Demon Bear: Meetings

October 13, 2017:

Moonstar locates the man who fought the Demon Bear


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Emery Papsworth is not the hardest man to find, but he's also not the easiest. His Social Media presence if existent is not linked back to his actual name. He doesn't have his own website. He does't even have a permanent home yet in his name. His name does however, show up in some of the more exclusive job directories and listings online for top of the line 'help'. There's even an email and a phone number. Sending an email allows people to set up time on a calendar and that…is what brings him here today.

The Irishman really has enough on his plate dealing with very rich and beautiful women (Emma), and puppy like new CEOS (Danny) in addition to raising a 5 year old and still trying to find a suitable nanny for the child, while trying to keep people from kidnapping her or himself in the process. So, him accepting an appointment for a potential additional job is only taken because of that name that resonated in his brain and has been ever since he got into it with the demon version of Smokey. Danielle. It lingers…

That is why he's at a quiet little cafe, at a local farmer's market in NYC…one of those garden to table places, with fresh juice and tea and salads and sandwiches and such. He's settled at a table outside on the patio, dressed in a pair of comfortable dark blue jeans that fit in all the right places, a pair of stylish dark boots, a white button down shirt and a dark blue and grey blazer that's left unbuttoned…a pair of shades pushed up into his long hair that's been artfully tousled as he idly toys with a pen and scans a dark green leather bound book, waiting for his appointment.

While Moonstar and Brightwind have a connection, a psychic attachment with one another, it's not a complete bond. Not what true Valkyrie's have, at least. As such, communication is much harder between rider and winged-horse. That doesn't mean there aren't ways to establish a deeper bond, it just takes more work. One of those ways is by both meditating, allowing their bond to deepen for those few minutes both have their minds quiet and clear. When that happens Dani finds her mind filled with a flash of silent imagines -

A bear. A familiar bear. A hated bear. A man fighting the bear, with knives. The man living.

And at the very end of those memories, words will finally be heard. 'Emery Papsworth'.

That name was said in a man's voice, likely the man, and while Dani would have /loved/ to hear more sounds from those memories, a name is enough.

With that name a number and an e-mail was found. She would have used e-mail to set-up the appointment and once that was done, Moonstar put it out of her mind as best she could. Up until the day of the appointment arrived. Now the young woman has a place to be, a person to meet.

Like Emery, Dani is dressed casually, but neatly. She wears a simple three-quarter sleeved knit-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans and her ever present moccasin-style suede boots. Her approach isn't hidden from any or all, so Emery might see Moonstar walking down the sidewalk, her curious and sharp gaze focused on those around her and ahead of her. It's only as she comes upon the cafe and its patio that the woman's steps slow. Her dark brown eyes move from table to table, before finally landing upon the one Emery sits at. Recognition flares in her eyes and because of that, Moonstar raises her hand in greeting.

Then she steps right on over to the man's table and now, instead of a wave, Dani extends her hand outward, "Good morning, Mr. Papsworth. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me."

Ever the gentleman, Emery pushes up to his feet when he hears his name, looking up to see Dani and he offers a friendly smile, dimples peeking out as he looks her over slowly. "Danielle I'm guessin'?" He asks curiously, reaching out for the hand, and bending to raise it to his lips if allowed to kiss the back of it. "I'm Emery Papsworth, Butler and Personal Assitant…at yer service." He uses his free hand to pull out a chair for Dani, bowing his head politely. "And you, my dear, or more than welcome."

"You guessed right." She says, a faint grin tugging a corner of her mouth upward, "And please, call me Dani. Danielle seems so formal."

And while Moonstar was expecting a simple handshake from the man that doesn't stop her from allowing him to raise her hand upward to his lip. That gesture of his does earn something more than just a twitch of a grin. Now, Dani's expression turns into a more full-fledged grin.

When he politely pulls a chair out for her Dani does sit, offering a quick murmur of a thank you, for that polite gesture of his.

Before she speaks, the Cheyenne waits for Emery to settle back into his chair, then with hands loosely clasped in front of her, Dani speaks. "So, this is the part where I admit my ulterior motives for this meeting." Begins the woman, her tone light, to hopefully ward off any concern or worry, "I'm not actually looking for a personal assistant." She continues, her tone holding a note of amusement, "Couldn't afford one even if I was." The amusement briefly heard within her voice now fades as she gets to the actual reason for this meeting, "What I am looking for is the man who fought a bear not too long ago. A dangerous bear." With those last words grimness now lines the Cheyenne's features, perhaps aging them beyond the twenty-some years they've seen.

"Ahh, Dani then. Me apoligies. Then ye can be callin' me Emery." Emery nods to Dani, releasing the hand and waiting for her to be seated before he takes his own seat, flipping his notebook closed and raising an eyebrow slightly. When she says she's not there on official business, he pretty much guessed that. There's a long pause before a hand moves to remove his sunglasses from his hair, folding them and setting them on the table.

The Irishman leans forward, resting his elbows on the table and just regards Dani quietly for a few moments, dark gaze studying her features thoughtfully. "Did ye know that the Name Danielle, means 'God will judge' or 'God is my judge'? Its a name that's both beautiful and humbling." A hint of sadness in his eyes as he flashes back to what coursed through his link with said bear, the momentary connection as he felt the souls churning within the creature and he exhales softly, blinking a few times. "What do ye want wit' bear fightin' men, then darling?"

When he allows the use of his first name Dani nods in thanks. Conversations always seem to go smoother when both parties are on equal footing. Or so it seems to the Cheyenne.

Like Emery, Danielle studies the man's expression. His words are likewise listened to as he offers the definition of her name. "I do know that, actually. I think most people look up the meaning of their name - mostly for fun, but sometimes for other reasons too." She replies, her keen gaze perhaps catching a bit of that sadness that momentarily lurks within Emery's eyes.

While his 'darling' garners a reaction of a raised eyebrow, Dani doesn't quite say anything to that. Instead, the dark-haired woman offers a vague roll of her shoulders in a shrug. "Mostly to make sure you were okay." Her eyes briefly move off of his form, as she looks to see who is around them, when it seems relatively clear her gaze will find its way back to Emery, "I know that bear. It's dangerous. I believe you were injured, as well, so I wanted to make sure you were okay."

Emery blinks a few times and smooths a hand down his side before shrugging a shoulder and taking a deep breath. "M' fine." He offers after a moment. "It takes more than an abnormally shadowdy bear to put me down." The man falls quiet as a waiter comes out and leaves a pitcher of ice cold lemonade on the table and two glasses, and a fruit plate and then wanders back inside.

"How did ye know I was fightin' it, I don't remember seeing you around at the time. Granted it was a little dark and murky so I may have missed ye." The Irishman finally speaks after filling each glass.

His assertion of being fine pulls a faint smile from Moonstar as well as a nod. "Good, I'm glad." She adds, before she considers what to say to his remarks about the bear. Those potential words never get a chance to be said, however, not when the waiter arrives with drinks, glasses, fruit and plates.

"Thanks." Comes Dani's polite reply to the waiter's arrival and when the server leaves, the Cheyenne's attention returns right back to Emery.

His next words aren't terribly surprising to Moonstar. In fact, if she were in his shoes she'd likely have the same thought. And while she was just about to reach for the pitcher and a glass, Emery beats her to it. She waits patiently for the glass to be filled and when it is, the woman pulls it closer. Before, however, she can take a drink she answers that last question of his. "The horse you encountered -" She begins, "Let's just say he told me about you. I didn't catch all of what happened that night, but I saw enough to know you stopped the Bear from hurting others. Thank you."

Again, her tone has turned grim, her expression equally solemn.

A sip of lemonade is taken, more so Emery can idly toy with the glass, setting it down and running a finger along the rim, slow circles. The Irishman is quiet for a few moments before he clears his throat and speaks. "I am much obliged to your faithful steed then." A soft smile before he lowers his eyes. "Tings that dark…shadows, shouldn't be allowed to touch the lives of others like that. But often times those tings are born from the darkness that comes from others, or the goodness that's been twisted into something dark…"

A flashback to his nights, suspended by invisible chains as blades and whips and clubs work over his body and he closes his eyes, shaking his head back to the present. "So its me turn to ask. Are /you/ alright?"

The shadows shouldn't be allowed to touch the lives of others. There's truth to that. It's enough to cause a grimace to flash across Moonstar's expression. There's agreement too.

Still, his words about Brightwind bring a flash of a better expression to Moonstar's face. "He's a good sort. In fact, he's not far from here. He says hello." Or, at the very least, he gives that impression through the empathic bond the two share and that's enough for Dani to extend his greetings.

It's only when Emery speaks of the shadows and the bear and of such dark things, that Dani's expression turns somber again. "I had thought it gone, stupid of me really -" She starts, before she shakes her head, "Not that it matters. It wants me, it's my problem and I'll take care of it." She resolutely states, her lips thinning to a tight line, her gaze hard now. Determined.

That head shake of his is seen and while she can't quite tell what it's for, when he opens his eyes he'll find Dani's gaze upon him again. His last question earns a slight widening of her eyes, surprise seen there now, "Yeah, I'm fine. I wasn't the one wrestling bears, so it's all good." Her hand retracts for a minute and tucks into a pocket, from the pocket a card is retrieved. She'll slide the card across the table to Emery, "I'd like to give you a way to reach me. In case the bear returns. Hopefully it won't, but let's just say I can tell you made it unhappy."

"Let me ask ye this then, Miss Dani…and tell yer friend the pegasus that I was serious about that debt and that I say hey and thanks again." Emery takes another sip of his drink, lowering his eyes again after searching the woman's face as she speaks about wants and thoughts. Its a slippery slope to take on such a burden, at such a young age. Hard to keep things upright.

"It matters a great deal, dear, a great deal indeed…because its not a matter of what you tink your problem is anymore. Souls are cryin' out within its metaphysical belly and when ye crave or consume souls…that's an addiction harder to shake than crack." Emery replies, reaching out to take the card, slipping it up a sleeve with small nod. "So what are ye plans if it appears again, in the middle of a populated place?"

The mention of debt brings forth another nod from the woman. She caught a touch of something from Brightwind, but not much. There's a graveness about Brightwind when he thinks upon Emery, so Moonstar knew a matter of some consequence passed between the two. "I will and his name is Brightwind, just future reference. He liked you."

His addition of miss to her name and even the dear brings forth a touch of amusement from the Cheyenne, but not a lot. A vague note of sardonic amusement for that dear of his, even. Still, the conversation at hand leans more towards the serious side of things, and as such, Moonstar's expression shifts back to tight lines.

It's his mention of souls and the ones in the bear's belly that causes the Cheyenne to lean back slightly. His last question, however, is touched upon first. "I'll lure it away from the city and then I'll kill it." She says in all seriousness, "I almost did it once, I can do it again." Then circling back, Dani adds, "And let me make sure I understand you correctly - there are souls within the bear? As in not the bear's soul, but other people's souls?"

"Brightwind, now that's a good name. I had a horse once, I called her 'Nibbles'." Emery cracks a smile but he picks up a bettery and allows Dani's brain to catch up with the information he's imparted.

The Irishman considers how to reply and then he listens to her plan with a tilt of his head and a slow blink. Another sip of his lemonade and he hmms softly. "If ye say you tink you can do it, then I'll say an extra prayer for you." And now to the meat of the conversation as he looks away for a moment and then looks back to Dani, swallowing. "Aye, he's got a few extra rattlin' around in there that shouldn't be there."

Nibbles. That allows a flash of a smile from Dani.

His confirmation that souls are held within the bear is enough to keep Dani silent for several seconds. "How many?" She finally asks, her voice perhaps sounding a touch hoarse, "And do you know who's souls they are? Names of these people the bear has taken?" Now instead of leaning away from the man, Moonstar leans forward, her gaze intense, her hands curling into tight fists atop the table.

And while she waits for him to answer that question of hers, something else clicks within her mind, it causes the next question, "How do you know it holds those souls?"

"The only name…that I heard, dear, is yours. Danielle." Emery pops a berry between his lips and chews thoughtfully. Then he gives a small shake. "I…was not in a position to find out those times of details as I was tryin' not to get killed."

A flashback to that connection, the sound…the feeling.

Then he takes a steadying breath and eyes the fists and then back to Dani and then back down to the fists. "I know…because I could sense them, feel them…are ye tellin' that ye had no idea they were in there?"

Again there is shock for Moonstar. Her name. His answer to that question of hers echoes within her mind. Rattling around.

Her expression holds a similar look of surprise, but with Emery's next words and a gentle nudge from Brightwind, Dani quickly regains her balance. Or, she at least regains control of her expression. Whatever she's feeling now is tucked behind a professional mask. Only faint lines around her mouth, upon her forehead, give away the stress she's currently feeling.

"Right. Because staying alive is usually the better thing to do." Comes her wry and somewhat sharp retort, and realizing how her tone may sound, Moonstar adds in a less strident voice, "But, again glad you did." Then it's to those last words of his, "No, I didn't, but I do now." Which is a game changer in Danielle Moonstar's books.

"All I see when I look at the bear is destruction." She continues with, "Rage. Death." Her death, but that remains unsaid. "I didn't get a sense of any souls held within."

Emery stares at Dani for a moment, just watching her quietly and toying with a piece of cut pineapple. Destruction. Rage. Death. "…and so ye cannot see past all that to see the life that's powering all of that then?" He gives a small nod. "Well ye have me number. IF ye have any questions or want help comin' up with a way of handling this beastie…ye call me. Alright?"

He rubs a hand against his thigh, brushing away invisible dust. "I dun care what time it is, luv or what's happenin'. Ye call me. Alright?"

Dani considers how best to answer that question of his, about seeing the life that powers it, finally the woman says with a vague roll of her shoulders. "When I see souls it's usually only when they're near death. That's how my powers work. Seems like our powers are opposites." She ends with, even as she nods at his mention of having his number.

There might even be a crimp of a smile in thanks to his words, but one can't quite call it a smile. Not right now.

It's only with that 'luv' that Dani's expression turns to something less strained. "You're free with those terms of endearments, aren't you - and I appreciate you offering. If I need to I will. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, Emery. I appreciate the insight you've given me."

And just like that the black-haired woman rises to her feet, "The same to you. If the Bear appears call me. Brightwind can quickly get me just about anywhere." Her hand is offered again, even if this wasn't necessarily a business transaction, Dani still offers it to Emery.

"Its a cultural ting. Terms of endearments should be free, because if ye dun care about the people ye be talkin' to, why talk to them?" Emery gives a tiny nod and then he takes a note of alllll the info he is receiving from this, taking a deep breath. He takes a deep breath, and raises to his feet as Dani stands up and nods slowly. "Stay safe, young one…and spend some time, even if it is a little, lookin' to the light. And that will guide yer way." That is his farewell.

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