Lingering Green Threats

October 27, 2017:

Green Lantern and Wonder Woman respond to a clean up call.


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Scenic and green Olympia Washington is more green than usual, the Justice League for months now has been fighting the reoccurring outbreaks of terrigen mists. The Watchtower has been outfitted with methods of detecting the threat but dealing with it requires a hands on approach.

Hal Jordan's ring thrust out in front of him has constructed a giant green fan that is actually blowing the mists off the dockside in to the Pacific Ocean. It's boring really and hes been at it for about an hour now. What the mists have left in it's wake are several newly born inhumans, those, the Justice League likes to try and recover then transfer to safety but the DEO in it's ever vigilant hunt for new metahuman threats has already arrived. Leaving the League to deal with just the mist itself.

"Everytime I think we are good and done with this stuff… here it is again. I thought in my time off planet it would be gone." Hals voice complains over the JL comms. There really isn't much for them to do at the moment other than play clean up and damage control.
Hovering there above the bayside it is hard to miss the Space Cop.

Diana Prince flew in over the large evergreen trees. She'd spen the morning at a rally at Evergreen College in-fact, talking to a large crowd of students and the media about the Justice League's efforts in Olympia and hwo they were dedicated to cleaning Olympia and making sure that its natural beauty remained intact and the citizens of the area were secure and safe. It had gone well, and Diana soared through the sky with her blue robe fluttering around her body.

She came up toward Hal, speaking through the comms at first.

"You are doing great work, Hal." She told him as she drew nearer to him and came to a floating-rest at his right side, offering him a smile.

Diana's blue eyes then looked at the work he was still conducting. "Your power yet remains one of our greatest assets… So you will have to forgive me for thanking you for it, yet again." She looked back to him and grinned softly.

"Hey, you want to heap me with praise? By all means. Go right on ahead." Hal counters with a grin underneath that domino mask. "A shame we missed that Inhuman who started all those fires here. That was a rough couple months." Still some clean up on that. A bit below the Justice League's priorities though. They have other jobs.

"So uh, you and Clark?" Small talk. Hal can't resist a little bit right now, it will fill the time bubble they're floating around in. "What is up there? I might have caught him giving you the googly eyes. I mean, not that most guys don't but when its one of us that isn't me… thats worth some bit of ribbing."
A blip of a siren from the docks says a police officer is trying to help push back the gawking crowd. Phones lifted and camera shots being taken from a safe distance of the two Justice League heroes.

Diana would scan her eyes over everything that Hal was doing here but she mostly was just listening to his words and smiling faintly at them. She looked to him. "Hal. It is good for the League to make public appearances doing tasks that we ourselves may consider to be beneath our priorities… but in the eye of the public, they will reassure the people that we help, on all levels. It strengthens the League." When he mentioned Clark though, she turned her eyes away back toward the mists.

"Kal is a dear friend." She replied quietly. "Yes, he desires a romantic connection, and there is technically no reason that I should not seek the same. But my… existence… on this Earth, was never meant to be directed toward the affairs of the heart. I am here to bring peace and love. A relationship beyond that of friendship, ultimately is a distraction from my duty to the world."

A strong gust and the clinging bits of green tethered down near the coast lose grip and begin to press out over the oceans, "Hopefully this doesn't create some super kraken. Last thing we need is Aquaman getting pissy with us."
Letting the conjured up 'fan' disappear the Lantern turns to give Diana a once over, a grin appearing, "You believe half the stuff that comes out of your mouth most days?" Hal's hands lift up defensively as if to soften the blow, "I mean, you're human too right? Love, compassion, connection, all that stuff. People are not meant to always be alone and doing just our duties. It's nice at times to explore that. If you and Clark are sparkin' it up, good for you guys. It's just… awkward. I didn't picture it being a thing. I mean, the big Blue Boyscout and the Warrior Princess? Plus you two almost look like you could be related." That last one he manages another grin.

"So this is me just saying, cool, good for you guys. Just uh, yeah, don't let it get in the way of work." Or let one get hands on an artifact that turns them ragey and evil. Thats no good.

"How does that work though? I mean… you two dating? Whats that like? You go ballroom dancing or out to some icecream parlor… I just, its hard to picture how this works. You two are kind of weird and old timey."

Hal hams it up and turns for all their Washington fans a salute being offered up to the people lined up on the shoreline.
"Job here done."

Diana would openly roll her eyes at the man's words beside her. "Yes, I believe the words that come out of my mouth 'most days'." She said, looking at him and lofting her eyebrows up at him and adding a lithe mocking headshake as she said that too.

But Diana would then too look to the people on the shoreline and she'd raise a hand out from under her blue robe to offer an acknowledging wave at them.

"Kal and I are not dating, Hal." She said again, this time hopefully more clear. "We are friends, he asks me to do things, I go and do them. There has been no romance." Her hand lowered back inside her robe to her hip covered within.

She glanced back at Hal then. "Does he want there to be? Yes, he's made that clear. I am a lot older than him though, I have lived a longer life and experienced more than most."

When Hal said the job was done here, she exhaled sharply. "Where to next?"

Hal listens to everything shes then issues an exaggerated lift of one brow. "I see, I see." He lets the silence settle a moment, "You realize you just called yourself an old woman, right?" An ascending lift and the Green Lantern soars upwards with a tracer line of emerald following him. Out of visibility for those below and in to the clouds above. "Your words!"
The soaring is not meant to leave her behind but to instead invite her to follow after, the comms picking up his voice though as hes out of speaking range, "We got a minor alert further south in Oregon. Can check that out but otherwise I think it's an all clear here beyond that."

Diana would smirk at his response and she'd shake her head lightly. "By human standards, yes, I am an old woman… But by human standards, I should be long dead." She looked over at him moments before he took flight. "So by that logic, does 'human standards' apply to what I should be labeled as in regards to my age?"

When he took flight, Diana would watch him go and then look down to the shoreline again where she'd offer another wave to the crowd before she too would take aim for higher altitude and catch up with him, her black hair waving behind her head as her robe fluttered around her body.

She looked over at him then. "Always glad to answer any alert, minor or major." She simply replied to him then. Diana would look to her left then at him and she'd grin. "Young man."

"I like being called young man. It has been a while. I mean, the last time was when I helped that granny with her groceries." Hal teases and then flips over so he is flying upside down, "Human standards are a good medium of running I figure. You would be surprised at 'alien standards' and whats acceptable or expected, honestly far too many to keep up with. People bitch about international law, wait until Earth is considered eligible to be a part of intergalactic law with a say of their own. Right now we're on a newbie coverage out here… for now."
"Not going to fast for you am I?"

Diana would smirk at him and she'd shake her head. "You are not." She told him. "Kal wanted me to do a weight lifting competition and now You're trying to get me into a race?" Diana would look forward in the direction that they were flying. "What is with you men and all these competitions to prove who is better than the other?" She'd glance back at him and the grin was visible still. "So insecure in your own abilities that you have to endlessly challenge others?"

Diana would move a little faster then, gaining a head or so distance on the man just to toy with him some.

"Earth is not ready to enter into a galactic level of participation. Earth needs to over come the acceptance issues that it still is suffering from. Once the world is more accepting of its own diversity, will it be able to look to the stars to welcome the immense amount of diversity present within them."

"Insecure? No. I was trying to be considerate to your age. My bad." Hal flips back around his own grin now just a light smile. "Oh really!?" He inquires as she shoots forward, flying ahead of him. "Whatever, have at. The view is better back here anyways."

"Thats the running opinion. It's going to happen with or without the Earth being ready for it. Things like this always do, it just… happens." Further ahead they see the city of Portland through a fogbank. Closing in quickly above it.
"Maybe a look to the stars will distract from a lot of the problems we do face. The trivial ones. Might not be a bad thing."

Diana would just smirk when he spoke of the view back there… this is why she wore the robe!

"Sadly, humans have a tendency of not bonding together until they face a mutual enemy." She replied over the communicator. "But, if given a choice over learning to work and live together slowly or facing an enemy from the stars that would unite us through fighting and death… I would likely choose the slower route."

Diana would then look back to him. "Is the alert in Portland?" She'd ask him then. "The city of roses is too wonderful of a place for anyone to cause it harm." An idle thought voiced while watching said city grow nearer.

"Looks it." Hal says, easing to a slow. "It's not registering anymore." A bit of confusion at first but this isn't abnormal, "Solved itself or false alarm, I dunno." He has stopped trailing after her in their flightpath to only circle around slowly, his eyes lit up green as its obvious the power ring is in use.

"Odd." He murmurs. "Minor alert though, scale of it wasn't even enough to really call us out this far but it was worth checking… "

Diana would take a moment to go in the other direction from Hal as he spoke and she let her eyes and senses light up… she didn't have the hearing that Superman had, but her attentiveness was pretty high all the same… she could spot things that were out of the normal fairly well and her eyesight was good enough to view the natural flow of the city from up here.

"So whatever it was, knew that we were on approach and it has ceased… whatever it was doing…" She said over the comms, her accented voice crackling over the transmission. "It is likely waiting for us to leave, before it resumes then, I would guess."

"It's… I'm not sure. Odd. I caught one of these the other day too and it disappeared in the same fashion, I didn't think anything of it but thats twice now." Hal frowns and lets them both settle in the clouds there a moment overlooking the cold city below. A wind and rainstorm incoming. "Maybe best we document this just incase and see if anyone else is encountering the same thing. Just.. almost spooky. So close to Halloween too!" He grins and floats up beside her, "You think we're being haunted?"

Diana paused her flight and hovered there in mid air with her left leg up and bent at the knee pushing the blue fabric of her robe out there a little while the other was visibly extended downward with her armored boot's tip visible beneath her.

She looked over at him when he arrived beside her and she smirked at him. "Hardly." She said. "I do not believe Hollywood-style hauntings. What I -do- believe in is deception from our enemies, and their desire to trick us and misdirect us. Either for ill-intent, or just to prove that they can. The desire to just 'mess with' the Justice League, is high in a lot of very sad and lonely people."

"We'll put an warning out for the team. Make sure if it is more than a fluke that no one is caught unaware. Might just want us alone." Hal shrugs his shoulders and tips his head to the side, "Whats on your agenda?" He talks low. Low enough they're only the ones able to be heard and the rings protective aura is operable to cover sounds. "We can just linger here a moment see if they're more patient than we are. So, agenda? Hot date planned?"

Diana would continue to scan the city below and she'd hear what Hal said beside her, only respond at first with changes of facial expression… one particularly large frown showing when he asked about a hot date.

She looked over at him then and gave him a fairly sharp glare. "No." She said at him in short. "The jet is back in Washington. I will head back there and likely return to Manhattan. Though I am rather enjoying being on this side of the United States for a change, and I also would be very receptive to spending time north of the border in Canada for a little while some time soon… if their government would be welcoming of that. I want to make sure that the League's presence is not considered solely a thing we do only for America, afterall."

Diana would show him a soft grin then. "Ready for Justice League Mexico branch, Mister Jordan?" She'd ask him then.

"I think you're overstressing it on that topic again. We got a nice strong presence worldwide." Hal reminds, he knows how eager she is and just how very driven. "Heck, after that brush with New Genesis and Apokalips we're even starting a tread outside of the Milky Way. People have become curious and by people… I mean aliens and all walks beyond."
An exhale from the Lantern the grin from Diana gets him a larger smile to appear. "I am rather fond of the food." The pilot drifts forward and circles the Amazon, "Race you back to Washington? This time it is a competition."

Diana would float motionlessly as he circled her and she'd listen to what he said, smiling faintly even. "The food is rather nice… is it not?" She agreed and then at the rest of what he said she would gently nod her head. "I want Earth to look to the stars and I want it to join the rest of the… entire universe. After all, it is rude to entirely shut yourself away from youre neighbors. But it is also something we have to make sure Earth is ready for. Less the resulting chaos be something that the Justice League, let alone all of us on this planet, are incapable of safeguarding against."

Diana would roll her eyes then at the idea of a race. "If you think that I am going to accept a race against you…" Diana started, hefting out a giant and dramatic sigh, her shoulders slumping even to punctuate just how dis=interested she was!

"Thenyoubettertryandkeepup!" Diana said motor-mouth style before she shot off back toward the north with a burst of speed and force!

The race back to the invisible jet is quick as can be expected. Hal lands near by and chuckles low, "How do you know where it is? Makes it an impossible finish line when only one of us can see it." A chiding tone but hes not upset, they're in casual friendly mode. It's been a longtime thing that in the League oddly enough the ones called friend above the rest (if you dont include Kyle) has been Diana.

Diana would speed down and come to a rest on her booted feet in the well kept grass of an open field, the grass was a shining brilliant green as it rained in this area a lot and the foliage within it was very healthy.

"I win." She said at him with a smirk. "And the invisible jet is not beholden to forever be invisible. The technology was granted to me by a race of the aliens that you advocate for." She stepped across the grass and then raised her right hand up out of her robe, the leather half-glove that she wore on it stretched as she opened her fingers.

"Its condition responds to my will." She said, and a moment later the large jet was suddenly much more visible, parked in the field in front of them, it was a smokey translucent grey shade now, its hull and shape were sleek and very aerodynamic and it was larger than most people generally assumed.

"I can command it to take other shapes, even the form of a simple room… if I really wished it. I just grew… accustomed to the plane that I had previously, which used man-made technology to produce the invisibility effect. That plane is now stored in a cavern on Themyscira though."

Diana walked to the ramp that entered up into the back of the ship's passenger/cargo area. She smiled at him. "I consider this to be a nice upgrade. Room for more than just myself."

"It is pretty sweet. One of these days I get to fly it right?" Hal sounds eager. It's a new toy in his eyes. He's been around it, near it, never been inside of it but its definitely something thats been in his mind. The ramp opening up and her entering has him casually following on in, as if he was invited.

"Beats the Javelins. They're cool and all but they could use a serious upgrade. We got what, two or three of those now? Hardly enough to really let me play with and test the limits of." Not that it matters, hes got his own methods of transportation on Earth and around it that usually end up utilized first and nor do they tend to have to travel in that sort of force.

Diana would smile at his words and she'd walk up the ramp ahead of him and then look back at him. "You can fly it now if you would like. I know that you are an exceptional pilot. I have been training my sisters to fly as well, though I am only able to fly this… a jet in the more traditional sense… I would not know where to begin and you may find this to be far more simplistic than what you are used to. Such as with the Javelin."

As they moved through the back room of the ship, it too being smokey and hazey in its outlines allowing the rest of the world outside to be seen through the ship, the outline of furniture would shift and change as Diana would command it. It looked like a luxury private jet with sofas and chairs and tables, but they'd all come to fade away and be replaced by an empty room as the Princess moved through it toward the front, toward the cockpit.

The cockpit itself had two visible chairs sitting side by side and visible display panels in front of them that were also translucent in nature, but they came to life as Diana entered the cockpit.

She'd motion to the chair on the left. "Have a seat." She told him as she took the one on the right. Diana would then go on to explain the controls to him, showing him how to activate the craft, make it ascend/descend and propel forward and sideways in a full unconstrained way.

"It does not need the winds of Earth to guide it, it can go where you want it to go, when you want it go to there."

"Uh huh, uh huh." Hal is a quick learner when it comes to such things. He is already flicking switches, tapping a dial and adjusting the seat for himself. "Gotcha, yeah. Uh huh." The jet firing on and hes shooting them down the short strip to ascend rapidly. "Smoooooth." A grin over at her, look no eyes in front!
"This thing is pretty marvelous so far lets see what else it can do… "

Time for the stunts!

Reckless and wild as he can be Hal 'Highball' Jordan will push the plane to its limits if she allows him to before they head on back to the East Coast.


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