Brought On By Night (pt.2)

November 02, 2017:

(Rated R) Continued from Brought On By Night (pt.1) - Cyberforce with Lucia are trapped inside of a barn facing off against the remaining Deadliners.


NPCs: The Deadliners



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"Fucking Rhode Island." Said no one but Ballistic, ever. Mourning the loss of her motorcycle, she presses a finger to her ear and jogs after Lucia towards the barn. "One down. Maybe. Sex nun had a gasoline explosion problem. Don't know where the others are, but I've got eyes on the mark." Ballistic chimes in over the comm line, frowning at the lines of blood streaking down the front of her shirt and jeans. "Was that the only car in the area?"

Ballistic hops back the last few steps and swings her pistol out, checking for targets. Her metallic arm claps against the barn's door as she opens it a little more, ducking in to the sound of the farm equipment chug-chugging.

"Okay, look here, sister." Ballistic keeps the line open, eyes flashing Lucia's way. "Don't shoot the pretty ones." She presses her back against the barn wall, keeping clear of the machines she's…animating. She points a gun at one, looking to Lucia's face with caution.

"Keep together with us and you might make it to tomorrow with working lungs."

The rattle bang clang of the now walking bailers is a new sound, loud to those with augmented hearing and the ban so far looks clear as those techno-animated troops stomp out to engage the Deadliners. The Nun lay where Ballistic had put her. Slenderman no where to be seen and Cupcake, hes not seen.

Ripclaw staggers in to view of the rest, long dark hair hiding his face from view. Its a gorey mess and he can't see to well anyways. "I need to sit." The barn is going to be their Alamo?

"There is more in the woods. At least two.." His way in wards pushes him back Ballistic, a fond pat on the shoulder while he makes his way past, "You're one of Corben's pupils?"

Out in the field beyond Velocity's dance and the stomping animated clankers form in all black stands, too far away to make out fully. Two more join it to stand on either side. "Cupcake" recognizable. Slenderman is not there. No, Lucia's techno-sense can feel him out prowling in circles, looking for an opening. This means there are four still. Four to their four.

"We will have the speaker." A new voice, not the Nuns. The pale headed man with the black suit. Too far away to make out his features without zooming in. "Ripclaw, Ballistic. Please, recall the stories of the Deadliners and know the horror you will face if you do not release her to us.
"You're Cyberdata." it's not really a question for Lucia, she can sense the cybernetics in Ballistic just as well as the freakshows. Still, the baler doesn't make an immediate movement towards the other woman in favor of heading for the fields beyond. She's not entirely comfortable with just the two, evinced by the way her eyes slide over the rest of the machinery. Woodchipper? Woodchipper. Why not? She backs slowly in its direction, the jerk of her hands echoed by the machines when Ripclaw suddenly appears.

"Corben?" she didn't mean it to sound like that, the breath sucked in afterwards, but apparently it's a nudge in the right direction at least,"There's four of them out there. I'm… look, they killed everyone. They would have killed these people, too, if not for your friend out there. So." at least the machinery stops for now. Not that in and of itself it's all that /menacing/ aside from the lack of obvious human controller, but still.

Velocity is shaking her feet off like she stepped in dog-dookie as she races into the barn before the doors close behind her, but first..

Ballistic is scanned, her bike a non-entity…

Ripclaw… A further draw of upper lip.

Lucia. Green eyes flash on her in a manner that fits the lightning bolt tattoo lining a single eye, rimmed in unnaturally pale skin. "Funny…" Step-/y/- time towards the wood-chipper as the other machines step forth on their own and Ballistic and Ripclaw are called out. Velocity's head tilts.

"If you are with us, not them, I will help you…" Pitch them in the chipper??

Vel is already pale, it can't get any worse…

Hur-blee… Her stomach concurs!

"Dead….what?!" Lucia is no longer the dirct object of her attention, even if her mind is working on how to help Cass and Robert while she tries to be BIGIMPOSING…

Screeching halt…

"I don't thing that means whatIthinkitMeans…"
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Continued from Brought On By Night (pt.1)

Ballistic's muddy, blonde hair sways away from Lucia to Ripclaw and Velocity. She lifts her shoulder into the pat given to her by Ripclaw, but there's a silence over her as she looks to his wounded state. The cybernetic woman has a distant energy to her, like Bambi's father, distant in the way she checks on the two of them despite her own injuries. The two get a flat-lipped smile instead of an embrace.

She's here, isn't she?

"They're really getting on my nerves, rattling around in my head like that. Like a television that keeps turning itself on." Cassandra sets her gun down and lifts the front of her tank top, inspecting a slice just to the left of her navel that's bleeding down into the line of her jeans. "But unless someone's got a car somewhere I don't know about, we're not likely to outrun them. Which means-"

Cassandra drops her shirt and takes up her pistol. Cybernetic arm bent at the elbow, she points it to the ceiling and looks up and around, seeking the ladder to the hay loft.

"You got a name, Speaker?" Cassandra frowns at Velocity, then cranes her mismatched eyes Lucia's way. "Call me Ballistic."


Ripclaw's brief study of Ballistic is just that. The one eye he can see through crimson red drifts to Lucia, "No, we're Cyberforce." He corrects in as polite a manner as he can which is gravel and growls.
"We /hunt/ Cyberdata." No lesson needed. He knows what she meant but his voice is one of conviction, its obvious a lot of hurt lies in there and a lot of anger towards Cyberdata. "They are Cyberdata… I think."
"You're our most focused Ballistic. Tune them out."

"My sister? Focused?" Velocity lets out a giggle, its a nervous one. It's meant to soften the mood, lighten a lot of the darkness and dread they're all feeling creeping in. An odd snap motion from the speedster and shes standing by Cassie, quick waving fingers over her wounds before shes a blur near Ripclaw, doing the same again. "You guys have had worse. Whats the plan? We can't stay in here for too long." The redhead, she appears hyper, talks fast but she wasn't always that way. Its just her gift. All speed, all heart, all guts. "Oh. My. God. Stop. Talking. To. THEM!" She shouts at Cassie.

"She is buying us time." Ripclaw says quietly. "Let her do her thing. Can you fight?" The question aimed at Lucia.

Beyond the Barn and in to the gloom and countryside the wind howls, its getting colder and that palefaced figure stands still where he was before. His companions have however disappeared. Three of them out there now, circling and Lucia's power can feel them.

//Look at you, Ballistic, so eager to play. I am called the Priest by my brethren. You can call me pain. Your suffering tonight will be legendary. Such sights we have to show you… // There is a clattering of metal scraping over wood on the roof of the barn and something more, a jangle, an intentional rattle and scraping. A popcrack of a heavy log to the west and to the south a clicking noise. A tapping. They are showing them they're surrounded. Through the front those animated 'bailerbots' are ignored. They're purposefully just creating a circle around them, away from them.

That's not a question Lucia expected, clearly given the way she stops and tilts her head Ballistic's way,"They called me Neuromancer." offered warily before she turns towards Velocity over near the chipper,"Not with them. And no car." she elects to reach past the speedy woman to set her hand on the woodchippers flank and close her eyes to help summon it into 'life' too.


"They're different. From… you lot. The tech's alive in them and they're not boxed. Crotchshot shoved me out as soon as I wasn't in direct contact." she steps back and turn her attention towards getting the woodchipper moving, trying to keep as much of her electronic surveillance connected to the bailer and wrapper while she puts the woodchipper in the field too.

"I can fight. But the more I have in the field… the harder it is. I can disrupt them in direct contact, but I'm not sure whether I can even fully dismantle them." there's a tight press of her lips in a ghost of a smile,"I wasn't planning on fighting them here. But the farmer."


"You're damn right I'm focused." Ballistic lifts her elbows, making room for Velocity to check her wounds. "I'm all of the way out here in cattle country, and none of us are going to die in a place that smells like cow shit." Ballistic adds with a grimace, slicking her muddy hair back over the top of her head and shoving out to nudge Velocity away, only to find she's zoomed off.

Ballistic moves to the center of the barn, tapping her arm to get their attention. Her bionic eye flares with red light as she looks up, pointing to the sound of movement on the roof, the west. The south. She holds up three fingers, brow cocked their way. One down? Her guess is as good as any.

"Okay PAIN," Ballistic lowers her weapon, speaking aloud to the voice in her head while Ripclaw and Neuromancer inventory the skills they'll need to survive the next fifteen minutes. "My suffering tonight's really only going to be legendary in the amount of effort you're going to have to put in to make it happen. I've had way cheaper dates in dirtier haylofts. Question, though. Did the three of you meet at an actual church, or was it a fetish ball?" Ballistic winks to the three of them. "Because before I charred up God's bride out there with my bike's gas tank, I kiiiiiiinda got a vibe from her that said 'Ball-Gag O'Clock', you feel me?"


"Different?" Ripclaw queries but listens to the explanation. His jaw twitches, lips quirk a little and he shoves up off the ground the blades at the end of each finger lengthen from spikes to lengthy daggers curling in individually and flexing out.
"Still some fight left here." He assures the other three. "The cowshit you can get used to. It's the pigshit and the smell of that bitch you burned thats bothering me." Nose curl. Yeah. Ripclaw has a good sniffer.

"I can fight." Velocity adds, concern for her teammates is evident but shes giving them their distance. They're the veterans here. They were SHOC while she was still pretending to live a normal life. Not that shes inexperienced but…

Yes, my sister… // A pause in the Priests 'transmission' //For her death you will be my personal toy The man assures, Are you ready for us to come in?

"ARE YOU!?!" The man's voice is a yell now. Not a whisper no from afar but in the center of the room with them. Ashen skinned wearing a black pilgrim like leather full body robe, his wrists tight. The stomach exposed to show his navel which is pierced by spikes, hooks and barbs that trail down and out of visbility. His ears are pierced all around, through his nose are spikes, his eyelids, his lips and tongue. Ornate, threaded things have small tubing that vanishes inside of his skin. Around his jaw and forehead it looks as though the flesh itself peels away, held only in place by all the jewelry and components holding him together. Each finger long and pale capped in black clawpoints.

"A teleporter!" Ripclaw snarls.

The roof cracks open to reveal Slenderman, his head peeking down and through, neck long enough to allow his body to stay outside. The swivel of his gaze settles on Lucia, drool trailing from him to the floors. There is a crash in to the side of the barn and the entire structure rumbles and quakes.


Lucia holds up fingers, four, not three. She can pick the tech out of the empty field beyond as the stains they are, given the way she points them out before taking another slow look around the barn. Because she's not so much watching with her eyes, when the Priest appears it doesn't startle her given the way she raises the farmers gun and fires at him. Slenderman shd doesn't notice specifically given the more immediately threat as she kicks the woodchipper into 'shred', the sound of the bailer in the distance changing pitch as its arm swings in search of something to flatten.

Trying to hold the motion of at least three, including herself, doesn't exactly give her laser focus right now, but still, all the large and metal flailing things might at least give the two further back something to think about. Cupcake's the unlucky one that miscalculates its range of motion and gets sucked inside. Farmer's not likely to be too happy about his bailer and it's probably not going to do much to hold it long-term, but right now she's all for trying to feed it through the bailing process and toss it over to the wrapper to try and keep him contained in the short term.


Ballistic watches Lucia closely. Four fingers, not three? The blonde, so engrossed in her taunting the pack of psychopaths, nods gently to the newcomer, committing the information. Her breasts lift as she breathes in deep, opening her mouth coyly to interrupt Priest, but the light switch gets flipped and chaos descends upon them, once more.

Ballistic jerks her body away from Lucia's raised pistol. She pirouettes around Ripclaw's shoulder, raising her pistol in the same direction as Lucia. When the trigger is pulled, a concussive WUMPF belches out of the barrel, lighting up the barn's interior in a staccato of strobe lighting. All shots to hold the Priest at bay while the team gets into position.

Which, in this case, is Ballistic running for the ladder to the hay loft and springing off of it, leaping high into the air to climb to higher ground.

The Slender Man leaps from his position, meeting Ballistic halfway in a mid-air collision that spear tackles Ballistic high into the hay loft. Her elbow comes down, metal against the horrid cyborg's shoulder, breaking free with another rending slice to her side that draws fresh blood. Ballistic jams her heel into his face, using it as a springboard to backflip high above Priest, firing away into the hay loft at Slender's neck.


Cupcake's grotesque body flaps and flails against the bailer that just shoved it in, what happens next is a churning and a grinding. The sides of the bailer bursting out as the machine and the fat monstrosity start to fuse in a repulsive crushing, its being eaten? Yes, those many mouths Cupcake hosts are chewing the metal and crunching through it, swallowing it even. "Rwamnawrmn." Smack, smack, multiple voices one and the same coming from the creature. Stereo.

The ashen faced Priest in the middle of the barn lifts his forearms up to repel the bullets, they sink in to his forearms and he swings around wide, disappearing back in to the ground only to reappear behind Velocity, his fingers grabbing for her throat from the backside. Hello, cunt. You smell sweet The vulgarity intentional, the haunting tones dripping and the intention to harm very much there. Those black claws are not aesthetic alone.

Ripclaw has thrown himself free of the barn, burst through the back wall and is attacking the unseen Deadliner that the woodchipper is trying to rope in. The bladed bear-metamorph gone feral right now, hes in survivor mode. His claws ripping and slashing. Chaos has broken loose.

Lucia becomes Cupcakes intent after hes devoured her pet bailer, a gurgle noise and part of the machine presses out from his side, his belly expanding outwards to show a bulky new implant jutting out. Apparently he couldn't digest all of it without some trying to burst free of his skin. "Feast." It moans lustfully at her.


Thank goodness the bailer doesn't have nerve endings, still, Lucia can't help but stare for a long moment as Cupcake emerges into sight with bits of the machine still dangling from it. Wow, that's nauseating. Whatever qualms she might have about the Cyberforce guys, she's decidedly on the side of 'better them than the Deadliners' right now.

The wrapper isn't going to fair much better than the bailer, she suspects, but it's not necessarily about using it to put it down, it's all about giving Cupcake something other than her to chew on right now,"Strap in big boy… I got a few more toys for you to eat then." maybe the bloody glutton will burst a seam if it takes out the wrapper, too, certainly it'll limit Lucia's options but, well, she can only keep track of the other cyborgs moving at the most subconscious level right now.


.. Despite the gruesome details, Velocity is enacting a part of her brain that is the child Cass protected while Carin ran (for help), but returnd to One of the problems fixed.

Hotel Transylvania's 'Moster' Song is flicker-beating in her head, not fitting but it warps the sounds from Cupcake into something better. "I can fight…" Her hands are clutched close as she steps one ball-point of ballet backwards, placed, pivoted… And the voice comes as the gold bracers already form over fingers and down her forearms in a coating of spiney armor, every knuckle a different stone, the Priest and her sister a reflectin in cage before it is forced into an up-tilt by the Priest… or her /cock/, to avoid that accursed touch.

It is fast, she attempts to grapple the Priest and gain a hold to catapult him Slender's way, to give Ballistic room to move!

They all need room…

Even as Fat-cakes eats the chipper… and Ripclaw is back solo in the dark…

"I will never wear Miley's knock off line again. No touchy!"


Ballistic bows her spine, arching it luxuriously through the air as she sails. Her cybernetic arm glows a bluish tint with every squeeze of the trigger, and the facsimile of human muscles wrapped in metal coils jerk in a robotic manner when she chooses her shots. Hay flash-combusts as the shots scorch through the wood of the barn where Slender dodges, and puckers sparking holes where she hits.

"That fucking thing stabbed me with his moose knuckle!" Ballistic yells out, mid-flight, as she catches the chain and hook hanging from the ceiling. Her body weight pulls against the chain, rolling the winch high above towards the front of the barn…like she's flying.

"Mistake number one: You touched my sister." Ballistic swings the pistol to bear on the path Velocity is trying to throw Priest: Back to Slender. The sights on the blaster line up on Slender's knee-cap. "Mistake number two…" Ballistic squeezes the trigger, and the knee-joint explodes in white light and shrapnel. "…you brought one leg to an ass-kicking contest."


Ripclaw isn't inside to hear the Ballistic speech or see the disgusting that Cupcake is.
Cupcake the oddly fitting name is wrestling with the wrapper, it appears frustrated by the entanglement especially as its never fought anything else thats tried to also eat it. It's strangely excited as well, a chewing contest of sorts. Just a shame one is purely a machine. The nanites that infecting the objects are likewise ingested which is perhaps causing issues ora form of indegestion. The machinary jutting out in parts of bodies and making Cupcake sluggish, strong as a bionic ox but clearly a tad slower.

The Priest collides with Slenderman after the sisters pitch in two and then somehow bursts in to shadow, tendrils of smoke that puff outwards around the lanky monstrosity. Outside there is a yell of outrage. You slimy pathetic worms… The voice carries yet he is no longer inside as the Deadliners look to be losing ground. Cyberforce underestimated.


Infection by proxy. Cupcake might be slowly winning the battle with the wrapper, but there's a chipper coming up in the rear. Which in and of itself might be of less concern as the nanites it's busily building up in it's body. It's not ideal, Lucia can only hope that the Cyberforce people have the others at least somewhat under control as she turns her attention inwards. Slenderman kicked out her nanites… but… all she needs to do is seize a hold of enough of Cupcakes muscle control while it's still chowing down on metal and plastic to make it feed itself into the woodchipper.

The gun in her hand sags as she throws the bulk of her attention to the pico machines infecting the ravenous blob to direct it towards the chippers hungry maw. Ravenous blob meet inert shredder, in her mind at least it'd be a fitting end for the grotesque creature, and after seeing Slenderman's response she's not willing to hold back on the will to try and make her intention manifest.


Velocity is standing empty handed, watching the Slender kneecap explode while the Priest is gone from the gantleted grip, the golden taloned fingers curling as she eyes them. "At least I came as mistake 'One' this time…" No insult, Velocity is peering through red strands towards Ballistic, her shoulders bowed over the curve of armsthat end in a grip…

"Ripclaw! Breathing?!?" The roaring and banter near the chipper lets her know Lucia's status as well, but Ballistic eye watched carefully. The look alone asks silently in passing. 'Got This?'

A blur of figure in rapid bass succession… ' 'course you do'….' A smile there and gone, just like her as she is a golden blur towards the shredded wall where Rip was, a check in, Lucia… two-checks…

"Freaky Priest and Bad Touch disappeared…" But where she is needed, that search will pause!


The end of the winch bangs into the wall at the head of the barn. Ballistic braces her boot against the closed barn door and hangs at an angle with the toe of her boots wedged against the wood. Her chin darts about quickly, flaring her eye over the battle all around her, looking from Lucia to her sister for a stare that's a second in her own reality, but slow in comparison to the speedy redhead's.

"You call out if you get jumped." Ballistic flattens her brows, a warning to her little sister. They're all bleeding and tired to some degree, but in the heat of the moment, she gives orders. "I got this." Wink.

"Neuro, how are you doing with Tons of Fun?" Ballistic kicks off of the barn's wall. The chain rattles and the winch above alters direction on greased wheels. Ballistic hangs with the hook in her fleshy hand, ratcheting her pistol back on Slenderman. "Got anything to say to this piece of shit, now's the time?" A beat. "Yeah, you just died."


The blaster pistol bucks in Ballistic's hand, taking chunks out of the skinny cyborg's belly, then shoulder, then neck. She's not killing the psychopath…she's dismantling him piece by piece.


Lucia becomes Cupcakes intent after hes devoured her pet bailer, a gurgle noise and part of the machine presses out from his side, his belly expanding outwards to show a bulky new implant jutting out. Apparently he couldn't digest all of it without some trying to burst free of his skin. "Feast?" It moans in question now and then just as Ballistic inquires if shes got 'tons of fun' handled there is a belch noise and a humans foot with workboot still on it launches out followed by pink chunks. Next in a torrent of barfing, gurgling and horrid sploshy sounds objects begin to hit the barn floor, part of a cow's head, a steering wheel and a stop sign. Pools of blood growing around the pink spit up and odds - to -ends being violently ejected.

The undulating delimbed and hole punched body of Slenderman is flapping around spastically, limbs that remain slapping against dirt as it flips on to its back and starts to thrust in an almost lewd fashion upwards, kind of like a bad rockstars death. That mouth lolling open, the only thing it lacks in its demise is tossing up devil horns. Each shot causing it to go through another full body jerk-n-jolt.

Outside the barn Ripclaw can be seen mounted upon a shaggy haired creature with no arms left, they are upon the ground. Stitched or melded in to its chest are faces, open mouths, closed mouths, children, men, women, even several animals. Bloody and torn up the mongrel is wavering, a crimson single eye and feral snarls rolling free of the smaller dark haired mutant-borg latched to it, the throat, it appears Ripclaw has been chewing at its neck while lashing at the shoulders, primal and visceral to the core its a bloody, gorey mess and Velocity is outside just in time to watch the thing go down like a fallen tree.
The grinding of tendons and meat under teeth heard as Ripclaw growls low, inhuman. No look of the sage-like warrior the man prefers to be. Just a beast.


"I've got him." it's slow from Lucia, and she's closed her eyes because that's just.. nasty. So much nasty. Still takes a couple of slow, dragging steps of her own backwards to stay out of the spreading pool of vomit. There's too much for it to vomit… she hopes, for it to purge her nanites right now so she 'parks' the chipper and focuses her attention on Cupcake. That foot. There. Not the workman's. It's.. his? Best not to worry about it. One foot. There. Move it. Then the other one.

If inspiration was needed to frog march him to the chipper, it's provided in the form of the detrius being ejected from that nauseating body ala Carrie style. It's all Lucia can do to try and block out the smell of blood and bile and worse things so she can puppeteer the filthy creature into the chipper. After all… well, okay, the gore can probably get worse, but if it nixes one Deadliner she'll at least live with the concept of never, EVER feeling clean again.


They all got this…

Put a hurtin' on ya… Like we told ya..!

But what Vel sees after the assuring wink is a thing that has her pausing on a moment upon outskirts and doubled over. Breathe DEEP! Don't lose…

Nope she lost it between pants that only made her choke further and shake her head in the end. A rapid succession that has her panting and for the 11teen-th- time afraid to even lick cracked lips.

"I figured… You had it…" Velocity says as she pivots only to see 'chipped beef' take a new meaning and the tree is her best lean-to so she can work of the wobbly knee'd feeling.

"Rock on team!" Fist-pump! But Vel is about to take a knee, to her own anthem….




"Atta girl." Ballistic replies to Lucia, hopping off of the hook at the hay loft. She brushes a smear of mud off of her cheek, transferring some of it onto the bridge of her nose. Mud gets everywhere. She breathes out the fumes of the monstrous cacophony of gurgle noises out of eye shot to examing Slanderman's hip-trusty Nine Inch Nails video moment. Duck-lipping in disapproval, she turns and points the pistol downward while she walks away.


"Another mark down." Ballistic's voice crackle's over Cyberforce's encrypted line. "New girl's going hogging downstairs, but she says she's got everything under control. So whatever you two are doing out there, wrap it up and I'll find us a car to hop and OH WHAT THE FUCK?!?"

Ballstic stops at the top of the hay loft, looking down to Lucia with a face reeling in true horror at the Bob Ross color wheel of horrors before her. Her red, bionic eye CLICKS and takes a picture of it before the grouchy blonde wraps an arm around her stomache and lets loose a gagging sound from the back of her throat.

"New kid…" Ballistic swallows. "…new kid just hit the puree button."


If Cupcake had final words it would be squelch. At least he went out the way he lived, chewing things up. The gore factor is out of the roof. This barn just became a slaughter house and none of the Deadliners are left alive except for their leader, the Priest. The Priest is nowhere to be seen nor heard. His last was the wail of outrage after Velocity had removed Slenderman's kneecap. That Slenderman who is just shy of being chunks on the floor.
Ripclaw takes a few minutes of centering himself, all the anger management in the worlds textbook methods being cycled through in his head as his rage has subsided to just shuddering. Bleeding it off.
"Carin… don't throw up in your hair." He murmurs before stumbling inside to look at the mess. They are all the adult version of Nickelodeons GAKT nightmares its just not silly puddy and cute paints. Its much worse.

"We're done here. We should go before the authorities show up. We can take one of the farmers trucks back to the van… " His voice is so flat, monotone even it makes him sound robotic.

"You said something in there, something about why you're here and not running… the farmer and his wife. You had to stay and help them? "


That was… draining… and… disgusting. Lucia might be used to working with less than savory things, but still, she's way not walking through the technicolor yawn that used to be Cupcake, and it's all she can do to try and keep the bile down as she presses her nose into the crook of her own arm in order to back up towards the exit,"The other one's… out of my range." she manages in a muffled voice, don't get in her way… fresh air, please, ideally before she contributes to the painting.

"The skinny one went after the farmer, and started… chopping bits off his wife… Abi. When she showed up. And I could… they were following me. It was my fault they were anywhere near this place… so I couldn't just… bail on them and let him kill them for being unlucky."


Even a 'Glee!' version of Heads Will Roll, does Velocity no good, the more she hears the more she is dry-heaving!

"No…nah—-t… hair…" A sweep back of hands through the Auburn strands while she is half-buckled and pushing back towards the team

"hair os… Suave!" Neck-snap, hair-flip! That is not reassuring. "So…Much…. Topping!"

A phrase to Ballistic's own verification while Velocity is back and regrouping, but lacking eye-contact!

"Yeah, we need to go…." Golden knuckles rise to lips and cheeks puff out. "How do we stop this 'God'tech?" because it is the neext step to an anorexic diet, or something!

They're okay…" Breathe! "The Farmers are okay…" A chant to assure or one to just get her over(and Under It?!).


Lucia decides that finding a patch of grass in which to squat, uproot some strands and inhale of deeply might settle her stomach. She's wrong, but at least an attempt is made before she empties the contents of her stomach in the long grass. She's lustening


Ballistic vaults down from the hay loft and lands on her feet. She jams the pistol in her hands down into the snug leather comfort of the holster on her thigh and starts to tug at shoulders. Prodding and turning and pushing towards the exit any body she can find, she doesn't bother to cover her nose. She can hold her breath a long, long time.

"They're going to try to murder every one you know and love. Welcome to the club. That's just the way it is, now, kid." Ballistic wets her lips and turns away from the group, pointing her body towards the farmhouse. "I just spared the rest of you the long wind-up for the soft sell." Robotic fingers snap in the air beside her head, back offered to the three as she walks away. "I'll get the car. Drinks are on me."

Cassandra Taylor, Ballistic, takes off at a jog for the farmhouse. The sound of aluminum and metal squealing shrieks out into the night as she wrenches her fingers into the lock on the door and gores it out. She reaches under the dash, pulls a few wires, and starts the piss-colored pickup truck by scratching the wires together.

To Ballistic's credit, she drives over to pick them up, but she honks the horn in that COME ON, GO TIME way, like a bitch.


Cassie's colorful sales pitch kills what Ripclaw is about to say next, he isn't upset though, no instead he grins while offering Velocity a stable hand to lean against while she struggles with nausea, "Neuromancer, right? Are you sold? Doesn't matter if you are or not you're still coming with us for now. " A ride secured by Ballistic and they'll soon be climbing in to the trick and leaving the Halloween horror behind.
"Lets talk more when we're a little less… yeah." No more words. Just let them all soak in the night.

Somewhere a stumbling staggering white faced man snarls, one arm held by the opposite hand, tears of blood streaming down his cheeks as his lips are drawn back with the huffing. "We failed you, Master but I still hear your song… " He turns around and drops to a knee looking up at the moon, eyes closing. "… everyone shall hear the gospel. Everyone… "

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