Weight Lifting Challenge

October 25, 2017:

A challenge between friends.


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The silence was incredible.

Even in space, especially in the watchtower, minus the moving parts of machines through the halls and perhaps some League-ers moving about, Superman would in fact be one of them. In the training room in fact. apparently lifting weights.

He was wearing his kryptonian garb still, arms extended as muscles flexed with the pulling of a heavy weight…well, not heavy for him. All in all, a few tons was a warm up, if at all. But he would breath a little softly, his idea of staying in shape…even thoug hthe sun gives him all the energy he could ever need.

He did wonder where a particular woman was at this time though…strangely enough, he thought alot though. But regardless of that fact, he had meant to see how Diana was doing soon…and Lantern..the Hal Jordan one. He looked like he had things on his mind…but all in good time.

He continues to lift meager weights though, keeping his body toned and ready.

Diana so happened to be aboard the station as well, she'd brought a collection of clothing up and other sundries to store in a room set aside for her, she wanted to make the place feel more inviting so that she might come here more often, rather than be a surprising sight aboard it.

It was difficult though, since she was so busy down on Earth and within Manhattan let alone across the rest of the globe.

For now though, Diana stepped into the gym to use one of the running machines, she was wearing a white top and black bottoms of stretchy fabric, her hair was tied back behind her head in a loose ponytail.

Diana walked across the room with her running shoes quietly impacting the floor while her eyes went over to see Kal here, exercising which kind of surprised her. She'd raise her right hand to wave at him with a small smile when they'd inevitably make eye contact with one another.

As Superman set down the weights gently, Diana would catch his eye, and her wave definately rang true as he noticed it. As such, Kal would approach her with a warm smile, hovering just a foot or so off the ground. "Hello Diana. Getting some exercise in?" he looks at her attire then back to her. "As always Diana, you look incredible. One of your many gifts." he smiles warmly to her as he touches ground, his hands kept at his side.

"How are you today? anything new in your world?" he asks curiously.

The Amazonian would set her things down next to the machine she'd intended to use and then she'd turn to face him as he'd floated over to her to speak. She'd offer him a little smile before nodding her head. "That is the plan." She'd glance back at him again and smile a little larger. "Thank you." She'd say to his compliments.

At the other question though she'd just lightly shake her head side to side. "Not particularly. I brought a bunch of things up to my quarters here aboard the Watchtower and spent the last hour arguing with my Sisters over where to put things to make the place feel less like a creepy sci fi movie and more like a true place of rest and relaxation." Another little smirk was shown then to the Man of Steel.

The Kryptonian listens carefully to her words as a gentle smile is ever passed her way, his eyes never leaving hers for even a moment…even so much as a distraction couldn't take his eyes off her. "I see. Hopefully I haven't interrupted your plans I hope? I figured I would..you know, just come say hi." he chuckles a bit to himself, rubbing the back of his neck.

Though as she talks about moving much of her things to the Watchtower and how she argued with her Sisters, he would laugh a little…something infectious really. "Hah! I imagine that's their more protective nature. It can get a little creepy at the Watchtower…especially when no one is really here minus the sounds and walking about of the maintenance robots." he smirks a little bit. "Though…if I may say, science fiction books and movies are rather intertaining, especially in how they potray aliens." a small smirk there in return.

Diana would just smile faintly and shake her head. "Adrastea… the one with the red hair… She's become a cinefile since leaving Themyscira. She sits in her room at night and watches two or three movies every night!" Diana sighed then and she glanced to Kal. "I can barely sit through a single movie without losing interest or feeling the need to get up and do something more productive with my time. There are very very few movies that have ever held my attention… But she? Loves them all, so it would seem." A little smirk was shown then and Diana glanced at the weights Kal had been lifting.

"I had not know you even exercised in this fashion, Kal." She told him. "Are you just -that- bored?" She asked him then with another little smile.

Clark would give her a small smile as she starts speaking of the nature of Adrastea, clearly a good friend of hers. "heh, honestly I love movies a bit….I think it's…a way to get in touch with the pop culture of the world. Besides, sometimes they are quite interesting…other times, just silly." he laughs a bit. "Though Adrastea sounds like a fun woman. She could help me with those pop culture trivia questions…" he rubs his chin jokingly.

Though at her smirk and question, Kal would smile a bit "well…..uh….yeah…." he lowers his head then a minute with a small chuckle. "I rarely ever get to test my full capability…so, I thought I could try weights to see where my limit was…" he hangs his head a minute…likely realizing he looked stupid.

Diana watched him hang his head a bit in what she perceived as embarrassment and it just made her grin softly. "Does not your ability to lift depend entirely on your… exposure to the grace of the sun?" She asked him then. "I would think then, that being outdoors is when you are most effective. But then… I guess it appears to almost work like a battery, in a way?" She softly tilted her head toward her right should in a curious expression. "The long you are out of the sun the less you can lift?"

These were questions Diana hadn't ever asked before, but she'd gathered the gist of some of Kal's abilities and hwo they worked through their time together within the League.

Kal would give Diana a bit of a warm smile, chuckling a little at her words "yeah…I'm a solar hyper battery. All kryptonians are. Our cells keep and store that radiation. While being out of the sun won't diminish my powers at all…being out of the sun for a long period of time will, and I'll eventually need to recharge. I don't know why I'm really lifting, to be honest." he shrugs a little with a kind laughter.

"Why? how much can you lift? just out of curiousity." he's seen her lift some prettttyyy ybig stuff in his time.

Diana would slowly nod her head to his words about how his powers are maintained and cultivated. "Fascinating" She said softly. "The sun certainly makes me happier when it is out." She'd pause to grin softly. "Unless I am driving into it, then it is off of my favorites list at least until after I have arrived at wherever I am going." She teased lightly before hearing his question and her blue eyes went to the weight machines. A second later and Diana's head shook right to left, she cracked a grin and then laughed. "Oh no… I know where these kinds of things go." She'd return her eyes to him. "My answer to you is… such a contest of power is something you boys are interested in, where we women have no real desire to find out. Well. Most of us." She grinned a little more then. "In truth though. I do not know. A lot. Is my best answer."

Clark would give Diana that warm smile, though as Kal hears her words on how measuring their power through contests and the like is a guy thing, he does laugh a bit "Fair enough fair enough…you kinda got me beat there." he shrugs a little with a chuckle. "But it's nice to hear somewhat that we are both in the same boat in that regard." he shrugs a little then, before he smiles once more to her.

"Hmm…I was wondering…maybe we could have a little contest…but then again, you said a little bit ago that you weren't too interested in such tings." he hums a little, before an idea is brought to his attention "How about this…How would you like to perhaps go to dinner with me, and this contest will decide who will buy?" he offers a little..perhaps hesitantly.

Diana would step over to the table near the treadmil and she'd set her bottle of water down while she listened to him. A small smile showed while she uncapped it and then took a drink, turning to face him she shook her head. "Do the machines in here even go high enough to challenge us?" She asked him then. "I know, for instance, that the both of us lift in the ranges of… hundreds of tonnes?" She tilted her head then, narrowing her eyes at him as she really wasn't sure how much Superman could lift, but she'd witnessed him do tremendous feats of strength.

A faint smirk was given then to him. "Kal." She said. "I will relent to this content and declare you the winner. I will happily buy you dinner some time. YOu need not make it a game."

Kals eyes would widen at Diana's almost immediate surrender to the challenge in question. "Diana…if that's the case, I'll buy. I don't want to force you into anything." he says with a small smile, though it's no less sincere or warm than his more wide smiles. "I think these machines would break though if we tried to actively lift…." he laughs a bit then. "Well…alright, I'll let you choose the place then." he smiles, always wanting to be fair and kind.

Diana would laugh softly and reach a hand out to grasp the treadmil by its support hand-bars. "Oh no no, you cannot back out of it now." She'd reply to the man from another world. "You challenged me to a contest and I yielded and awarded you with the title of Victor and Choampion." She'd show a little grin.

"I am happy to take you out to a fine restaurant sometime. Why I just heard the other day that a brand new… Domino's Pizza opened up a few blocks down from the Themysicran House. Can you believe that?" She'd smirk and lean toward him, lowering her voice to a whisper. "Best bring your most stunning tie." And she'd grin some more.

Kal would listen to her words a bit before he eventually surrendered to her charm and words. "alright alright…you win this time. I should bec areful making bets around you shouldn't I?" he chuckles a little bit, ocean blue eyes locking onto her own….but when Diana whispers to him about bringing his most stunning tie, he turns beat red in a blush as he looks at her, but it fades a bit as a warmer smile takes place. "alright, I'll be sure to do so…"

He just looked at her then, perhaps taking in her beauty, or just looking at her as if in thought. "it's a date then." he winks at her at that, perhaps teasing, perhaps being serious.


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