Metropolis Meteors Bad Season

November 02, 2017:

The Justice League and Aesh finally get a first encounter with the thing that's been stalking members of the team. (or one of)


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A nice day in New York. 71 degrees no less. People are out in force and Hal Jordan stands with a flight jacket in the middle of one of the busiest streets in New York. Hands shoved in to his pockets with a beanie on and sunglasses he looks like a bank robber. He expected it to be colder. A vendor rolling by stops in front of him and they start to talk about the Meteors game. Its casual, its day to day. A rare thing for the man right now considering the looming threat of Red Lanterns, Green World Transforming Mists, war with Qurac and all number of other issues the galaxy is facing.

Above the city something moves. Quiet, unseen. It rotates in a slow circle and it's vision extends outward, able to see the entirity of New York City and all of it's burroughs. Its been invisible for some time now as far as it is aware. Following members of the Justice League, documenting. Today is another of those days but where… is the League, the object rotates in a slow circle and starts to zoom in below. Hunting the energy signatures its been monitoring each and every time one of the Leaguers leaves the Watchtower to Earth.

The day is so bright that Aesh decided to take a day off, both from being a hero and from his day to day work. He has decided to just walk around New York and to relax today. So now he stands in line, bheind Hal Jordan, waiting patiently for the man to finish his talk with the vendor, the thought of cold soda being a nice one to have. If he had paying atention, he would have noticed that his Hud detected a different, unknown energy signal coming from somewhere above. Alas, his mind is too focused in soda so this information just slips by. All in all, he in a happy mood, despit everything.
Busy days in New York? one of the last days that Clark has to work this silly (according to him anyway) story….

Clark would be walking on the sidewalk, almost comically pushing by people as he tries to get from point A to point B. Unlike Ace Pilot/robber-lookin' Hal Jordan, Clark was more dressed for a job or meeting, business casual as it were. He wears a brown suit jacket with a dark blue collared shirt tucked in at the waist, blue jeans, and standard black dress shoes.

and of course, his saving grace in terms of an identity issue is those dorky spectacles he always wears.

His ears are always on the extreme for any small cry of help, but he eventually decides that he's hungry, and moves forward…and forward…and forward, though eventually coming across Hal Jordan and the vendor discussing the game, and lo and behold, Clark decides to get involved, giving a small wave to the two as he joins on in.

"Hey! couldn't help but overhear you two talking about the game the other day? What did you think?" he asks curiously with a smile. Always good to have a good conversation in his book.

Diana was coming out of the Museum of Skyscrapers. She'd been there today to meet with its curator. She was wearing a deep blue blazer and a black skirt that went down to her knees with some black heeled shoes on her feet and her hair was tied back into a bun on the crown of her head.

Diana moved down the steps of the building with one of her sisters on her left side. "I did not think that that would go as well as it did." She said to the redheaded Amazon who was walking with her.

The other Amazon replied, wearing similar clothing. "He was enamored with you." She said back at her sister. "They always are. How can you not expect that?"

Diana would just smirk at the comments. "Oh stop it, they are not always… 'enamored' with me. You are over dramatizing things."

Her sister remained quiet as they walked toward their parked car, but she DID roll her eyes at Diana's response.

Hal studies Clark, a brow inching up, "Depends big guy. Star City Rockets or Metropolis Meteors?" Football, they're talking American Football. "Because if you say Meteors well… " A smile and Hal doesn't finish his sentence, an energy drink being handed over by the vendor. The seal popped the off-duty Lantern starts to guzzle at it.

The object in the sky descends in its hunt. Lower now until it spies what it is looking for, or at least one of them. Wonder Woman. Diana Prince. Not exactly the most incognito of the League. Several blips light it up on it's front casing. These are a strange noise, outside of the usual wavelengths and channels that are ongoing within and around New York. Military bands? Yes. Sort of. Or perhaps just close enough. Anyone capable of registering technological communications that are encrypted will get clued in on it. The feed? A series of morse like code that is transmitting the Princess of Themyscira's exact location.

"Last I heard, the Meteors weren't doing so good.. A chame, really." Aesh comments to the other men, giving a friendly smile to them. He places his order and waits for the vendor to get his soda. As he thanks the man, his senssors let him know that Diana is close. He glances at her and the amazon thats with her, his expression darkening ever so slightly as he remember his last encounter with an amazon. Still, he smiles to the pair, giving Diana a friendly wave. He says nothing towards her, not wanting to interrupt her converssation. That is, until his communicators pick a strange transmission. It still takes him a few moments to decript it, as his system didn't had this form of communication on its databanks. Still he eventually translates the message. Leaving his soda, he starts to half walk and half run towards the princess, atempting to get to her before whatever transmited that message does. His expression changes: Were before he had been happy and relaxed, he now is tensse and worried, his brow furrowing ever so slightly.
Clark chuckles a little bit to Hall at his question, though with a small sigh and a smaller shrug, he simply smiles to him "Well…as a Metropolis native, I'm gonna have to go with the hometown team, the Meteors." he sighs a bit then with a smile. "We really arn't doing so hot this season. I think we'll end up getting a new coach…maybe some better players if we're lucky."

though he's unaware of the technological beast above them, his hearing does pick up Diana's voice, and he turns his head in her direction with a warm smile for the Amazon princess….though he laso notices Aesh running at least in her direction, and while initially he doesnt think much of it, admittedly he's curious. Yet he does not leave Hal and the vendor's side, keeping respectful.

"I take it you both were rooting for the Rockets then?" he asks curiously, wanting to get their opinion on it.

Diana would glance back at her sister. "I saw that." She said back at the redhead who was moving around the car now to get into the driver's seat.

"You saw what?" She asked. "I was looking upward… at how amazingly tall these people build their buildings. Almost as though the men who built them were, compensating, for something." She grinned over the car at Diana while the two of them both opened their vehicle's doors.

Diana paused though, not getting into the car as she caught sight of Aesh running toward her and then she saw Hal and Clark both just beyond them which made her look between the trio of familar individuals. She didn't know there was a strange 'drone' above them either, such an ability wasn't really one within her repertoire.

"Nope. They are doing wretched." Hal confirms, "Campbell is amazing but he can't carry that team. Rockets? Nah, I'm a Bludhaven Brawlers fan for this conference. But… " An alert? The ring is warning of a sudden surge in power. A look past Clark and to the skies is telling enough.

There is something far away, a distance and in the center of it is a growing beacon of light. That ray of light getting closer, far too fast. Faster than Hal Jordan can react. Faster likely than any of them except perhaps Superman. It's target? Diana Prince. Somehow Aesh caught the signal before the Power Ring and is half-running, causing a small commotion around them as people get annoyed and have to move but this is New York. Most of these people do not budge. Its just someone in a hurry.

The smell of atoms and ozone vaporizing rips through the senses of the superior and the sky actually visibly illuminates with the sheer size of the gigantic red and white beam that has been fired off towards Wonder Woman. It's huge, it will engulf more of than just the target. Perhaps half of this entire block is going to be enveloped in it's radius.

Aesh curses himself. He had been so worried about Diana that he forgot to use his head: He could just have flown towards her. His Hud flashes, letting him know of a large raise in energy nearby. He doesn't thinks twice: He takes to the sky, a burst of his jets is enough: He lands infront of the car. "Someone's been monitoring you, Diana. I overheard an encripted transmission reporting your exact location." A blue energy shield forms around the car, the point of origin of the shield being Aesh. Sinse both Diana and the other amazon are inside, it makes things easier for him. As he spots the beam, he moves to pick the car up of of the ground: Thanks to his cybernetics, this is easy for him. He then sends power to his jets, atempting to put as much distance between him, Diana and the beam as pocible. While he has moved her from her original place, he probably won't be fast enough to fully escape the beam's effects, whatever they are.
and it's in that small moment, that Clark notices it, seemingly disappearing in a burst of pure speed as he knew what was about to happen when he heard that laser firing up…and firing. as he attempts to move Hal and the Vendor out of the way…though if they looked at Clark again, he would be in his full garb as Superman.

Upon quickly getting them to safety…if he makes it that is, he would zoom right back, attempting to pull as many people out of the way of it as possible…without a care if he gets hit himself. The Man of Steel would try to get as many people out of there as possible…while flying -fast-.

Diana found herself inside of her car being suddenly picked up by Aesh's powerset and she and her Amazonian sister looked at one another.

"I see why the Queen did not want us to leave the island now." The redheaded Amazonian said in her thickly accented English.

Diana didn't reply as a concerned look on her face was sent forward again toward Aesh through the windshield. She then averted her eyes to look out the window on her right and she could see Superman ascending to the sky.

That ungodly sized maintained BEAM of energy pounds in to where Diana Prince was. The streets around it igniting in a bright glow as it melts and churns outwards. Superman and Aesh's quick work has the possible casualties but the shot doesn't let up yet. With it's persistant rain down a sewage cover shoots up in to the sky, fire exploding out as a gas line underneath the city street level erupts.

Hal and the vendor are displaced. It takes a moment to register this before Hal "Highball" Jordan is replaced with Green Lantern's uniform. He whispered the Oath, the last bits of 'beware my power' cut off as he is in motion as well, green walls forming around the circumferrance of the beams ground zero. Its a precaution. It's keeping it's like tying a rubber band around a garden hose though.

Aesh continues to fly with the car, giving more energy to his shield. He looks down at all the destruction the beam has caused, frowning slightly. He removes the car's doors, removing Diana and the other Amazon from it. He lets the car fall down, holding the two women in his arm. "This'll allow me to fly quicker." He says as an apology. This alsso allows him to broaden his shield: The blue sphere now extends to several feet infront of him. Diana would probably feel a bit of static as she is held, the air around her crackling with energy. Aesh would them go to where Superman is at, hopping to help the man of steel.
Superman would be flying about all over the place, making sure no one was left behind in the blast….though that blast starts to weigh on him a little bit, being pounded and pounded again as he briefly plummets to the hard ground. But he manages to power through, being the ideal of hope that he is, and he flies through the sky like a bullet, attempting to punch the ship to see if he can manage a response to turn off that laser in possibly a too aggressive way! He hears Aesh coming towards him…and hears Hal Jordan donning his Lantern uniform, but Superman is on a mission, that laser had to get shut off before it could fire in a more aggressive way!

As Superman takes the brunt of the assault the green barrier starts to stack higher around it meanwhile, localizing the damage to just that one spot as long as the machine firing it doesn't reposition which it lacks the time to do so.
Aesh's assistance to the Amazons keeps them out of harms way. This has to be a moment of extreme annoyance for the female warriors but it's a fight they're ill equipped to deal with head on. As Aesh reroutes to join Superman in the center of the blast he'll find the heat far too much, anything lesser than the Man of Steel would dissolve within heartbeats, Superman himself can even feel some measure of discomfort. Aesh can travel along side him though up the length of the continous beam to it's source, a source Superman is now pummeling so hard it erupts in to an explosion, a boom in the skies that has enough impact to send both of the heroes sailing if they do not brace themselves.

What is left behind and below is a ruined charred and blackened spot on the streets of New York, cars smoldering, a firehydrate billowing out foamy wash, fire spreading and people running for cover but, the casualties? None. There may be some injuries but nothing major beyond property damage things to the quick actions of those present. The damage is done. The threat is no longer (for now).

Those blocks around where the beam was begin to deconstruct one by one, the Green Lantern summoning them away to begin minor repairs and quickpatches until Damage Control can arrive and deal with the rest.
A grin is fired over at Diana and the Amazons and the man actually laughs. "I'm sorry but you should see your faces!" Someone in the crowd points at the cackling Space Cop and takes a picture, a person next to him giving him the finger. Now is not the time for laughter apparently. People just about died! "You're an asshole Green Lantern!" Someone shouts.
"Whoah, hey pal. Everyone is okay! No one died… just relax. We got this. The Justice League is here… "
"Technically, I'm not from the league." Aesh remarks to Green Lantern, smilling at the space cop. Fortunately his shield was strong enough to protect both amazons, even as he fired missiles at the ship to try and help Super man. The youth sighs, putting both amazons down gently. "He's right, nobody was killed. All in all, things could have gone whorse." His tone is a mix between relief and bluntness. He moves towards Green Lantern and Superman. "Someone had its eye on Wonderwoman.. I overheard their communications, thats why I got there on time." Aesh's mostly unscated,(aside from superficial burns) having used his jets to rezist the whorst of the explosion. He takes this time to heal himself,a green glow is visible over the burnt area before the burns are healed.
As soon as Superman landed that punch, and that beam's source exploded after one or two good shots, but the sudden explosion, although prepared for it, knocks superman right out of the sky once more since he was at point blank range, a big 'BOOM!' happening once he makes contact with the ground, though Superman unscathedly pushes the rubble off of him (strangely enough his suit is perfectly fine too), He looks to the sky at the spaceship, though Green Lantern's laughter makes him just shake his head a moment. He does start to float back up to the sky, that S-shield heralding him as members of the League assemble. Though Aesh's words quickly get his attention.

"Wonder Woman? Do we know if they intended to kill or capture?" Though with the force of that beam..that much could have been obvious…but take it from an alien: aliens are weird.

The Lantern's laughter dies out and he exhales loudly, "You're right. I'm sorry everyone. MY BAD!" Hal shouts with his hands in the air, "You're right this very serious and not a joke. Do not take me laughing as some sign of mental instability or a lack of empthy. I care. I really really do."
The Green Lantern shakes his head and looks at Aesh, "You heard that thing sending signals before it attacked?" A curious look to Aesh then at Superman as he returns, "I'm being a little cocky aren't I? I should cool it. Just you know… this has been a very long week. I'm not getting much sleep." Hal looks the area over, its nicely contained at least.
"Aesh, you keep showing up in the middle of this stuff. I think we might just have to consider letting you in on the clubhouse. I mean, if of course Superman and Wonder Woman sign off on that."
Green Lantern clears his throat and stands up straighter. Still trying to compose himself. Too many questions. "We have been getting stalked for some time now. I guess they're finally starting to show themselves." He adds quieter, this time just to the JLA comms.

Aesh nods at Green Lantern. "My senssors picked their ship's transmissions. It was encripted so it wasn't meatn to be heavesdropped on." The youth explains. "Well, what can I say? My luck is just part of my charm." He says this as an obvious joke. "Well, I don't think they were trying to kidnap her.. Their transmission was very specific: They used a word my system wasn't able to fully translate but the closest thing I got was the word target. It seems they were trying to kill her, without any regard to who got in their way. I just wonder why. I'll be honest here.. Diana is a friend to me.. I'll start to look into it, after what happened here.. It would be really good if we were to look together.."

Superman would watch the starcraft above them even as Green Lantern and Aesh spoke to each other. "Diana is a friend of ours too. We look into it together." He looks over at Hal, perhaps sternly "-together-." he clarifies, knowing full well his often habit of going it solo. Though at Hal's suggestion of bringing him into the band so to speak, Superman smiles at that thought.

"Not a bad idea. I already know what my answer is. I've seen him a multitude of times and his help has been essential." he smiles to Aesh, openly stating his confidence in him. "We'll hold a vote for official purposes." he smiles, patting Aesh on the back a moment.

Though he did look at Diana and her fellow Amazon, just checking to see if they are in fact, alright.

"Good call and you must be a friend if shes letting you use her name like that." Hal says to Aesh before looking sidelong at Superman, "This is just another in a run of things we have to tackle. Maybe we'll put Aesh to this and if he can make some headway with it… it'll help his case out with the League in a vote."
"You up for that?" The Green Lantern asks the techno-expert. They could use someone like him anyways.
"Why is always the question but who knows with crazy people and the idiots we end up tangling with."

"Good call and you must be a friend if shes letting you use her name like that." Hal says to Aesh before looking sidelong at Superman, "This is just another in a run of things we have to tackle. Maybe we'll put Aesh to this and if he can make some headway with it… it'll help his case out with the League in a vote."
"You up for that?" The Green Lantern asks the techno-expert. They could use someone like him anyways.
"Why is always the question but who knows with crazy people and the idiots we end up tangling with."

Aesh nods at Green Lantern. "Even if you end up not allowing me to join, I'll always be willing to help. After all, in the end, we all fight for the same thing." Aesh looks up to the sky for a moment. "Sounds like a fair deal to me.." The youth pulls out a small piece of paper, quickly drawing something on it. "Here.." He hands it to Superman. On the paper, Aesh has drawn a map. "Follow this map. It leads to my research center. We could meet there to report progress and share any new information."
Superman woukd smile faintly to Lantern, happy to see him fairly onboard as well. Though when Aesh hands him that piece of paper, Superman smiles.

"Thanks Aesh. And keep hoping high." He smiles to him before looking at everyone else "im going to make sure everyones alright. See you soon! Call if you need." He nods once, before he?s up up and away!

Hal nods to Aesh, "We appreciate the aid as always." As Superman is handed the map the Green Lantern surveys the wreckage again but confirms that Damage Control is already rolling in with their large construction trucks while police start to ring around and safeguard the area.
"We'll be in touch. I think you're a good fit, Aesh. I think the others wont be too far behind in that opinion… I need to go before I make more of an ass of myself tonight, I think I'm just hungry." A grin and he waves, lifting up and flying off in that typical green streak. A flashy streamer left behind.
Aesh smiles at Green Lantern. "I have to go, too.. I must confess a triple cheese burguer wouldn't be a bad thing right now." And with that Aesh flies away, giving a last wave to the people below and to the city of New York.

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