X-Enchanted Halloween

October 31, 2017:

Helen Eve (Enchantress) sets up a special Halloween for the X-Men.


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Fade In…

The beginning can and likely will cause the 'Creeps' to rise along ones spine, at the base of your neck… If you are sensitive to those sort of things, or simply easily afraid.
It is all visual, but something within makes it untouchabe, the eyes in the trees are mismatched in size, the clatter rattles the cast gold on silver lighting that bleeds red in passing. The Haunted is here!
Only the dead have passed and the living will pass.
For the children they only see the Tree Spirits of Mononoke, fish reflecting lights from scales in the pond, mechanizations at work with candlelight, but illusion is a dish best served cold. (Like the sushi in offering to keep the yokai in the water and away.

Candy litters like crumbs for Hansel and Gretels return from the open maw of a witche's oven. But the adults know the directions instilled, as most have been here one time or many and they should know where this goes…
Deeper into the bowels…
Where Helen, as Alice from Wunderland guides the trail and set it in motion!

((Emit as you see fit! To start it is more safeguarded, light, but when children's eyes are not upon the setting the theme is far more adult geared, and if you are in tune with the myth and lore of ancient spirits from many cultures you will know the truth!
Just remember, 'Witching Hour' is up in the air and again, as you desire, just be sure to tag the main log for anything additional you wish to play later to your own fun and fancy!))


Rogue is seated in a secluded place near the perimeter of the activities. She's wearing a black hoodie with the hood up over her head and her white/brown hair draping out on either sides. A brown leather trenchcoat on over that and some dark blue jeans and black leather boots, black gloves on her hands.

She's holding a tall silver coffee travel mug, but its definitely not got coffee in it, and she's just leaned back with her legs stretched out across the bench she's seated on. She's just quietly watching things, observing, and sipping from her drink.


Lorna had gone for the classic black dress, plunging neckline, and fish-nets. A tall, pointed witch hat sat perched on her head, with a mess of nickle coins magnetized to her hair. She had over done the make up and in her hand? A metal handled broom, which she used to sit side-saddle on and levitate her way through the party. A necklace of seeming bones (all metal painted white), floated around her neck with a tiny skull dipping low on her chest.

Lorna it seemed, was enjoying the use of her powers openly for something so light-hearted.

In one hand she held a glass of some red wine, and happily sipped at it as she floated over to Rogue. "Boo!" She joked, wiggling her free hand at the woman.


Eclipse decided to go with a wizard costume…looking a hell of a lot like Gandalf. He even got a fairly comedic peice of a white wig that makes it look like he has sage-like long hair and a wicked looking beard….though he has a darker complexion, it's totally fine. He even wears grey long robes. He actually was leaning against one of the walls, before he ends up walking over to Lorna, poking her in the back. "Hey you." he teases lightly.

He looks then to Rogue, giving her quite the warm smile. "Good evenin'."


Logan decided to stroll around the mansion, he has decided to dress up for a change. He is wearing a white shirt which is tucked in, with a navy jacket, and trousers. The jacket hangs loose on his frame, and has chosen not to wear a tie. To complete the casual look, he has left the top couple of buttons undone, with his collar popped open. In his hand Logan is carrying a beer in his hand.

Logan is aware what day it is, however, he has never really been keen on Halloween. It was not very popular in Canada, back when he was a boy, and he was far too sick to go trick or treating. Now as an adult he doesn't really see the point of participating that much. However, so instead he decided that getting drunk was option, and he should try to find someone to talk to. Anyone at all. So here he is on a stroll looking for people.


As expected none of Nate's friends from New York came here at the end. He invited them too late, the idea of partying with high-schoolers was uncool for too many, and the hour-long commute made it unattractive. It is not a good night to take the car out in New York.

They loss, the setup is amazing.

"You know, I am starting to think Helen might be something more interesting than a legal advisor," comments Nate. He will try to corner Mattias at some point to ask him. But he can't see the Viking at the gardens. Unless he is very well disguised.

Nate is not very well disguised, but he goes in a pirate setup with a half skull mask and the pirate hat. At least the tried.


Helen is present, a small bucket of a plastic 'rabbit skull' is in her hand, with every 'rock-a-bye' candy spills from edges and openings. The massive White Rabbit in her hands is offered for 'pets' as children enrolled in Xaviers pass through and offer high pitched squeals when the hauntings seem too close.

The blue ruffled dress, overlain in an apron of white is very Alice, especially when the bunny is tucked close and nestled in to just beneth her jaw for a nuzzle, but the hands that clutch it go from pale-skinned to fingertips that look dipped in black ashes, even coating nails in a sheen of black lacquer, pointed in a predatory manner.

The bunny remains undisturbed by the evident!

Rogue and Lorna are observed by pale mossy colored gaze, one hand with the skull-bucket upon wrist, is lifted to offer a wave of greeting. The arm laden in ink that rides from hand to neck, only balnketed by the ruffle of a poofy-ass shoulder in the Alice Blue dress!


It is very rare to see Scott Summers growing facial hair. Many likely didn't think he could as he is rather adherent to daily ritual and routine, one of those being morning clean shave one he has avoided since the return from Genosha. Yet those gathered will bare witness to reality - Scott can rock a 'stache. It goes with the all black outfit he is wearing, black bandana, black domino style mask over eyes, a black blouse, leather pants, leather boots and gloves.
Yes, the Dread Pirate Summers has arrived. Swashbuckler's sword included.

The 80's hero-pirate makes his way towards where the volunteer hostess Alice/Helen Eve of Wonderland oversees things at the trail beginning, behind the mask red lenses obscure his eyes, eyes that traverse the party to pick out who is who and what is where only to stop on Nate. "Damnit."


Rogue would look up when she heard a familar voice and she saw Lorna there in her fancy costume. Rogue would do a little soft wolf whistle at her friend. "Lookin' like a heart breake'ah." She told the green haired girl, giving her a slight grin from beneath her hoodie's hood. "I approve."

When Marcos appeared beside Lorna then, Anna-Marie looked at him and she nodded in his direction when he also greeted her. "Heya, sugah." She said back at Eclipse, then she looked to Lorna again and gave her a wink. "Like bee's t'the honey, right?" She'd grin some more while lifting her metal coffee mug up for a drink of whatever is inside it.


Lorna hopped off the broom, and it remained levitating behind her as she flashed Rogue a grin. "I'm just a little bit wicked, and it was already in my closet." She laughed softly, and as Eclipse came up behind her she turned, leaning in to steal a kiss.

"Marcos. Hey," She winked, reached out a hand to link it with his own. The rainbow light bloomed around their hands, bright and cheerful instantly. She didn't seem to care in the darkness of Xavier's and in fact seemed to enjoy the concept of showing it off. "This one is actually mine, Rogue. Met him in college."


Marcos would smile warmly to Rogue, smiling to Rogue to a bit with a nod of his head. "How goes?" he smiles, before his attention falls upon Lorna, smiling as he linked his hand with her own in return, the spark that bloomed in their hands as a result of their powers a beautiful display. "Yeah…I'm taken, happy to say." he gives Lorna a little nudge. Though a kiss is indeed stolen and Marcos smiles happily.

He looks around the place "great costumes tonight."


As Logan approaches the gathered people. He notices Rogue and Lorna, however, his attention is quickly turned towards the two pirates. Logan cannot help but smirk. He quickly approached the two, "Well, well, what do we have here? Did you two co-ordinate costumes, or is this just a coincidence?" He continues to smirk, as he sips his beer. "Which one is the captain, and which one is first mate?" Quite frankly, for Logan, if the rest of the evening is dull, the fact that these two are both pirates has made his night.


The White Rabbit is stroked by tipped fingers, staining fur in ashy hues with every passage, the unnoted greeting to Lorna and Rogue easily overlooked, but as Scott draws closer her spine straightens.

Tension is there, he was the one who challenged her first… but Nate is not devoid of the flicker of gaze lined in layers of 'char'coal. Alice fell down the wrong hole, or looked in the opposing Looking Glass. Despite it a smile rises. "Always room for two pirates, but one always walks the plank?" A glance between the two and she is looking at Rogue, Eclipse, and Lorna. "Wendy, Tink, … Ruff-ee-ooo?" Yes she has caught way too much TV here.

Logan though, a glance and she is tilting her head his way, the bunned up pig-tails sweeping freed strands of platinum along bare shoulders. "Hook?" … Gone retired and hence the 'Black Sails' approach of Nate and Scott?

Her smile though shows amusement as she hefts the basket and bunny back into grip.


Rogue would watch Lorna and Marcos link their hands together and she gave them both a big smile and lifted her own gloved hands up after setting her thermos between her thighs. Rogue wiggled her gloved fingers at them. "Don't worry, ya'll… I'll stay hands off." She'd flash another little grin and then look toward Logan and offer him a wave when he glanced in their direction. She'd look back at Lorna and Marcos though. "Nice t'meet ya though. Be good t'her, Lorna is one'a our best."


Lorna didn't see Helen, and who could blame her? The green haired mutant was busy with the handsome mutant beside her and was clearly occupied with other thoughts. Though she noted the glance their way finally, and blinked, her brows furrowing in confusion briefly. "Who's that?" She nodded her head in 'Alice's' direction.

She glanced back to Marcos and couldn't help but beam at Rogue's words. "C'mon, you know I'm more likely to break his heart and crush his hopes and spirits." She teased, right? Her dry humor something that certainly hadn't changed.


"It was entirely unintentional." Scott replies to Logan and Helen, "I knew Mountain Hobo was taken and I can't pull off blue quite like you are, Miss Eve."
Scott adjusts his gloves on his sword, "It looks good. I admit I was hesitant at first but this is very well done."

Scott's eyes roam past Logan, Eve and Nate to check out Anna Marie, Marcos and Lorna, "What is Rogue supposed to be?" His voice carrying enough the trio should be able to hear him. A handful of the X-ers are missing, eventually they'll show if not too busy. Scott is looking forward to it.


"Piracy runs in the family," replies Nate to Scott's statement of incredulity, smirk showing. Maybe he should have gone by 'I do not think it means what you think it means'. He needs to watch more movies. "My granddad is a space pirate," he notes in conspiratory tones to Helen. Yes, reality is better than movies sometimes.


Marcos would smile faintly to Rogue, nodding once appreciatively. Though he looks now to Lorna "I wouldn't dream of it…and hopefully she doesnt break mine." he laughs nervously, but it's still pretty good natured. He looks then to Helen when Lorna points it out.

"I haven't the slightest idea. Costume's good though." he nods in a sage like manner.


Rogue was seated on a bench with her legs out and a metal thermos in her gloved hands, her black hood up over her head and her brown leather jacket wrapped around her like a comforter almost. She grinned at Lorna and Marcos. "She's just messin' with ya, sugh. She ain't gonna break nothin' that don't deserve t'be broken."

At over hearing Scott's words, she averted her green eyes onto him and while reaching into her jacket for her cigarettes she raised her voice a bit for him.

"My costume's unde'ahneath my clothes." She said at their fearless leader, giving him a smooching-motion with her red painted lips before moving to light a cigarette.


Lorna laughed at Rogue's response, downing the rest of her wine and carefully setting the empty glass onto a nearby table. She glanced back toward Scott and Nate and waved, her other hand still very much occupied with holding onto Marco's hand. "You know, Rogue there's a few people that might disagree with you on that." She mused, her eyebrows held high, as her lips twitched into another grin as she leaned back against Marcos' frame.

"Hmm, how many inappropriate jokes can we make about pirates, Rogue?"


"Mountain Hobo?", Logan roars with laughter. He places a firm hand on Scott's shoulder. "Another time, Slim. Another time." He takes his hand off Scott as he turns to Nate, "And I bet your grandfather makes a great space pirate. It's just a shame that not all the men in your family, and are like you and your grandfather." Logan finally turns his attention Helen, "You know I don't think we've been officially introduced. Slim where's your manners, introduce us." With that, Logan offers his hand forwards to the fair stranger.


Marcos would smile to Lorna, moving his arm more around her when she leaned against him. He shrugs though, setting his staff aside so he could sip his newly acquired wine better. "Too many, I imagine." he comments even though the question wasn't for him.

He looks then to Logan, Nate, and Scott, seeing the latter two apparently dressed as pirates. which earns a little chuckle.
Meggan loved this holiday as a child, it let her be among others and they just thought that she had a brilliant fancy dress for the gathering. But she's learned since then that now it's a chance to come as you aren't. But when you are a shapeshifter that is pretty easy to do. The trick is to look eough like yourself that others recognize you. That is why she went with her current costume. She comes flying in, her fligt trail a bit more red then normal. Her eyes glowing and white with no iris in them. She wears a dark purple pair of thigh high boots, and opera gloves, along with a mostly there one piece off the shoulder leotard, the majority of her exposed skin wrapped in tight fishnetting. "I'm not late am I?" The accent is still there, but her voice has a smoldering less then human tone to it then normal. Meggan, as a goblin princess.


Helen is listening, and to the compliment from Scott, she nods, her chin - painted in a black stripe from ruby lips and downward, is buried in white fur. "I research, it is what I do." The accent of heavy Northern European descent rings forth. The cast of eyes between Scott and Rogue has pale gaze siding back towards Logan and Nate after a lingering hello towards Lorna and Eclipse.

"Space… Pirate?" Nate's proximity is only regarded with a lift of brow, heels of Mary jane's scraping over the broken turf beneath, thigh high white tights meshing with the laced hem of skirt lined in pale blue. "I do not…"

But Slim and Logan exchange, and the massive hand offered forward is glanced while in the backdrop the younger X'ers' voices carry fear and amusement within the maze after the bridge is crossed.

Helen (Alice) is lost to this and once the rabbit is shifted she lets a fingerless-gloved hand take his. "Ali—"

"/V/unterland…" A glance to Scott as she takes liberties.

"A guest in this place…" A reason why none would truly know her. Meggan's arrival noted with a smile.

"You have many here. A good strong family." A glance to them even as she draws the vibrating phine from her 'rabbit skull' bucket and scowls at it, hammering in a response with a click of nails over glass face.

"I still hold to names I gave. Hook… And a 'lady of the deep'?" How deep?

Very deep! (Meggan)


"The old wolf here is Logan," offers Nate, rolling eyes to the now usual banter between both men. One would say after being battle brothers for years they would get along better, but noooo. "This is Helen, she is a guest of Matti. Which is not here yet, tsk. That guy worries me sometimes."


Scott releases a low sound that might be a grunt at Logan, "Helen, Logan, Logan, Helen."
Dread Pirate Summers evades the trio to mingle a little before everyone settles in, pausing on his approach to Rogue, Lorna and Marcos to speak with one of the parents that is there; a Doctor Who. Its once hes drifted past the adult that hes shaking his head at Rogue, "Can it best that?" He murmurs at the sight of Meggan, at least he thinks its her. "Fairly risque. Not that I am complaining. Considering some of our past outfit choices… "
A look to the Wizard and Lorna, "Don't think we have met."


Rogue would glance back to Lorna then while lighting her cigarette that was between her lips. She puffed the smoke out with a tipped-up chin and then flashed a grin at her friend. "If one'a them asks you t'pet his little parrot, or walk his plank… Then its time t'swash his buckle'n'swab his deck." She'd smirk then. "Take that as ya will."

Rogue's right gloved hand would raise up from where she was lounging on a bench in her hoodie and coat and she'd wave to Meggan when she saw the woman arrive.
Rogue would just place the cigarette back between her lips and puff on it for a moment before giving Scott another sweet smile at his offered words.


Meggan (Goblin Princess) Makes her wave toward Helen, "Oh is Matti, Mathias? He's a good friend, how nice to meet you!" Offering a hand in greeting and welcome. Natually as a proper telle fan of the BBC she recognizes the Doctor and will offer a friendly, if fanged, smile to him. She manages to not flater as Scott talks to her, "I figured it be okay for today. I… wanted to try something different?" She strikes a pose, thrusting a hip out her shoulders down and back and looks as imposing as she can, "Dosth now not tremble before my dark presence?" Putting more 'evil' in her voice with the line. Course the whole thing is ruined by her breaking into a gigle fit after. Rogue gets a wink and od in return.


Lorna couldn't help the snickering laugh that burst into a full on chuckle at Rogue's words and she couldn't help but grin in the two pirate's direction. "What's a pirate's favorite letter?" She drawled, tilting her head back, and she waited all of a hot second before answering her own punch-line.

"You'd think it be 'Arrr' but it's the 'Sea'."

She tugged at Marcos' hand, still lit with the swirling illumination of color changin lights. His powers interacting with her own magnetic fields where ever they touched. "C'mon lets go be nice and get introduced the the lady all the pirates swarming. Also, I need to make a booty joke at Scott."
Marcos would chuckle faintly at Lorna's pirate pun. "Wow…." he shakes his head then with a small chuckle to her, and he's easily tugged and apparently agreeable today. "Alright, let's go say hi." he shrugs then, before looking to Rogue "Nice meeting you!" he says with a kind smile.

Looking over at the group of…well, where everyone else is, he smiles at everyone present, giving a little wave a few moments before the duo actually arrive.


Nate does double take (mostly unseen behind the skull mask) at recognizing Meggan. Wasn't she one of the good girls? "Meggan… yeah, Mattias. This is Helen," before he can complete the introductions Meggan goes mock-evil. Rrright. The bunny is scarier.

And speaking of 'good' girls. "Hey Lorna. Looking good," he greets, "who's your friend?" He asks, offering his hand to Marcos.


Rogue would grin at Lorna's jokes and she'd wave to her and Marcos as they made their way out to be social. "Likewise'n good luck, ya'll." She said softly at them as they went. She'd then just settle back a little more into the corner of the bench in the garden and she'd lift her drink up for a sip while peering out from beneath her hood at the party and the kids running around all the festive decorations.


Well if the party wasn't crowded, it is sure going to be now! Because here comes the one man party, and he is that literally today. Jamie has made several dupes, and has dressed them all as characters from Game of Thrones. He has one dressed like Ned Stark, of course that one appears headless and is carrying around a fake head. The one dressed as Rob Stark has several knives sticking out of him. Well you get the gist of it. There is only one that is still a living character and that is Jon Snow. Of course Jamie Prime is the one dressed as that one.

So once he walks in he's gotta announce himself, "Hi folks. I have some more of my dupes out getting some more snacks and stuff, I hope that's okay." Hey figured there would be some students here of course, so no booze run this time.


Scott sidesteps a person or two in his approach to Lorna, Rogue and Marcos. Two of which are on the move and Nate is likewise in his footsteps and now past him with the same intended destination. Scott takes this moment to hover near the punch bowl pouring himself a quick drink. No alcohol. Not for him tonight.
Then rolls in the Kingdom of Westeros. "Good grief." He says with a wry smile around the rim of his cup, only vaguely hearing something about booty jokes, evil bunnies and bits to pieces of the conversations circling around.


Meggan (Goblin Princess) is totally a 'good girl!' She just wanted to look less like it and try something new. The fact that she's not laughed at soon as she showed up makes her happy. She gives Maddox a thumbs up for the Game of Thrones crowd he shows up as. Clealry she has to work on her 'evil aura' because it didn't seem to phase anyone. But she doesn't want to be too real. "So many people here!" Turning to Helen, "So you known Mattias long then? I haven't seen him in a while."


Logan has wondered off, lost in his thoughts after meeting Helen. Somethings nags at him at the back of his mind, however, he shrugs it off after the arrival of the new mutants. He is surprised to see someone dressed like Meggan, and then is further stunned to see the gang of Jamies turn up in rather graphic costumes. Especially considering that there's kids here. He downs the rest of his beer and decides to find another.


From the flowered and well-polished halls of the Xavier Institute, the backyard door opens. Out past thousands of dollars worth of stylish cookingwear comes a blonde man with black and white paint smeared down his face in a corpselike fashion. Smears of black streak over his bared chest, which is covered only marginally by a patched leather jacket with a shoulderpad lined with spikes. He's wearing a belt lined with bullets and spikes with a hideously cliche demon-headed belt buckle. Leather pants are tighter than they should be with a flap of leather covering his front and back painted with upside-down crosses and pentagrams everywhere

And if it weren't clear enough that Mattias Larsson was going as the patron saint of heavy metal for Halloween, the iPod and speakers belting out Swedish Blackmetal around him (and the AXE strapped to his back) would be a good indication.

"As Meggan casts 'summon badass demonic testosterone archon'." Mattias hustles to catch up, throwing his fingers into a black-painted devil horns to the others and sticks out his tongue. "I am fokkin' FULL of food. Let's do this."


Lorna got distracted, it can't be helped, Scott started moving and escaped her through the crowdone less pirate joke to make about 'booty' She still planned to make all the corny jokes at some point. It was such a loss that Jean wasn't there to make her blush. Alas.

Instead, Lorna twisted through the crowd, the metal broom flying along beside her in a trailing, levitating way. And one hand keeping Marcos close in the crowd. Jamie was here, and she needed to let the man know that, as a considerate roommate, Marcos would be a fixture in the apartment from now on.

She figured which was a dupe and which was the real Jamie based on the various states of the others and tugged her boyfriend along. "Hey, Jamie, this is Marcos. Marcos, this is my boss kinda sorta now. Remember about the detective gig I told you I took?" She arched a brow and further comment was cut off at the blasting noise of metal. Her lips pursed together in annoyance and considered how much trouble she'd get into if she fried the speakers.


Booty jokes? The look garnered Logan is lofted towards Lorna, almost like a Jackalope is suddenly in her grip.

One step.

Two scrape

The bunny kicks its little hind legs as she nestles it far too close, the cell-phine dropping into her nearing empty bucket with a *clunk!*

Meggan's approach is met with a 'Cheshire' smile of teeth rimmed in visceral red-on-black lips and a bunny thrust her way to 'shake'…

"MarchHare! At your service…?" but overwhelming becomes zeroe'd in while every back-step leads her towards the mouth of the maze.

"I have known the Son… Lars-sons… family for a while… Long enough…" A shifted gaze towards Logan that hitches breath and has her redirecting…

Matti's arrival though makes it more eased, Meggan is eyed with a new form of caution while Scott and Rogue gain more a spectation…

Lorna and Eclipse… A light narrow of lids…


"I… kids…" A thumb over shoulder as sensory is filtered carefully as well as each.and.every.one.


Marcos smiles faintly to Lorna as she tugs him towards Jamie, and he greets the fellow with a kind smile. "Hey, I'm Marcos. Nice to meet you. Lorna told me about how she got a gig from you or some such." he nods appreciatively to the fellow, before looking at his duplicates.

"Well, at least I know what you can do now." he chuckles faintly, though he looks over to Logan, about to wave at him before he gets tugged away. darnit! one less person to meet!
"Oh yeah, Jamie wins the costume contest," comments Nate to no one in particular. "I'm going to check a few things," he adds, heading out towards the maze. And probably to find the beers, too.


Meggan (Goblin Princess) suddenly has some hard core up. Her lips spread into a fanged grin as she looks at Mattias. Long nails run down an arm on the guy to trace the paterns of the coat. "Now this is way better then a hoard of imps." It's easy to lean into the Norseman's side doing her best to 'bad girl' this up and get into the party. She's looking around for where to make the rounds, then realies she's doing this wrong. Don't go to the party. BE the party. "Dance," hissingthe word to Mattias as she starts to move to his 'music'


Jamie Madrox the master of the group costumes! When Lorna walks over with her Boyfriend, he extends his hand towards the guy, "Hi nice to meet you." Well this is the first time Jamie is hearing about this. He decides to not make a joke about having thin walls. "Hey if you are looking for a job, I am recruiting." Worth a shot to get more people involved in the detective agency.

Of course after that one of the dupes runs up to Jamie. This one is noticeably dressed as anyone of course, just another member of the Night Watch. The Dupe takes a fake knife from his pocket and stabs Jon Snow Madrox, "For the Watch." Which leaves Jamie prime to sigh, "Oh come on, we were supposed to do that one later!"


Scott with an extra drink makes his way to stand beside Rogue, the juice offered up. "Playing wallflower?" He inquires, the loud entry of Mattias has him craning his neck to look around Jon Snow to see just exactly what it is.

"Heh." His own amusement so loudly showing forth. "I feel like I should have put more effort in. Everyone is so flashy. Except you obviously." A taunt to the seated X-Woman.

Curiously he wonders where Jean, Bets, Piotr and Kitty are. Several he expected would enjoy this. A second sip, as much as he is showing some attention to Rogue the man looks restless; almost as though he doesn't know what to do with himself right now or feels like hes being inactive. If Jean or even the Professor was here they would be telling him to relax a little.


Rogue would've grinned at Jamie's flamboyant entrance from her spot on the bench she was nestled up on, but Scott's arrival with the drink… (juice?) was accepted and then she pouted some of whatever she had in her mug into it and -then- sipped the juice. "Hey, I look amazin' in my costume. Ya just can't tell cause those glasses'a yours ain't X-Ray." She said back at him with a light smirk.

"And I learned how t'party from the likes'a Logan. Drink heavy, make brief appearance, vanish… t'drink more heavily someplace else."


Lorna rolled her eyes faintly at Jamie's job offer, but she seemed to take it seriously as she glanced back to Marcos. A hand rose to tilt the witch hat back from her eyes to see better. Of course the swirling light show that continued to dance around her and Marcos' entwined hands. She didn't actually make fun of the job, and seemed to wait beat before speaking—

Or would have had another Jamie dupe not come over to stab the John Snow one. She arched a brow, missing the joke. Clearly one Lorna Dane had not bother to watch the show. Or read the books.

"Huh." She glanced around for more wine to drink, and considered whether or not she should risk levitating a whole tray of wine glasses over to her rather than walking over to help herself. Choices.

"I dunno, Marcos, you could move in with me then.." She mused, as if the young man had any other option regardless at this point.


Marcos would smile faintly to Jamie, before looking at Lorna when she offers that he move in with her…which he doesnt seem opposed to at all. "Actually…that sounds like a good idea." because he literally had no where to live for the time being, before he looks back to Jamie. "Well, I wouldn't mind taking the job. Could use a pay..or something to really do for the most part.:" he laughs then a moment, before kissing Lorna right on the cheek. He looks then around a bit, before just laughing a bit at Jamie doing his 'watch' thing. He hasn't seen Game of Thrones, so he's taking it in stride.


"Best night of the year, every year, my friends." Mattias's teeth are white against the pallid white of his face paint as he throws an arm around Meggan, waving the other to Nate's absence. Grinning darkly, he bares his teeth to Helen Eve, if not a little eye-wide with anticipation. "Hey Scott-Rogue-Nate. Hey Helen. Hey people I don't knn-Wow, someone had sixteentuplets?" Mattias grinds a knuckle against Scott's shoulder to say hello, then snaps towards Meggan to do some sort of weird 'freak dance' with headbanging.

"Don'tTellTheKidsWe'reGonnaGoIntoTheMazeandREVEL…" Mattias growls out in-character, then grabs Meggan by the wrist and turns for the maze. "…Let's hope this maze is better to the Stark family than the show."


Meggan (Gobblin Princess) laughs as she's hoisted up by Mattias. "As if anything in there will scare the likes of us!" Her long legs kicking to help get more balace as she moves for the maze. "There will plenty of frights and fun to be had." She hooks a finger to any that may be interested. "Give us ten and then enter, if you dare." Eyes flashing with "hell" fire and hand wreathed in energy.


"Are you sure they're not?" Scott taps the side of his mask. The lenses themselves attached underneath, easy to do with an old pair of the ruby shades he hasn't worn in a while. No one can't say he didn't put in some effort.
The knuckle in to the shoulder has Scott glancing over in time to see Mattias roaring off towards the Maze with the Goblin Queen.

"So this means you'll wake up the mansion screaming obscenities at four AM unable to find your pants?" This may or may not have happened. Hard to tell. Scott could very well be exaggerating or that scenario involved pixie dust. Never know.
Jamie's theatrics gets a headshake, "I still haven't watched that yet… " He murmurs.

Lorna's words towards Marcos are given a small smile, waning as she speaks lowly, more pantomimed in proclaimation…
"Be careful, there…" A wink.

Meggan and Matti draw past her into the maze she had headed for, lowering with a stretch of white fabric nylon agaist knees, inked hnds extending ro release the 'White Rabbit' within.

"The kids have passed." A tilt of head and platinum strands in tiny braids whisper over shoulders, a hand extends and those blackened nails curl in a becon.

Nate's exit is watched, his questioning of her more a regard but shrugged from bare shoulder.

Rogue and Scott are flashed a toothy grin, placated by arsenic and lies…

Lorna and Marcos…
.. Just got defined by this… Madrox, who gets a level stare. "Winner, winner…." Chicken dinner?

'Alice' steps through the gaping opening of the massive tree and disappears beyond. "They're X-Ray! His 'bith face' is as 'calm as tits' because it has ta be!"


Rogue just looked over at Scott, sipped from the punch he'd brought her again and she smirked at his response. "I'll have'ta quiz ya then, see if ya get it right." She'd tell him with a little headhsake inside of her hood. She swung her booted feet off of the bench then and planted them into the soft grass, her elbows going to her knees and her gloved hands wrapped around both of her drinks. When you're carrying two drinks then you know you're at a good party.


And the guy still sighs at the dupe that ruined that joke that was supposed to happen later. He reaches out and touches that dupe that just stabbed him, and said dupe is now gone. "Sorry that one was one of the more impulsive ones. Why did we have that one dress as a member of the Watch for the joke, I have no idea." Ned Stark dupe is now sitting in the corner, cause he kept bumping into things. As for the Rob Stark dupe, he is now laying down in the ground, playing dead.

Of course Marcos shows interest in the job, so Jamie does the pitch, "I pay well, you get a place to live. Also I am a lawyer as well, so if you need it you get free legal advice." Yes it's true, Jamie had one of his dupes pass the bar, be afraid.


"There are far scarier things in this maze than us, but in Sweden, you're allowed to commit crimes on Halloween, so I'm sure it's the same here." Mattias clips out in the others with a feral uptick of his lips, walking backwards momentarily beside the eye-glowing Meggan. He can't help but look to Helen with a mote of concern when the rabbit is released and she walks into a tree, however. Still, it ends with a little extra bite to his grin in his turn to pick up Meggan and carry her, fishnets and all, into a race to get lost in the maze. "IF WE ARE NOT BACK BY TOMORROW, SCOTT, WAIT ONE MORE DAY." Mattias calls out.


Lorna flashed Jamie a grin, and glanced back to Marcos. Yep, that tray of wine was definitely being levitated over to them. She helped herself to a second glass of a wine based drink and sipped at it with care. "Well that solves that. Wonderful. I can tick that off my list of cares." She glanced back around the party, noting the shouting about the maze, and Scott and Rogue.. Hmm, Nate had left.

A shrug, she didn't particularly feel the need to go into the maze. After all, she knew where magnetic north was all the time. Internal compasses made it hard to get turned around all the way. Though… there was a temptation to get purposefully lost in the maze with one Marcos Diaz…

"Hmm, what do you want to do?" She asked, glancing back to said boyfriend.
"Alright, I think it's time to shuffle kids off." Scott says with some carry to his voice. Parent volunteers nearby begin to usher off the younger ones, the school nurse following right behind them.


"Uhm, sure. Just make sure we following camping rules here. Leave things as you found it or better." Resting bitch face? Someone actually said that in regards to him.
Scott cannot help but grin a little and shake his head at Rogue, "Everyone else is pairing off for this. C'mon. You can fill in for Jean as my maze date."

It's passing by Lorna and Marcos that Scott motions with his head, "It's an adventure. You coming?"


Smiling faintly to Madrox before Lorna gets his attention once more with a levitating tray, Marcos would chuckle faintly a bit. "Excellent. I sometimes think you forget how simple I am." he winks at her, before he ponders this. "Hmmm a maze could be fun" he gives her hand a little tug "Come on." he says with a small smile.

Looking then to Scott, he smiles faintly "Alright alright, we'll tag along."


Rogue would stand up after Scott did his commanding thing and she released a heavy sigh. "Do I gotta?" She said, mockingly of course then sipped from one of her drinks again and she'd look at the maze. "Ya know I'm gonna cheat, right?" She'd add. "The moment I get confused I'mma just jump up and see where t'go next…" She'd smirk then and watch the other's that were disappearing inside said maze. "Mostly cause if I don't cheat, I'm definitely gonna end up like that guy in that movie about Shinin'."


Get. Lost.

The echo is not one of a voice, but a beconing!

Nevermind the jackalope? or bunny that shows itself and then disappears into the mouth of the massive tree opening.

Like a wind from within the dark recess, webbing fluttrs outward, a goodbye wave to the children who squeal and scuttle/skitter away to the Manse with the Aides and Nurses, baskets of candy clutched close, and if they have nightmares…

Don't blame Helen!

Alice is just as "lost". Afterall…

The echoing aughter of Meggan and Matti soon becomes that…

.. an echo, but the heavily fog laden maze draws out a different kind of smile, one akin to the Hounds of Baskerville Howls in the backdrop.

Heeerreeee'ssss Johnny?


Meggan (Gobblin Princess) is out to have fun, and pretty sure she can fly away if need be. But that isn't the point. She does feel something when she enteres the maze though. She's tied to the earth and draws her mood and mindset from it at times. The presence of 'something' there tickles in her mind but she pushes it off. Tonight is the night to have fun, be a bit wild and playful. So instead of pulling back she figures she'll play with the ghoulies and dance with the demons. Maybe even snap a leash on a few of the lessser ones as props!

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