Gabby's Gas n' Grub

November 03, 2017:

Lucia finally in some form of relative safety makes it to the Cyberforce hideout. Sort of.


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The drive from Maryland has been a quiet ride. Ballistic took them back to the van and parties separated, New York at night has lead them eventually to Brooklyn, pulling off a side street to a dirt road and past a locked fence. The back entrance to Gabby's Gas n Grub. A small convenient store that they actually run that has a tiny restaurant inside.
Ripclaw had tossed a blanket to Lucia that was inside the van, it is perhaps the only form of warmth she'll get once they're out. It's been cold in New York lately, tonight is no different but the chalk-white skinned Native American is actually healing quickly, both eyes working now. "You can come in here and stay for now, there is a cot in the office. It's temporary until we get you checked out then.. " A shrug.

Lucia hasn't slept in days, and for all the oddity of her unexpected allies, she's willing to take the risk and tired enough that cold van floor might as well be the fanciest digs. She actually mostly came through unscathed, Slenderman's clawmarks in her arm long since healed over. But the way the van stops does bring her eyes open at last. She unfolds herself carefully from the corner with a flick of her attention around, stepping out to stretch her hands above her head,"Natural, or pico-machines?" she asks with a nod in the direction of his face, seemingly ignoring the statement about being checked out, at least until there's a brief flicker of her lips,"You're not going to find much in the way of records of me here. Yeh, I worked for Corben. Yeh, like you and the rest of them Cyberdata had some fun deciding to rebuild me. But they started cutting my access. Suddenly I wasn't allowed places that I've been going for years, I lit out, and those… things… have been following me since."


The inside of Gabby's Gas n Go is warm at least. The heat automated so it kicks on and off. Lucky for them being mutant stock they're a tad hardier than flatscans, being Godtech bio-augmented gives them even more of an extra nudge. "Natural. My mutant gift they say was probably a metamorphic or feral. They commonly appear to be equipped with healing factors." Similar to Sabretooth or Wolverine.

"For a time my cybernetics and regenerative traits were at odds, it was killing me. Doctor Corben saved my life. So when he said one of his pupils was in need we jumped." The lights behind the cash register kick on, the gates in the front still pulled down and closed so no one can actually see inside. "Come on in."
Not a hitch in the conversation Ripclaw proceeds, "We would have jumped to help anyone in need though, like you did for that farmer and his wife."


Lucia trails afterwards, wary, she can't help herself right now, reaching out in search of potential cybernetic signatures… she knows better than to trust Cyberdata, or believe that it's likely to give up on her easily, "The others, are they also metamorphs?" she asks, only to pause and listen with a faint, tired kind of smile, "He's… what's good left in that place. When we started working with the raw material the intent was… to help. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know where I'd be without his help right now." she eases her way in with a scan for the room, checking on things, even if she keeps her infestations to herself for now.

"Would have been smarter for me to keep moving. But… yeh. They didn't deserve that. I figured if I could get them out of there I'd have a chance to split. But five on one… I was screwed if not for you and the others."


No signatures are present that she'll detect aside from her, Velocity and Ballistic (if the other two are near). "Bathroom is small but you can clean up in there, there is a NYC gift rack with clothes on it, help yourself to anything but please, write it down so we can mark it off for inventory." Ripclaw sounds quite serious about the storefront. Like its an actual business.
"The others are not metamorphs, no, Velocity is a speedster and Ballistic can… well, she can hit anything. She could knock a flea off a march hare from half a mile away if you dared her."
A quizzical look at Lucia, "How long have they been messing with your implants and running you through this… race for them?" It's not uncommon for Cyberdata to seriously mentally warp a person's perceptions, lie, use subterfuge, hack them, psionics, tinker with memories.
"Doctor Corben has been free of Cyberdata and in hiding for years." He says clearly in an almost ominous tone. "I really hope this Corben you think you've been working with doesn't know too much about you. The REAL Corben, the one who says he knew you long ago is going to meet you as soon as we make sure you're not compromised." Hopefully she doesn't have one of those biosynth bugs in her.
Ripclaw has seen enough gore this day and that is saying a lot.
"Look, for now, rest. Lets not worry about Cyberdata. You need to normalize a bit, eat, drink, clean up, get warm and no, they didn't deserve that. We were screwed if not for you as well. Those Deadliners are… were something else."


Lucia turns her head towards the bathroom, listening absently as she does so, only to freeze and furrow her brows,"What?" it merits more than a what, but her brain's stalled on what right now, like she just forgot how to speak English,"I… what? No. No? We were working on a project just…" when was that, exactly? She can't help but rub the back of her head, nauseous anew. Her eyes flit towards the bathroom, and then the door through which they entered, lips wetted as her brain tries to sort through it.

"No… maybe I've rested enough." it's just not adding up in her brain right now, and that's more than a little concerning to her,"Ah… thanks… to you and the others, but maybe I should just…" go. Run away. She doesn't need to finish the sentence for the intention to be obvious in the way she shifts her weight.


"/You/ were working on a project. It is likely they installed someone you trusted so that you would carry on and pass anything to a trusted informant. Meaning, you've been disposable for a while." Ripclaw says a side clumsily. "Just, try not to to think too hard in to it. We'll help you through this. If you're clean and clear, the real Corben is going to speak with you. It should help."
Ripclaw opens up the freezer and pulls out one of the Aquafina bottles handing it to her, "Nothing else but to do right now than rest and regroup. I honestly hope you don't have a lot of family. Cyberdata will do anything they can to get to you."


Reaching to accept the water is automatic, it doesn't stop her from backing up another step,"No." she refutes, with the bottle to utilize as baton to emphasize her point,"Of course I'm not clean and clear… none of us are. I knew they were there, just like I can tell you exactly where your friends are if they're in my range. And not disposable, we were working with the raw material for… three… weeks, now?" hell she hates being uncertain on that front.

Up goes the bottle, none the less,"I don't know you, and I've got less reason to believe that you're doing anything more than guessing. Fishing for information. S'y'can… can.." she looks at the bottle and sets it down on the closest flat surface,"I'mma go now."


"Raw material of the Godtech?" Ripclaw questions, "We just saved you from the Deadliners. Almost died along side you to get you to safety. Trust in that othrwise… " The man points behind him at the door, "It is there. None of us will stop you but you won't have our protection any longer."
The abnormally white skin on the man's face tightens as frowns, "Look, my name was once Robert Berresford. I had a family, a life, a brother, real hands and a future like a normal person." He holds up the hand showing off the biosynthetic warblades that have replaced his fingers, wrists, all the way up to the elbow. "They sawed them off while I watched, awake. The man who did it was a sadist. I was just a kid and they couldn't use medication on me because of my healing factor. I was awake through all of this."

"We, us, Cyberforce, you probably heard we were terrorists, assassins, murderers and anarchists who are stealing Cyberdata technology, killing people, the works… it was all part fo their propaganda. Consider back to people youve worked with, the odd hazards, the disappearing, the security they make you go through, its all a controlled environment. You work for Cyberdata they own you. You're a SHOC, even a technician or whatever you were… they still own you. The moment you were implanted you became property." A rise of his chest as he inhales, Ripclaw sets the bottle down on the counter. "If anything at least grab some rations and warm clothes before you go. Its cold out there."
"We won't keep you against your will."
"The girls and I only promised Corben we would get you to safety. We have."


There's still dubiousness there, in the look she casts behind her, but from the dip of her head she has to concede at least that they had no reason to get involved, and less to risk themselves back at the farmhouse,"At least… some of that… is based on my work." and she does have the grace to wince at the description of it, offering out her own hand cautiously with it's too smooth skin and metal underlay. Granted, those hands have already injected machines and Deadliner's with nanites, but she doesn't think to remind him of that in the process.


"Lucia." nothing that couldn't be found in her files, probably,"Not sure I have any… family… left. Haven't seen them in a decade." pause,"I… think."
"You're safe here." Robert assures her. "My SHOC name… my /mutant/ name is Ripclaw, feel free to use whatever is most comfortable to you. It's private here, not a lot of traffic. We won't open the store again until we get this whole thing situated." His red eyes stare at her, predators gaze, studying, calculating yet somehow also compassionate. "So just… just stay in here, if you go outside try not to leave beyond the dirt, our scramblers only work so far. If you go beyond the fences or lot, you're on your own - don't come back. If you're still here tomorrow when I come to check on you, we'll talk further."
Ripclaw turns his back to her and heads for the exit, "Cot is folded up in the back, blankets are in the utility closet. Try and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be easier."

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