AoA: Hot Ice

October 16, 2017:

Emma comes for a chat with Lorna. It goes no where as both lady leaves in anger.

Triskelion above NYC


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Lorna was bored. She and Jean had gotten back, and she'd been given a name to try to find where this world's version of her had ended up… And she had no idea where to start to find some woman either. It wasn't like there was a yellow pages. Much less something that a google search in her world could answer. So she was forced to either ask after the woman or try to figure out if there was some other way to track her down.

The green haired mutant sat in one of the conference rooms that had become more or less a landing space for her and the other X-men. It was better than sitting in her room alone. It wasn't like there was anything else to do besides sit around and wait.

So for the moment, Lorna was amusing herself by making an increasingly detailed, metal sculpture of what New York City should look like. Tall, towering structures became tiny little figures on the table. It was mind numbing.


The Triskelion. It's not a building entirely foreign to her, being on the presidential cabinet. But on that cabinet, she's the Secretary of Education. That's not really a position that begs for her to visit often.

At all.

So, perhaps, it's a little odd that she's here now. Here after being gone for days and out of contact with almost everyone of her staff, save her chief of staff.

And now, she's waiting in a nice business suit looking for all the world like there's nothing wrong with her presence here. Asking to meet with one of the little imports, Lorna Dane. And the smile on her lips is as sweet as the punch to which her lip color harkens. Unbothered, she'll wait as long as she needs to.


Lorna had no interest in speaking with the Education Secretary. Magneto had already reamed her verbally over her behavior down in New York. Had already demanded she apologize and be thankful that Secretary Frost wasn't pressing charges. Of course the green haired mutant refused to say sorry and had her own anger issues that rivaled her-not-father. And the two had parted ways with Lorna going back down to the city to repair all the damage she had done. That, that she'd been sorry for.

So when some soldier type comes around to tell her that Emma Frost was waiting for her in such and such a conference room, Lorna had rolled her eyes. But she'd gotten up and followed anyway.

It wasn't like she had anything better to do after all. Not until Magneto sent her out again.


Emma is sitting at the table in said conference room, studying her unlacquered fingernails - for to pretend that one can afford such frivolities is a bad PR game - casually. She looks up at Lorna when she arrives, and she offers another small smile.

"Hello," she quietly intones, looking for all the world like the cat who ate the proverbial canary. "Was so glad to hear that you were back in town.//


Lorna made no attempts to look polite, or pleased to see the other woman. She sighed, and crossed her arms as she stood there looking vaguely bored. It was an effort to not roll her eyes. She wanted nothing to do with the telepath and had other things on her mind. Mainly anything else. At the moment she was trying to think of all the things she could do when she got back to her world.

"If by town you mean the flying airship. Sure." She offered and sank down into a chair as far from Emma as she could get.


"I'm equally glad to see that your temperament is so very much improved," Emma quips dryly, an eyebrow pricking upwards. "Petulance is very unbecoming. Don't be a twit about this." Because the telepath just has to bait that bear. "Airship, airspace, in town… It all equates to you being here, now doesn't it?" Emma asks, looking up from her manicure's inspection sharply in the verdant-tressed mutant's direction. "Either way, it was very considerate of you to make it easier for me to find you. Thank you for that."


Lorna managed to look like she'd swallowed or at the very least, took a bite out of a lemon. Her arms crossed as she arched a brow leaned back in her chair. Her posture indicative of a desire to put her feet up on the table out of spite. Though she refrained, only just. "Well, it's not like I have a choice. Sure, I can disappear into the wastes. Or hit up the toxic places still oozing with radiation. It's not like it's gonna hurt me. But then I run the risk of missing my ticket home. And the less time I spend in your world, the better for everyone I think." She tilted her head to the side.

"Or are you gonna tell me how great it is that me and my friends ended up trapped in your world?"


"My opinion doesn't really matter one way or the other, does it?" Emma inhales sharply, and then turns lazily in her chair to face the table more directly and neatly fold her hands upon it. "I didn't trap you here, but you just need something to be angry about, don't you? Something to make you better than here. Better than me. Does that make you feel good?" Slender shoulders shrug within her suit jacket as the politician offers more options. "Feel more righteous? Justified, perhaps?"


Lorna rolled her eyes and stood as Emma started in on her. "I don't give a shit what you think of me. I am not normally an angry person to this extent. I don't look for things to be pissed about. This world of yours? Yeah, it pisses me off. My friend being kidnapped? Really put a damper on my mood. And you straight up abandoning us at a very fucking convenient time, was suspicious as all get out. I'm not sorry I attacked you based on what I knew of the situation." She exhaled a breath, her lips twisting.

"Look, unless you need something from me, I'm going back to my room."


"Did you ever ask why?" Emma asks, simply. "Or are you a telepath, and I missed it somehow? Did you already read my thoughts and know?"

The woman chuckles. "You don't know me, child. You don't know know this world. Not really. You have your perceptions, when you weren't ground in the crucible. So don't talk to me about how horrible it all is, as if you actually know. But, all the same," she continues, "I can help you get your friend back. And if you can't get your head out of your posterior long enough to accept the help, then get me your Grey, and I'll talk to her."


Lorna's expression twisted and she scowled, her hand curling into the back of the chair she'd previously sat in. "I never claimed to know you. I don't want to know you. I want to get home and out of here. I want to go back to a place that has never been blown up by nukes and twisted the magnetic fields. I want to go back to a world with internet, and movies, and tv and books. And I want some fucking doritos. A world where my friends and I are alive, well and not dead, crazy, or something else." She exhaled a breath.

"If you want to help send me back, I'm all ears. But don't call me a child."


Emma actually chuckles, although her smile is a show of false politeness. "Then do stop acting like one, dear. You can tell your Jean Grey that if she's more willing to be civil then I'll talk to her about arrangements to help fetch your Mister Grey back again."

Rising up onto her feet, the blonde is nothing if ready to walk from a sour negotiation. "Until then, I think we are done. I am not going to apologize to you, Dane, if that's what you're looking for. It is unfortunate what happened, but that was not my doing."

Lorna's scowl deepened and she rocked back onto her feet. "Quit talking down to me, that's what I want. I came in here willingly enough to talk to you, and you do nothing but mock me since I stepped foot in here. You started this shit show. Accusing me of being pissy and a child, and unwilling to listen when you wouldn't get to the damned point." She shook her head and huffed a breath.

"I don't want an apology from you. I just want you to stop looking down your damn nose at me."


"Oh, yes. Poor you. Poor, put-upon you." Emma's eyes narrow angrily, and all pretense of a smile is gone. Her lip curls upwards into a sneer, and there is no kindness in it. "You came in here, hating me every step of the way. You do not have the moral high ground here, and we are definitely done." And with that, the politician turns and moves to leave. Because she can.


Lorna exhaled a shuddering breath, her eyes squeezing shut as her anger rioted and Emma managed to push every single button the green haired mutant had. The joys of arguing with a telepath. It hard, so much harder for her to swallow down her anger than it had been before in her life. Her constant running default in this world had become that anger. And it seized her throat and tightened her chest.

Worse still was how it made the lights above her head flicker. She had never let her anger control her so very much, to let her powers slip her control was a sign to how on edge she had become. And how very close she was to falling off. She didn't trust herself to not lash out if she spoke. So instead she simply stood there, breathing hard as her hands closed tighter over the back of the chair in front of her. She didn't budge even as Emma made to leave and departed with one last verbal barb.

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