Watchtower Inspection

October 17, 2017:

Diana and Superman come to the Watchtower where they meet up with some of the Lanterns.



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Floating above the Earth and shielded by reflective stealth panels the Watchtower silently drifts, its insides lighting up at the arrival of several of the planets mightest defenders. The ever vigilant station always alive with automated security drones and the occasional heroic watchman.

Hal Jordan hasn't been around in some time it's not unusual for the senior Lantern to be absent, duties to the Corps often demand his attention. The vanguard for Sector 2814.

Currently the man reclines lazily in a long legged sprawl in the monitoring womb that acts as the central hub of the station, his hair a disheveled mess, his uniform snug to his frame somehow managing to also look in disarray despite it's abnormal nature. It's usually very crisp looking; this could very well be a mood thing. Even with the black domino mask covering his eyes one can tell the Lantern is exhausted.
Even as Lantern was exhausted, the Man of Steel certainly wasn't. Must be the sun.

Bursting through the earth's atmosphere like a comet was Superman! flying in all his seemingly legendary glory, as his vibrant red cape flowed with the speed in which he traveled, and that S-shield at his chest heralding his arrival as surely a friend. His expression was kind, happy even to be returning to the Watchtower, the great sanctum from which heroes find their home and sanctuary. It wasn't long until Big Boy Blue made his way inside the station.

Descending from one of the skyways, Superman would see Green Lantern and give him a kind smile. "Green Lantern! Good to see you." he would land a few feet behind Hal's chair, approaching. "Welcome back."

Diana had arrived via the transport of her invisible jet. It may be an extremely capable stealth craft, but she didn't arrive unannounced. The Amazonian Princess always announced her arrival so as to not surprise those that were stationed up within the Watch Tower.

The jet had its own place inside the landing bay of the Watch Tower as well and when in parked mode, Diana would command the disc that created the magical jet to make it just slightly visible… its edges shining like the tips of waves on a lake under a mid afternoon sky.

Diana descended from within the ship, she spent a moment speaking to the other two Amazons that were with her, all three women were cloaked in robes that covered their armor beneath, though Diana's was a deep shade of blue while the other two were wearing robes of white.

Their conversation lasted only a few moments before Wonder Woman would part from them and the jet and make her way further into the Watchtower, headed in the same direction Superman had gone when he'd arrived moments before her… she was just a bit behind him yet still…

It's a double take at first from Hal before he is pushing up right to walk over to Superman. The brown eyes behind that mask giving a quizical look to the Earth-raised Kryptonian, "You get younger?" He asks. Hard to tell if he is teasing half the time but he looks serious. The smile worn for Clark only grows more at the sight of Diana over his shoulder.
"Princess. I'm happy to see both of you up here. I was starting to think no one else wanted to enjoy the view or suffer through hours of boring watch duty." Not that this is why Hal was here or is here. This is a 'layover'.
[Justice League] Green Lantern says, "Kyle"
Superman gives Green Lantern a once over at his possible compliment. "Not looking too bad yourself, Lantern." he says with a small chuckle. "Not younger, more experienced." he nods a few times, before noticing Green Lantern looking over his shoulder a little, and the Last Son of Krypton turns his head to Wonder Woman, who arrives just a few moments behind him, and he gives her the warmest smile.

"Good to see you, Diana." he bows his head softly in recognition of his dear friend, before his attention is brought back to Lantern. "This view? wouldn't miss it for the world. Best seat in the house, after all."

Diana would enter behind Superman but she wouldn't stand there for long, she'd smile to Hal and give both he and Superman a nod of recognition. "Gentlemen." Diana said before passing by Superman and Hal toward the displays in the room. She let her blue eyes scan over them while listening to what they said. "It is… a great view." She concurred with the caped man, looking back over her shoulder past the locks of ebony hair at them both. "I still prefer many views of it up close though. I will always take a seat beside a nice beach, or above a cascading waterfall, over the cold darkness of space."

Diana spoke in her Greek accented English, and she hinted at them with a grin. "But this will do for now." Diana's eyes looked at Hal then and she took him in as a whole. "Are you… okay?" She'd ask of him.

"Well last time I seen you Batman was trying to convince me you're not from this reality and a geezer but… yeah, right, I'm not fully following but not lying when I say its great to see you." Hal rubs the back of his neck, fingers raking through his hair. He knows he looks like crap right now. Part of the gig after all and he really has no clue where he stands with Power Girl any longer. Guilt does wonders on the psyche.

"I'm fine." He insists, "I'm here for a reason though, just didn't expect the two of you to be the ones I ran in to first. Fortunate honestly. Very." Hal isn't jumping to it yet, hes making some measure of small talk and moving slower than usual, man might need coffee or sleep.

No further comments on the view only a light smile at Diana's remark, "We have no pressing concerns right now? I mean, nothing I'm interrupting with a story of impending doom right?"
Superman would give Hal a small shrug at words with a small chuckle, but doesnt provide an answer really at that. But he does tilt his head at Green Lantern at Diana's comment, realizing he's looking a little worse for wear. Probably needs sleep. "You look like you could use some coffee Lantern." he pats him on the back -really…really gently- before he offers him a small smile.

"Happy to be here. Though you do know if you need anything, we're here for you, right Hal?" he asks curiously. Though Diana steals his attention now. "'re right, truthfully. But even still, doesnt make it any less beautiful." he gives Diana a warm smile, before he looks back to Hal at his question.

"To my knowledge, nothing earth shattering or of impending doom-origin is needing our attention. It's a surprisingly calm day." he smiles.

While the two of them spoke, the Princess moved to a chair and she lowered herself down onto its edge, perching herself there while remaining seated upright in a proper posture position, her blue robe adjusting to its wearer seating themselves as such.

Diana's eyes were on the monitors, she didn't come up here that often unless it was for 'business' so to be up here and spend a moment actually looking at how all of these systems and technological wonders were created to function… it was interesting… if a bit over her head in some capacities. Diana knew her way around a laptop fine enough, but the ins and outs of computers was something she had to yield to onto others.

"If they would stop naming themselves with words such as 'Doom' then perhaps when they were coming for us, we might be less inclined to notice or anticipate their true natures." Diana idly commented back to the men while overhearing them.

She'd spare a moment to look back at both of them, a smile creeping across her red lips. "They sort of tend to put their plans out there, just with the names they give themselves." Since it was a light hearted moment, she chose to throw out a bit of Wonder Humor.

The restraint on the backpat is acknowledged as right now there is no autoshields present to bolster him in range of Di or Clark's strength levels. His rings energy is actually quite low at the moment anyhow.
"I do. Magnus robots are being slackers." Magnus robots being the servile droids occuping the Watchtower in place of actual people.
"Thats good. I'm not saying we are going to be invaded just… there is rumblings out there and if nothing else is threatening the world beyond those green mists we had to deal with months ago, then, maybe we're not entirely unprepared." Some worry in his voice. Usually hes pretty solid in his stance that Kyle Rayner and himself got the galaxy outside covered. Right now hes a touh uncertain of that.

"You two alone put me at ease. Am I sounding paranoid? Hah." A shrug of broad shoulders and another of those crooked Jordan smiles appears. "
Superman gives Green Lantern a kind smile, nodding a couple times. "We'll always be around Hal, at least for the foreseeable future." after all, you never know what'll happen in a fight. "Only a little Lantern, and that's alright. Sometimes, just take a deep breath." he gives him that bit of sage Superman advice, then he looks off to Diana as she speaks.

"Yeah…no one ever said they were smart, though quite a few of them are. They give themselves away with pride. Gives us another advantage." he recalls that Diana's usually there on business. "I hope we're not keeping you from work. Being an ambassador still fantastic?" he asks Wonder Woman as an honest question.

Diana would look away from the terminals after hearing what the two of them said then and she just faced them from where she was perched on the front of that chair next to the terminals and displays, her hands were together between her knees, robe draped over her forearms and legs still.

Diana would show a soft smile. "My job has its perks." She replied. "Mainly within the moments where I get to spend time with the younger people. The ones who have not been jaded by the hardships of aging. The ones that still look at us as faultless heroes who are only doing our very best to keep the world safe from all the enemies… The smart ones… and otherwise."

Diana paused for a moment while eyeing the two of them. "I came to check on things. A generalized desire to just know what things were like up here. I know I do not come up here… as much as I should. The two of you are, seemingly more comfortable out of the orbit of Earth, than I myself am."

Hal nods, "This is me taking a deep breath and refreshing for round two. I just wanted to check in and make sure… well, Earth is still where I left it." That lopsided grin doesn't disappear.
"Since when does Royalty have to work?" Hal teases. "And baby, I was born to have my feet offa terra firma and in the skies or beyond." Bold as always, not often someone uses a word like 'baby' towards the legendary Wonder Woman. Not that it's a direct petname and more just a manner of speaking. Hal's always one to press the boundaries though. This is why hes such a damn good pilot (if you ask him).
Superman would turn his head to Wonder Woman, giving her once more a warm, kind smile like he had missed her. "That reasoning is why I miss you around here." he chuckles faintly, "Well, remember, that can always be arranged Diana. After all, there is still a Justice League." he gives her a small smirk, before looking at Hal.

"Don't worry. You know I wouldn't let anything happen to it." he states only somewhat proudly, but he was serious. They would know he was -very- protective of earth. Though Superman does widen his eyes only a little bit when Hal calls Diana 'baby'….which may or may not end well for him. But regardless, he keeps out of that one. He does take a small breath though. He missed these two.

With back straight and hands held together between her knees, Diana stared at the two of them from her seat, just lightly smiling and listening to them both. She didn't seem to mind the comments that Hal made, at least not visibly showing any of sign of it.

When Kal spoke, she shifted her gaze solely onto him and a smile grew and a light singular nod of her pointed chin was given. "It does indeed." She said then back to Superman.

It was then that Diana stood again from her chair and let her dark blue robe sort itself out around her form while she walked slowly toward both of the men. "You know what happens if I spend more time up here though…" She said with a small smirk. "I start trying to find ways to use this place for things that are not directly related to war and 'battling'. Such as letting young scientists come up here to perform tests in space, and encourage the minds of the youth to go in the fields related to such… things."

Diana would step past them then, her stride calm and perhaps a bit… slow.

Diana paused beside Hal and she glanced at him. "I think I will take a walk around the station and observe its condition." She raised her right brow up some at him. "If I am permitted… baby?" She asked, dry tone to her voice.

"I hope so. I'm rather partial to it. Where else am I going to get Chicago style dogs or take my nephews to a Meteors game? Boy shorts. Corvettes. GOOD MUSIC." Hal tosses his hands up in to the air and pushes in a mock display of dramatics. The smile managing to show off white teeth now.

As Diana moves he actually shifts as though he is expecting a swat to the arm or a cuff, playful in mannerism and once shes strode past he chuckles, "Thats something you proposed before. I mean, if it wasnt such a security risk as the other guys argued. I mean… "
A headshake, "If I say permission granted how hard are you going to hit me, Princess?" A hidden grin given towards Clark.
Superman would smile between them, though his attention falls on Diana "It's alright, we know. It's part of your more loving character. Don't lose that." he smiles happily, before he looks to Hal as he speaks "heh, funny, Lantern." he comments on his mini speech in his usual showcase of small dramatics. Though he does look between them now as they start to talk and the word 'baby' is used by Diana almost playfully? possibly? in the kind of 'dare you' kind of way maybe? Superman may be one of the worlds mightiest heroes….but women still elude him vastly.

"Well, this should be amusing." he says in response to Hal's grin.

Diana would look past Hal toward Superman and she'd give him a soft smile before putting her blue eyes back onto the masked face of the Green Lantern. "We would likely need scientists up here just to find what was left of your remains." She said back to the man, a grin showing at the corners of her red lips though as she was just being playful with the cocky pilot.

"I am going to explore. If I am not heard from in some time, then consider me lost inside of this monstrosity of a space club house." She looked back from the doorway at the two of them and a larger grin was shown. "You two are in charge of finding me, should I not make it back."

And that is when Wonder Woman would pass on back out into the corridor beyond, she'd wandered the space station before, but she hadn't really gotten a chance to memorize its layout and even after being away from Themyscira for so long, things like this still made Diana awe-struck to see and experience, to absorb it and experience it firsthand. She liked this place, even if it felt a little too far from home.

[OOC] Diana Prince isn't running from the scene, just likes to stay mobile sometimes.
"She is in a good mood. I survived that." Hal manages, his eyes following the warrioress in her stride off. It's not like they don't have commlinks attached. As she draws further away Hal gives Clark a studious and appraising look, "Your presence here is a serious asset. We've been holding down the fort without you and its not easy. I was only half-assed in trying to stress some of my concerns, keep your eyes on the heavens. I know I usually say 'I got this' and Green Lanterns do our spacely duty but I might have bitten off more than I can chew recently. We'll see. Just… until further notice, keep your eyes and ears peeled beyond… well," A handwave towards the planet below through the viewscreen. It's not like he has to say as much to Clark or Diana but its clear, something shook up the indomitable Hal Jordan and hes not fully voicing it.

"Should we follow her? If she gets lost in some of the new wings I don't know what she'll find." A subject hop to something lighter. Hal talking sideways and trying to be macho clearly.
Superman would almost laugh at Hal's first statement. "She has a big heart. I don't think she would do it unless you really deserved it in her mind." though he turns more serious when Hal starts getting into the thick of of his words, Superman even turns to face him. "I'm sorry…offworld matters and trying to put the pieces together on something. Don't worry, I'm here now. and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." he smiles to Hal, putting a hand on his shoulder to be reassuring. "Somethings shook you, we can talk about it later if you like." he smiles to him warmly. Superman was always that kind of big brother figure.

At Hal's question to him, Superman would nod. "It may be safe if we did. Remember the last time she got lost?" he laughs a bit as he starts to walk in that direction. The man who can fly decides to walk. Okay.

If the two of them were intending to catch up with her, by the time they did so, they'd find her in what passes for a mess hall and food area. She'd be fumbling with the machine that dispenses drinks, her hands both up out of her robe's front and her fingers pushing at buttons on the touch screen. "No." She said to the little robot voice talking. "Tea. Not Sweet Tea." Then there came a buzz in response and a robotic voice said "One glass of sweet tea."

The metal cup was shot out of the machine and a little spout came down to start to pour fizzy bubbly sweet tea into the cup.

Diana groaned in frustration… She reached out for the cup anyway though.

The drink dispenser chirped and said in its robot-voice. "Have. A. Nice. Day."

Diana would roll her eyes at it and turn around to walk about the interior of the room, sweeping her eyes around as she sipped from her cup of sugary tea, her dark eyebrows furrowing some at the taste of the sugar overload… clearly the princess didn't like her drink.

"Shook? Maybe. Reminded me of mortality and our responsibility is more like it I suppose. I dunno, maybe I needed a reality check." Hal brushes it off and carries on in a stride alongside Clark to catch up with the Amazon.

"Which time? You act like it is once." Maybe joking. Possibly not. "It's your accent maybe." Hal offers to Diana and the bot. "That or it's just becoming a gimmick up here to frazzle you. It's easier most days just to tell them to bring you a beverage. Makes for fun surprises."
Superman would nod a few times to Green Lantern. "A lesson everyone learns every once and a while." heck, even he knew it. Though those moments were rare, he's had those fights. "As long as you're alright." he nods a few times, then they come across Diana being adorable in the Mess Hall.

Eventually, after he sees Diana walk off with her sugary tea after a few moments of just getting frustrated at the poor robot, Superman would approach it. "Tea please." "One Glass of Tea. Coming. Right up." and he gets tea! probably the accent. He would walk it right over to Diana "Diana." and he would offer her the tea. "Regular Tea, unlike that sweet tea I can see you dislike. Sometimes the robots like to glitch up. Every now and then a tune up is needed." he smiles apologetically to her.

Diana would look back at the two as they caught up with her and she'd glance down at her drink cup and then look up at Hal with a light grin. "I would be far to afraid that they would bring me a cannister of oil." She replied to the notion of asking for a surprise drink from the robots.

When Kal brought her a proper cup she'd exchange with him gratefully. "Oh… I will have to try my best New Yorker accent next time." She grinned lightly. "I have been working on it, to…" She slightly tilted her head then and raised her eyes upward. "Mixed reviews, but I will get it refined." A little grin was shown then and the Princess would try the new cup of unsweet tea and it made her close her eyes in enjoyment from the alternate taste. "Muuuuch better." She announced.

"How many… robots are up here?" She asked then, looking back to both of them who knew this place better than she did. "Are they still building onto the place?"

"They haven't done that yet. I think Magnus programmed them to know physiology and what we can ingest but… never know." Hal says while standing beside Clark. Coffee he asked for earlier never arrived, but that particular bot will be on it's way from the hub where it just missed them in no time.
"I never counted how many there are. Enough to maintain it without us. For all I know Magnus was stashing an army up here after SHIELD pulled their whatever-that-was with the DEO." A blink and Hal looks outside a view port at the rest the station, "I actually never asked. I haven't noticed if so. I think they just maintain."

Superman would smile to Diana when it's clear that she's happy with her tea. "It's alright. Sometimes the robots just gets stuff worked weird." he laughs a moment, and when the topic of robots gets brought up, Superman would shrug. "To my knowledge, they maintain and tend to build on what we don't have on the station." he nods af ew times. "Sadly, I don't count them either." he shrugs.

Though he does smile to the two of them, moving to the outside view port with his arms crossed and only a small tired yawn. "Whew…long day." he nods a few times.

Diana would continue their walk and assume that the two of them had entirely decided to follow her, she moved down the corridor and listened to them closely while her eyes did all the roaming over the interior of the Watchtower's many rooms.

"That is a bit alarming." She says after hearing what both of athem said, her hands cupping the tea, holding the metal cup against the palms that were encased in dark supple leather half-gloves tucked into her ornate bracers on her forearms. "I recently attended a conference on the dangers of the artificial intelligence and how quickly it has come in recent years. Some, very well respected, minds in the field believe that the robots and the A.I. are the enemies we really need to worry about… and not the people who give themselves names such as 'Doom' and 'Apokolipse'."

From around a corner, a robot no bigger than two feet tall came skittering into view… it moved on two wobbly robot legs carrying a chair over its head with both of its tiny metal arms. "Hello. Humans." The robot said with a squeaky voice as it scurried past them down toward the hangar where one of Diana's Amazonian sister's had asked for a chair from the robots in the landing bay (Apaprently they didn't know that not all of them were human!).

Diana sipped her tea, and grinned back at Hal and Kal. "I am not so certain they are out to kill us though…" She said in a calm voice, while stepping into a new room. The exercise / fitness / training room.

"Yeah, sometimes they're named things like Amazo. That is entirely misleading." Hal Jordan adds to Diana's mention of killer robots and their absurd names. The SuperYawn not overlooked as Hal catches it, "So you do actually sleep?"

The robots are largely ignored by Hal, hes isused to them and spent more than enough time in their presence to become rather bored with their antics; intentional or otherwise.

"If Magnus intended to make sure these things were around for evil they accomplish it in a way that will knick away at you and drive you insane."

Diana carried her cup of tea into the fitness center aboard the station and she listened to Hal's words which made her grin lightly while she walked past the various, seemingly never used, equipment in here that was pristine in condition. She made her way to a rack of arm weights and she took her right hand off of her cup of tea and picked up a 200 lb curling weight. She lifted it with ease and turned around to look at the two fellow Leaguers who'd been following her, she pumped iron while sipping her tea and staring at them.

"So then. Hal no longer fears the robot overlords, and he believes that all the little cute ones onboard this amazing station… are no longer cute, but they are in fact. 'Soooo yesterday's news.'?" Diana moved the 200 lb weight back into is home after five or so curls and she pointed her tea-cup holding hand toward Superman.

"He sleeps. In one of those little race car beds." And she grinned at Kal, teasing the man who'd brought her her proper tea and not the sugary torture she'd ended up with? So bold of her!


One of the airlock doors cycles an outside arrival, triggering the cycling from the inside. The security credentials flash green and replace the void outside with a repressurized seal of oxygen. When the door opens, like magic, it's just as breathable as the rest of the Watchtower station. Only this time, it spits a Green Lantern with a slightly different uniform, a five o'clock shadow, and hair that's growing long enough to hang in front of his eyes. Later, the security logs will reveal that Kyle Rayner is on the approved access list.

"Haaaaaaaal?" Kyle can be heard from down the hall, calling out not in frantic worry, but like a roommate wondering if his other roommate is in the bathroom before entering. He calls out again before peeking into the fitness center, leaning sideways through the doorway first, like a Goonie.

"Oh, hey, wow." Kyle blinks and twists the rest of the way into the room. He scratches at the back of his head and extends a hand towards Superman and Wonder Woman. "I just got in from the next parsec. Looks like you beat me here, Jordan."

Superman was here the whole time! he promises! After his yawn, he looks over to Hal "hm? oh, yes, I sleep. Though sometimes it can be difficult to with everything going on." he smiles warmly, then his attention is stolen by the appearing Kyle Rayner! "ah, all the Green Lanterns are present?" he asks curiously..though he did wonder where Gardner and Stewart were.

Though Superman looks at Diana, giving her a little look "I sleep…in a bed." he winks though to be equally playful. "I can play this game too, Diana. I haven't lost my edge…least I don't think."

"Yep. No fear of robot overlords, Magnus turdbuckets or Manhunters. Just don't have the time or desire, I've always found hitting actual living things a lot more satisfying." Hal replies to Diana's jesting. A look to Clark and he gives an over stated appraising stare, "Carbed. I can see it. Red and blue too?"
An elbow nudge is given the Man of Steel and then it's Kyle's turn to cut through the bonding.
"His voice is so shrill sometimes. I swear I ditched him three galaxies back in a snow drift." Untrue, things were far more serious where they last were but things are light right now, joking even and he'll roll with that.
"Partner." He offers as the man appearance. "We were just discussing Superman's sleeping habits. No lie and go figure."

Diana would give a smile to Kal as he winked at her after her racecar bed jab and she lifted her teacup up to her lips, only pause when Hal spoke and she had to give him a look.

"Okay, new space station rule… in fact, new rule in general." She looked between them, moments before Kyle arrived. "No one ever say the words … 'turd bucket' … in my presence again."

And thats about the time that Kyle would stride into the Fitness Center onboard the Watchtower to find the three of them chatting together. Diana would complete her sip of tea and then smile to him. "Hello!" She said in her Greek accented English. "We were just about to begin a regiment of exercises, would you like to join us?" She was teasing of course, because as Hal had found out earlier, Diana was in a good mood.

"All?" Kyle's all-white eyes behind his mask boggle at the term turd bucket upon arrival. As well? He's heard nothing Hal has said about him. "Oh, well there's over six thousand of us all across the known universe. We'd have to take turns on the leg sled." Kyle grins and offers to shake with Superman first. "Lantern Rayner. Hal's partner." NERRRRRD.

"Exercise?" Kyle blinks and looks over to the weight Wonder Woman is pressing, cringing and offering his hand to her as well. "Lantern Rayner, uhm-" Click. "Sure, but maybe not that much weight? I can bench that, but I'm not as strong as you." Kyle straightens his back and steps up to the challenge. "Or I can spot, you know, with the ring."

Superman looks like he's about to flick Hal to the next century, but he doesnt, only a small narrow of his eyes at the teasing, before he laughs a bit himself. He looks to Diana, smiling to her in return as they lock eyes a moment. Though he nods in agreement a bit when she states her rule. "I'd vote for it."

His sights return to Kyle Rayner, reaching with his own hand to give Rayners a shake. "Superman." he greets with a small smile. "Nice to meet you." and he turns to face the others. "Doing exercise would be fun. Always nice to stay in shape." come on superman…you're powered by the sun. don't need to. But you gottal ove the optimism right?

"Oh right, royal sensibilities." Hal didn't even realize he'd said as much until after the fact and it was pointed out. Tis the nature of things.
"Vote for it? Yeah. We're not exactly in need of exercise here are we? I think shes just jerking your chain, Kyle." Hal's arms drape across his chest lazily, coffee bot is slow and hes given up on it.
"You can trust him." Hal insists about Kyle not as though it needed said, they are in the Watchtower. Masks on those who wear them still though. A look is given Kyle, one that says, 'no. I haven't said a word.'

Diana would set the weight down and use that now free hand to reach out to shake Kyle's offered own. She gave him a warm smile. "Hello, Lantern Rayner." She said to him. "Let me personally thank you for all the good that you do, I am sure that you have gone beyond what has been called of you… and truly, we all appreciate it." She didn't know Kyle as well as she knew Hal and even she and Hal didn't exactly 'hang out together'.

Diana take a step closer to one of the fitness machines within the room. "Yes, I was mostly just teasing. These things do not appear to have been used even a single time." She pushed one of the machine's weight arms as though it was styrofoam.

"I came here today to snoop, really, an unofficial inspection? I suppose that is the proper way to phrase it." Diana would look between the three others in the room with her. "I still feel this entire facility could be doing more… but, I try to keep myself from being overly… pushy on that subject."

Kyle Rayner catches the look from Hal out of the corner of his eye. A scant nod, a little bit of Lantern-grade subliminal conversation, casts a mote of understanding his way. Pay no mind, Kyle Rayner is simply understanding something the famous Hal Jordan has imparted to him.

"It's great to meet the both of you, and thank you. Truly." Kyle replies warmly towards Diana with a muted smile. "And thank you for everything you do down on Earth for the women seeking their fair place. It was just my mother and I since I was a child. She drew strength from your example." Kyle takes his hand back and turns, clapping Superman on the shoulder, smiling through the black hair sweeping at his cheeks.

"Not that I would try to show off lifting weights around these two, but I do try to keep at top. Rings and all, we still get physicals every now and then." Kyle lightly-fist punches Superman's arm, then offers a fresh set of knuckles for Hal to pound. "But I like them, Hal, and I'm all ears for whatever suggestions the rest of you have about the station."

Kyle turns to stand next to Hal, folding his arms across the chest, and sweeping his atteniton between the three.

"I mean, Hal and I are part of a galaxy wide monitoring network. Whatever helps with Earth, because we aren't in this solar system at all times." Kyle adds, mask flexing as his brow lifts.

Superman would shrug lightly at Hal, before he looks back to Diana. Oh? she was using the weights huuuuh? well, that could be a competition of entertainment in and of itself but Superman doesnt challenge. "Regardless Diana, we're happy you're here." then Rayner manages to steal his attention, giving him a small smile "Well, we can always try seeing how well you do in terms of pure weight." he challenges jestfully, no real meaning behind it. though when Kyle lightly punched Superman in the arm…they didn't call him the man of steel for nothing. even though it was playful. guy was like a brick wall.

He stretches some, cracking his neck from the long day. "Hmmm well, I'd be alright with suggestions too. After all, as long as it helps us be more effective." he nods a few times.

Diana would reach out to put a comforting momentary hand on Superman's arm. "I do not think we should start a weight lifting competition up here in our space station." She would grin lightly before looking to Kyle and nodding her head one small time to him.

A larger smile was shown to him. "I am glad to have offered some inspiration to your mother, raising a child on your own is a very challenging thing to do. I imagine you were quite a lot of trouble." Diana would grin softly, teasing Kyle as well. "Where is your mother now?" She'd ask, knowing full well that that could be a troublesome question some people. "I would be thrilled to get to meet her."

"Nooooo I was a good kid. I mopped floors to pay for my own schooling and was a quiet one, an artist." Yet, there's a temperature change around Kyle's glowing white eyes and mouth. Like a shadow from a cloud momentarily passing under the sun. His lips twist into a thoughtful smile, the kind practiced and held in reserve for those rare, if not somewhat painful, moments. "She was taken from us; she's not with us anymore." Kyle reaches for the back of his neck. Taken. Not Passed. "But I visit her every Sunday when I'm in system."

Kyle's cheeks puff slightly, and out comes a breath.

"So-" Kyle clears his throat and lifts his chin a measure. He changes the subject, quickly. "-I uhm, could share some designs on warning alerts to communications systems, maybe find a way to get the computers here to pinpoint where bad things are going down, then we'd just need to make sure we can all fly around fast enough to get there, right?"


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