Embassy and Ivy

October 29, 2017:

Poison Ivy slips in to the Amazon Embassy via a fake identity. All just for books!


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Poison Ivy needs a project. She always has something to work on, but now she wants a challenge and that's when inspiration caught her. And that is what led her to the embassy in disguise. She's got her skin pale and fair, red hair up in a bun, and wearing her some librarian glasses to go along with her skirt suit. She had to use every bit of patience to not just kiss and force her way along. But her patience paid off, she got a private moment with an aid and a bit of perfume mist to persuade things along to get what she wanted. This led to another person higher up the line and so on, til she tried to get a call in to the Amazon herself. The woman sits and waits, smiling at the smitten worker here, "You are sure she is likely to show soon?"

Ivy had successfully infiltrated her way at least into the main lobby of the embassy, which was the area in the front of the building where tables/chairs and a small lounge were set up next to the two desks that the employees worked.

The employees were smitten with Ivy and seemed eager to make the woman have a nice time here, and as such when she asked that question the one she spoke to would nod her head. "Of course, Princess Diana is in her study. She's meeting with the Deputy Mayor today who is in there with her, but they're scheduled to be done within moments."

The woman (mid 40s in age) reached for the phone on her desk. "Would you like me to call in and see if I can get you in to see her right now though?" She asked Ivy.

Poison Ivy has made sure to hurt nobody. Just…. encourage things to go faster. She can't be away too long and can't risk exposing certain things. She crosses her legs and taps a finger on a thigh. She doesn't want to meet anyone in politics for this country either. "Oh no. Thank you so much for the offer, but I am fine waiting. Does she have a appointment for after?" Something that could maybe be delayed or canceled.

The woman at the desk would just smile and she'd nod her head over in Ivy's direction. "Why yes, the Miss is booked until late this evening. She's to meet with a Principal from an elementary school in the East Village in fourty five minutes." The woman told her, because for whatever reason she was just sharing all the information she had at Ivy. "If you would like, I can place a call to him and ask him to postpone it until tomorrow?" Again the woman reached for her telephone and again she seemed eager to do as Ivy instructed or asked or possibly might like.

Poison Ivy purses her lips in consideration for a moment. "Be a dear and write down her schedule for the next week for me?" She could use that information for later, "I really don't want to disrupt things too much. That may be noticed. But if I could have ten minutes of her time that should be all I need."

"Yes, of course." The woman behind the desk said cheerily as she pulled out a pen and a started to write down the information on her computer's monitor. It only took a few minutes and when she finished she raised up from her chair and walked it over to Ivy so that Ivy would not have to come and retrieve it.

It was around this time that voices were heard and walking through the central hall. Two men and a young woman appeared in the lobby, from Diana's office down the hall, they made their way to the front door while in a conversation with one another. They exited the building without regarding the lobby employees or even Ivy.

"It would seem she's available now." The receptionist would say. "Please, come along and I'll show you to her." She'd move to the hall to lead Ivy to Diana's office.

Poison Ivy reaches up to take the paper with a smile as she looks over it. "Thank you darling. You've been such a good help." She stands up then, tugging her clothes into place again. "Gladly," moving along with the receptionist as she folds the paper to put it away and out of sight. Taking a moment to look around the area the office they draw closer. "One last thing," she requests. "Make sure no alarms or cops come by without giving me some kind of warning first." Time to meet the lioness in her den.

As they went further into the Embassy the sound of clashing metal on metal could be heard in the courtyard on their left side. "Oh certainly, Dear." The woman told Ivy. "But no Police officers ever come here… at least not that I have seen." She'd say as she motioned then to the windows where outside two Amazonian women were doing sparring and their weapons were slamming into one another with unforgiving strength, the resulting clangs and clashes of steel reverberated into the Embassy -through- the windows.

"We have them." The receptionist said with a lot of internal pride.

As they reached a set of dark wood double doors at the end of a hallway, she would push them open and she'd announce Ivy's presence with whatever name Ivy had provided her with.

Diana Prince wasn't expecting this arrival though, she looked up from her laptop and put her blue eyes upon the two in the doorway, specifically on Ivy's face.

Diana was dressed in a pure white top that hugged her slim/muscular form and her black hair was tied back into a braided ponytail that fell down past her shoulders. Diana would rise up from her chair and tilt her head to the side just a little out of curiosity. "Hello… please, come in?" She motioned to a chair across from her desk and then gave her receptionist a 'look'.

Poison Ivy turns to the sound of the fighting, "Is there other Amazons here? I had no idea." She may have to meet them sometime inthe near future. "Well, then let me know before they crash in on me if you can. Don't hurt yourself though." She'll touch the receptionist lightly on the arm.
The name given is Dr. Wysteria Isles, she couldn't resist a bit of pun play. "Thank you." Stepping into the office to admire the lovely woman and smile as innocently as she can. "Don't be cross with her please. I insisted on just a few minutes of your time." She does take the seat and will do her best to wait til they are alone and sitting. "I know you have another apointment, and I hate to disrupt things more when I was hoping for a favor."

When still out in the hall the receptionist would've nodded her head to the Doctor. "Wh yes, there are four in total here at the Embassy… counting the Miss herself." She would've replied before ushering Dr. Isles into the office.

Diana would smile to Wysteria and she'd remain behind her desk still standing, only sitting when Wysteria sat. "Oh. I have a half an hour or so. You are fine." She told her, offering then a friendly smile. "How might I help you today, Doctor?" She'd ask then, her Greek accented English was smooth and calming to most's ears.

"I was hoping to see about a book exchange. I imagine with all that time, and the Greek's repuation for learning and studing, that there would be some written accounts. I understand that you would wish to protect your sisters' culture and what have you. But would be trilled to see about the flaura of your homeland, and from the times past." Ivy glances at the clock in the room to note the time, and plans to try to be out of here before that thirty minutes is tested too hard. "I figured you would appreciate a direct and prompt discussion."

Diana would sit back in her chair when the conversation seemed to be about something rather simplistic… she'd feared it would be something far more urgent or worse, than a book about the flaura of Themyscira.

The topic actually brought a smile onto Diana's red painted lips and she seemed mildly amused by this. "Is this related to your field, Doctor?" She'd ask then. "And yes, direct and prompt are always welcome." She'd release a light exhale then and glance to one of the bookshelves in her office. "I have many books here from Themyscira that have information regarding such things, but they all contain information also related to the animal life found on the island as well. I can… send word for volumes more specifically related to what you seek though?"

Poison Ivy looks at the books and says, "My Greek's a bit rusty but I could make do. And animal information is not useless, but botany is just my field of study." Her attention returns to Diana. "I have a keen interest in our planet's welfare and future. Seeing what was and is now losst and what flourises on the paradise of an island may tell much about what will endure the next 1000 years." She smiles, "We can't all be as timeless and beautiful as you and your sisters."

Diana would rise from her chair and she'd smile again. "You are very sweet." She'd say in a kind and grateful way to the compliment paid onto her. She'd move then around the right hand side of the desk toward the book shelf area that she'd looked in, her lower half was clothed in a flowing white dress that whipped about her legs as she walked, once standing it was quite apparent just how tall Diana was, over six feet in height with her heeled shoes on her feet.

"These particular editions have been translated into English, they are our American-ized versions." Diana would say with a sly grin back toward Ivy as she'd move to the shelf and start to draw one and then the other.

"So this is more of a hobby or passion project than it is for official business?" She'd ask while scanning the spines of the books for the others she knew were here.

The redheaded woman stands and moves to join the Princess as she says, "When does a hobby become an obession or one's life's work? I bet you'd be hard pressed to find another on the planet that knows plants as well as I." A bit of a boast but only a slight one. "What about any of the older and less publicly accessable 'scrolls' that may be about. I don't mind working on translation. Besides it isn't like I can't get a second opinion from someone in the staff here if there is a need." She wants to make things seem more relaxe so the glasse are pulled away and the pin keeping the hair bun up loosened. Shaking her hair out may make her look more like 'Ivy' and less like a doctor. But she's not trying to deciev the Princess. Just everybody else.

Diana had two books plucked from the shelves by the time that Ivy joined her at her side, she didn't know Poison Ivy… its possible that if the woman came up in a conversation that she'd know 'of' her at least by name, but it wasn't a name that she had done a lot of research on as that fell more into the sphere of Batman and if Diana had learned anything about Batman its that he got antsy if others played around in his sandbox.

Diana glanced over to Ivy then and smiled at her again, then offered her the two books. "I am afraid that I have no such thing here in the Embassy. We have only been at this location for a couple of years now, most of what you see here did not even come from Themyscira but has been donated in honor of it, by others. Local artists and authors."

Diana's pointed chin tipped at the bookshelf beside them though. "These are from my home though, translated by one of our historians." Diana would pull one more book then and she'd give Ivy a soft smirk.

"If you run away with them, never to be heard from again, the late fees on this library are tremendous." She said, in a bit of Amazonian humor? Probably? Maybe.

Ivy takes the books to look over them carefuly. Reading their titles and the contents in their tables. "Oh this is a good start. I'd love to arrange a visit to your island sometime. Take some drawings or experience what plants you have there. I assure you, I've been to every jungle and rainforest on earth besides ones like your home already." The donated copies only get a glance. Diana's own book merits more attention. "I'll be sure to return them on time, I'd hate to not have coins for the ferryman," tryig to play along with the humor as best she can. "Oh… a tip. If some of your employees here have a headache today. Tell them to get some sasafras tea. Will cure them like magic."

Diana would show a soft smile as her right hand rested on the book shelf and her eyes went up and down its contents while she listened to the other woman's words. "I, unfortunately, do not decide who and who is not allowed on the island." She told Ivy then, voice soft. "That process is conducted by my mother, the Queen." Diana's blue eyes glanced over to the redhead. "Hippolyta requires a wealth of background information on you, your origins and what it is that you are doing today. Once.. the vetting process has been passed, however, a woman is allowed passage to the island, but is still monitored for a long time by assigned guards." Diana's eyes returned to the bookshelf then. "For men, the process is much more challenging…" With a light sigh though she continued. "I think that is all I have that would be what you are looking for.

Diana would turn then to face Ivy, smiling faintly. "What would cause them to have a headache?" She'd ask then, her smile fading into a slightly confused/concerned expression with her dark eyebrows lowering just a smidge.

Poison Ivy arches a fine brow, "I thought men were outright forbidden at all. I thank you for these, and will return them when I can." She stacks the books carefully and slips them gently into the hollow of her arms. "And sounds like if I am ever to visit your home, I'll have to swim on a sea of kelp and ask for sanctuary. Pity." She does seem saddened by this news. A paradise, free of industry and greed. Sure she would grow bored, but the idea is a tempting fantasy. "Because the perfume I used to help get your time sometimes gives people headaches. Nothing dangerous, but how else is a woman to get access to you, Princess? I don't know your… legal standing with America and wished to keep you out of any prickly situations. Thorn pricks though small can be painful and bothersome."

Diana's hands would come together in front of her lap and she'd stand there in front of the other and a slight smile would show at the topic of the island. "Men are strictly judged and almost always denied passage to the island. I hav eonly recently been able to sway my mother into at least listening to cases and judging them on an individual level. There is a… Writ of free passage for men, but the only such writ that has been given out was given out to Superman and none other."

Diana would listen to the talk of the perfume and she'd slightly tilt her head. "You used a drugging gas to convince my staff to let you see me?" She asked the Doctor. "Why on earth would you do such a thing?" She seemed more annoyed now than anything. "Precisely what kind of a doctor are you, Miss Isles?"

Poison Ivy doesn't try to deny she drugged the staff. "I have many doctorate," as she lists a few, "Biology, bio-chemsitry, botany, chemistry, toxicology." Pausing after that last one. "But you are a busy woman and I just needed a bit of time and to ask for some information. I'd have asked one of the other Amazons had I known they were here. Not that I minded meeting a royal from perhapse the only place on the planet doing mother earth right. I'm sure Gaia approves."

"I…" Diana started. "I am not so sure."

She walked back toward her desk and she stood on the front side of it, reaching over to grasp onto a little card. She lifted it up and then turned to offer it to Ivy. "Please, in the future, do nothing like that… If you wish to reach me, simply use this number."

Diana glanced toward the exit of her office, the doors were still open and the sounds of her sisters sparring could still be heard down the hallway.

"Apologize to my staff on your way out, as well. Call me when you are finished with the books and we will setup a time for you to return them." The realization of how Ivy got in to see her had clearly altered the Princess' mood and desire to continue to talk right now.

Poison Ivy is surprised she's not getting punched. Or worse. She takes the card and looks over it. Ivy frowns as she studies the card, and her own thoughts. "I… don't say this often. Almost never. But I'm sorry for upsetting you and what I had to do. I'm sure you know the world of men doesn't alwways allow for things to stay…. pleasant." She steps away to gather her things, "I'll make ammends and even send over some fruit as well. Be well princess." She will make for the door to leave before things to bad. "Maybe next time I'll show you my garden."

Diana was a forgiving person, she wanted to believe in the good of others and this is why she didn't simply just punch this woman. She believed that she'd been told the truth here, so she'd play nice for the time being.

"Yes, well. We shall see about that." She replied. "Good day, Miss Isles." She'd say to Ivy then before she'd turn and move back around her desk to reach for her cell phone. After Ivy had left, Diana would dial for her on-call doctor who was in a building across from the Embassy, she'd ask him to come over to check on her staff and she'd send word to her security team to inform them of the situation as well.


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