A Message in Red

November 01, 2017:

A Red Lantern sets foot on Earth and assaults Symkaria. The V-Battalion and Justice League along with Blue Marvel respond.


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An alert shot out to all available League members from the Watchtower Monitor Womb just moments ago, Symkaria a recognized United Nations country is under direct assault. It has been assumed at first to be Latveria invading and Doom's machine on the move again but visual feeds show otherwise, a creature swathed in red 'hellfire' stands amidst the Symarkarian armed forces the V-Battalian has already engaged in open conflict with the menace just outside of the capital city of Ariana. They are doing their best to keep the entity away from the civilian populous. It is cold and windy, the gusts carrying the scent of blood, battle and burnt ozone.
AA tank erupts fire pillowing out of its side, the pitcrew inside scrambling for cover.

Hal Jordan enroute at breakneck speeds is already on the JL coms, "Anyone with me on this? Just need to know if I have any backup."

Deep in his undersea base of operations Adam Brashear, the Blue Marvel sets in wait watching his displays. It's been a slow day spent cleaning the deep sea fortress, when the alert comes across his display. People are in trouble, and he's the closest man for the job.

Looking down at the handle of his mop for a long moment Adam thinks to himself a single hand down onto his chin. "If I go I could endanger everything I've built up these last years." A pause. "but if I don't go, I'll never forgive myself."

With a determination in his eyes he clutches the mop tightly for a long moment before nodding his head. "I'll do it, there's no other option." Before quickly placing the mop back into its bucket and donning his costume, the costume of the one and only BLUE MARVEL!

Speeding along at hyper-sonic speeds he travels through the thick layers of water bursting out into the open air with a new found resilience. "If I don't save those people who will?" Spoken to the air as he speeds fast as his energy projection can carry him. He's little more then a blue blurr through the skies.
Sometimes Strange forgets he signed up for the Justice League two years ago. In fact people tend to forget he is part of the League. In part because he keeps a low profile and avoid flashy costumes, but also in good deal because he keeps up 'pay no attention to me' spells running constantly. Sometimes even covering his whole sanctum.

Also, his job as Supreme Sorcerer has him off the grid all too often. He misses some fights with super-villains.

Not today. He was just doing some basic research at his office when the JL communicator comes alive. "Green Lantern. Strange speaking. If you need help I can assist. Where are… no, nevermind. I will find you. Give me a minute."
"Normally I would say I got this but considering they're already engaged some back up would be nice, we got civilians close and a whole lot of power being thrown around." The Green Lantern responds to the Sorcerer Supreme.
"I suggest you hurry too."

Blue Marvel is the first on scene, that blue shine goes overlooked by the skirmish that is ongoing, as an unknown target SAM (surface to air missiles) actually begin to lock on to him and fire, not an intentional response to /him/ but any as large or larger than a predator drone is getting the same treatment. A barrage of rockets pop off with 'woosh' after 'woosh' they'll pepper the sky in an attempt to take out the interloper meanwhile the V-Battalion is being thrashed inside the outer defenses of the Kingdom of Symkaria.

The 'Human Top' bouncing and rolling in a skid across a highway, his body coming to a halt against a van. The side of it dented in. If hes alive he is definitely going to consider retirement now.

Zipping through the sky Blue Marvel suddenly changes trajectory as the SAMs begin their belligerent barrage. It's full on air show as he ducks and dives attempting to avoid taking direct hits from any of the ground forces.

With grace and speed he dives down towards the ground level. Blue energy glows all around him as he slams down into the ground a single fist imprinted into the ground. Slowly he comes back up to a stand. "Admittedly not my finest entrance, but it'll have to do." As he begins to scope out the area for the conflict.

Detection spell first. For Hal. Who is at the other side of the world! Well, he needs half a minute to weave a spell for that distance, quite a bit of energy involved too. But he is the Supreme Sorcerer. So about a minute after the Green Lantern speaks, there is a brief rifts in reality and Strange steps in, standing on the top of a building. For once he has no jacket and no tie. He was relaxing at home.

"I am here, Green Lan… wait!" He sees Adam's landing, and looks curious and interested for a few instants. "Is that Blue Marvel? I remember him from my youth. He caused a very strong impression when I was… relatively young. Then vanished barely a year later."

Which is all very interesting, but there is a demon-like critter fighting the Symkarians. Focus, Stephen. He flies off to approach the monster, trying to figure out what it is.

It does not take superhuman senses to find the threat source. A geyser that turns in to a volcanic like shower blooms violently outward. An armored figure and a female sheathed in fire begin to descend in freefall towards terra firma having just been cast like toys by the single invader. Iron Cross and Goldfire to those who pay attention to international superheroes and heroines. Both downed already.

All that is left standing are a row of armored soldiers and a bald, gold skinned titan of a man, unknown to be a member of V-Battalion the powerhouse Nuklo is a secret weapon for the team and right now they've pulled out all the stops. Swings of so much force they cause miniature concussive booms are being thrown back and forth between the defender and the Red Lantern he is battling.

"Shit, exactly what we were worried about." The Green Lantern now has to inform Rayner that it is beginning to spill over like they feared and they've failed to contain the issue. It is their sector though, meaning it is definitely their responsibility.
The flash pops in the distance of rockets going off has Hal wondering if that was aimed for him? No. Best to be careful, "Symkaria this is Green Lantern of the Justice League. We are currently responding to a distress call we would greatly appreciate it if you did not fire upon us so we can render aid."

Blue Marvel has made it past the first salvo and Stephen Strange is stepping in to reality just before Jordan's eyes, "Blue what? I will assume that ones on our side. Good."

Closer inspection of the entity that is fighting Nuklo and possibly registering as 'demonic' or dark magics in the form of blood rites? A man, muscular and smaller than the bald Golden Mr.Clean but fire for hair, a red and black skintight uniform like Hal Jordans and a symbol upon the chest, a red ring glowing brightly on his finger in crimson. A Red Lantern and once a HUMAN. He is grinning, a tight grin that shows teeth that are so pressed together they look like they want to break. Rage seeps from him, so potent its on an empathic wavelength. His fury can be felt emotionally and hes making sure its also felt physically with Symarkia and the V-Battalion to suffer the brunt.

Walking away from the crater Blue Marvel holds his hands outstretched in front of himself. There's a long pause as he stands holding hands together blue energy beginning to collect in his palms. The glow starts off dull before slowly glowing brighter and brighter.

Adam calms himself locking eyes on that red figure as he collects all the energy he needs for a blast of antimatter energy which is sent soaring from his hands right towards the Red Lantern! If it doesn't disable him, which it likely won't, it'll at least grab his attention, which is what's needed right now.

Strange frowns deeply at seeing the red man wrapped in Rage (with capital R). "There is unholy magic here, Lantern. But why does that monster wear a uniform so similar to yours? Is he perhaps a…"

Blue Marvel blast and consequent anti-energy blast make him pause. "Blue Marvel was… I suppose as powerful as Superman and Majestic. Maybe he retired to Symkaria," adds the Sorcerer. If that failed to catch the Red Lantern attention, Strange piles in, sending a blast of mystical energy at the fiery villain, mostly testing his defenses against raw magic.

Nuklo is on his knees when the blast hits the Red Lantern, it's fortunate Blue Marvel's attack hits when it does because a hand had been drawn back and cupped in it was a ball of grizzly red balefire, the strike of antimatter causes the Red to stagger and turn his attention from the golden brute who collapses face first in to the dirt.

"More to feel my wrath?" The man grins, under a domino mask that is a mockery of Hal Jordans and Kyle Rayners' own.

"As powerful as Superman, huh?" Hal Jordan questions, "Good. We'll need it. I will hit you up with the memos that you might have missed doing your… spooky magic thing." No doubt Doctor Strange is extra busy come Halloween.
The coupled mystic blast to Blue Marvel's own forces the Red Lantern to erect a barrier in front of him, a construct of red energy in the form of a jagged shield.
"Huh, I can't recall seeing any of them form constructs yet. Great." Hal mutters and ascends. "Everyone else back! The League has this." And Blue Marvel! He'll have to ask about that guy when they have some breathing room.

Great, an energy barrier. Well there's one really stupid and dangerous way to take care of that. Kicking off the ground Marvel flies forward at hypersonic speeds right towards the barrier. His hands are outstretched before him collecting more anti-mater energy right in front of him sending out a neon blue glow in all directions.

"Big Red" He calls out at the top of his lungs. "Catch" As he pulls to a stop allowing the ball of pure energy to slam forward at those hypersonic speeds right into the barrier with all the force of a jet fighter slamming right into it.

"I have been busy, indeed," admits Strange. "The barriers between dimensions keep deteriorating. We, the League I mean, might need to do some kind of… diplomatic damage control soon." It is not the moment to talk about this, though.

"This being… human, yet wrapped in dark alien power, perhaps mystical power," he adds. "Confuses me. But the All-Seeing Eye may being some light. Can you give me the short version?" He calls upon the Eye of Agamotto, but instead of using it to project blinding light, it floats to his brow and seems to merge with his body.

The red barrier erupts in an outward pulse at the collision from Blue Marvel, the Lantern beyond it startled at the power of the attacker. His surprise is only a brief hesitation though before a giant crimson constructed fist comes slamming down at Marvel like a sledgehamer.

"Ever busy." Hal remarks before constructs of his own appear, two cars that are revving up and speeding at full speed to each side of the Red Lantern, "Stand down! You can't take all of us."

The Red Lantern is leaping back, evading, trying to get away from the aggressive tactics of Blue Marvel, "I do not have to fight all of you. Just maim." The man grins, "You're fall failures. None of you know how to truly punish the wicked. I DO! WE DO!"

"It is so weird when they talk." Hal doesn't respond to the short version question from Strange, he's not about to distract himself or his focus.

"HEY BLUE MARVEL GUY! Don't hold back on him! If you do people will suffer and they're a lot tougher than they look."

Blue is slammed down into the ground by the construct fists. The impacts force sends him down into a crater as he lands face first into it. Dirt flies in either direction as from the ground he slowly begins to push back with all his strength.

From the earth he rises slowly but surely able to lift back up the construct, his clothing mostly unharmed from the force of the impact. "Son, I had my fair share of killing in Korea." Marvel comments with a grunt as he comes back to a full stand looking the Red lantern right in the eyes "I think it's best for his self esteem if I keep the kids gloves on like I have." as he speaks in the tone one would use with a small child directing it at the red lantern as if he were nothing more then a boy throwing a tantrum.

Strange watches the Red Lantern with mystical eyes. First theory is he is a fallen Spirit of Vengeance. Then he spots the red ring. "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!" And Hal got some explaining to do, for sure.

Still, subduing the raging demon man might be a more pressing issue. Although he remembers Blue Marvel from being in the front pages of the newspapers twice a week for a year, back when Doctor Strange was becoming a famous surgeon. Yes, he is an old wizard. But if he remembers correctly, Blue Marvel can handle the rampaging ring-wielder.

Just in case he starts firing spells again. This time they are not physical attacks, but the Bolts of Bewilderment that produce confusion and forgetfulness.

"Well, pops I wasn't saying kill him but don't underestimate the guy either. These Red Lanterns dont' know when to quit like sane people and they're overcharged with a shit ton of power." Emerald constructs are swatted aside by a crimson wrecking ball.
That manifested fist being hurled aside by Blue Marvel.
As Marvel makes eye contact with the Red Lantern the human turned fury ranger opens his mouth and vomits out a projectile spray of napalm, a dragons breath launch of it that shoots in a streamer outwards.
The impact of bewildering hits raining down upon the Red Invader has him slowing, hesitation appearing in his actions. The anger isn't subsiding but it looks like his confusion on where to direct it is. An opening for anyone quick enough. A small window.

Blue Marvel stands still talking towards Hal and Dr.Strange. "Well cutting loose tends to wind up with somebody dead." As he speaks however in comes the fiery vomit. Luckily he has just enough time to react throwing up a barrier of his own. Blue energy blown up in front of him blocks the majority of the impact, and soon he's pushing back forward with the energy shield till it's pressed right up against the red lanterns face.

Then his free hand goes for a gutpunch that could easily shatter concrete. A quick pull back and a super strength fling forward to try and sucker-punch the lantern right in the gut, and put him down. "Mind your manners." Spoken in a calm collected voice, still talking down to the lantern as if he were a child.

Strange is pleased the spell cut through the rage if just for a second, and as Blue Marvel goes for a sucker-punch, he weaves a more complex spell to try to slow down the rampaging lantern. Blast of mystic energy to batter his body and his spirit. "The man is wrapped in raw rage and possibly empowered by demon blood, Blue Marvel." Warns the sorcerer. "His powers seem to copy those of a Green Lantern, and it is said the Lanterns weird the most powerful weapons in the universe."

Concrete shattering impact meets a red flaming aura of a body shield. It hits with enough force to double the Lantern over Marvel's forearm but it doesn't put him down. Blue can tell this solidity is there. The Green Lantern wasn't lying about them being able to take a hit. They're spacefarers and intergalactic battlers, they're geared for this sort of conflict. The falter lies in the confusion being weaved by Strange, it's not allowing that rage to remain focused.

Hal lurches forward and motions in the air an Emerald snare appears much like Wonder Woman's lasso and loops around the Red Lantern's upper body just under the armpits. "The Doc gave us an opening. Lets take it!" A twist of his body and Hal snags the Red from Marvel whipping him up high and crashing him down in to the ground with enough force to create a crater.
"QUICKLY!" Hal yells. The Red Lantern currently dazed from the quick onslaught of the three Earth Heroes.

Blue Marvel looks surprised more then anything else at the way he's able to take the impact. Perhaps Hal was right and he shouldn't have gone easy on the lantern. One eyebrow raises as for a quick moment he just stands in shock. Then comes the call to action.

Adam blasts the lantern with one bolt after another of anti-matter energy firing off a full barrage of blasts. His intent is to wound and not to kill but he's starting to realize that he can't quite play as light as he would normally like.
At seeing the barrage of physical blows, Doctor Strange hovers back a few yards, the amulet returning to the medallion around his neck. His hands trace sings in the air, but those are not attack spells, but defenses to protect the two other heroes from the acidic blood. "I think he is faltering, but how could a human from Earth come upon such an artifact?"

The Red Lantern pounded in to the ground further by a barrage of anti-matter blasts, it takes him a heartbeat to erect a small globe around himself, a swirling mass of crimson on scarlet energy that rolls like waves. He's cocooned himself in it.
Hal's green energy lasso crackles out of existence backing up slowly.

It'sa good thing Strange just put up the barrier to protect them as the bulb around the Red Lantern expands in a rapid pulse, a wave outwards that ripples the earth back away from him as the epicenter, rocks and debris sprayinig out, nearby vehicles and fallen soldiers to even the hulking Nuklo's unconscious body being hurled.
"Shit." the Green Lantern mutters.

"Well that's new" Blue marvel comments under his breath blue glowing hand held down to either side as he waits for that bubble to grow from the safety of the green energy barrier. "Maybe you were right." He adds under his breath while watching the sheer destruction take place all around.

Strange gesticulates quickly and raises am umbrella-like shield to protect himself from flying rock. "I see when you say someone is resilient you are not exaggerating, Lantern. I think we should move the battle away from the city. We need to use restraint and obviously he doesn't understand that concept anymore, if he ever did."

The next spell is a gateway a hundred miles, deep and high into the Balkan mountain range. Picked for not being any human around in tens of miles.

"This is what it takes for people to listen to me?" Hal grits his teeth in a half-grin. His own hand extends and he places a large green dome overtop of the Red Lantern and the three of them while Strange begins a portal to elsewhere. Not that Hal has any clue what hes doing hes just trying to protect the world beyond them.

"It is going to take everything I have to keep this up." Hal starts to explain but then as if by magic the three heroes and the villain are transported to the Balkans. Away from the initial conflict zone.

"OR someone can do that!" He shouts above the winds. A green on red swirl of energy filters away, bleeding off to show them all hovering in place now. The Red Lantern looking just as confused as Hal.

"What is this?" The Crimson man asks with a growl.

Diana was en-route to Symkaria to bolster the offensive against this red lantern threat. Her jet was capable of traversing the world at tremendous speeds so it was not terribly long for her to arrive there and she did just as the others blinked out of existence.

"Figures." Diana quietly muttered as she separated herself from the invisible craft and went to hover in the air above the area that they'd been in moments ago. Diana's blue eyes surveyed the conflict zone, she was looking for threats and any signs of what may have all gone on here.

The stealth aspect of Diana's jet allows for her to get past the still operable anti-air systems currently employed by Symkaria. Fortunately Green Lantern had also called in a temporary cease fire to allow the Justice League entry so that also helps. What Wonder Woman arrives to his an absolute mess, Strange's powers winking the others out of existance with a pop as the shockwaves of the fight filter off, men, women, robotic soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles of all kinds lay scattered about, smoke rising towards the heavens. In the distance local police are gathered en mass on the roadways in to the city of Ariana. They're prepared for defense.

The readout for the new location via the JLA comms shows up away from Symkaria; the Balkan Mountains. They've relocated to a less heavily populated zone.

The Balkans.

The Red Lantern's lips curl back from his teeth much like they had earlier when he was about to spit fire upon Blue Marvel and the others, "Screw it." He says in very clear English.

Hal Jordan, Blue Marvel and Doctor Strange are then witness as the Red Lantern streaks off through the atmosphere in a red tracer back in to space.

And good riddance, that exo-teleport took much of Doctor Strange stamina. But Illyana makes it look easy. "I should have given you more warning," admits the sorcerer, casting a quick spell to keep warm. It is cold up here.

"He sounded American," he adds, "I with try some divinations and see if I can discover who he is behind his mask. At least I have his blood," gallons of it, it seems! "But now I suppose we should return to the city and help the injured. Unless you want to give chase, Lantern?"

Diana would hover in the sky for a little while, watching over the carnage… She was late, and that pained her a great deal that she'd been unable to prevent at least some of this.

Diana would set down near to where the police and emergency services were located in the town and she'd seek to find a way to help with what she could, even if that meant just being a public presence for the civilians to see that they weren't alone.

"No. He has a headstart and if its a trap we're not prepared." Hal replies. "Can you get us back?" The Lantern gives a nod to Blue Marvel before they will depart, "Thanks for the backup." Or letting them be back up. Jordan isn't really sure but he felt more like support in that.

The Symkarian military and it's officials are no stranger to the sight of Wonder Woman, shes an international face and the country itself hosts a sizable number of worldly heroes of it's own. Safe to say its one of the more pro-extranormal locations on Earth. Immediately she is given a wide birth to begin assisting where she can. The pile of tanks that have been tossed around might be a good start.

Strange nods to Blue Marvel too, "quit amazing to see you in action again after so long," then to Hal. "Yes, give me a moment." This time he takes a little longer to gather ley energy and it is just two, so the teleport back to the city is easier.

"Princess," he greets Wonder Woman, "how can we be of help?" As a magician he is used to receive odd looks from government officers, but this is the kind of situation where an extra medical doctor is always welcomed.

When the duo return to the city they'll find Diana there, removing the blue robe from around her shoulders and setting it down on a service vehicle's side door mirror. She looks over at them with a rather forlorn expression on her face. "We have to help these people." She said back to Doctor Strange.

Diana walked to a toppled tank and she grabbed hold of it and started to roll it back over onto its treads, the weight was great… but nothing she cannot handle.

"What… happened, here?" Diana would then ask.

"A Red Lantern." Hal says to Diana quietly. His voice carrying more over their communication devices more so than in actual volume. The hovering Green Lantern is using his ring to move things around, a knocked over telephone pole being tossed off of a crushed SUV. No one inside fortunately.

"He was going for a populated location with some power as a show of force. This was a message and I am sure the fact that he was a human was even more of a message."

Doctor Strange joins the medical contingent treating the injured, but keeps an ear on the JL communicator, very interested in learning about those Red Lanterns and their weapons. And particularly about the person or creature that considers the attack on Ariana is some kind of message. But for now he asks no questions.

Diana would move to where Hal was when he said these and she'd stand beside him, staring quite sternly at him. "Where do we find them then?" She asked him. "This… cannot go on like this any further, Hal. We have to stop them where they base themselves. I refuse to allow them to harm any more innocents over whatever… vendetta or agenda they may believe they have."

Diana's eyes would glance out at the carnage wrought upon this city and its people. "This is beyond redemption." She'd say softly then.

"They base themselves beyond our system. Not so easy to get to. Likely they're setting up somewhere closer though but if they'll be this bold that means they're ready… we are not. So if they're in range, we need to root them out." Hal frowns at Diana, "This was likely also a test. That man spoke English not… whatever it is they speak here." He's not trying to be racist hes actually just ignorant about this side of the world.

"We'll clean this up and help these people out Wonder Woman but I think we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility of invasion." Which, sounds ominous and they seen only one but it doesn't take an entire legion or more of Lanterns to 'invade' a planet.
"I imagine they counted on myself and the other Lantern, probably you, Superman maybe… not Blue Marvel or Doctor Strange. We have some time."

"Lets not shake everyone up just yet." Hal manages, "Not fully. The entire League needs put on alert and maybe those close to us. If we find out the invasion is imminent then we can probably start telling the whole world to hike up their skirts." A grin appears on Jordan's face.
"Lets finish clean up, I'll start uploading everything Rayner and I have on the Red Lanterns so far. It looks like this isn't just our bag anymore. They just cast the stone… "

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