Orbital Scuffle

October 20, 2017:

Alien fleets fight over America and several heroes go to stop them before they endanger innocents. (emits by Aesh)

Earth Orbit over America


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This night started as all normal nights do: The sun sets, the moon finally getting its chance to shine. As the night progresses, some people start to look out their windows: They see bright lights quickly moving through the sky. Most people just think about making a wish, close their windows and go to sleep. Its only when the first piece of space debris impacts against the planet that people start to realize that something isn't right. By this time, however, organizations like the Justice League and Shield already realized the problem: First, groups of small ships appear, the small crafts exchanging laser fire. Gradually, the two armies become visible, each having a capital ship at its center, each ship being surrounded by smaller crafts. They fire at each other, their pilots not seeming to notice (or to care), about where they are at.

Superman was already flying through the night sky….in fact, just heading home when the apparent aliens attacked, his super hearing picking up the destruction that both sides are causing to each other and the city below as those aliens turn the city into a battlefield, and thus does the Man of Steel fly to the point of contact, hoping to either end this conflict peacefully or kick the crap out of some Aliens.

"Oh no." he says as he sees the combat, and he attempts to punch one of the smaller ships out of the sky almost immediately.

Wonder Woman was not far from being air born herself after the fighting becaome known to the Justice League. She was inside their Hall and was informed of the danger in the sky… she immediately went for the back courtyard and toward the small landing pad found there. Diana took a moment to summon the invisible jet, enter it and take to the skies. There have been two versions of this aircraft, the original had been retired and was in a safe place on Themyscira… This version was much more advanced and created from a powerful alien technology gifted to Diana for all she'd done in the name of peace.

"Superman." Diana's voice said over the JLA comms. "Status report?" She was inside the jet, which soared through the sky with the whine of alien technology powering its engines, no visible sign of her or the craft, only just those eerie sounding engines.

As often is the case Nathaniel Richards, more known as Iron Guard, is spending time at the Peak testing the artificial gravity systems. So when the alarms start sounding, he checks the stations sensors and assesses the situation quickly as he armors up.

Unfortunately nothing in the databanks about the alien ships. Design unknown? Sub-optimal! The young man starts searching for their communication channels on the EM spectrum, hyperwave and omni-wave, scanning for Interlac chatter or anything that sounds like a real language. Whatever the results, he is off the airlock, speeding towards the battle much faster than the SWORD craft.

Ironguard's scan does reveal something: The aliens, unfortunately, don't speak human language. He hears what sounds like grunts and sizles but, aside from that, nothing helce. Superman's punch hits its mark, the strength of the punch shattering the ship. Before it falls, Superman can hear a scream. Not from the pilot of the ship but of the ship itself. The two battling factions can be clearly distinguished now: One capitalship is black and is shaped a large, flate disk. It seems unscated for the time being, its weapons firing rapidly. The other capital ship is much whorse for the wear: Dents cover its surface and a clear hole has been blown into it. While its weapons fire, its clear its firing rate is much slower. From the earth comes Aesh: He flies easilly to Superman's side. "How did this start?" He asks the man of steel, having heard about falling objects on the internet and having followed the trails of light that can be seen from far away. His Hud showed him all the ships and their position, the information being recorded into his memory for future reference. He raises his arm, the arm morphing into a very advanced (for Earth's standards), plasma cannon. Aesh aims carefully, his shot hitting the engines of a nearby ship. It spins wildly before crashing to the surface.

Superman puts a hand to his ear to talk with Diana on the line "Alien conflict of some kind. Their not aming for civilians, but they've made the city into a battleground." he informs, but before he can say anything else, he tilts his head at the ship that he smashed into….was the ship a biological one? Martian? he questioned lightly, before Aesh makes his way next to him.
"Don't know. they arrived suddenly and instantly started attacking each other. My guess is as good as yours."

Diana slightly adjusted her course after hearing the run down from Superman and visually seeing the damange to the one capital ship over that of the other. "A random alien battle transported to our world's orbit?" Diana said, her Greek voice sounded confused. "Superman. The darker ship appears to be winning the battle, we cannot have it detonate the other over our world… the debris is already dangerous enough as it is. We need to force a cease-fire."

Diana's jet would manuever itself into position and open up fire with its alien-tech canons to blast at the larger bits of debris, looking to dissolve them and make them less like falling warheads.

Iron Guard is not firing to either group of ships yet. Nathaniel is trying to figure what is going on. Now he can hear the chatter of one of the group of aliens, he lets the armor translators do their work. Meanwhile he attempts to message Superman and Wonder Woman using the League public channels. “Iron Guard here. Do you know what is the cause of the conflict? Are you attacking one of the alien groups already?”

As Ironguard activates his translators, a large antena sudenly raises from the unscated ship. A synthethic voice can clearly be heard through all the communication frequencies at once. Superman will probably realize that this is the work of a very advanced translation device. "If you can hear this, we need your help. This is capitain Sheng of the Chiks empire. We are sorry we brought our battle to your primitive star system. At this moment, one of our soldiers is abboard the enemi's ship. It would be in our and yours best interests if our operative is retrieved. If you want to continue to destroy the debris from our battle, feel free. But if our soldier dies, know I'll blame your planet and I won't hezitate to turn my weapon against your little planet. That is, if the explosion of our enemi doesn't destroy you first. While I can't hear you, I'm trusting you can hear me. Repeating message: If you can hear this.." Aesh frowns as he hears the message. As he sees some debris being exploded (thanks to Wonderwoman which he can't see), he shifts his aim, starting to fire his cannon at the falling debris. Aesh frowns. "Was that guy suggesting we involve ourselves in his battle?" Aesh asks, not believing what he just heard.

Superman indeed heard the transmission as he flew between ships, knocking them out of the sky with fast, hard punches. though he stops to listen the to transmission before radio-ing in Wonder Woman "One of the capital ships just sent out a distress frequency. Apparently the other one has their soldier captive…unless we get them back, they threatened our world with the usual destory it business." he sighs "Keep focus on forcing a cease-fire. I'll handle that part." he nods, then looks to Aesh "We already were involved when they took their fight to our doorstep." he answers simply, getting ready to go get the alien's soldier.

Diana obliterated a large piece of debris with the guns on her jet and then she adjusted course after hearing the words from that alien vessel. "Hardly a friendly call for assistance, I would say." Diana replied. "Superman." Wonderwoman said from within the cockpit of her ghostly-craft. "Focus your efforts on their larger ship's weapons. I do not know if those smaller ships are manned by sentient beings, but we do not want to kill anyone here. IF we can destroy their major vessel's armaments, they will be forced to cease fire, or better yet… leave."
The invisible jet did this very tactic. It turned toward the large capital ship that appeared to be winning, and it opened fire on its weapon emplacements specifically.

The Chiks Empire.

As unfortunate a name as he has ever heard before. Nathaniel would be amused if they weren’t trying to blackmail them and threatening the whole planet. Not that the ship looks able to fulfill the threat, but he has little doubt it could devastate a city in seconds.

“Avenger priority alert.” He transmit in the Avenger channels. “There are alien ships over the tri-city area, they are at best ruthless in extreme. Requesting assistance.” It looks the Justice League has also made a decision, so he flies to put himself between the Chiks capital ship and Earth, hoping his forcefield is enough if they turn the big guns on the surface.

Aesh says, "You aren't going alone, Superman." Aesh says as he starts to follow the man of steel. "You can be almost invenssible, but you are still one being." His tone isn't one of repproach, the youth is, simply, stating facts. Wonderwoman gets lucky: The capital ship is unable to detect her jet so her shots manage to cause some damage to their weapons. Appertures start to appear on the ship, a swarm of drones being launched to meet the new threat. These drones have advanced senssor equipment, Diana's jet now being detectable by them. While they are small and individually wouldn't give her much trouble, there are about a hundred of them. Nathaniel's shield manages to deflect a few of the shots from the smaller weapons. However, if one of their heavier weapons is fired towards the Earth, he'll start to have trouble. Aesh and Superman enter the other capital ship through the large hole thats been blown on it. It now becomes clear that the whole ship is organic: The edges of the hole countain several ruptured vein-like tendrils."

Superman listens to Wonder Woman's transmission, which by this time he and Aesh were already in the apparently Organic ship. "Alright. Working on it. Diana….this ship is organic. Be prepared, it'll be more unpredictable that way." he nods a little, though he enters a fighting position as Aesh and Superman prepare to take on a ship. "alright…then I'm not alone." he smiles, before he attempts to blast through the ship further with his heat vision, moving forward.

Diana's invisible warplane turned away from the incoming drone cloud and she commanded the ship to change forms, causing its body to become thinner and sleeker making it even harder for enemies to attack it from certain angles.

"Assistance from the Avengers would be quite nice right about now." Wonder Woman said over her comms while angling the ship she was inside of in evasive patterns from the attacks that she was facing while still trying to perform strafing runs on the capital ship's weapons.
Diana wasn't the most stkilled pilot in the world, but the ship she was flying made it a lot easier to evade than the average vessel was capable of.
"Please hurry." Diana replied to Superman. "Whatever it is you are planning."

Go figure: Carol gets busy with an editorial meeting, the whole damned world goes nuts. That's just the way things go.

Once the priority signal goes out, Captain Marvel doesn't even much bother with a graceful exit: she just transforms from business attire to her costume in a flash of golden light right there in front of the Daily Planet editorial board. "Sorry, folks. I have to go; apparently someone is trying to threaten the planet. Perry, I trust you to do what you think needs done, and I'll sign it when I get back."

That said, the Justice League member and sometime Avengers field leader arrives in the darkened night skies heralded by that blazing golden glow and the boom of displaced air. "OK, Team Earth. My logger is telling me you've already tried talking them down without success. Blocking the capital ship lasers is now officially my job. Remember: once they hit me, I'm hitting back. There won't be a lot left after that point."

It sounds arrogant, but what it really is would be solid confidence. And Captain Marvel assumes station between said capital ships and the city below … and she takes her pot shots. They won't go through. But what she pulls off after those lasers hit her back? That will, definitely.
"This is gonna sting."

"Planning? I was requesting for assistance," explains Iron Guard. "It would be good if Captain Marvel or Green Lantern would be able to join us. And she just did." But meanwhile he flies to intercept the drone swarm, and blasts the group with a cloud of plasma. Even if they survive their sensors might not be able to track Diana's jet through the electromagnetic pulse. "Disabling the ship threatening Earth as you were trying to seem the best idea, though."

Superman's heat vision burns through the ship's layers. A clear shudder goes through the vessel, a bit more of damage having been done to it. Aesh and superman fall through the hole, landing in a large, long halway. Aesh looks around, fascinated wih the ship's interior. "Why did you.." Aesh is about to ask something to Superman. He stops as the sound of klanging can be heard throughout the halway. Two groups of automatons can be seen, each group coming from one side of the halway. The androids are of a bright red color and had weapons where their hands should be, not unlike Aesh. They barely raised their weapons, the machines moving in a slugish manner. It is as if the whole ship is sick, green liquid falls of ruptured arteries above.
Wonderwoman's jet does gain an advantage. Its transformation confuses the drones and she is, for the time being, holding her own. Half of the swarm is destroyed by Ironguard's blast. The drones, aparently, were programed to seek and destroy only a single target, not two at a time. Capitain marvel isn't hit by a laser: One of the escort ships aims at her. Two doors open underneat it, the glint of a missile launcher is visible for a second before a large missile is fired towards Carol.

Superman speaks with Diana over radio once more. "Don't worry, we have reinforcements." he says upon hearing Captain Marvel. as he and Aesh fall through the ship and encounter enemies, Superman looks to Aesh "really organic…martian origin maybe?" after all, J'onn was all into that jazz. But he enters another fighting position. "We need to end this as peacably as possible. This ship holds a prisoner, and I intend to find them." he uses his x-ray vision to try to find said soldier, before he narrows his eyes at those automatons.

Diana's jet roars around the edge of the Chiks capital ship and as she emerges from the other side, she sees Iron Guard's blast wipe out at least half of the drones that were on her tail lobbing blasts at her vessel in wild abandoned.

"Thanks for the assistant." Diana said to her helper while turning her vessel around to do another attack run, trying to avoid drone fire yet still though. A few shots from the drones sizzle against the invisible armor of her jet, but its a magical construct, not something built from machinery. Can it be destroyed? Yes, but more accurately it can be deactivated if enough damage disrupts its magic.

"Welcome to the party, Captain Marvel." Diana's voice says when she spies Carol Danvers. "I think they are targetting you now with some kind of warhead."

“I got it,” states Iron Guard calmly. He is shooting a few repulsor blasts to the drones, trying to get them off Diana’s tail. But at detecting the missile, he switches targets and fires a continuous force-blast to try to destroy the projectile before it reaches the Carol.

“Captain, I will protect the surface from the ship’s cannons. I have access to a class 10 forcefield,” he states. “I suggest you go into the offensive and help Wonder Woman disable the Chiks’ mothership.”

"A missile? Really. That's so quaint." Captain Marvel answers, as she catches the projectile in question, and then launches it at ten times that incoming speed back at the capital ship in question, and then keeps up the barrage of blasts against its hull. They have a choice: pay attention and do what she wants? Or go down in flames anyway."

Aesh sighs. He focuses on the automatons for a moment, scaning them with his own internal senssors, his eyes glowing red for a moment. "Superman, calm down. Look around for a moment. "These creatures.. They can barely lift their weapons. They are just protecting their home." Aesh focus on them once more, sending commands to his Hud. One after another, the machines start to fall down, as if in a deep sleep. "These machines are half organic, too. They probably work as this ship's troops. I was onl able to deactivate them because they weren't at full force." Superman's x vision would show the soldier: A cat-like creature is in a near room. He's calmly seated infront of what appears to be the corpse of an humanoid alien. Diana's last run takes out about one third of the drones, the machines not being able to witstand the weapons of her jet. Back in the ship, a large terminal sudenly emerges from the ground. On the screen, the following words blink in and out: |Help Chiks killed pilot systems failing| Aesh frowns. He moves quickly to the terminal, his finger morphing into a connector. He plugs it in, hopping he'll be able to make contact. It works: He uplinks his mind with the ship's, his eyes going wide as he is overwelmed with information. "I understand now.." He says. "Superman, this ship isn't just organic.. Its outright sentient.. It belonged to the V'oor, a race that lives very far from our galaxy.. It appears the V'oor were slaves of the Chiks, but they rebeled." Aesh's still plunged into the ship. Sudenly, its weaponry starts to fire towards the Chiks mothership, as Aesh starts to give the ship some of his psychic energy. Ironguard's shield ends up being very useful on deffending the earth, the cannon fire bouncing of it easilly. All the hero's work is starting to show fruition: The chiks's mothership has been severely damaged, its fleet of fighters is starting to fall.

Superman looks around a bit, before Aesh works his computer magic. "wow…this whole thing?" he looks around a bit "I didn't know." he clenches his fist, likely just mad at himself now. Though he finds the soldier "I foudn the thing we were looking for. Come on. I won't damage the ship any further." he nods a few times, moving towards that spot. He radios captain marvel and Diana "Superman here, found the target. status report?"

The invisible jet swept through the scattering remains of the drones and their sparks and parts momentarily coated the tranparent armor of the craft making its outline briefly reconizeable before it rocked out toward the blackness of deep space, on a return course to bring it back toward the Chiks capital ship.

"Our Iron Guard friend's shield is successfully protecting Earth." Diana replied to Superman. "The main battle ship is taking heavy damage and its fighter groups are being depleted." The Amazonian Princess said over the comms as she sent her blue eyes across the Chik's capital ship, scanning for more active weapons to target.

"Captain Marvel, there are more gun blasts coming from beneath the main ship's belly." Diana tells her. "Can you tend to them?" Diana glacnes at an explosion out her right viewport, seeing a drone decimated by Iron Guard's blaster fire. "Thank you." She said softly.

"Of course I can." Captain Marvel responds to Diana's communication, directing her aim lower on the ship, targeting the additional point defense locations mounted there.

Aesh shakes his head at Superman. "You keep going, Superman. I can't leave the ship. I'll help it. Its time to even things." Aesh says calmly. As he sees the cat-like soldier, Aesh looks once again to Superman. "Superman.. You'll have to make a choice. I won't be able to do anything about the choice you make.. This was the creature reponssible for killing this ship's pilot.. The V'or pilot their ships by fusing their minds to the ship's. It becomes a vehicle and a companion. Thats why this ship was barely fighting at the start: It had been trying to deal with the loss of its partner." The ship rocks once more as its weapons start to fire at the Chiks mother ship. Its angars open, a swarm of V'orn sentient fighters coming out to help the other heroes. Aesh's atention returns to Superman. "The question now is would it be right to give this soldier back to his people after what they did? The V'or and the chiks have been able to make peace.. The chik's capital ship outside.. It belongs to a group that wants to end the peace.. Thats why they attacked this vessel." Aesh's atention goes back to guiding the ship's movements and actions. Having intercepted Wonderwoman's request, Aesh guides his fighters to aim and start taking out the weapons under the mothership, directing the fighters to help Captain Marvel.

Once Superman hears what Aesh has to say "what?" then he just clenches his fist, the choice apparently an easy one for Big Boy Blue. "We're not giving him over. Repair the ship and give it as much help as you can. I'm going to pay that captain a visit." he nods to Aesh, already storming off once he learned the truth. and if Aesh didn't stop him, Captain Marvel and Diana would see the Man of Steel swooshing in to help Carol deal with the drones. "Let's disable that ship." he says with a nod, eyes forward on the capitol ship before him, he reels his fist back and tries to punch it in the hull!

Diana was working on the remaining drones while using their own capital ship to make close-curving manuevers around for cover. When her jet shot out around on the other side she could see Captain Marvel's efforts working. "I am glad you're here, Captain." Diana said over the open comms.

Diana's blue eyes would then go toward the shot of red cape zipping through space and she'd move to assist him. "Disable its engines, Superman… with those damanged and broken, then this foul man's ship will be at our mercy."

The invisible jet would zip around to the aft of the Chiks capital ship and she'd begin to unload a barage of canon fire on whatever houses the vessel's propulsion engines.

Superman's punch(along with Diana's shots), finally do the trick: The hull is finally breached, air and corpses of aliens now floating close to the chik's crippled ship. It is then that Aesh takes his chance: He moves his own ship close to the Chik's, connecting the two ships. Aesh says over the comms. "Thanks for all your help, Wonderwoman and Captain Marvel." His voice is soft and calm even as he stands near the entransse to the chik's ship, a line of red androids following him.

Superman seems to calm himself, before moving to fly next to Diana's jet. "You alright?" he asks, before comming Aesh "Good work today team."

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