A Maze of Words

October 31, 2017:

Dani Moonstar runs into Helen Eve within the haunted maze at Xavier's.


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Fade In…

The Hallows Eve 'Haunted Maze and Gardens' went over well enough.


If one is attuned to the cries of the Fenrir-Kin they would know what they hear, or at least the lore. There are even stories spreading of a Hunt that happened within the maze regarding massive lycanthropic beasts, even if they disappeared. Perhaps Garmr-chyldr?

Mists spread still along the maze grounds, pluming dense and ever-upward towards the heavens, hazing them in a 'silver lining' framed by moonlight. In the Mi(d)st 'Alice' is through the Looking Glass, the last of blue sateen dress fallen away from medieval-esque under attire, leaving tatters and tethers falling while fingers tipped in similar soot-tipped claws cook the muzzle of a "Beast", ruffling its maw as if a pup before the feminine figure of inked skin, pale hair loose and down to the curve of backside, perched upon a heel. Almost reverie…

"Helen" is slight in height and build, and even upon one knee she is smaller than the massive creature before her while nails match the hook shape of its canines that curl over upper maw.

"I promise you a Great Hunt in thanks for your aid." A low whisper beneath the shifted moon placement that shows position of it being 3AM. No visitors expected. Fingers clutching, the great beast lowers it's head and foreheads meet with closed eyes, no challenge here, just oath.

There aren't many reasons to be out at three in the morning.

Not if a person is sane and especially after the already long night thanks to Halloween.

Either way, for Danielle Moonstar, while she'd like to call herself sane, clearly she's not. Not when she finds her sleep disturbed by a sound that isn't necessarily at home in Westchester County. Especially upon the grounds of Xavier's Mansion.

As such, the Cheyenne woman pulls herself out of her comfortable bed, finds a pair of jeans, a shirt and her boots and makes her way outside. As soon as she's outside the woman's frowning gaze turns towards the maze.

She may not have enhanced hearing, but the small animals that are awake this night do, and they likewise heard the howling. Their fear points in only one directions and so, the black-haired woman begins the trek to the hedge maze.

To note, Dani hasn't brought any weaponry. Perhaps she's half expecting to only find children playing pranks upon one another.

Perhaps before…

Perhaps just as Dani arrives, those hands loose from the massive mane of the Fenrir-Kin as one walks off, parting from her while the other turns to lope in a following pace. The mists sweep up in a cloud around them, the moonlight reflection one that shows hunched spines, extending along ruffed hackles and then gone.

But as 'Helen' rises from (Wounded)Bent-Knee, those pale eyes turn towards the living silhouette in the maze, that of Dani, a flicker of green one color in the monochrome depth of night.

"Do you like my maze?…!" A heartbeat of pause in exhuberance and price as the fettered and shredded gloves of 'Alice' lift, bearing curled fingers tipped in ash, the Nordic accent evident upon words while lips painted deep red split in a Cheshire smile, coating ivory teeth is pink.

"Danielle, right?" If memory serves her of the day they rode Midgardian and Asgardian beasts across the field!

Into the maze Danielle Moonstar goes.

She was here earlier and now finds herself back again.

The twist and turns of the maze are all familiar. Even in the dark. It's been memorized by the Cheyenne from the years she's been at the school. There's very little that can surprise her -

At least, with the maze itself. Now the things found within? That's a different story.

When she arrives to where Helen and her beasts are, Dani can't stop the automatic assessing gaze that she flicks around the area. There's a moment, when the shrouded movement of those Fenrir-Kin can be seen, and that movement is enough to give Dani some pause. There's a touch of uncertainty to her eyes - a question of what she just saw, but that question remains unasked.

Her attention shifts back to Helen when the other woman rises up and then speaks.

The initial question of hers, about liking her maze, earns a semi ironic head-tilt from Danielle. It's her name that brings forth a verbal response, however, "Yes, you got it right." Agrees Dani, then, "Helen, if I recall correctly." And even as she speaks, Dani settles her hands upon her hips. "Out a little late, aren't you?"

"9 A.M. where I am from." Helen states to Dani, a slight tilt of her head carrying the full pale moss of her gaze to Dani, the rider of Pegasus-Kin. A mount fitting a Valkyrie.

But in her sweats, denim, and unarmed, the asessment is slow and made cautiously. A tight draw of lips making it evident as it grows into a smile that is /thin/.

"Correct." but even as Dani's gaze follows the Fenrir to the Mists, it is akin to the gaze that followed Brightwind out of his paddock. Wary, feigned study, attention defeceit…. (Dis)order.

"I had to be sure all is correct for the final nights placement, as my time is soon to be limited. Holy-Days.." A waffle of hand, a flick of wrist and a shrug with a light smile.

But as her hand falls it seems to 'cut through' the bullshit layer of fog between them. "I know that look, I gave it to your beast."

The rebuttal of what time it is for Helen earns the slightest of eyebrow raises from Dani.

That's splitting hairs, and while the Cheyenne was just about to say that, Helen moves onward.

The rest of what she says brings more questions to mind for Dani, but again, she doesn't quite ask them. Not when the other woman allows that fall of her hand to cut through some of what's unsaid. Or perhaps allows both a moment of truth.

For Dani, that moment brings two reactions - a hardening of her expression when Brightwind is called a /beast/ and a second question. "Who are you, really?" She asks, even as she finally steps closer toward the woman, "And please, don't just tell me a friend of Mattias'. There may be some truth to that, but /Brightwind/ sensed something about you. Something that wasn't quite normal -"

"Like he would you?" A lift of brow from Helen,and she is meeting the slow approach of Dani, the mists cast from 'Fog Machines' parted easily. A reference to Brightwind, and his senses, all the while, she smiles and the cast of pale hair falls in tiny random braids casys along her jaw.

"I am a 'friend of Mattias'. But I am also the one who seeks to see things right in ~Asgard~…" And the way she says the name of the Hearth is far more comforting, like a lit Yule to the fire.

"Have you not sensed it?" The tilt of head, rights, a doll-like motion and the smile fades.

"War is coming, and my friendship with Mattias…" A beat, in fact several that can hammer upon breast.

"Do you know of Svartalfheim?"

Helen's return of what Brightwind would sense Moonstar earns the vaguest hitch to a corner of her mouth.

It's a wry expression upon her face, something that perhaps subconsciously says 'touche'.

It's only at the mention of Asgard that Dani's expression eases somewhat. Sure, others might find revelation shocking, but Dani has seen many things in her life, been to many places, and one of those places was Asgard. The fact that she too calls upon that name doesn't quite upset the balance within Dani.

It actually helps in this instance.

A pity, Dani doesn't quite realize just WHICH Asgardian is here with her. If she did, then perhaps she'd show a different emotion all together.

"Know of them?" Dani echoes slightly, at that last question of Helen's, "Let's say, yes. I know something of that. The Dark Elves. Do I know a lot about them? No." Comes the response from the Cheyenne woman, before she asks the much more important question, "And where are they bringing war to? Here, Asgard, or all the realms?"

Helen is eluding some things, but not others. Not now. Not after she saw her in a manner regarding a 'myst'ic bonding with "kin". But kin is regarded lightly as she looks over the Cheyenne woman in a slow re-assessment that even lifts her chin with the rise of her pale green eyes.

Not shy, now. The tattered and asunder remains of attire in the games of the Hallowed Nights leaves her unabashed.

"Then your lessons need to begin, because if they take one stronghold, they will not stop." The following words in the native tongue, a small test to see if Dani translates or needs to learn more. <Asgardian>: "You mount a beast of Valkyrior, do you ride as one?"

The talk of strongholds is enough to bring forth a grim look to the woman's countenance.

While she's loathe to admit she likely needs some education about the Dark Elves, she will at least offer a sharp nod of agreement. "Give me the cliff notes, then we can go from there." States the Cheyenne simply, even as that question in another language is asked.

At first there's incomprehension from Dani, but elsewhere, within the stables a winged-stallion suddenly awakes. His head rises upward, his ears prick-forward, and for a moment those eyes of his glow. And with that moment the half-bond between himself and Brightwind strengthens -

It's enough that some of what Helen just asked is understood. Enough for Moonstar to say, "I took an oath - an oath I'll not break."

Helen's eyes shift, a look towards the skies, but not fully, even as the slow exhale in a light sigh billows beyond red-smeared lips. Her head tilts towards the stables, but those eyes are back upon Dani.

The small shift in lips fades, her facade placid, unmoving, and unreadable, the dark smudges of smeared mascara making it no lighter in the shadow-cast. "You will get it all. You and your Mount, but I need to let Mattias know…" A pause as Helen turns and lightly regards the Mansion and the level the rooms are upon.

The smile though, now slowly returns… "The Svartalfar do not know what they will rise to meet," A pause and she looks back upon Dani, the slow nod bringing braids to frame around defined jaw of Northern Lineage. "Good, Oaths are of The Roots…" Of Yggdrasil in their tongue.

"Well met. Until again." And in that pace, Helen moves into the mists that swallow her, the tassels of tattered attire taking tongues around her until the pale slight woman is gone.

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