Fast Talking

October 23, 2017:

Dani Moonstar gets dispatched on what should be a simple mission to recover some alien tech from a cornfield. But Remy LeBeau is already there…

Cazenovia, New York


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The Sovereign are very possessive of their batteries.

This is a fact they made very clear to SHIELD when they contacted them to let them know that some had been lost during the space race of a few months ago, namely at a crash site in rural New York. Just outside quaint Cazenovia, in fact. Retrieving them from the farmer's field where they are thought to have been lost is fairly routine stuff; it's mostly a matter of getting the farmer to let Moonstar onto said property. And she of course has SHIELD tech which can help her locate the things.

Just something nice and simple. Not all SHIELD missions are ramped up with excitement and adventure. Should be just a ho-hum sort of a day for sure.

Something nice and simple, indeed.

That's what all newer and somewhat low-level agents require. Cake-walks. Puff-piece-missions. Something to build confidence and show them the ropes of SHIELD.

Dani is no different - even if she feels less newbie and more experienced, especially with a 'simple' find and retrieve mission.

Either way, once the black-haired agent 'sweet-talked' her way past the farmer, she took a moment to calibrate the SHIELD tech in her hands.

After a few seconds of fiddling the little machine offers the faintest of beeps and generalized coordinates of where the battery might be. Squinting at those directions a moment, Dani says, "Okay. That away it is." And with that said, Moonstar lifts her gaze from the machine and starts walking in the specified direction.

While some might have dressed in suits, or business casual, Dani dressed differently. She dressed for working outside; withe thick-soled boots, black pants, black shirt and a light jacket. It's that windbreaker that gives her a bit of color with its jewel-blue color.

There's someone there already.

The box of batteries, Moonstar can see, is half buried in the earth. A tall man in a black duster is whistling along as he pries at it with a shovel. He's wearing some manner of body armor, mostly black, but with a breastplate that's tinted in a purple color he somehow manages to pull off.

His situational awareness is good; he turns right away and fixes her with red eyes and a charming smile. "Gonna have to ask you to step back, miss," he drawls, in a thick Cajun accent. He whips out a badge. "Agent Boudreaux, SHIELD. This bit of government property I'm fixing to dig up could be dangerous and all."

As fakes go, it's pretty good. There are only one or two tiny mistakes, stuff civilians wouldn't know about.

Imagine that, she's not the first one here.

That's not too surprising, weirdness always brings out the locals, what causes surprise to reflect within her dark brown eyes are three things -

His eyes.
His words.
His badge.

It's those last two that stop her from identifying her own status within SHIELD. At least, for now. Instead, the Cheyenne will attempt to sidle just a few steps closer, making a play of looking at that badge that he shows. As she walks those few steps closer her own small piece of SHIELD tech is casually slid into the pocket of her windbreaker. It's small enough that it could have been a smartphone - kind of looked that way too.

"Dangerous?" She echoes, her gaze turning toward the battery now, true curiousness there (though no fear), "It doesn't look too dangerous. Do you know what it is?" She asks, her question innocent enough, even if her gaze is perhaps more intent than what this situation truly warrants.

"It's a bomb," Remy lies, as he puts his 'badge' away.

But he does it so well. If she didn't absolutely know the truth that it is not a bomb and he probably knows it? It might even be believable. He lies well enough that even some seasoned agents might be fooled; he has absolutely none of the tells. No looking up and to the right. He says it like he believes it all at that very moment, like it's bedrock truth, like he's been lying since the day he first started talking.

Which he may very well have.

His very words ping off of her psychic shields, betraying some small amount of latent power stored within his very vocal chords, too.

"Alien bombs are the worst, them. No dadgum red wires. No dadgum green wires. No dadgum black wires. If you get wires at all? That's lagniappe. No, when you get some dadgum alien bomb, it's all crazy characters that you've got to decipher. Which you can, with math, because…"

Here he gives her another winning smile and a wink, "As everyone knows, that's the universal language. But things can always go wrong, and we've estimated this one's gonna be a big big blast if it does, so you probably wanna go on ahead and clear the area."

Today's world seems to be all about blase reactions. Everything is taken in stride or with apparent indifference. Nothing is every too shocking. Even when the b-word is used.


Of course, for Dani, she has other things going for her, like the real knowledge of what that thing really is.

In fact, his naming of what the thing is supposed to be begins to cant a corner of Dani Moonstar's mouth upward. That expression of hers only stiffens slightly at the light brush against her psychic shields. The nudge isn't strong enough to break past them, but it's enough to now pull forth a vague crimp to the Cheyenne's brow. It also has her mentally revising the man near her.

"I think this is where I'm expected to titter girlishly and walk away, right?" Dani begins, her voice holding both a note of wry amusement alongside a hint of sternness, "But I'm afraid I'm going to have disappoint - your badge is good, but not perfect and SHIELD wouldn't waste two field agents on the same call. So, why don't you tell me who you really are, Mister -?"

And with each word Dani's subtly shifted her weight forward, just in case things go south.

Huh. That just went south.

Remy doesn't panic. He just sets the tip of the shovel in the ground near the box, and rests his hands atop it. "Well. You don't have to titter," he observes, still in the same accent. So that's not an affectation. "It might be fun if you did though, yeah."

And then he lifts the topmost hand to snap a finger at her. "Ah, but maybe you're lying too. Maybe you say you're SHIELD, but you're someone else! You haven't even shown me a badge. And even if you do, your badge could be a fake too."

He waggles his finger.

"Not just gonna turn my box over to some fake SHIELD Agent. Or my name either. That would be a beacoup bete thing to go and do."

At least he doesn't seem keen on attacking? Unless his only play is to talk her to death. Granted, he's trying to keep her eyes on his hand, which moves expressively as he talks, emphasizing every single point. Cause he's pushing some sort of energy down into that shovel, causing it to take on a faint glow.

'It might be fun if you did' - that's enough to pull forth another half of a grin from the black-haired woman. "You're smooth, I'll give you that. Practiced your story in front of the mirror alot, right?" She says, even as Dani's gaze automatically twitches from his face to those snapping fingers. Thankfully, her attention only stays focused there for a split-second, before she's dragging her gaze back to the man and likewise the battery.

"And please, let's not play this game. We both know I'm the real agent and you're just stalling for time -"

And with those words of hers Dani's gaze drops to the battery - a sweeping look that allows the Cheyenne to notice the faint glimmer of light emanating from the shovel. Immediately now, Moonstar's gaze snaps to Remy's features, "We really don't need to do this." She might possibly mean fighting as she takes that glow to mean some sort of potential attack. That notion also has her moving, as well, as Dani takes a sharp step to the left, an anticipatory dodge being enacted, even as she reaches for the ICER tucked within a shoulder holster.

"Sure don't," Remy says with a wink, agreeing easily, aware of what she thinks.

It's exactly what he would think. But he's not going for Moonstar at all. He raises the shovel, but when he brings it down, with just the right amount of force, charged up with just the right amount of kinetic energy, it hits the area next to the box with a boom, popping it up and out of the earth. He didn't want to risk damaging the little golden batteries inside, which is why he didn't do this earlier, but it's a calculated risk. He leaps up and catches the box like a football, dropping the shovel entirely.

And then he takes off running through the corn!

Those first words of his cause the woman's brow to pucker slightly again, confusion evident there for a split-second, then the reality of what's really happening breaks through.

It's not an attack, but a feint! Now, the black-haired woman curses, "Dammit!" She snaps sharply, but she's already committed to that vague dodge and so, it takes Dani a few seconds to reverse her momentum -

Then once in the right direction, Dani runs too, after the man and towards that corn field. Loud mutters might occasionally be heard from behind - a lot of 'when I catch you' and 'just you wait' sorts of things. Bullets, or rather ICER bullets, don't yet follow. While she doesn't think the modified bullets would cause the battery to explode she can't quite be sure, so it's best not to take that chance.

Instead it's all about the chase and perhaps the idle wish for Brightwind to be here as back-up, but he's not, and so -

"Not corn fields! Don't you watch scary movies?" Comes her sardonic shout to his fleeing back and while she isn't one to always rely heavily upon her powers in this type of situation, neither is she stupid enough to (always) allow pride to dictate her moves.

As such, the black-haired woman reaches out with her mind towards the red-eyed man's.

There's only two things that might stop her psychic powers from ever reaching him successfully; the fact that the corn is screwing with her line of sight stipulation and also that his mind isn't quite so easily grasped as expected.

Indeed, his mind wriggles right out of her grasp like a cat, slipping and sliding into white noise. It's nothing he's trying to do, she might realize; it just happens, just like the little touch of telepathic not-quite-coercion wove its way through his rich voice in rather hypnotic fashion. Those things are gifts he doesn't have to think to exercise, but they sure work in his favor now.

A mutant genetically engineered to be a serious pain in everyone's ass.

He meanwhile, zigs and zags through the corn until he reaches his destination: the fence. He vaults and sails over it, laughing as he lands on a motorcycle parked right next to it. "Nice meeting you, Agent!" he calls, as he revs it up. "Next time? Bon chance!"

Not that he really wants there to be a next time, that's trouble, but you know. It's not outside the realm of possibility.

The motorcycle kicks up plenty of dust on that farm road as he speeds away, too, duster flaring out behind him.

The slip and slide of his mind is felt and it only affirms the man's status as a danger.

Someone to be cautious and careful with.

Not that it stops her pellmell sort of race in-between those stalks of crinkly corn.

Again, she's only a few seconds behind him, but that's enough for her to lag behind just enough to step from the corn 'maze' just as he's hopping upon his motorcycle. His words pull forth a quick and furious response from her, as she shouts, "I can't say the pleasure was mine!" Her words might be drowned out by the loud growl of his bike, but that doesn't stop her from adding in a more normal volume, "And you better believe there's going to be a next time."

At this point, the Cheyenne kicks at the ground and with her anger properly (or really not) vented, Dani turns away from the fence. Now it's time to make the trek back to her own car. Back to SHIELD HQ - mission (sadly) not accomplished.

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