Is this... War?

October 18, 2017:

A pursuit of Red Lanterns follows Starfire in a form of payback that brings in unexpected allies, as well as a new revelation for the Green Lanterns.

//Midtown Metropolis - Metropolis //

Midtown is the glitz and gamor of Metropolis. A perfect display of how
architecture and innovation of the future combine to make the city the
expansion of progress and living. This is where tourists love to go and
reside during their visit at the Halldorf Hotel, waking early to start the
hustle and bustle of the day shopping at the large malls, most expensive
department stores like Lacey's, Stacey's and Spiffany's that line Fifth
Avenue, or spending moments of relaxation in the parks. All of this bisects
the Midtown neighborhood.

On the bank of the West River the neighborhood sits, lined with summer
homes on private beaches. Expensive condominiums, high-rises, and luxury
apartments overlook Metropolis Park on the north side of Midtown.

Some of the more popular roads here are Besselo Boulevard, Centennial
Avenue (where the Commerce Bank of Metropolis resides), as well as Metro
Square that is located at the intersection of 42nd Street and the Avenue of


NPCs: Bleez, Antipathy, Laira



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Fade In…

It would be about mid-afternoon, and even at this hour, the city of Metropolis would be as alive as it has always been. People trying to get from place to place, street-level heroes as well as mighty heroes patrol the streets and skies, ensuring that crime never has a solid foothold in the city. People laugh, people cry, people go about their business as if the world would keep on spinning, not that they were wrong in doing so. Metropolis is a beacon, in contrast to the city across the bay, and continues to be so even when the lingering dark approaches and the begins it's setting hour.

Flying in the skies over Metropolis is Big Boy Blue himself, Superman. In his majestic Kryptonian garb that is known to most of the world as legendary, vibrant red cape flowing behind him as he appears like something out of a dream. His hair wild with the blow of the wind, ocean blue eyes taking in every miniscule detail from the city below him, ears listening for even the smallest sound of help. The Man of Steel looks to be in a good mood however, as a smile graces his features. Eventually, he comes to a hover in place, with that big ole S-shield heralding his arrival to those who wouldn't otherwise know of him.

Legality aside it was nice being able to travel from one city to the next for free. With buds in his ears Adam walks hands down in his pockets taking in that deep rich metropolis air. His eyes are full of hope as everything here seems just that little bit more… pleasant, then new york. Not nearly so many homeless about, and walls of heroes to keep the city safe.

The air here was something worth flying to find. The only thing cleaner one could find would be out in the country, and the last time he'd been out there was the funeral for his old man back in the 90's. Pops was a real fighter right till the end, but when mom passed he just couldn't carry on.

Adam couldn't help but think about it all as he moved aimlessly through the sidewalks of the big peach. It was one of his big regrets, not being able to visit his folks in uniform as it were. One of many regrets that had been building up on his front doorstep since that facebook post made by the SHIELD agent.

Reporters and military men on his front doorstep. The pressure on his ageing wife, it was all too much for a man, luckily for Adam he wasn't your average man, and had been through much more dire straights. Metropolis had none of that. The reporters, the military men reminding him of that executive order, the sons, and grandsons of supervillains he'd put behind bars throwing eggs at his house or spray painting the front of it. None of that mattered here, he could be anyone he wanted, he could be no one if he wanted! This was a freedom he'd been missing for too long.

Starfire had to return to Earth. It is her home now, it is a place she has blatantly vowed to protect.. Before the incident that took her back and erased the initial promise and why… The people involved…

Terrigenesis they called it. Things changed but not everything.

A pivot in the air and a spiral of comet's trail breaks through the descending sunset to meld with it but spiral towards earth like a meteorite of impending -

Laughter echoes from the heated decent. "You cannot close your stand yet Vap! We had a deal!" The echoing call towards the ground where people milled away to dinner or after seems to not have much regard (unless they spot Superman!), aside from the cart vendor of sausages and hot dogs who was closing down his stand.

Key word.


Vap, the name she truncated his long Germanic name into, looks upward with wide eyes and sighs, flipping back open the lids to the 'toppings'. '…all I want to do… end of day… go home.. Pet my dog. Watch f/u/tbol… But no, Alien demands schnitzel…."Muttering goes on.
The Man of Steel would end up finding Blue Marvel in his flight throug the city, and a warm smile crosses the Man of Steel's face, giving the man a wave as he enjoys his freedom. Though his ears pick up…laughing? from the earth's atmosphere and getting a heck of a lot closer. He looks up to find Starfire heading down to the poor man who just wishes to go home. Tempted to go say hello, Starfire would likely pass by Superman, or make one heck of a pass by him. Metropolis was home to so many people that can fly nowadays….not that he has a problem with it.

He turns his attention back to Blue Marvel, hoping to get his attention, but also gives a wave to Starfire, because friends!

So lost in memories it seems for a long moment as if Adam just wants to stay there forever on the spot with his hands deep down inside of his pockets. His attention comes up for a moment at a sound in the back of his mind that's grabbed him. Unsure of how to place it he backs it out of his mind.

Soon after however he notices the Man of Steel, and can't help but offer a friendly wave and a smile that kind of pure white tooth someone might expect from a recruitment poster, a backing of confidence and patriotism that was lacking from so many in the current age.

"Big Blue" He calls out with a bit of a laugh, smirking at the nickname, it was one he once held back in the fifties himself but it seems to have stuck to a newer generation. Not that he was about to complain but that was for another time, right now he was smiling and waving to superman.

'Vap' works with a pace that should have had 6 Arms and hands to load up a plastic red serving tray with loaded Dawgz, (That's what's on the Umbrella over the cart!).. Waitaminute.. Is there more than can be seen?

But even as Vap busies himself with prep and readiness the double take at Superman's presence is one that slows him to 'human' levels of a sloth while his jaw drops a bit. He has seen him in part (mostly TV), but not eclipsing this side of Midtown with his own alien sigil that is known!

… More buns are laid out, the stand - in front of Adam! is rooted back down with a kick to brake the wheels as he preps for more.

"Dey save my home.. No care vat CNu says. I cook… Olaf can wait… Reruns…" Low curse is his native tongue and he is still smiling…

Starfire, however, is mid-pivot in descent and when Superman waves to her from periphery everything comes to an abrupt halt… Even Starfire!

The trail of cinder and flame puffs out in wisps behind, fanned out heat of her path ends as a colled down version of hair that goes from red to a near *white* in heat, all framing the figure of tawny skin and pupiless emerald eyes.

"I had dibs." A point to her chest and a duo of fingers points from her eyes to Supes and back before she turns to look at the cart and the form of Adam headed his way as well.

"It's been a long trip back, dibs, Mister!" A fingerwave of (air) assault at Adam and a rapid descent ends her in a slower landing, more ike a float.

Superman scratches the back of his neck a little when Blue Marvel finally notices him and the Man of Steel waves him over. That nickname is usually used mockingly, but there are those rare moments where it can just be a nice little treat. "Hello! Enjoying the fresh air?" he smiles to his probably most recent friend. Though Starfire steals his attention as she speaks to him.

After all, she's quite the attention getter. and we aliens gotta stick together! Superman gives her a warm smile, though looks confused when she says that she had dibs. Though he may have a good idea of what she means, and he gives a small chuckle. "Hello there. I don't think I've met you yet." though she starts to descend, he introduces himself "Superman!" he greets.

Even poor Vap gets a nice wave from the Last Son of Krypton! "Good afternoon!"

Adam walks over with a confident stride of a retired man his hair caught in the wind billows softly for a few moments as he passes before a small American flag billowing along in the wind aswell. "Who am I to disturb the ancient and sacred tradition of 'dibs' " He mentions in a deadpan partially serious manner hands up in the air like he's working with a smooth operator. "Famous among third graders the world over for good reason." A complimentary nod given.

"So, Superman, out on patrol or just looking for the best dogs in town?" A smirk comes back across his well aged face. "Because I think you found them right here" Complimenting the chef behind the counter as he leans lightly on the stand with a full smile across his face now.

Almost a year ago Starfire stood at a podium against Godfrey and his Alien Hate (what good that did in his office position!), modelled, and was a Titan until brought into the JLA.

The world changed in its own version of 'Genesis and several disappeared, others re-appeared… Starfire included so a moment of thought is caught behind the rise and fall batting of lids once she touches down upon the ground beside the cart.

"It's valid." Starfire deadpans at Adam and his wording, affirming her own as she casts a slow smile to him and then Vap, the metallic armor of amethyst held together in clasps bearing Tamaran's red jewels, but nothing to hide beneath the straps of armor. "Vaps da-w-gz are worth it." A tilt of head and she is lifting the try just a bit with fingrtips to gesture Adam's way while Superman also joins them!

"Am I right?" A sidelong smirk to Supes as she gathers her own dawg and eyes the mustard warily… Maybe…

"it is nice to come back home." From Supes to Adam… then Vap. A single brow ifts in query.

Superman would descend to a point where he was barely floating off the groun, ocean blue eyes shifting to Blue Marvel at his words and offers a small chuckle. But at his question, Superman would answer. "A little bit of both actually. I was starting to get hungry, but I saw this man closing down. Didn't want to keep him." he nods respectfully to vap, shrugging a little. "and he most certainly does."

He turns his head to Starfire, finally recognizing her. What? it's been awhile. "Oh! I feel silly now. How are you, Starfire." he smiles nice and warm, and at her smirk, he chuckles a little. "Maybe!" he teases her a little before looking to Vap "If it wouldn't be too much trouble, may I have a 'dawg' too?" he pulls out money from…somewhere? does that suit even have pockets?!

Adam pulls some money out of his own pocket quietly chuckling under his breath as he pulls out a few bills "Now I won't have you paying for a single one big blue" He's the first to set the bills down onto the surface of the cart. A lone look conveying a thousand words of what would happen if Superman tried to pay for his own hotdog.

"Real hero shouldn't have to pay for his own hotdogs."

Starfire already had a tray, a mixed delight of Dawgz, from plain to Gotham(Chicago) Style, to Chili Cheese. No mustard, in fact the bottle is left atop a ledge and Dijon/Pupon packets are to the side. One is lifted for herself, while the tray is held towards Superman and the other in offering.

Starfire has already paid, the debt to Vap is more of hearth and home than pocket lining, but when Adam holds out the bills the man does not hesitate to take and shove into his own pockets, lining them with a wink to Starfire who is ogling him with wide, emerald eyes but mid-bite she cannot protest!

Superman's query has her chewing a bit slower. She may seem the level of Third Grade, but that is a ruse, a guise for the depth and duty. A blanket if you will, to keep others safe from the heat and flames. "I have been… Busy?" A lilt to tone as she smiles, lifting the food in a shrug that can be played off as bright and playful despite the drop to the corners of plum huen lips. "There's just some… things… going on.."

A glance to Adam, unknown to her as anyone but a Metro Citizen, one she does not wish to risk as others gawk upon the tri and pass in the background.

THE Sun has Set…:

Metropolis residents are clearing out from the streets, slowly but surelywhile the suns dying light over the horizon goes to purple….

Then Red?

Multiple drops, like break-offs of asteroids drop through atmosphere, and in the pressure the nuclear spread of cumulus casts the blood-huen path in parting. A Red Carpet for descent upon Metropolis with target in mind, unknowing of company kept, the Red Lanterns descend in a path bent on a nuclear form of chaos towards the stand and the occupants.

The reflection is seen in Vap's eyes, his cart not even closed down, is kicked from stable to 'Exit Stage Left' in a rusted screechy rotation of metal on wheels. 'Gods be with you'… a muttering of the old man as Starfire's gaze redirects and the proffered tray of Dawgz is shifted to the side like it would clear a better path to the visual before them.

Laira, Bleez, and Antipathy descend in a speed that does not seem to intend to let up, brake, or slow down. Star recognizes two of the three, and with a sweep of thumb along her lips, the paled flame of ankle length tresses begins to cast a glow, a heat, the ends curling upward like a felines tail slowly batting in anticipation, curling from one hip to the next, pupiless emerald eyes staring upward to reflect the assault.

"We cannot let them get close…" A warning murmur, likely only heard by Superman and Adam, as Vap is a trail of smoke in his squeaky retreat. "Those are the things… going on… Part of them…" Long story, no time…Evidently.

Adam is looked to, but the tray she holds is left balancing on a street side post in her passing to walk between parallel parked cars, the contour of hip strapped in purple belting dodging a meter just before the heat eminating from her casts it an orange glow, fading in her skyward departure to meet The Trio of Reds…

"This isn't friendly, Superman, do not hold back!" History has already proven alot to Starfire this past couple months, and her path is a head on collision until Antipathy breaks off and accelerates towards the ground and the slowly scattering onlookers that begin to take panic around Adam.

Call the others of the League? Not a thought right now!

Superman would smile softly to Starfire as she speaks. "I'm happy to hear it. always nice to keep at least a little busy." he nods a few times, before his eyes shift to the reddening sky, and he sees the Red Lanterns. "what the?" he looks in close to see their vile and chaotic intent, and it doesnt take Starfire to tell him to fight for him to already be on the move. Jetting off the ground with a -voosh!- the man of steel makes a b-line for these invaders.

"Back off!" he shouts to the invaders, blasting a straight ray of heat vision at the Red Lanterns! apparently not wasting time.


It isn't a good thing to hear at any time from one's power ring, and there's few other things that could cause Kyle Rayner to go racing from whatever he was doing towards the direction his ring has set for him to intercept. Which is downtown Metropolis. Which is even worse than the mere presence of the red element.

"This is Lantern Rayner of the Justice League-" Kyle rattles off quickly, his ring dialing into Metroplis' emergency frequencies. "-requesting immediate emergency evacuation procedures in Midtown Metropolis. This is not a test." Kyle clicks off of the line as the green comet he's become is racing towards the scene of the building fight.

"Hal-" Kyle switches over to the Justice League frequency. "-shit, it looks like they've got Laira. Metropolis is under attack! Repeat. Metropolis is under attack."

Adam looks up into the sky for a long moment silent. He has a lot to think about in that instant, his family, the executive order against him, and all the repercussions that the next few seconds would inevitably entail.

Standing there with a wad of cash in hand he close his eyes, and begins to float slowly upwards from the ground. "I might be old." He reaches a single arm up to the edge of his brown overcoat. "I may be retired" As he begins to rip off the overcoat, blue fabric shone underneath. "I may be a lot of things…" He trails off over-clothing falling off to reveal a suit.. the Blue Marvel uniform in all of its splendor and glory. "But I am NOT letting any of you take this city."

And he's off with a flash of hypersonic speed, hands glowing bright and shining blue. It takes one thrust of his hands in order to send out a beam of superheated energy right towards the rings of the lanterns in front of him. "I WON'T LET YOU HAVE THIS CITY!" Screamed at the top of his lungs as he flew faster then he'd ever flown before trying to slam full force into the bright red wave of red lanterns.

"It's okay Sue, I'll be there for Thanksgiving. I promise." Hal says in to the phone, his sleep interrupted by the woes of family. "Jack too huh? Fantastic. Definitely looking forward to that." Dryly added. Its a run down of his nieces and nephews are up to that hes tuning out when Kyle Rayner's alert comes through, 'Hal-shit' it looks like they've got Laira. Metropolis is under attack!"

A flash of green and his cell phone drops; his door rattles almost off it's hinges and the other Green Lantern in sector is an emerald streak across the sky."So much for a small taste of downtime. I'm on way."

Diana was leaving the Justice League's Hall when the alert came in, she'd been sparring with her fellow Amazons in the Hall's training facilities when the call came over the comms and the group was already inside of their jet, preparing to return to Manhattan for the rest of the night.

The jet's course was shifted and its engines were sent into a hard overdrive, making the invisible vehicle squeal through the sky with Diana standing between the two forward pilot's chairs where her sisters were at the controls. Diana's hands were up on the console above her head for bracing-support, she looked out the front viewport toward the skyline and the chaos falling down around them.

"Closer still." Diana told her sister to the left of her hip, the primary pilot of the craft. A few moments later and Diana nodded to the other on her right. "Open the hatch." Diana said calmly as she turned and made her way through the interior of the large jet, gathering up sword and shield that were quickly placed onto her back… she walked toward the rear of the jet's interior, its semi-invisible hazy-fogged bulkheads lowering where the hatch opened to the outside world.

Diana launched from the inside of the jet, flying through the sky with arms at her sides and wind whipping at her hair.

Superman's response is expected. The Lantern's she left dealing with the Alliance of Yellow and Green, or Turkey Day? Not so much. Adam? Not at all. But never underestimate…

… and always call your (JLA)Friends. But this seemed personal, or something that derailed Starfire to the point that it was safer this way… Safer for everyone el—- Who??

The threat is omnipotent in the way the night sky bleeds red, and when Antipathy reaches near ground level and the scattering citizen's the reflection in her eyes is base, like no one is home as lips blackened with erosion peel from teeth that are only gates where the leakage of napalm level acids leak through… A child snatched by it's father from the adoring stare towards the sky where Adam headed escapes droplets that burrow and crack into cement, a massive red wall slamming those parked cars (and meters) aside to leave change falling like silver rain and cars smashing end over end into the street. Stopping traffic.

Laira is not home, only Zeul - AKA a creation of Atrocitus' ring. Wronged and rebirthed, placed at the side of Bleez as if in trust… Sooo much trust from Him

"Oh, look! The list of friends is ever expanding!" Bleez, her face of azure partially masked and framed by bat-like wings, grins. Eyes narrow, shadowed now, as a clawed hand coated in pitch and tipped in claws directs Laira towards Superman. "No one is safe, anymore!" Bleez is headed for Starfire, Laira for Superman, and Antipathy is arching back upward to come in behind Adam. the response to his proclamation? A dark chortled cackle edged in a corrosive bloody liquid while a red lash seeks out to capture him and pitch him back towards the ground!

Laira seems to pause a moment on her command to attack Superman, as if calculationg… knowing… But then that little light is gone, a wall pitched before herself and in the path of Supes, thrust forward! If it impacts Superman, there's a whole new world ready to open…

Bleez on the other hand… has something far more personal in this, and her game face is absolute zero… Like the sudden encasing sought to rise like Pac-Man around Starfire, that flame-tail at her back diminishing in the onslaught of a red-rimmed bubble baring internal temperature of absolute zero.


Let's not let on that the arrival of Di, Hal, and Kyle - have yet to alert!

Even as lasers and screams of wrath start to cause the citizens below the sky to panic and flee in terror, Superman does not shy away. In fact, his presence just being there seems to put many people below at ease, even though they run for their lives. Superman was here, that means everything's going to be just fine. A little child even looks to the sky as Superman, both Green Lanterns, Blue Marvel, and Starfire enter the fight for Metropolis's safety and defense.

Some little kid was just encouraged to be a hero. Even as Laira barrels towards him in her crimson light with rage burning bright, The Man of Steel is not afraid. He's suffered worse enemies, or so he thinks. He lifts his hands to prepare to block or tank through any hard light blasts from the rage lady, and afterwards, he actually uses his super breath to breath in, then suddenly out to hopefully send Laira barreling towards a now empty building! smash!

Kyle drops his head, looking to the numerous sirens already lighting up the city streets below. His emerald trail of comet comes in from a sideways direction to Hal Jordan's giving him a fairly good view of the field when he nears the scene. He arcs up quickly, rocketing upwards to drift weightless and begin a downward fall, just like Diana.

"Whatever you do, DO NOT let them vomit on you!" Kyle calls out to the others over the line, pointing his ring out to create a battering ram, stylishly appearing with an actual ram's head, as he angles towards Bleez.

Life has more interesting plans today.

Beneath Hal's flight pattern, a sudden gust of red energy erupts beneath him. Black fur and four legs tipped in fiendish, red claws splay wide, seeking to attach to the front of the famous Lantern and scrape as much damage as possible in so short a time.

" DIEEEEEEE LANTERN! HISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! " Yowls the once housecat turned Red Lantern, with so much hate in his eyes, for Hal Jordan.

'You're out of touch.' The words echo'd through Blue Marvels head as he flew faster then a speeding bullet through the sky ducking diving and spinning around to work the distraction angle. He's doing the best that he can to be annoying without killing any of the red lantern holders.

Yet he's grabbed by a single wave of energy encapsulated entirely by the red energy. Holding his breath he closes his eyes and begins to focus himself. From the center of that bright red glows a dull blue, it starts small before growing brighter and brighter and brighter. A wall of pure anti-mater energy congealing into kinetic force slamming out in any and all direcions as he lets out a scream at the top of his lungs. "YOU WILL GO NO FURTHER" A pause as the energy grows week for a moment before booming stronger then ever. "SO SAY I, THE BLUE MARVEL, BACK FROM THE DEAD!"

The furred mongrel that just interrupted Hal's very focused flight gets a double-take, "Oh hell." Is all the man manages before Dex-Starr is upon him and the spiral of green is joined with a trail of red, it looks like a barber shop post and they're careening off course. A woman tending her garden swears she can hear a fully adult man screaming, "NOT THE EYES NOT THE EYES!" Accompanied by loud primal yowls.

"Little trouble, very little one and I'm being delayed." The Green Lantern informs the rest of the team. "Will attempt to rendeavouz with still but… " Hissing? Growls? One would imagine Hal Jordan just ran through a cat lady's house covered in a full body suit of catnip.

"Already planned on that." Diana replied about voiding vomit over the comms. She swooped in line between the skyscrapers and would come up high until she was on the side of superman, here to support him in this fight against… Lanterns?

After Superman did his gusting breath attack, Diana would come to his side and her right hand would go over her shoulder to draw her sword while her left dipped to the small of her back to gather shield. She remained hovering where she was and lifted her shield up to peer over it, Laira was their ultimate target and if given the shot or opportunity, Diana would lunge in this target's direction.

"Friends of yours?" Diana would ask over to Superman in the moment.

Laira blinks, a bat of lashes as green cuts through the path of Red in the atmosphere, a Christmas feeling before the first snowfall here upon the eastern Coast. Below red and Blue even flickers to streak along the streets in their direction beneath yellow lamp posts, but her intent is an impact that would 'Rock' Superman's… that exhale was one thing unexpected as she looses a rally cry, chin uptilted in warning to others of the Green, expulsion razing a course even over her blue skin…

Diana's arrival, the challenge of sword and shield brings a moment of pause yet again, her past, her tutor… The harsh rigors…

LIES! ABANDONMENT! That wall rescinds to her own makeshift form of sword and shield before she flied their way!

The Harpy-wail echoed as she is blasted back, and into the scaffolding of a Bergnu's level, glass littering the streets below!

Bleez is alerted by a flare that pulses from her hand to her eyes, Red, rhythmic, and pushes her game of cat and mouse with Starfire to speed up, nearly encapsulating the Tamaranean before the ram's javelin sweeps between them, a pitch back that has her reddened gaze glow brighter and cast his way, Starfire - nonplussed by the Green light passing through in an assault upon Bleez that brings in another light of beams across the sky that burn perse in hue but like the surface of a sun on impact, razing over materials as she seeks to reclaim the heat lost! The communications of the JLA comms has her inwardly cringing at her forgetfulness… 'X'Hal'

"Kyle!" The yowling also echoes, with a familiar voice and cursing. "…Hal!" An apologetic tone laying low, maybe caught in a single look

Blue Marvel's additional push of kinetic energy rebounds Bleez, a Bolt missing her, making Laira brace before the shattered window on level 12 of Bergnu's, and Antipathy holds fast to that red glowing rope, hoping to use the force as her own tool to bring this unkown down fast, a red flame cast beneath her in an Illusion of jet force, covering the ground and citizens in flame. A falsity, but through the manic grin and the reciprocal pulse from nearly soulless eyes… Who can see through?

Superman would narrow his eyes as he sees Laira tank his super breath. Well, that didn't work, and thus he enters a fighting stance, fully prepared to face the Red Lantern head on…but then, the person he could always count on, no matter the situation, comes to join him in the fray, facing down Laira at his side. Though at Diana's question, Superman would shake his head. "Not mine. Ask Hal or Kyle." since they have similar powers after all, what with that Hard Light constructs.

"Brace yourself, here she comes." Superman would let Wonder Woman take the lead, and he would follow suit, prepared to strike at the flank or just over Wonder Woman with a haymaker aimed right for her face! Wonder Woman and Superman….a team up to be rightly feared, even if it's two thirds of the Triumvirate.

"What, you want her? You got her. Kick her ass, Kori!" Kyle misses Bleez, but it doesn't stop him from continuing his work. He reels the battering ram back into his ring, and the green aura around his body flares as he spins, surveying the damage to the buildings in the area. "They're overcome with RAGE, people. That's their power. If we can't knock them out, we'll have to-" Kyle calls out over the line to the others, words cutting off in sudden rush as he barrels down towards the illusory jet of force. The first thing that comes to mind is a FIRE BLANKET, and thus, a rather detailed fire blanket, complete with price tag, envelops out towards the illusory flame as he skims over the citizens, trying to protect them…and leaving his back wide open.

«Hah! I has Lantern! You're bad. BAD BAD BAD YWWOOORRRR!» Dex-Starr…is an asshole. The housecat, hissing and overcome with fury, isn't much for hard light constructs or laser beams, but where he fails at such things, he excels in red energy tipped at his claws and a taste for human blood. He kicks at Hal Jordan's chest like a puppy hovering over a pool, legs swatting furiously, though far weaker than the bad, bad, bad human.

Energy collects further and further on blue Marvel as he floats in place eyes close as he tries to focus on the spot locking out everything else to concentrate the energy into his hands There's a look of almost serenity on his face as he focuses all of his energy into his hands.

"I won't let you hurt anyone here." Spoken calm and collected as he holds up his arms high above his head energy coursing through himself and into the ball for one last super powered push of energy. "Not so long as I live and breath." Before sending a ball of pure energy out from himself almost as strong as he can make it if nothing else then as a show of shock and awe as the blue lights shine in every direction like a massive disco ball in the sky.
"Bad? I'm the good guy. You're the spastic furball trying to dice my eyes out." Hal attempts to conjure up a thicker body shield around himself to protect from the violent bunny rabbit kicks the cat is abusing him with. His thoughts instantly swirling on trying to find a way to dislodge the vicious creature from him, the … cat… he is arguing with… "Okay this is stupid!" He groans and gets an idea, a water tower. Emergency one.
"Okay puspuss, time we stop using my face as a scratching post."

In the next instant there is a popcrack and gush of water as Hal Jordan rams himself and the latched on whirling ball of claws, fuzz and sharp teeth. Bath time. Cats hate water right? Hal will practically drown himself in the process too as he tries to peel free. It is once theyre grounded inside of it that he starts elbow dropping and kicking Dex-Starr around like some badly fluffled stuffed animal.

"Take that! And that! Bout this you lil demon! Give your owner one of these too… " Who knew pummeling a housecat could be theraputic. It's almost comedic if one looked pass just how badly the Red Lantern cat messed the Green Lantern up. Then there is lights. Which, a give in, but more lights than expected. Lights in all directions as Blue Marvel shows off some measure of his power.

"That's one of us right?" A heavy breathing Hal pants in to the comms. The ring isn't bothering to read it's signature yet.

Diana watched while Superman's blast sent the woman he was dueling into the building causing the glass to fall… Her eyes looked down and she saw no one on the streetside below (thankfully). She looked up after Superman spoke and then leapt forward to do his lunging attack.

A breath of air was drawn in between her lips and her sword and shield were put away, she reached for her hip instead and pulled forth the lasso in its coild-up-state. Diana shot forward then following to the right/below of Superman. The lasso in her hands suddenly came to life and she unfurled it, swirling the golden lasso in a whirling display of skill and showmanship.

Diana's intent was to grab hold of this Laira, so that Superman could beat her like a pinata!

Laira was a pupil of Ke'Haan, Second to Kilowog! Although her mind left in shreds and bleeding Red seeks to recall the stories of an Amazon, the only thing she sees is Battle, Glory, and Rage. Yes, they have her. Outcasted by the Green, accepted by the Rage…

That was enough of a word, even as it is almost a whisper in the distance between their fray and Starfire's with Kyle and Bleez…

Something else within Laira snaps as she charges towards Superman and Diana, the constructs made for battle suddenly meting in her grip, once defense and offense the shield and sword pull inward, tucked to breast and held close as they erode and meltinto daggers held precariously between fingers, drawn before lips just before she lets loose a battle cry, covering the constructs in the Napalm infused expulsion. A sudden leap upward and even as the lasso captures her and glows orange in the mate those daggers are thrown in a splay towards the two, fanned out in assault!

Laira's rise is abruptly cut short in the length held fast by the Amazon's grip, Orange bleeding down the length and her cry is sent heavenward like a rabid cry from a lone lycanthrope!

… Cut off by a fist that rocks her head to the side and casts a spray of droplets below!

"Lookee, lookee… And as I… WE… expected," No leaving Atrocitus' Dex out of it now! "Pay close attention…" A rise of clawed hand, a pivot to dodge a bolt, that Ram's headed return from Kyle sweeping her away! For the moment… Starfire hovers, waits… But below!!:

Kyle's turn casts her gaze down where Adam… Blue lets loose, the illusion cast by Antipathy of setting the streets aflame is covered, colors cancelled in mate of red and green… Omitting a wite light as pedestrians drop to the ground and cover their heads in fear, bodies cupped over children, cars scattered, vibrating and once more lifted in the blast that is sent by Blue to clear a path, hovering to only land in a silence unexpected save the small top-like spin beside bodies like walls. A fortress of Blue and White, a gathering of an Alliance that Kyle unknowingly has made.

No… No one knows Blue… truly? Do they?

but do you have to?

Antipathy is but a twitching mass in the spider-webbed concrete street, a car slowly spinning beside her, leaving the bumper-end shadowing her body as the asphalt around her pebbles and cracks to recede in her slow rise… A cautious thing with her target set above, fighting gravity to rise…

Bleez is what they were waiting on…

From the distance where the battering Ram had cast her she returns! The flight a path that opens a sudden spiral of space-pocket, the BOOM! heard before the force holding Antipathy down is sucked against towards a small wormhole that blinks from pale to brighter Red!.

"Dex Starr! Inform Our Lord Now before it is too late!" But her goal is for the open back of Kyle, a blast that expels from her mouth like a burning expulsion, balancing in the conflicts of gravity, hovering and then sending the corrosive construct of razed flame for him in a cry that Baskervilles would shy from!

Antipathy rises, legs buckling but in a force rallied by her fellows cries she is arching up to Blue, aiming to push him spiraling into Supes and Di while she heads for that opened Wormhole!

Superman and Diana apparently make a freaking awesome team, with Laire apparently looking pretty down and out, Superman cracks his knuckles, causing a 'voosh' to be sent out like a blast of wind…Superman was getting serious. Descending only a little bit from Diana, and in his booming voice, Superman speaks to the Red Lanterns. "GET. OFF. MY. WORLD." something the whole city could probably hear. First…and last warning it would seem!

Though he does look to Diana. "Just like old times." he smiles to the Amazonian princess warmly, his eyes looking about to make sure everyone has their opponent either defeated or under control.


When Hal and Dex-Starr plunge into the water, an ear-shattering screech replaces all of Dex-Starr's strong talk about being a good kitty with uncontrollable rage. Red napalm blood vomit flies everywhere, splattering all about, but Dex-Starr can't seem to find a way to get any of it onto Hal Jordan. Like a wet sack filled with potatoes, the cat takes hit after hit, screeching.

When it all ends, the furry mongrel, now appearing to be half its size thanks to the sheen of water matting his hair down, skitter-races away from Hal Jordan, running for cover between some buildings…and takes off towards the sky. «DEX-STAAAAAR WILL BE Baaaaaack you ugly piggy ape. I will tell our LORD!» Dex-Starr will not soon forget this defeat.

"No, that was a new guy! He was here when we got here, Hal!" Kyle replies over the line, dodging and weaving, setting his cover down over as many of the innocents as possible. A protection against collateral damage, he looks up to a falling chunk of building and wraps the blanket up around a family with a screaming child. "It's okay, I've got you! Just keep DOWN!" Kyle calls out to the parents…

…and then he's hit square in the back by a splash of fire-like vomit. He twists, at first, trying to see what's hit him, but he knows. Within seconds, the pain is so severe that he can't even scream. The lantern falls to the ground, lips clenching hard with teeth as he twitches in pain. When the sound finally escapes him, it's the red-faced growl of defiance as he remains…ring extended…covering the civilians for as long as he can until he blacks out.


When Hal and Dex-Starr plunge into the water, an ear-shattering screech replaces all of Dex-Starr's strong talk about being a good kitty with uncontrollable rage. Red napalm blood vomit flies everywhere, splattering all about, but Dex-Starr can't seem to find a way to get any of it onto Hal Jordan. Like a wet sack filled with potatoes, the cat takes hit after hit, screeching.

When it all ends, the furry mongrel, now appearing to be half its size thanks to the sheen of water matting his hair down, skitter-races away from Hal Jordan, running for cover between some buildings…and takes off towards the sky. «DEX-STAAAAAR WILL BE Baaaaaack you ugly piggy ape. I will tell our LORD!» Dex-Starr will not soon forget this defeat.

"No, that was a new guy! He was here when we got here, Hal!" Kyle replies over the line, dodging and weaving, setting his cover down over as many of the innocents as possible. A protection against collateral damage, he looks up to a falling chunk of building and wraps the blanket up around a family with a screaming child. "It's okay, I've got you! Just keep DOWN!" Kyle calls out to the parents…

…and then he's hit square in the back by a splash of fire-like vomit. He twists, at first, trying to see what's hit him, but he knows. Within seconds, the pain is so severe that he can't even scream. The lantern falls to the ground, lips clenching hard with teeth as he twitches in pain. When the sound finally escapes him, it's the red-faced growl of defiance as he remains…ring extended…covering the civilians for as long as he can until he blacks out.

She makes impact alright, a firm impact of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. Yet instead of going flying Adam grabs hold with all of his strength, all of his might, all of his energy just grabbing hold firmly and not letting go as the two of them spin together from the force of the impact.

"No." Stated firmly as he pushes back on the force given to him, with a force of his own at Hypersonic speeds. "Hush little baby don't say a word" It was a long shot but it was the only shot he even had.All that force and energy given out in a moment to try and last ditch push back the forces of the red rings.

"daddy's gonna buy you a mocking bird" He's… singing… really…. Just singing in a calm and fatherly tone to the angry red lantern taken fully in by hate and rage even as he spirals out of control with the force of two great juggernauts duking it out he's just singing in a soft tone. "An if that mocking bird don't sing, daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring."

Hal almost has a sense of pride in Superman's booming awe inspiring shout. Almost and up until he hears himself being slandered by Dex-Starr.

"Stupid hair!? STUPID HAIR PIGGY APE!? I'm going to mount you in Killowogs bathroom stuffed you damn dumb…. " A wormhole, the area damage and then Kyle. It's a new tone from Hal as the danger escalates and his rabid fury at the deranged feline diverts, "KYLE!" A green arrangement of cranes and scoops appear to take up where Rayner was trying to stop extra catastrophe. Moving in to assist his fallen comrade entirely oblivious to what Blue Marvel is currently engaged in. The Red Lanterns able to escape are ignored, the fallen and collateral damage come first and foremost despite his growing anger.

Diana's hands wrapped loop after loop around her wrists of golden lasso making the connection between herself and her captive Laira even more stable and sturdy, the Red Lantern could pull all she wanted but she wasn't going anywhere… even with the hue of the indestructible rope being shifted slightly by the power of Laira… Diana was confident in its capacity to maintain itself!

As Superman dealt with his shouting and final warnings, Diana saw the blade sent in her direction and her left arm snapped up to intercept the weapon's hurtling metalic form, clashing with her bracer and sending a shower of sparks in all directions! Diana deflected the dagger making it twirl away into the building to the north.

Her hand came back down and she pulled on the lasso, making it tighter and more strongly bound to her target! "Only when you say you are to leave, will I release you!" Diana commanded. "Are you to leave then?!" She shouted at the woman that was bound to tell the truth.

There is a reason Bleez did what she did, made the calls she did. The risks.

This is why she is the General to Atrocitus and seen as his loyal right hand.

Hearing the brawl between Dex and Hal only procures a twitch at one corner of lips, apathy laden, not antipathy… Not the one now held in the Blue's grasp and crooned to while her slowly rocks towards Superman and Diana, th streaks of green falling comets in the backdrop while one rescues another….

It is all slow motion for Bleez, a rise of gloved hand to smear the trail of visceral droplets down from chin, along jaw… the slope of azure swan-like bow of neck. The fingers of gloves melt away and reknit while she preens like a cat after cream…

Starfire's impact is only a second too late in the slow motion of time that literally comes in two heart beats, the golden eyes sealed behind noir lined lids and offset by the mask bearing wings that only fold under the descending pile-drive of the Tamaranean!

…An echo of laughter…

"…Leave!" A cough, bubbled beneath the rage, the tightly drawn vocal cords pushed beneath a mire thicker than Dex's own submersion, but not for as long… Laira's admission is forced, choked upon and nearly vomited forth. "… Gone…!" And once that lasso slips free from her binding hold Laira twitches, a moment that seems to sieze… Before she is sucked into the opened wormhole, captured in the volatile draw of force!

Blue is cradling a creature that is more like Dex, but Antipathy is a name well earned and for a reason. His crooning makes her eyes fade, as if a light is fading from them. No, she isn't soothed, she's… dying? Going to her happy place? Going limp… But a sudden BURST!

Bleez is laughing, a sidelong glance towards Kyle and Hal as he picks up his comrade, a silhouette through smoke and debris, leaving her the svelte beast kicking a lame figure over and down into the crevice Antipathy had been buried in. Her hand lifts, frozen in place, dead, but as it defrosts, blood falls along black gloved hand.

"You should have listened to me. You have gathered his eye…" A lift into the sky in a blast!


A blackness, a flash of red in a show of a solid beamed sweep and they are gone!

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