Words of the King

October 04, 2017:

Plot epilogue. The final report of Bhekizizwe "Blackstone" Wright, and remarks from King T'Challa, on the outcome of the troubles in Wakanda.



NPCs: Elbrus 'Rubicon' Shishani, Bhekizizwe "Blackstone" Wright, others

Mentions: Bucky Barnes, Jane Foster, Jessica Jones, Matthew Murdock, Peggy Carter, Michael Carter, Luke Cage, Zatanna Zatara, John Constantine

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Final Report, by Akili Command

What follows is the report made by Bhekizizwe Wright, codename

As I write from my bed, it is safe to say that Wakanda has seen
better days.

As near as we can tell, the enemy faction of HYDRA was operating in
the country for a little over a year. As headed up by the chemist
Elbrus Shishani, codename RUBICON, HYDRA made their injection into
the country prior to the Mizizi conference. As expected of them,
they became heavily involved with the drug trade, assembling a
rudimentary chemistry plant in the old temples in central Wakanda.
By making contact with the drug dealer Adewale-Thadie Onyango,
Shishani was able to gain a resource stream within the country.

The plan was elegant in retrospect. Adewale-Thadie, who is known by
multiple names, was able to produce Mandrax by making use of
Shishani's chemistry. In return, Shishani was able to piggyback the
necessary ingredients for the synthesis of his compounds. The reason
why we were unable to determine the entry point for his weapons and
the drug shipments is because he was producing them within the

The King, long may he reign, saw fit to open the Wakandan borders to
the foreigners for the Mizizi na Nyasi collaboration. Director
Kagiso and T'Challa had both believed that it would be best to
locate the invaders by allowing them to steal technology during the
conference. We could not have foreseen that the Winter Soldier would
become involved.


Akili Report, pg 2

James Buchanan Barnes. He was an unknown in our estimation up until
the firebombing. While we initially believed HYDRA activated him in
response to our counterintelligence, we no longer believe this to be
the case. HYDRA had taken opportunity to attempt to eliminate the
Winter Soldier and in so doing, create enough strife to allow them
to steal our technology, our people and our pride.

With a high profile target such as the Winter Soldier, we are
honor-bound as Wakandans to remedy the slight. While our king donned
the mantle and set to ground after him, we of the Akili busied
ourselves with tracing back the interlopers and putting them to the

While the stolen technology led to to caches in Birnin Azzaria, our
raids were only able to put down an estimated 15 percent of the
overall threat. Shishani was more than we had bargained for
initially, and my injuries were too great to continue tracking him.
The director hid me as we built our intelligence base.


Akili Report, pg 3

What followed next were machinations beyond my understanding. After
the capture of the Winter Soldier, foreigners were summoned to the
country by the King and his Milaje, those who applied for rights to
investigate the matter of the firebombing. Our king had for an
unknown reason given his consent to the affair, an act which
Director Kagiso ultimately opposed.

To this day, I am not entirely sure why the King would place the
fate of our country in the hands of foreigners. Like myself, he has
spent his life outside the country, but he has made seemingly
different determinations from myself. Perhaps he sees something in
these people that I do not. They committed themselves admirably to
their investigation, bringing afield a number of resources to their
disposal. I have even heard that the organization SHIELD was
involved, to an extent.

It was some ways from my hospital window, but the pressure they
placed on the killers was enough to drive Shishani to act. He began
to take progressively more bold actions to destroy the foreigners,
including a rocket attack on the residence they were occupying. The
number of Wakandan lives taken during this act still burns me to the
core. But it was not for naught.


Akili Report, pg 4

The tumult during this period had reached a fever pitch. It must
have been that HYDRA had realized that the King was playing his own
game, because several contracts were posted for my life near the end
of HYDRA's occupation. One had developed information of my location
at a safe hospital in Birnin Zana. I understand that she goes by her
given name, Elektra.

She was captured by the foreigners, which led them to me. Much to
the Director's consternation, as her revealing the information also
left HYDRA no other choice but to come after me personally.
Fortunately, I am not unaccustomed to fighting.

I admit to a key preconception. Before I had met them, I had not
regarded the foreigners as worth much, a group concerned only with
paying the most perfunctory of lip-service to the country while
pursuing their own interests in exonerating the Winter Soldier —
like most would. But perhaps I have seen only a glimpse of what my
King has seen when fighting alongside them. They are a people who
care easily and fully for those whom they have no connection with.
Though many of my countrymen may brook dissent, I have not lived
enough years in this world to think I fully understand every person
who walks on it.


Akili Report, pg 5

The shootout at the hospital was, for all intents and purposes, the
beginning of the end. A massive gambit by Elbrus, his overcommitment
to destroying all evidence of his face has left him with no ground
to run to. With a hundred Wakandans to see him, he has no other
choice but to flee the country.

Attached to this report is what I know of those involved.


Akili Report, pg 6

CONCERNING DAVIT PETROSIAN - We had had some trouble isolating the
signals from which HYDRA was broadcasting from within the country,
all due to a sophisticated artificial intelligence setup. Shortly
after the situation at the hospital however, the signal went static.
Once his artificial intelligence went offline, we traced the HYDRA
callsign .hacker//LUV back to a shack in Birnin Azzaria. There, we
found Davit Petrosian, a computer specialist of some world renown
dead at his terminal, from a gunshot to the head. Judging by the
decay, he had been dead for several weeks at that point.
Unfortunately, our field agents were severely injured after a
cyanogen charge went off shortly after he was discovered. I can only
assume that he had outlived his usefulness at some point, and was
made into a living trap, ostensibly to kill whoever had the
misfortune of finding him. Because of the cyanogen flame, we were
unable to recover much from the shack after we controlled for the

CONCERNING NYIA AND GREGOR MCCLANE - The rogues were apprehended at
the hospital shortly after being subdued by the foreigners. We have
determined that Nyia is one of Mr. Scythe's operatives, and is not
directly connected to HYDRA. However, McClane is another story
entirely. The King has chosen to exile Nyia from the country
entirely, in recognition of her contributions to our investigations
once captured. Gregor, however, will not be heard from again. His
vibranium sidearm, priceless by any means, currently sits on
Director Kagiso's desk.

CONCERNING ELBRUS SHISHANI (RUBICON) - The most vexing of my reports
concerns the mastermind of the attacks on Wakanda. Elbrus escaped
the riot at the hospital by leaving his lieutenants behind. Soon
after, we found evidence of a break in at the airfield and a missing
Jadaka class running shuttle. We suspect he has fled the country.
The King has deemed his case to be an unforgivable one, and has sent
several agents outside Wakanda after him. Soon, I know even I will
be deployed. We have orders to report our findings immediately, and
kill Elbrus on sight, but this seems too small a fate for him. Then
again, our King has also left the country again. I fear for what
will happen to Shishani, should Wakanda's Black Panther get hold of


Akili Report, pg 7

CONCERNING DANDY JAM - He healed in record time. The ruffian who
prefers to be called "Dandy Jam" was identified by the security
service as the inciter of the riot at the hospital. After initially
trying to blame it all on Jessica Jones, Dandy was sentenced to two
years of labor in Birnin Zana to harden his hands and grow his mind.
We suspect he is still holding a grudge, but his rabble-rousing ways
have, for the most part, gone to ground for the moment.

CONCERNING THE SPIES - Though none of us were aware at the time of
entry, we fast developed intelligence that some of the foreigner
presence had ties to the peacekeeping agency SHIELD. This explains
why several of the cyanogen weapons we located had been already
disarmed, and others we were able to attain the locations of removed
entirely. There are quite a few Wakandans who owe them their lives
today, even the director must grudgingly admit. To square the debt,
we will send them an update on our intelligence concerning the HYDRA
activities in Africa. Perhaps they will put it to good use.

CONCERNING THE MYSTICS - The mystics Zatanna Zatara and John
Constantine… they were here only a brief period of time. We
suspect that they were involved in much more than the affair of the
Mizizi. However, their contributions to the affair, however brief,
were not to be discounted. They returned to the States, but the King
has decreed that they may return if ever they have need of our
shamans. However, we are underneath strict orders to maintain
observation over them. Western mysticism all too often bargains in
forces it cannot control.


Akili Report, pg 8

CONCERNING JESSICA JONES - The King's chosen representative. She has
certainly proven to be quite the vexing element in this affair. As
much as I would consider her to be the ultimate example of bias in
judgment, the more I watch her, the more I believe she sheds tears
for the Wakandans who have died. Even so, she has taken an oath. Of
those who came and those she summoned, she bears the greatest
burden. The gates to Wakanda are forever open to her, but if we have
need of her, she must return. Will she look at her time here as a
curse, as others might, or will she look at it as an honor? Only
time will tell.

CONCERNING LUKE CAGE - The indestructible man. While we cannot
understand why such a man would have involved himself in Wakanda's
affairs, his contributions led to the resolution of the Mizizi
affair. In reviewing the affair, the King has chosen to make a
significant financial outreach in Harlem, with hopes that it will be
used for a new community center.

CONCERNING "THE DEVIL" - We are still not sure who the man in red
was at the Hospital battle, but his profile indicates that he may be
the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. While we are relatively sure the devil
has left the country, we remain on guard. In the meantime, the
King's attention has been drawn to that neighborhood, so as to
better ascertain the Devil's intentions. Of all of the foreigners,
the Devil may understand our ways best. That makes him a potential


Akili Report, pg 9


While there are some who find the commutation of Barnes' sentence
too lenient, by and large the country has begun to heal from the
King's judgment, though some may yet struggle to understand it. This
is the expected way of things.

The King has given his mind on the matter, and as far as we can
tell, he no longer believes the Winter Soldier was responsible for
the attack at Mizizi. Of course, while we developed this information
relatively quickly, the Winter Soldier's honor and complicity still

I will never fully understand what went on in the jungles beneath
Warrior Falls. Our custom is to execute all enemies of the state,
but without carrying the mantle of Black Panther, the battle became
less of an execution and something else entirely. Was it the King's
desire to give the man time to prove the strength of his spirit? Or
was it to give Jones the time she needed to conduct her
investigation? Was it for honor, or was it something else entirely?
These are things not for me to know.

Jane Foster, the woman who assumed Barnes' crimes, has become an
intense object of focus and interest, both to the intelligence
service and our people. While our people ask who this woman is, and
what moral fiber composes her, I have seen her use abilities not
unlike the mystics. We have recovered and returned the arm of the
Soldier to Foster, but not before the King perused our analysises.


Words of the King

Men and women underneath Wakanda's bright sun, we have ushered in a
new age of reconciliation in our country. It is said that for every
dusk, there is a dawn and for every night, there is a day. We have
drawn the shade on one of the darkest days in recent memory, but
with it, we have marked a day of immense historical significance.

Today we have extended our hand in peace to the world around us, and
together, we have driven out a hostile element from our country. We
have assured the peace of the realm and augured the light of justice
to the deepest and darkest mantle of the earth.

Wakanda has always been strong as a country, but as a nation among
many, she is still young yet. We have always known our independence,
but today we have cut an inviolate mark in the memory of the
internationale. A man's independence is not total until it is
tested. Today, we have proven ourselves able to stand not just by
ourselves, but amongst many and declare ourselves a free power,
still untethered from unjust influence. This is the dawn of an age
of not suspicion and subterfuge, but strength and mutual respect
amongst nations.

But this has not come without bitter cost. For all of the Wakandans
who gave their lives for the bounties, strength, unity and honor of
the country, know that we will never forget you, and that your blood
will always be cared for, for as long as Wakanda breathes whole.

There is still much for us to do. The crimes of the Winter Soldier
have been granted recognition by our honor and the laws and rituals
of our land, and those who have come to stand for Wakanda have
agreed to bear his burden in service to our people. This is a burden
that will never leave us, and our better natures alone give us the
peace and temperance to reach out our hand in unity.

To those cherished few foreigners who have bled for Wakanda and for
whom Wakanda has bled, we owe you a debt of gratitude whose weight
will be felt in our children's children and beyond. You have shed
tears and blood for us. You have our thanks, and in such form, you
gain the friendship of Wakanda, and the recognition of the Panther
God whom acts through us.

Of course, many great threats to our country remain. The terrorist
groups that have dealt us a blow at our conference remain, if
tattered. The toxic and honorless criminal elements of our country
continue to allow and shelter corruptions to the peace of our land.
I re-affirm to you my pledge as King and Claw of the Panther to
continue to defend you on every shore and every field, in the veld
and in the city. No matter where, we will unite with our allies, and
woe betide those who mean us ill.

Forever Wakanda, Wakanda Forever.


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