Plans for Dinner?

November 05, 2017:

Dacy and Clark decide to go grab some dinner in the near future and make plans accordingly.

Midtown Manhattan - New York City

Situated between 14th and 59th Streets, Midtown Manhattan is *the* tourist
destination in New York City. It is also the largest central business
district in America. Most of the tallest skyscrapers in the city can be
found here, from the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings to Stark Tower and
the Baxter Building. It's also home to Times Square, Broadway, and Fifth

In the day, the traffic is non-stop. In the evening, bright neon lights
light up the street such that it looks as if the sun simply doesn't set on
the city. But, then, there's a reason New York is called The City that Never
Sleeps. This, right here, is it.


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Fade In…

Its that time of day in the mid afternoon, where dinner time crowds are thinning out and people trying to avoid the meal time rush can be found wandering about outside. the sound of Birds chirping began to cease for the most part, but people still yelled at each other, horns honked,New York was New York, and loud as ever.

Clark would be tired and sleepy, thus did he decide that he needed coffee to get through the remainder of the day, and as such, he walked into the coffee shop, which was pretty much lineless and he put down the money for a simple cappuccino. He wore a black suit jacket with a blue collared longsleeve shirt underneath it, blue jeans and black dress shoes…and of course, what looks like a possibly new pair of those dorky glasses.

His shoulder back worn, he awaits for his drink to get ready, and he takes a small breath. "What a day…" he mumbles.

"You look like hell," Darcy states from next to Clark. She'd just gotten her iced french vanilla thing when he zombie'd over and placed his order. Her green straw clicks near silently against her molars. It's slightly bent and mangled already. A hint that Darcy's begun chewing on it already.

Clark glances to Darcy at her words, giving her a small, but no less sincere smile. "It's been a long day." he gives her a once over. "You don't look too bad yourself." a warm smile there "How've you been?"

Darcy rolls her shoulder in a shrugs, lips pulling up in a smirk. She stands there in work out clothes, which for Darcy consists of torn fishnets layered over equally torn leggings, a SHIELD sportsbra under a tshirt for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby Team. It's a tshirt that has been cut up and tied back together so that it looks like a spine down the back, corset-lacings up the sides, an open weave on the bustline so Darcy has more room there, and no more sleeves. Over one shoulder is an athletic duffle bag holding protective gear, roller skates, and a helmet.

"Been alright. Just done with a workout," she replies. The truth is evident in the few strands of hair that still stick to her forehead and neck. It complements the faint flush on her skin and the heady scent of sweat lingerng baout her.

Clark smiles at her appearance, apparently still finding her perhaps still attractive even when sweat and messy hair compliments her appearance of a workout. "You look great." he winks at her then with a warm smile attatched, afterwards? He finally receives his coffee, and he turns to look at her.

"I take it you had a good workout?" a small chuckle there, but it was an honest question. "Care to have me bother you?" he asks in his own dorky way of just asking to hangout a moment.

"Great is an acceptible substitute for 'hot'," quips the SHIELD agent in derby's clothing. The smirk dances on her face. With Clark getting hsi coffee, she straightens from the counter, huffing faintly as the weight of the skates shift on her shoulder.

"Hell yes. Knocked a bitch into a wall. Always a good day when you knock a bitch into a wall." A pause. "Sure. If you get too annoying, I promise to taze you."

Clark laughs a bit at her quip about accepting great over hot. "Well, I was going to call you beautiful, but I figured you'd slap me, so." a small chuckle there as he leads her to a table similar to where they sat when they first met each other. "If you like, I can help carry that for you. You look tired."

a warm smile for her there when she promises in a joking manner of tazing him, "Heh, alright alright, I'll be sure to stick to the nerdy facts. Should I drop Lord of the Rings or Song of Ice and Fire first?" he teases her a little. Although he did pull out her chair for her like a gentleman before taking his own seat. Some habits die hard.

"Nah. I'd have to put down my coffee to slap you," replies Darcy, grinning the whole while. She follows, shaking her head lightly at his offer to carry her bag.

"Yeah, I'm tired, but I got this. My gear, my problem." It's a bit surprising to have her chair pulled out. The expression flits across Darcy's face as she drops her bag to the floor and takes the seat with a murmured thanks.

And then he drops the nerd mic.

"Oh fuck, no. I swear to Dino Jesus, I will pour your coffee on your head so fucking fast."

Clark laughs then when she threatens to pour not her coffee, but -his- coffee all over him, which earns her a warm smile. "Relax relax, I'm kidding! swear!" he chuckles then as he takes a seat, scooting in his chair and resting a hand on the table and a hand on his Cappu, taking a sip of it and humming as he savored the energy taste.

"Alrighty, your gear your problem." he surrenders lightly. Don't argue with a beautiful woman! "So then, what were the highlights of your day? Aside from apparently knocking someone into a wall." a small chuckle there.

"Well, that. And that's I haven't gotten called in, not has anything stupidly insane happened that's needed me to call HQ for backup and a clean up crew. I swear to Jesus, some days I can't catch a fucking break," Darcy replies, leaning back and resting her feet on her bag as if it were an ottoman.


Clark gives Darcy a little chuckle when she gives him her tale of woe, though when asked about what highlights his day was like, he definately refrains from getting hit with an alien megalaser earlier in the day…because OW and because Superman's a secret. "Well, Perry yelled at me a bit and Lois yelled at me a bit for publishing a piece before her, then I got into an argument over a parking spot even though I was more than willing to move….but, angry New Yorkers." he shrugs then in a 'what can ya do' kind of way.

"Otherwise? Another day alive, can't complain." he smiles warmly.

Clark chuckles a little at her "Nah, she's alright, she really is. She can just get a little competitive. Though it could be amusing to see you and Lois fight, no kicking would be prefered." a small laugh then as he gives her a warm little flirtateous smile.

"And I would absolutely hate for that to happen." a little wink there. "So then, I wonder what we could do next? Would you like to get dinner sometime? go for a drive maybe?" he asks her out much less hesitantly than last time.

"Alright. I won't kick your coworker's ass. But if you can talk her into playing for Metropolis Maidens… I'm going to ram her into Suicide Seating," Darcy warns warmly, smirker at the flirtateous smile.

"Dinner would be fine," Darcy says, not yet ready to go for a drive with a reporter. A random mutant she just met, sure. He needed a lift to the X Mansion. A dorky reporter? Not so much. Darcy has a skewed sense of who she'll ride with.

Clark smiles warmly to her "Much appreciated." aaaand they just smile at each other now. "Heh, I doubt it. She's not too big into much sports, though I know she likes basketball." he shrugs. Thank you Jimmy for giving him a window to know that. Anyway!

"Alright, dinner it is." he lifts up his Cappuccino mug to clink against her coffee mug with a chuckle.

"Ew. Jumping and running. Hard pass,"Darcy replies of Lois's love of b-ball. She accept the mug-clink.

"Bras aren't amazing enough to hold me in place for running and jumping. Black eyes aren't something I like."

Clark glows red a moment when she starts talking about possibly falling out as it were when it comes to running and jumping, then he just laughs afterwards. "Duly noted, duly noted." he gives her a little wink then. "I personally prefer football, but it is what it is." a shrug there. Yup….Kansas boy.

Though he does shrug a little, he gives her a warm smile as he looks her right in the eyes. Definately a flirt.

"Don't mind watching football," Darcy notes, sipping her coffee again before that warm smile and prolonged eye contact has her rolling her eyes and smirking again.

"You like trying hard, doncha?"

At her query of him trying hard, Clark gives a kind of 'eeehhhhh why not' kind of facial expression. "I mean, I see a beautiful woman in front of me who I find myself attracted to, so….I suppose so." a small wink there with a smile to meet her smirk.

Darcy cackles at this, head shaking lightly.

"Better than too aggressive or too timid I suppose. Trying hard while still being polite isn't such a horrible thing."

You know, Clark hasn't heard Darcy really -laugh- too often, and he finds it extremely endearing, even though they've had a few intimate moments and even casual sex. "Well, I'm glad to be a little of the best of both worlds right?" a small chuckle then.

"You have a nice laugh by the way."

"Oh, fuck. You are NOT Hannah Montanna," Darcy levels a finger at Clark, still chuckling. There's a faint rose dusting her cheeks at the complement, which she ignores for the moment.

Clark tilted his head at her, though he noticed the blush she definately tried to ignore. "Beautiful and a good laugh." he says just to tease her, but he was honest! "I've seen very….very little of that show. and that was only when a little cousin was over and I had to babysit." a small chuckle then.

"Her themesong is 'best of both worlds', because she has a secret identity as a famous pop star. And all she does is put on a blonde wig. Not the lamest way to hide, I imagine, but still," Darcy replies. Because when you live alone, you can watch whatever you wait.


Clark tilts his head when Darcy gives him a sum up of the show. "Ah huh…right." wow…that surprising moment when all you ahve to do is put on glasses and your a different person. the similarity is shocking.

Though when she says 'Brony' it instantly brings up memories of when he met one…and how kinda creeped out he was. He shakes his head at that. "Nope!"

"Shame. Bronies are fun. Fun to mess with. Most people are fun to mess with. Scammers are the most fun to mess with. I live vicariously through James Veitch," Darcy rambles about around the straw of her drink, not at all aware that she had skirted close to the glasses disguise of one super man sitting in front of her.

"So. Dinner. I was thinking Mesa."

Clark laughs a bit when Darcy proclaims that she just enjoys to mess with people, and he gives a little nod to her. "Hm, well, I'm probably among those people. Though I do enjoy messing with you too at times." Then she goes right back to date info. "As in La Mesa? the mexican restaurant?" he asks curiously.

Guy bloody loves Mexican food. "I think that'd be a great idea. Haven't been in a while, and I think it'd just be fun. Could get to know you better too." he smiles to her warmly.

"I am dangerous to mess with, Mr. Kent. I have a government issue tazer and sidearm-" Not on her person at the moment, but that doesn't seem to stop her from saying she's got these items and she seems perfectly okay with letting whomever she said that to assume that she's packing when she's not. "-and I'm not afraid to use them. And hell yes, La Mesa. Chips, salsa, fucking cheese enchiladas and guac. I worked out. I deserve to stuff my face.

"Sure. My favorite color is green, my favorite curse word is fuck, and I'm pansexual."

Clark chuckles faintly when Darcy claims that she's packing….and just to be certain, he x-ray visions her bag and her present equipment, nope, not on her. Tazer is though. zzzzzz. But regardless, he is a little caught off guard by her constant brazenness, and as such he just gives a nod.

"So what I'm hearing is I should wear a green tie for the date, expect to hear said word, and attempt to sneak a kiss by the end of the date?" he jokes with rather casually.

"What you're hearing is wear whatever the fuck you like, if you haven't heard the fucking word already then you haven't been fucking listening to me, and attempt all you like. I may or may not knee you in the balls. Meet you there at six? I smell like derby and ought to at least put on fresh underroos," Darcy retorts, finishing her coffee. With the arrangements agreed to, she pushes to her feet and collects her skate bag. With out a wave or a word, she puts the strap on her shoulder and turns for the door to head up and clean up for datenight.

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