AoA: Return to the Airship

October 08, 2017:

Darcy goes looking for Lorna and brings her back to the Triskelion.

Somewhere in NYC


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Lorna had spent the better part of the day out and with the sole incident of attacking Emma Frost, or at least this world's version. Really, the woman had been very gentle with her considering Lorna had thrown everything she could at the telepath. The green haired mutant rationalized away her temper. Her blind rage that had set her on the blonde instead of Pietro.

She felt boneless exhaustion after, but it was stubborn determination that she was in the right, that kept her from returning to the Triskelion. The idea that no one else in this blasted world cared enough about this world's version of her.. that she had to be the one to find her. To tell her. To be that one person to reach out for her.

Just as Lorna so desperately wished she had in her moments of despair. Few as they were by comparison.

But now it was getting dark, and with it came the chill. Lorna had nowhere else to go. No money. No nothing. Who was she kidding, skipping the free food, and shelter that had been on offer? And she was no closer to finding her alternative self. The woman was at half power. She wasn't connected to the magnetic fields as Lorna was. It was strange. No one else was connected to the fields anymore in this world. Not Magneto, and not this world's version of herself. Just her.

Gravel crunched under her booted feet as Lorna continued the steady, slow, sulking walk down the empty sidewalk. She had no idea where she was, though she knew she could rise up into the air and find the Triskelion if she wanted..


Pietro was also the focus of another's ire. One Darcy Lewis. She had spent her time in the Triskelion gathering what information she could from their systems. It wasn't anything like what she was used to, and that was frustrating enough. That no one had seen or heard from Lorna in a while was the last straw. Ignoring what anyone had to say on the matter, the human grabbed up a blanket, wrapped it about herself and took off into the growing darkness.

If she were a Lorna….

Darcy had no idea, so she went with luck and just went that way in search of the other woman, in search of Magneto's daughter. There was a thing important about that. Darcy wasn't going to dwell on it. She was going to dwell on the fact that someone from her world was missing and probably upset.

Lorna hadn't actually seen anyone on the street since her fight? Incident? With Emma Frost. People had cleared out at the amount of metal being thrown around. At the drain on the power grid that wasn't built to handle a pissed off magnokinetic. They knew better to hang around those powers were causing trouble.

In her world, when things got quiet, that was usually when people got jumped. Mugged. Something. But here it was just .. still. Quiet. There were too few people left. And too few were willing to try to mess with someone that was clearly a high powered mutant.

So Lorna was left alone with her thoughts. She shivered in the growing cold. Her leather jacket really not providing much in terms of warmth against the settling chill. This world was colder than her own. Which made sense, given that it had been plunged into a nuclear winter for the better part of five years.

She rubbed at her upper arms, her breath coming out in a cloud as she picked up her pace enough in the direction that she knew the Triskelion was in. It was hard to not leap out in her senses. There wasn't much else in the skies above New York with that much metal, after all.


Darcy wished her phone had enough juice to play music for her. She hadn't realized just how much company music kept her until things were suddenly quiet. So quiet. She paused on the sidewalk, looking around at the otherwise deserted New York streets. This was unnatural, and despite of the cold a shudder ran up her spine. Darcy pulled her blanket about her a bit further.

"LORE??" she called out, going quiet to hear for a reply.


Lorna heard Darcy, maybe a street or two over. At least this area of the rebuilt city had lights on in the windows above. Even if some of them looked to be lit more by candles or lanterns than by electricity. It was hard to say. And Lorna didn't particularly care. At least she knew who was calling her. Even if it was a horrible nickname.

The verdant haired mutant lifted up into the air, and with an almost literal hop, skip, and a jump. Set herself down on the street beside Darcy. "You know, in any other situation, just shouting out a nickname in the middle of a city really wouldn't get you shit for a response, right?"

Thank God.

Darcy grinned at the response, eyes calmer than they had been.

"Yeah. But as fucked up as this place is, it was worth a shot," she quips. "How're you holding up?"


Lorna shot Darcy a dry look, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jeans and shrugged. "Well. This world's Rogue is married to this world's Magneto and they named their kid Charles." She offered flatly. She started forward again, her boots leaving no marks behind and barely leaving a sound. Her powers lifting the steel off the sidewalk so that she was more or less gliding rather than walking.

"Find anything useful in the Triskelion's databases?" She arched a brow, glancing back at Darcy.


"….And here I was thinking this place couldn't get any more fucked up," states Darcy. Blanket pulled about her further, she turns to walk with the green haired mutant, head shaking.

"Not a damn thing. THe database has like a tenth of the information I'm used to it having, and for alll that I've been told there's a copy of me here, she doesn't seem to have ever worked for SHIELD. My login doesn't fucking work, and it's pissing me off."


Lorna glanced up at the overcast sky above, the last of the sun's light lost behind the horizon of clouds and buildings that were more or less in a state of being rebuilt. She exhaled a heavy sigh, glancing back to Darcy and flipping her green hair back behind an ear. "That why you're out here? Because I can't blame you for that." She murmured.

Lorna wasn't a talker. Much less with people that she didn't entirely trust or know. And Darcy fell into both of those categories. Lorna didn't know jack about SHIELD, and to her, it was just another shadowy organization.


"Partially. And to find you. No one seemed to know where you went, and no one seemed like they were going to look," Darcy replies, the agitation audible in her tones again.

"I swear to Jesus this place if fucking jacked. If I had something more than my mouth, I'd be fucking everyone's shit up…"


Lorna shrugged lightly, "I need time to clear my head." She muttered, her jaw tightening and flexing as her hands curled up and then let go. She reached up to drag a hand through her green locks, her gaze of the same color shifting to peer down at the battered sidewalk beneath her feet.

"I was trying to find myself. This world's version of me." Her lips twitched, "In any other context that would sound crazy as hell."


Admittedly, Darcy was avoiding looking for herself likely for the same reason Lorna was looking. The human can only nod.

"I'll help. Not that I can do fucking much," she laments.


Lorna took her hands out of her pockets, considering them as she turned them over in her line of sight. "I can't locate her through the magnetic spectrum. She and Rogue here, had a falling out. Apparently they'd been friends or something. And then Rogue started in with Magneto. Apparently this world's Lorna attacked Rogue, and Rogue took half her powers." She tucked her hands away and shook her head.

"Apparently this version of me is alone, weakened, and been written off as crazy."


"And everyone here is okay with this," Darcy finishes the thought, unhappy about it.

"Fuck, I want to punch Apocalypse so bad right now."


Lorna shrugged, "Well considering this world's version of Rogue and Magneto got married and had a kid, yeah? Pietro.." Her expression darkened and she shook her head. "Either way, I need to find her. I need to find her and talk to her. She deserves that much." She paused, and laughed sharply, bitterly.

"If she doesn't think that I'm some sort of a trip that is."


"Maybe she'll think you're Future Her?" Darcy reaches, knowing she's not really succeeding at anything. Darcy sighs in a puff of cloud, expression having fallen at the mention of Pietro's name. She focuses on walking for a little while, not realizing that Lorna doesn't trust her fully because of where she works. Perhaps it was naive of Darcy to think that the unease was worked through.


It was bothering Lorna. She wanted to share the news with someone else besides Rogue, who had been just as freaked out as she had been. When Pietro had brought them to Magneto's oh so happy home for a little family confessional. She swallowed hard, and kicked a pebble that crossed her path. It skittered hard down the street and into the darkness.

"Lorna in this world is Magneto's daughter. Pietro faked the genetic tests. He said she was crazy. Too crazy to be allowed to stay around. He said he wanted her gone. So he got rid of her." She whispered finally.


Green eyes behind thick framed glasses follow after the skittering pebble until it vanished. The pebble was eaten by a grue. It's there, as Darcy was peering after the pebble that Lorna broke the silence. The last feeling of hope that this Pietro was anything like the kind, happy go lucky, family and loved ones first, broken after his encounter with Apocalypse that Darcy knew, fell for, let free to run the world to try to find himself again shattered and died. The hope Darcy had felt that maybe, even if he didn't know her, she'd seen it again and gt to tell herself that he's safe and alive and that he didn't run head first into something he couldn't handle, drowned in the sudden run of tears that drip from her chin and down her throat.

A sniff and Darcy scrubs a chilled hand against her face to shove away the tears. Her glasses get skewed in the process.

"He's a fucking asshat. I'm punching him too, next time I see his too-fucking-slow-for-me ass," Darcy growls. Freaked out? No. Pissed. Beyond pissed. Someone, something, is messing with HER friends. Darcy doesn't like it when people mess when people and things she cares about, or creatures who are more defenseless than herself.


Lorna paused, glancing back to see that Darcy was crying. She stopped, blinking repeatedly as she considered the young woman before her as she rubbed her eyes and skewed her glasses. A wave of her hand saw Lorna righting them awkwardly, tugging them back into place with her powers. "Yeah. He is. And I almost wrecked a house I was so angry. But there was a kid there." She muttered and sighed, her lips twisting.

"Magneto doesn't know. Apparently Pietro made the judgement on his own. Ruined her life. Wrote her off as crazy and lied for the last however many years." She grimaced, her eyes narrowing faintly. "He kept saying that I wasn't like her. Kept going on and on about how I'm sane and shit. That he was telling me because I seemed so upset about things." She cursed under her breath and shook her head.


"This world just keeps getting more twisted the longer we're here. All I wanted to do, was save Nate and get out of here. Now I feel like I have to find this world's Lorna. Otherwise.. otherwise, I don't think anyone else cares. Whether or not she's alive or dead or what."

Darcy blinks as her glasses are righted for her and through the tension a wane little smile appears.

"Thanks." Small, soft, off-handed.

"It sucks. Where we're from, he's tops. Even as a Horseman. Sure, he was a murdering fuckhead, but he still had a heart, still cared," Darcy comments, as if it were common knowledge she had gotten so close to the silver-haired speedster. She moves on from it, reaching out to put a hand on Lorna's shoulder.

"We'll find 'em both. Even if it's just us doing the finding," Darcy promises, and by extension promising to keep this promise WHEN they get home, for Lorna if anything were to happen. Fuck Fate. They are getting home. If Darcy has to yell and scream at Norse Gods until that swirly nerfy-named space bridge bullshit opens up and she kicks Asgardian asses to make it happen. Might not be a bad idea to start trying that now.


Lorna shrugged, her brows furrowing. "You're welcome. I'm shit with all the emotional things. Really." Her lips twisted. "When I get emotional things tend to get fried or break." She muttered, glancing down. Her hand rising to pat gently at Darcy's that had settled on her shoulder. She didn't know what had gone on with Darcy and Pietro. But by now she knew that something had to be up.

She moved on. Her brows furrowing faintly. "Hey. In this world, Pietro is … he's my brother. Effectively." She paused, her lips pursing together. "Do you think.. in our world?.." She trailed off.

Darcy chuckles softly, Lorna's hand on her own.

"Yeah. Same here. Though, only when I've got a taser or my skates," quips the powerless human. Pat accepted, Darcy starts to withdraw her hand only to freeze as Lorna continues.

Wait wait wait, what?! Darcy blinks a few times, trying to make sense of it.

"He's.. your brother. As in… Magneto is your dad.. and …HIS dad?" Something she clearly did not know. "So… if that's true here… yeah. Let's go with more than likely true there too and… fuck. Okay, then," Darcy says, talking herself back around to focused once more. Find Other-Lorna, Find Nate, Get home. That order. ….Punch Pietro in the nose then kick him in the balls for good measure at first opportunity.


Lorna nodded, her brows pinched. "I know. Yeah. Magneto might not know, or hell, maybe he does in our world. He knew that I existed and ignored me for twenty some odd years because of some promise he made my dead mom. So who knows? Maybe Pietro is related to me in our world too. It's worth looking into, at least. After all, I'm still related to him in this world." She murmured.

A shaky breath escaped her and she looked down at her shoes. "Though it's sure as hell harder to ask and find out back home. It's not as if my father is uhm.." Not a genocidal, egotistical maniac that most of the world wanted dead? Yeah.

"C'mon we should head back," She exhaled a breath, closing her eyes. "You know, I thought Jean was gonna be the one to track me down and argue with me about coming back to the Triskelion.."


"It is, worth looking into. I'll help. Soon as we get back, for now.." Darcy pauses, grinning. "I'm not demanding you go back to the Triskelion. it's warm and there's decent food, but if you want to take off and try to keep finding her, I'll go with you."

Lorna pursed her lips, eyeing Darcy for another moment, the blanket and back. "We'll see. But no. You've got a blanket and all I've got is a leather jacket. I don't have any cash or whatever this world uses for money. And I don't particularly want to sleep outside. So despite not wanting to go back to that freaking flying machine.. it's still the best choice." She dragged her chilled hand through her hair.

"Besides, I'll never hear the end of it if I took off without telling anyone else."


"Behold my field of fucks to give about what anyone thinks of my leave taking," Darcy says, sweeping her arm to motion to an empty lot filled with what remains of a ruined and empty building. She quickly tucks her arms back around herself.

"But yes. When we get back, we'll take a moment to recover, and when you're ready, you call me."


Lorna arched a brow as she glanced sidelong at Darcy as they started to head back toward the Triskelion. "I've still got the bottle of Jack in my room if you want some. Captain Jones left the whole thing with me. And while she seemed to have some kinda of super metabolism.. I don't. So if you want to get drunk…" She shrugged lightly.

Lorna was trying. Trust was a hard thing to come by for the green haired mutant. And Darcy had only proven to be worthy of that each time.


"Oh, fuck yes," Darcy replies of the drink, lips pulling into a smile. Tension was still in her eyes, and letting loose with drink can help with such things, even if only for a short while.

"I even promise not to hit on you too much while tipsy. But only too much. And unless you say so, I'll keep my hands to myself."


Lorna laughed, "Just promise you'll not suggest that I try to lift anything with my powers while I'm shitfaced. I might take out the power systems for the whole airship and I have a feeling no one wants that." She was joking, right? Maybe.

"Besides, what's the point of drinking alone? It's boring as all hell if you don't even have a good movie to watch. And there's jack all here."


"Cross my heart, hope to fart," Darcy replies, putting her right hand over her heart and holding up her left hand.

"I will not try to get you to lift anything with your powers while shitfaced," she repeats, the grin coming back to full force. Her left arm comes down to toss over Lorna's shoulders.

"Come on. Let's go find a place we can turn into a drinking game."


Lorna and Darcy drank. It got Darcy talking about any subject Lorna wanted to know about, and Darcy was rather open and honest and forth coming about nearly all of it. Nothing about the internal workings of SHIELD, but anything else, Darcy yammered on about, and listened to Lorna too. Sometime during the drinking, with Darcy well and truly shitfaced, she passed out. It left Lorna not quite drunk enough, and once more alone with her thoughts.

The sleeping quarters they were in had a warm blanket on the bed, but with Darcy already burrito'd by the one she took from the quartermaster earlier, Lorna was feel to take the one from the bed, or else find something else to ward off the chill of the wee hours before dawn as she once more made her way out into the night to clear her head and wonder where she was.. the her from this world, that is.


It is into this darkness that a streak of lightning lances out, illuminating the world for one long second before plunging it into darkness again.

And in that flicker of skyfire, a person could be seen hovering in the air above the street.


Lorna was still restless. What had started out as intent to return to her makeshift quarters and ignore the outside world had turned into leaving the Triskelion and floating down to the otherwise quiet, sleepy streets of the city. Lorna had never been one for brooding, she wasn't the dark hero with a bad past that needed a sob story or two told.

But here she was, bulked up with her leather jacket and longer sleeved shirt, boots and a pair of gloves she'd borrowed from one of the supply rooms on the airship. She was an X-man, and limited as supplies were, she had been given more or less free reign to what she needed. Freedom to come and go too.

Also booze. Old booze that was strong. It still blurred the edges of her anger away, leaving her vaguely tired and loose as she walked the deserted street. She hadn't counted on lightning, but it had been cloudy before. It was a strange, early fall storm. One with cold winds and— She froze, her brows furrowing at what she'd seen.

Someone was out for a late night flight.


Odd early fall storms are the speciality of two people in this world. One fought actively against Apocalypse, is married to a certain silver haired asshatt. The other… well, the other appeared after Apocalypse's defeat, wields a hammer, and this time… is female.

There had been an odd sort of not-quite-prayer from this city, different than the other nebulous ones that had been tickling the edges of the avatar's sense for a few days, but she had weather patterns to shift about. The human president had beseeched her this favor, to aid in keeping the worst of the radioactive ash from the more populated areas of the planet. The trouble was that to this god's eyes, nearly every part of this realm, the heart of her World Tree, the realm of her godly part's mother, was flooded with life; no part was a blight.

The best that the Lord of Storms could thus far manage was to keep the harmful particles aloft, high within the jetstream.

Now, it was time to visit here, listen more closely to the prayers, to those that call for her. Lightning dances in eyes that were once green and another dance of skyfire flickers behind her.


Lorna's senses came alive at the electricity that played through the air. Though she couldn't control it like Storm could, it was as alive as metal and magnets to her senses. She tilted her head back, and as the thunder rumbled and the figure in the clouds above became more substantial to her senses. She closed her eyes, exhaling a breath. She hadn't sensed metal like that before. Had never interacted with something like the flyer was covered with.

But it was an iron-alloy at heart. A hint. And that was something she could work with.

And since the figure seemed to be staying in place, Lorna lifted up into the air after it. Her arms at her sides as she flew up. Her hair fluttering in the magnetic fields that danced around her. She hadn't felt that much electricity in the entire city below..

Somewhere, in the Triskelion, a Darcy might be drunkenly muttering for Lorna not to lift anything while shitfaced.

Lightning blue eyes slide from the city as a whole to rest up the green haired woman that now floats up from the ground. Perhaps better known for being blonde, the lush coppery brown waves of this woman's hair shifts against her metal pauldrons as she tilts her head. There is no threat in the hovering woman's posture, and yet their is a warrior's readiness, one that declares itself a worthy foe should the first blow be struck.

Again, skyfire flickers in the clouds that hang low, a mere ten feet over the armored woman's head.

Metal armor and metal hammer, in the middle of a thunderstorm.

This city was in need of rain, and with most the radiation else where for the moment, the heavy moisture this Thunder Goddess has brought with her shouldn't be too irradiated for the humans below to consume and make use of. Hopefully, they left their collection tanks open.

"Greetings," comes a familiar voice, vibrating with a crackle of unfamiliar power, electricity, and the undertone of a distance rolling thunder. And in whatever language it is that Lorna finds the most comfortable to think and speak in.


It took an embarrassingly long amount of time for Lorna to puzzle out who she was seeing between the lightning flashes and the stormy dark. Her magnokinesis was really had aided her there, allowed her to understand the shape of the metal. To sense the hammer and finally put two and two together. "Thor? Right?" She arched a brow, not moving as she considered the woman before her. Could Thor be a woman? Apparently Thor in this world was. It had to be.

She would never have interacted with Thor in her world. It was too obvious. Too out there. People watched Thor. He was a hero with a capital 'H' and that was something that Lorna avoided like the plague. Here? Here, it didn't matter. There was no shadowy government looking for ways to deal with mutants.

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