October 27, 2017:

A pair of mutants, a kryptonian,and a batling walk into a cafe…


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It's just before quitting time in New York City. The streets are getting ready to be rush hour extra busy. Stephanie Brown, intern at Gotham District Attroney's office, was sent to New York to pick up some court documents from one of the DA offices here in New York. The barely in her twenties blonde woman who looks like she really should still be in high school, is making her way down the street from the parking garage toward the District Attroney's office. Her hair is up in a high pony tail and she's wearing a tailored business skirt suit with kitten heels.

A sidewalk cafe that sells sandwiches catches her eye.

Have not eaten lunch. Will likley not get dinner. Will have to rush back right after work to finish that thing at Avengers Mansion, which means a fast buzz by her Spoiler's Den to change into her work clothes… and limited time to eat. The number of times she's guilted Batman and Robin of the Week into eating has never been counted, so she figures she should at least grab something on the go.

Clark would be walking through the streets of New York City wearing a longsleeve collared shirt and some jeans, though he also had his bag slung over his shoulders and was wearing those dorky glasses, as per the usual. Though oooooooo he also sees those cafe sandwiches, and walks over there, but Stephanie Brown beats him to it! gosh darnit. Thus does he wait just a few feet behind Stephanie.

He keeps his super hearing completely tuned in, always waiting for the smallest sound of trouble and always ready in a split second to go do so.

Well Jamie is out with his new partner in crime. They had just gotten done delivering some photos to a client. "Yes I know you were hoping for some glamourous cases, and we will get those occasionally. But the bread of butter of detective agencies are the cheating spouses. I usually prefer to work with their lawyer, the firm takes care of the payment. Of course we do have to get paid even if we find nothing." He stops by the café, "Here I'll buy you lunch."

He holds the door open for her, "Lawyers aren't happy if we don't find anything of course. But we never make up the stuff for them, even if they beg us. We have to deal with the truth." He stands in line looking at the menu, "I would rather go broke being an honest detective, than get rich being a crooked one. Basis of the agency there."

Lorna walked alongside Jamie as they entered the cafe, dressed in a pair of skinny jeans with the knees ripped open. A pair of black steel toed boots, and a number of cheap looking steel bracelets wrapped around her wrists that peaked out from under a leather jacket pierced through with bits of more metal all along the collar. Her earrings were a pair of screws, or so it seemed, and a chain belt hung around her waist and dipped off the sides of her hips.

She was covered in metal more or less. And the green hair only managed to make her look more like a punk rocker than a mutant. It was as good a cover as a young woman could hope for in the modern era.

Still, she definitely didn't look like all that nice a person as she came up in line for something to eat at the cafe. Food was food. Her arms crossed as she fell into the back of the line, and she bit back a sigh as she glanced back to her 'co-worker' such as it was.

"Why don't you just hire a telepath then? They'd be a lot better at this shit. Hell, hire a guy with super hearing. That would be better. I mean seriously. I'd make a killing working as an automechanic.. hmm or a blacksmith. I'm in the wrong career.."

In the cafe, Stephanie looks up at the menu, pink glossed lips pursing faintly. The chime just after her and then again immediately tehre after has the Gotham girl glancing into a reflective surface in front of her to see behind her.

Tall man, jacket, glasses. Well-built, likely strong. Bull in china-shoip demeanor. Stay out from underfoot.

Retro-punk girl, fake steel bracelets, steel toe boots. Likely a scrapper. Avoid activating bar-fight-mode.

Non-descript, jaens, black tee, trench. Punk-Girl's beau? Smiles more than Punk Girl. Avoid seeming over interested.

Stephanie's eyes flit away from the reflection and back to the menu as she steps up to place her order.

"Turkey, low-fat swiss… mm.. no onions or mustard, please? And… a raspberry tea," Stephanie pauses as if considering, then, "And a cookie."

Because cookies.

She reaches for her purse to collect her wallet, pulling out a bedazzled bright pink Hello Kitty phone so she can find it.

After Stephanie made her order and dug threw her wallet, Clark was still looking around a bit, but he did notice Madrox and Lorna, though unlike Stephanie, he didn't make analysis of them, but merely gave them a small smile if they made eye contact. Means nothing.

He looks then to the man giving out those orders. once Stephanie had paid her. "hi, uhm…ham, american cheese, mayonaisse please?" and the man simply nodded, getting his order done pretty quickly as he went along because there is always a line. He had paid pretty quickly too, apparently prepared to pay a price.

"Telepathy is not admissible in the court of law. But I have tried to get them. So far I've only gotten a the we can help if needed commitments, but none I have asked have agreed to work full time. You know anyone with enhanced hearing looking for a job though? Or other enhanced senses. That would be good for the occasionally missing people cases." Oh look it's hurt turn to order, "Turkey Salad, Lettuce and Tomato, on Rye. With a Raspberry Mocha, please."

He looks at Lorna after that, since it's her turn. "I need a diverse group. Working in mutant town we are going to get some strange cases." He smirks a little at her, "Sure I can do the leg work, but well if I can find others to make that a lot easier, it'll help right? So if you know anyone else that wants to work for an up and coming detective agency, let me know." He looks around taking in the others at the café. Hey it's the detective nature there you know.

Lorna shrugged and rolled her eyes, "Might not be admissible in court, but we could use it to find out where those cheating husbands are hanging out and snap some pics, yeah? That or at least find something that might help. I mean, I know technically telepaths aren't supposed to go digging for intel.." She grimaced, she hated that aspect just as much as she enjoyed the benefits of Jean's telepathy when they needed something done.

"I dunno anyone with enhanced senses looking for a job. But I'll keep an ear out, yeah?" She stepped up and glanced at the menu, heaving a sigh as she shoved her hands into her pockets.

"I guess I'll get a roast beef, lettuce.. tomato.. mayo.. On wheat? Yeah. Uhm.. cheddar sounds good.. And I guess a coke too."

Food paid for and order gotten, Stephanie lingered briefly, eavesdropping in that subtle manner batlings are taught.

Don't offer, Steph. You have enough on your plate.


No. School, DA, Gotham patrols, Avengers consultations and missions….

It's a tiny thing, the shift in her breathing that is a faint sigh.

The blonde turns away to find a table to eat at. She pauses as a vibration from her purse, a triple pulse, has her digging for and turning on the device, in the security of her handbag.

To the peeping Supers in the room with the xray vision, this is NOT the Hello Kitty phone. It's a much sleeker yet much more durably protected device. Stephanie is engrossed in reading over the alert while the phone is in her purse for the moment to realized she stopped right in the middle of everything.

Clark would smile as his order was processed, though his order was incredibly simple, and as such, he gets his order rather quick and he goes to sit down at one of the long tables. Though he looks to Stephanie's phone, and raises a brow faintly, although he watches her a moment, he doesnt give much attention to anything else.

He looks then to Lorna and Madrox though, listening to their conversation a bit, which causes him to turn his head towards them. and while he doesnt exactly but in, he smiply nods a couple of times, hearing of people with enhanced senses looking for a job….hmmmm intriguing. But Clark is happy with his daily planet job.

Doing newspaper articles for an really angry man.


"Yes but it does seem a little unethical. I would prefer to try and do the leg work where I can, and then when I know they're hiding something, use a telepath if I have to. After all there is one thing I am good at, it's leg work." It helps that he can send out multiple copies of himself of course. Paying for his and Lorna's food, he starts looking for a place to sit. "So lady gets to pick the table."

"I would like to see what other type of cases I can get though. Cheating husbands are getting a little boring you know. This isn't at all like those detective movies I watched." Of course he totally has the femme fatale part covered in the story at least! "Now I have been rambling on way too much, so anything you would like to share, or questions?"

Lorna shook her head as she gathered up her sandwich and drink, picking a table that looked clean and .. well, that was pretty much it. She didn't seem too concerned about the location or anything else. She sank down into her chair, munching away at the food and downing a good portion of her drink before she responded to him. "Hey, isn't there a saying like the guilty always think about what they've done? It's hardly prying if they're mentally shouting it, right? I mean, that's what I've heard from those I know."

A sigh pulled from her lips as he talked about other cases and she arched a brow upwards. "Hmm. Nope. I think we've covered all the important details."

With the alert on her phone not requiring her to run off, Stephanie dropped it back into the depths of her purse, and turns back to the table she was headed for, only to see that the punk-couple have taken it, and her back up option by bull-in-china-shop. Blue-green eyes blink once as she has to redo her mental plans. It leaves her standing two steps away from both tables, small tray of food things in hand, looking about for another empty table, like the unpopular freshman girl at a new school. NOT something Steph had ever really experienced. Not once she made Cheer Captain, that is.

Spotting the young lady looking lost, and having nowhere to sit Jamie of course takes pity on her, and he waves the lady over. "I figured you were going to be full of questions about this. So I figured you can help me get some good photos as well if we need them. Until I get us some real cases as well. But we have to pay the pills before that." Well okay Jamie has a dupe sending him money, but still he wants to feel productive. "But right now we don't have anything lined up, so I guess we can take some time off. Maybe we can do an escape room? Try and bond as a team!"

Lorna sent Jamie a flat look over the rim of her fountain drink, and arched a brow as she sipped through the straw to the point it made empty scraping sounds. "Hmm nope. I figured it'd be a pretty boring job and low key. Most detective work I've read into involves a lot of sitting around and waiting for that one moment to either get the right person to talk, or snapping a picture. That or social media stalking. I read up on a bondsman that caught people entirely by reading that." She smirked faintly, green eyes lifting toward the young lady that Jamie waved over. She made a face.

"Also, no escape rooms. This is bonding. You bought me lunch. We live in the same apartment. That's bonding." She offered dryly.

Oh! Waved over, Stephanie smiles gently and makes her way to Table Option 1: Punk Couple.

"Thank you," she says politely, softly, tray being set down before she settles herself into a chair. …and Lorna's talking about detective work and social media stalking and Stephanie's pale cheeks dust a light rose. She knows all too well that's exactly what it's like.

"If I'm intruding…" she murmurs.

"Nah not intruding. I'm Jamie, and this is Punky Brewster." Yup, he had to get her for the no escape room. "Well okay. But that's not a good team building exercise. I'll save that for when we get more people working for me." He shrugs a little at Lorna, "It is, but well I read a lot of the noir detective novels. I wanted it to be more like that. You know how that goes, right? But hey I guess I have to build up a rep before I get the interesting cases." He takes a bit of the sandwich after that, chasing it down with a sip of the coffee.

After that he looks at the lady joining them, "I am a private detective. And this lady works for me. So hey if you ever find any interesting cases feel free to toss them my why."

Clark woulds mile as he watched the three of them just be social with a small chuckle. Though eventually, he would decide to be social, picking up his plate and moving over to sit by them…because eating alone isn't very fun. "Hello, mind if I join you?" he asks softly with a warm smile.

Huh…he didn't seem threatening, but hey, a good conversation is a good convsersation in his book.

Lorna was antisocial at best these days. Introvert was a good descriptor for her. And new people were most definitely not on her radar for a day out a lunch. Even if they seemed perfectly reasonable and nice and friendly. She balled up the wrapper from her sandwich and got up. "Lorna. My name is Lorna." She muttered and rolled her eyes.

Then her gaze swung toward the bulky gentleman that came up and she stood, patting the back of her seat. "All your's. I've got a date with a scrap metal yard. I'll see you back at the apartment Jamie. Thanks for lunch." She nodded toward the other two, and made to depart after refilling her fountain drink again.

"Stephanie Brown. Nice to meet you both," replies the blonde college student with the soft Gotham lilt to her voice. She doesn't comment on escape rooms as team building exercises, since some of the Bat Cave training things could well be called Escape Room team building exercises.

"A private detective? That's interesting. I'm an intern at the District Attroney's Office. I'll… keep you in mind, Mr. Jamie…?"

Enter Bull China. Stephanie looks up at the tall bulk of a Ferdanand and Lorna's quick leave taking. She inhales to bid the other woman a farewell but the delay was too great and Lorna's off before Stephanie could utter a sound. She drops her gaze to her food, getting ready for her first bite as to let Jamie answer about Ferdanand joining the table or not.

Well now that he has an open seat, "Sure feel free to join us." Man he needs to work on this ladies social skills. Maybe he will make club night part of her regular job, Jamie is thinking to himself as Lorna leave him. "Oh Sorry, it's Madrox. Jamie Madrox." Well now that his partner has left him, Jamie doesn't have much to say, dang it. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Brown."

Clark smiles to the fleeing Lorna as she walks off, apparently now going to take the remnant of her seat. He smiles to Madrox and extends a hand. "Clark Kent." he introduces himself, and then looks to Stephanie Brown, introducing himself again. "Clark Kent." he says probably like a serious dork.

Stephanie takes the large hand that's offered, smiling softly, reservedly, warmly.

"Stephanie Brown, pleasure to meet you," she says to Clark before turning back to Jamie.

"Thank you, Mr. Madrox. I will, certainly, keep you in mind. You're Manhattan based?"

"Nice you meet you Mr. Kent. Jamie Madrox." Well okay he has already said what he does, so not going into that again. "Yes I am. Based here out of Mutant Town." Yup that is giving something away right there, cause how many people but a mutant would be based out of Mutant Town. He blinks a little bit at her name, "Stephanie Brown huh, from Gotham? I did some work there before, knew someone named Arthur Brown." Sure reaaaaaaaaaal subtle there Jamie. But it's better than saying, Hey your dad is a crook!

Clark smiles to both of them warmly "Nice to meet you Mr. Madrox, Ms. Brown." he introduces with a small nod of his head. "So then, what conversation did I pray that I didn't interrupt?" he asks softly, before looking to Jamie as he says that he knew a guy named Arthur Brown…this should be interesting!

Everything seemed perfectly fine until the name Arther Brown was uttered. The faint dust of rose from earlier turns into a harsh rouge. Stephanie's heart leaps into a quick pitter patter, and her shoulders tense.

"Ah. Did you? ..Small world?" she says, voice creeping a few tones higher. A tiny bite of sandwich, one without any real sense of appetite.

"Guess it is. I managed to work with the Gotham PD, not on the actual force. But I was able to do some studying with them before I opened up my own agency." And he definitely doesn't want to go back to Gotham any time soon. That place can totally change a man. "Funny how you can run into people like this though, right? But of course it's not like Brown is an uncommon name, sure there are a lot of them out there." After that he takes another bite of his own sandwich.

Clark just looks between them, though he notices how Stephanie's heart started to beat faster…..huh, something interesting there. But he looks to Jamie as he talks about working with the Gotham Police Department and how he soon opened his own agency. "Oh? you own your own angency? wow, that's cool. I'm just a reporter." he laughs.

And he worked with Gotham PD before becoming a Private Dick. Stephanie nods, chewing her tiny bite very thoroughly as Jamie proceeds to give her the out by stating that Brown isn't an uncommon last name. He's not wrong, but the last name has some notority from her father's time in the light of hte Batsignal.

A reporter… Stephanie glances back at Clark, blinking once in thought.

Clark Kent. Daily Planet. Works with Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen. And.. is Superman.

Ah hell.

Stephanie presses her lips together faintly, struggling to put into practice some of Bruce's techniques to control her heartrate. She fails so hard at it, but she tries anyway. She suspects the nosy kryptonian heard the triple pulse alarm on her Spoiler phone now that she's aware of him being here.

Just play it cool, Brown. You know his ID, but Bruce protects his own. The reporter doesn't know all the batlings unless they've fessed up to it. Which is not likely at all.

His work here is down now, he just totally update the young lady and now he gets to run away. Go team Madrox! "Sorry to do this. Nice meeting you both, but I just remembered I have an appointment." Okay it's a lie, but he just didn't want to make the lady uncomfortable anymore. With that he gets up, chucking his trash, before he heads on out.

Clark smiles to Jamie as he announces that he has to go. "Alright. Nice meeting you Mr. Madrox." he nods happily, before his gaze returns to Stephanie, tilting his head at her once Jamie was out of range. "Are you alright? you look nervous."

"Thank you again, Mr. Madrox," Stephanie says, all too used to the bullshit reasons to get up and leave quickly to be flustered by it. Superman.. Clark speaking to her again has her gaze returning to him, and she manages a smile for the reporter.

"Yes, fine," she says, not nearly as smooth at it as Bruce is. "Thank you."

While Clark doesn't believe Stephanie when she says she's quite alright, her heartbeat and the way she says it tells him somethings still a little off. But he doesnt press, instead, giving her a little smile as he continues to eat his sandwich. "So, you're from Gotham right? What brings you to New York? If you don't mind me asking anyway?"

Another tiny bite is taken by Stephanie of her sandwich, and it is chewed thoroughly before she answers.

"Picking up some papers from one the DAs here that the DA in Gotham needs," Stephanie replies. Gopher mission.

Clark smiles a bit at her answer "Oh neat, sounds like a great deal of fun Ms. Brown." he nods a few times, before he turns his head, hearing the smallest of sounds for help. Though he then pulls out his phone to make it look like he got something. "Well, that's work." he rises from his seat, giving her a warm smile. "Gotta head in. Thank you so much for the fun chat Ms. Brown. Maybe we'll meet again soon?" he smiles, forever the optimist as he starts to walk off, waving at Stephanie as he does!

Another bullshit reason to run away, but from Mr. Kent the potential seriousness of his sudden departure can not be over looked. Face going as somber as any batling, the blonde nods.

"Of course, Mr. Kent. Have a good afternoon."

Now, to follow or not… Maye not. But, there's always socal media stalking.

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