AoA: Out of the Pens

October 08, 2017:

A still angry Emma goes to talk with Magneto (emitted by Nate) to find out what is his role in her current troubles and make plans.

Lensherrs Residence in NYC


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The Lensherrs residence is not quite a mansion, but it very large for a family of three and has great views to Central Park. Three decades ago the Museum of Natural History was very close to this place. Nothing remains of that amazing repository of knowledge now.

Of course there is quite a bit of security. Magneto is the vice-president, and most of the guards are mutants. There are also some anti-telepathic defenses, but nothing like Stark’s Mansion or some areas of the Triskelion. Both Magneto and Rogue are extremely resistant to telepathic scanning and influence, so perhaps they feel they don’t need anything else to keep the Shadow Thief at bay.

The reduction in psi-defenses is all the Madame Secretary needs, Emma's repaired awareness of things also restoring to her the full weight of all it. She does her best to send ahead notice, but she will come to visit regardless.

In a fitted pair of white slacks and knee-high boots, her sapphire blue shirt hangs loose and billows about as she walks. The edge of a pair of white leather gloves disappear under the buttoned cuffs.

As she gets out of her own car, she sends the driver off with a shooing motion so that she can go on ahead to the security gauntlet alone. She introduces herself with all due politeness, and states her intention. Because, of course, he would deign to see her, yes?

Apparently so, although there is a bit of delay at the gate anyway. Double checks, Creed orders. The city is almost under martial law, after all. But eventually Emma is let through and led to Mr. Lensherr's office. The door opens even before she can knock at it, and the white-haired mutant is waiting for her, his wheelchair behind a large, cluttered desk. "Ms. Frost, good evening," he greets. "Please, come in and sit down."

He looks tired, but most of the cabinet members remaining in New York are running ragged. He also looks concerned, as he should, since Emma coming to see him at his home is rather irregular and probably means she doesn't want this conversation contents to reach the President's ears. Yet it would be optimistic to believe none of the men outside won't be more loyal to Creed than to Magneto and won't report of her visit. "What can I do for you?"

Let them report her. Frost doesn't really care.

"Good evening, Erik," she easily offers back, breaching the polite protocols of it all and looking to move swiftly past the rank there. "You look about how I feel."

She strides forward with her long, precise step and moves to settle into one of the chairs across from the man. Making herself right at home, she crosses her legs. "You know, I've been thinking the whole way over about the best way to start this conversation, but it's amazing how quickly all of the pretenses of 'how are you?' and 'fine, thank you, and you?' go back to really not mattering all that much with a few small pieces of news."

She tilts her blonde head and considers the man across from her. "Still. All the same, there's no reason to let a little bad news drag us back into very bad habits. How are you?"

"As well as it could be expected," replies the old mutant. "Moderately optimistic about our chances to survive the next few weeks, actually. Overworked, of course, but that is something I can handle even now." He studies the blonde woman expression for a few seconds. "And you, my dear, you are so angry you can barely restrain yourself. Where have you been the last couple days?"

"In the pens."

Emma snaps, the observation leveled at her stripping her swiftly of all ability to pretend otherwise. Then, her pale eyes narrow, all of that fury settled on a man who can weather it easily enough. Whether he actually does is a concern for the moments that follow. And, oh, they do follow. "…Did you really not know?"

Magneto frowns faintly. Why was the Secretary of Education at the Pens, indeed? "I know some things about the Holding Pens," admits Magneto, "but I had no idea you were there. Obviously now you know there is a good deal of research going there. But…" but it is not something that would anger particularly the eminently pragmatic Emma Frost. So, yes, Magneto really does not know. And given he has no time to approach the question cautiously he directly asks. "What happened there?"

What happened there? The word draws the typically unflappable Frost into a long, active silence. "I was part of the God-damned research," she growls at him, and her skin changes. She changes, all of her, transparent and glittering for a fleeting moment and then back again.

"If Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, imagine then a telepath restored to herself to find she's been outpaced at every turn for the past two weeks. Doom had an offer. I took it. Except that it wasn't my deal on the table. It was William's. I came home, thinking he didn't know. Which he did, of course, since he arranged it all. And there was a Doctor Moreau there."

Magneto listens in stony silence, arching an eyebrow slightly when Emma becomes crystal. Brief magnetic scan. Diamond, not crystal. Doom and Stryker? Well, of course they know each other. Dealing with Doom is like playing with fire, though. That man was a maniac when he was an agent of the HHC and now he is a medieval-style monarch, and perhaps the world's last sorcerer. "I see. And I know who is Dr. Moreau, of course," he responds. "I assume he went further and altered your abilities. But why?"

"Secondary mutation," Emma explains, the words new in her mouth. It's enough to calm her for the moment. "Encouraged into manifesting after some …coaxing." Drawing a deep breath in through her nostrils, she regains some measure of composure. To be heard is worth a great deal.

"Because when my secondary mutation manifests, I'm immune to psychic ability. Which, given our current dilemma…" A slender hand unfurls, inviting Magneto to draw the necessary conclusion.

"Fascinating and very useful, given the current problems," admits Magneto. "But Stryker didn't tell you his intentions from the beginning, did he? Hmm," he leans back in his wheelchair, pondering for half a minute. "Let me speculate. You know Doom since your time in the Human High Council. Stryker would distrust this fact and… you have a reputation as devious yourself. If you had knew the whole plan from the beginning perhaps it would have been possible to cut a deal with Doom to awake your secondary mutation himself. And when you went to Latveria we knew nothing of the Shadow Thief."

He frowns, concentrating deeply. "But Stryker must have suspected something - seen something in the reports I did not, so he sent you to Doom. He always had a knack for anticipating our enemies."

Lehnsherr lays it out, and Emma nods her agreement of the conclusions he draws. And, just perhaps, there's a measure of regret in her expression. "There was something in the files," Emma tells him. And then a pause, as there's a half-hearted show of petulance. "And I wouldn't call myself devious. Resourceful. I'd call it resourceful."

“You are resourceful. Your reputation as devious might be underserved,” he clarifies generously. But Emma should know what kind of reputation she gets. She knows how people minds work, after all. “In truth now we have this group of foreign X-Men willing to help the chances against the Shadow Thief are much improved. But knowing Stryker I am quite sure he is distrustful of our good fortune. I would be too, because it is too much of a coincidence.”

"Agreed." Crossing her arms, the blonde takes another long and deep breath. To call her 'at ease' would be generous, but she's at least less the furious rage storm than when she got in. "And resourceful keeps one living," she reminds, stating in very few words that she doesn't really care about how that translates into reputation.

"You've been in contact. As have I. For… a brief moment." Skipping over major details.

"Indeed," replies the older man. "I am watching, I am asking them for minor favors to see what they do. So far they are quite willing to help, although going back their world is a priority for many of them." But he is not giving them unconditional trust, nope.

"If you have made contact already, would be too much to request you to try to befriend some of them and keep an eye on them? Now you have your powers again it would be easy for you to verify their story. Losing Nate Grey was unfortunate and maybe not a coincidence either." Yes, a little spy work on top of everything Emma has to do. Although her new projects for schools are going to have to wait anyway. War comes first.

"Was already on the agenda," Frost replies, pushing herself to the feet. Far more accustomed to sending others to do this sort of thing, there's actually relief to do it herself. "So, consider it done." There's a brief moment where she looks to Magneto. "Let's see if we can't get the matter straightened out."

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