AoA: Into the Vault

October 14, 2017:

Seeking information on Gabriel Summers and Claudine Essex, Jean and Lorna seek to talk with the AoA version Scott Summers, who is imprisoned for war crimes. (Emits by Nate)

The Vault Prison


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Magneto wasn't a very happy mutant overlord lately.

He wasn't happy at Lorna for wrecking a city street and attacking Emma, a member of the president cabinet. Commissioner Jean DeWolf, who heads New York small police force, was livid, and Magneto had to calm her down.

Emma Frost had not presented charges. Magneto promised the X-Men would fix it. (And that is what Lorna did the next day, with some help from Magneto's people).

And now Jean tells him Sinister had a… thing. He won't call Claudine a 'daughter'. Absolutely refused to believe the new Sinister could have any relation to Jean, gene-splicing or not. Maybe he lives in denial sometimes.

Still, attempting to learn more about the mysterious Gabriel Summers, Magneto has sent Jean and Lorna out of New York. To a secret facility a hundred miles west, alone in a quinjet with a chatty middle-aged pilot called Clint Barton. One of the few government agents authorized to know the exact coordinates of the prison where Prelate Scott Summers is being held. Barton had a number of funny and not so funny stories of the war with Apocalypse, so the trip was not boring.

Lorna hadn't backed down in her own defense, her temper just as hot as Magneto's was prone to be. She'd refused to apologize to Emma, for she still blamed the woman for abandoning them when Nate was captured. However, there was a shamefaced guilt about having destroyed parts of the street. That, she'd handled willingly and with a good deal of regret. Personally, she had stopped, going door to door on the street and apologizing to each person who'd had something damaged due to her temper.

Of course said apology came along with her work on repairs. Fixing metal structures she'd torn loose, or out, repairing the delicate electrical lines and pipes.

Though, she still hadn't brought up the true source of her anger to Magneto. Though Jean had doubtlessly caught it from the green haired mutant's mind, if not Rogue's as well. Pietro had well and truly stepped in it when he'd told Lorna he'd flubbed the genetics test to hide that this world's Lorna was Magneto's daughter.

At least the flight had her moving and no longer dwelling. She engaged with the pilot's conversation. And at least seemed interested to hear more about the world at large.

Jean had not expected much else from Magneto, perhaps expecting that the man like many would be willing to acknowledge that their beloved Jean Grey may have sired monsters; whether intentional or not.

She understood all too well, she had seen the same disbelief in the face of her own X-Men years ago when she had been taken by the Phoenix Force; it was understandable if nave to believe that evil could not come from any source.

Having to meet with Scott, not her Scott, but one who was a criminal and a terrorist filled her with a degree of dread, the faintest sensations of fear tickling at her senses as she rode in the jet in silence.

She nodded to Lorna, but didn't seem to be very talkative; her thoughts consuming her at this time.

Magneto's file on Scott Summers was incomplete, but interesting.

The man was apparently raised in one of Sinister's 'orphanages' for mutant children along with his brother Alex. Highly intelligent and methodical, he raised quickly among Apocalypse elite. Despite the conditioning, he was not particularly bloodthirsty (contrarily to his brother - Alex/Havok had a reputation for brutality). Just efficient. Dangerously efficient.

Then, when Jean was but barely out of her teens, she was captured. The report lacks details, but somehow Scott befriended Jean and he was helping her escape. He was willing to leave Apocalypse's service for her. And maybe he would have, but Weapon X, who was Jean's lover, managed to find and assaulted the facility where Jean was being held.

Scott and Logan fought. Both walked out crippled from the battle. Scott was left unconscious in the facility and everyone thought he had valiantly fought against the fearsome Weapon X to prevent Jean Grey's escape. He stayed with Sinister.

But it was different. He helped some people. He worked with a HHC agent called Valerie Cooper, sneaking out of the Holding Pens some prisoners marked for termination. And when the time came to assault Apocalypse's Tower, Jean and Scott led an uprising against the guards to free the prisoners in the Pens. They would have escaped but for Alex. Alex summers murdered Jean with his plasma blasts. They shoot Scott with a high energy gun and would have killed him if Weapon X had not arrived at that moment to kill Havok.

After a lengthy stay at a military hospital Scott was judged and sentenced to 20 years in a high security prison. He is here, along with a few other mutants and humans that although guilty of war crimes had enough attenuating circumstances to avoid execution.

The Vault.

The quinjet lands on a platform high in the Appalachians. The platform sinks, and sinks, at least half a mile down. There are a few guards dressed in grey and black. Quiet and serious. The place is very quiet and the air is cold.

Lorna didn't know the emotion turmoil that the trip was causing Jean. How could she? She didn't exactly love her father in their world, though she had tried briefly. And in this world, time had hardly permitted it. So to see one that you love twisted to a darker, criminal element? The green haired mutant, however not telepathic as she was, knew Jean. And her friend's quiet demeanor had her worried.

Lorna most often was not the sociable of the two. Always more introverted and unwilling to trust people straight away. Yet to avoid the awkward silence of the trip, Lorna had tried her best to soldier on. Though as the quinjet lowered to the platform, Lorna couldn't help stretch her senses out curiously.

She wanted to know about the construction of the place. How it held both humans and mutants together. But she didn't voice her questions as they descended lower and lower down. The oppressive nature of the very air had her green eyed gaze swinging back to Jean in concern. "You okay?" She whispered. Even despite her jacket, she was cold and shivered.

The reports had troubled Jean, the similarities even among the dissimilarities in the worlds; all of the worlds the X-Men had learned about in their adventures all had some things that seemed to be a sort of constant.

"I'm fine. I suppose, Scott was one of the few people I had hoped to avoid meeting in this world. I'm just glad he's not here and he's safe, back home." If there was one redeeming thing about this journey to Jean, it was that Scott had been saved it, she knew Genosha had taken a toll on the leader of the X-Men and she was glad he didn't have to see a world where the X-Men had failed.

"Let's just get this over with and see what we can learn from him." Her tone wasn't cold, more tired. They had been thrown into another world and dragged into a war when they had so much they had to accomplish on their own world still; but they were X-Men and they wouldn't abandon their own.

Scott Summers, Cyclops, has been waiting in a small cell, sitting on a cheap metal chair, leaning on a small metal table. His hands are handcuffed to the table. He wears a visor on the head. Half a visor. He is missing the left eye; horrific scars mar the left side of his face. 3 deep cuts, the brand of Logan’s claws.

Five years in the prison with scarce meals have taken a toll on his once powerful physique. But he is still a tall, fairly athletic man in his early forties. He looks tough and dangerous even in the orange jumpsuit. His wild, shoulder-length hair and his battle-scarred body make him look much more like Nate Grey than the usually clean-shaven and well-groomed Scott that Jean and Lorna have known for years.

Oddly enough, Scott receives a few visitors here. So he is not terribly surprised to have some today. Perhaps it is General Ross, wanting to talk about past battles or future projects. He almost likes the old soldier. Maybe it is one of Creed men, trying to coax some detail of some long forgotten operation out of him. Those guys are annoying.

Seeing Jean. He stares… and goes deathly pale.

Lorna reached out to pat her friend's arm gently, along with a gentle squeeze. Her concern not fading in her mind or her gaze as she watched her redheaded friend for a long moment. "Yeah, I'm sure he's pissed as all get out and frantically trying to figure out how to get you home." She grinned weakly, and followed along down to the cells.

As they came to the room where Scott was, Lorna couldn't help but stare back at the man that had gone deathly pale at the sight of Jean. It seemed that was all people did in this world when it came to her friend. Of course, their Jean was dead.. so, it was sort of like seeing a ghost. Even if she couldn't help but stare herself.

Finally, she cleared her throat awkwardly. "Scott Summers.." She shifted on her weight. "Shit. I mean. You look.. oof.. I'm bad at this."

Jean had a hard time looking at Scott like this, understanding perhaps a little how others had felt, not just telepathically but directly. It took her a few good long moments to gather her wits about her, reminding herself that this was NOT The Scott Summers that she knew.

"Hello, Scott." She smiled at Scott, a personal smile that he would know was reserved for those she cared for the most, "I don't want you to be alarmed. This might be hard to understand, it must be hard to see me here, like this."

She reached out with her telepathy, trying to soothe Scott's mind, to lessen any shock, "I'm not the Jean you knew, but I think we were very alike. I hope you're like the man I love, the Scott Summers of my home because we need your help."

Scott's mind is a steel fortress. Just barely cracked by the shock of seeing Jean. He loved his Jean with all what was left of his scarred soul. But Jean's heart belonged to another, all she could give her was friendship.

It takes him a few seconds to regain his self-control. Iron willed, as expected, he straightens and studies both women. "That… requires some explaining. Please, sit down." There are metal chairs, uncomfortable. "Lorna Dane," he says to Polaris. "But not the one I know, you are far too young."

He suspects clones immediately, of course. Because he knows Apocalypse had the technology.

Lorna was always grateful when Jean took over the conversation when one had to be diplomatic. It wasn't her strong point to say the least. Still, the metal chairs provided her a great measure of comfort. It was something she could use if things turned south. So she was more than content to sit, even if it was only adding to the general chill in the air.

When Scott glanced her way, she arched a brow. "How is it that everyone knows me in this world and I can't find her anywhere." She muttered mostly under her breath. She leaned back in her chair, looking over the haggard appearance of the criminal Summers. He at least seemed just as stiff and formal as her Scott. That was something, right?

With a glance toward Jean and back Lorna shifted. "We're from another world. Something happened and we got zapped here. We're trying to get home. And one of our friends got kidnapped by your brother? He's apparently, War.. Does that cover just about everything Jean?"

Jean nodded to Lorna's explanation but did not sit, instead walking over to Scott, not showing any fear of the man who was clearly a potential threat based on his shackles, "I can show you. You know I can."

She placed a hand on Scott's own and smiled reassuringly at him, "Everything Lorna says is true, as far as we know it." Unless Scott resisted, she began to show him images of their world, the mansion standing, the world not destroyed, her and Scott together, the events that lead to them coming here even.

Scott tenses, resisting a second or so. Hesitating because he is not sure this is the real Jean and not some kind of trick or trap. But he gives in when their mind touch. And watches in disbelief about what could have been. A world without Apocalypse.

It is a lot to digest, but he has a disciplined mind. He watches and understands. He recognizes Nate Grey too. And Jean knows that very second Scott was the one that freed Nate from a stasis tube in the Holding Pens. A cold night nine years ago. One of the many prisoners he helped escape, erasing the records afterwards.

Lorna Dane was the last one.

"You helped free Nate?" Jean said to Scott even though she knew the answer, "And the Lorna Dane of this world…" She could see Scott Summers of this Age of Apocalypse for what he truly was, a hero who just needed a chance once again to discover who he was.

Kneeling down so she could look Scott in the eye or visor as it would be, she gripped his hand as if she had known him her whole life, a comforting familiarity despite the difference in the two men.

"Scott, we need you to help us free Nate again. I won't let you stay locked up like an animal any longer, if you can help us, I can convince Magneto to give you your freedom."

It was a small thing to do, but she gave Lorna brief flashes of the good Scott had done here including freeing her double in this world; but she left out the emotion of it all and kept it simple.

Lorna sat up, her eyebrows shooting upwards in shock. Her hands flattened against the metal of the table as she leaned forward abruptly at the news. "He freed Nate, and.. and this world's version of myself?" She gaped, her brows furrowing as she looked up to Jean. A million questions racing in her mind. Along with the sharp and bitter spike of anger in her features.

"That's where she ended up? All because of Pietro? I swear I'll fucking.." She exhaled a breath, her shoulder shuddering as she struggled with the sharp emotion. She slowly shook her head, dragging her hand over her features as she sat back.

"It's not only Magneto we have to convince, Jean. It'll be the President. There's a system of government here." She murmured, letting her hand fall. Even as she thought, very clearly and pointedly toward Jean. 'If they say no, we're breaking him out of here. We have to save Nate.'

Scott shakes his head. One prisoner escaped for every thousand murdered in the Pens. He had five years to ponder a lifetime of wrongness and murder. In his defense shaking off the training and conditioning of Sinister's 'orphanages' was not easy. But he believes he had no real excuse after meeting Jean the first time, when both were in their early 20s. Why didn't he desert as soon as he was healed from the duel with Weapon X? To protect a brother that was a murderer? For loyalty to Essex, who was a monster? Maybe he was afraid.

He is a Summers. Their guilt burns bright. "No. I am where I should be. There needs to be justice for the victims. But I will tell you what I know. Lorna Dane…" he glances to the green-haired young woman. A date is given, "…she was marked for termination. I fudged the records and then contacted with Valerie Cooper. An agent of the resistance with backing from the Eurasian Human Council. I managed to pull her out, but I don't know where Cooper took the mutants that I brought to her. Certainly not to Europe. A few days later I was arrested by my own brother." Some bitterness there, definitely.

Lorna arched a brow as she considered the Summer's man opposite of her at the metal table. His words had her pausing, considering and turning over what he said. Magneto had said that Scott Summers had been imprisoned because he had saved a few mutants, rather than put to death. So, at least that much of the story matched up. Though beyond that? She couldn't be sure.

"As great as it is to know you didn't let this world's version of me die and all.. It's not exactly helpful for us getting back out friend. Our friend Nate was taken by War. DC has been taken over and we don't know exactly how to get, or what. Is there anything that you might know that can help with that?"

Jean listens to the story with sympathy, but she was here for a purpose and she didn't want Scott to get distracted, "Scott, we need you to focus, we need to rescue Nate otherwise the good you did in freeing him is for nothing." She made sure to look Scott in the eye before asking, "Who is Gabriel Summers? What can you tell us about him? There's no such person in our world. The world we come fropm."

Ah, but Scott is pretty much clueless of what is going on outside. He can socialize with the other prisoners just an hour every day, and most of them do not receive visits. The guards do not talk to him. "DC? You mean Washington?" He had no idea they were rebuilding the former capital. But Sinister had a facility there. And then thy say 'Gabriel Summers'. That draws his attention, but it is sheer surprise. "Who is Gabriel Summers?"

Lorna glances toward Jean as Scott asks in apparently surprise and lack of knowledge about the current circumstances. She winced faintly, and reached up a hand to rub her temple. "Yeah. I guess it's Washington DC, Magneto said Washington and something about the capital. So I'll take a shot and assume he meant DC. There's been radio silence there. Apparently some kind of a telepathic attack hits anyone that tries to get near it. We think, we know—" She looked to Jean again. "That that's where Nate is being kept." She pursed her lips and exhaled a rough sigh.

"Gabriel Summers, I guess. Is War now. Uh. He had the ability to absorb my powers, deflect and cut through telepathic shields, and attacks. And he also had your lazer vision." She pursed her lips together. "Also knew that this world's version of me wasn't as strong as I am. So I assume either he's seen her, or read her files. Did you have anything on this guy before?"

Jean allowed Lorna to explain things to Scott before asking, "If you don't know about Gabriel Summers, what do you know about Claudine Essex?" She stayed near Scott, hands behind her back at the moment and clasped neatly.

Scott shakes his head at Lorna's words. There was never a Gabriel in his family. He has nothing. "My father… he actually survived in another planet and managed to return to Earth. But we barely had time to talk before he died. If I have another brother…" he trails off. Sinister would have known, of course. He had Christopher Summers in his power for months. He sighs.

As for Lorna's words. "Noth… no, wait," Scott frowns. "Claudine. I saw that name once. It was a contingency plan, but Sinister never gave me details. I heard Nate Grey managed to kill him before my trial, and I have no doubt he would have plans to ensure his return. I warned them."

Lorna fought the urge to groan and barely restrained herself. It wasn't his fault that he didn't know the bad guy's super secret plans. He wasn't there anymore. Still, it was another dead end in a series of them and left Lorna feeling more than a little frustrated. At least, until Scott mentioned having heard of 'Claudine Essex'. She frowned, her gaze drifting back toward Jean again.

"But why nab Nate? Do they need him to bring back Sinister somehow? I don't get it. He doesn't have the power to bring people back to life." She'd leave it up to Jean to explain what she knew of Claudine or not.

"A Contingency plan?" Jean asked outloud before looking at Lorna and then back over at Scott, "She claims she's a clone of myself and Sinister. She doesn't let on that she is, but after dealing with her, I feel that she is more than likely the current leader of the Horseman and those who follow them."

Jean leaned down on the table, setting her hands down on it to look at Scott closely, "Can you help us? Do you want to help us? However much guilt you feel for what you did, you can still do good. It's never too late to make up for your sins."

"Whoever this Claudine thinks she is, it doesn't matter," comments Scott, after thinking for a few moments. "She would be a tool to bring Sinister back - that would be the end game," he looks up to Jean. You have to stop him. Her. "Nate Grey might be something he needs. Or just something he wants out of the way, so he can't kill him again."

"I don't know what I could do to help," he admits. "But I can give you the address of Sinister's 'orphanage' in Washington. It was near the Pentagon, in front of the National Airport. There was a large underground facility, and it was never truly abandoned as the official records stated."

Lorna pursed her lips together and frowned, "So the Horsemen aren't actually trying to bring back Apocalypse, but Sinister? This whole thing is about him then?" She arched a brow, glancing back toward Jean as the woman spoke about who Claudine was. She made a face, still weirded out by the idea that that Claudine existed. This world had too many creepy twists to it.

"We can't even get into DC though. Not with that telepathic attack taking people out. Jean, do you think it's this Claudine that's smacking people down?" She arched a brow as she considered the possibility. And then glanced back at Scott.

"Do you think they tried to bring Nate back to this world to enact this? They seemed intent on finding only him, and they haven't acted in the last five years previously. And Nate was with us that entire time. Do they have that kind of tech to rip open bits of reality?"

"It didn't feel like an individual, it was some kind of device, if I had to guess." Jean hadn't seen it with her own eyes, but her experience with psionics made her a good candidtate to identify the difference between technology and the powers of an individual; not that she could not be VERY wrong.

"Scott, it's simple. You don't need to tell us where to go, we need you to show us. Freeing Nate, and Lorna from the slave pens? That wasn't your defining moment. This is. It's not just about saving Nate again, it's about preventing war and genocide from touching this world again." Jean paused and asked, "Are you with us, Scott Summers?"

Scott shakes his head, looking down to his handcuffed hands. "You are asking me to make suppositions when I barely know what is going on. But yes, Apocalypse had access to alien technology pretty much no one else understood. And Essex was by far the oldest of his servants and very cunning. Anything is possible. Does it seem too much a coincidence they made their move and you arrived here just afterwards?" No, Scott has not enough information. But he was Sinister's right hand man for years.

Another pause. Then he adds. "But no. He would never have brought here the person that killed him the first time just as he was starting an offensive. It would have been foolhardy."

Lorna glanced toward Jean, frowning again. "Jean, we're jumping the gun a bit. We can't even get into DC without a knock out punch to the brains. How can we take him and have him show us where this thing is in DC? Never mind convincing not just Magneto, but the other people in the government to let out a known criminal. Sure, he looks like our Scott with a metal hair cut and shit. But.." She sighed, trailing off.

"You've already set your mind on his redemption and playing hero to save his tormented soul, haven't you?" She groaned at her best friend, knowing quite well when Jean had set her mind to something it was impossible to convince her otherwise.

Jean shook her head at Lorna, "We'll find a way, powers or not." Her response filled not just with that unbreakable spirit of hope but also determination, "And yes, my mind is made."

She moved a hand that was resting on the table and placed it over Scott's again, "I showed you, who the Scott Summers of our world is. He's a hero, respected, and beloved. Whether you believe it or not, you're him, just with a different upbringing." She sighed, "Even Stryker and Magneto believe in you, whether they show it or not. That's why you're here. We need you, Scott." She smiled at Scott, sadly, feeling the pain that the man before her felt inside of herself, "I need you."

That is exactly what the Jean Grey he knew would have said. But she is dead, and her death broke Scott in ways not even Alex death could have. He visibly grimaces and clenches his fists. "Jean… even if I was willing, I am not able. It has been almost five years since I have even seen the sky. And… and if you can get me out, you should also give the same chance to the others here. The Aaronson brothers. Damask. Even… Bruce Banner, he has been free of his monster for years."

Lorna heaved a groan at that, yep, there was Jean Grey, being a big damn hero and saving people's hearts and minds. Now that Scott had mentioned the other prisoners? She knew Jean was going to bring that up too. And knowing Jean and just how dead set she could get, Lorna had a feeling she'd either get her way or end up breaking down the prison for the little lost souls.

Jean was so damned much like the Professor sometimes.

Green set a glower in Scott's direction. "Right, of course. You realize now she's gonna want to go through this whole place and meet them one on one for therapy sessions and then will go right up to Stryker and Magneto and ask very nicely for them. And if she gets turned down, coming back here and leading some kind of a revolt. Right?" She arched a brow. "And I'll of course have to come back her up because damnit, I'm fucking crazy and she's my friend." She grumbled.

"So before we get to that point, is there anything else that Sinister might have cooked up in that DC hideout or other hideouts that might've been woken up recently?"

Jean couldn't help but laugh a little at Lorna's words, "Hopefully it won't come to that, but I appreciate knowing you would have my back if it did, Lorna. Magneto and Stryker would be… remiss to ignore what they have here."

Looking back to Scott now she took a deep breath, "Then let's make sure it's not five more." Jean said reassuringly to Scott, "As soon as I leave here, I'll talk to Stryker and Magneto. They may not have sent us here for this reason, but they seem to be lacking heavy hitters and people who can fight…"

Jean looked to Lorna hoping the other woman was thinking what she was thinking before telling Scott, "Talk to the Prisoners, see who would be willing to fight against the Horseman and help defend the people here from them. I'll talk to Magneto and Stryker."

Jean wondered to herself if this was why the X-Men had been brought here.. to give a dying world, and her fallen heroes a second chance…

Scott is usually hard to read with his (half) visor and the ever stoic poker face, good thing Jean is a telepath, because he is staring at her with more than mild disbelief. "You make it sound simple," but the fact is the bulk of the surviving human population wants Scott and the other jailed and away from society. "Stryker needs the support of the people and pardoning me would anger most of them." Still, he would do as requested. "I will talk to the others. And I will try to remember every detail I can about the Washington orphanage. Perhaps find someone that was there when it was open."

Lorna grumbled under her breath at Jean's idealism, but still was more than willing to have her friend's back. That settled, and seemingly with business wrapping up Lorna leaned toward something more personal. This world's self. She'd tried to avoid taking over too much of the conversation, especially after the shock that Scott had helped release her..

"Scott, while Lorna, this Lorna, was in the Pens. Did they ever figure out she was Magneto's daughter?" She arched a brow, leaning forward. "Because before she ended up there. Pietro faked the genetic results and changed it so that it would appear that she wasn't. I just.. I wanted to know if they ran those tests while they had her." Something was bothering her about the situation, and she couldn't put her finger on it. "Why was she slated to be terminated?"

Jean was done saying most of what she had to say. Instead of words, she leaned down to give Scott a kiss on the cheek and whispered, "Thank you." She seemed hopeful that this could all be turned into some force of good. For now? She let Lorna talk and ask her questions as she thought of how to spin this to Stryker and Magneto.

Scott's head snaps to attention when Lorna says she is Magneto's daughter. And Quicksilver did… what? "No, Lorna Dane was broken, she lived in another world, she…"

Jean kisses him, rendering him speechless for a second. Was that a smile? If faded too quickly.

He glances back to Lorna. "Hank McCoy did the genetic testing and he told me Dane was unrelated to Magneto. It is possibly he lied, perhaps on orders from Essex. Perhaps just to cause the woman more angst and sorrow, he was a sadist. In any case McCoy did some experiments, extracted the genetic material he wanted, and since she was crippled in mind and body she was considered defective and useless." Guess what happens to those deemed useless in the Holding Pens?

Lorna exhaled a breath, her brows furrowing as she listened to Scott's words. "I am, in my world, Magneto's daughter. He told me so himself and I've had a test done to prove it. Pietro confessed that he lied to her and everyone else all this time. He said she was crazy and he didn't want her around." Her lips thinned. "So I assume she ended up in the Pens after that."

The mention of getting genetic material from this world's Lorna made her itch and her frown deepened. She wasn't the forgiving sort, and even if she was related to this World's Pietro, if she so much as saw him again? There was little chance in hell she wouldn't try to rip him a new one.

"And now I guess I have to find this Valerie Cooper to try to find her. I appreciate the intel."

Jean brightened a little at the momentary smile from Scott, happy she could provide even that measure of comfort to someone who had been through so much. She was truly a bleeding heart.

Giving Scott's hand a reassuring squeeze, she said softly, "We'll be back, I promise."

Releasing the hand she walked over to Lorna and rested her hand on her best friend's shoulder, "We'll find this world's Lorna, and help her to. I know how much it means to you."

"There should be records in the Pens about Lorna Dane's capture," comments Scott, addressing Lorna. "I vaguely remember she was found at a mental hospital somewhere in the West Coast. But I am not sure."

He squeezes Jean's hand briefly when he realizes she is leaving. "Good luck with your search. I hope she survived. Goodbye."

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