Return to Earth

October 11, 2017:

Power Girl's finally made it back from Red Ring Woes, and catches up with her cousin.

Skies over Metropolis

A shining beacon of light in startling contrast to the dark city across the bay, Metropolis is very much the City of Tomorrow. With its gleaming skyscrapers and shining spires, its whole nature is a testament to the uplifting achievements of humanity, their potential as a species. As long as Metropolis stands, there's hope, they say, and, in the crisp, clear air above the city, it's easy to believe that may, in fact, be true.


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Mentions: Superboy, Supergirl


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Fade In…

The city of Metropolis would be as alive as it has always been. People trying to get from place to place, street-level heroes as well as mighty heroes patrol the streets and skies, ensuring that crime never has a solid foothold in the city. People laugh, people cry, people go about their business as if the world would keep on spinning, not that they were wrong in doing so.

Flying high in the skies over Metropolis is Superman, in his majestic Kryptonian garb, vibrant red cape flowing behind him as he appears like something out of a dream. his hair wild with the blow of the wind, ocean blue eyes taking in every miniscule detail from the city below him, ears listening for even the smallest sound of help. The Man of Steel looks to be in a good mood however, as a smile graces his features.

He did ponder about his fellow Kryptonians…he should pay them a visit some time when he's free.

The approaching figure is in white, not blue, but the red cape remains a constant. Power Girl flies in, her own senses having pinned Superman in the sky there. She smiles, as she draws nearer. "Kal!" she says, with a smile.

Superman would almost immediately come to a pause when he heard his name called to him, recognizing the voice as he looked to Power Girl "Kara!" he smiles big and wide, drawing nearer to her in return, widening his arms to offer a hug!

Given her last few months, Power Girl is happy to have the hug. She soars in and throws her arms about her cousin. "So good to see you again!"

Kal-El gives her a big hug, nice and warm. He holds her close for a moment just out of sincerely missing her, before lightening his grip. "It's good to see you too! I feel like it's been ages. How have you been? What's new?" he asks with the warmest smile for his dear cousin.

She shakes her head. "Oh, don't remind me. I've spent the last few months off-world. There was sort of an incident with a power ring." The blonde groans. "And SO glad to be back."

Superman would tilt his head at her "Oh? Power Ring? I hope Green Lantern was with you at least…he's the go to on them." he chuckles a little at her groaning, giving her another big hug. He really missed her. Not so often you get to see family lately…and as a Kryptonian, that can get lonely really quickly. "I hope you're alright. I'm overjoyed to have you back."

"He was…in an indirect way, he was responsible for it." She says "Hal, rather. Need to be specific when it comes to Lanterns." She feels the loss of family as much as Kal does. They're really all they have, unless one counts her mini-me as separate. "I am now. Got rid of the ring. Though I've been offworld so long…I shudder to think where Starrware's at now."

The always optimistic Man of Steel would ruffle Power Girls hair a little in a display of affection. "Hal's good at his job as a Lantern. I'd trust him to help with Power Rings. I'm happy you got rid of whatever Ring was affecting you." he gives her shoulder an encouraging squeeze. "You do good work at Starrware. I'm sure the people that were under you can survive excellently. You were always good at that, Kara."

Kara smiles. "You always know the right thing to say, Kal. What about you?? How've things been for you lately? I haven't seen you in months!"

Kal would smile to her, nodding a few times. "I always try! though it may come out wrong sometimes." he says the last bit as an attempt at a joke. Poor Kal, jokes were never his stronger suit. "I've been good! did some small renovations in the Fortress of Solitude. In terms of recent days, I fought a giant robot piloted by a fourteen year old boy, and I met a fellow by the name of Blue Marvel. It's been…a really interesting month." he sighs a little. "But it's been good. Nothing superbly major has happened, so I'm happy your back." he smiles warmly.

That gets a blink. "A giant robot piloted by a fourteen year old boy. I will say, at least space doesn't get quite that strange." Pauses. "Well, not usually, at least. Hope my being gone didn't leave anything shorthanded in Metropolis. Has everything been alright with Supergirl?" Their third and final family member.

Superman would nod a few times "Yeah….not the strangest thing this week, but it's up there." he chuckles a little. "Little Kara is doing just fine, to my knowledge. I was planning on seeing Kon-El (Superboy) at some point, see how he's doing." he nods a few times. Need to bond with the little clone too!

Little Kara. Power Girl smiles, and is going to remember that one. She enjoys some friendly, good-natured competition with her other-dimensional self. "Well, I get the feeling I'm going to be tied up in New York for a bit getting Starrware rolling again…but I'm always there if you need me, you know."

Kal would smile to her "Likewise Kara. and remember, if you need getting out there more, or getting people to look to you more in that field, I can always try writing a piece on you and Starrware to help boost popularity if it dropped." he offers. As Clark Kent, being the reporter he is, he does have some weight in his words to be trustworthy. people like his stuff. "and if you need help in the smaller aspects of business, we both have friends to call on." he smiles to her, hands resting at his sides now. Though knowing Kal, a good hug is never far away.

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