Dressy Business

November 02, 2017:

Tony falls asleep. Pepper wakes him up.

Stark Tower


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Fade In…

It's Thursday evening, seemingly no different than any other Thursday. It's a bit warmer than is normal for Manhattan in November, but not unbearably so. Pepper sweeps into the room as she is wont to do, the click of her shoes against the floor and the tap of her hand against her tablet almost in synchronization.

"Tony, it's getting late, you should wrap up what you're doing so you can get a full night's sleep." The 'for a change' is left unsaid, but is almost still audible. "And when did you eat last? JARVIS?"

She hasn't even really looked up from her tablet yet.


She doesn't get a reply.

No snark. No protests. No loud shouts of just five more minuites. Nothing at all greets her clicking heels and clipped voice. Not even a whirr of machiner—

Oh wait. There is the whirr.

The whirr would be Dummy rolling our from behind one of the multitude of work benches that Tony has spread around the work room.

The little bot becons with his only limb before gestureing just around the corner.

Should she follow, or even look up. There she would find Tony Stark. The Most Brilliant Man In The World…

Passed out in a chair.

Head lolled back against the headrest, legs stretched out infront of him. One arm laying on an armrest and the other flopped and hanging loosely down by his side. A blanket is awkwardly drapped arcoss him, likely by Dummy.

In front of him? Sets of new building schemitics, design systems and holoimages dot the table. All marked either 'Stark Expo' or 'Charity Thing'.


Pepper tilts her head a bit when Dummy rolls over, then follows him back around that corner. She doesn't make a point of walking more quietly, as that would likely wake the man more readily than her normal footsteps. Though…

Glancing around the floor and seeing nothing immediately dangerous, she steps out of her heels and pads barefoot over to where Tony is asleep in his chair. She can only smile at the blanket draped over him and reach to give the bot a fond pat. She then taps a message into her tablet for JARVIS to save off all of the work visible on the table. Then, with a glance over toward the exit, she steps closer to Tony, setting her tablet on the table.

"Come on Tony, time to go lie down." She puts one hand on his arm to hopefully wake him but not startle.


Pepper reaches out to touch the inventor just as he starts to shift in the chair. He doesn't startle, no he doesn't. But at the touch he sleepily turns and reaches out to snag the unflappable Pepper Pots around her waist and pull her right into his lap to sit there. Arm loosely around her. Head pillowed on her arm just a little bit.

…maybe he's drooling. Just a little bit.

…apparently he /really/ needed a bit of sleep.

Though there is some signs that he might wake up soon as he tries to sort himself around to find the most comfortable place to recline.

Eyes still closed.


She can only gasp in surprise and… well, this is awkward. It's kind of a good thing that he's asleep, because Pepper blushes red to her ears. It takes her a moment to rein in her reaction, and then she pats the arm that's around her waist.

"Tony. Please wake up. Before this gets more awkward."


"Five more minuites," Mutters the Avenger as he snuggles her just a bit longer. However the reaction, the patting, the fact that someone else is in his chair with him slowly imipinges on his sleeping brain.

Slowly his eyes open as he peers up towards the woman that he's just ensnared.

"Er…" A longer pause. "…this is awkward."

An even longer pause.

"Is that a new perfume?"


…and no he doesn't let go yet either.


Pepper can only chuckle. "Yes and yes." She's had her minor internal freakout already, so she's able to keep her reactions under control now that Tony's awake. "When did you eat last? And you really should get some sleep in an actual bed." She moves to stand.


"Ehhhh, sleeping in my own bed is overrated. Makes me leave the lab. Innefficent to walk all the way there and all the way back twice a day!" He adds with a wrinkle of his nose. "Oh wait. Maybe I can turn my bed /into/ a lab! That would solve some of my problems…"

A pause at the second question. "Food? Uh…well I /did/ eat today." A pause. "Some trailmix. And some apricots. And…something else. I don't remember. its not important. Whats important is what are you going to wear when you dance with your boss at the chairty acution tomarrow?" He asks with a smirk as he slowly starts to relax back enough to let her up.


Pepper Potts stands and smooths her clothing. "How about setting up a corner of your lab with a sofa or something?" She remembers he had one before. "And none of that is real food. Now, I have some food waiting upstairs. Come on." She steals Tony's blanket away and folds it quickly and neatly before setting it on the table. "Thank you, Dummy."


"No reaction? Not at all on the subject of dancing? None?" Tony querries as he leans way back in his chair and stretches. "But…fine fine. I know I won't get any peace unless I give in to your tyranny." He adds as he swings himself back to his feet.

"And fine. A sofa." A pause. "I can design a sofa." He says as he looks back towards the lab table again.

Once again getting distracted by shinies.

Dummy though just bobs his little manipulator arm towards Pepper. Happy to help!


"No reaction at all, Tony. Because I have already chosen when I'm going to wear tomorrow. And no, you don't get to find out ahead of time. And no, it's not backless." Pepper snakes her tablet back off of the table, then tugs on the closer of Tony's arms.
"Enough work for now. Come on, there's food waiting."


"If I buy you something backless will you wear it?" Tony quips right back as he smirks towards her. "…you are no fun though Pepper Potts. Torturing me with imagings of what you might wear!" He points an accusing finger at her before he lowers his hand. Letting himself get tugged away slowly.


"Are you sure? My tools will be lonely without me!"


"Dummy, keep Tony's tools company, okay?" Pepper keeps tugging him away from the table, pausing only to step back into her heels. "And yes, I'm just cruel, leaving you to wonder about what I'm going to wear to that charity event." Maybe it's a good thing she's got her back to him currently. He might have seen her roll her eyes.

Hopefully the smell of Abuelita's Mexican waiting for him will get him to stop behaving like a crankypants toddler at some point here.


"Make sure to put them all away right! And don't knock any of them over! And don't…" The inventor pauses, sniffing the air a moment before he turns towards the door. "…did you get Abuelita's?" He asks after a moment, peering towards the door.

Then a pause again.

"And you are cruel. Horribly cruel. Insufferibily cruel." A longer pause. "I suppose thats why you hang around huh?" A longer pause then before he smirks towards her. "Come on then. I'm hungry. And you're totally gonna tell me about what you're wearing."

A longer pause.

"Oh, yeah. And we have a houseguest. She's a techthief. Its fine."

And then he's walking. Long legged strides heading towards the sweet sweet smell of Mexican food.

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