Rasputin Family Reunion

October 07, 2017:

Colossus returns to the USA after an extended stay in Russia. Magik and Prestige pick him up from the airport.

John F. Kennedy International Airport


NPCs: Various airport staff and travelers.

Mentions: Cyclops, Phoenix


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By the books. That's what is going on at this current moment. Sure, Illyana could have easily transported to collect her brother in 'Mother Russia' and returned. But, then he wouldn't have been cleared by the American government, and perhaps might have been considered entering the country illegally. (He is a legal alien, but with all of the hubbub around that lately, it's best to just - play it by the books.)

So, Illyana and Rachel are currently waiting for customs to let go of the tall, broad shouldered Russian and allow him to enter the country.

The redhead has a large mug of coffee in her hand, which she continuously blows on the lid even though that really doesn't do a damn thing to cool down the liquid inside. It's just, habit, nerves? She's not exactly been herself for a bit, gaze furtively darting about here and there, body language screaming out 'someone's going to kill me!'

She even goes so far as to tell Illyana, not for the second, or third time, "If things go south, I'll take care of it." Which she does so, again, whispering out in a conspiratorial tone.

All things considered customs has just been a really long line of people entering the country. It's Piotr's turn next and he doesn't get the cute blonde that has been craning her neck to see the Russian, he gets an old man who has a large mug next to him that reads USA and has the flag spread out along it. He turns his shifty blue eyes onto Piotr and states in a hostile voice. "Passport."

For Piotr's part, the tall Russian is the model of patience and serenity as he waits in the long line going through customs. His identification and other relevant documents and papers are held casually in one hand, the other hand keeping a carry-on satchel in place over his broad shoulder, and he idly glances about the area as he calmly waits for the line to move forward. Slowly move forward. And, though the one customs agent seems to be angling to catch Piotr's eye - or at least eye other parts of Piotr from afar - the erstwhile X-Men seems for the moment oblivious to the young woman's attention that is sent his way. Wrapped up in some internal thoughts instead, he doesn't seem at all perturbed or surprised that his customs checks-point is facilitated by an older, rather grumpy man.

"I do not have a passport," Piotr begins matter-of-factly in response, presenting his identification to the man with a quiet smile. "I am resident of the United States." Which, he is. Official documentation has been taken care of long ago when Piotr was much younger and has been kept up diligently since then, when needed. The only minor hic-cup may be due to a slight inconsistency with Piotr's photo ID and his physical appearance - whereas his identification shows him clean-shaven, at the current moment Piotr is sporting a full and thick beard, wiry black strands that sprout more than an inch from his cheeks and jawline in true Siberian fashion. A look he may have adopted to aid with the cold weather as he was tending to items in Siberia, or perhaps he's just trying out something new. In either case, he's yet to go back to what his photo looks like on his ID, though it's still pretty easy to see that he is indeed the same individual presented there. His voice is flavored with typically Russian undertones - something he may never divest - as he continues in a conversational and pleasant tone with the man. "Please let me know if there is anything not in order. My sister is picking me up and I do not want to delay her."

With the words, Piotr glances upwards to scan those gathered outside the customs gate, at least those who he can see, in an attempt to spot his little snowflake and anyone else that the girl may have brought with her to pick him up. It is true that Illyana may have been able to just teleport Piotr directly to and from Siberia and New York, but aside from the current political climate in the States, there are other considerations that Piotr is always keenly aware - namely, the effect that Limbo has on Illyana. Or, at least, the effect that he feels the demonic place has on her. Any opportunity that he can provide for her *not* to pass through that place is an opportunity that he will gladly take, even if means travelling the better part of the day in a cramped plane across the Atlantic.

By the books. And yet Illyana has still been tapped to play taxi, providing the last leg of the journey back to the Xavier Institute. If the returning stray hadn't been her brother, she might have complained more about that. At least this time she has someone to wait with while the interminable post-flight immigration procedures are complied with.

She's also privately amused that of the two individuals chosen to collect Piotr, one of them is several years older than her birth certificate makes out and the other shouldn't exist in this world at all. It's a good thing the two of them aren't flying commercial.

Illyana gives Rachel a sidelong look as she compulsively tries to cool her coffee down. "I worry about how dull and empty your life is that waiting with me at an airport was BETTER." She tells the redhead, not because she's averse to her company but because Rachel's so on edge.

As Rachel assures her, not for the first time, that she'll handle any problems, Illyana frowns at the coffee mug that Rachel's clinging on to. "How many of those have you had?" She asks, dubiously, then goes up on tiptoe to try to see what's causing the delay - to Illyana, even the usual formalities are a delay - then drops back down, making a sound of annoyance. "Next time, I'm just going to get him myself. Assuming I don't die of boredom THIS time."

The customs agent doesn't say anything, at first, he collects Piotr's papers and proceeds to hold up the picture to Piotr, looking at it, then Piotr, then it, and Piotr several times over. His shifty eyes look up and down again, shifting the picture around, before he has to relent on that matter and decide that yes, it is the person in the photo. He still manages a gruff, "You have a beard."

The man moves on, shifting his attention to the computer. He doesn't seem to care about hurrying, instead he is doing one of the most thorough inspections of Piotr's records that he can. "What was your business in Siberia?" He asks, his gaze on the computer screen.

Rachel's response to how dull and empty is to offer a grin over her cup. "What, and miss seeing this heart warming reunion between brother and sister, wouldn't miss it." Besides, Rachel is the one holding the keys to the limo and has given herself 'chauffeur' duties for the siblings.

With a gesture towards the line that Piotr is in - Rachel offers a quipped, "Really it shouldn't be too much longer now, he's at the custom's agent." Rachel is sorely, sorely tempted to get the annoying customs agent to just hurry it along, but she refrains for the moment. Instead, her gaze flickers towards Illyana. "I don't think you'll recognze him. I barely do." And considering Rachel's in six inch heeled boots with her tight jeans and tank top over which a leather bomber jacket rests - she can see a bit more than the diminutive Illyana.

Were Piotr any one else, he may decide to have some sarcastic fun at the expense of the custom agent's brilliant observation of the beard growth. Being the straight-forward type that he is, however, the tall Russian merely nods one, smiling amiably. "Da," he begins, reaching up to rub at the wiry facial hair. "Though I am not certain yet about keeping it." Not that the custom's agent really cares. The question about his business in Sibera does make Piotr pause just a moment, however, before he answers in a thoughtful, if reserved, tone. "Family business. I had to settle my parent's affairs…" For a moment, Piotr ponders how much detail he should provide the curmudgeonly individual, eyebrows gathering minutely towards the bridge of his nose, though ultimately decides that's pretty much all the man needs to know.

While papers are further reviewed and any notes made or records inspected, Piotr turns his attention back to the crowd beyond the customs gate, piercing blue eyes sweeping across those gathered there. All shapes and sizes of people are present, some moving this way and that and others staying put, making it less than easy to spot any familiar faces - especially that of his younger sister. Each crown of blonde hair that he sees could possibly be the girl, and it's difficult for him to really tell at this distance. But then, he spots a different face that is known to him - one that's standing a little higher above the rest of the crowd which makes her vivid red hair that much more noticeable. The sight of Rachel Summers brings a smile to Piotr's face, and though he can't quite make out the features of the one next to her Piotr knows it must be Illyana at her side.

He lifts his hand up in an attempt to signal that he's seen the pair, expression lifting in sync with the motion, before he turns his attention back to the man combing through his personal records as if determined to find some black mark or spot that Piotr knows isn't there. "Is everything in order, then? I am eager to meet my sister and would not want to keep the rest of the travellers behind me from also getting to where they need to go." Again, his Russian-laced voice is calm and quiet but the manner in which the agent is deliberately taking his time is starting to get to Piotr, just a little bit.

"Remind me to hang around next time you're talking to Scott and forget your own name." Illyana's riposte to the 'heart warming reunion' crack is given in a sweet tone that doesn't match up at all with the distinctly evil look in her eyes as she delivers it, then goes back to trying to see past the mass of humanity passing through the arrivals hall.

"Finally." Illyana offers, with feeling, when Rachel passes along the good news that Piotr will be with them before the end of the next ice age. She still crosses her arms impatiently, obscuring the 'I HATE PEOPLE' message on her tank top, although it's probably still clear from her posture. The additional commentary about Piotr's appearance makes her eyes narrow a bit, as she looks /up/ at Rachel, but she refuses to sully her dignity by jumping up to get a better view. "…what's he done to himself?" She asks suspiciously, then suddenly gets a devilish look in her eyes. "Traditional furry hat? Kosovortka shirt? Has he shaved his head?" She doesn't think any of these are particularly likely, but just picturing the various options seems to be amusing her.

Rachel's grin turns a bit wry at Illyana's comment, she knows quite well that she's a mess when around her 'dad', but she can't help a little more self depreciating comment. "You haven't seen me around my mom yet. Try both of them and me in the same room next time."

As Rachel and Illyana talk, the customs agent doesn't even pause in what he's doing, just lets out a noncommital 'gnuh' sound from within his throat and goes back to checking and rechecking the documents. Finally, as nothing can be done further, the man just lets out a grunt and finishes the paperwork, allowing Piotr access into the States. All of Piotr's papers are returned to him, as the agent gestures the Russian along, calling up yet another poor individual to be picked on.

Rachel, for her part, just laughs at Illyana's imagination. "Yeah, he's just passed customs, so you'll see in a minute. I'm going to keep you waiting." There's an evil twinkle to Rachel's eyes, as she inclines her head to Piotr when the wave comes. As customs passes him through, the red-head takes a few steps back, allowing sister and brother to reconnect after a great deal of time.

It is all the patience that Piotr can muster to stay stoic while the customs agent continues to draw things out to the utter limit of his ability. Surely there is nothing else that needs to be checked or verified? And then, finally, Piotr is given the go-ahead to pass on through. As he collects his papers, Piotr gives a brief nod and a genuine "Spaceeba," re-situating his tote over his shoulder and starting to move onwards. The movement finally allows him to catch the eye of the blonde customs agent just across the aisle, and as the girl blushes and glances furiously back to her own workstation at having been caught still staring at him, Piotr can't help but grin just a bit in both amusement and slight embarassment himself, before forging his way forward through the throng of travellers.

And then, it's just a matter of steps before he reaches the location of Rachel and Illyana. The former is given a broad smile - the latter, a broad smile and a bigger hug. Disregarding any anti-social or unhappy demeanor that may still be adopted by his sister, Piotr simply walks forward and wraps up the girl in a giant bear-hug, lifting Illyana up off the ground in the wreath of his arms. "Snowflake!" he exclaims with true happiness. "It is good to see you, little sister." He makes his sister suffer the indignity of being hoisted upwards just so for a moment, whether she likes it or not, as he then also turns his attention to Rachel. "And you as well, Rachel. Thank you both for coming to pick me up. I know it is an inconvience, but I appreciate it greatly. The travel back home will give time for to catch me up as well." He realizes that while for him, the only development has been his beard, there's likely been a lot more goings-on back home while he's been away. After all, there always are.

Illyana grimaces when Rachel refuses to give her a sneak preview of the apparently all-new, all-different Piotr Rasputin. "I'm expecting it to be good, now." Illyana tells the redhead in a disgruntled tone that suggests that whatever is finally revealed, it can't possibly match the top billing that Rachel's given it.

As it turns out, Illyana couldn't be more wrong. Dropping her arms to her sides, Illyana turns smartly to face the flow of new arrivals once more, and there it is. Carving through the throngs of smaller people like an iceberg through a busy shipping lane is an immense black beard, attached to the towering form of her brother. There aren't many things that crack Illyana's usually sardonic composure, but this is one of them. Her eyes widen and she lets out a snort that sounds suspiciously like she's covering up a laugh, and then she's being lifted off her feet.

Illyana doesn't fight or try to wriggle free from her brother's arms, instead she just grins down at him from her suddenly elevated position. "Welcome back, big brother!" She greets him happily, then throws her arms around his neck in a hug of her own.

Of course, getting that close to him means encountering the beard, and Illyana pulls back with a look of distaste. "I don't want to worry you, Piotr." She tells him, in as serious a tone as she can muster. "But you seem to have smuggled a bear into the country attached to your face." She can't quite keep the matching, stern look on her face, and she smirks down at him. "What possessed you to grow that thing? By the abyss, you look like the Mad Monk himself!"

She's still smiling when she's set back on her feet, but pulls a displeased face when Piotr reminds her they still have a drive ahead of them. "We could have caught up back at the mansion if /I/ was driving." She points out.

Enjoying the closeness of family for that initial moment that Illyana wraps her own arms around his neck, Piotr seems quite happy and content indeed - at least, that is, until his sister begins to disparage the man's facial hair. As he sets the girl back down to the ground, the burly Russian gives the blonde girl a surprised, almost hurtful look at her reaction. "You do not like it?" he asks at first, attempting to to keep a straight face of his own. "I thought it made me look more…" Piotr struggles for the right word, before finally setting on the description of choice, stating almost proudly. "Rugged."

He grins then, shuffling his tote from one shoulder to the other as he continues. "You should remember how cold it gets in Siberia," he reminds Illyana then. "I know how why Papa grew a beard every fall and kept it until spring." Piotr pauses just a beat then, adding in a tone almost under his breath. "That, and my razor broke." Apparently feeling he's said enough on the matter, Piotr moves on to answer Illyana's follow-up statements, offering a quick shake of his head. "I much prefer the drive there, you know that. Besides," he adds, turning his gaze between both Illyana and Rachel as he continues to speak. "This will give you plenty of opportunity to forwewarn me of what other new residents I may need to look out for." He doesn't mean present company of course - and that sentiment is pretty clear to read by the easy-going expression that's still in place across his features. No, Piotr's talking about surprising residents of times past, making light in his own way of rather stark changes that have been levied against the X-Men before. "The way that the School seems to operate, I am half afraid that I will find the Juggernaut or Arcade as one of the new teachers…" And with that, Piotr seems ready to move along - ushering both Rachel and Illyana with him to the baggage claim as he starts to do his own part in catching the two up on *his* time spent in Russia and what he accomplished there. It's plain to see the man has missed his family - both literal and figurative - and is relieved to be back here amongst them.

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