October 22, 2017:

Red Robin and Wonder Girl battle the winged terror of the Imperial Pigeon (and his army of entirely regular NYC pigeons) only to pick up an unexpected assist from an extremely displaced Black Bolt.

Midtown Manhattan, NYC. Later, Titans Tower.

Somehow, Manhattan is afflicted with even more pigeons than usual.


NPCs: The Imperial Pigeon

Mentions: Iso


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Its that time of day near the afternoon, where lunch time crowds are thinning out and people trying to avoid the lunch time rushes can be found wandering about. Birds chirped, people yelled at each other…New York was New York, and loud as ever.

Black Bolt a place he didn't recognize. When the Genetic Council sent him out..he was somewhere in Asia. Where did Maximus send him? Where was his family? This place surely wasn't Attilan. He looks completely out of place in terms of what he's wearing. A black tailcoat with a mysterious decal on the front (his emblem) black pants and combat boots. Definately not the social norm and he sticks out like a sore thumb. A few people even tried to compliment him for 'cosplaying' but were confused when he didn't say anything in return or just looks flat out lost at their words.

He wanders a little in probably the biggest tourist area in New York, and as such, he kinda looks through the windows where things are on display, but it looks like he doesnt even know what that kind of thing is. He walks over to a car and touches it curiously, in a 'what does this do?' kind of way, but he figures out it's transportation a little bit. Long story short, he has no idea where he's going, and it shows like a star in a dark sky.

The other thing about New York was, well…

"FOOLS!" shouts a voice above the din, the sounds of cars and people that always seems to fill the air over the Big Apple no matter the time of day. "HOW COULD YOU THINK TO OPPOSE ME HERE, WHERE MY MINIONS ARE LEGION?!"

In the crisp October air, two winged figures battle it out: One, a dark-haired young man in a costume of red and black and yellow, able to fly thanks to the combination of the wings and repulsor-style thrusters built into the pack he wears on the back of his sleek suit.

The other, uh, is a seven foot tall anthropomorphic pigeon.

This is sort of a problem for the human, because flying isn't really a natural thing for him - he's had to practice kind of a lot, honestly - and also because the enormous man-bird is uncomfortably strong. Even worse, the latter figure is attended by what might be a good quarter of the pigeons in New York City, a chorus of vapid coos from an army of grey sky rats as they swoop and attack like something you'd get if Alfred Hitchcock did a lot of LSD.

"I'm really not a fan of this," Red Robin says as the enormous pigeon-man tosses him away, and then one of the birds collides with one of the thrusters on his pack. This results, naturally, in an extremely dead pigeon… And an extremely clogged thruster, the pigeon's suicide dive sending the Titan careening temporarily out of control. "Where is Iso, this is her specialty! Wonder Girl, can you do something about this guy?"

This has, in fact, been going on for a good fifteen minutes. It's just that only now has it burst into the skies over Midtown.


".. Probably?" is Wonder Girl's very confident answer. Not that she actually meant it, it's just that there's something incredibly poetic about Red Robin going on one one(-ish) against an actual bird. It's like.. Who is she to really get involved? A cringing groan follows seeing the 'poor' pigeon go ker-pooey in that thrusters but, thankfully, she manages to somewhat pull herself together, "I mean.. on it! Just do me a favor and try not to make me regret intercepting you, ok?"

The other issue is that she really doesn't want poo on her red jeans, black babydoll tee or sick-awesome wig, so her exaggerated barrel rolls about the flocks had taken a slightly higher priority until Red Robin made his request. With a wide swoop to gain an even higher vantage, Wonder Girl shoots herself downward, feet first, in an attempt to flying 'drop'kick the Imperial one atop his noggin. "Pipe down, Steven Seagull, I think we all got it by now!!"

Blackagar would pause in his step, looking up towards the sky when he hears this strange….bird? strange, fighting a smaller human who appears to be holding his ground a little bit with other people. «what the….» Blackagar thinks, this was already an emotional and strange week, so why is there now a….red costumed young man and a blonde woman who looks like she's impressively strong fighting a giant…bird. But he seems to be a bit of a jerk, so the man himself feels desired to help, walking over to the car he touched.

Looking back up to the bird with an attempt to give the heroes a hand, the metal around his neck glows blue a little as he channels his power of electrons, enhancing his strength, and while probably the owner is running up to him like 'no no no no no', Black Bolt ends up tossing the car at the imperial-legion aligned bird, attempting to lend the teened heroes a hand. and regardless of it's effects, Blackagar would be standing there, looking up at the sky at the three, looking to the bird specifically, as if silently saying.

Don't mess with the people here. Don't like it? come get me and we'll have words.

While most of the civilians are now trying to get out of the way, there's still something almost resigned about it. With New York having become some kind of magnet for costumed villains and heroes, these sorts of things kinda just happen sometimes: Sort of like Gotham and horrible clown crime.

Of course, that doesn't mean that one guy isn't going to have a panic attack about his car getting thrown.


He is, of course, still a bird. Yes, a very large bird, and yes he's sort of vaguely people-shaped, but still: A bird. So Wonder Girl's sneakers slam into the back of his feathered head, nearly knocking the Imperial Pigeon out of the air as she comes at him from his blind spot.

"YOU DARE?!" he demands, wheeling around to face off with the black-wigged young woman. "MY MOTHER WAS KILLED BY A SEAGULL! I'LL PECK THE FLESH FROM YOUR BONES—"

It's about that moment when that poor bastard's Prius slams into the Imperial Pigeon, the alarm kicking in and adding a high-pitched BWEE BWEE sound that makes all the normal - or as normal as they get in New York, anyway - pigeons freak out. Stunned, the Imperial Pigeon starts to fall from the sky, his wings at least somewhat slowing his fall, but still.

The Prius, on the other hand, hits hard, landing on its roof. Safety glass explodes outwards as all the windows shatter at once. It's bad.

"Nice throw," says Red Robin, the Titan landing on top of another parked car - it's a bit of an awkward landing, as there's still pigeon guts gooing up one thruster. "Uh… Was that your car?" he wonders of the mystery man. Somehow, he kinda doubts it, though.

"… Uh."

Awkward. Cassie's cheek's flush red as she feels an overwhelming desire to apologize for her verbal flub though any response ends up being interrupted by the appearance of a flying car that's thankfully simple enough for her to avoid. Her opponent on the other hand…

She's quick to determine that the vehicle won't hurt any bystanders so she opts to instead make certain that she can take advantage of the pigeon person's dazed state by flying after and catch him in a rear naked choke on the way down then proceed to spiral to hopefully keep his balance off. Ideally the result is the both of them slamming violently into the pavement, herself intending to take most of the impact.

Elegance doesn't appear to be her strongest suit…

Blackagar would simply sigh a moment, apparently happy that he was able to hit the bird right on the…beak? on the money. sure. and thus when Red Robin shows up, Black Bolt needs only to turn his head at him, though at his compliment on his throw he gives him a smile and a small nod in appreciation. When asked if it was his car….he tilts his head at him, before looking to the broken piece of now scrapmetal he threw, then back to Robin, instead shaking his head.

He looks at Cassie as she plummets to the concrete with birdman, then looks to Robin as if quietly asking if she'll be alright.

Hunkered on the roof of a car, Red Robin actually seems perfectly at his ease despite the awkward position. He knows there's not much he can do to intervene with Wonder Girl right now, and besides… He knows her well enough to know that she doesn't need help right now.

Though the Imperial Pigeon might, as its stunned fall from the sky turns into getting hauled towards the ground by a flying demigoddess.

Red Robin winces a little when the impact happens, though he's more worried about the birdman than he is Wonder Girl. A little fall like that wasn't going to hurt her badly.

"Hn," he muses as Blackagar proves to be some kind of opposite Spider-Man in his lack of chattiness. Maybe a lip reader, he thinks to himself; he lifts his right hand, index finger extended, towards his ear, and then draws it towards his mouth: 'Deaf' in American Sign Language, a simple query.

Yes, of course he knows sign language.

"Wonder Girl, you okay?" Red Robin calls to where the Imperial Pigeon is now out like a light, beak open and eyes staring blankly. "Were you trying to Zangief that guy?"

There's good reason to be concerned given somewhat large cloud of street powder and gravel that followed the impact; under normal circumstances no one could survive that much dust.

Once it settles, Wonder Girl is seen stumbling forth with the (presumably) unconscious villain hauled over her shoulder. ".. Yeah, no need to worry, Everything's… Coo."

"Pffft." Her cheeks briefly puff out, undeniably her usual chipper self, just considerably more dirtied than before, "Hey nice catch! That was the inspiration. I guess the execution could have gone a little better but.. Hey it got the job done, right?" Finally she gives a wave to Blackagar. Who's this; another Bat? "Hey there!"
Blackagar seems to smile bright and wide when Red Robin uses sign language to him, and instead, Blackagar shakes his head, giving the sign for 'mute', before he signs < If I speak, it would be very bad. But I appreciate you knowing sign language. It makes communication somewhat easier.> he nods then after the fact, before the impact of Cassie and birdman make ground.

as such, he kinda lifts an arm to cover his face to make sure dust or gravel avoided his eyes, before he lowers it, and looks onward at the inevitably spunky Wonder Girl, who gets a small smile from Black Bolt as he gives her a wave at her greeting. He does look to Tim then a moment, then to the bird. signing once more.

<I saw you having an interesting time with the bird foul, and thus did I decide to help. Besides, the people here were in danger. Though if you could help me, what is a 'car'?> he asks silently, still getting used to…well, the human world.

The signed admission that it would be 'very bad' if the other young man spoke, naturally, makes Red Robin extremely curious. Knowing that there's answers he doesn't have tends to have that effect on him. For the moment, though, he'll have to go unsatisfied: It's neither the time nor the place to interrogate the mysterious metahuman (and he has to be that, given the way he tossed that car) between wrapping up the situation with the Imperial Pigeon, and the fact that they're going to have to deal with that guy's wrecked car. Maybe his insurance covers Acts of Supers?

What he does do, though, is sigh heavily at Wonder Girl's terrible pun, his head lolling back to look at the sky. Fortunately, the regular pigeons have largely dispersed, back to their usual pigeon behaviour now that the Imperial Pigeon is no longer conscious to control and weaponise them.

"Well, at least he's alive. We can turn him over to the NYPD, they'll probably hand him off to SHIELD…"

Blackagar catches his attention, though, and the featureless white lenses of Red Robin's domino mask turn towards the mute young man. Who doesn't know what a car is.

"Okay, you're definitely from out of town, then," the vigilante says, hopping off of the car he's been crouched on. The wings of his suit have since lost their tension, turning into a kind of cape made out of individual strips of cloth… Which reel up into the backpack, out of his way. "It's one of these," he says, gesturing at what he was just standing on. "Self-propelled vehicle. Is this a time travel thing?"

Red Robin's sigh gets a grin in return, but his comment quickly pulls Wonder Girl's full attention from the man in black. "Excuse you, of *course* he's still alive!!" she quickly interjects as her cheeks flush red once more, then she look to Blackagar, "Ignore that part; I haven't killed anyone, like, ever. Totally clean record."

That said, with all the world traveling she's done, she actually has very little experience with sign language. Her brows furrow just a bit as she attempts to make heads or tails of the conversation from Blackagar's end. Maybe it's best to leave this to her partner for now. "The NYPD, got it. I'll be back asap." with a faux salute, Wonder Girl briefly excuses herself to intercept the police.

"Fill me in when I get back!"

Blackagar moves to the car when Red Robin hops off and tells him what it is, touching the vehicle once more, though clearly with no intention of throwing it, much to the civilians happiness. Eventually turning back to Robin to sign at him once more <I see. good for transportation.> though when asked about time travel, the King of Inhumans (on his earth anyway) shakes his head, and signs <Alternate earth. Scheming brother.> is all he offers on that, feeling that it would be self-explanatory.

<though if I may ask…who are you, and who is your companion?> he gestures to Red Robin and Wonder Girl, completely oblivious to this earth's heroes .

"That's a weirdly specific claim," Red Robin says when Wonder Girl insists she hasn't killed anyone 'like, ever'. He's just busting her chops, though: He knows her better than that. It's not like she's the Champion of Ares or something, right? Right.

So she takes off to deliver the Imperial Pigeon to the authorities, and Red Robin shrugs a little bit, turning to Black Bolt again. Not time travel, which is a relief, because he doesn't want to end up screwing up the time-space continuum or something. Alternate Earth. Scheming brother.

It's not entirely self-explanatory, but Red Robin does lift a hand to his chin, his posture and expression pensive.

"Did they still have Blockbuster Video when you were there?" he wonders.

This is not busting anyone's chops. It's a serious question, thanks to the one other person he knows from an alternate Earth.

Still, probably not that important.

"Oh, right. I'm Red Robin, and she's Wonder Girl. We're with the Titans. Normally we don't fight angry bird men, but I can't say that was entirely out of the ordinary, either. Thanks for the assist, though. What should we call you?"

"Hmph." Wonder Girl won't dignify Red Robin's retort with a wordy response; she'll just blindly trust that Black Bolt won't be confused by the pseudo-argument. It doesn't take long for her to intercept the route of police vehicles. Then she quickly remembers why she dislikes this part of the job- having to explain every little detail of their shenanigans. She really should just take a page from Spidey's book and tie villains with a telephone pole with a witty post-it note plastered on their head.

Blackagar looks at Red Robin, tilting his head a little at him when he asks if there's a Blockbuster Video on his earth, to which he shrugs and signs <In my earth, I did not leave Attilan until only a month ago. Last I remember, I was in what the people there called 'China' when I was attacked by my brother, and strangely sent here> he explains with a small sigh, though no sound of his vocal cords being used.

Though he looks to Wonder girl when she returns, tilting his head at her a bit, tilting his head at her and Red Robin's perhaps playful bickering…but his attention returns to Red Robin when he asks his name. <Pleasure to meet you. My name is Blackagar Boltagon *which he mostly spells due to it's intricate nature* But to keep it simple, many call me Black Bolt> he nods a little. <a pleasure to meet you both.>

And yet, Red Robin has always thought Wonder Girl made an excellent spokesperson.

And not just because he didn't want to do it himself.

"Attilan," Red Robin repeats, though he doesn't give away much of what he thinks about that. The world is a big strange place, after all, and the fate of the Inhumans' home city, and what came after - the Mists and the Nuhumans, not all of whom were allowed to transform without incident - is one of those things that is particularly strange, and shrouded in conflicting stories and misinformation.

Though as somebody who's had access to the Justice League computers for several years now (not always, er, legitimately…) the young leader of the Titans is well placed to know about that sort of thing.

Wait, did he say Black Bolt?

"Figured you'd be taller," Red Robin says, half-jokingly. "So… Have you just been wandering around, then? I'm surprised SHIELD hasn't been after you."

"All right, Bird Guy's all taken care of!" Wonder Girl declares as she claps her hands, only to realize with that motion that she's pretty much a mess- She can only imagine how she looks now and in doing so suddenly feels a smidge self conscious about her appearance before the new guy. Just a smidge. Red Robin's joke goes over her head, and she gives Blackagar a shrug to state as such. "Woah.. Hey you don't think.." she then asks aloud with a sudden bright smile. "Oooh, this is so exciting! You don't think this is, you know, like Secret 2.0 do you? How wild *that* be?" she asides to Red, then attempts to clarify to BB, "The Secret Incident was totally amazing, by the way."

Blackagar would nod once and only once when Red Robin echoes the name of his home: Attilan. Having learned of it's fate on this earth and the consequences of that destruction. Regardless, Black Bolt looks to Cassie when she returns, giving her a small nod in greeting, before looking now to Red Robin as he speaks.

<I am aware that there is an older version of me wandering somewhere. Perhaps one day I'll meet him. As it stands, I am nineteen years old. As for my height, well…not much I can do about that.> he smiles to Tim, giving him a small shrug. But when he hears of SHIELD…oh he's heard of SHIELD. and he seems to scowl at that for a moment, before clasping his hands behind his back and standing as a royal would.

<very well then.> he looks to Cassie, realizing she may not know sign language, he breathes through his nostrils a moment - his version of humming, before he looksback to Tim <Very well. Titans, where do you operate then? That way we may speak privately if you wish.> he shrugs, looking around to see possible civilians watching them like hawks.

There's a brief, wry grin on Red Robin's face when the mention of SHIELD draws a scowl from Black Bolt. He's not much of a fan of the organisation, himself, though it's for different reasons than most: As someone who rigourously protects his anonymity while also getting as much information about everyone else as he can, he knows exactly how dangerous SHIELD can be, and is also slightly envious about the reach and depth of their intelligence apparatus.

An apparatus that will probably know about this particular meeting soon enough. At least they're not likely to whistle up the Avengers for something like this.

So when Black Bolt suggests going to their base of operations, somewhere they can converse without outside interference, Red Robin weighs the pros and cons. But, in the end… That's what the Titans were for, he'd reminded others on more than one occasion. It's not like they could dump him on the X-Men or something.

"Yeah, okay," he says, nodding once. "Wonder Girl, I'm gonna need time to fix my flight pack. Think you could carry us to the Tower?"

He looks to Black Bolt. "It's cool, she's really strong. Good grip."

".. Really?" Wonder Girl can't help but be surprised by Tim's agreement, but it's an incredibly pleasent one to her. "Oh, of course! Leave it to me, just.. Let me get between you two here.." There isn't the slightest bit of hesitation as she slips between the pair, slips an arm each about their sides, then takes off with only two steps! Hmn.. Superboy makes this look easier. "And hey don't worry about me, I'm just a little rusty on my sign-language but I can pick up on it! You know.. Eventually." "-Ish."

It's probably a somewhat awkward but short trip to the tower from that point on.

Blackagar would nod faintly to Red Robin, giving a small smirk in return. At least they have something in common, which is nice. Though he looks between him and Wonder Girl, giving the latter a bit of an uncertain look before Robin gives him his confidence in WG. Thus, does he agree to this with a simple nod.

though he is initially surprised by Wonder Girl's lifting ability, he carries on without even a word of surprise…because like he told tim…speaking or using his voice would be bad.

A natural consequence of being the 'normal guy' when your friends all have superhuman methods of travel is that you get used to being toted around like a sack of potatoes. Wonder Girl and Superboy can both do the superstrength and flight routine, Impulse can sort of bring other people along when he goes around at speed… And sometimes you can't wait around.

Red Robin still doesn't like teleportation, though. Teleportation is horrible. Makes him feel like he's gonna puke.

Truthfully, while she might think that Superboy makes it look easier, Red Robin doesn't really see the difference… Except that Superboy would've had the two of them dangling, each by one hand, rather than grabbing them like this. It's probably a guy thing.

It doesn't take long to reach the Tower, the T-shaped structure sitting on a man-made island in the East River. Even with autumn settling in, there's still green visible on that little island, the leaves of the trees only partway turned into their riot of fall colours. Whether Wonder Girl decides to land on the ground or on the Tower's roof, it's easy for them to get inside, the Titans' ID cards making the security system open up.

"Not sure if anybody else will be around right now. Except… Oh." He turns to Black Bolt. It's not often that something slips Red Robin's mind, but he's been busy. "We do have an Inhuman on the team. Or… A Nuhuman? I'm not really clear on the difference. Iso. She's been living in the Tower."

It seems fair enough to forewarn him. Dude's been through a lot, lately.

In Cassie logic, the roof seemed like a better idea, but in reality it's just force of habit.

From that point on she doesn't mind hanging back, but rest assured it isn't easy for her to keep herself from bombarding him with questions of her own. Then again, it isn't really like the answers he'd give would be easy for her to take in without Robin's help, would it? Well then.

"Right, Iso, but I actually have a question because I don't think we're all on the same page with… I.. Ok, I don't really know how to ask this without sounding rude but, what are you dressed as exactly?"

Black Bolt would land softly with Red Robin, though he's keeping much of his abilities on the down low. He glances then to Robin as he speaks, though his eyes widen when he hears of an In/Nuhuman present in the group. He puts a hand on his heart as if to say thank you for giving him this information, then he clasps his hands behind him like a royal.

Though When Cassie starts to speak, Black Bolt would turn to face her….though as he's about to do sign language, Black Bolt would close his eyes a moment as if to think…before both Cassie and Tim would hear his voice in their heads through the use of telepathy. «I believe this will be an easier form of communication, since not all present understand sign language and the time it would take to sign would take long.» he says as he looks now to Cassie when she asks what he's dressed as.

«This is the royal garb of the King of the Inhumans, which is I….at least, on my world. It's fate reached mine ears not a few days ago. While the one called Red Robin knows of this, I am mute, and cannot speak. For if I did, great drestruction would transpire.» which he wasn't lying. His attention now returns to Robin «I apologize for kepeing my telepathy a secret…I refrain because speaking through minds cna be seen as an intrusion of privacy…and as such, I use it sparingly if I don't have permission, when I do…that's another story.»

Okay, telepathy. That one was… Not expected.

It's not something completely unfamiliar to Red Robin, at least. Though he has a certain understandable reticence where it comes to somebody else talking in his head - talking can too easily lead to reading, and that way lies all sorts of dangers - he's worked with Martians before. A momentary surprise, before the masked vigilante relaxes. At least Black Bolt is polite about it.

"Don't worry about it," he assures Black Bolt, at the mental apology. "It's not the sort of thing most people would open with, anyway."

Because, again, that fine line between 'mind speaking' and 'mind reading'.

The common area of the Tower, located on the topmost level - it makes up the main trunk of the Tower at this floor, with the arms of the T being the actual dorm rooms - is currently unoccupied, it seems. Despite that, Red Robin notably doesn't make any move to remove any part of his costume, not even the mask. Much of the team might already know his secret identity, but still.

"Well… In the short term, there's room here if you need someplace to stay. The rooms aren't exactly kingly, but it's safe here. At the very least, you can get your bearings, and maybe we can figure out a way to get you back where you belong." He offered the same help to Spider-Woman, and it would be pretty crappy of him to not do the same here. "Can probably get you like a… Text to speech gadget, too, since not everyone's going to be okay with the telepathy…"

Wonder Girl suddenly stands straight once the telepathy starts though she, too, has experience in the matter. Though even if it were an upsetting experience she is far far too embarrassed afterward as she can't help but think to herself 'Good going, Cassie, insulting royalty. A plus.'. She quickly raises her hands to her shoulders as if surrendering, "I- I didn't mean.. I'm.. Ugh.. I am really sorry; I honestly didn't mean any offense.."

And leave it to Tim to turn it to a more positive conversation. She very quickly nods, "Yes, what he said, and if you have any questions about our gadgets here, don't hesistate to ask me. All I ask in return are some sign-language lessons. Deal?"

Black Bolt nods faintly to Tim, «much appreciated, Red Robin.» he looks to Cassie now, giving her a little wave as if to decline that she was being rude. «curiousity is not rudeness. It was an honest question, therefore I am not wronged. You have given me no offense. However, I accept your deal. In exchange for showing me how technology here works, I will teach you sign language.» he nods at that. Good deal it was. Plus he had the patience to teach. and he gives Cassie a warm smile, before his eyes turn to Red Robin «I believe that would be helpful.» he speaks on the device «and thank you for offering a room here. I would like to stay as long as I am permitted.» gottah ave somewhere to sleep after all.

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