Super Friends

October 19, 2017:

Diana and Clark meet near Central Park to talk and spend time together.


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It's rush-hour in the big apple. Cars line the streets bumper to bumper for miles. Congested arteries of the city blocked so full it would take hours to go even a mile through the city blocks. The sky is perfectly crystal blue with clouds covering every direction. Birds chirp away in the trees to the sound of hundreds of horns going off in varying patterns. The music of the big city in full effect. Perfect day for a walk.

Clark Kent would be wandering about, enjoying the New York day..the -loud-…constantly loud day. coincidentally enough. his eyes wander at the city once more, normally operating out of Metropolis (and still does), Clark was apparently on a bit of a mission today, it seems, but nothing urgent. He was writing a piece, and Perry wanted him to get it done apparently, though he has a week to do it. Angry people, man. But he seems quite happy today, ears ever so prepared to go to the aid of someone with the smallest cry for help. He wore a black suit jacket with a blue collard shirt underneath and blue jeans, with black shoes. and of course, those dorky spectacles. All around though? having a great day. Which is all Kal-El really needs. But to those that really know him, he could be pointed out easily.

For some, strange reason, coffee sounded fantastic right about now, but he always did enjoy a calm walk, thus did he have no problem moving to the nearest coffee shop, or headed that way. Though knowing the life of the Man of Steel, anything can happen between now and then.

Diana's Embassy was in this particular part of town, not far from the edge of Central Park. She'd been in talks with 'Clark' since the ordeal with the Red Lanterns and she'd asked him to this very coffee shop on this very day.

Diana arrived moments after him, she'd actually spotted him quite a ways away… his suit jacket and blue-jeans were a telltale sign of Clark Kent, Kansas boy, turned New Yorker.

Diana was wearing a dark brown leather jacket, slim fit to her trim form, her black hair was tied back into a braid that fell down past her shoulders. Beneath the jacket she wore a simple white shirt with a low-scooped neckline and a pair of black jeans and black boots.

To help conceal HER identity, Diana's face was covered over by stylish designer sunglasses, a faded tint falling from the top of the lenses to their bottoms.

Diana approached Clark at this lovely coffee shop that had an outdoor seating area and she touched his elbow with her right hand. "Boo." She said, with Halloween right around the corner, she grinned at him.

It wasn't hard for Diana at all to find Superman playing human in Clark Kent. Though he knew the sound of her steps, and heard her coming a little, but he didn't necessarily suspect she'd be RIGHT THERE! at her 'boo', he turns around sharp as if feigning surprise, before he gives her the warmest smile, and widened his arms for a hug in greeting.

"Hey you. It's good to see you so soon." he nods to her, something about Clark/Superman/Kal-El's smile is just a charming one. He just has one of those smiles. "I would hope you're having a nice day, Diana?" he asks curiously, just gonna take that moment to face probably his most trusted companion aside from the Bat of Gotham.

It was nice to be back in contact with her again. Especially with all that's been happening with Red Lanterns. Good timing and good for the soul to just spend time with others again.

Diana would reach up to her right temple and she'd pluck the sunglasses off of her face, fold the arms up and slide them into the hem of her shirt's scooped neckline. "Oh yes, its a good one, so far." She replied to Clark, still smiling at him. Diana would motion him then toward the interior of the shop so that they could get their drinks.

"Its good to get to spend some time with you not involving anything of a serious or grim nature." She'd look from him toward they line they'd have to stand in to get served by the coffee employees, occassionally she got a few glances from others in the store whom she assumed likely recognized her. Clark though? He always avoided recognition.

Diana looked over at him. "Are you staying in Metropolis again?" She'd ask him then.

Clark was always unnoticeable. Even though all he had to do was fix his hair and put on the dorkiest glasses he could find. Suddenly, people see just a random guy from Kansas who just so happens to work at the Daily Planet. Smiling to Diana at her answer that she's doing rather well today, Clark smiles. "I'm happy to hear it. You look nice today, by the way." he compliments her appearance, and likelyhood, he wasn't wrong.

And thus he would happily follow her into the coffee shop. Ah, New York coffee was pretty good, but the lines were beyond chaotic. At her words though, Kent turned his head to her and gave her that same charming smile again "Likewise Diana, likewise. I feel we don't get to spend as much time together as I'd like. It's nice to see you without having to save the world or the city in the process." he nods once, looking like his day improved a good deal just by being there with her. After all, Superman held his friends above himself, so whenever he got to spend time with one, it's like the sun was out no matter what mood he was previously in.

"Yeah. I'm still there. I just needed to come down to New York to do a piece for Perry. Just gotta interview some people of a technology mogul or some such. The usual." he smirks at her. "Still liking New York?" he asks her curiously, looking to the line amusedly, but he was in no rush. Just means he can chat longer.

Diana would look back to Clark and smile more warmly and openly to him when he complimented her appearance. "Awww." She replied. "Thank you." She said that with a chipper little chirp in her Greek accented voice. Diana put her her hands into her pockets and she pulled out a little black leather money holder. "I love New York. Just like all those tee shirts say." She told him with a little grin, while she pulled some dollar bills out. "It is easily my favorite city on the planet, which might surprise some… but its because of all the culture here. People flock to New York and its filled with little pockets of the entire planet, because of it."

Diana looked back over at him and held a little smile. "And since you are here with me today, I buy your drunk." She said, holding up a ten-spot and waving it gently like a hanging flag, in front of him. She'd flash him another grin and would approach the counter top. Diana told the employee (a young teenage boy who stared at her with a dumbfounded expression, partly because of how she was at least six inches taller than her, and likely also cause he recognized who she was).

Diana would then motion to Clark for him to pick whatever he wanted and once ordered, she'd pay whether he liked it or not! "I am going to an art showing tonight." She'd tell him. "You are welcome to come along, though I cannot promise it will be the most thrilling of experiences. There will be a lot of pretty art though." Diana glanced at him and grinned, her humor was hard for some to pick up on, when she was making little jokes.

Clark gave Diana a warm smile in return. He did miss it when she smiled all the time, so when she did, it's like his mood improved even more. "My genuine pleasure, Diana." he bows his head softly. He's always been respectful of her origins, and had actually been attempting to learn the Greek language to surprise her sometime. Though today was not the day for that.

He's actually about mid-way into grabbing his wallet when she pulls out her little money bag and flashes a ten dollar bill in front of his face, which just makes him chuckle. "hah! alright, but you gotta let me buy for us next time." he gives her a small wink, before he looks to the young man rather amusedly. Diana just had one of those appearances where anyone who looked at her could be like 'o.m.g. It's her!', and Clark knew this. When she ordered what she wanted, Clark would approach and ask for a simple decaffed coffee with a little sugar. Nothing too special for Clark.

Though at her invitation, Clark gives her his full attention, as he normally did when speaking with others. "I'd be happy too Diana. and it doesnt have to be over the top fun. Besides, I'd be with you. I've found that in those moments, it's never boring. and trust me, I know." he smiles at her. He could find her humor rather well, though when she was usually hiding it, Clark most certainly wasn't most of the time. Though he's had some -awful- puns that were so bad it caused people to laugh. That's something right? But jokes aside, Clark looks honest when he said that he'd be delighted to go with her. Though she could alwasy try out that lasso.

Diana had always enjoyed Clark's bad puns. She was the kind of woman that enjoyed a nice 'Dad Joke' and with Clark she found it to be endeering, humor wasn't exactly a trait that could be powered by the Sun's rays, its something a person had to really understand to pull off a good laugh at the right time and his style always amused her, when it was the right time.

"Well… if you start to take advantage of my buying generosity of you coming to my city for free drinks… I will cut you off eventually." She teased him as she grabbed for napkins and straws.

Diana would lead them to a table near the window and the open front doors, it was a nice fall afternoon out, not too cold yet.

"The art show is for kids from east Harlem's community college. It is a casual outdoor-indoor event, so there is no need for fancy attire and snooty demeanors." Diana explained while seating herself on one of the stools aside the table, her hands wrapping around the base of her drink's cup. "Which are the kinds of events I enjoy most."

Clark followed her to the table with his drink in hand, giving it a light sip before receiving his straw from Diana. At her comment, he would actually laugh a little. "take advantage of you? no..never…" he winks at that in his normally up front humor, smiling wide and warm at her. "You picked a good spot. One of the best seats in the house, in my opinion." he had been at that specific shop only once before, hence his opinion.

Though when he hears that the art show is for college kids, Clark comically takes an exaggerated breath. "Whew, good. I thought I was going to be approached by like five wealthy people asking me to do stories on them to boost their popularity." he laughs a little afterwards. "I'm happy to tag along. Besides, I rarely get to really spend time with kids who are starting to find their place in the world and what they want to do. It'll be relaxing, and good for both of us I think." he knew how much she loved children and just the youth of the generation in general. In that way, she was so motherly that it was almost inspiring to Clark to want to do better than he already is at treating others, even the less fortunate, which he was already outstanding at.

"It would be an evening I'd be happy to tag along with." he smiles at her "how's the drink? is it good?" he always asks. probably just him making sure she's nice and comfortable.

Diana would grin while listening to Clark and taking a few sips of her drink, she didn't have to worry about it cooling down as much as normal people did… for fear of mouth burns… but it simply tasted better once it had cooled down little.

"You might get asked to do stories on five not-so-wealthy people who are looking to boost their popularity." Di said to him, still grinning. She leaned forward and spoke softer then. "But those stories are far more fun to do, at least I would think so."

Diana leaned back and lifted her drink up for another sip when he asked of its quality, she set the cup down and quickly nodded two times to him. "It is good. They claim it has 'real pumpkin spice' in it… But I am not even really sure what that means, and I do not really believe them." She tilted her head then at him. "Does that make me cynical?"

For Clark…he just went straight for his drink. No worry about mouth burn or it being too hot. Because he literally didn't even feel it. But he does smile warmly to Diana when she tells him he may be asked to do stories anyway, which he shrugs a little and chuckles some. "True on all accounts, thankfully enough. I'd rather do stories on them in truth. Because it's there where the good stories are, the stories that inspire and the stories that really pull someone in.." he goes on a small rant, before he pauses and gives a small smile. He knew he was nerding a bit.

"I'm glad you like it. I would hate to have a great outing with you and later discover you didn't like your drink." he offers warmly, before he chuckles at her when pumpkin spice comes up. "It's alright Diana. It doesn't make you a cynic." he smiles before he continues "Pumpkin spice is an ingredient most often used for pumpkin pie, if you've ever had it. It's a combination of ginger..nutmeg.." he puts a hand to his temple as if trying to remember all of it. "I think clover and some other safe substances. It's really good." he teases her. "Sometime you could come over and I'll make you a pie?" he offers.

Diana would nod to what he said about the students and the stories of inspiration that came from such athings, which she entirely agreed with and is the complete reason as to why she was doing things like attending their art shows. They liked having her there, it made the whole thing a bigger event for them all, she wanted to inspire others afterall.

At the talk of the pumpkin spice, Diana listened attentively and glanced down at her cup once. "I have never been much of a cook, admittedly." She told him, lifting her blue eyes back up to place them upon his. "I know that this time of year is when the pumpkins become the main treat of choice." A little smile was shown. "And yes, a fresh pumpkin pie cooked by a good friend sounds like a wonderful time." Diana would lift her drink up for another sip then. "Just do not make me help you make it… or then it will all go wrong." She flashed a grin before taking her sip.

Clark would smile to Diana as she spooke about never being a good cook…though he had never had her cooking before, so he couldn't have a big opinion that mattered on it! His ocean blue eyes locked onto hers when she speaked, and at her words, he just laughed a little. "I'm happy you would like to do so. Well, maybe I can show you how to make pumpkin pie. I'll let you help me, then we can really just have at it." he realizes that may have come out wrong and he suddenly blushes deeply. "B-but *coughs in hand* regardless, I'd be delighted to make you good ole sweet kansas pie." he gives her a warm smile.

He would now sip his own drink, taking a moment to actually savor the taste.

Diana would sit up straighter in her seat and she'd grin at Clark. "You truly want this pie to turn out burned and with no flavor?" She asked him in response, nodding once to him. "Then I will help you." At the rest Diana would just grin to her companion and shake her head. "Now I think you just want to see me screw up the recipe." Diana would glance out to the street out the windows to her right and she'd smile at a man walking a collection of five dogs on a single leash.

"But yes, that does sound like an experience." She'd say, looking back to him. "Do you look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas here? I imagine being reised in Kansas… both of these holidays are important to you?"

Clark would smile to Diana as she appeared to be more interested in the topic, or at least she was just getting comfortable. regardless, she gets smiles! heck, she gets a smile if she's even present. "Well, I can always make more. I just think it'd be fun if we made one together." he chuckles a little, before giving her a small smile. "me? no! never….nope. nuh uh." he winks at her then.

Though at her question of if he looks forward to christmas and thanksgiving, he would nod a few times. "I do. It's…those few seasons where it seems the world forgets how to hate…just on those days. It's a breath of fresh air just seeing people be kind to one another and support their fellow man. to see smiles on childrens faces." he says, looking out the window a little himself. "It's strange to say I think sometimes. This is not my planet." he says that softly. "But I've come to care for it as if it were my own. I like the holidays, I look forward to them a great deal." he looks back to the Amazon, tilting his head "What about you Diana? do you look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas?"

Diana would grin at the pie talk. "I would be delighted to try my hand at it, but I make no promises." She said to him before listening to him speak on the holidays which would make her again glance outside, she knew that the decorations weren't that far off from being strewn all over the city.

"I love everything about them, except the commercialism." She'd say then, turning back toward him as she sipped from her drink again. "But even businesses have to make their money to stay open… I just… prefer not to listen to their silly advertisements." A little grin was shown for a moment before she'd shake it away with a turn of her head. "But seeing families come closer together and loved ones spend more time with one another in general, that definitely pleases me. I am… no more 'from' this city than you are, Clark. We both come from foreign places… yours is just simply, quite a lot further away." Another soft grin was shown then as she glanced down at her drink.

"You have spent more time in America than I have though. The majority of my time in man's world, has been overseas. So Christmas, I am more familar with than that of Thanksgiving."


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