A Lesson in Pie

October 22, 2017:

Diana accepts an invitation to Clark's place to learn how to cook as good as Mr. Krypton claims to cook!

Clark's Home


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Its that time of day in the mid afternoon, where dinner time crowds are thinning out and people trying to avoid the meal time rush can be found wandering about outside. the sound of Birds chirping began to cease for the most part…but people still yelled at each other, horns honked…New York was New York, and loud as ever.

Clark had given Diana a call when she was free to invite her over to show her how pumpkin pie is made…and to teach her how to make pumpkin pie as well. His apartment was really made up of brick with wood floors, a full kitchen, a bedroom with a queen bed inside, Clark's telescope near one of the medium-sized windows. lastly, a couch, television set, and reclining chair was all in the living room. Clark himself was standing in the kitchen, wearing a dark brown collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and belted blue jeans. his glasses worn as he starts making the beginning dough.

Though he was prepared for the Amazonian princess's arrival at any moment.

Diana arrived via an expensive looking sedan that was primarily used for official duties related to her Embassy, but it was designated as a personal vehicle so she drove it here. Diana didn't often drive herself places, usually one of her sisters was eagerly willing to drive her around, but today she'd told them she didn't want to make them wait outside, so she'd come alone.

Diana approached the home, giving a look around at the nice neighborhood and she smiled softly at the sound of the birds in the trees whilst ascending the steps outside.

Diana was wearing a dark brown leather jacket and a white top beneath it, some black jeans and black wedge-heeled boots.

She approached the home's door and reached out to press the doorbell button while then turning to look at a couple kids racing by on their bikes. Diana smiled while reaching up over her shoulder to smooth out her black hair that was tied back in a ponytail.

At the sound of someone approaching the door, Clark was already ready to open the door, though it could have always been the mail or delivery man, but it's when the doorbell rings that Clark stops what he's doing and makes his way to the door, opening it to find the beautiful Amazon standing at his door waiting to be let in. "Ah, Diana. It's good to see you." a moment of quiet as he looks her in the eyes "You look absolutely beautiful tonight. Please, come in." he steps aside, an arm moving inside the apartment to hold the door open for Diana, to gesture that she can come in and stay if she wishes.

Afterwards, He would smile "How are you today? good I pray?" he smiles happily, though since it was just them together, he takes off his glasses and sets them aside, never needing them for any reason.

Diana would turn back around to face the door when it opened and she saw the man on the other side of it. She afforded him a big smile at his compliments and a little headshake at how nice they really were. "You are a kind, kind man." She said to him whilst stepping through the threshold and into the home to look about at the initial surroundings. She'd then turn around to face him as he removed his glasses and she'd smile at him.

"I am good. I just came from… strange meeting, but, hopefully it is not as dire of a situation as the man made it sound. He seemed to have a flare for… dramatics, if that makes any sense." She said in her Greek accented voice.

Diana's blue eyes looked around his home then. "Goodness, this is a lovely place. Looks perfectly… You." She noted, walking over to the telescope to look it over closely.

Clark would smile warmly to Diana, blushing faintly at her comment and wide smile, before he chuckles softly "It's true Diana, you really are. I'm not one to lie." he defends just a little even though no challenge was made. Though he does seem to show concern when she speaks of her meeting.

"Oh? Why was it strange? Was it one of those government types who are like.." he tries to impersonate "if we don't stop this satelite from moving to the polaris star, our world could blow up in a supernova." attempting to be humorous, but Diana probably knows the type he's talking about. Though he does smile when she compliments his apartment.

"Thank you, Diana. It means alot. I tried to give it my own flare, since I'll be living here now for two weeks. Perry extended my deadline. apparently my writing is good." he chuckles faintly at that. "But I don't have a problem with that…I enjoy New York. Plus it makes it easier to see those close to me. Like you." he smiles to her, though when she comes to his telescope, he smiles "Ah, an old model. When I was a kid, after being told where I was really from, I always looked through it in the hopes that I would find my home among the stars." he says with an adage story.

Diana would place her right hand on athe telescope and lightly trace fingertips over it while he approached and talked about it. She started to grin a little and would then pause and look over at him. "That is cute… and, well… I wish you had been able to find it." She put her hand then over to rest it on his chest and give him a soft pair of pats.
A grin would form on her lips then and she'd turn around to walk toward some other items he had on display in this new'ish place. "And no, the meeting was with an Art investor, who is not all as he would want others to believe." She drew in a breath. "He is bonded with a 'symbiote' and he claims that there are more… being produced in a secret facility. But he is afraid to tell me where the facility is, he says it can 'vanish and relocate within a moment'." She sounded a little mocking/annoyed when she said that, glancing back over her right shoulder at Kal again.

"I told him to call me then, when he had something I could actually do to help him."

Clark would smile to Diana as she patted his chest and called his story a tad on the cute side, he did get a little bit of a chuckle. "Thank you Diana. I did find it's remains. I needed the closure you know?" he smiles a bit, before he hears her story about talking with an art man who was bonded to a 'symbiot'e "huh…peculiar. Like a parasite?" he asks curiously as he moves onward towards the kitchen, smiling to her at her impersonation. "Perfect impersonation by the way." he smiles lightly.

"Well, if you need help, don't hesitate to call me. You know I wouldn't turn down you're request." he smiles to her, moving back to stand next to her when he was sure his pumpkin pie dough wasn't going to burn the place down.

Diana picked up a framed picture of Clark's parents and she smiled at it, observing all the little details of it, including the farmhouse that was behind them in the frame. She glanced away from it when he spoke of the parasite and she shook her head side to side. "I am not certain." She said. "It seems to have given the man some sort of powers, that he spoke of as though he considered to be… beneficial for him to have, but at the same time… he seemed like he was in, pain. All the time." Diana softly shook her head and her expression turned to one of distaste at the thought. "Why anyone would voluntarily desire such a thing is beyond me."

The framed photo was set back where she found it and Diana peeked into the kitchen. "Have you already started with your cooking? Smells like it." She said then with a soft grin.

Clark seemed to smile a bit when Diana took a clear interest in a picture of him with papa and mama Kent, Krypto was there too. Though when she speaks of the symbiote further and the effects it seemed to have had on it's host, regardless of what he said, gives Clark a curious pause. "huh….strange. when you see him next, stay on your guard. I don't know if the thing you speak of would be able to latch onto you, but even still, better safe than sorry." he gives his opinion on the matter, though when asked about food, he smiles to her.

"Yes I have, my good lady. Come on, I'll show you." he extends a hand to her, as if offering to guide her to the kitchen in a gentlemanly manner.

Diana would gently nod to his sage advice. "I feel as though he would have tried that today, were that his goal… but even still, what you say is sound and I shall be on my guard when around him." While she spoke she removed her leather jacket and let it lay down on the arm of a chair in the main room before she adjusted her white top around her waist and then smiled and accepted his guiding hand, she'd follow him into his kitchen then. "I still do not think it wise to let me near any valuable ingredients that could otherwise be used to create a tastey treat… I will assuredly ruin them, and then we will be without that much more good food." She said all of this with a grin on her lips. "A bad idea, I say." She said that right at him, letting her eyes get a little bigger to emphasize her words.

Clark would smile to Diana warmly when she took his hand, and he walked her to the kitchen, and for a moment, he considered holding her hand to be romantic, but, he didn't want to make her uncomfortable, so instead he releases it once they reach they kitchen where Clark had everything set up. "I'm happy that you agree. I worry about you sometimes you know." he smiles warmly to her, before his attention moves to the food he has prepared, grinning back to Diana. "A bad idea…that probably should happen. Come, I'll help you make a good pie." he winks at her playfully as he reaches to help pull her to the front and center action. "so first, we need to whisk some eggs." he says with a smile, pullling out a small bowl, which he sets before her and pulls out a jolly ole whisk for her to use. "so, what we do is, we crack the eggs open…and then, you simply spin this whisk in the bowl like so…"

and thus, he shows her how to whisk a moment, before reaching for her hand to put on the whisk's handle. "There, now you try it yeah?" he smiles a bit, helping her whisk a bit…before letting her do it herself and probably hope she doesnt throw the bowl out the window or something.

Diana would show a soft smirk at him and she'd lightly shake her head from right to left. "You need not worry about me." She said to him as stepped to the counter and looked at the items he'd strewn across it. "I have been around for a length of time that I dare not openly say to those, for fear that they will then promptly label me as a 'granny'." She flashed a grin. "I talk from experience on that too, sad, sad experience."

Diana's blue eyes would watch him as he explained and she'd take over where he wished her too. She'd do her very best, but at the same time it was clear she was amateur at this at best, the kind of cook that might stumble across the finish line of the recipe, but leave a horrible mess in her wake.

Clark would smile to Diana at her words, "Well…it's my job to worry. I care for you after all, Diana." he smiles to her warmly. and when he cared, he cared big time. but he does chuckle when she says words like granny and the like. "Who could ever call you a 'granny'. Arn't you immortal?" he asks curiously with a teasing look to him, but he does smile. "You look as if you are eternally youthful, and you are, body and soul. It's a beautiful thing Diana, even if people are horrible over it. Just think that they're jealous." a soft hand moving to her upper back and a few soft pats are given.

Though he looks now at the whisking she's doing. "Look at that, you're doing great." he compliments her "I think that's perfect. You can stop now." he smiles to her warmly "perfect. alrighty, next is the ground cinnamon." he reaches over and takes a 1/2 teaspoon, filling it with ground cinnamon and dumping it right on the eggs she whisked. "alright, so, once you do that, simply pour the egg mixture we just did, into the crust, which is made from pie dough and pumpkin spice." he smiles to her warmly, and he puts her hands around the bowl to do it. "alright, there you go. just pour it right in." he smiles warm.

Diana would continue to follow instruction and she'd do her very best not to spill or make any huge messes, though she still wasn't doing that great of a job of it. The look on her face would suggest she was having a good time though and she'd give him a soft smile once she'd finished what he'd told her to do.

"So what are your Thanksgiving plans?" She asked. "Are you going home to spend it with your family in Kansas? Or are you bringing them here?" She'd ask then, pulling her hands back and lifting a fingertip up to taste the ingredients that ended up on the edge of her fingernail. "Do you cook for them too?" She asked with a little grin.

Clark would smile warmly at Diana, clasping his hands together "alright, now we just put it in the oven, and we wait." he chuckles faintly before Diana asks her questions on thanksgiving, to which he gives a little nod "ummm, I'm not quite sure actually. I think the family wanted to come up to Metropolis or New York, depending where I was in terms of work. as for cooking, well, ma tends to get upset with me if I try to do anything for her, soooo maybe?" he jokes a little, giving her a big smile. He does smile to her warmly though as she tasts the ingredients, which would definately taste like pumpkin. "But on occasion, I do. Don't know if I'm a good cook, but I try."

He takes the dish they made in hand, and he slides it into the oven, setting the timer to an hour and ten minutes. He looks back to Diana "Hey, you did amazing." he says happily, warm and inviting.

Diana would watch him as he deposited the pan into the oven and she'd reach for a napkin and dab at her hands. "She sounds like a great mother, I would very much like to meet her. I am sure she treats the holidays as the traditions were when you were growing up with them… Like I said the other day at the coffee shop, its those moments of family and unity that make these times of year the best, especially here in the United States where the holidays are so lined up. Though… Halloween is far more 'party' oriented than I'd say it is necessarily family oriented, but I suppose that can be argued in both directions."

Diana would drop the napking into his waste basket and she'd then lean against the countertip on her right hip and let her eyes scan around the kitchen to investigate it a bit more, at least visually. "I miss having a smaller place, they have a cozey feeling to them."

Clark would lean against the counter right next to her, clasping his hands in front of him a little bit as she starts to speak once more, and he would nod a little with a warm smile. "Yeah. It's the holidays where…it's like the world just loses any kind of disdain it may have for it'se fellow man. it's nice to just see people loving each other and smiling and laughing. Halloween is very…party-oriented. For the children, it's very family friendly…but for the adults in the world? it's usually a time to get drunk and party all ghoulish and all that. Humans are strange." he laughs a little. Though when he hears that she misses having a smaller place., he would shrug a little.

"Well Diana…if you want to, I mean you don't have to, but when I take off you can live here if you want, just to avoid the craziness of everything else. Could even do so now if you wished it. I could just sleep on the couch." he smiles, but then he blushes, realizing he may have asked her to move in with him, and he just kinda goes silent then. Crap, that came out wrong.

Diana would just smile at him and softly shake her head. "That is a sweet offer, Kal." She said to him. "Truly, even potentially a tempting one. But my job makes it impossible for me to not… disrupt the entire tranquility of your place here. For instance, you'd have four of my sisters barging in wanting to inspect every inch of this place and guard it from all potential foes… irregardless of the fact that 'Superman is already here'." She gave him a big grin. "They are quite… protective, you see."

Diana would then softly release an exhale. "Plus, I need the work space now and the extra rooms to do all manner of meetings and charitable events." She just softly shook her head side to side then. "Sadly, when I stepped out into the public spotlight, I let go of my ability to live a quiet and peaceful life."

Clark would give Diana the warmest smile even when she declines him, he gives her a nod. "Don't worry, I understand. Though I wouldn't mind the Amazons flooding my apartment to look around…not exactly a dangerous place." he shrugs a bit though, but when he hears Diana's fellow amazons are protective, he nods a bit "Then I and your sisters in arms have something in common." he smiles a bit, though he shrugs.

"Well, if you ever need a place to sit down and breathe, I have a few places myself that could serve to help you out, should you choose." chiefly of course, he meant the Fortress of Solitude, a trusted secret, "Of course, my doors are always open to you Diana." he smiles to her though, perhaps thining of something, and it shows, but he doesnt say anything.

Diana would softly grin when he spoke of her Amazonian sisters and she'd nod just a little to his words. The rest of what he said just made her smile even more.

"You are as kind and caring of a person as there ever was, Kal." She said to him then. "You may not be human, but you stand for the best elements of what huamnkind strives for and this world is lucky that you came to it, they would be… far less off in a scenario where you never did come here."

A short pause then and she'd add further. "But remember, I am here for you as much as you are for all of us. You don't have to use a telescope to search for hom, because you are already here."

Clark would actually blush at the sincerity of her words, her smile only adding onto it "Oh..thank you Diana, truly, you're as big a heart as there ever was. We're lucky to have you." he smiles to her warmly, ocean blue eyes locking with her own. He feels all funny inside now and he doesnt know why. No, it's not illness-related. but he does smile warmly to Diana for a minute.

"How were we blessed with you?" he asks, both were out of place, Kal being an alien and Diana an Amazonian, the standard world of man were strangers to them in terms of an ancestral belonging. But when she says that he can stop looking for a home now because his home was already there, he gives her a look, those words making him only a little emotional, he steels himself quickly. looking her in the eyes, he agrees with her. "I really am…."

"I'm home." he smiles, before he moves over to turn on some music. "Care for a dance, Diana? Just a way to pass the time." he chuckles faintly "yes, this was the best I could come up with." he chuckles, feeling the question coming.

Diana would watch him as he spoke and as he moved to find the radio to flip on to some music. It made her smile at him and her arms unfolded from her stomach and she moved to join him then. "That would be nice." She said. "Afterall, we canot simply sit here and continue to toss compliments back and forth at one another, now can we?"

The Amazoninan princess would offer her hands to him and she'd step to come up to him to dance, a thing that she'd loved to do since she was a little girl so long ago. "I may be a bad cook, but I am a proud and qualified dancer, you know." She told the Kryptonian man with a big smile on her lips.

Clark would smile to Diana warmly, his hands holding hers as he pulls her close, apparently to do a little swing dance or some other…but the song it changes to is a slow one, which makes Clark blush a little. Really? that timing! but he goes with it, wrapping an arm around her waist as his takes the hand that still holds hers and holds it out from them a little. It's Frank Sinatra on right now…Fly Me to the Moon. Interesting choice for a Kryptonian and an Amazon to be dancing to, but no complaints there.

"I figured you would like this, so I thought this would be more your speed." he smiles to her warmly, eye to eye. He even starts singing to the song in a form of serenade. "Fly me to the moon…let me sing…among the stars. Let me, see what spring is like oooonnnn, jupiter and mars…" he smiles to her as they dance, giving her a little twirl even.

Diana would step to his step and move to his move, she was graceful and fluid when it came to the motions of moving about a space. She smiled at the choice of music and it made her nod her head once. "Want to hear a statement that proves that I am 'granny' like?" She asked him, but continued a moment later. "I saw him perform live, in Paris, many many years ago. This was always, one of my favorite of his songs."

Diana would go along with the twirl and return to him as he sang, even releasing a light and soft laugh to it. "This is the first time I have danced to his music though. So I will give you bonus points for that." She said at him with a grin, clearly the Amazon was enjoying herself this evening in the company of her trusted friend.


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