That Crazy Kid!

October 10, 2017:

Trouble in Manhattan!


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It's rush-hour in the big apple. Cars line the streets bumper to bumper for miles. Congested arteries of the city blocked so full it would take hours to go even a mile through the Manhattan blocks.

The sky is a dull grey overcast with clouds covering every direction. Birds chirp away in the trees to the sound of hundreds of horns going off in varying patterns. The music of the big city in full effect.

Down on the street level Adam walks with a heavy bag of groceries in one hand, an old style flip-phone up to his ear. Moving through the thick ocean of people all wandering their own paths so absorbed in their personal lives that the rest of the world may as well not exist.

"Really I don't see what the big deal is," He states in a questioning tone, as he maneuvers past a typical NYC beggar with shoes far too expensive for a man who's actually in need of assistance. His sign hand made to look as cheep and alluring for donations as possible. A tin can at his feet filled to the brim with money, singles fives, loose change.

It's just another day in the big apple.

Rogue is enjoying that same day in the big apple.

Not far away from where this Adam fellow is, Rogue is stepping out of a storefront and waving goodbye to her friend who owns it. "See ya, Charlie." She said back to him with a big smile and a flirtatious tone on her voice.

Rogue had her leather bomber jacket out of storage cause it was cooling off now in weather outside, and she was glad to ahve it… mover coverage to keep the world safe from her touchy-wrath.

Rogue's hands went into her bomber jacket and she looked from right to left, the breezes moving through the city street sending her white/brown hair flowing around her head as she looked and decided her next move for the evening.

Clark Kent would be wandering about, actually just down the street from Rogue and Adam, coincidentally enough. his eyes wander at the city once more, normally operating out of Metropolis (and still does), Clark was on a bit of a mission today, it seems. He was writing a piece, and Perry wanted him to get it done apparently, though he has a week to do it. Angry people, man.

But he seems quite happy today, ears ever so prepared to go to the aid of someone with the smallest cry for help. He wore a black suit jacket with a blue collard shirt underneath and blue jeans, with black shoes. and of course, those dorky spectacles. All around though? having a great day. Which is all Kal-El really needs. Though when he sees Adam, he gives him a wave.

Just saying: somedays, workign for SHIELD sucks.

Like when you get called in for some craziness, stay for hours, and end up having to comein early pearly the next day. Today, Darcy's leaving for the gym… roller rink. She's got her skate bag over a shoulder, lumpy with her shoes since she's planning to roll herself there along the the city sidewalks. Her crappy car is in a parking garage not far from here and the rink is only a few blocks further down. Her hair's up in a pony tail, and she's wearing SHIELD issue atheltic clothes.

Adam gives a wide wave to Clark the moment he notices him. The Cellphone being pressed against his chin so he can accomplish the task at hand. His face holds a broad smile of pure white teeth. "Of course I got the oranges, they were on sale." He pauses in his stride slightly to give a firm nod before taking hold of the phone yet again. "It was two for one, what? Did you expect me to just not get them when we ran out?"

As Darcy moves along bobbing her head she would pass a group of kids off to one side of the sidewalk in a circle. The group are passing around cigarettes to one another, dressed up like the typical high-school goons one might expect to see shoving a kid into a locker. They're laughing it up and having a real fun time just trading cigarettes for test results right out in the open under the shade of a canopy.

It's at this point that anyone with super human hearing would notice the sound of jet engines, really powerful jet engines high above the city.

Rogue had a lot of super things, like strength, and endurance and durability and mario brothers video games on a portal nintendo device, but she didn't have super hearing.

The southern belle just turned to her right and started down the street, she pulled out her cell phone and started tapping on the sscreen of it while she walked, not noticing Darcy as of yet, but she only 'knew of Darcy' more than knew her all that well. Rogue hadn't ever met Clark Kent before so that was definitely just another NYC face in the crowd as well as Adam for that matter.

I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome this playlist is. Darcy continues skating, body undulating slightly as she casually moves down the sidewalk, adjusting herself to make way for the mundane pedistrian.

Clark? Clark where? Darcy sees no Clark. Nor an Adam (whomever that is), nor a Rogue. Because Darcy istn' really looking for anyone. She's just rolling in the directino of the too-nice-shoes-to-be-homeless guy.
Clark would keep up that warm smile as he walked towards Adam….though strangely enough, his eyes eventually catch Darcy, and quite the warm smile comes off his features. Seeing that she was wearing earphones, Clark tried to wave at her to get her attention, thoug hthis was likely in vain.

In the end, he keeps his stride towards Adam all in all…..until his super hearing picks up the jets, and he stops right dead in his tracks. He looks up, able to tell it was coming from the sky above the city, focusing his sight as if to try to get a better veiw of what he was dealing with here.

Up in the sky something ripps through the air at hypersonic speeds. It's little more then a streak of crimson in the sky. The figure itself is a 3 story tall monstrosity of a machine bathed in a bright crimson coloring from head to toe, and massive rivets all along the sides of its bulbous onion like design.

This massive monstrosity maneuvers its way slamming suddenly down into the middle of the road, sending cars flying in every direction as it lands with a single fist hard in the pavement. On impact it craters sending out a shockwave that sends cars flying towards buildings in every direction its stubby arms waving like tendrils with massive red fist balls on the end of each.

On the rotund robots chest is the one spot of color that isn't red, a bright yellow hammer and sickle, with a lone star just inches above it. Its head stands with no neck a simple dish with a glowing red eye at the center of it designed like a cylon, or night rider.

Adam spins around on the spot the moment the gargantuan Soviet monstrosity makes its debut. Dropping his groceries to the ground he readies to leap into action! Only for a car to come slamming into him and sending him flying into the side of a building seemingly crushed on impact.

What Rogue did have was an innate ability that Hank referred to as 'your Seventh Sense' and it alerted Rogue to any incoming dangers to her well-being… This included the car that was just sent flying up into the air in front of her, twoard her, and the people on the sidewalk with her.

Rogue's eyes flew up from her phone and she looked wide-eyed at the tumbling airborn car! Her phone was dropped from her grasp and the young mutant shot up into the sky with both arms outretched, she impacted with the flying vehicle and brought it back down safetly to the side street…

Rogue peered over the car at the monster that just crashed from above… glaring at him.

Darcy? Darcy was human. Those she had absolutely no warning of giant space death robot. What she did have were knees pads and expereience.

Robot landing registered in her peripherial. (Fuck! AGAIN!? Dammit, Thor!)

Shockwave rippled out and unbalanced her. Darcy flung herself to her feet. She let her bag drop unceremoniously, as she covered her head with her arms.

What will save her from flying car debris? Luck or something else?
Clark would look directly up and see the monster of a robot start coming down, though he looked to Darcy, worried for her safety…and that she was wearing headphones. He looked like he was about to bomb rush to save Adam…but he remembered something about him, and elected not to. He also looks to those who were trapped in the crossfire. Well, this wasn't good at all. In quick fashion, he takes off his glasses when it's clear no ones attention is on him and rips open his shirt to reveal that S-shield.

and, in almost the same amount of time, Superman would be in his full Kryptonian garb, red cape and all as he makes a B-line for the people he can make in time. Though when he sees that car debris was flying at her, the Kryptonian makes it -just- in time to scoop her up and carry her to safety..along with two others. "You're safe now. Quickly, get away from here as fast as possible. I'll handle this." he smiles to all present, giving a little two-finger salute before flying towards the robot, ready for a fight.

"Stay out of the way Superman, this is between me and Bobby!" The robot suddenly spoke up, throwing its arms up in a defensive pose. That voice was a bit more… prepubescent then one might expect. There's even a bit of a crack to his voice as he speaks.

The Giant robot takes a swing down towards where Darcy had just been standing with its free arm, aimed right for the group of delinquents from earlier, its lone eye beginning to glow a vibrant red. "I don't have a problem with you, but if you stand between me and Bobby, I w-w-won't hesitate"

The car left embedded in the wall where Adam once was begins to shake and rattle the airbags already deployed on impact. Slowly it begins to push itself out of the wall, before revealing on the other side of the car that same man now flying in place as he lifts the car over his head and moves to set it down onto an empty streatch of sidewalk. "You know I thought we got over the cold war in the 90's" Called out in a booming voice as he rolls his shoulder, clothing damaged horribly but the man himself left unharmed.

Rogue watched the chaos around her resulting from this sudden arrival from an aggressive unkonwn. It didn't please her. When the robot thing spoke of Superman, she looked around, but didn't see no guy in blue and red tights… So when the robot slammed on the ground and threatened more civilians… Marie decided to act. She was a well trained veteran with the X-Men afterall… she'd seen a lot of combat, and it didn't scare her!

Rogue would leap at the metal monster that had landed her intention to latch onto it from behind, up around his back and use her hands to grab at his head… if it was body armor, she wanted to rip the helmet off! If it was a true robot… she wanted to rip its head off!

Luck was a Superman. Darcy squeaked like the girl she is when the Blue Boy Scout collected her and got her out of the way. She was steady on her feet after the brief moment at superspeed, hitning that she had experience with such things.

Superman's words were lost on her, for Darcy doesn't get her earbuds yanked clear until AFTER he salutes and flies away.

Green eyes trail back to the giatn robot as it 'threatens' civilians and Superman. That's when Darcy noticed Rogue spring into action. Rolling back a bit, Darcy starts yelling for peple to clear out, moving ot help get people moving AWAY from the robot, while pressing the 'CALL WORK' button on her phone and tucking as ear piece back in.

THink of the OT? and the Hazard Pay? FML

known I'd have re-apped him!"
Upon seeing that the giant robot was attempting to smash those guys Darcy passed, the Man of Steel flies towards it's arm with near-unbelievable speed as he stands in front of the blow, hands forward to stop it. He slides back a little bit 'don't hit don't hit don't hit…' he said to himself a few times, looking at the boys "Quick! run!" he says to them.

Though he is curious as to why that voice sounded like a prepubescant child, and used his X-ray vision to try to sneak a peak to try to see whoever was in there….

Then he shot heat vision from his eyes, attempting to burn right through the machines arm.

"H-Hey, no fair" The voice again calls out as rogue manages to climb up behind it and start pulling on the head. It's a struggle but the head slowly begins to rip causing the laser beam from its lone eye to go wide instead firing at the top of a nearby building and up towards the sky as it's ripped off of its connection exposing wires and causing a good deal of sparking. "I can't fight all of you at once."

The arm of the Soviet machine slams down hard into the clutches of the Man of Steel. There are almost 100 tons of force behind that slam but it's able to be caught and with a quick blast of heat vision the arm comes clean off in his hand.

With the use of x-ray vision it becomes clear that at the center of this massive maniacal machine is a young child sat in an oversized pilots chair wearing a massive helmet far too big for himself connected up to the machines central processing unit! He's throwing his arms up and down in the seat in frustration, and both of his legs have very weak bone structure, too weak to stand on from a glance.

Adam flies out from his hole in the wall and begins pulling cars from walls to set them back down onto the ground so their passengers can flee to safety. He flies with speed and conviction a good deal of finesse in his flight as normal street clothing gives way to the blue jumpsuit underneath. On the chest of his jumpsuit is a light blue M, the symbol of The Blue Marvel.

Rogue felt the robot head coming up and she was able to pull with all her force of 70 to 80 tons of pressure to yank the head up. Once she had it lifted she'd aim to throw it away and then to rip at the wires and things inside until she could spy the child inside of it.

"Are you f**king kiddin' me?!" Rogue shouted down at the kid as the robot's laser fired off causing the southern girl to duck to avoid it shooting skyward!

Rogue remained on the robot's back though, hoping to start ripping it apart to get to the kid inside like he were some kind of candy or treat, she wasn't aware of Superman as of yet, though she did see a flash of him and Adam out of her peripheral vision.

Giant Death-Robot Battle. Been there. Done that. Got hired by SHIELD. Darcy 'radios' in the situation to SHIELD HQ as she continues evaccing civilians, including those punk high schoolers thinking they are so cool smoking cancer sticks. She's not going to bust their ases abot it though. Not her deal.
Superman would toss the arm aside where he knew there wasn't anyone there, and he narrows his eyes right at the robots chest. While occasionally speed-saving someone out of the way of a flying car or just bodying a blow to save someone else, Superman seems to be almost everywhere today.

Eventually though, Superman flies right for the machine's chest, attempting to wallop it right in the chasis with a solid punch! maybe trying to break through to talk with whoever is at the center..he didn't know who the kid was..but if he's in -THIS-, he must be special.

"You can't do this!" The voice calls out again as Rogue ripps off the head completely and begins digging her way down to the cockpit of this antiquated piece of super-tech. As she digs through getting closer and closer in comes Superman.

Slamming into the front of the machine sends it reeling backwards into another of the tightly packed buildings causing the young teen inside to tumble slightly in his safety belt, the helmet disconnecting for just a second before the machine attempts to pull Rogue right off of itself.

"It wasn't supposed to go like this." His voice now practically in a scream as he throws his temper tantrum from inside. "This was my moment, and you're all ruining it." The front of the robot now heavily dented in showing the steel beneath as it crumbles in slightly from the force of the blow.

Sure enough, Superman!

Rogue saw the caped hottie as she came up over the top of the robot again, just as he rushed at her and slammed a powerful fist into the damaged robotic-boy! Rogue looked back over her shoulder to see the wall coming up fast, so she jumped up and then DUCKED beneath the robot hand that was trying to toss her away!

Rogue would fly out away from the crazy kid and his ridiculously dangerous toy and she'd land next to Darcy and look over at her. "SHIELD, right?" She asked her. "You guys… know this thing?" She'd ask of the woman while letting Superman do his thang…

A Rogue near her now, and one last civilian to herd away, Darcy nods.

"Yes, and no. Dispatch's looking into it, but right now, I got shit. Can you and the Two Blues subdue this thing WITHOUT causing a metric fuck ton of collateral damage? That would be greaaaaaaaaat," sasses the Darcy. Fuck. Herding cats is easier than herding civilians.
Seeing that the machine was for the most part stunned, Superman would attempt to take his hands and actually attempt to tear open the front of the machine. What? is was already severely dented, and clearly, the Man of Steel wanted to have words with whoever was inside. He contantly keeps looking around, seeing the damage. This thing needed to go down -now- in his mind.

Though the more pressing question is: A) who is this kid and B) what's his deal with a guy named 'Bobby'?

Bits of rubble fall down around the robot and into the new moonroof Rogue had managed to add where its head had once been. The boy inside the machine covers his head as bits of brick and mortar pelt him within the robot.

Tearing open the chest of the onion shapped robot proves no small task for the Man of Steel, but with enough elbow grease he manages to pry the sides open right at the rivets revealing the intricate pilots seat, and the small black haired boy setting in it with that helmet practically covering his eyes. As he puts hands in front of his face to shield himself from the harsh rays of the sun, it becomes clear that he's got a black eye, and a pair of crutches laying at the foot of his seat, the boy no older then 14.

"D-don't hurt me" He begs looking through his folded hands. "I-I-I just wanted to get back at Billy for what he did to scruffles" Spoken through chattering teeth and a pure fear as he comes face to face with the wrong side of superman.

Rogue looked over at Darcy when she spoke back at her and she then raised her right hand to what Superman was trying to do. "There's kid inside'a that beast's belly." She told Darcy. "I coulda ripped it limb from limb, but I'm afraid'a hurtin' the—" Rogue herself off and winced as Supes ripped the chest open. "I'm thinkin' he's probably got a more precise knack for this sorta detail work."

"You're totally grounded kid!" Rogue said while standing up on her booted tiptoes, trying to look over Superman's shoulder as he exposed the interior of the machine.

"There's a what?" Darcy asks, tilting her head to look up at Big Blue ripping over the robotchest.

"That explains the fuckign whining. Okay. Crap."

"Hey! StuperMon! Bring the kid down here please!" Darcy yells. Does she knwo that she doesn't need to yell for the kryptonian to hear her? Maybe. Maybe not. If she does, then likely she doesn't give a damn. Phone is fished out of pocjket.

"Fuckign little shit's gonna get face-rec'd hardcore by SHIELD database man. Fucking tweenie baby and his giant robot making up for his not-dropped-balls. I'm missing practice for this shit. Fuck," Darcy contoniues, grouding toward Rogue since.. asomeone to grouse to.

Look. At least Darcy said please, right?
Superman -stares- that kid down in a kind of 'Kid…just don't.' kind of way. But he takes a breath, as a parent or other adult may, and he floats over to the kid. "It's okay to want to get back at someone. But you could have hurt alot of people today. If you want to truly get back at someone, be better than the person you were yesterday, and all they could do is strive to catch up to you." he smiles. even though that kid was still in a -heap- of trouble.

"Come on. I'm not going to hurt you. Lets get down." he actually picks up the kids seat, coming to the conclusion that he couldn't walk due to his legs, and he just floats them both down, though he does look to Darcy and lets out a small sigh, setting the kid down -gently-. But Superman gives Darcy -that- look. the kind of look that says 'he's a kid. Don't crucify him.'

The boy sets silently in his chair as he looks towards the ground finally lowering his hands down to either side as he sets in silence. There's nothing left for him to say or do but set there as the helmet pops off his head and the robot goes completely limp in place sliding down towards the ground.

Blue Marvel comes flying back down just as the boy is sat onto the ground. His expression is one of disappointment more then anger as he looks towards the kid, wordlessly saying more then he could by opening his mouth.

The facial recognition comes back quickly identifying him as Ildar Zaitsev, the son of one of the FBI's most wanted criminals and Cold War Contract Killer, and super-villain Tigran Zaitsev also known as the Red Menace.

Rogue would give a glance over at Darcy as she started dropping the heavy curse words and it just made her grin at the other. "Nice approach." She'd say with a grin. Her eyes would look then back to Superman…

"Heya, Supe'ahman, I know a place where trouble kids go t'get shaped up inta bette'ah people, if you're curious!" She'd say from behind him.

Rogue would then look to Darcy when this Blue Marvel fellow showed up. "Who's that?" She'd ask.

Really, Supes? Don't crucify him? The kid landed a Giatn Space Death Robot and attacked civilians. At least Thor's brother only went after him. Darcy glares at the red-caped hero, turning to the boy to snap a pic and send it to Dispatch. a few moments later ands he has her info and a note that a SHIELD Team is enroute to take the body and the 'robot' into custody.

"Alright, Ildar," Darcy says, misprouncing it in the most horrific American way possible. "Play nice and this might be easy on you. Act like a shit head, and life well get even more fucked up for ya."

There's a pause and then Darcy follows the mutant's gaze toward Blue Marvel.

"No fucking clue," she replies nad brings up her phone to take his picture. For Facebook!

Superman gives Rogue a warm smile as she states that she nkows of a place for kids like him to go to, and he gives her a nod. "If you can do it, please do. This child is extremely talented, despite what he's used it for." he pats the kid on the shoulder, and if he looked at him, Superman gave him a warm smile.

Then he looks to Darcy, a deeeeep sigh. and that's all she gets for now.

Then he looks to Blue Marvel, recognizing him from before. "Good to see you again." he smiles, extending a hand to him in greeting.

"Uh, it's pronounced Ildar" Ildar corrects in a quiet voice not really able to hold up too well under the duress of the situation. His eyes are constantly locked on the ground in front of him. "A-a-and Bobby started it when he killed my dog" Muttered even more quietly as he just tries to hide himself in his own shirt practically shrunk down to little more then a puddle of a man.

Blue Marvel shakes Supermans hand with gusto and offers a friendly smile in spite of the situation. "Good seeing you again big blue" The words big blue spoken in a joking manner as he smiles. "Glad I was wearing this old thing otherwise I'd be in the buff." He pauses. "And no one but my wife wants that."

Rogue would grin at Darcy and then nod once before sweeping her green eyes over to Superman and she waltzed over to him and pulled a business card out of her wallet in her side pocket. She offered it to him with a gloved hand. "Can take your new friend here." She said, giving him a card to Xavier's School in Westchester. "The Professah will help ya out, just tell him Marie sent ya." She said with a flirty tone to her voice, cause hey… Superman!

Rogue looked up at the kid. "You coulda killed someone, bucko… You gotta get your stuff togethe'ah or you're gonna be put in some prison ship out at sea for like, the rest'a your damn life."

Superman would smile warmly at Rogue as she gives him a card to Xavier's School, nodding his head softly. "Thank you, Marie." he assumes that's her name. and at her flirting, well…she made him blush a little as he rubs the back of his neck out of nervousness. He does smile to Rogue at her disciplining of the young boy…though if someone killed his dog, heck, Superman may have done the same thing, just without the epic robot.

Superman proceeded to shake Blue Marvel's hand, looking at his costume and back to him. "We are all quite grateful for that. Though I do wonder if I'll be seeing you around performing heroic acts." he asks curiously.

Though when the young boy slumps down in his chair, Superman smiles at him only a little. "Don't worry. You'll be just fine." he pats him on the back.


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