One chink in the armor and you buckle, I stood behind you because you believed in our work, believed in the cause, believed in Genosha." The Genegineer is practically frothing at the lips, his specatcles hanging off of his nose. "Now you strike out at our most loyal? You're a coward, Reneau. A damned coward."
Majcomb one of the sympathizers and an insert who personally knows Charles Xavier slides in through the door, breathing heavy. Her blonde hair a mess, "I heard gunshots inside of the Citadel. Our own people are turning on eachother." A look from Moreau to Reneau then at the two who had just been fighting, Cisko is the name of the man standing. He is on their side. Moreau is alone in the room with Meggan in disguise and the two. Yet there are still guardsmen at the doors.

The destructive and awe inspiring force that is Magneto carves a path through the center of the Genoshan forces, a flying combat pod with passangers being thrown to the ground then hefted and cast in to a squad of men on foot, an explosion engulfing them. He pays no mind to the damage he is causing nor the deaths.
"Magneto!" Scott screams at the man's back but he doesn't blast him, no, this… is war. They have a mission. With Jean and Nate at the back and telepathy linking up the X-Men present the spark of Rogue's mind nearby gets Cyclops seeking her out, shes in there somewhere near magneto, freed now when the Citadel's defenses were crippled. When his squad infiltrated to secure Reneau and implant Meggan the Southern Belle had to be left behind. They're all making their sacrifices in this.
"Rogue, watch his back." Nate, just stay out of harms way. Jean, we need you protecting us. Your shields, please. Jhiao, find us a path with less resistance, we need to split from Magneto, this isn't the kind of publicity we need. And right now, Genosha is open to the world. It will only be a matter of time before outsiders are curious and zooming in with satellites or drones.


Nate gives Jean a small, strange smile. « Sure. Not worried » he replies. Lying. But for once his lie is not obvious. The pilot could lie well, necessary skill for many Hellfire Club employees.

His body was totally destroyed. Not a good chance to fix 'this'. But at least he will see these bastards down. And maybe find out what is up with the Jean copy.

« I am not risking this man. Daniel's life. As much as I hate missing the action. I'll be in reserve. Or…» oh, some militiamen dropped an assault rifle. « Got your back. Go, go! Don't let Magneto be the only hero the mutants see today! »


Meggan is so tired o this roll and all the yelling a it hammers on her emotional walls. "A system that starts to topple with just a few things going the wrong way. It was wrong. We need to stop and look at ourselves and everything we are doing. This plan will never work." She's planning on getting the 'allies' out and maybe faking her own death so she can finally get out of here. She continues to yell out orders to keep the confusion going and try to protect those sympathetic to the mutants. "Any that resist are true enemies of Genosia and must be arrested right away."


"On it." Jean replied to Scott, her right hand reaching up to her the side of her head as she doubled her concentration on providing as much telekinetic shielding as she could for the X-Men and those aiding them.

It was stretching her to the very limits, including focusing any protection she would have reserved for herself on Emma's Pilot (Nate), because she didn't want to see any harm come to the owner of the body or Nate.

If such a thing happened, she was sure they would both be lost forever.


"This treachory, this nonsense you're spouting out now. Who are you?" David Moreau snarls at Meggan, "I don't know you at all anymore. You've been poisoned by these soft skinned morons." A finger thrusts at Cisko who is wiping his mouth, for an old man he put up a good fight.
"Open your eyes Reneau, our kingdom is falling. The mutants are revolting and more of them, outsiders are out our gates. The very way of life for Genoshans is going to hell. We are doomed and its on your shoulders."
A rumble and something underneath the city shakes to life, another rumble and soon blast doors around the base of the Citadel are opening. Massive robots are pulling themselves up from underneath of the base of the smoldering spire, familiar monstrosities. Twenty foot tall robots. Modified newer variants as they look slightly different from the Mark I and Mark II versions encountered by the world before.
"Eradicate all mutants" An electronic voice chirps from one of them. Not even targeting the X-Men it turns and opens its palm to blast several gawking Genoshan mutant slaves. Barely teenagers.
Another spins around in a circle, "Mutant signature detected. Tracking… tracking… " It looks up. It stares up at the Citadel and begins to rocket upwards, boosters in it's back and feet giving it a slight press up before its hooking itself to the side of the structure and beginning to drag itself skyward. It is going towards the council chambers.

Blaster fire and Genoshan carbines are incapable of penetrating Jean's TK barriers, the shots bouncing off or stopping. The X-Men themselves aside from Rogue remain behind Magneto just long enough to deviate off course down the mainstreet, a block over from his path of destruction, most Magistrates are rallying on this side to head to the stage over, the powerful mutant tyrant drawing the majority of the attention.
"There." Scott say outloud but it carries mentally as well via the psychic rapport.
There where? Past a Sentinel Cyclops is pummeling immediately with repeated blasts from his optical beams. Its staggering only to collide its shoulder in to a building, walls crumbling around upon it. How long have they had this many Sentinels? You intel earlier was spot on Nate. They were prepping war.

The world outside had an eye opening experience when the secure grid surrounding Genosha's databases cracked open. Not only did the silence shroud surrounding the beautiful island tear down but so did it's secrets. An island at war for the past 72 hours. From afar technology is picking up the ongoing mayhem. Not just that but also superior senses, godlike ones that allow events of this size witness.


Rogue flew over Magneto's head, her tattered long coat that she liberated from a Guard captain was fluttering around her body. She caught sight of Sentinels baring down on her and the Master of Refridgerator Magnets, so her course shifted and she swooped down low beneath Magneto and picked up the remains of a transport port vehicle, dragging it beneath her and using the momentum of her flight pattern to launch it into the body of the rocket-propelled monster! Once it trashed -through- the Sentinel, Rogue shot skyward again in a full loop that would put her back down on Magneto's shoulder once again and she gave him a sweet smile when he glanced her way.


The Sentinels are an unpleasant surprise for Nate. A little telepathy and a gun are not going to be of much help. He reaches with telekinesis to try to topple one of the robots, but recoils immediately when his head is stabbed by pain from channeling too much power.

Crap. He starts shooting at the Magistrates. At least the pilot has a good eye, and good aim.


Something…or rather someone, definately took notice of the war going on in the seeming paradise..and it was likely someone the X-men and Magneto weren't expecting.

To the good of hearing..something was coming, and coming -fast-, a sound in the sky announcing the impending arrival….almost like it cracked open with a loud 'thud'. A particular Superhero was simply on patrol around the world when sounds of heavy combat reached his ears…mutants fighting, he heard almost every scrap each one of them took from the other…but when the Sentinels picked up their pace, the man in question knew he had to get there ASAP. Those young mutants who were about to be blasted by that Sentinel? They find themselves lucky…

In a blinding demonstration of speed, a flash of red swoops by almost faster than the eye can see and gets those kids out of harms way before the Sentinel's blast reaches them, taking them far from where the fighting was heavy, though where he could still be seen if one looked hard enough. If those kids looked at him…they would see that S-shield of a famous Kryptonian that supposedly stands as a symbol of hope.

Superman had arrived.

Giving a little two finger salute to those kids, the Man of Steel jetted back into the sky, flying towards one of the sentinels, and after seeing it was completely machine, attempts to knock it down with a heavy punch to it's chassis! He is fully aware of the X-men's presence there….even Magneto's, but he keeps his attention on the problem at hand.

Moral of the story, thank god for super-hearing.


Meggan has been shifted and working as the 'inside woman' to help this happen. When she hears the Sentenels go active she can tell this is going to go bad very fast. She sends over the telepathic link being kept with her ~Gang, this is going very very bad. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get outted.~ She starts to move and distance herself from any allies. "Who activated those! With this chaos it'll put us up on war crimes and the damage will be worse than any mutant's effects." She tries to keep her eyes on them, to be ready dodge if she must.


War isn't something overlooked by the All Seeing Eye of A Wall, especially when it was fed her way…

"Remeber the mission details. When we get to altitude we drop, your gliders are set to release at a certain altitude. We're going into a war, US Citizens are at stake. Clear a path if you must to aid, but your goal is not to be involved in this." A pregnant pause, the voice has eyes that seem as if they can pierce into the very soul of the black-clad, and unmarked agents, one in articular bearing boots that rise over body suit to calves, lined in orange like tracers to accent where vitals are coveted in the attire, but more non-militaristic like her companions. Leather and corded stras are buckled into place, a mask tugged down over her face… "Just get me the package and bring it back."

No 'Goobye and Good Luck', no Safe Travels!

"Bitch…" A mutter from the platinum haired woman as the black bandana like mask slides over her face to rest on the bridge of nose, a slit of orange divides her face from a glowing pale eye and one of icy blue.

The wiring that relays their communication and will feed them coordinates is adjusted, tucked into ear just before a door starts to slide open on Big Blue Aircraft.

Over Genosha: Where openings come in the crossfire an aircraft suddenly drops cloaking, peeled back like a blanket of sky peeled a layer of skin aside and the unmarked Agents drop, plummeting towards Genosha, gliders ripping wide to redirect paths as they skirt over the heads of Sentinel, human, and mutant to gain a clear land.


"Mother Ma—-"

-Sign of the cross-

…. Silence..

…until impact comes in a trained roll, absorbing shock, drawing in the glider wings, detaching harnesses and drawing weapons, the suited woman in their midst.


Jean's brow was furrowed in concentration as she stopped the projectiles and blasts coming towards the assault team, sticking close to Nate and his possessed body for the time being. It was clear she was under a great deal of strain, the telekinetic shields growing weaker with each impact against them.

< I can't keep this up forever, we need to thin their numbers out and fast. > The telepathic message was sent to all those present in the link, but mostly directed at Scott. Within that brief telepathic communication, Jean's voice was like a low whisper, as if she was very far away.


Chaos unfolds on the streets of Hammer Bay as the insurgents, X-Men, Magneto and rebelling slaves stage a full on revolt against the Genoshan overseers. Stomping Sentinels begin to fan out, their attacks not set to stun but lethal, there is no remorse in the automatons as they unleash, the panicked cries of civilians who are too close or witnessing the horrible atrocity rising. Fires and eruptions spread as smoke begins to fill the streets of Genosha. It is… ugly, it is an urban war.

Scott Summers aka Cyclops cannot slow himself to feel guilt over his own actions, his judgement calls throughout this. He has to maintain the belief he has done the right thing and causalties would be a part of that. Jean Grey can feel this doubt bedded down inside of him and growing even as he lances harder at the Sentinel it's head exploding off of its shoulders only to topple. Sitrep, how is everyone? Meggan, if you need to get out of there do it. Hang in there, Jean, we need you.

Rogue to the rescue in regards to the Sentinel that is scaling the tower after Meggan, the heavy weight clipping in to it, smashing its side and knocking it off of it's perch to descend, it eerily turns itself mid air and lands on all fours with a loud CRUNCH. It's focus realigning to that of the powerhouse of a woman, "Halt MUTANT!" It's mouth opens and a blue ray of energy shoots off at her.

Somehow, a Magistrate has managed to slip past the barriers that Jean has placed, perhaps already in them and now showing herself a white haired woman with two stun batons races quickly towards the X-Men's backside, a flying kick sending her hurtling through the air at the X-Men's redhead telepath. Pilot-Nate has a good view of it from his location.

Superman's arrival is unexpected, Genosha in the past outlawed any Justice League member from ever setting foot on the island. No outside heroes or costumed personalities are allowed inside the borders, this will be a first. The huddle of mutant slaves behind the Kryptonian are sobbing, clutching eachother and relieved to alive, one of their first visions upon looking up is the S on the man's chest and the red cloak. "Thank you." Genoshan dialect English says between a choked cry.

The Citadel.
"I activated them. It is time to start fresh, clean the slate." David Moreu says roughly, "You brought this on yourself. Once we clear this rabble I will make sure you're no longer President. No good trai— " The soundbarrier break from Superman's entry and that Sentinels insistance to climb the Citadel has the Genegineer staring curiously down then at Reneau, "We are compromised. There is a mutant in the Citadel."
"It isn't me." A voice gravely and hoarse chortles, "I'm invisble to them." Hopping from Reneau's shoulder a small, round creature with many arms appears, its growing swiftly, first an inch, then two, four, a foot, three feet. Sugarman. His wide mouth full of teeth, hes right now the size of an Ewok but each second he gets larger. "You can't tell? You are blind Moreau. Been played this whole time. The X-Men grifted your ass."

Magneto near Rogue is turning to look up at the skies, the large hunk of metal flying over head new and sensed in it's approach, "Eyes are upon us now. Genosha can no longer hide behind it's promise of green living and freedom." The man's attire similar to Rogue's own as he was too a prisoner, "Rogue, do you feel the thirst for vengeance right now? Embrace it. Lets teach these lessers some humility. They sealed their fate when they dared rise against and enslave homo-superior." A clenching of his fist an that Sentinel that shot the blue beam at her begins to fold in on itself.

Rose's drop squad will land on the Citadel's upper levels. Decks split from the top that allow for entry. Their target? Inside. Located on the floor immediately below the council chamber. Sugarman's headed 'in plain sight' lab.


Meggan sees opportunity with the arrival of Superman. She points at him and yells at David Moreu, "You're coup attempts are over. Do you want to fight HIM and all the super friends he has, AND the world governments, AND the mutants! This is OVER!" She knows he can hear her but she goes to the opening to yell. "As leader of Genosia I call on you Superman for AID! Save my citizens, and safely put down those that raise arms. These robots will not respond to me and must be destroyed utterly. There are only killing machines that are waiting to be scrap." Trying to use her voice to take over the confused weaker willed ones.


Rogue would slide up beside Magneto and she'd shove away a large break of concreate that had been falling down toward both of them, grasping it with her gloved hand and tossing it down toward the Sentinel that was firing that beam up at them! She would grab the man she was charged to protect and pull him back into the safety of a ledge on the building just before the Beam would sizzle past them.

But when Magneto said those words to her, she just cracked a grin back at him from within the darkness provided to her by her hood, then her green eyes would watch the metal monster fold in on itself as the Master of Magnets crushed it in on itself.

"Guess he couldn't handle the pressure." Rogue quipped back to to the older man.


The Man of Steel clobbered one of the Sentinels into scrap metal, clearly looking upset that this situation even happened….especially because he didn't know about it. He could have done something, or so he thought to himself, but now was not the time for 'could haves' and 'wish I's. Though as he floats there in the air, he hears Meggan's words. Looking in her direction, regardless of the full situation, he did agree that those Sentinels needed to be destroyed. and so, Superman got to work.

Though he was flying throughout the city, saving civilians caught in the blastfire and flying them away, regardless if they were mutant or not, he eventually came front and center with a sentinel, using his heat-vision to attempt to burn straight through it's head to break that piece of scrapmetal before it harmed anyone else.

Boy…does he have questions to ask…..


Nate is very aware Jean is trying to do too much. He work and his own at the same time. Too many people to protect, and he is just too weak to do much.

No, not weak. He just can't channel his power through a human body. But he has access to vast power. Pause. Think. Clarity is a marvelous thing.

The sneaking Magistrate is received with a burst of automatic fire. If she wears armor, she probably will survive. But Nate is not sparing bullets this time. He has a better idea.

"Jean! Phoenix!" He yells, running forward, "give me your hand, let me help!" The line to the Astral conflagration is still open, and he channels that power towards Jean. His real power, enough to double Jean's already impressive might. For most others it would be overwhelming, but since Jean could handle the power of a cosmic entity, this should be easy to her.


Ravager lands in a roll, the clatter of belts buckles, harness, and metal is like the swinging second hand in sound, muted, even the draw of the H&K SASS. "Cover!" Rose calls as the pale eye flares up and the massive rifle is clipped to stand over the ledge of the building, scope slid up and locked into place while cover fire allows the rest of her Agents land behind and move like spidered shadows into the opening.

A blast kicks up pockets of broken concrete in a row between Genoshan Soldiers and those who want to Rise Against. An arm that had reached towards the hair of a citizen suddenly bears a through-and-through before the arrempted grip on the innocent becomes palsy and frozen, non-functional. Superman plucking her up and to safety immediately after.

The 'sneaking' Magistrate Nate gave a burst of fire is finalized. No maybe, and from just a hair over his shoulder another hammering of rounds resounds! Salute. Smirk.

"The heat is on…" Almost stated (though unheard) in tandem with Rogue's own quip towards Magneto, the SASS, snapped back after any who spotted them or sought to draw closer are picked off, shadows of bodies falling from the high-rise.

But once Ravager goes below the Rifle is slung back and the swords reflect through flickering lighting, the Magistrates, soldiers… Two Guards at the door before the entry where Sugarman is, stabbed into, the blade tipped in redpiercing through the crevice, and if that door is not really reinforced it blows wide open to allow the Agents entry!


Jean didn't relent, sweating beading down in her face as she tried to protect everyone, everywhere and all at once. She couldn't hold, not on her own any longer. "Nate?"

She was confused but she allowed him to take her hand. She felt Nate drawing upon the fragmented power of the Phoenix that still lingered within the astral plane; the same power which had destroyed Nate's body now transferred into her own.

It was a mad rush of power as the fragment of the Phoenix flowed through Nate into her, however small it was. That sudden burst of power brought back desires that flooded through her mind, threatening to overwhelm her momentarily before she was able to re-direct it elsewhere.

The trauma and chaos around her became more acute and the telekinetic shields redoubled in defense of the others. No longer strained, she intended to do what she could with the temporary boost to her abilities.

She watched as the Magistrate fell, flinging her away from the battlefield with her psionics, just in case she might still pose a threat after Nate's attack. Her attentions then focused towards the sentinels, tearing apart many of the closest with spectacular telekinetic force.


Through the Astral Plane Nate can still channel power to help Jean. And it gives him enough to sense deeper using telepathy. Meggan is in danger, what is going on up there? He scans, picking up straight thoughts and spying through the eyes of strangers.

« What the hell… American soldiers are attacking the upper floors » He sends to Scott and Jean. « Special forces and…» He shuts up. He saw/sensed the white haired woman. Disbelief. Shock. Not now. Not like this. But he never gets to pick the moment, does he?

The next telepathic message is just for Rose. « Rose… Fancy meeting you here. » Stab-stab. Magistrates dead, for all their training they are like nothing to the Ravager. He does love to see/sense her moving like that.



"My coup? I was supporting you until this day you… have gone mad." Moreau shouts. Majcomb and Cisko reel back in horror at the Sugarman as he makes his presence known. Cisko pointing, "What what is that?"
"I'm the Sugar… man." The creature that looks like he could be related to Modok says.

"This is our liaison to a better brighter future, the reason so many of you have grown fat and complacent. I've heard enough." Moreau turns and fires a shot in to Meggan's back as she talks. "Your treacherous tongue needs silenced. I am doing my duty as a patriot."
A chortle escapes Sugarman and he dashes forward shoving his fist in to Cisko's chest cavity. Then the room erupts in a hail of fire and bodies as the team lead by Rose Wilson bursts through with their breach.
"Time to go." Sugarman starts to shrink and a side door within the chamber rolls open. It leads to the floor lower to his lab.

Ground Level.

Tam's armored self races through the hailfire of shots fired off by Nate, that flying kick interrupted by a psionic pulse from Jean that launches her in a flip-flop across the battlefield. No longer a threat. The carriage of that 'psi-wave' carrying out to knock objects and combatants to-and-fro. None of them dying from it but being hurtled or jostled around. Its a good tactic to stun.

Superman's presence all but halts the remaining sentinels, "Unidentified Mutant. Correction. Updating. Non-mutant. Extraterrestrial. Orders required." SMASH. One by one the Sentinels are being trashed by the Kryptonian in brilliant display, this gives the mutant rebels ground to push back the Magistrates. Even as three attempt to subdue the Man of Steel with a concentration of blasts from all angles they are no longer as efficient, their numbers greatly reduced.

"Indeed." Magneto nearly smiles at Rogue, his hand waving out as a swath of debris takes out a line of Magistrates and Genoshan security. Seeing the rest distracted he begins to ascend, "I have a meeting to attend." Reneau, the Genegineer. He is headed their direction and has no clue the President is Meggan.

Scott is in the lobby of the Citadel, fighting his way up floor by floor. The occasional red blast giving away his location each time.

The fighting is dying down. Everywhere Genoshans are surrendering. The words encouraging defeat for some while rallying others. Victory is close at hand.


Rogue's eyes would watch the line of debris directed by Magneto's impressive power take out the guards and Magistrates. She'd otherwise just follow after him as he declared a meeting to attend to. "How lovely." She muttered. "I just so happen t'love meetings…" Which was the purest form of sarcasm one could muster-up. She followed after him though, since that was her assignment, protecting the old man with the magic mind for metal.


Meggan was busy giving orders and tryign to save lives. She's only half paying attention to the raving man behind her. But she's also been ready for an assassination attempt always and so the moment this went crazy she was ready for a bullet or something. As such when the fired round rips through her she goes with it. Crying out and falling down to the ground apparently dead even as she is just waiting for her chance to slip away in the chaos. Even as Rose and her team give her that cover. She can finally get out of this horrible woman's forms and clothes and join after others to help.


Superman would bash through machine after machine for those sentinals are like paper to him, he uses their undecidedness to his advantage, fighting hard against the machines. Though when the blasts are concentrated on him after being declared a threat, Superman grunts from the multi-angled assault, causing only some discomfort given their weaker blasts.

Regardless, Superman claps his hands together -hard- as if to create a shockwave with the force of sound and wind to knock those machines back and possibly even destroy them….and if the clap doesnt work, heat vision fires a beam from his eyes to finish the job there.

Though he hears the machine gun fire happening in the citadel, and he would fly over…but he gets whacked by a Sentinel, and thus deals with it first.


As the battle died down, Jean slowly let go of Not-Nate's hand, fingers releasing slowly, "It's over, I think." She was exhausted by the power that had been channeled through her, wanting nothing more then somewhere to sit down and something very cold to drink, < Scott. We won. > There was nothing but relief and joy in her message despite all that had happened.


There is plenty of cover laid for Meggan, even if unknowing of said aid. Smoke billows from canisters that spin upon the floor of the room, the shot that Moreau fires is one in tandem with the blast that splays those doors wide and rocks one off the hinges in art, leaving it sagged to the side.

Shadows covered by the smoke move through the room, forming paths…

An Agent in Black Ops gear is behind Moreau, he doesn't have to have the muzzle of cold steel at the nae of his neck to know it is there. Ravager is knelt over the President (Meggan) who was a casualty to a stance. Ravager knows that well enough, a couple of fingers to her neck, and she rises through the smoke layer hanging low to stop over the body casually and leave her 'deceased at 18:32PM' into the cover, behind the Agents.

Sugarman's motion is something that flares the bionic eye while the batter at a barricaded mentaily causes a sudden shockwave of migraine from… Nate? His words an echo that only drive a knife deeper behind her Good Eye.

"Fuckin'…! "A press to temple. "Secure the room and those within!" A rise of hand, rotation of wrist and Ravager is heading below in pursuit of the larger Tribble, AKA Sugarman. Maybe even Gremlin? Halloween is over dude. (So says the chck in a mask!)

But as she descends the swords roll back and aling her arms into the pivotal harness, the holster at her back reached for. "I don't have all day…"


Nate falls to his knees when Jean releases him. There is some blood on his nose, but that was hardly as bad as it would have been using his powers even for a couple seconds. Good thing his powers are so close in synch with Jean's.

He draws breath and pushes his telepathy up again. Sugarman? Did he 'hear' Suarman in Moreau's mind. SUGARMAN. Some of his old rage manages to surface now. He remembers a Sugarman. « Scott, there is a mutant. Sugarman. David Moreau thinks he is important. He is/was a cannibal, one of Apocalypse's worst in my world » Pause. Hesitance. « Scott. Rose is here. Don't hurt her. Don't let Magneto hurt her. Please »


The pitched battle for freedom and Hammer Bay appears to be dying down. Superman's the last one fighting as he topples several Sentinels, proceeds to destroy them and the final automated construct. Genoshans are not usually authorized to view much of the outside world, what they do see is limited and filtered, Superman and the Justice League? They are usually painted as something dangerous, too free, uncontrolled and illegal. When it does slip through they make it adamantly clear that the Justice League are NOT mutants or that they have handlers that are flatscans. Right now though? The people cheer. Mutant and human alike as several of those Sentinels were unmindful of their protocols, Magistrates, Genoshans, Mutant-Slavers, rebels, all were being struck down by these new Sentinels. No doubt their makers are proud.

The chorus of cheers, uplifted weapons and even someone lifting a flag in the air with an X on it are all around Pilot-Nate and Jean Grey, men, women and even children rush foward to try and help them. Soldiers on the ground with hands behind their backs are gathered up by insurgents, lined up and cuffed. No continuing violence is following as rebels are shouting out orders, trying to make sure this is a peaceful uprising not one of further violence. If such a thing is possible.

The Citadel.
David Moreau had never 'shot' anyone before and let alone in the back, a person he knows. His hand shaking he drops the gun and turns to look below at the smoke, "I am.. a monster." He whispers, he believes he killed Reneau, his eyes are wide behind he spectacles in his own state of quasi-shock, mutants thats one thing, humans? Well hes rather fond of humanity. Proud of his nation and now he shot his own president.
The black ops team surging in with smoke and bangs around them has Majcomb huddling against Cisko where she was holding his body trying to staunch the wound that Sugarman inflicted. She is put on her face and hands tied by zipties as one of the men reach her, "Hands up! Hands up!" The men following Ravagers orders shout at Moreau who turns around, "Your accents… Amerians? Wh… "

"Why indeed." Magneto questions as his fingers splay out and their guns fly in all directions dismantling, one by one they drop to the ground clutching their neck bands hosting radios, "David Moreau, I am the face of Mutantkind. Are you prepared for your sentence?" Rogue is just behind the aged mutant. He is paying her no mind. Intense focus is one of the man's greater gifts.

Rose will not see what transpires with her soldiers, Moreau or Magneto. She is below now after Sugarman through a lab that looks part horror show, there is a blue light and an open portal he stands before. It just activated. "You got a scent to you I haven't smelled in a while girly. I'd stay and play but… times ticking. Time is ticking." Like the March Hair the Sugarman leaps in to the Rabbit Hole; a portal between worlds, time or just to another location it's hard to tell. Rose has just enough time to follow him through before it snaps closed with a pop.

Cyclops is out of breath but pushing himself up the stairs, the elevator earlier having fallen, a blast cuts through the north wall a red streak disappearing in to the distance. Fading out. "I am still two floors down." A crash of his elbow in to a helmeted man trying to get by, the Magistrate topples down stairs and Scott is up another. No. He won't make it.

A floor up.
Moreau stares at Magneto, Meggan's natural form should take shape again from the disguise of Reneau just as David Moreau's glasses break in half, the spines bending in to small spikes then they launch through both of his eye sockets. Instantly killing him.
"Do it. I have become what I hat… URK." Flop.
Magneto watches quietly, "Justice has been served. Genosha is freed."

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