College Blues

September 01, 2017:

Lorna asks for her college work, because something is troubling her and she has to go 'home'.

//Campus University //


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"And with that, class" There's a rather loud slam as a book is shut closed atop the lectern. "comes the end of today's lesson." Professor Brashear spoke with a calm and confident voice to the class from behind his lectern. It had been a long and difficult lesson but one the students would certainly need if they had any hope of passing Fridays exam.

Professor Brashear was dressed in a slimming brown vest over tan suit-shirt and matching tan pants his tie a series of complex formula written in blue on a black background. Even through his suit it's clear as it had always been that the good professor prided himself on physical fitness as well as his understanding of the practical applications one can find for a physics degree, and wrangling rowdy students.

"Remember it's not too late to sign up for the after school study sessions ahead of the big exam" He reminds students even as they're already starting to make their way to the door in droves, the entire place clearing out on this beautiful fall day.

The sun shining in from outside with blue skies brought all the attention from his lesson and to the beauty that awaited them.

"I want to see A's from each and every last one of you." Spoken with a waggle of his finger as he looks over from behind half glasses.


Lorna had been a good student. Always on time. Always turning in assignments and churning out at least B grade work, if not A level work. She was a passionate young woman, and from the first time she took one of Professor Brashear's intro classes as a curious freshman, to now an early graduating junior.. She had always, always, been an active participant in her education.

Yet this past week or so, she'd grown quieter, more withdrawn. No longer raising her hand to answer questions and no longer sitting up front in her usual seat. She had settled in the far back, nearest to the doors. And had been very nearly late once or twice.

The green haired young woman now stood outside the room, waiting for the students to clear and for the Professor to exit to catch his attention. He had been her advisor, since her given major was physics. And they had talked about her plans before for early graduation, and then her choices for a master's degree program.

So, her wishing to catch him was hardly out of the ordinary. Only, her troubled expression was.


Professor Brashear was the last to leave the class. With a quiet tune hummed in the back of his head from the MASH. He was in a good mood. The day had gone smoothly as ever, the students weren't too much trouble for once, and things seemed to be looking up all around.

Of course his expression fades somewhat when he notices that troubled look on Lorna's face. He pauses in his stride hand still on the door, and looks at her for a short moment. "Is there something wrong Miss Dane?" Asked with a real and genuine concern as he slowly lets go of the door handle his head tilting slightly to one side.

He was used to that happy go lucky dedication from her but of course he'd noticed the change in trend. She was one of his students and he wouldn't be much of a superhero if he couldn't notice the sudden drastic change in attitude.


Lorna exhaled a breath. "I'm.. I can't stay for the test, Professor. I have to go. Home. There's.. it's a personal thing." She dragged a hand through her hair, shifting her grip on the battered and well loved leather-backpack at her shoulder.

"And I don't know if I'll be coming back. I know I've only got your class and Professor Lamar's class to finish up my degree.." She winced. "And I already spoke to him. He said that since most of the class is posted online I can finish up my coursework there and still get credit."

Green eyes lifted from the ground and back up to the Professor's features.


There's a change in his posture for a moment as he's honestly a bit surprised to hear it coming from one of his top students. His eyes go for just a moment wide before his expression shifts to one of understanding.

"Well that's a decision you have to make for yourself I suppose." He starts with that kind voice spoken rather softly. "I will of course allow you to finish the rest of your coursework online, I only hope you're alright."

He pauses for a long moment's thought placing a single hand on his chin. When he speaks again it's with compassion in his voice. "I will of course allow you to finish the rest of your coursework online," A pause for a moment longer before he starts with a mock stern tone "But I still expect an A from you Miss Dane" A quiet waggle of his finger from one side to the other as he offers a friendly smile.

"I hope it's nothing serious" He adds with concern backing his voice after a few moments longer.


Lorna seemed to have held her breath while she waited for the Professor's verdict on finishing up her course work. His answer had her shoulders slumping in relief as well as with barely concealed regret for having had to ask at all. She nodded, and a small, half smile tugged at her lips when he mentioned her ability to ace the test in return.

"Should be good for that. I already went over the material when you handed out the syllabus." Less because she was that much of a planner, or that good a student. It was just tied to how her powers worked, and as soon as she'd found that section of the textbook, she'd been in a rush to test it out. Being her own electro-magnet really helped.

When he hoped that whatever it was, wasn't serious? She winced faintly. "Kinda. I wouldn't be going home if it wasn't." She murmured softly.


"Well I just hope everything works out for you" He exclaims with a smile, a somewhat unhappy smile, but a smile nonetheless. "I'm sure the class won't be the same without you." He looks back towards the classroom. For a moment it seems almost as if he'll pry further before he simply falls back to that more relaxed stance.


Lorna hung her head, pushing her hair back from her features as she considered his words. Even when he didn't pry, but offered words of encouragement, Lorna couldn't help the feeling that she'd disappointed him. And he had been one of her favorite Professors thus far. She exhaled a gusty breath and glanced back up at him. "Uhm. You wouldn't happen to know if there's any good graduate programs I could apply for online? I know, I already applied for the Master's program here, but I don't think they do an online version for geophysics.. right?"


"I can put you in touch with another teacher I went to school with back in the day who's running just the class for you." He speaks with a good deal of gesticulation, before heading back into the classroom. He walks over towards the lectern digging back through it for a long moment.

Papers are shoved from one side to the other as he murmurs under his breath. "Come on Paul, where'd I put your damn pamphlet." He pauses for a moment holding up a scrap of paper before placing it right back into the lectern. "You don't need to have a physics degree to understand the concept of organization, but the fact I have one just adds insult to injury."

He goes down on one knee for a moment digging more thoroughly. Papers are sat down onto the ground up on the lecterns surface or just scattered off to either side. Eventually there's a moment where he just holds up what looks to be a somewhat faded tri-fold pamphlet. "Eureka!" He calls out quickly stuffing back away the contents of the lectern in no particular order.


Lorna followed along a step or two behind, hope lighting her gaze. Getting her degree, and working toward a master's degree mattered to her. It helped her understand how her powers worked and gave her paths to new ideas on how to use them. She had spent years training on them, but never really understood the whys or hows.

Given that it always lent a leg up over other students when she could see how the magnetic fields worked, she always understood so much more than what the textbooks were able to tell her.

So when the Professor said there was a chance, a program that would work for her? It was a hope. One that she latched onto firmly and without pause. When he found the tri-fold pamphlet she grinned, the first real smile he would've seen on her face for the better part of a week or two.

"Thanks so much Professor. It really means a lot to me."


Offering out the old pamphlet he gives a wide smile of his own visibly overjoyed at actually being able to find something for once. It looks to be a few years out of date but it does have a proper web address ready for the visiting.

"It's the least I could do." As he hands the pamphlet over, smile fading to a bit of a smirk. "And the least you can do is never lose that urge to learn." As he tapps the side of his forehead with his index finger. "It's one of the easiest qualities to lose and the hardest to regain."


Lorna took the the tri-fold with care, tucking it away into her backpack as she swung it around over her one shoulder and slipped it between her textbooks and notes. She breathed a sigh of relief as she zippered the bag shut and swung it back into place over her shoulder. "You remind me of my favorite teacher back in high school. He really encouraged me to get my college degree in the first place. Granted he had an English accent and all, but he said much the same stuff."

She exhaled a sigh again, tucking a loose strand of green back behind an ear. "Thank you, again. I'll try my best. And uhm.. I just wanted to say that your classes were always my favorite. You're a great professor, and I learned a lot." She bit her lower lip, averting her gaze.

"I'll stay on top of everything." She added awkwardly after a moment, a weak wave of her hand, before she turned to leave the lecture hall.

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