Localized Aurora Borealis

November 01, 2017:

Scott formally meets Marcos with Lorna the day after Helen's Halloween event.


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The day after Halloween and the maze still stands. Scott felt it in his best interests to investigate it a bit after just how real much of it felt last night, he wasn't exactly sure how Helen Eve managed all of it so fast but he wasn't exactly paying attention either.

A coffee mug in one hand that reads "Keep Calm and Mutate", Scott's hair is a mess under a grey beanie and he is wearing sports pants and a black hooded sweater, the hood is not up. Everything as far as he seen has looked legit, fog machines, lights, speakers. Maybe he is just being paranoid about Mattias Larrsson's family attorney.

Several kids still run wild in the maze but they're lost somewhere deeper in, he can hear them laughing. A slow sip and he stares off listening quietly as mists form from the cold. It is cold today. Unfortunately.


In the morning sun it was easy to dismiss the creeping feeling that had crawled over her skin in the maze. Granted how creeped out she'd felt had been in direct competition with the way Marcos had made her stomach flip with interest. It had been a very confusing time and she had been happy to leave the maze unexplored otherwise.

The green haired mutant had had little inclination to see it in the light of day, but then again, she was just killing time. Dragging her feet until she headed back to Mutant Town again to the apartment that she shared with Jamie and now her boyfriend. A cup of coffee was head in her hand and she was vaguely hung over looking as she wandered out with a shuffle of her feet in an oversized band-T and boxers that had little sunbursts all over.

"Hey Scott." She called, surprised to see the man out by the maze.


Much like the previous day, Marcos was still pretty tied to Lorna at the hip, fairly inseperable, but Marcos has a good smile on his face and looks well rested. "Oh, is it the kids turn this time? or have they been there all night?" he asks with a bit of a happy smile on his face. His eyes look around only to see Scott.

Following Lorna a bit with a coffee of his own, though wearing a flannel T-shirt and blue jeans, more casually dressed perhaps than Lorna was, but that was just his style. "Hello Scott." he echoes Lorna's greetings, but he approaches, offering a hand to shake Scott's in greeting. "Keeping an eye on the kids?" he asks fairly curiously, looking back out to the field with a small smile on his face.


"Lorna." Scott says in a tone that is surprisingly chipper despite his obvious groggy appearance and physical actions. He is slow this morning, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. "Good to see you about. I wasn't sure if you've taken a room here or… " He pauses looking at her companion, "Marcos, right?" A shift of coffee mug from one hand to the other and he extends for a shake, "Nice to meet you. Yeah, I suppose you could say that." No. Hes snooping around about Helen Eve but that looks like it was a pointless endeavor. The woman very well may be legit and his gut is wrong. It's happened before.


A shrug followed and the green haired young woman dragged her hand through her hair. She was just as groggy, if not more so. But had dragged herself out regardless, curious in the morning light to see Scott about on the back lawn. But she didn't comment about it. "Yeah, well I had a few too many glasses of wine and I really didn't want to see what trouble I'd get into if I tried to fly home." She grinned over the rim of her coffee mug.

Her green eyed gaze settled on Marcos and she waved at him. "Yep, this is Marcos Diaz, Eclipse. Marcos, this is Scott Summers. The can't ever relax, fearless leader, I told you about briefly last night." A gentle ribbing that, but one said with warmth. She clearly respected the man.

"I'm surprised you're out here already. It's early."


Marcos would smile a bit to Scotta s he greeted him. "Yep, that's me." then Lorna starts to rib Scott and it only earns the lightest of chuckles from Diaz, though he gives a respectful nod. "Pleasure to meet you…yeah…I had a glass too many last night too. Though it was fun, so I have no complaints." he gives Lorna a little nudge at that.

"Oh yeah…she's told me about that too. Not too much of an early riser?" he asks Scott innocently.


"Eclipse, your mutant name or you a part time superhero?" Scott teases. Lorna is being open enough about the usage of monikers he figures it is safe to ask, hes not seen a file on a Marcos Diaz but thats not to say there may not be one, "Gifted?" He questions bluntly. A look over at the comment about early and he takes in more warm coffee before replying, savoring the taste. "I am. I always have a morning run but usually if Jean is around… " A bunch of his shoulders. One can always get distracted with getting out and around. "Right now a lot of the faculty is out so many of us are pulling extra. Mornings anymore have been mine."

"Nice to meet you as well though, Marcos. It was, yeah, Miss Eve really did a wonderful job."


Lorna glanced back at Marcos, and without saying anything, plucked his hand in her free one. She tugged their entwined hands up into the early morning sun, and as she did so, a bright, sparkling ribbon of color burst to life around their hands. "Marcos and I have powers that behave rather interestingly. Skin to skin contact creates Aurora Borealis— or something like it at least. In a localized fashion." Her lips twitched, but didn't expand on what exactly Marcos' powers were. That she left up to the man himself.

"Met 'im while I was at college." She sipped at her coffee. She had been gone for three years after all while going to said college. It was hardly surprising she'd brought someone 'home' more or less.

Still, she offered a look of sympathy at the mention that Jean usually was around in the mronings. Her gaze swung back to the maze and she frowned, "I thought there was some kind of a low levele telepathic thing going on there last night. I don't scare easily, but it definitely gave me goosebumps."


Marcos would smile faintly to Scott "That's just the name I was given when I ran into a bunch of other mutants." he states and he particularly leaves that one vague…he doesnt like talking about his past too much with people he generally just met, though his hand is plucked rather easily by Polaris, which he casually holds hands with as she raises said hands to the sky to reveal the aurora borealis. "It is still a wonder to look at. he smiles happily.

Though when she speaks of when they met, he recalls it fairly fondly. "Yeah..it was an interesting time for both of us, but I'm glad it happened when it did." he gives her hand an affectionate squeeze before looking back to Scott "Oh, is that what her name was? I could feel a bit of that strangeness too…guess that's what it was. I can uh…manipulate light. sometimes heat if I concentrate hard enough." he shrugs a moment. "Not a master at it like Lorna is with hers, but I get by." he admits with a shrug. He was around mutants, so less stuff to keep under wraps in his own opinion.


"Localized Aurora Borealis? That is cool. A new one." Scott remarks and hes seen a lot of different mutations from slime generators to reality shapers. A light smile tips his features. At least he has cleaned up this morning and doesn't look like an extra from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Smooth faced as can be remembered.
"You need rooms or enrolled in a few classes here you have them. We can always house… family." Easier word than saying X-Men or potentials or even alumna and alumni. The idea and the dream of unity is strong in Scott. He's an advocate for it obviously, "And of course those in need of help with their talents." He adds as Diaz details more of his powers.
Scott nods in agreement with Marcos with power display, "It is truly unique."


In regards to the /Enchanted/ Halloween night beforehand Scott's red lensed eyes tip to the side and he studies one of the hologram projectors. "Everyone is saying they felt some unease. It very well could have just been the night or a collection of psyches. I don't have anyone around I can ask except for perhaps Nate." He would prefer Jean, the Professor, or Bets. They're a little more experienced. "No one was hurt though, I think all went great."

"I know the first time I saw it I was rather surprised. Best I can figure out is it's the photons he manipulates hitting my magnetic fields. Since I'm always giving off some kind of a magnetic field it just kinda happens." She sipped at her coffee, gave Marcos' hand a squeeze and let it go, wrapping both of her hands around the coffee cup.

"Marcos was talking with joining me in Mutant Town actually, we took up Jamie on his offer for a job. Not that I know shit about being a detective.." She muttered dryly. "Though I still plan to come up and visit now and then." She shrugged lightly, and glanced back toward the maze, her lips pursed together.

"Might be worth it to talk to Nate about what was going on. I didn't sense anything magnetic, and supposedly weird magnetic fields can give people the creeps—make 'em think they saw ghosts or something. So maybe it was a low level telepathic thing, just enough to make people more inclined to spook. I mean, it's not that big a deal. I've met mutants that can make an area scary for anyone that they don't like."


Marcos would have to agree with Scott on that one. "Oh really? oh good…makes me feel a little better and more uneasy at the same time. Thought Lorna and I had too much wine." he chuckles a bit in amusement.

Though when Lorna releases his hand, his own return to his pockets as they talked. "No idea who Nate is but I'm guessing he's good with stuff like this?" he perhaps more than obviously asks…this was a whole new ballpark for him. Mysteries were interesting, but not his best field of work. "Likewise, and those are the ones that people tend to clear distance from." he shrugs though.

"all in all, it was a fun night. Happy this lady here brought me along for the ride. Jamie's a nice guy too from what I've seen, so I'm happy she has good friends." he teases Lorna lightly, wrapping an arm around her. "Though is there any here I shoudl be wary of?" he -always- asks this question wherever he goes. good to know the dos and donts right?


"Detectives, huh?" Scott's smile visibly tips a little at the corners but he masks it with a drink of his coffee. When it draws away hes got a lilt again. "I imagine it should be an adventure at least. You're both always welcome here - anytime. We can use the help. Always." Underlying tones there, X-Men and Mutants can use the help but hes not going full recruitment mode. Hes just trying to be social with them here and make them comfortable, not everyonoe who visits is or has to be one of the team. Xavier's Mansion is a school and home for those who need or simply want to belong somewhere. Lorna knows this or should by now or so Scott believes.

Scott actually chuckles, "I think all of us got a little heavy on the drinking last night. I'm guilty as well." Harry's Hideaway and Rogue can attest to that one.
"She does. Shes important as are you. Only Logan." He informs Diaz, maybe he is joking. Hard to tell with how straight faced Scott is in delivery; the tone is also very level.


Lorna shot Scott a dry look at the smile about being a detective. "Yeah, I know, I am much more the smash and grab heavy hitter. But it's a lot of sitting around and snapping pictures on cheating husbands and pissed off wives more or less. I mean, seriously, already dealt with three jobs on that since I started a month or so ago. It's really boring." She exhaled a breath.

Though the mention that she was alway welcome had her smile warm over the rim of her coffee mug. "I know." Marcos got a little nudge from her elbow as he asked after who he should avoid and she arched a brow back at Scott.

"Logan? Really? Oh c'mon, Logan's not that bad. I mean, sure he's a grumpy old asshole, but that's not that big a deal." She leaned back against Marcos' figure briefly. "Besides, Jean is way worse. She'll make you feel bad that you even thought something rude just by giving you that smile that says. 'I'm not mad, just disapointed'. Gah."


Marcos nods a little bit to Scott with a small laugh. "Yeah…it'll be a good adventure to have with this one." he looks at Lorna then with a smile, though his attention returns to Scott when he proclaims that both of them are always welcome. Diaz appaers to be thinking about this as if it were a tempting offer. "Maybe? I'll think about it yeah? I won't lie, it's tempting." Though he chuckles on the comment about everyone being great….but Logan.

"Oh yeah, I tried to meet him brie-" then he gets nudged by Lorna's elbow, which earns her a chuckle "What I do? did I say something?" he gives her that knowing kind of grin, before he looks back between Scotta nd Lorna, eventually setting on Scott once Jean is mentioned again.

"She's come up a few times. I'm guessing she's a more prevalent person here?" he asks curiously, never having met the extreme telepath. "Though judging by what Lorna said, she's a bit more effective at making you feel guilty when you've messed up." he teases.


"Who says I'm just talking about his personality? I could mean his feet or the fact hes always got food in his mutton chops." Scott smirks, "Joking."

Scott inhales and looks down at his mug, those red reflective shades hiding his eyes as he stares in to it. "Lets not get started on Jean and her talents, I could have you both out here for a decade and I'll end up in the dog house for much much longer."
"Shes my on and off again fiance." Scott admits. "Also more or less the headmistress of school affairs, sometimes psychologist, sometimes nurse and a number of other things. You'll meet her eventually, that is of course if you're going to both be around more than just the holidays."


Lorna shot Marcos a dry look over her shoulder. "Jean is my best friend, I can get away with ribbing her. Of course it means she gets equal shots but hey, that's what best friends are for." She grinned back at Scott and continued to sip at her coffee. "She and Scott have several alternative world children kicking around here too. It's like they're meant to be or some cheesy bullshit." She teased lightly. "Nate is one of 'em."

She glanced back at Scott and arched a green eyebrow upwards. "What? I'll have you know I am balacing a full-time adult job thing and finishing up my college classes online. Never mind being a full time trouble maker. I dunno if I can make it up here all that often. I have a very busy schedule." She nodded with a smirk pulling at the corners of her lips.


Marcos gives Scotta a bit of an 'ahhhh' kind of look, not wanting to push taht factor any further, so he just nods "Ah…gotcha gotcha. Right…sorry if that brought on a bit of a bad-" then Lorna talks about alternate timeline children. "….sorry, come again? I think I'm still suffering affects from that wine."

Time-space continueum was beyond his level of thought and had a very hard time keeping track with this new information. "So let me get this straight…he and Jean…have many time-traveling kids is what I'm hearing?" he looks back to Scott "I can only imagine man." he shrugs a bit there.

Though Lorna's comments on Jean being her best friend cause him to chuckle. "Useful information I probably forgot about huh…" he lowers his head. he may be in for a talking to later, but he perks back up right as rain. "and she manages to do a spectacular job of doing all three…though I mostly deal with troublemaking and jobs." he smiles faintly "So I should have time to come down adn say hello."


"Its entirely just the coffee speaking." Scott assures with a sidelong glance at Lorna. Humor doesn't always convey well for him.
"We pick up a lot of strays that are not from around here." The X-Men's team leader clarifies with in as much simplicity as he can. "No need to overload Mr.Diaz mind so soon, you have plenty of time to work him over."

"We'll talk more about the two of you and just saying hello here in the future. I figure I'll let you get more accustomed to things and find out what we're really about here before then. I need to head off though. I am going to chase some of these kids in for lunch then go deal with a personal affair. It was good to actually meet you, Marco and Lorna… keep staying out of trouble." Scott grins faintly once again at that last one.
"You two have a great morning."


Lorna arched a green eyebrow upwards, "Oh c'mon." She drawled, holding up a hand at Scott's more serious look. "He's dated me for over a year, he's used to constant overload and hasn't run off to report me to the local nut house." She chuckled a bit at Scott's more formal response and using 'Mr. Diaz'.

The words 'stick in the mud' played over her lips though she didn't lend voice to them, and instead cast green eyes back toward Marcos with a raised brow still and her usual lopsided half smirk.

"Me? Stay out of trouble? Perish the thought. I was thinking about handing out more sugar to the kids and getting them all riled up before lessons." She drawled, lifting her now empty coffee mug in Scott's direction. "Good luck with your herding cats, Scott."


Marcos just holds his head a moment as timy wimy stuff starts playing out as he tries to think things through. Though as Lorna speaks that he's tolerated her for a long time now, Marcos just wraps his arms around her and props his chin on the top of her head. "Yeah, she's an adventure by herself. I'll figure it out eventually…especially when she really starts to explain things." he sighs a bit with a chuckle.

Though when Scott decides to head out, Marcos gives him a kind smile. "Good to meet you too Scott. We'll talk again soon, don't worry." though he does laugh at the staying out of trouble. "Trouble tends to follow me like a coyote. It just kinda happens." he smirks then, looking back to Lorna with a smile. Yep. talking about that one later.

"See you soon Scott. Have fun doing what you gotta do. Those kids sound like a handful."

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