Meeting of Two Kings

October 19, 2017:

Aquaman and Black Bolt discuss the latter's out of place presence, and it's revealed Blackagar is from a parallel earth. Black Bolt discovers the fate of this world's Attilan.

//NY Harbor - New York City //

This is the mouth of the hudson river, where it empties into New York Bay
and the Atlantic ocean. It is one of the largest natural harbors in the
world, home to the oldest American dry dock, several major rail terminals
and, of course, the Port of New York and New Jersey which is the third
busiest port by tonnage in the Eastern US.


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New York Harbor, one of the largest and busiest harbors in America, it's waters crowded with everything from the sailing vessles of the wealthy all the way to the over loaded freight hauling barges of international commerce. And of course, the ferries. While many of them are work related, more then a few are mere tourism, and today's ferry to Ellis Island is perhaps one of the most famous.

Arthur Curry is undercover today, or more accurately, he's just Arthur Curry, the crown, the trident, the glittering armor, all of it is either put away safely or hidden from view beneath senseible fall clothing. A hoodie, comfy jeans, a knit cap pulled down over his ears. The brisk fall air off of the ocean would be chilly for most, but he doesn't notice it so much as as the boat chugs it's slow and steady way towards teh great green lady ahead of them. In the back ground some guide talks into a pourly designed mic, their voice mangled electronically to be all but indecipherable, which is fine. He doesn't need the guide to know everything about Ellis Island that he needs to.

He leans lightly against the railing at the bow of the ship, staring out quietly, lost in his own thoughts as he considered the difference between everything this statue stands for and his own nations xenophobia.

Black Bolt a place he didn't recognize. He looks completely out of place in terms of what he's wearing. A black tailcoat with a mysterious decal on the front (his emblem) black pants and combat boots. Definately not the social norm and he sticks out like a sore thumb. A few people even tried to compliment him for 'cosplaying' but were confused when he didn't say anything in return or just looks flat out lost at their words.

He hasn't had too much interaction with earth's general population, and as such, touches a car as if he'd never seen one before. He hasn't said a word to anyone, strangely enough. No hello, no good day, no good afternoon. he just kinda…looks lost. Eventually, he ends up near the harbor, and he looks out over the waves. Blinking a few times, though he still has spoken nothing. He looks quite young, though his garb is that of a royal, even a king, if taken from the perspective of another.

His mind races. The other day he was given a room in a fancy place, which gave him some resemblence of home at least…though still in such a strange land. He was given modern clothes to wear, but he did not recognize them, and as such, he sticks with his royal garb. He just looks….overwhelmed almost, but he does so in complete silence.

Overhead the seagulls that flock the harbor like the pests they are, squak and cackle, and as the ferry begins to get some distance from one shore and nears another, they become agitated and start to dive bomb the ferry's guests. Oddly enough, they come no where near the man standing alone at the ships prow. After a few moments of screaming air bourne chaos, the man turns to glance over his shoulder and smiles a tired amused smile before waving his hand slightly as if shoo'ing away a fly. In an instant the birds scatter and find something somewhere else to be interested in. It's suddenly quiet, or at least quieter, and that seems as jarring as the loud screeching to a certain degree.

Arthur lets out a slow breath, "I lift my lamp beside the golden door." he says softly to himself, barely above a whisper, and he straightens a little. And there it is. Bearing. Capital B. Lots of people have it, Superman does, all of the Lanterns, Xavier even though he lives his life in a chair, something in the spine and the straightening of the shoulders. Despite the clothing, something about the man no longer appears 'normal', and if he's not careful others will soon take notice. "I wish you could speak to my people." he says, talking still towards the green lady in the shrinking distance, "Can you teach me?"

Upon hearing the voice of Arthur Curry even as he speaks to good ole Lady Liberty, Blackagar's eyes widen, recalling him from his own world. Almost running over to him, he tries to wave to get his attention before he gets so close, recalling Arthur's defensive nature. He almost looks happy to see him.

Though he looks him up and down, as if silently asking why he looked so aged, looking at the sides of his head to see the greying hairs. Black Bolt smiles to Arthur, looking around though as if wanting to ask him what happened.(edited)

Aquaman doesn't need to see the wave, he can sense the excitement, the curiosity. His telepathic abilities are weak when it comes to people, higher evolved creatures, but that doesn't mean they're not there. Mostly he uses them to just get a sense of things around him, vauge feelings, some empathy, his wife on the other hand… Well she's another beast entirely. That said, he assumes it's a fan, they prolly think he's Hal again, trying to hide incognito, and he sighs, turning to face the excited and likely misinformed autograph seek- huh.

"Blackagar." he says, blinking twice in rapid succession, "I uh… Huh." then he grins wide and the new wrinkles on his face, not deep but clearly new, crinkle up at the corners of his eyes, "I heard you were surfing th-" and he stops, looks closer, seems to consider, then asks, "Time travel or other dimension?" he asks curiously, eyeing the younger man. He senses the curiosity, but si more concerned about his own questions for the moment.

Black Bolt seems quite happy he even knows his name. Nodding a few times fervently. Though when he was asked about time travel or other dimension, he sighs and taps his temple once with his pointer finger, giving it a little bounce off his head like simply saying he had absolutely no idea. Though he does seem relieved that the King of Atlantis gets it immediately.

He looks him over, he hadn't seen him without his garb and trident, and as such, he eventually just sighs, and speaks to him telepathically. «King Orin, Forgive me for speaking in this manner, but I thought it would be simply easier for the both of us. It is also the first time I have seen you in such human clothes. It suits you, mostly.» He smiles after, bowing his head in official greeting.

Aquaman quirks a brow at that, then offers a slow smile, «My people are telepathic by and large, you need never appologize for speaking to me in a manner I find quite comfortable.» he then adds, «At least more comfortable then I would be if you actually /spoke/ to me.» his grin grows a bit more. He looks down at himself, «To be fair, this is how I spent the first half of my life.» he checks the hoodie, «Every now and then I put the clothing back on and go about the surface world, remembering some of what I fight for. In bad times it's soothing, in good times it's motivational.»

He turns to lean back against the railing, relaxing into less a posture of Bareing and one of more simply humanity. He motions for Blackagar to take the space next to him, «So, you're younger then I remember, which means either time travel, or another dimension, at least, that's been my experience.» also he was just called Orin, something /no one/ on the surface calls him. It's… actually charming. «Do you require assistance of any kind? Attalan and Atlantis were never officially allies, but I see no reason I wouldn't extend a helping hand when possible.»

Black Bolt seems a tad relieved, he had spoke nto his world's Aquaman quite a few times telepathically when in talks with Atlantis, but even then he tended to ask permission first, as Telepathy can be an invasion of privacy to most people. Though he did forget that Atlanteans generally spoke telepathically. «Very well.» And at his request, Blackagar does move to stand beside him, his hands clasping behind his back as Blackagar looked out towards the sea.

At Orin's question, Blackagar would nod, but he looks at him with a little bit of surprise when Aquaman says he looks younger, and Black Bolt was no fool. « I see…then another me exists in this world. Older and wiser. It makes sense now. My brother Maximus betrayed me. Blasted me with…something. I think…he sent me to this world, whether on purpose or by random select, I do not know.» he sighs a moment, though he does smile at Aquaman's offer. «I would happily accept help from you. Though my duty beforehand was to learn about the humans of earth. I believe I will remain here, and continue my task….though, I will remember your offer. In actuality, I had considered forming an alliance with Atlantis many times.» he admits.

Aquaman chuckles a bit at that, «He is a good King, but after the mutants warred with his people, I heard most of them packed up and sailed out to …» he waves a hand noncommitally, «Theories abound on the reason, explore, find their creators, a new world.» he shrugs, «All make sense to me on some level.» he just assumes this Blackagar knows of the destruction of Attalan. «Maximus.» he says with a heavy sigh, «If there is one thing I understand it is the friction of brothers and a crown.» he's quiet for a long moment, and while he's good at sheilding his mind, the sense of being troubled over his own brother leaks through, «I had heard Maximus and your counter part had patched things up here. Gave me hope for Orn and I.»

He takes a moment to nod at the statue ahead of them, «Humans are odd creatures, I know, I'm one of them. What do you know about her?» He asks, meaning of course the massive statue.

Black Bolt had no idea of the fate of Attilan…of his home. So when Aquaman brings up his older self and war with the mutants, Black Bolt almost looks surprised! «King Orin, what became of my people. Tell me, for I do not know. Why did I…Why did this elder version of myself make war with mutantkind? What happened to my Attilan?» he asks urgently, though when Orin continues, Blackagar would nod only a moment. «yes…heavy is theh ead that wears the crown. For jealousy to occur even in the Royal family…I wish such things were not to be.» he nods a moment. «I'm happy Maximus and I were able to reconcile on this earth at least…» he recalls his brother from his earth…and how he longed to be able to just trust Maximus, be brothers again.

But when asked about the Statue of Liberty, Black Bolt shakes his head some. « Very little. Apparently in this group of Humans, it's meant to be a symbol of alliance or hope. Sadly, I know no more than that. Another reason, for my duty.» he nods.

Aquaman's own features grow still and couched, and suddenly the weight of a crown is written in every line of his older face, and more, the strength to bare it. He chooses, for now, not to mention Attilan, opting to approach the other topic first. He's not sure he wants to tell Black Bolt about the fate of his people while the Inhuman is facing an American monument. That's the sort of thing that might lead to you not having a monument anymore. Or an Ellis Island. Or the front portion of a ferry. «It was a gift from the French to us, celebrating, in part, our independance from monarchical rule.» he turns and offers a wry if serious look, «The irony is not lost on me I assure you.» He is after all both American and a King of the largest empire on the planet.

«At it's base is a plaque, placed there to tout what was at the time the very essence of this nation's policy as it concerned other people suffering under unjust rule. I also like to think it was placed there to remind us in darker times of what we should aspire to be.» Arthur falls quiet for a long moment, thinking about something before 'speaking' again, «Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.» he quotes from memory, and something in his mental tone speaks of a deep and powerful longing. «Imagine it.» he says softly, «A nation founded on the idea of taking the undesireables from every other place on earth and from this simple concept rose the last great super power.» he turns back to the statue, «I wish my people were so accepting, so open to the possibilities. I am tired of the fear… it's why I come here, when the xenophobia get to me, to remind myself that it's possible.»

Black Bolt seemed almost irritated that Orin didn't tell him what had happened to Attilan, but…given his silence, he fears the worst. But the first thing he learned in kingship was to -never- make assumptions, and to never let emotions rule oneself. Thus does he take a deep breath, and look towards the statue even as Aquaman speaks. "I see. Sometimes I like to think that Inhumans and humans can live in harmony…but sometimes, I'm uncertain. But this form of architecture…it helps strengthen that resolve, somewhat. I've always looked to my people first…but someday, it may be reality."

He looks to Arthur «Know this, King Orin. You have offered to help me in my time of struggle. I will not forget your kindness. As such, if it is within my power, I extend my offer to you, that I will aid you when struggle finds you, and you find yourself in need of help.» he nods to him. Black Bolt was never one to forget when kindness was given, nor one to forget if one had honor.

Aquaman sighs a bit and his head droops, «Come on.» he says, reaching up to pull off his cap and shrug his way out of the hoodie. Beneath it the glistening gold of Atlantis scale mail sets to glinting in the light. He reaches down and simply tugs, the pants tearing away even as he toes off his boots and kicks them aside. Behind them people begin to talk, muttering softly. He pulls from the hoodie a simple circlet of dull gray metal, iron maybe, and sets it upon his brow. «You need to know of Attilan, but not here.» He then simply hops up and over the side of the ferry, though there's no sound of a splash. People rush to the railing and stare as a whale rises from the water just in time to catch Arthur, and come even to the top of the ferry's deck. Arthur nods at Black Bolt, «We should talk.» where he got the trident is anyone's guess, but there it is, strapped to his back as if he'd had it all the time, and for the first time today he looks every inch the Aquaman the world knows… and mocks.

Black Bolt narrows his eyes at Aquaman as he hops over the railing and onto a whale. He kind of expected it…after all, Atlanteans were the masters of the sea. It's not unheard of to see them pull tricks such as these. Though it does make him smile softly for the briefest of moments. Blackagar also hops off the railing to land smoothly on the whale without causing even a moment of harm, of course. «Lead on then, King Orin.» he says as formally as ever.

He had his hands clasped in front of him now like he was in thought. But he knew dark news was coming, even if he didn't want to believe it for a single moment.

Aquaman nods once but dosen't smile, then he turns and looks out to sea. Behind them flashes from phones and cameras go off like strobe lights as the two men are photographed and live tweeted and whatever else the kids are doing these days. The whale, for it's part, merely huffs a breath and then bends to it's task. Beneath their feet it rolls gently, slightly, easy to adapt to, misleadingly little movement for the sudden surge of motion that takes place.

Arthur says nothing as the whale quickly out paces the ferry and slips past the island, then the islands beyond that, and as minutes pass by, the King of Atlantis remains silent, standing atop the whale as if he were as comfortable there as he was a moment ago on the ship's deck. It only takes a few minutes for the novelty of the situation to become somewhat mundane, and about the time Black Bolt is starting to feel like this is going to take awhile, he might notice they're no longer in sight of land. Which is impossible. The whale's not moving that fast, to have made a continent dip beyond the horizon like that? "We are almost there." Arthur says, motioning with a hand to a spit of rocks thrusting out of the ocean like flat(ish) dinner plate. There's no vegitation on the plateau, and as they grow close it's clear that it's only a hundred or so yards across in diameter. There are tide pools here and there, but nothing more then ankle deep, and while it's surface is rocky, it's not sharp, as the waves and water have clearly smoothed the stones into soft curves and whirling shapes. No longer thinking, feeling free in their isolation to speak aloud, Arthur says, "This is an Atlantean meeting place, held for security reasons, should dealing with the surface world ever be required." he sighs, "Mostly I use it to speak with ambassadors of other peoples, occasionaly the Justice League would use it as a secure meeting place… or they did, back when I was a member in full standing."

Blackagar would remain completely silent as the whale seemingly traveled faster and farther than he had anticipated. Truly, the atlanteans control over wind and tide was extraordinary. Even as Orin shows him a secret place, Black Bolt seems honored by this act, though grows ever more suspicious of the news he wishes to tell him. Remaining silent the whole way, Black BOlt finally would speak. « this is a private place then. I am humbled that you would share this secret with me. However, you have brought me here for a reason, King Orin. Tell me. I plead.» there was an intensity in the King's eyes, he -needed- to know.
Aquaman offers the faint hint of a wry smile Blackagar's direction, "I am the King of the Atlantean Empire, this is hardly a secret worth keeping." he pulls the trident from his back and spins it in his hand lightly once before burying the tynes six inches into the stone, "Do you know of the mutant that calls himself Apocalypse?" he asks, starting there.

Blackagar would smile softly at Aquaman as he speaks, and Black Bolt would nod a little at his words when he speaks of the not-so-secret place, but secret place. complex, that. but a secret not worth keeping is the kings choice, and so Black Bolt respects it. He shakes his head at his question though. « vaguely. heard -of- him, but do not know -of- him.» he answers honestly.
Aquaman nods his understanding, in their complicated lives there's a lot of hearing 'about' someone and not knowing anything at all about them, "He is ancient, by some accounts millenia old though that's unsubstantiated even by my intelligence units. He was extremely powerful and zealously followed a doctirine of survival of the fittest, a title he bestowed by pitting peoples against one another. In an effort to force strength upon a large potion of the populace, or perhaps to wipe out a large portion of resistence, to me it's unclear what his goal was, he invaded Attilan. With advanced alien technologies and his own powers, presumably with followers of his own as well, they stole the Terrigen Mists, weaponized them, and…" he lets out a breath, "destroyed Attilan."

Black Bolt listened, listened intently even. He learned more of Apocalypse than he did on his own earth. Though as Aquaman speaks, Black Bolt nods a few times. « I see…a powerful enemy..did we..» then he answers, and suddenly, Black Bolt's eyes widen, and he just stands there a moment, the composition of nobility in his stance and how he walked just disappeared with that. He walks around a moment, his breathing becoming faster as he realizes his home is gone…and he may not even see it again, should he be unable to return. his teeth clench, and he looks away from Aquaman towards the open ocean, a deep breath being taken….

Then he just -shouts- "NO!" and the ocean seems to almost part at the sheer force of Black Bolts voice, with the water having trouble catching up with itself at first, the destruction spans for maybe miles, some of the clouds above the shout even dissipate completely. In short, it looks like they look before a replica of moses splitting the red sea, before the ocean closes itself again, leaving a similar scene to before he shouted, the King of Inhumans just falling on a knee.
And this is why Arthur brought him here. He can't know it of course, but this place isn't really in a world like the one they both know of. It's a pocket dimension, smaller then Xebel, but no less removed from any other realities. It's designed for private meetings, it's only access through magical Gates controlled by the Atlantean Council of Magi. Here, Black Bolt can shout as he likes, vent his rage, but he can never do lasting harm to anything. The King of Atlantis walks over and gently lays a hand on Blackagar's shoulder, a silent show of support, "He was defeated," he doesn't stop, the short pause all he's giving the other man time for, letting the whole story get out, "and his ship scuttled on the ocean floor. Don't worry, it is no longer even remotely functional." he saw to that personally after the Flash asked him to head up a group sent to retreive the last of the Terrigen weapons. "Your counter part took the survivors of his race and retreated to the stars. I'm not sure where or why, only that not all chose to go with him."

Black Bolt stays kneeling just woards that ocean, he doesnt appear to speak anymore, but the destruction after that one shout….was immense. Even for his youth. GUess he was always that powerful with his voice. Even when Aquaman attempts to calm him, Black Bolt doesnt seem to be calmed. « it won't bring back Attilan…and my counter part left for the stars you say…» he sighs a moment, standing up, but clearly angry. «Good. Let that creature rot at the bottom of the sea for what he did to -my- city.» he takes a deep breath to compose himself. «…apologies.»
Aquaman nods once and returns to the center of the little island where his trident awaits him, "You've nothing to appologize for, it's why I brought you here. A safe place to vent your rage should you need it. Honestly," he eyes Black Bolt, "you're showing more restaint then I would have. If you need more information then the broad strokes, I suggest you seek out the X-Men in their home. I believe they were key to the victory at the time." He wasn't even on the surface for the entire thing, he had his own war to fight. He missed it all.

Blackagar would nod to Aquaman a moment « I was trained to show the utmost of discipline. I am not one to lose my composure.» he states simply, almost coldly. the wound still fresh. «very well. I will speak with this group, and find out more of how my home was conquered. If I know, I may be able to prevent it in my world.» he nods once or twice. «until then, I will help the Inhumans here in my stead, as it would seem.» he takes a moment to sigh. Though he clasps his hands behind him once more, composing himself. «thank you for revealing this to me.»
Aquaman nods his head to all of this, "Also, might I suggest clothing more keeping in the style of the day?" he asks, "You look like either a crazy person, or a superhero, either of which will draw attention to you that I imagine you could do without." he turns to look back out at the peaceful ocean and a moment later another, or perhaps the same, whale surfaces just off of the island's edge.

Blackagar would simply nod a few times. appearing in thought over this. «very well. I'll see to adapting to this strange world.» he speaks mentally, before appraoching the whale as it returned to them, to his assumption, to return them to the harbor.

- END -

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