Archery in the Park

October 29, 2017:

Kate and Roy catch up in the park while some LARPers are there.

Central Park, New York City

It's a centralized park in New York City.


NPCs: Lian Harper

Mentions: Clint Barton


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Fade In…

Fall. The crackling crunching leaves scatter the paths, mostly obliterated by the footfalls of people traversing back and forth between the setup for the fall festivities. It wasn't quite a Renaissance Festival, but the impromptu setup of a LARP group that had decided to celebrate the approaching winter in their last meeting for the year with a mixture of a fundraising effort and a party.

The fragrant scent of roasting meats, the clang of swords… passerbyers were invited to join in the festivities.

So naturally, an archery demonstration was set up.





"You know, I could do better."

"Don't be a wise guy."

"With one arm tied behind my back, blindfolded."

"… get over here."

Which is how Roy Harper is standing there, holding up a bow, blindfolded, using his teeth to notch the arrow against the bowstring, while Lian Harper dutifully exclaims, "A little more to the left, daddy!"

Archery in Central Park? Sign Kate Bishop up! While not exactly a historical archer by any means, any chance to expand her knowledge of this chosen martial art of hers has her bounding out of her normal routine to poke around.

Almost out of respect for the whole LARPing thing, Kate shows up in khaki leggings and a loose teal tunic, belted at the waist and complimented with the knee-high boots she often wears when bouncing around New York as the newest baby Avenger. She wears a short jacket with reinforced forearms and a mandarin collar.

Her ponytail bounces as she walks, emerging just behind Harper with a quirk of a smirk. "You're other left, Harper," Kate instructs, tone dry.

If Roy's mouth weren't otherwise occupied, he'd say something, but at least his focus was -kind- of there. It wasn't dead-center, by any mean, but it still fell within the center circle. Still, Roy's exclamation -afterwards- might satisfy Kate.

"Dammit, Bishop!" Roy exclaims, ripping the blindfold off.

The LARPer Roy had been heckling earlier seems ready to open his mouth, wide-eyed, as he examines the target more closely, but is cut off by Roy's "You made me miss!"

Kate beams brightly at the fellow archer, and she's all dimples with that smile. "Aww. That sucks. I bet you're gonna lose your all-access pass to the Robin Hood Club." She flashes a peace sign to the LARPer who is examining the target and then she looks back to Roy, and then to Lian. She gives the kid a wink before she looks back at Roy.

"Didn't think I'd come across you here, though," Kate says to Roy, hooking her thumbs into the rib-height pockets of her jacket, elbows angled backwards.

"Daddy, you said a bad word," Lian cheerfully interjects, in that -way- children have when they've caught adults doing things that kids aren't supposed to do.

"Oh for…" Roy reaches into his wallet, fumbling to pull out a dollar to give to Lian. "For the swear jar… and not a word, Bishop."

Taking a moment to regard the blindfold in his hand, Roy shrugs. "Sometimes it's the little things you need to do to remind you why you keep doing this stuff. And speaking of which, why -are- you here?"

"Yeah, Roy… watch your language." Kate can't help herself as she grins toward Roy. Then she bites down on the inside of her cheek at Roy's admonishment, and she just shrugs slightly. Then she reaches out for the blindfold so she can casually look it over.

"I dunno. Heard there was archery… wanted to come see what that looks like." She gestures off-handedly. "Besides, the chance to reenact that scene from Disney's Robin Hood was really high on my to-do list."

"Archery's pretty simple, Bishop. You've seen it a thousand times. Bow, string, shoot. The only reason people like you and me are watching it is to encourage other people how to improve. Speaking of which… hey, you learn anything?"

"Other than that you can back up your mouth? Not a thing."



"That wasn't an insult!"

"Yes it was…!" the LARPER chimes in.

"… it was a comment on technique. C'mon, Bishop… you want to demonstrate…? Go ahead, put on that blindfold."

"From you? Doubtful." Kate ribs Roy playfully before she offers a slight shrug of her shoulders. "I actually have never really seen the point of blindfolds. I mean, it's really ineffective in actual confrontations. You wouldn't be able to know if someone's coming up behind you if you can't see, and I hate removing resources." Beat pause. "My eyes are really important to my job."

Though she does snort and starts to tie the blindfold. "I do this because I want to impress upon your daughter girl power. No, wait woman power." She winks to Lian before she starts to tie the blindfold, giving it a sharp tug. Then she holds out her hand for the bow.

Roy seems ready to hesitate on offering the same bow, perhaps because it -was- a powerful one that required a strong arm. And yes, he knows exactly what the likely reaction would be, which is why he offers a sheepish grin after a moment and hands over the bow.

The LARPer clears the way, Roy steps aside, but not without a glint in his eyes that hints at -perhaps- some mischief in mind. "Okay, Lian, just give her some room, okay?" Roy comments, guiding his daughter by the shoulders out of the way.

Kate hefts the bow and peeks beneath the blindfold to look it over. To her general surprise, it is heavier than expected. She turns it slightly in her hands before she shrugs and grabs for one of the target arrows. She widens her stance, standing with her right foot as her lead. She draws up the arrow and bow, drawing back the string. It takes a wide spread of her shoulders to get it all the way back, and then she squares up with the target. She breathes out slowly and then looses the arrow.

It whirls through the air and then thunks hard into the target. Kate stands there, almost uncertain, and then draws up part of the blindfold to spot the arrow just on the barrier between the bullseye and first outer circle. She grimaces. "Not bad," she says, tone a bit self-deprecating.

"Not bad at all," Roy remarks, even as the onlookers have to applaud. Even the LARPers have to admit to a certain sense of 'damn!', although they look away when Lian looks towards the source of the swearing.

Eyeing the bow, Roy quirks an eyebrow at Kate. "So, you did the Disney Robin Hood. How you feel about William Tell?"

Kate gives Lian a look. "Well, by Heck, I did darn well, didn't I?" She teases the girl easily, but that's Kate's usual behavior. Everyone is a target for teasing. It's a show of love.

She quirks a brow to Roy now, blindfold perched on her head like a hairband. "You want to shoot an apple off my head?" She quirks a smile. "Man, I bet you offer that to all the girls." She shoves his bow back at him.

"Yeah!" exclaims Lian, before squeeing at the 'William Tell' comment.

"Not really, just the ones I trust to not move," Roy responds, motioning for Kate to go ahead. "But I was thinking you should do the shooting this time around. By the way, how's your dad?"

The lightheartedness of such a query out of nowhere might be a bit random, but it could be a small joke at Clint Barton's expense.

Or, considering who Roy worked for, a note of warning.

"Well, I'm gonna use my own gear if I gotta be that precise… your bow is far too manly for me." Which draws Kate's smile up once more, though it falters a moment when Roy mentions her dad. She clears her throat, turning toward where she dropped her bag before she had approached Roy the Blindfolded earlier.

"Dunno. Fine, I guess. He's kinda been avoiding me since I got the Avenger job." Beat pause. "I mean, he was already kind of evasive when I finally passed my PI exam, but even more so now. Dunno. Maybe he finds the whole Avenging thing to be beneath the Bishop name. He always gave Mom and I a hard time about working at the soup kitchens."

Then something clicks. "Oh. You were talking about Clint, weren't you?" She snorts slightly. "He's not my dad."

Then she pulls out her own bow — a light composite number that's all black save for the brilliant green string.

"Oh, it's not my bow," Roy responds, waving the bow towards the LARPer to who it belonged. As said LARPer takes it, pausing to compliment Kate (and notably not the other archer) on her shooting, Roy glances back towards where Lian went. "Well, if he isn't all that keen about you in the business…" he says, before trailing off. "Never mind."

As Lian scampers back, and starts to stand in front of the target, Roy whistles. "Hey, hey, no, not you, Lian."

Pause. "I'll do it."

Go figure, he trusts Kate with his life, but not his daughter. What kind of commentary is that?

"No, what were you going to say?" Kate sounds a touch defensive. "I mean, what do you think? Dad just doesn't like the Bishop name in the spotlight like that?" Then she smiles a bit toward Lian, tilting her head a bit. "Your Dad holds still better… once you can hold perfectly still, then we can talk about splitting fruit on your head like a Fruit Ninja."

She looks back to Roy now even while she shoulders her quiver.

"You can cut things with a sword like a ninja?" Lian asks, eyes widening.

"No. No, she can't," Roy responds, as he gets the apple. "As to why he's not that keen, well…" He shrugs a bit. "We'll talk later, right?" he adds as he heads over to the target, placing the apple on top of his head.

Kate nods seriously to Lian even while Roy denies her abilities. She mouths 'Can, too' to the girl before she looks to Roy with a beaming smile. Which falters, just slightly, when Roy pushes off the conversation about her dad. "Okay, then."

When Roy situates the apple on top of his head, she collects up her bow and arrow in one smooth gesture. This time, with her own bow in her hands, she draws back almost perfectly with her feet neatly planted and liquid precision moving through her frame. She tilts her head slightly as the feathers of the arrow touch her cheek, and she focuses dead center of the apple. She twists the arrow just slightly so it's lined up just right.

"Ready… 3… 2…" Then she lets the arrow fly, and it slices through the apple and continues beyond Roy to land in a target behind him, and the apple drops pitifully on either side of his head.

The onlookers break into applause, as Roy catches the remnants of the apple as they fall.

Reaching to munch on a bit, Roy approaches Kate. "Hey, thanks," he asks, as Lian tugs on Kate's arm. "Can you teach me?" she asks, anxiously. "Daddy won't let me shoot apples off his head."

"Daddy would like to have everything in one piece," Roy responds, as he nods to the LARPers. "Hey, thanks for letting us butt in."

The LARPers manage some sort of gracious gesture, at the least, before resuming the show.

"Anyway, hey, I'll buy you a turkey leg somewhere, if you promise never to teach Lian," Roy responds, to which Lian pouts.

Kate flashes Roy a grin before she sweeps the bow over her head and hooks it to her quiver. "Oh man, turkey leg… sorry, kid… he offered me a turkey leg." Then she winks to Lian and stage whispers, "We'll just have to be super sneaky about training you."

"I heard that, Bishop."

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