Not Stark's Messenger

October 19, 2017:

Emma Frost goes hunting after a donation, and to mingle with a fellow member of the Hellfire Club.

Umoja Towers - New York City

The main office of Umoja International in New York City, is a forty story skyscraper with an outside square that is filled with Neo-Impressionist sculptures. The outside square leads to the lobby area of the building. The lobby gives off the immediate expressions of security and professionalism as the security guards allow each person to past beyond the metal detectors, verifying their badges, and wishes them a good at work. New visitors received the same level of courtesy, even though they face more security checks to be allowed into the building.

Majority of the floors are filled with floors of cubicles with workers working on a variety issues and missions for the company. There is a floor filled with information and electronic technicians and engineers that has a more laid back atmosphere than the rest of the floors. There is an alarm control center floor and a floor that holds several unsecured and secured servers.

The fourth floor to the top is the main conference floor. The top three floors are the living quarter, and personal business office for Morien Washington. This area is only accessible by Morien.


NPCs: Umoja Tower Security

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At the front entrance of Umoja Tower, there are a trio of security guards. One of them is obvious new is getting training on how to make, and check security badges, hence why there is a small line of people wanting to get into the tower.

Richard lets out an exasperated sigh as he makes excuses about still being trained. One of the female guards wearing a badge that indicates her last name is Thompson tries to help speed the process along by jumping on another computer to helped get people through the line faster. A young woman with too much military bearing has Richard up to speed by the time Emma has reached the head of the line.

Richard blushes a bit as he hand Emma a badge. "So…sorry for the delay. Here is your badge. It gets you access to the elevator on your right and to the floor for your meeting. Please return your badge at the end of your meeting. It is basically useless after you leave the premise, so please just return them. We hope you have a pleasant evening at Umoja Tower.

Once you get off the elevator, another security guard escorts you to the conference room. Morien is sitting at a conference table. On the conference table, there is a variety of different appetizers, wines, and teas to choose. Morien stands up from his chair and extends his hand. "Ms. Frost, a pleasure to meet you.


Emma Frost is nothing if not the very soul of thinly veiled impatience as she waits to get through the security lines. The glare the woman wrapped in the tailored white skirt suit offers could likely wither away many forms of life were it paired with anything other than the thin, cold smile that curls her lips.

Words of gratitude are conspicuously absent.

But then she's off, through more security (which makes her wonder why she needed the first line at all) and clipping that guest badge to the lapel of her suit, until finally she's at her final destination. Her hands smooth down the ruffles that flounce out from her tiny waist to cover the swell of her hips, and then one hand stretches out to meet Morien's own. "Good evening," she replies, her smile now refined to the more winsome variety as she compartmentalizes earlier agitation. "Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me, Mister Washington."

And, before the words are even out of her mouth, the telepath is already setting herself to sniffing about his surface thoughts to get his true take on their first meeting.


She can sense the Morien's optimistic cautious about the meeting. Morien points to the food and drink. "Would like something to eat, drink, or I can pour your some tea." Morien sits down in his seat and clasps his hands in front of him as slight grin comes across his face. "I must confess I have been admirer of your business acumen for awhile now. It is truly impressive." Morien smiles softly, "My CFO Arielle Reynolds is an admirer of yours as well. Morien laughs. "I would have brought her to this meeting, but I am afraid she would leave my company for yours."


"Oh, Mister Washington," Emma says, clucking her tongue as she waves a hand and then drapes it over her collarbone. "You are too kind. I'm certain that she knows just as well as you and I that the acumen is only part of the equation." Still, all the same, the praise hits the right note and all of that hidden irritation melts away and she turns her attention to the things arranged on the table, her arm crossing over her waist. "The tea actually sounds wonderful, I think. What kind?"


"It is Ntingwe Kwazulu leaf tea." Morien stands up and pours the tea. "It is from South Africa." Morien pours himself a cup of tea for himself and goes back to his seat. "Now, Ms. Frost, how can I be of service to you." Morien takes a few sips of the tea. "I hope you like it. It is has been awhile since I have a Sunday business tea meeting." Morien nods. "Most of the meetings on Sunday are via satellite, and it really does not matter what I drink or even how I dressed."

Morien leans forward and peers around the room. He whispers. "Do you wish to hear a secret? One time I had a business meeting while I was wearing a suit, but still wearing my slippers. “ Morien leans back and lets out a childlike giggle.


Emma hums to herself, and then leans in to whisper to her co-conspirator. "Well, you can think of this as more of an extracurricular if it suits you better."

But the spell, really, is broken before it begins. "At any rate, this is a very simple thing. You and I are members of a lovely club, and I am trying to drum up a little membership involvement in the gala that Stark Enterprises is hosting in a couple of weeks. The gala still has some space available for corporate sponsorship, and I told Mister Stane that I would help alleviate that problem."

Settling down in her seat and crossing her legs. "So, to be blissfully blunt, I am very much after your corporate pocketbook, Mister Washington. Which, given my reputation, you know is far better than me being after your marketshare."


Morien sips his tea and raises his right eyebrow slightly and replies, "And given my reputation, you know that my company are the ones that swoops down and grows from the mistakes of others, Roxxon Oil, NuGenesis, and even Shield. Besides I am quite careful in making sure my multibillions rarely competes with people I offered tea to. I learned that awhile ago." Morien turns his chair slightly to the left. "The Hellfire Club, I enjoy watching people play chess there." Morien taps his left foot a few times. "Stark Enterprise?, Of course, I have no problem donating, if in I was offered a contract that would give me complete immunity from any lawsuits that may come about from people being attacked at the affair.

Morien sips his tea. "Beside my brief public sponsorship of the Justice League and provided charity for Mutant Town, I try to stay out of the affairs of superpower beings. Well, I buy up companies that find themselves on the losing end of their encounters with them.

Morien nods, "I have a Veteran's Day Gala. It is nothing extravagant, but I wouldn't mind a small donation in return.”


Emma lifts both of her eyebrows over her own cup of tea, and then smiles blithely once it’s resettled upon her lap.

Clucking her tongue twice, she continues.

“Now, Mister Washington," she allows, “you know as well as I do that I cannot offer you any contract to meet a condition for a donation. And furthermore, Stark Enterprises is the official host so any conditions of attendance that you want to address should likely go through their legal team.”

Today, it feels very good to let someone else wear the crown.

“Now, reciprocal philanthropy, we can discuss. …off the record, of course.”


Morien smiles politely, "I did not take to you play the role of Stark's messenger. You must truly feel passionate about this charity or the Hellfire Club. I am surprised a bit by both. Morien spins his chair around so he is completely facing her again, "You are thinking of this too much like a business meeting. My asking for a donation to a Veterans Day Gala is not anyway dependant upon the Hellfire's Club charity." Morien places his cup on the table as he taps his left foot in his familiar way again. "What is this charity for?"


"I am not Stark's messenger," Emma says, although her tone is a little tight. "And allow me to start at the top so that I am completely clear."

Her foot bobs a little, suspended in the air from a crossed leg. "This is a joint effort, on behalf of numerous corporations, to fund a children's hospital, a reconstruction effort, and Metro-General hospital. It is on Stark property, hence my suggestion that you speak to him since it is his liability insurance policy."

Sipping once from her tea, the blonde focuses her attention upon the cup and then continues. "As for our club, it has nothing to do with it. Other than there are many of the membership who are going to participate."


Morien taps the side of his tea with his right thumb. "That is a lot for one charity to accomplish." Morien presses a button on the table a small hologram map emits in the room. Morien begins to move the various screens around for a few moment. Morien pressed another button and the hologram end and lets out a soft sigh, "Once I know I will not be liable for any damages that might occur, I do not any conflicts of interests by donating to the charity."

Morien smiles softly, "I can make a 8 million dollar donation, and a promise to donate 8 million dollars of Bio-medical equipment."


"I invite your legal team to talk to his legal team," Emma again encourages, "or contribute without attending. You could just as easily contribute an item for the silent auction, and we will gladly put Umoja on the program with full credit."

Emma smiles once more, although the curve of her lips never brightens her eyes. "I would hardly want to be seen as encouraging you to endanger the gala's attendees, after all."


"Me? I have put on events before, and none of them have ever ended in people needing the police, emergency room, or people with odd fashion choices coming to save the day." Morien laughs. "One is because I do hold events the living cesspool that is Gotham, and the other is because I try not to do business with people who are known heroes for the most part. I liked to just stick to the world of business. I think that you would agree with me that business provides enough excitement without having to worry about someone wanting to drop a building on you.

Morien shakes his head and narrows his eyes a bit as a slight harshness overtakes his tone. "I do not auction items bearing the Umoja name." Morien struggles to stretch his face to that familiar polite smile when he speaks again, "My offer still stands. I am sure Stark has no problem shielded me from any frivolous lawsuit that might come from any misfortune."


As harshness overtakes his tone, Emma's expression flattens a little and she sets the tea aside. "Again, that is up for his lawyers to decide, although I appreciate living in the city that earns a little more of your kind consideration." Rising to her feet, the blonde smooths out the lines of her outfit as she continues. "Look. Clearly, if you don't want your organization to get a little extra shine from a little charity, that's none of my affair. If you would like to contribute? Lovely. If you do not? Your decision. With regards to your veteran's benefit, you are invited to send your proposal."

A hand has come to settle on her hip, the other floating around her in vague emphatic gestures until at last she reaches into her purse to extract a set of papers from her purse, where they'd been gently rolled in half. These are set upon the table. "I invite you to come or not come, give or not give, according to your conscience."


Morien rises from his chair and walks over to her. "Again, I have no problem with giving to this cause. I just hate frivolous lawsuits." Morien opens up another panel on the table and hands her a legal document and an invitation. "Here is an invitation and legal document that clearly states that even though your corporation might donate that donation does not come with any legal obligation beside providing the funds.

Morien hands her the documents. "I am sure that I will be able to make a donation. I would like for the pledge of the medical equipment to be announced at the charity, even if I cannot attend."

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