Cyberforce: One More Time

October 25, 2017:

After several years Cyberforce original members Ballistic, Ripclaw and Velocity reconnect

//Undisclosed CDI Facility - Maryland - United States //


NPCs: Doctor Kosmas, "Arty"

Mentions: Heatwave, Cyblade, Doctor Corben, Stryker


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Fade In…

Western Maryland

Cold yet no wind. No clouds and a brilliant moon. This is an almost silent night… if one could ignore the drumbeat of weapons fire. The steady cacophony of booms makes the ground quake and teeth rattle. Not a sporadic thing no, this is a continuous and growing hammer. Something is being attacked by military or beyond military grade munitions on American soil. There are no testing zones that any public records can locate for hundreds of miles.

What is transpiring? One Carin Taylor codenamed Velocity has awoke to the terrors of being a Cyberdata prisoner again minutes ago. A high value target she was treated with extra special care and informed she would undergo Doctor Kosmas' brand new full over-under-SHOC reconfiguration. It didn't go well. It never goes well when someone is informed they're about to be hacked apart and Frankensteined back together.

The CDI outpost is located in a small town, the entire location a cover of housing and schooling for CDI employees and their work here. A research facility overseen by Doctor Kosmas, a madman who gets results. Favored by CDI's Board he has a rather extensive budget and right now, its being annhilated by his very own minions. It's pandemonium to say the least.


BOOM BOOM BOOM… it proceeds as the wide bodied mohawk headed SHOC soldier in the center of what was once a science lab of considerable size built out of an old school stadium pivots, the mounted canons rested upon back and over shoulders pump out round after around. A living, mobile artillery piece all by himself. The etched codename 'Arty' emblazed upon his heavy plated chestpiece.
"She fast. I get her doe." A cyborg with a cold?


Cassandra Taylor, codename: Ballistic, has been at this for minutes. It feels like hours. Walls are blown out on a path that she didn't really bother trying to conceal. Ballistic has been shooting, throwing, and kicking her ass on one non-stop trail of full metal bitch towards the labs. Only, now that she's here, she's been frustratingly pinned down by the sheer amount of firepower blasting through the walls, sending her skittering for cover like a busty, blonde cockroach.

Ballistic slides across the slippery tile floors. Blown pipes through massive rends in the walls have turned the floor into a waterslide of sorts. In truth? It's kind of fun. Her hip skids a path under a desk until her booted feet plant against a wall hard enough to make her teeth clatter.

"Doe?" Ballistic calls out, lowering her blaster pistols and check the metered charge on the side. "You know, pal, when I laser that mohawk off I'm gonna be sparing a whole lotta does from your Harvey Weinstein game." Click. Clack. Cassandra Taylor scrambles to her feet and leaps out from atop the descs just as a new blast of weaponsfire leaves a smoking hole where she just was.

Ballistic rolls smoothly through the sloppy, wet floor, sliding once again, only this time, she places her finger to her ear.

…and taps three times.

That was the signal they'd agreed upon. All eyes are on Ballistic, which means they're looking her way, and not towards…

"You deer-fucking Go-Bot." Ballistic adds, for good measure.


A tap to wrist!

Just below a gold gauntlet that ascends along her forearm - as if it tells time…

Instead from wrist to forearm it coats her in an alien armor that bears a coating to knuckles on muti-colored stones, framed in gold.

It got made pretty to her wishes, what can she say?!

The whirlwind Carin, but "known" as Velocity, is kicking up is slowly, and seam by seam tearing the place asunder, starting with the walls she is kicking off of while artillery is fast on her path..

A wall is blown through, and while one man tucks and rolls to 'duck and cover'the ballast of bullets and follow through debris, several bags plucked from the shattered glass and 'shuffled' through in a speedy pace.

Meet Velocity.

This is her life.

Meet Ballistic.

This will cause her to drink more despite the gratitude…

Meet Ripclaw.

This is sooo against his whoo-sah.

Leaping over the lines of fire Ballistic has laid out for opposition, one of the bag loops 'hooks' around a CDI's neck, dragging him into the fray while he is littered with random belongings Vel is siphoning through to find her own.

"Bet he is Swiss…" Yeah.



Bubbleicios plucked free, chewed…

Headset pushed into ear. *Tap, tap!* "Okay, testing… testing. Where is Babaganoush?" A trial run, one that mimics the light arcs of electricity with each racing pass Velocity takes!


Arty is quick on his feet for a man of such bulk, his dance of death in spinning circles to fire off explosive cannisters has him homing in and railing out death towards Carin and Cassandra. The Taylor girls are giving him a workout. One that has beads of sweat rolling over still piggy flesh pink portions of skin.
"Need mo firepowder."
Yes. he said firepowder.

Doctor Kosmas clinks towards cover, the spidery like endings of his legs rather loud in their clicking sounds as he transfers himself from one spot to the next, the glass jar his head is encased in full of a liquid that sloshes around as he tries to evade allies and enemies allike. Beyond 'Arty' the rest of the SHOC troopers here are subpar and nameless. Failures who have been turned in to little more than zombies with no major powers to be amplified. Gun toters and club swingers, the trooper that Velocity hauls over hits the ground with a clash of armor.

Ripclaw is here as a late arrival. A signal in on location from their own Doc and Timmie with no time wasted. Both Carin and Cass? They went off radar over a year ago. This is a joyous occassion for him and the shredding sounds of metal on biosynth claws unmistakable as he springs in to visibility, leaping from beyond one of those riddled up lab walls to launch himself at the exposed backside of Arty. Claws rake and the fat man yowls, his jowels likewise jiggling.

"Owh dat hurted my buttside. Why you do dis?" The rotation of his body is also in his attention as he pivots away from Cassie, Carin getting one sweep of fire from a shoulder canon before Ripclaw is leveled on with the last. "Who you? Wait a minsec. You Ripcrab. Dead meat more traitor dogfuck like sisterskags."

"I"m here. Happy to see both of you… I am not sure what he is saying to me but thats a lot of bacon to slice up and… a lot of guns." Ripclaws finds his own voice awkward right now. Its been over a year since hes seen either of the Taylors or any of the rest of CyberForce.


"Oh next time I'm definitely not playing decoy." Cassandra mutters over the comm-line to the two of them. She peels herself off of the floor, taking a moment to stretch her arms high over her head in a languid stretch. Centering her red, bionic eye on the cone of danger before her, she turns, cracking her back in six places, presenting a smaller target to the incoming gunfire. "Did you get everything? All of your worldly preciouses?"

Old coffee cups and file folders explode in gunfire all around Ballistic, who for the moment, doesn't appear quite concerned with the danger scattered all about her.

"Looks like Christmas came early this year. Ripclaw, you're keeping in shape." Cassandra replies over the line, leveling both of her arms, one cybernetic, before her to squeeze off rounds of blasterfire through half a dozen CDI guards lumbering her way. She walks forwards, towards Arty, towards Ripclaw. "I'm pretty sure that lard-assed battleship said something about feeling really great about kidnapping my sister and putting her into a lab program. You know how I feel about this?"

Cassandra switches from decoy posture to her terminator gig, assaulting forward with her weapons on a path towards Doctor Kosmas.



"Sister-ska…whut?" Oh-Hell-No!

"You do not…" But Ripclaws arrival has Carin hesitating enough to check-mark-cut a line up-up and away! Firepower and claws trump high impact. "Yes, it is called Trick or Treat, Ballistic." Velocity states, despite the flat tone it is obviously her humor.

"Trick…" A sweep that seeks to take a SHOC's weapon and leave a fellow in his arms instead.

"…or Treat!" The weapon she has stolen is held in her hands and fiddled with, glances in flshes towards Ballistic, a rapid fire of looks that show her cluelessness and with a shrug, Ballistic is tossed a SHOC weapon! Lasers and all!

Velocity chews, a bubble fluxes against the speed in which she circles, headset plugging into one ear while the other hears her fellows of Cyberfoce, loud and clear!

When I Grow Up!

The pock marks of firepower from Porky with a Rip Backpack causes her to backpedal and skid across the ground at a speed that shoudl have peeled fabric of the green on yellow suit from backside, but instead she is paralell to the flooring and with a pedal of feet laden in the same golden coating she is redirecting.

"Missed you guys too!" A path slides her beneath 'Buttside' to peer between meaty thighs, gum swallowed, choked on…

"Ah *gak*! Wrong…whheeyyy…" Nope not protein!

Fist-bump? (To the groinmeat?)


Arty's lumbering cumbersome form waves over Velocity only to pause and swing down a meaty fist that crushes he ground near her. A tank. He is a walking fleshy-metal tank. Ripclaws panic at seeing Carin on the defensive below them has a claw tear in and peel upwards, a sensitive and if too careless or forceful fatal spot on the giant SHOC. A shrill squeal to squeek sound escapes Arty and his free hand clamps up over the spot, blood splattering out with black ichor. Oils mixed with precious vitae.
"Not funfair. All fast and sharp with da hurding." A backhand that tosses Ripclaw free of him has Arty running towards the entryway, his movement speed surprisingly fast for so much bulk.
"Retre…. retre…. RUND AWAY! RUND AWAY!"

"No you gorilla. Fight them, it is only three!"

"Look around you, Doctor Kosmas. You are only two." Ripclaw hisses as fluid drips from his elongated claws.
Kosmas only spares a half a glance at Ripclaw, a moment enough to take eyes off Cassie before he is staring at her again. "I lack the mobility of my cowardly minion. If you insist on ending me do so but know this… if you kill me and my systems shut down almost three dozen children, like you all once were… will likewise die horribly." Kosmas taps the rounded torso. "Horribly. I am their lifeline. Insurance you could say…. " The head foating inside the fluid bobs, a dark smile splits its aged features.


"Just in time for Halloween." Cassandra Taylor looks upwards, squinting one red and one blue eye at the lumbering beast named Arty…and steps to the side. She waves the 'treat' of a blaster rifle through the air and beneath her breasts, waving him politely towards the door. She watches him go, and after a second, blinks wildly and shakes her chin-length blonde hair that is sopping wet.

"Quality really has gone downhill since my tenure." Cassandra comments, slinging the rifle over her shoulder by its strap and reaching behind her back. "And now you're one, Doctor. Save your breath for the long sentences, time to get paddled-"

The precise accuracy and speed in which Cassandra's cybernetic arm draws her pistol and brings it to bear upon Doctor Kosmas is not only superhuman, but expensive. Millions of dollars of limb replacement wastes no time in putting the demented CDI doctor at the business end of the conversation.

"You're bluffing." Ballistic's bionic eye flashes red as her trigger finger begins the piece-by-piece process. One cybernetic knuckle begins to squeeze the next, then the next, then the next.

Only speed will save Dr. Kosmas, or three dozen children, if Ballistic is wrong in her read of the Doctor's claim.


"There hs to be better gum…" A cant of head to the side and the ABC Bubblyicious is cast to a hand, captured in a claw of gold that is slowly extending while Ripclaw is cast aside and her sister proclaims the correct Holiday!

Finally! FFS…

Green eyes flash and Porked is beating path for an exit and Kosmas is painting… pictures of (possible) reality. Velocity was not allowed near anyone, her containment was cuffs while front and center to blacked out windows. Are they what is behind…

A blink and Vel is on the move. "Ca—-!" A anti-gravitational burst comes behind Ripclaw, an aide, perhaps as well?

Bullets fire in succession and behind Kosmas, Velocity seeks to grip his torso in the impact of speed aided by blasts and claws to rend free if synched?? Taking the sytematic reader of pulse-ox and inhibiting it into carotids to read her own vitals, slowing them with her own speed that has to come to a more human pace, ending in an ass-slide-skid across the floor to end behind Ballistic and Ripclaw while hands mmove at a rapid-pace.

"End him… No more…" A mutter as she works in her attempt…

But how well did this go after a year of…?


Speed is nothing on Doctor Kosmas side. He is aged and the mechanoid frame he employs to remain alive is not built for combat, it is built for technical precision and articulate manipulation. The glass tank around his head erupts with a gush of liquid, an explosion of fluid that spews forth leaving the aged old mouth gaping open as if seeking oxygen like a fish.
Ballistic called his bluff and she was correct from all visual signs as Velocity finds out. No alarms going off. No signal queue. The body itself begins to flail around spastically before clattering on the ground lights one by one dying down on it the entrails of wire dangle from the redheads goldenclawtips.

Ripclaw frowns and his words are cut off by the look on the gunwoman's face then registration that Carin is there as well in that same 'zone'. One does not simply mess with family. CyberForce family and beyond. He understands the bonds of blood. It is not his place to get judgemental here.
"We should go. You both know how this works. Doctor Corben and I have a place set up in… " Roberts voice trails off, CDI has ears everywhere. Even the fallen and there are many of those around them. "We can catch up there. We are very overdue." Joy? This is what it feels like and the impassive chalk skinned native is trying to remain fierce in appearance. Stoic and solid like the warrior he has tailored himself to be.
"I will update both of you on status once we are clear."


No hesitation. No remorse. Cassandra Taylor stares her mismatched eyes down the blaster pistol. One eye flutters as the telltale blur of her sister moves through her field of vision. Only a second after it's done does it seem to register on the woman's scarred eyebrow that she might have been wrong. She lowers her chin to her metallic arm, turning her red eye towards Ripclaw for silent verification. Then, with a tightening of her neck muscles, she checks her sister's face.

She could have been wrong.

Cassandra Taylor isn't Superman.

"Right. We've been here too long as it is. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already dispatched, which is tempting, but-" Cassandra stares at Robert in her turn towards her sister, then looks down to the redhead with the facial tattoo. Mismatched eyes hover downwards while Cassandra's body shifts, shoving her blaster pistol into a holster at the small of her back. One of many laced around the purple, leather leggings.

One metallic hand lightly knuckles against Carin's shoulder in a distant breed of comfort.

"Don't let them catch either of you on the way to point B. I'm looking forward to another re-re-re-re-re-reunion." Cassandra starts to walk towards the exit; towards her waiting motorcycle. "If you get there first, pour me something nice."



A hip-skip-and jump of suit-clad ass across the tarmac while Velcity is feebly trying to lug conduits of registry into her own veins and the details have already been configured by…

A lift of head, framed in pieces of haphazard ruby slice over pale features and lay over green eyes, ones that reflect her Family, Cyberforce…
… Ballistic.

Rubber tubes bend and fall flat just as the le is revealed by Ballistic and Ripclaw, but thespeed still leaves divots into skin like an buse of syringes failed, a single tube still hanging from her lips as she looks at them and rises… The small cavern within a desk she was settled within falling apart when she lifts from the little nook she had skidded into.

Her sister…. Ballistic… Meets the gaze of green after the delivery of knuckles to her shoulder.

Lips purse and nearly 'spit' the tube of IV from her lips to let the center mass fall to the floor. "You could get there first… If you wanted." A cast of beligerent gaze to Cass falls away and to Ripclaw, where Velocity nods and pivots on heel to follow him.

"You only get nice if you can beat the age of the bottle." A lower of chin, veiling features in Ferrari… Before she bolts off, leaving the whisper to linger for Cass…


"I have missed you all… Thank you!" The pack of Buublicious left behind…


With Kosmas hitting the ground his eyes become vacant and a half roll follows with the rim his head situated on. Ripclaw isn't looking at it any longer. Its disturbing really not that he is any stranger to gore.
"We don't know what they have stationed beyond this point." He voices to Cass' temptations. "I will send you the coordinates if you're striking out alone, Ballistic."


A look at Carin and the slipstream she leaves behind herself, "Damnit don't do that in the middle of us talking." On foot Ripclaw pursues. "Don't outpace me too far. Neither of you know where the hell HQ is now… " And he is not going to say it openly this close to a CDI installment.
Herding the team is usually a job for Heatwave but right now, it feels familiar and Ripclaw isnt' about to bitch. A grin appears across his features while he attempts to keep up in his animistic leaping and bounding. "I mention we have a van?" Which he drove…

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